In this chapter I have changed gears again, and fast-forwarded the script to August 05.

7.  ID crisis worsens

Hearing about a story on radio out of India I happened to discover a connection, a remarkable link between a remote village North of New Delhi and the names of Parliamentary Constituents thousands of miles away in an Indian Ocean Island. There  was nothing left to the imagination; just names printed in black and white and matching perfectly. Here is what lead to this discovery.

During my activities one day I had overheard a brief news item on Newsradio. A young Australian backpacker in India had been missing for 10days. (For full story read on). A female voice with an Indian accent gave further details, speaking very fast, as most radio newsreaders do. Something didn’t add up. 

Any reader thinking that I was purposely gluing my ear to the radio, monitoring the airwaves to pick up anything and everything that didn't make sense, must think I'm Superman III, terrorizing cyberspace. (To some degree this would be true. Only hours before writing I emailed, questioning a few reported facts on a story out of Kampala, Uganda). 

Before retiring to bed on Friday night 12/8/05 I recalled the earlier news report. It wouldn't take a moment, I thought, to just check if a version of the tale is online anywhere. I typed - Australian missing in India - into my G-search engine (G does not stand for God) and opened the following URL, listed among the top three search results. - 23k - 12 Aug 2005

Last Update: Friday, August 12, 2005. 7:15am (AEST)

Aust backpacker missing in India

By Simi Chakrabarti in New Delhi.

Police in the northern Indian hill town of Kullu say they are searching for an Australian backpacker who has been missing since August 2.

Police say Daniel Hayn Mount Witten went out for an early morning walk and did not return. The local police superintendent told the ABC that the 23-year-old backpacker was staying in a guest house in the remote village of Chalan in Kullu district with an Israeli friend, who informed the police about the incident after waiting for two days for Mr Witten to show up.

Superintendent Singh says Mr Witten is a naturalised Australian of Israeli origin.

Thousands of foreign tourists visit the Kullu valley each year for its scenic beauty but the region has gained notoriety for its booming drug trade.

Police say since 1992, 15 foreigners have gone missing in the valley.

However, in the case of Mr Witten, Superintendent Singh told the ABC that initial investigation has not linked his disappearance to any drug-related incident.

(End URL)


I tried to find some information on the New Delhi based reporter. Nothing came up to stir up the journalist concerned. 

It had only been 3 months since I had uncovered a dubious story in the media, and openly questioned, if there is a market for fabricated stories (Chapter 1).Was this another one, a cheap import?  

A further search in Google brought a surprise result. Instead of typing in the name of the journalist, I simply searched under the three words Kullu, Chalan and Singh, those of the location in India and the name of the Police Superintendent. Here is what came up:


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

The last line looks particularly interesting, LA-Man sing? Man 1. 


The PDF is a list of voters in the Indonesian group of islands, which was nearest to the epicenter of the devastating earthquake/tsunami in late December 04. As you can see not only the names are identical, the spelling is also to the last letter h in Singh. Wouldn't a discovery like this make anyone wonder, what is going on? (Anyone, except those who forever wonder, what's going on, but never find out).  

If there were a creative mind earning a living from imaginative writing, it would be quite in order. Doesn’t every novelist or fiction writer do that? The deception starts when the four-am dream-time is spun into an emotional tale and pedaled as fact. If the story is then channeled via a network of News Agencies around globe and fed to a news-hungry audience, who knows who cares?

You may argue – if nobody is hurt by this, why worry? This is a valid point. But what if there are repercussions, even in a passive way? Of course, to me personally it made no difference, if a backpacker really disappeared as reported, or if a reported backpacker never existed and reportedly disappeared, if you get my drift.  

I worry because there is a fundamental principle at stake here - truth. The boundaries between fact and fiction have always been violated, But over the past few years, in my opinion, the tabloid press has gone too far in re-modeling the truth, to say it kindly. 


 Rest in Peace and see the URL. The message inspired me. I had to take this photo and pass it on.

 The 35 (speed limit) had nothing to do with it, honestly. I just noticed it as I write. Still, nice to imagine they liked my numbers so much in the US, they made them the speed limit.


Inventing a harmless tale in a far away country to fill a vacant column in the newspaper is one thing. But if I were to read about serious allegations of extra-marital sex by a prominent politician, a husband, father and active Christian, I want to be sure the facts have been thoroughly checked and are true. The damage caused can be far-reaching and devastating. 

Faithful followers of my writing would recognize that I am referring to the scandal of Ross Cameron, a NSW MP, who lost his seat in Canberra at the Oct. 04 Federal Election. I had read his story in the paper and wondered, if he admitted to his alleged infidelity with a gun to his head. (This is of course figuratively speaking. In our culture we don't use guns, we have more sophisticated methods to make people admit things they didn't do). 

This is the only scenario that made sense to me when I wrote Chapter 44 in Part 2 of my auto-biography). At the time I could picture forces operating behind the scenes pressuring politicians for their greedy purposes. How strong this pressure is, what form it takes, or how successful it is in shaping politics, is anyone's guess. The truth will be revealed for all to see on the day of reckoning. It will happen. 

I see just this scenario happening in a very topical issue, before our Parliament in Canberra, at the time of writing (Aug 05). In a poll 24 hours ago I had seen on TV News that 70 % (seventy out of a hundred) Australians do not want the remaining 51 % of our telecommunications giant Telstra sold to the private sector. 

One lone Senator has been in the headline news for a week. He was brave enough to speak his mind, against his party's policy. Only moments ago on the radio he was accused of wanting it his way, when in fact the brave voice from Queensland only expresses what over 2/3 of  Australians are thinking. How could this journalist accuse the Senator of wanting to have it his way?

The very latest, unfortunately, is that the Queensland Senator has backed down. As I understand it, he agreed to go along, under certain conditions. Why the change in tactic?

From my observations there never had been a discussion IF the lucrative giant should be sold. From the beginning the question for debate had always been WHEN the sale ought to take place. That seventy percent of Australians want to keep it (what's left of it) as public property is being ignored by the Government. I am surprised there is not a greater outcry, especially in South Australia. 

The citizens of this state ought to be at the forefront of opposing the sell-off. They were promised that the sale of their Electricity Company would not result in higher charges. This was before the election. In reality prices went up about 25 % immediately and 51% overall in the past five years (according to Nick Xenophon, an Upper House MP on radio recently). Who is to say this would not happen nationally with communication charges? 


Seventy percent of Australians do not want the remainder of Telstra sold to the private sector. Who sets the agenda? Who is steering the boat from behind?

I had picked above phone card somewhere. I liked the colours and 4+1. Only now as I examine the reverse side I read (in tiny lettering) - 03005001N. In chapter Chapter 31, Part 3, I found more phone cards.


In an email in May 05 I had voiced my reservation about the Telstra sale to this newly elected Senator. On August 9th, after learning I was not alone in my views, I repeated the same message with the following email: 


Email to Senator Barnaby Joyce, dated 8/9/05

Subject: Who won Monopoly? 

Hi all,

I normally don't repeat a previous message. But the following, sent 4 months ago, is very up-to-date. Perhaps one small addition - if there is a limit placed on foreign ownership, smart, powerful players would find a way around any rules imposed by a politicians.


Dear Senator Joyce,
From media reports I learn that you are one, who is calling for a rethink of the Telstra sell-off.
As I have written to Senator Coonan after her appointment as Minister, we in South Australia had been promised cheaper Electricity prices, as the result of selling-off our Electricity Company. The opposite has occurred. Prices rose sharply and nobody can do anything about it. The new owners don't need to face the people in an election.
I am not an economist. Senator Minchin knows the reasons why the Liberal Party (of which I am a Member) wants to hand over control of Telstra, a very healthy body, earning good profits, to the private sector. A large part of the community feels that a sell-off would not only result in higher prices, but could see foreign owners control our communication systems and thereby us.
I urge you to follow your conscience, if this sell-off concerns you as much it does many ordinary Australians.
Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


PS 1  I do not buy the argument that a government can dictate to a giant like Telstra what to do or how much to charge - unless it is the majority owner. After all politicians are just humans, ordinary people with big responsibilities.
PS 2  Why not invite Senator Minchin to a game of Monopoly? 


What I forgot to correct in my second email is that I had not renewed my Liberal Party Membership, which was due in July. I am all for democracy, but when I see a Government blatantly ignoring the wishes of 70 % of people, I have a right, no a duty, to wake up and ask - why and who is setting the agenda? 


Following the saga of the MP, who I believed may have lost his seat in Canberra unfairly,  I wrote a letter to some heavyweights in the media and in Canberra and asked the hard questions. (One copy went to the journalist, the one who moments ago on radio accused Senator Barnaby Joyce of wanting it his way). The day I wrote the letter was exactly 40 days before the devastating Tsunami disaster.

Those with a mind for history remember that the devastating earthquake in late 2004 occurred on 26/12. None of us will forget the images of the waves of destruction. Those with a good memory and knowledge of geography will recall that the epicenter of the huge earthquake, which measured 9 on the Richter scale, was near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. (see above). 

If I told you that there is a link between my writing and this event, some of you may have already picked it up. Likewise, if I told you that another piece of writing, including the Band-Aid to match, was connected to the earthquake-affected island of Banda Aceh, you may also have seen it.  

On Jan. 6th, exactly ten days after the earthquake near the Andaman Islands, I received a reply to my letter from the Federal Attorney-General in Canberra, acknowledging my letter. He stated that I was making serious allegations. He had passed the matter to the Commissioner of the Federal Police to determine, if an investigation was warranted. It was rare to receive a reply from such a high level authority. If the investigation had yielded any real results, I do not know. I have heard nothing since.

As the year 2005 turned the corner toward the Christmas hype, I felt more and more certain that it was not my eyes that needed opening but that of my family. My problem was the opposite, I saw too much. Or should I say, God revealed to me so much, I found it almost overwhelming.

One of those God-inspired discoveries happened a few days ago. It had to do with the letters ISSO, which translated to the number 1550 and kept coming up in my stories, as if arranged by divine order. Searching online about the teachings of Islam recently, I suddenly came across the word ISSA. 

I learned that in Hebrew it is the word for woman. In Arabic it is the word used for Jesus. My emotions no longer exploded, as they did a few years ago after such revelations. Rather, I feel humbled and encouraged to keep praying through to the finish-line. 


You can almost hear the sound of the band. I took the photo in New Orleans. If you look closely, there is a trumpet between the Saxophone and the trombone. Look also at the letters. I had no idea they were to come out like that. 


Only yesterday I noticed a vehicle with registration No. Q. Nothing else. Q for question. What question? Those reading carefully noticed that the word Banda (as in Banda Aceh) only needed two letters to turn it into Band-aid. The two letters ID in the English language are the abbreviation for Identification. Those of you who followed my story from the beginning will wonder, who is it that is typing on this keyboard. So do I. It is a question of ID. 

On August 6th, 2005, exactly five weeks after the 'Falling Apostle' weekend, I travelled with the support group of the Adelaide United Football Team again to Melbourne. (God willing, there will be a chapter on this later). Our team played Melbourne Victory, a nice name, except neither team won the victory that night. (The end result had to be 0:0. Why, because a week before it had been 1:1, the week before that 2:2). 


From the archive:


A collage of victory celebrations after beating a Sydney team 2:1 three days before Christmas 03. 


After returning home, I noticed something strange on the program, which listed the names of all players. The name of an Adelaide Player ended in the letters ....elis. The name of a Melbourne Victory player was almost identical, except, it ended in ...elidis. The only difference the letters id. 

Another one of those little twists happened exactly a week later. During a lively debate things got a little overheated. In a moment of anger, basically through misunderstanding, a close family member called me a charlatan.

I was used to being called crazy or mentally challenged etc. (I couldn't understand, however, that if I was ill, why I was not receiving special care, which an ill person needs). 

Even the term lazy, which I was also used to hearing by various sources, directly or indirectly, is not as derogatory as the term charlatan. (It means fraudster, deceiver). Wasn't I just the opposite - a crusader against lies and deception? 

During the early hours of Monday 15/8 I was laying awake, pondering about the weekend. Especially the earlier incidence, the matching data of a village in India and names in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Suddenly the strange twist just popped into my mind - the words charlatan and Chalan. 

Can you see the amazing difference - r a t? Rat is German for advise, idea. 

Minus the r all there is left - a t, what an id! 


Chapter 8