34. Winning on the odds

As elections usually do the 2006 South Australian State Election produced winners and losers. I had written only 2 days before the polls, which candidates and party I favoured. One of the major parties, which I wanted to win, lost badly. Mr. K (he in) has since resigned as Liberal Leader. The minor party, the one I hoped would gain another seat in the Upper House, did so. There was a general shift toward the smaller groups. 

I would have reason to turn my back to the Liberal Party, saying, it serves them right. When I was President of a branch, and later ran for pre-selection for a Federal Seat in Canberra, I had in many ways received an unfair deal (Chapter 25, Mind). However, holding grudges was not my style and would only hurt myself. I knew that despite losing the pre-election some good would come out of it. 

Nobody has ever said so, but I believe the party may have changed some rules in the pre-selection process, following my appeal. Whilst before only a selected group of party members, which could easily be manipulated when choosing the candidate, the new rules give all members of an electorate a vote. It will be much harder to make a deal on the golf course and embarrass future candidates, who are naive like I was, not playing the Dorothy-Dixer-Game. 

On March 18th 06 the Labor Party won a huge majority in the Lower House. This was very disappointing for the Liberal Opposition, who had a number of young, hopeful candidates in the running. However, the bad news in the Lower House was balanced by, what I regard a great result, in the Upper House. (The final figures are due to be released on the day this chapter is uploaded). 

The big winner was the Independent MP Nick Xenophon, who not only retained his seat, but to everyone’s surprise, gained enough votes to secure a second spot. His running partner was a prominent anti-drugs campaigner. If she is as outspoken and hard-working inside Parliament, as she has been outside, those who support marijuana and poker machines should be worried. 

(Let me clarify a point I made about Mr. Xenophon. I had written that he was unable to help driving instructors in their fight against the Government's log-book system, because he was busy with his other agenda, poker-machines. I hope readers understood that I did not mean Mr. Xenophon was busy playing poker machines. I meant that he was busy fighting against poker machines). 

- - - - - - -

Change in tactics

 For whatever reason my wife changed tactics. In the past, she occasionally handed me a TicTac, as we  were driving along in the car. Lately she has offered a JILA Mint. (Another JL story later).

My outside the box mind can reads various codes: J in LA or JAIL - (I prefer the former, but he latter would be cheaper). One other option - J in a L. 

- - - - - - - 

Another winner in the March 18 election was the Family First Party, who very likely will gain a second member in the Upper House. If such laws as the gay-rights, abortion or prostitution laws ever came to a tight vote, it would be re-assuring to know that Family First was holding the balance of power.

Mr. Peter Lewis, the one who has always been in it, was unsuccessful in his bid to become a Member of the Upper House, also called the House of Review. His poll position, the N Spot, obviously didn't do the trick. 

He had been the Member for Hammond for nearly 30 years. His gamble to try for the Upper House had not paid off. He had faced a mammoth task, since on that platform, his large, local support base, was not much help. Members of the Legislative Council (the Upper House) are elected by the whole of South Australia and not by local citizens..

Another big loser were the Democrats. Their vote had dropped so low, it was not even registering on the election charts. Only a few years earlier they achieved 15 or 16 percent. 

Maybe I am wrong in my assumption, but one comment by their star candidate may have contributed to their demise. The Advertiser Newspaper on the day of the election quoted her as saying: “We would not like the House of Review to become a House of Prayer”. The comment was firing a shot at their main rival, the Family First Party. Their leader had been a prominent Adelaide Pastor, who for a short time had also served as a Missionary in New Guinea, before entering Parliament.

At the polling booth, so it seems, a large number of voters still prefer a candidate with a background in Christianity, in preference to one, who promotes marijuana and abortion pills. Strangely enough, the Democrats used to have a strong support base within the Uniting Church of Australia. 

There is a scripture for those, who mock the God of Israel, who think they don't need prayer and make their own idols their God: "I will not let people speak evil against me. I will not let some false god take my glory." (Isaiah 48, 11. More of Isaiah 48 later). 

God is interested in politics. I trust that those who were elected will recognize their responsibility before the people, but more so before Almighty God. Christians are called to pray for those elected, regardless which party they belong to. I will pray that our leaders will handle the affairs of this state with common sense and integrity. 

The day before writing a question came up on radio: Would we mind politicians to sacrifice their integrity, if in the end it is for everyone's benefit? I say no. I'd rather have a few dollars less in my pay-packet than knowing that somebody had to tell a lie or deceive somebody to gain a wage increase. One thing my mother used to drum into us - Integrity lasts the longest.



Ever since 'fantales' made their debut I check out lolly wrappers. The name Jeremy on this one stood out. Only minutes before somebody handed me this lolly I had heard the voice of Jeremy C. on the radio. He who used to be a regular, but this was the first time I heard JC on air in months.    Add 1 to above phone number and it creates the identical phone number as that of our church. I found this card at the door of the polling station, where I handed out how to vote cards on March 18th 06    



The word Integrity brings me to polling day itself. Early in the morning, I followed up on an observation from the Friday night before. I had seen a 'For Lease' sign in King William Street. There was a 5/1 combination of numbers, plus a Da Ninci sounding name, which made me check the agent's website. This in turn led me to a link to the Melbourne branch of the real estate firm. That's were I saw the following script:

Major retail projects include the retail construction component of Southern Cross Station (43,000 sq.m, of which around two-0thirds will be DFO space), Stage 2 of the Freeway Central site in Essendon (35,000 sqm of bulky goods retailing),

How did that 0 get into two-0thirds in the middle line? Without the 0 the remaining 2 letters of DFO would be my initials. The next morning in church, however, no kidding, I found the place, where the 0 had escaped from. We sang one of my favourites, the deeply moving hymn When I survey the wondrous cross. In the fourth verse, second line an 0 was missing: Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an offering far to small…

Stop Press: On the morning of 30/3, the day after writing this, just as I awoke, I got the answer, why the 0 in an instant: it's so simple. The abortion pill debated on in Canberra in February 06 is called RU 486. In prayer God had shown me a link to Innisfail, Queensland, Postcode 4860. There is the zero. Didn't I write a whole chapter and named it - A  Zero for a hero? 


Saturday March 18/3/06 was a beautiful autumn day in Adelaide. I had volunteered to hand out How-to-vote cards outside the Woodville Town Hall. I was right on time at 8am as the polling station opened. There was a vacant parking space right beside the place. The rego of the car (I think it was a Ford) parked in front was Victories (for) J 963. (Just as I write I notice that day’s date hidden in this number - the next day, however, the date played an even bigger role, read on). This made me think that my friends had already arrived. But who was it? 

It was rather interesting to watch the average Adelaide Western suburbs resident walk by, giving various responses. From the sporty, young adult, who gave a brief ‘no-thanks’, to the migrant lady in a bright, flowing dress, wrinkly faced, asking with a strong accent: “What I do now?

Whenever I work in a public place my codes would follow me. I saw numerous cyclists ride up with blue helmets. One voter wore a red cap “The Boss”; others wore various T-shirts or clothing with Da Ninci-like logos. 

The most memorable customer came at the last minute, just before the six o'clock closing. A young man walked up, obviously more interested in a chat than who to vote for. He casually took one of the leaflets and started chatting. He said he was from Tasmania on a visit. He introduced a young girl, standing beside him, as his niece Laura. This name registered. Without trying I had a look at the top she was wearing. I could just make out the number 1963, among the decorative picture and scribble.

About an hour earlier I had been worried that I could be running out of How-to-vote cards. Fifteen minutes before closing I had 13 left. Wouldn’t it be funny, I thought, if I were to have just the right number of leaflets until closing time? 

Talking to this young man within minutes of closing, I had six leaflets in my hand. After our little chat he handed me back the one I had earlier given him. Now I had exactly 7 brochures left, after having given out hundreds. (I had been on duty altogether for approx. seven hours).



The Family First Party achieved an extra-ordinary result. In their first election they won one Member, in this their second election they won their second member. At this rate they will have a clear majority in how many years?

For those interested how our football team Adelaide United went, they did not win the big prize. At the end of the general competition they were in first place with the huge margin - seven points. This made them only minor Premiers. 

To become ‘major' Premiers they would have had to win the play-off, in which the top 5 teams fight it out. The minor premiers were eliminated in a home-match at Hindmarsh Stadium against the Central Coast Mariners (NSW), who in turn lost in the Grand Final against Sydney FC.

In another strange Number 7 twist – each one of Adelaide's 3 top goal shooters (Veart, Qu and Rech) scored 7 goals during the season.   


- - - - - - -

One of the more pleasant aspects of standing outside a polling both is the interaction with the people from other parties. The hours standing on the street and, in between handing out leaflets, talking to other party supporters, was a good chance to exchange political views. One lady, surname Thompson, Maiden name German, Da Ninci translation … Victories in the cross man (no joke) shared many of my conservative opinions. 

After the 6 pm closing, I asked her, if I could have one of her Party’s election posters for my collection. (I have a small number in my shed. Maybe one day a Pauline Hanson, wrapped in the Australian flag or Nick Xenophon, riding a toy car on an election poster, will be a collector’s item?)

I couldn't help noticing on the back of the poster Mrs. Thompson gave me, the word Turner in thick black* ink. It didn’t click until much later that I had uploaded the sad story of Ken Turner only 2 days before. The candidate on the poster was a lawyer – this figured. If this was a clue, it was the only one I received from anybody in Adelaide or anywhere, which points to the Turner case in Chapter 33. 

*(Correction: I noticed after writing - it is pink).

The …963 Ford was still parked in the same spot, as I left after my day of handing out how to vote leaflets.

The historic number 1963 (Found, Chapter 9 - MG EN 1963), plus the name Turner, both played a big part the next morning in another MG magic. It started on the Saturday morning as I turned on the radio. Within a second on turning the dial, I heard the announcement that on Sunday Morning there was to be a concourse of the MG Car Club, Colley Reserve, Glenelg. I didn’t even hear which Sunday, but assumed it was the next day.  

The name MG had on 

(WOW, I just saw something – incredible, a number 153 code)

18/10 played such a huge role. It was the day where 8 Tomatoes weighed exactly 1000G or MG, if M = 1000. In my third book (Found, Chapter 9) I had stumbled across an MG sports car, registration 1963, opposite No. 1053 South Road. The difference in these two figures is 910 (the name of my previous chapter, if you wish). But that’s only trivial.  

The real WOW a moment ago, was the fact that numbers 1963 and 18/10, both big MG events, deducted from each other leave us with 153. As long time readers would know, this odd number has been following me since my first book, More in number than the sand. (It is shown among the hands on the page margin of the Sand-index). Numbers 1, 5 & 3 will also conclude this book. 

But there was more to come - Turner. In prayer that morning my mind wandered. I was contemplating during prayer, if I should take my bicycle in the car and go for a ride, looking at the MG cars on the way? If so, where should I park, while on the ride? 

The bike was a definite yes! Should I park at Immanuel College again, as I had a few weeks earlier? As I prayed I saw a picture of a house, near the corner of Marion Road and the Anzac Highway. I knew that’s where I was meant to park. At the time I didn't know the name of the street, only that it was the house, where my friend Matthew had lived for a short time. 

I left before 8am. On the way in North Adelaide I spotted a sign “To Strangway Terrace”. I had written about this street in Chapter 33, two days earlier. Suddenly I made a fresh discovery. Strangway Terrace leads directly into Ward Street, North Adelaide. (Adelaide has this unique system, where a street can continue straight on, but change name for no reason). 

Driving in Ward Street, North Adelaide I was thinking of the other Ward Street in Modbury. I will never forget the day I was led to this street, no doubt by divine guidance. I had parked my Suzuki just as the speedometer read 177 777. (Chapter 40, Mind). In another timely twist, in the evening that day, March 19th, 06 I was to attend a meeting and bump into a Pastor, named Ward. I had not seen him in years.


How ironic - only after scanning did I become conscious that I had passed Calvary (Hospital) that morning. 

The house I was going to park near was between the Anzac Highway and Cross Road. Only after arriving there did I see the street name - Turner Street. This was not co-incident. God knew and always knows, where he wants us and when. 


The MG concourse was no accident either. It came to me later in the day - the date of the show was 19/3/06. This started a link to the number 1963, which I had come across during my first MG experience. The MG rego EN 1963 had been registered in Tasmania. Didn’t the young man the evening before say he was from Tasmania? His niece Laura wore a top with 1963 on it. It all figured, because there is an intelligent mind behind all this. And it’s not I.

The MG Car Club certainly had picked a perfect day, numbers and weather wise. On my way to view the classic cars I took a little detour around the Morphettville Racecourse. At the southern end, I read a street name – Ninnid Street. Strange word, half of all letters were n's. The very next street was called Don Street. I turned into Don Street for no reason at all.

Had I not done so I would not have noticed the political leaflet on the ground in Ninnid Street. Because it was outside No.1, I picked it up. The area was not far from where the Turner murder took place. The name on the leaflet, the unsuccessful candidate (dangerous word can di date), was interesting. Her Christian name was German and sounds like He die. Her surname I made into 'mourn'. 

To me it all figured. To an outsider reading it, it sounds bizarre, I must admit. Nevertheless, about a week later I came across the leaflet in my trouser pocket. I decided to sent the lady an email. We did have a few things in common:


 Hi ...,
 I found one of your election brochures outside No. 1 Ninnid Street, by the racetrack. Strange name, Ninnid, half of it are n's. 
We have two things in common - good German Christian names, plus we both tried unsuccessfully for Parliament. I lost preselection for Wakefield for the (2004) Federal Seat of Wakefield. My gut feeling is that it had all been stiched up beforehand, but me being naive, thought it would be an unbiased vote. But I am not bitter and still on good terms with the winner David Fawcett.
As you know there is a 7 day timeframe, where to lodge an appeal after the preselection. I did lodge one after 5 days. Trouble was, on the 4th day the media already had announced the winner in the paper. So what chance did my appeal have of succeeding three weeks later? But it was all good experience.
I like your motto - listening, understanding, ready to act, the opposite to what I have experienced with politicians. Have you read the book "Halfway to justice"? It's about a murder, which took place at the Oaklands Park Reserve, near the Road Safety Centre. A girl had been abducted or lured from Hindley Street, taken to the reserve, assaulted and left to die.
They eventually found a man, who had come home that Sunday morning, blood all over him and mouthed off to his mates, how he had stabbed a woman. The evidence was strong, but in the end his mate would not come and dob the murderer in.
To make matters worse, the jury was not allowed to know - that same man had been convicted in Melbourne, around the time of his Adelaide trial, of assaulting a woman in a Motel and throwing her half dead body over the balcony into the carpark below. The smart lawyers were successful in trying to convince the judge that the law of "similar offence" was not permissible, because it was not a similar offence!
Can you believe this? Had the jury known, what kind of man the accused was, that he had almost murdered another woman in Melbourne, they would have him found guilty. The father of the victim (Ken Turner) tells the story in his book.
I would have loved the Liberals to tackle Labor on law and order. They were smart in cashing in on the Nemer case. They were boasting how they are tough on crime. At the same time I see the injustices, the big criminals, getting away with drugs dealing and as in above case, murder.
Had Ken Turner come to you with his story, would you have been ready to act?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
ISA 486
PS  Did you notice that you received exactly 5000 (first preference) votes more than Greg C. and 35 % of the two candidate prefered votes? 

(Note the code above the PS - it will come to life in a moment). 


I arrived on the foreshore at Glenelg after another 15 minutes of pleasant cycling. I leaned my bike under a tree at the eastern end and strolled among the holy ground of Colley Reserve, a replica of the historic HMS Buffalo in the background.

There were a few dozen MG automobiles on display, all in rows, according to the model and year of manufacture. I told one man: "Buying my first car in 1969, I had considered a beautiful red MG TF sports car. The price was $ 999. Some of my friends thought I was crazy considering it. Now I wished I had been crazy. 

Most cars were immaculately restored, some dating back to the 1930’s. Most looked as if they had just rolled out of the showroom, brand new. Among the sports cars I spotted three sedans, MG Magnettes, built in the 1950's. The Magnette is almost identical to the Wolseley 444. 

We used to own a W 444, in british racing green and in perfect, original condition. I spent hours working on it, out of necessity, even though I am not a natural working on cars. My parents never owned a motor car. The green 444 was our family car from 1973 to 1989, when our 4th child was born. It was hard to let it go. The only consolation - we paid $ 350 and sold it for $ 3500.

One MG took my attention, a TF (?) sports model with an exact replica, a toy-pedal car beside it. I admired the cars as much as the odd numbered registration plates ... 153.

Before leaving I got talking to an older man, who had also arrived on his bicycle. I admired the fact that he was still on his two-wheeler at age 83. I was conscious of the time and had to leave after only 20 minutes or so. I didn't want to miss church. No sooner was I on my bicycle, ready to pedal away, when I spotted a tiny tool on the ground. I picked it up as a souvenir.


On leaving Colley Reserve I spotted this tiny tool on the ground. For a while I couldn't think what they call these. Later it came - Allen key. I could see the letter L, plus a C or a J? Must be a J - it would match the JILA mints ! 

Later I remembered, in one chapter  the letters L & N surprised everyone, after I had been to church to hear DarLeNe.

I look at this incident in three ways: Either it is nothing at all, nothing lost, an Allen key gained. Alternatively, if this was placed, before I parked my bike and I was led to it - it was a miracle. 

But more likely, it was placed there, after I had arrived and leaned my bike against the tree. It still was a remarkable find, being so small. 



That morning my wife and I were only 10 minutes late for church. After we sat down in the back, singing and praising God, I had mixed feelings, worshipping with my wife, who didn't have a clue what magic I had experienced already that day. If all we shared between each other were peppermints, it was a sad state of affairs. 

Yes, we both believed in J in the cross, but I wanted to share with her that I had seen more than just a few vintage cars at the reserve in Glenelg.

(Hey, I just discovered something - yes - my God, the Allen key, the key - take L e N away from Glenelg it leaves two G. This is torment. The P/C says 9am exactly). 


The frustration in church came from having to pretend; not being able to bounce back the co-incidences - the phone number the day before, which only needed one to make it the church phone number; the name Turner on the election poster, then God leading me to park in Turner Street the next morning;  the six-letter street name, half of which are n's and only id left, plus the next street name Don Street.

More unbelievable was the thought that many in the church may be aware of my dilemma, but said nothing. The missing O in the song on the screen that morning was only one of many codes I saw regularly. At the time I never thought that it could have anything to do with 486 0. 

At the door walking out after church I noticed a very obvious mishap. A lady dropped something right beside us and picked it up again - the letter N, literally on a piece of cardboard. It made me think. (Three days earlier chapter 33, had ended on a magic N revelation).

One other clue that morning I could not overlook. The assistant Pastor, leading the prayer and sermon that morning, asked us all to pray for the victims of cyclone Harry (details in a moment). If on purpose or not I do not know, all I know is that he made the same mistake as the Melbourne Age Newspaper made on their website - they both called the cyclone Harry, instead of Larry. 

(Later I wondered, if the letters in the alphabet between H and L had a meaning in them?) 

On that fateful Monday morning 20/3/06 I could hardly believe my senses as I listened to radio reports coming down from Queensland. One of the worst cyclones ever to hit Australia brought winds of 290 km/h (180 mp/h) causing widespread damage and destruction of valuable crops. 

The region, where the storm hit the most, is Australia's major banana growing region. In a further blow to the region, large sugar plantations were damaged and crops flattened. As reports came in the damage bill kept increasing. The latest figures are over the billion Dollar mark (1000 million).

I was dumbfounded sitting on my computer that Monday morning. I knew this was not co-incident. I had mentioned the word cyclone in chapter 33, a few days earlier. The word Tracey - as in cyclone Tracy - had popped onto the TV screen and into my story through a strange set of circumstances. 

But a greater shock came when I heard that the town of Innisfail was one of the worst affected areas - postcode 4860. It was right in the centre of the storm. Innisfail with one a/e exchange had turned into Sin in Life in Chapter 32. 

About a week after I had first discovered this, I wanted to bounce back the co-incidence on the overnight talk-back radio program. The presenter, who recognized me from previous calls, let me say this much, that Innisfeil rearranged makes 'sin in life'. He repeated the words, as if I had used a swearword. I could tell he was not relaxed talking in this kind of language.

As I went on to deliver my punch line, he talked over me and faded me out. The topic was too hot to handle. I rang back the switchboard, saying to the lady that I had not yet delivered the punch line. She didn't want to know the punch-line either. (That Innisfail is postcode 4860 and God is probably trying to tell us something). 

It happened before. I had been cut off in mid sentence. I don't know, why I bothered to phone these people trying to share my world? 

But why would anybody want to listen to a religious freak talk about how God wants to say something to the world, when you could be listening to intimate details of people's struggles with power bills, sick pets or pension payments? 

- - - - - - -


Double-up in Adelaide's 04/05 phonebook (Numbers and addresses hidden for privacy). 

Can you see what I see? 

Those odd numbers 351 in Goodman Road, Baby Love, au, au!. (The shop has since relocated). But why the same entry twice??? 

I didn't search the phone book for this. It came about this way: I had just read Chapter 7 in this my autobiography, and had read about the baby carrots in LA. On the TV program, moments later, I saw a man holding a baby with a large toy carrot. 

I emailed the co-incident. Their feedback form asks for a back-up phone number. For some reason I always find a funny one, or a Da Ninci one that matches the date etc. If they bothered to check back the number to the address, it fitted the occasion perfectly. (I once typed in the Prime Minister's office number in Canberra. Wouldn't everyone like this as a back-up number?)   

- - - - - - -


While the storm was raging in Innisfail I sent a brief email to the feedback line of the Melbourne Age, asking them, why they had made the storm into a Royal Storm? I also expressed hope that no lives would be lost. But I added: Well, it could not be more lives lost, than there will be through the abortion pill RU 486!

Thankfully and miraculously not one life was lost, nor were any serious injuries reported.

Friends, God is not mocked. I do not want to sound like a mocker saying - I told you so. This would not be right. However, the evidence is overwhelming. When looking at the circumstances overall, I can do no other than stand in awe before God and say: "God, you are awesome. You are trying to tell us something. Please open the eyes and ears of your people so they will see and hear your voice and do what is right in your eyes". 

Innisfail was indeed an act of God. What other conclusion can anyone come to, other than that? 

Let me make it clear, I do not believe the people of Innisfail or Queensland were being punished by this storm. Nobody in any state is better or worse, all are sinners. But perhaps God is trying to convey a message to all of Australia and indeed all the world: I AM is in charge, I AM sees, I AM hates abortion.

What I AM witnessed in Canberra, the outcome of the debate about this killer drug, did not please HIM. Abortion in general does not please HIM. To kill a fetus simply because payments for a house or car come first, is in God's eyes murder. It is breaking the sixth commandment - You shall not kill. 

How often can you break God's laws and think you will get away with it? Did God remind us in a rather dramatic way that HE really means what HE says, that we ought to take HIS Word and HIS Ten Commandments seriously?


Less than a week after Larry stuck I received this cartoon with an e-Newsletter:


The heroes of the Bananaless Republic - Queensland Premier Peter Beatty and John Howard, both visited the devastated area soon after cyclone Larry had hit. The caption: It's the cyclone we had to have. (A pun on a political slogan of the 90's - The recession we had to have).


I emailed the person, who had sent me the newsletter and rephrased the wording in the cartoon:

Hi Jonathan,

A journalist may call it the cyclone we had to have! A person who has been following what went on in Canberra in February would call it - the cyclone the politicians asked for! 

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

        ISA 486


I started to use the ISA 486 code around that time. I had searched for and found the following scripture, using the numbers 486 on purpose. It made me think deeply, because it seemed to fit the occasion perfectly:

"You heard and saw all the things that happened. So you should tell this news to others. Now I will tell you about new things. These are hidden things that you don't know yet."  Isaiah 48,6 - International Children's Bible).

About 45 minutes after I had sent above email I was still pondering, how this verse fitted in so well. I decided to look it up in my son's children's bible, which I had found useful to read. The texts are easy to understand and in larger print.

Then something happened for a third time this month. As if God wanted to reiterate his love for hat-tricks, as I picked up the children's bible it fell open to exactly this verse. It was page 828/829. I emailed Jonathan again, telling him of this little episode and added that the bible fell open to page number, 828, as in Romans Chapter 8, 28. I did so with a grin on my face.

- - - - - - -


My diary - 30/3/06


With a grin on my face I noticed this on March 30/3/06. I took a friend to the doctor. No sooner was he and I in the car, the clock (which is not set to the correct time) showed 11.12. As I looked at the dashboard I noticed the trip meter had just turned to 111.2. The magic only lasted 50 meters or less. Someone loves numbers.  

- - - - - - -


In a recent writing, Chapter 31, I stumbled across an interesting find, while looking for an article. I wanted to ask my wife, what you call the big letters at the beginning of a chapter. I since found out it's called a 'drop letter'. The person who emailed it to me worked for a publication, which I read regularly.

In their booklet I noticed on 4 consecutive pages that the drop letters (there was only one per page) were W.A.I.T. A few pages later another 3, one after another, which spelled W.O.N. In the pages following the drop letters were N.I.N.A. Was I meant to be playing the e/a game with the final a to receive a message? 

Discoveries like these fueled my wishful thinking that my writing was not just regarded as another blog, of which there are millions online. Readers must see that an ordinary man could not manipulate circumstances to such a degree, without an intelligent backer, leading quietly and accurately in the background.

Did anyone notice how the 35 cents I found on 5/3 (or 3/5 in some places) fitted in perfectly with the numbers at the end? I had not noticed this magic, until after I had uploaded the chapter. When I had started writing chapter 33, I had no reason to be mentioning HM, The Queen. A day or two later it so happened, our Head of State was on a rare visit to our shores. Only after remembering the coins and seeing all, bar one 10 cent coin, heads-up in my diary, did it fall into place.

I knew her birthday was not in June, when Australia celebrates it. I googled and learned that the Queen's 80th birthday is on April 21, 06. This is why the 3 & 5 cents fitted in so well, it completed the 1 to 6 sequence. Many readers may have noticed this before I did.

But then, why would anyone make a fuss with numbers as I do? What practical help are these little games to anyone, you may ask? To be honest, I agree that in themselves there is not much value in discovering a number sequence. But I can see reasons for all of this: If nothing else, God is just having a chuckle to himself, making people scratch their heads as they wonder, what this is all about.

A second reason has a more earthly application. Those who are entertained by my strange little twists and turns, may discover the main game I play on my driving-school website. (I have just re-worked www.driving-school.com.au - pay a visit sometime). The car crashes hold a priceless message at the end - God sent his son into the world to save the world. (John 3,16). If those learning to drive a motorcar will also learn about ONE, who steers their whole destiny, my mission has been worthwhile - Your safety is Driving US.   

If ordinary young people, all over the world,  many who have never heard the Good News of Jesus, learn about the God of Love, all the trials and hardships serve a worthwhile purpose. If young people (and older ones, too) give HIM their all (not their life literally, of course, this would be stupid) and start a close friendship with God Almighty through Jesus Christ, what seems foolish on the surface, is extremely powerful at the core. 

- - - - - - -


More foolish codes in the Adelaide phonebook?

I received a letter, out of the blue, advertising the annual Entrepreneur's Course, the same one I had completed seven years ago. At the time I felt cheated and robbed of nearly $ 3000. (Chapter 9, More in number). 

The letter was addressed to our house, but with a completely different surname. Not knowing what it was all about, I looked up the name in the phonebook. 

I think the clues were in the initials and the first address 11 T. DJ & KM and DJ & MM draws attention to the letter L. 

I liked the PS JA (PS Yes!) To be honest, my $ 2850 cash back would be more helpful than codes. 

- - - - - - - 


My family regarded most of what I did as foolish. They failed to see the bigger picture. No one saw the chocolate bits in my writing. I would have been most happy to explain my reasoning. But it would not be easy to try and make sense of chapter 211, when one does not want to know anything about the 210 chapters leading up to it.

When our son Tim decided to attend Bible College I was so happy and thankful and still am. But lately I have been thinking, there would definitely be more use for a skillful plumber around our house, than a strong-minded, modern thinking theologian! I am the dripping tap everyone wants fixed. But biblical studies don't fix a leaking tap. 

A third and very practical application of my writing is this: Because all I have written is true (to the best of my knowledge), only a blind fool would explain it all away as co-incident. There are too many co-incidents to explain. It must be obvious to any genuine reader that a force, beyond human understanding, is writing the script. Because of this, will my thoughts regarding the injustices I saw, right here in Adelaide, be taken more seriously?

If this were so, I am still waiting for a positive response, preferably not in code, from those responsible for law and order in our state. At least enter into a dialog and prove me wrong, if this is what is required. I would shut up, if anyone did this and answered my questions satisfactorily and proved me wrong.  

The state politician I visited recently regarding the Peter Liddy case, lost his seat on March 18th. Another, a shadow Minister, whom I also approached on the issue, announced that he would not contest the next election.

On this same issue, a gross miscarriage of justice, I approached one of the highest ranking church leaders in our state. In October 05 I went to his office. He had come from interstate, and had only a short time earlier taken over this church in Adelaide. I saw the clergyman announce on television that his was an open-door policy.

I got as far as speaking to his private secretary. I explained simply that I think there is a possibility of a man being locked up until 2026 and that reliable people think he is  innocent. The media does not want to know about it, and the politicians ask for more proof, of which there is none. Who is left, where can that man turn to, if not the church?

The holy secretary talked nicely to me. She gave me the impression she understood. After leaving her my email address, she doubted that I would hear before December (which December?). At the time of writing it is the end of March. Despite a follow up letter I have not heard anything since.

To stand up and speak out on behalf of an innocent prisoner in your own town is obviously not the job of the clergy. More than one man of the collar has told me this: "Injustices are everywhere. If you speak to a prisoner, they all tell your they are innocent and should not be in jail". 

This attitude is placing a prisoner into another kind of prison, that of our prejudice and bigotry. Putting people into boxes makes it easy for us to deal with them. I am sure I have been placed into the whistleblowers box. I don't know how the church handles these kind of troublemakers.  

Instead of treating each one with dignity and respect, we don't even listen to what they have to say. This is what I believe has happened to Peter Liddy, whose family not for one moment believed he is guilty. And not even the church gives a stuff. Hypocrites!


- - - - - - -

Front page of the Advertiser June 29th, 2005

The idiots refer to hoon drivers, causing excessive noise and leaving black rubber on the road. The public was told to be  outraged! 

Should we not also be outraged when a man is sent to jail because vital evidence is withheld?  Should we not be outraged, when a jury acquits a man of murder, but did so not knowing, he months earlier tried to kill another woman? Hypocrites!

By co-incident, on the same front page, I fished it out of my files, is a detailed report about an unknown girl, who was abducted on a bus stop, taken to an unknown location and repeatedly raped by unknown assailants. The big unknown story continues on page 2. 

Days later, for some unknown reason, it was revealed it was all lies. To this unknown day I am not convinced who the unknown was, who told untold lies. 

- - - - - - - 

The injustice I perceived in civilized Adelaide is only one unresolved issue I had touched on in my controversial writing. I am still waiting for somebody to either challenge my thinking regarding DNA or, better still, to carry out this experiment: Take a sample swab of saliva from a hundred people and tell me, which person gave two samples. Using the same samples, tell me in 20 years, which sample belongs to who!   

No scientist had contacted me, furious that I would doubt their brilliant invention. No newspaper or radio has ever been cross with me for doubting the stories they spread around. 

Any TV station can show a name on a screen and say anything about this person. If a Glenda Faber does not even exist, who would know?

A volcano erupts on a remote island in the Pacific ocean, thousands of miles north of New Zealand. A scientist working on it allegedly disappears. A professional website, specializing in volcanic eruptions, reports the explosion. But not a word about the missing man? Did somebody just add the extra spice to make the story newsworthy?

I doubted, if a politician, who claimed to be a Christian, was really guilty of adultery, while in office. Was it all just propaganda, fabricated by the anti-Christian lobby? Apart from a letter, saying a decision would be made by Federal Police to investigate the matter, nothing happened. The Minister who wrote to me has since been transferred to another portfolio. Truth gone begging again!

What really happened to that Piper Cherokee on the evening of 31/5/00? Why did nobody ever suggest a criminal investigation, rather that a technical one? 315 - numbers don't lie.    

I still hear about and see car crashes, which make me wonder. The latest one was at the end of our street on 24/3/06. I was walking to the post-box, when I came across the scene. A Holden Commodore was pushed onto a traffic island. The front was all smashed in. 

As I had expected, I met an employee of the bus company at the scene. Any smashes on bus routes, he is the one directing buses around the accident scene. It was the third time I had attended a crash scene and met this man, a parishioner from our previous church. His surname in Da Ninci I interpreted as "You son etc".

I do not understand, why I was led to and suspected more behind certain car crashes. One thing I do know - God is in control. HE will have his way, if the world agrees or not. HIS power is immeasurable. The strongest force on earth is but a puff of air to HIM.

Lately I have been feeling the pressure to travel, far away, where someone might listen to me. (I expressed a similar thought in the previous chapter). However, I know that a change of location would not change circumstances. Plus, I had been there, twice, and done that. The day of writing is the 3rd anniversary of the departure on my first US excursion.

Besides, my wife is having major surgery, a kidney removed, at the beginning of April. She will need to rest and not do any heavy work for a number weeks. I won't be bored. 

On the morning of writing, March 31/3/06, I woke at 5.03 am. I had long stopped setting the alarm and trusted God to wake me. During prayer I pondered at the incredible way God has used numbers in my life ever since I became aware of them. 

I am sure HE loves to just have fun with numbers. Otherwise, why did I not think earlier of the following magic equation: 316:3 = 105.33. I wasn't going to write about this. but changed my mind, when I realized a moment ago, the first four digits are today's date (totally unplanned). 

The numbers 3 and 5 played a big role, because a law had been forced upon us driving instructors. We had to insist learner drivers must indicate 5 seconds before pulling away from the kerb into traffic. Many of us thought this was silly and unnecessary. Our objections were ignored for one reason only - you must obey the law, simply because the law is the law. Just do it and we will like you. 

Looking at my whole story, I can see a parallel to this dogmatic power play. There are god-fearing, well meaning, religious people, who still believe that by simply obeying the Old Testament laws and rituals, they will find favour with God. The Jewish faith, God's own people, to a great deal still hold to this belief. They ignore the Jesus factor. 

Jesus came for that very purpose - to show a better way. Humans had fallen so foul of the law, they could not possibly keep it. It was just too hard. So God invented another way, the Jesus way. 

Jesus says follow me. I am The way. I am Love and Peace. The senior Jewish leaders didn't like to hear that. It undermined their power base. They made sure their followers obeyed every law, right down to holding out their arm for 5 seconds, before the donkey could move. Anyone only holding their arm out for 3 seconds was condemned.

Then Jesus came and taught: "How stupid to sit for 5 seconds on your donkey, holding out your arm, when no other chariot, horse or donkey is coming along!"

In the end Jesus' outspokenness, his audacity to challenge the authorities, got him into trouble. They killed him. But God turned the whole story around. HE resurrected Jesus, so all who follow HIM can be free, free from the law, free from sin, free to live with HIM forever. What a story, what a God! Hard to believe, but that's how it is. 

To this day a conspiracy theory is spread around by those, who don't believe Jesus rose from the dead. They teach their children, Jesus never rose from the dead. They explain that one night, soon after Jesus was executed, his followers came and stole this body, so they can claim he was risen. 

When will the people of Israel finally see that the scripture in Isaiah 53 speaks of none other than Jesus; HIS mission on earth and how they treated HIM?  

When will the brothers of the Israelis, the Palestinians, see that ISSA is the same Jesus, who rose from the dead and wants to also be their Saviour? Arafat or Clinton could never bring peace to the Middle East. Hamas and Kadima may try to make peace. Peace under Jesus can and will succeed, according to the scriptures. 

His Peace comes from the inside. Peace by the renewing of the mind. Jesus' Peace causes a change in thinking - from hate to love, from killing to healing, from cursing to kissing. His Peace is what the Middle East needs, indeed this Peace is what the world needs.

It all starts with love, the love of God, who gave HIS SON for us. I AM HE. 

Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?  

   Isaiah 53, 1

The End


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