33.  Strange way Nine 'n Ten

Within days of publishing chapters into this, my autobiography, two things usually happen: 

One, I see references to what I had written. This is just what happened after writing about the incredible circumstances surrounding the annual Christmas Pageant under the clock-tower at Salisbury. Somebody threw a lolly (candy), which I had caught in mid-air. I had read a name on the wrapper - Meg Ryan, who just happened to celebrate her 44th birthday that day. What surprise on the morning after uploading! Meg Ryan on the television News, shown with group of children in a third world country!  

The other phenomena after uploading - I would very often come across or think of further links, in addition to the one I wrote about. I don't always bother going over the event again to pointing out the latest discoveries. However, a few days after uploading the Salisbury incident, I was reminded that it matched the registration plate of the vehicle I stood next to in John Street - 815. Salisbury is 5108. Another postcode (4860) also played a role in that chapter.   

I had also written about my knocking, or rather not knocking, on a door in the suburb of Collinswood. This suburb has the postcode 5081. On Sunday 12/3 I happened to cycle past the address in Collinswood. My wife Isobel and I had been in church at Enfield attending the 9 am service. Since we only have one vehicle, I had my bicycle in the back, ready to ride five kilometers to Wayville. The Liberal Party of South Australia was holding their pre-election rally. I wanted to attend, just as an observer. 

On the way, cycling near the large ABC Adelaide Headquarters, in 36 C degree heat, I couldn't help myself, but turn into the side street to ride past the house. Perhaps I would get a glimpse of the Merc, or better still the silver haired man, who had polished it only a few weeks earlier.  But neither the Mercedes Benz, nor the owner was anywhere to be seen. 

Instead I saw a blue vehicle parked outside. It had Victorian registration plates. From memory I think it was a Honda, but it all went so fast. One thing I do remember - there was damage to the vehicle on the driver's side door. 

In a flash my brain paralleled a knock on the door, with a knock (dent) on the car door. Maybe, one day I will muster the courage and knock on that man's door and enquire about the Mercedes. Or better still find out more about the Pajero. 

The Liberal Rally at Wayville was held in the Latvian Hall, 4 Clark Terrace. When I received the invitation in the mail, the name of the hall, the LTVN consonants were hard to ignore. My brain had ticked over, playing their game. When I searched the UBD (2003 Adelaide Street directory) on the way to church that morning, I was awestruck once again - how can this be? I said to my wife, as she drove us to church: "That amazing!"

The reference in the UBD for Clark Terrace Wayville is E 2, Map 130. It was that day's date.


UBD Adelaide, Map 130. How ironical that I was attending a function at Clark Terrace, located at Grid E 2. 


I never finished explaining, why I thought it was amazing, knowing my comments would not be appreciated. Sadly, I was able to share less and less of my world with my wife and family.

The high profile rally was scheduled for 11 am. I was about 20 minutes late, when I chained my bike to a pole outside the Latvian Hall. No drama, a political speech is not exactly the cause for an adrenalin rush or makes the pulse race faster.

I was surprised to find vacant seats toward the back, even though people were standing by the door. That morning saw the cream of South Australia's Liberal politicians gather for this rare event - at least two Federal Ministers, Senators, Federal and State Members of Parliament. There were many wanna-be politicians present, who would know a week later, if they would be claiming a leather seat in Parliament for the next four years.  

I had not realized, until I had squeezed in and sat down, that I sat beside the candidate for our local area, Tom Javor, the electorate of Playford. (Nice name - Play for D). He would need a big swing away from Labor to win the seat from the sitting Member. 

When I heard the Liberal Leader Mr. Rob Kerin announce his policy on drugs, I was the first one to clap. His Government, if elected, would clamp down on marijuana, the drug responsible for so much crime and mental illness in our community. To eliminate this drug, as a start, should not be very hard. At a meeting with the Neighbourhood Watch group I had learned that a police patrol, with the help of a German Shepherd dog, could sniff out any drugs in our neighbourhoods from a distance.

If our society were as serious about drugs, as the Indonesian Government is, we could eliminate the problem within a short time. The death penalty is perhaps a little extreme, but penalties should be harsh, even for small quantities, to give the clear message to those, who become rich through pedaling drugs: 

A strong communal will for zero tolerance, together with laws and penalties, which are strictly enforced, will make our houses and streets more secure. 

Listen - any law enforcement officer, government official, lawyer or petty criminal, engaged in pedaling drugs or any other crime - God is against you. HE has been watching your evil activities. The time for judgement has come. It will come swiftly - you will not escape! None of you will escape, except those who turn from their evil ways and repent of the wrong they have done. Cry over the misery you have caused. Perhaps God in HIS mercy will give you another chance? Do it now, the door will be shut very soon.

Those who have read my story from the beginning may recall that I had uncovered one, possibly two, drug operations. I reported them after much agonizing - but nothing was ever done. Even, when I blew the whistle that one of these individuals, who lived in luxury, also owned the double story mansion next door, and was possibly growing drugs, nobody lifted a finger, unless I don't know about it. 

That man was an ex-policeman. (Checking the phonebook sometime back, he no longer lives in the same house, but was listed in an address in a very modest suburb. I wonder what brought the change?)

- - - - - - -


The sad story of Shirree Turner

At Christmas 05 for the first time ever I read a whole book in a 24 hour period. In an earlier chapter I had mentioned the soul-stirring account of what this murder victim's father, Ken Turner, told me happened to his daughter. 

After reading Halfway to Justice, I knew everything I had written was just as it was told in Ken's book. It appears the main and only suspect, Frank Mercuri, got away with murder, literally. The book gives two main reasons.

 One, the brilliant performance by his lawyer, Lindy Powell. Two, the jury was not allowed to hear the full truth about the suspect. The brilliant (?) defence team managed to convince the judge that the crime Mercuri had committed only a short time previously in Melbourne, was not similar to the one he had allegedly committed on Shirree Turner. The similar offences  act could therefore not be applied. The jury never knew what Mercuri had done in Melbourne.

He had lured the Melbourne victim into a Motel Room - the Adelaide victim into a motor car. The Melbourne victim was assaulted and thrown half-dead over the motel's balcony, left to die in the carpark below (she survived and brought the man to justice). The Adelaide victim, Shirree Turner was assaulted and left for dead in a reserve under a tree. Who gives a damn what the murderous man did with his victims - the jury should have been allowed to know of this murderer's character and Melbourne conviction. 

I am sure, if justice would have been done, the jury would have had little doubt that the same man was responsible for Shirree Turner's murder. 

 If you are all for justice Mr. Rann, as you come across in your TV ads, how could this injustice have happened at this day and age in your State? To your defense, I concede that you were not leader when above happened. But you were leader when Ken Turner published his book one year ago. What have you done since to win justice for Ken Turner?  

Psalm 94, Verse 20:

  "Crooked leaders cannot be your friends. They use the law to cause suffering". 

It appears nothing much has changed in 3000 years! But it will! 

- - - - - - -


The present Government in their advertisements boasts about their record of fighting crime. What a joke! Yes, they have stopped the naughty boys throwing stones at passing buses, but what about drugs, murders and injustices? 

I am still waiting for any politician, church leader or law enforcement officer to listen to me when I shout: An innocent man may be in jail until 2026, if we don't investigate the truth in the Liddy case. At least hear the evidence the man wants to bring to court. Don't say it is not permissible. That's not fair - that's corruption! That's using the law to cause suffering!

Everyone loves to see criminals in jail, except those who are criminals or who make a good living from criminals on the street. But please, make sure only guilty criminals go to jail, not the innocent! 

Another aspect of this present election campaign is not right. It may be an unwritten rule, but the normal code of advertising is that you don't try to sell your product, by advertising that of the opposition is all rubbish. This is exactly what is happening, on both sides to a degree.

But one Labor Party ad stands out. The Liberal Leader Rob Kerin was being interviewed. He stumbles over his words a bit, when asked about being a leader. The Rann media circus has done a brilliant job of making the opposition look bad and crown themselves as heroes. 

I trust South Australia's voters will be smart enough (no pun intended, one Liberal candidate is Nigel Smart) and not fall for the media driven puff and smoke propaganda. 

I prefer a leader, who has solid policies to gains votes; one who does not need to make an opponent look bad, so he himself looks good. 

- - - - - - -

Peter Lewis: I've always been in it...

Time for two revelations. 

1. Peter Lewis (Mr. N): Following the election 4 years ago Mr. Peter Lewis, had become the most powerful politician in our state. For some time he was Speaker of the House of Assembly. He made headline news almost every day. At this election, Mr. Lewis, a maverick, independent character, decided to run for the Upper House.

Mr. Lewis is the PL, the politician, I had referred to many times in my first book - More in number than the sand, Chapter 30 ff.

The two major parties, Upper or Lower House, need to hear the truth, even when it hurts. Mr. Lewis is fearless in voicing his opposition, if this is called for. (Did you notice, how, by sheer co-incidence, his letter on the ballot paper came up as "N"? There will be some more magic with 'n' at the end of the chapter). 


2. Nick Xenophon: Early in my story I had sought support for my ideas regarding driver education from independent Upper House MP, Mr. Xenophon. Both major parties had shied away from the issue, because one had brought in a bad driver training/testing system, and the other did nothing about it when in power. Mr. X. answered one or two of my emails, but he was just too busy with his other agenda, poker machines, to do something for driving instructors. 

Mr. X in my first book was Mr. T (cross either way). He was the recipient of the "Nothing is too hard for God" basket, plus 3 other larrikin gifts; my way of conveying memorable messages. The latest was a packet with band-aids and a small bottle of T-oil. Exactly a month later the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean imbedded pictures into our minds, none of us will ever forget.

Mr. Xenophon is himself a bit of a practical joker. On his election posters, he is pictured riding on a toy car. It was disappointing to hear  Mr. X decided to not support a long time ally, the Family First Party, in the March 18th election. The Family Standards Organisation, my reliable source of political information, wrote that Mr. X had decided to give preferences to the Greens and the Democratic Party and put the mainly conservative (Christian values) family First last. (Perhaps Mr. X. is taking the scripture, the first shall be last, literally?)

The latest information on the disagreement between Family First and Mr. Xenophon is the Family Relationships Bill. If passed, it will give same sex couples more rights. (They won't stop until they have their Sodom and Gomorrah). I read Mr. Xenophon is a strong supporter of this bill, which is very disappointing. If he pledges his support to the Greens, he must also have changed his mind on drugs. Previously Mr. X. was known to be against liberalizing drug laws. It would be disappointing, if left wing parties would gain the balance of power. 

Family First and Mr. Lewis pull in the other direction. Late last year both MP's worked successfully to torpedo the gay rights law in a display of political magic. Mr. Lauder from the gay lobby already indicated he wants the new Government put his agenda on the front page. God will have the last say in everything.  

- - - - - - -


Our voting system gives people the option (in the Upper House only) to put a 1 above the line, in the box of their preferred Party. The alternative, writing numbers 1-54 (at this election) takes longer, but it has advantages.

It gives voters a choice, who they want to allocate their preference votes to. The easy option, just marking 1 above the line, gives the party you vote for the choice of preference.

This is why I am worried that Mr. X. has decided to give half his preferences to the Democrats and half to the Greens. Many parties have won close elections under this system, called preferential voting. 

I personally will support Family First and trust Peter Lewis will be there also. Together they would be a strong, conservative, voice in the Upper House. 

- - - - - - -


On the Sunday morning in mid March at the Latvian Hall there was little of that glitter, pomp and ceremony the Labor camp displayed. A few balloons and election posters by the hopeful candidates was about all there was. As I sat and listened to the speech by our Leader, praising his party etc. I couldn't help myself having a chuckle.

The meeting had been scheduled for 11am on a Sunday morning. Normally, at that time, where possible, I watch Songs of Praise, the Christian TV program from the UK. At the end I joked with a few people around, saying: "Normally on Sunday morning at 11am I am watching Songs of Praise on TV. This morning I came here instead."

Sitting and listening to Rob Kerin, the Liberal leader, my mind played its little game - letters for words to form a meaningful phrase. The letter K, I had already identified as 1, when used to indicate 1000. Er is the German word for he. If I added in, into my world of codes, the winner in the election will be Mister K er in. 

Codes aside, in the Latvian Hall that Sunday I noticed a few posters calling on the present Premier to tell the truth. I can't recall ever seeing political posters calling for truth. The average citizen places a lot of weight on a politician's integrity. Most think politicians tell lies. Mr. Average Voter thinks an honest politician is rare. If they genuinely belief they found one, they vote for him or her. 

Moral values, good judgement, decisiveness and a love for people are character traits, which I regard among the most important in a great leader. If I had to choose between the two main parties, I could not ignore who it was Mr. Rann learned his trade under - the late Don Dunstan. I have written about this man's legacy - it was not very positive on the moral front. 

This only leaves the businessman/farmer, with the great Da Ninci name, from rural South Australia, Rob Kerin. His laid-back style has been the subject of nasty attacks by the opposition. I trust and hope South Australians are smart enough to look beyond the media hype, glitz and glamour and vote intelligently. Whichever leader is taking the helm for the next 4 years, he will only do so, if God puts him there. 

Thousands, even millions, pray in church every Sunday - Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I wonder, how many of those quietly pray at the ballot box: 

"Lord, you are the ONE who appoints kings and rulers. May Your will be done at this election. Appoint people to Parliament, who respect your laws and make only laws that you would approve of, who love your people and who speak and act with integrity. Give us politicians who want to make life better for all in this nation of ours. Let politicians be elected, who are passionate about their calling, who are willing to put their life on the line, until God's truth prevails". 

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if each voter would pray that prayer and God would answer at every election? But who prays anyway?

- - - - - - -


In the previous chapter a candy wrapper played a big role. I picked this one up during a business seminar in Mid March. No date of birth or message in it, is there?  

- - - - - - -


My everyday life produced magic every day. It kept me busy writing it all down, seeing the connections. But I was not searching them out. The moments of awe increased to the point, where I feel sad, I can't report each one in this, my perpetual auto-biography. I trust God that HE will guide me to write, what HE wants me to report. I try to concentrate on the work HE has brought about, to give all glory to HIM.  

In the previous chapter I wrote that I picked up a hymnbook and it fell open by itself to the hymn I had been thinking about during my prayer. Reading this part again, I must correct anybody, who may have thought the book opened, without me touching it. I wouldn't want anyone to believe I can do such tricks.

What I meant was: I picked up the book, opened it to look up the index, then realized I had opened the book to exactly the page.

What do you picture, when somebody writes "the Holy Spirit is guiding" me. Do you imagine a person, who looks like he is playing a game of  'Blinde Kuh?' (Lit. blind cow, translated pin the donkey). Do you imagine somebody, guided by the Spirit is walking around blindfolded (symbolically) thinking at every corner - what now? where to? what next? 

There were moments in my journey, when I had to do this. But mostly I would just do, what came naturally. God guides in many different ways, not always mystical or indeed spectacular. He likes working behind the scenes. 

Sunday March 5th was one of those 'being led by the Spirit' days. It started with a parallel incident, just like the one, where the hymnbook fell open. I had slept in until 5.20 am. Just after switching on the TV I watched Dr. Schuller Jr. interview a crime victim. The young mum had been in a hostage drama and was miraculously released by her kidnapper. During her ordeal she read from Rick Warren's book, The Purpose driven Life. Chapter 32, she explained, was a special blessing to her and the scripture in Philippians 4,13

I found this interesting, because 3 days earlier I had uploaded Chapter 32 of my autobiography. The US program, however, had been produced over a month earlier, on 29/1/06, so if there was anything in it - it could not have been man-made.

We have several copies of Rick Warren's book in our home. I kept one right beside my bed. It didn't take long to fetch it. Then a little magic happened. This plus other observations made me go onto the Hour of Power website and type in what I had seen and experienced:


Feedback to the Hour of Power, C/Rick Warren

Hi all,

When something amazing happens there are 3 ways people deal with it - Blind eyes don't see it, closed minds don't marvel at it, humble spirits acknowledge God and praise HIM for it. 

I watched the Hour of Power from approx. 5.20am onwards. Ashley Smith was talking about her story. She mentioned Rick Warren's book, The purpose driven life, Chapter 32. I found it amazing that I had just (on March 2/05) published Chapter 32 of my online Autobiography, Part 4. I paid attention more closely. Ashley mentioned Chapter 4 of Philippians, Verse 13. I picked up the Purpose Driven Life, which was right beside my bed. In another amazing incident the book fell open to exactly this chapter 32 - Pages 248/249. 

You see, in my autobiography I also reported a book falling open to a specific page. God had showed me a line of a hymnal. I picked up the Redemption Hymnbook and it happened to fall open to exactly this hymn 396. There is more. The co-author of this Fanny Crosby Hymn, was listed as WH Doane. Robert jr's wife name only needs changing an e to n and we arrive at Donna.

But there is more. As soon as she was shown on camera this morning, I could see how her blouse and lipstick matched the colour (almost perfectly) of a pink slip included in my chapter 32. Of course I had no idea what was coming on 5/3 in Adelaide, which had been produced on Jan 29 in California.

One last thing - the numbers Ashley mentioned in Philippians matched the scripture your Eagle Club Members receive - Isaiah 40,31.

Is this a gift I have, seeing connections in numbers, colours, events? If yes, what good is it for? How does this help anyone?

I do not entirely agree with Rick Warren, what he wrote in Chapter 32 (with 3 + 2 hazelnuts clip art?). He says: If nobody confirms your gift, then you better find something else to serve God with.

Moses would never have led the Israelites out of Egypt. He didn't think he had a talent. He knew God had chosen him for the job anyway, so he just did it. There was not much approval from anybody, only harsh criticism. But God knew he had the qualities to get the job done.

Sorry Rick, I am not with you on that score, unless you refer to practical, non-spiritual matters. Somebody with two left hands, as I seem to have, may not be the person to lead the church property maintenance team. Somebody stuttering may be better behind a keyboard than on a switchboard or pulpit.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS   I think often God uses people and they don't even know, the impact they are making. They faithfully do what they believe God wants them to do, oblivious of what everyone around them thinks. God's looks at a person and his or her work differently. 


(Checking the chapter in Rick Warren's Purpose driven Life more closely, I noted that he had two items of clipart in Chapter 32: 3 hazelnuts on page 250 and 2 on page 255. Maybe they thought I had gone nuts to see such trivialities).

There is a possibility that Ashley Smith, the lady interviewed, was referring to a different book by Rick Warren. I just could not see, how this particular chapter, about the practical aspect of using your gift for God, could make a kidnapper turn away from holding a person hostage. (At the time of writing the story of Ashley Smith is on the Hour of Power.org website - Interviews). 

- - - - - - -


Inside the cover of my diary, a surprise find on 3/5:

In the evening of 3/5 I took a brief ride on my bike; nowhere particular, just for some exercise. Approx. 2 kilometers south from our home at a T-junction in a back street, I saw 15 cents on the ground. I turned around and picked it up. (I had picked up 15 cents once before some years ago).

Before riding off I looked around (isn't that what everybody does, after finding a coin - look for another?). Sure enough some meters away was another 10 cent coin.

Already on my bike, ready to cycle on, I saw a third 10 cents coin, totaling my find to 35 cents - on 3/5.

(As I write our Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, pictured on the left 3 times, is in Australia on her 15th visit. On 15/3/06 she opened the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. During the 57 million extravaganza, the huge crowd sang Happy Birthday for Her Majesty's 80th on 21/4/06).  

- - - - - - -


In a fruitless, frustrating attempt I tried to make my son and wife see that it was a weird incident. I just wanted them to acknowledge: "Yes, this is unusual, especially since you are mad about numbers 3 & 5". 

Deep down I suspected a kind of set up, something which refers back to what I had written. I did not believe this happened for nothing. God is always interested in our life, no matter how small our issues. I did not expect any of my family to agree with my outside the box thinking. I just wanted someone to validate me as a person, giving me respect as a human, allowing me to think and express it.  

That evening I contemplated leaving again for a while - the stress was becoming almost unbearable at times. April was approaching, a perfect time for walking. Maybe I had to find those coins for that reason? But how far would 35 cents get me?


My diary expresses my amazement about such incidences, and the subsequent rejection by my family: 

I became convinced I was meant to find these coins. The street names Jennier/Pamela and (just beyond the creek) River Drive made me wonder?


- - - - - - -

It certainly was an eventful Sunday, March 5, 06. I knew all week that I'd be visiting a Catholic Girl School's Open Day that afternoon. My wife was quite happy for us both to go for an afternoon drive through the Adelaide Hills. However, when I pointed out that I may just briefly stop and visit a school on the way, her enthusiasm for going out diminished. She could not understand this action, thinking it was my mental instability causing it.  

Increasingly, my desire to do what I felt God wanted me to do, and my family commitments were in conflict, pulling in opposite directions.

Why did I think I had to visit a girl school's Open Day, especially since we didn't have a girl of school age at all and we lived 20 kilometers away?

My marching orders had come during a walk with my dog. For some reason a week earlier, I took Becky for a brief walk and crossed the main road, which I seldom did. On the ground, crossing a T-junction I noticed a folded piece of paper. I don't pick up much these days, but this paper had my attention for a reason. The side road was called Christin e Street. The leaflet advertised the Open Day. Almost immediately something inside affirmed that I will be there the next Sunday. 

The Open Day, which in the end I attended alone, brought no surprises, meaning - I was not surprised that there were surprises. I was only there for the last 20 minutes, just before the 2 pm closing time. I had never been to this school and didn't know anyone there.

After entering I was given an information folder and the choice of a guide. But I didn't want to bother anyone, for the short time available. I walked on to a building to my left. It was the Library. The lady in attendance was nice to chat to. I always ask about Driver Education and the use of computers etc. Before leaving I spotted her name tab - Manfield.

Another brief walk, at random, took me to the modern assembly/sport building. Again, after a brief informative chat, I couldn't ignore the pretty female teacher's surname - King. (I was going to come across that name again that same afternoon). It all was becoming predictable, yet inexplicable. If God was not working behind the scenes, if it was all nothing, I did nobody any harm, by learning about a school.

But the day was not yet over. I visited a garage sale, where I bought a recent Time Magazine (Feb 20). The front cover story about Google took my attention. The words can, trust and secret, had me intrigued. In the familiar pattern, reading the magazine at home, I found an article, which puzzled me. A story about a company called deCode, an experiment in Iceland about the special genetic make-up of Icelanders. It was all on pages 50-51. 

When I smell a bull-dust article, I have a closer look. The average reader wouldn't have noticed. The name Dr. Francis Collins sounded normal to anyone else. I read  - Dr. F a n sees - calls in. I emailed Time later. I had found also a drop letter code , which I included in my email J5T15. Believe it or not, the very next morning, after sending the email to Time (Australia) I was cycling into the city. A light truck overtook me and stopped. The registration number was exactly those numbers and letters, except one was an S, instead of a 5.

While in this leafy, upper class suburb of Tusmore (nice name), I took a brief walk through the local park Tusmore Park. Many family picnics were still under way. People played boccia, danced or played board games. I walked past a sign which read Wood reunion.  

On the way home (how silly does this sound?) I suspected somebody was playing games, possibly the ea game. On the far side of Main North Road was a parked vehicle with a for sale sign in the side window. The registration plate was ...531. I stopped to have a look. When I noticed it was a Daewoo, I remembered the Wood Family reunion -  Daewoo =  Wood ae.  

This vehicle for sale reminded me of another I had passed earlier, also with a for sale sign in the side window. This one had parked in O'Connell Street North Adelaide. It was right near where I had seen an advertisement for Peugeot (the halo above the car) and it was a Peugeot. 

I drove back towards the city to see if that one was still there. After I turned right into a side road I noticed a Mercedes Camper van, registration FJR 530. Strange, it was only 1 number short of the one I had minutes earlier looked at. I turned back and stopped in a side road to have a rest. This gema, sorry game,  was getting tiring. As I waited, rested and prayed, I realized I had parked in King Street, right outside the place of people I had known well some years earlier - their surname Jensen. (I am sure it is not Jenson). 

Where was life taking me? 

- - - - - - -

In early January 06 my son Jon and I took a short camping trip to Melbourne, via the South Coast of South Australia and the Great Ocean Road. Here are a few photos and a small taste of the magic we experienced (Jon's interpretation of magic, of course, is different to mine). 

Adelaide - Port MacDonnell - Port Fairy - Apollo Bay - Point Lonsdale - Jan. 06

SA's most southerly point is only 5700 km to the South Pole or 3100 km to Darwin. The scenery, only six hours drive south of Adelaide, is spectacular. 

The 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. The rock in the sea, closest to the camera, stood 50 m tall, until it crashed down in June 05. (Story, Ch. 40 Found). Only after I had booked the Caravan Park did I notice the address we stayed at - 59 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell. It spooked me a little.

Opposite the Lacepede Motel I noticed 7 parked cars, all were white, except , a silver Mercedes. convertible. Much magic, little time from Koroit on the C177 (38) to Apollo Bay (Boat M153 Sea King).

Melbourne. Enjoyable bike ride along the beach to Brighton Jetty, via memory lane, St. Kilda. 

After looking for a camping spot we were fortunate to squeeze into Point Lonsdale. Later I found out we were at Royal Park, site number 96. The more I looked at the big concrete tile NO POWER SITE, the more I thought, I should not think so much. 

On the beach I noticed a man with 2 children surfing. All had a big number 1 on the back of their wetsuit. The date was 11.1. A radio host discussed the film  'The Sound of Music'. They really thought it only is 1 1/2 hours long? Later I emailed Wendy, no harm done. 

On the morning of 12/1 I went for a walk to investigate a street sign - Chesunt. Didn't they mean Chessnut? On my walk I discovered interesting items. An agapanthus flower, next door to a lavender fence - TIDAL 6. Across the road was a parked F100 Ute, NM150 -  F won and N won! 

Innisfree 35. This was just around the corner, weeks before I discovered some facts about Innisfail. The number 35 made me take this shot. I liked Pt Lonsdale - PTLs on... 

- - - - - - -


Ten or fifteen years ago my behaviour regarding coded messages or references on TV, radio or in the press, would definitely be out of order. No way, could anybody read another person's mind and comment on it, unless they had read a book and were contacting the author. 

With the introduction of the internet it became so much easier to step into another person's mind. It was as easy as clicking on a button. It was possible to enter another person's world, get absorbed and then comment and/or react to it. In this autobiography I have given all, emptied my mind, poured it out to the world. 

I asked people to enter my world and challenged them to believe. To those who want to believe, God will show himself.

What I was seeing on TV, heard on the radio or saw in the press could quite possibly have been the reaction to what had written, be it as a test, a show of support or just acknowledgement that my story was making sense. This is the only way I can explain what I see in the media around me.

Two peculiar instances from the TV come to mind. One happened on Thursday 9/3/06 (nice numbers). As with many households our TV is often on, even when nobody is watching. Or I may switch it on, while having a quick bite to eat between jobs. This is what I did on that Thursday. On a US show, called Dr. Phil, I watched for a while, as two ladies, Heather and Mary, turned chaos into order for whoever was on Dr. Phil's show at the time. The name Heather and Mary alerted my curious, observing mind.  

The following item on Dr. Phil's show, however, was to become the trigger for a rather bizarre link from here to there. A child was telling Dr Phil how embarrassed she was, because her mother drove her to school barefoot and still wearing pajamas. The girl  feared her mother may be pulled over, or has to leave the car for any number of reasons; what then?

That Friday morning I happened to be reading the book of Micah in the old Testament. In the first Chapter and in Verse 8 the prophet speaks of somebody walking around barefoot and without clothes. "That's interesting!" I thought, remembering what I had watched on TV less than 24 hours ago.

But then came some more to drive a man around the bend. In Verse 10 (that number again) there was a clear reference to Dr. Phil - Oprah: "Don't tell it in Gath, don't cry in Acco, cry and roll in the dust at Beth Oprah." WOW!

But there is more - just as I wrote here, I discovered a little extra. The footnote of Verse 10 explains that the word Gath in Hebrew sounds like tell and the word Acco in Hebrew sounds like the word cry. Those who read my earlier books will know that both of these words took on real meaning in various chapters.

I had already emailed Dr. Phil's program the day before, but felt to point out the latest findings in another message on Fri 3/10/06 (I liked this number sequence - 3,16).


Hi Dr. Phil,

I don't mean to overwhelm you with emails, but I had a feeling yesterday, when I emailed you only for the second or third time ever, that there was more. I didn't know what it was. Now I think I do.

Yesterday for my bible reading I read at random some verses in the book of Micah. In chapter 7 I read how members of your own household can be your enemies. Sadly, this is what I experience at present. Not least , because of the kind of thinking I will give you in this email.

I always see connections and believe they are things God specifically shows me. This morning I read from Micah again, Chapter 1. I did this not following any study guide or googled or anything. I believe it was God's Spirit guiding. But what for?

The only thing that would make sense would be the connection to your show, I happened to watch yesterday (9/3/06) in Adelaide, Australia. Micah 1, 6 speaks of a person going around barefoot and without clothes, just like the lady on your show yesterday.

But as I read on I was further amazed to see a link from Dr. Phil to a name mentioned in Verse 10 - Oprah! If this is all co-incident, then how about the word Micah. There is the short word Hi, plus ac and M, the Roman Numeral for 1000 - one=won. If I use my special code I read PHIL as Hi, PL. 

God is the magic in all of this, not I. The all powerful God, who can guide a lead a person from Montana Avenue in Santa Monica to the Broadway at Longbeach to a website in Scotland or a scripture in the old Testament.

He did all the above. The only thing that makes sense is this - HE does it to show that HE indeed is for real.

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

PS  Now you know, why my marriage is a little under stress. My wife wants me to just take all of the above as co-incidental, while I see God's hand in it. Nobody discovers anything new, who believes everything is co-incidental.  Those who see God, see HIS power and magic.   


If all this was really co-incidental, I may have a few people laughing about the funny man, who sends emails all over the place. In this case, whoever was making me see that program and then read that passage among all the 69 books of the bible, was rather cruel to me. To arrange such precision timing for nothing? No way. Had I not written, and seen with my own eyes, that my story had travelled around the world? Why would anybody be surprised?


- - - - - - -


The day after returning from Melbourne (13/1/) I was cycling in the eastern suburbs near Adelaide. I saw rego WHY 53, right by the Save the Children Headquarter, the location of an earlier alleged road fatality.

Taking a shortcut through a back street, just south of the Parklands, I noticed a large, discarded cardboard cylinder in the gutter. Above invoice was attached. It happened to be outside No. 13, which matched the date - the 13th.

Was my sixth sense correct in stopping and picking it up? I saw a few numbers (9316, 1455) and names (Heard). I could imagine somebody was  testing me on the 518 Tomatoes story - Customer No. 50108? I heard, HE heard. The street name was Regent Street. 

- - - - - - -


Similar to the well timed observation on Dr. Phil, an even more incredible, more precise timing took place on Monday, March 13. This time both my son Jon and my wife Isobel were there to witness it. I had taken my dog for a walk that evening and just returned at approx. 7.20 PM. I walked into the lounge to watch the end of the ABC Channel 2 News. However, Jon and Isobel were watching another program. I didn't mind.

A man was talking about a Tracey. That was about all I heard, before Jon changed the Station to Channel 9, using the remote control. I still didn't mind, even though it can be irritating, when you are controlled with a remote. But I think somebody very remote at that time was controlling the remote. Within a second of Jon flicking over, a lady in the Quiz show "Temptation" mentioned the word Tracey. It was a celebrity, the lady was the contestant on the far left.

It all went so fast. Even my wife saw it and confirmed: "Yes, that's funny, they just said Tracey on Channel Ten, then again after Jon switched to Nine". For her and Jon that was the end of the story. Not so for me. To me numbers 1 and 9 were pivotal since my last US trip and, more recently in my previous chapter. (A star born on 19/11). The letters in Tracey (the why, the cross, the c) also triggered my Da Ninci brain.

On hearing the word Tracey, many older Australians immediately think of the cyclone, which devastated the city of Darwin in 1974. (How weird, totally unplanned, I have mentioned this city a little earlier, just here - it makes me.... I just can't stop the tears). Did I spell cyclone correctly? It should really be cyclown.

There was another little twist in timing. Only an hour or so earlier I had be reading some of my own writing (I often discover new links). What I read fitted so perfectly into the picture.

Likewise, as I searched for the addresses of NINE and TEN I discovered some peculiar numbers. The street address for Channel 10 is Strangway Terrace, the postal address PO Box number 1010. How did that go together with  NINE's address 202 Tynte Street?

In the PS you will find a further co-incidence, involving my wife. She told me what strange thing had happened to her while shopping on Saturday 11/3.

I wrote the following letter to Channel Ten (copy to Channel Nine):


Re: Co-incidence with Tracey                                            Date: 13/3/06

Dear Channel Ten,

You may think this letter is from a person who thinks in a strange way. I can't blame you for thinking this at the end. But who knows, something may be behind it all? 

Before taking my dog for a walk this evening I read a chapter in my autobiography. I didn't quite finish the chapter. Coming home I walked into our lounge at approx. 7.20 pm. My wife and son were watching TV. 

Only a minute or two later the person on TV mentioned the name Tracy a few times. I do not know why, only that it was so. For some reason my son Jon changed the channel to Nine. A second or so later the lady on the far left of the panel doing the Celebrity Quiz Show, mentioned the name Tracey also. 

I kept thinking about such strange co-incident. As I finished reading the chapter in my autobiography I came across this sentence toward the end of my latest chapter (32) - Increasingly I found myself picking up references on TV, radio and the press.

This is just what had happened. I long have stopped believing in co-incidences, but rather believe the notion that there is a creator, an intelligent brain behind everything, even the minutest detail of our lives. Many just can't see it or don't want to, if they did.

My wife and son also heard the two identical names, just as Jon switched channels. But to suggest anything magical is taking place would start WWIII around here. So I just thought I let you know.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  My wife experienced a co-incident on Saturday 11/3. She bought groceries at Woolworths, Parabanks, Salisbury. She wanted to pay about 50 dollars worth in cash, the rest with the keycard. The first amount came to $ 50.23. The check-out operator put through the rest and it also came to exactly $ 50.23. Well, can you see it? 5+2+3=10. Twice over, just to match your post office box number as well.


My previous chapter ended in the phrase, truth always scores 10 out of 10. Was somebody testing my truth and God's truth? Or was there a sequel to Chapter 28, which I had named, the 2.10s of Jesus?

This play with addresses brings me to the point of my 'n' discovery. I think I may have come across a verse, which gives God's address. It came while I was reading another book in the Old Testament - Habakkuk.

Years ago a verse in the book of Habakkuk became a key verse in my story: "Look among the nations (the internet?) and watch. Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days, which you would not believe, though it were told you. (Habakkuk 1, 5).

In Habakkuk Chapter 3 and Verse 3 I read: "God came from Teman* the Holy One from Mount Paran".

*The new international translation reads Teman in the South. Did the prophet see a short version of Tasmania? You certainly could not find a place further south than Hobart, where we used to live from 1974 until 1983. 

The letter 'n', attached to Mount Paran made me think. It really stood out. Paran minus the n leaves Para. Mount is another word for hill. Para Hill ... Hard to believe... I agree, but it isso.


Chapter 34