31.  The weather in the wind

Leaving the Northern suburbs of Sydney at 7am (on 31/8/05) did not beat the peak hour traffic. After crossing the Roseville Bridge I decided to take a brief walk down memory lane. My first office job in late 1969/1970 was in Barcoo Street, East Roseville. The company, which had long closed, was an importer of Machine Tools. (Just as I am editing I thought of their name - ELGAR - GO L).

I parked right outside the office/warehouse complex. It didn't look much different. A handwritten sign on the front door read – YMT Please knock! (Nice letters, nice word - knock). Inside it looked much different to what I remembered, more warehouse than office. I only spent a few moments, after explaining to a busy man that I had worked in this building all those years ago. 

Nearby, up the hill on the main road, was a small group of shops. I once applied for a job in one of them. I shall never forget the reason given, why the boss thought he and I would not be able to work together, if he gave me the position - He was Jewish and I was a German. In the early 1970’s this kind of thinking, obviously, was still acceptable. His story and/or that of his family must have been tragic. They may never have experienced what pure joy genuine forgiveness can bring. Who am I to judge?

I took a brief walk in the streets surrounding the area. Despite a small industrial sector, it was a lovely, leafy suburb. Not far away was the address, where 35 years earlier I had rented a room; my first accommodation living on my own.

The name of the landlord, a Dutch migrant himself, Mr. Lion, went well together with the name of the street of his residence, Dowell Street. Of course, at the time I didn't make much of names. (Today I put two and two together to create L GO DO WELL).

The reason I remember Mr. Lion's name was a practical joke I had been subjected to, while working in the Barcoo Street office:

A note was left on my desk - Mr. Lion rang, please call him back. Not thinking of the date or the name, I dialed the number. It was April 1st 1970. Moments later I found myself in an mild argument with a male voice, at the other end: “…but the note on my desk says to ring Mr. Lion on ….. Isn’t that your number?”  Even back then, I was not one to be turned away, until I had a good reason. 

After I heard a few giggles around me, did the penny drop. Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo receives these kind of calls every year, so I was told.


- - - - - - -

On the left, a view out of our bedroom window, displaying the only agapanthus flower in our front yard. (Last year we started with 3 and ended up with 5). 

On the right is a photo of the only two agapanthus' this season, growing in our back yard. (Nice word, agapanthus). 

Going for a walk in the tiny town of Buninyong on Jan. 12th 06 (see Chapter 29) I could not help seeing and registering 3 agapanthus flowers outside a gray, two story building on the main intersection. On the left side of the front door I noticed one agapanthus flower. On the right hand side there were two. Weird I know).

- - - - - - -



In the Western suburbs of Sydney, near Silverwater Road, a van overtook in the lane beside me. I recognized the name that was written on the side immediately. It must have belonged to the same fleet, which I had seen in the driveway of XYZ Street, Number 301 in Cammeray the day before. The letters in the Da Ninci name read: V HE T IT.

- - - - - - -

Writing about this company, my curiosity took over. I googled for the six-letter name. Nothing came up as .com.au.  However, googling the same six letters as .com brought up a simple web page. It was a name, address and contact details of an architect firm in New York. I could not see any connection to V HE T IT. Here is the street address that was listed:

55 W.... Street suite 604 Brooklyn (DUMBO), NY 11201, Tele/fax 718 265 2022, Mobile 646 654 0047

I knew what NY meant (New York) and Brooklyn was a suburb. What about the locality? More googling revealed that DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhatten Bridge Overpass. Yeah, now I get it - Brooklyn, minus r = Book ly'n. (The latest reports on the radio: Much of the Northeastern US has experienced record snowfalls, New York's Central Park - 68 cm).

Above Brooklyn address is just as it appears on the URL. (For privacy I did not print the full street name). You may have already noticed that above numbers are all numbers from 1-6, except the number 3. Likewise, Number  3 is also missing in their phone and fax number, as is the Number 9.

Do I detect a hint at Number 1963? It would make sense. All numbers are present between 1-6, but not 3 and 9!

- - - - - - -

A matter of minutes before discovering above, I emailed a TV program. It was about the name of an author, which I had seen being interviewed on ABC TV earlier that day. He had such an interesting name: Karim Raslan. (Try minus R). 

I emailed and suggested his parents ought to have called him Leo. (To understand my reasoning, you will need to know the writings of CS Lewis, or have seen the movie Narnia).

(Another hint at 1963 at the end of this chapter). 

- - - - - - -


(On the way out of Sydney many motorists get lost. I am the first one who, by doing so,  ended up in Brooklyn and Narnia?) 

Not long afterwards, still in the same district, where the 2000 Olympics were held, a large sign on a factory wall read – (sightly altered) “MAN DO”. In large letter on one building I noticed OPEN__DAYS. The 7 in between was obviously missing. For some fun I sent the company an email. I found them in Google. I asked, when they were planning to have their open days, I am considering visiting?


- - - - - - -  

Fantasy, fairytale of faith test? You judge!

(Intelligent design or co-incident)

1. Somebody, possibly from Melbourne, reads my books and is taken in by what I had written. There is much doubt, honest doubt, the kind that searches for truth. With a glimmer of faith they persuade a magazine editor to do a little experiment.  

2. The editor of a monthly Magazine agrees to the experiment. They write an article, which includes straightforward data, both in words and pictures, based on my writings. They are published and appear in the September 05 edition of C..S..Magazine.  

3. My wife decides to buy her mother a magazine for her birthday in late August. She happens to buy her a copy of the September edition of C..S.. Magazine, already on the shelves at the end of August. 

4. In January 2006 I am writing a chapter about a discovery in Time Magazine. I  want to find out, what do they call the first large letter in an article or paragraph. I knew that there is a special word for it, so I ask my wife. She doesn't know, what I mean. To show her an example of what I mean, I pick up a magazine at random from the coffee table. It happens to be the same magazine. Her mother had read it and given it back for us to read. 

5. I casually look through the magazine to find a large letter, to show and ask my wife. I do not find one. The objective, however, had been achieved. 

6. As I leaf through the colourful, glossy magazine I notice the word RIVERSIDE. It was a headline in large letters. The word REPOSE, part of the same headline, is similar to the word response, only n&s need be added. The headline is on page 90. 

7. A few days later I discover some more items in this same article. On page 91, right opposite RIVERSIDE REPOSE I notice a full page photograph of 3 silver birch trees. I recall an incredible incident I uploaded, just before going to Melbourne months before in July 05. It is about silver birch trees in chapter 40 of Book 3, Now I'm found. 

It all makes sense to me. What is your verdict? Look at the pictures, before deciding.

Here are scans of both, the headline on Page 90 and and the photo on the page opposite.





C...S.. Magazine, Sep. 05, P. 90

Unplanned and interesting: Successful Sydney. Is Trisha Dixon her real name? It fitted perfectly, as did D&L&gate.



P. 91 - Only after scanning did I see a hint of a L & V in the photo. The magazine's full-page photo shows an additional half birch tree on the far left, making it a total of 3 1/2. Take my word for it, I am not barking up a non-existing tree.



I sent an email to the Magazine Editor to tell it as it is: 

Subject: It's all true. Dated: 21//01/06


Hi Elizabeth,

I was browsing through the September Edition of C.... S...... Actually, I was looking for an example of a large letter at the beginning of an article and ask my wife, what they call these. (You may help me out with this).

This is what I mean. Instead of finding one of these I saw the headline Riverside Repose (aha, colour lavender?) opposite a full page picture of three Silver Birches. Now, as I turn the page, there is more - 5 sheep, 2 birches in V-formation, a jetty - it's going to be a long email, if I explain it all. But if you were to read my full story (in 4 books online on my website) you might see it too. 

I must read your magazine. It really seems like a relaxing read, from Delegate to Hamilton (page 70). At present I'm writing about a discovery I made (in the Time magazine). It just comes to me, I never search for it.

Unlike Trisha Dixon's dream that the birch on Robert Campbell's Delegate property originated in Duntroon Castle in Scotland, what I see and write about is all true. 

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  I once visited an open Garden, a fundraiser arranged by our ABC Radio 5 AN and saw 12 silver birches. One had died, unfortunately. I asked, if the group was called the 12 apostles and the dead one was Judas. What happened 3 days later (3/7/05) on the Great Ocean Road is part of this true tale.  

What is your verdict? (For more of Riverside, read on). 

- - - - - - -


(Back on the road to Adelaide)

My Suzuki cruised west at around 100 k/h across the vast, slightly timbered landscape of Central New South Wales towards Adelaide. On the right hand side I read the name of a pub, Shanty Hotel. It sounded a strange name. Isn’t this the name of the only alcoholic drink I occasionally indulge in? I kept driving, but couldn’t take my mind away from Shanty Hotel. 

It must have been nearly a kilometer, before I said: How could I drive past a hotel, which bears the name of my favourite drink, without stopping and having one? So I turned back and put my mind at ease. I made sure that it was a light beer, with plenty of  lemonade. I was motoring and had a very low tolerance for alcohol, before being affected.

If my reasoning and actions sound weird to the reader, I understand. Only a few kilometers further, when I needed to fill up with petrol, it would get even weirder. I experienced another unreal combination of data, totally unexpected. It happened in a town named Jugiong - total population less than 200.

My fuel gauge told me I needed petrol soon. The Jugiong turnoff sign indicated that fuel was available. Just after turning off the freeway, the name of the only street in the town stood out – Riverside Drive. Having already found Jugiong a great word to play with, it didn’t take much brain power to create: J (yo)U GOING Riverside. (On both my US trips in 03 and 05 I visited that city in California).

After filling up the tank I walked into the petrol station to pay for my purchase with my plastic card. A customer ahead of me finished her transaction. As she walked out she gave me a strange look, one which I slowly was getting used to. The bank transaction slip recorded the time as 15.33:30.

Exiting the petrol station I noticed the same lady drive off in her Mercedes, registration no …053. I don’t think I saw another motorcar in all of Jugiong, before leaving the town and climbing the hill to join the freeway again.  Parts of this beautiful diary country were lush and green, as I had seldom seen any in Australia. Not all of our vast, diverse continent is dry, rugged and barren.


- - - - - - -

Street names in Balranald:

Mayall, Ballandella, Cally, Boynton, Purton, We, Moa.

A vehicle with the rego No. ..19NC was parked on Sturt Highway, Corner Cally Street. This triggered my exploration button, so I turned left and checked out the back streets of Balranald for a few minutes, coming up with above names.

Is there anybody who stumbles onto a street name 1000 kilometers away from home to have fun with and create:

Be all and all  or  N boy on cross? 

- - - - - - -


Street names were not the only spooky item on the menu that morning. Road works delayed my trip for some minutes, just outside Balranald. A set of mobile lights controlled the traffic. Having traveled at high speed for hours, the red light seemed to take an eternity to change.

While waiting I thought - here is a good set up for an ambush, if anybody had any sinister ideas. It was just a leftover of my earlier, mentally challenged days. Thank God I was no longer really concerned that any harm were to come my way; not without HIS permission, anyway. If such a time were to come,  the best professional security services in the world would not be able stop it. 

Of course, nothing sinister happened. Instead, as I looked at the delivery van ahead of me, I pondered the make and model number –  Mercedes VITO 109C. Until that moment I did not know of a Mercedes VITO or a 109 C. A moment later I realized that the letters go so well with the numbers. The date was 1/09, what a bonus! (Nice word bonus). 

My next stop, around noon, was in Mildura. On the journey east, almost a week earlier, I had on impulse walked into a Member of Parliament’s office and chatted about the Religious and Racial Vilification laws, which were in force in the State of Victoria. He had handed me a 22-page document, an extract from a speech he gave in State Parliament on Dec 8, 2004.

Whilst I was thankful for time he had given me  and for being taken seriously, I had not read any of the 22 page transcript of Hansard. Not that I didn't want to, it just didn't go well together with Every Day with Jesus.

While I was parked in my little van in the parking lot of the Mildura railway station, having a bite to eat, I somehow ended up with the 22-page Hansard on my lap. I started reading. The MP’s speech was about the Multicultural Bill 04. On page 7 I found an interesting bit of trivia:


“He worked on a horticultural block and then he opened a coffee shop. Then he tells me he was a bellboy at the Mildura Grand Hotel. This man now owns the hotel.

His is a great success story, and he is now returning the successes of his labour to the community. He is a leading light in the community. He chairs the area consultative committee (ACC) in that particular area, and his name is Don Car…He is a person, who is well known to many people".

Interjection Hon. Andrea Coote: -- "A very good man!"



Suddenly, while still reading, I looked across the road and realized that I had parked right across from his Hotel, the Mildura Grand Hotel (MGH, interesting letters). The timing factor, plus the person’s Christian name Don, his surname starting with Car, got me a little excited. (Before my return to Adelaide that night, I was to come across another Don). 

I decided to say hello to Don Car ..., the popular, successful ex-bellboy. Unfortunately, he was not there, I was told. I still wonder, if he knew, that his name had been mentioned in State Parliament, for all the right reasons.


- - - - - - -

  Sometime during 2005 I passed a clubhouse of a football club. I felt a real urge to stop and have a look inside. On the way out I noticed it was near bus stop 55 (LoVe). In the distance, across the football ground I spotted above word PALLET on a factory. I took a closer look. 

The company's name was ...Love Pty Ltd. In my code Love, pallet and No. 55 all go well together. Only now as I include this photo in my writing, I notice two more peculiarities:

  Firstly, the word before pallet, EVOL is Love backwards. 

Secondly, with a little imagination, the shadow above the word LOVE, which I inserted to not reveal the full name, could be a J and a L? (The vehicle is what Australian's call a Ute, short for utility). 

How timely - the day after publishing this is Valentine's Day. (Use the first 4 letters, swap a to o and make - love! I am naughty again). 

- - - - - - -


I took a walk around sunny Mildura, taking note of many interesting signs, like Magic Suzuki or Magic Touch, opposite the Police Station. A little later, on the other side of the road I saw a building, which looked a little different to a normal school. It was a Muslim School, called ISIK College. I knew that there were Muslim schools in Australia, but this was the first time I walked past one and became conscious of it. 

I walked into the front door and asked the lady at the reception desk a question, which may sound dumb, but was it? “Do you teach the Koran?” Of course, they do.

So was it a dumb question? Muslim school teachers teach their children the Koran, because this is the way they want their children to live their lives. 

Why then do countries like the USA, Great Britain, Australia and many more western nations make Christian education an optional extra? In Australia we have to send our children to special, private schools, if we want them to be taught specifically according to the bible. How sad for those children, whose parents can't afford it or don't bother?  

I read somewhere that in the USA it is against their constitution to teach children about God in public schools. What harm does it do to teach children about God; about the ONE, who made us; the ONE who loves us more than any human ever possibly could. What friend to introduce our children to from a very young age! If we can learn something from Islam, it is this lesson - teach our young children everyday about God, that HE is great.



For the first time after scanning this I noted the postcode for Mildura - 3500. Strange, how the telephone number appears as 35... (Totally unplanned).



What do they fear, who say religion does not belong to schools, but into the church, let the two be kept separate? Even worse is the strategy - teach them nothing. When they are older, they can choose, which way they want to go; whatever is best for them. Nonsense! 

Without clear guidance, by teaching them and being a good example, there is a far greater risk of youth sliding into drugs, alcohol, gambling or illicit sex. So much effort is exerted on solving youth problems, when we should be more diligent and teach them the biblical way right from the start.

Little wonder Islam is spreading rapidly into the west - their religion is their education. Their education is their passion. Western public education does not address the most basic issues - where did we come from, where are we going, what is the purpose of it all? Many teachers in public schools, perhaps a large majority, would not have an answer, if a child were to ask these questions. 

And if a dedicated Christian were to teach a child about God, some bureaucrat would find a paragraph in the rulebook and put a stop to it. (Those with a good memory remember that something along these lines happened to me, when I was teaching driving).

I am thankful that the public school system I grew up in still taught right from wrong and that God rewards good and punishes sin. Religious education, both in primary and early high-school, plus the exciting stories on Sunday mornings at Sunday School did me no harm. Without the seeds of faith, which was sown in those early childhood years, I don't think I would be, where I am today, after having gone through, what I went through.


(Back in Mildura)

On page 16 of the politician’s parliamentary printout I read about a fire at ISAK College, Broadmeadows, a suburb of Melbourne. The Muslim College in Mildura was called ISIK. The letter A changed to I. As I read it an incident came to mind. In my writing I had exposed a fraudulent claim, by a girl in Adelaide's south. She reported that she had been kidnapped and held hostage. In that chapter I playfully exchanged the letters A and I.

At home later, after a little googling, I found that ISAK Broadmeadows does not exist. It should also read ISIK. This College had experienced an arson attacked on 11/11/04, about a month before the parliamentary speech I was reading. 

In my outside the square mind I asked myself: Had I just discovered a simple typing error, or was there more behind it all? I did not know, or indeed, I didn't care to know.

- - - - - - -


The local MP at Mildura had originally told me that the Victorian Government was looking to amend the controversial Religious Vilification Legislation. I had felt so strongly about this issue that I had emailed the Prime British Minister, knowing his Parliament was considering introducing similar laws.

On Tuesday 31/1/06 in the British Parliament Prime Minister Tony Blair experienced (only for the second time ever) a defeat in the House of Commons. He must have felt confident that his reforms would push through Parliament, because he hadn't stayed for the crucial vote on this same bill.  Outside many Christians stood in the cold, praying that the bill would fail.

Many feared that it could stifle Christians from expressing freely what they believe in. I have expressed similar reservations, knowing what division the Victorian Bill had caused. 

The prayers of those standing in front of the British Parliament were answered that evening. The controversial law was defeated 282 to 283 votes. The Prime Minister's own vote would have made all the difference. OH, the power of ONE!

But there is more. Three days after this vote, when Rita from the Family Standards Organisation emailed us the good news (on Friday 3/2/06) something put a big smile on my face. Even the weather bureau must have been excited about this email about what went on in London. Adelaide's maximum temperature that day reached 28.2 degrees.


The Adelaide Advertiser 4/2/06.

Three days earlier, on 31/1/06, the date of the British vote, it had been exactly 3 degrees warmer, 31.2 C - (Timely figures 123, a day later was the third anniversary of 1/2/03).

(If you can't believe yesterday's weather in the Newspaper, what can you believe?)










Gentleman in Lavender: "Let me assure the House this difficult decision has been made after expert advice from the Adelaide Weather Bureau."

- - - - - - -


(Final home stretch to Adelaide)

After the Mildura lunch stop I decided to drive home via Loxton and Karoonda. Near Loxton I passed a Petrol station. I read in a flash, Kingsway Service Station, followed by the street sign, where it was located, corner Luther St. I turned back and bought some petrol and a Mars Bar. 

Moments later a 4WD Ute, displaying a big FOR SALE sign,  was parked a short distance off the main road. I still could read the rego number …109. It made me turn back and look over the vehicle, just for a few moments, as if I was a potential buyer. Road workers in a truck nearby were watching me. 

From home, a day or so later, I dialled one of the numbers on the 4WD, just to register I had seen it. This was not for my benefit to show off, but to those, who may have set up this test, if indeed it was so. If not, I played the fool once again. 

Moments after Kingsway Service station, I spotted a trailer with the perfect registration Number - YES 111 (literally). I keep saying to my wife in recent weeks - if my thinking is madness, it is getting worse. But if God really is doing something, it is something BIG and getting bigger.


I had never been to the rural town of Karoonda before. Damage from a mini tornado was still visible. It had hit the town quite unexpectedly on Friday, June 10, 05. Ironically, our ABC Radio 5 AN had broadcast their morning program from the town's football club that same day. The clubhouse was demolished. (No doubt, many superstitious minds would have said, tongue in cheek: Those reporters from Adelaide brought us bad luck).

At the northern end of town I discovered Pioneer Park. Amongst the dozens of relics, machinery, steam engines, historic buildings etc. I took note of one railway carriage,  SAR (South Australian Railway) No 51. But another find, the names of the founders of Pioneer Park, had my Da Ninci antenna up. Here was the second Don for the day.  

The founders' names were displayed on a memorial plague - Nan and Don Anderson. Not only does Anderson start with AND, I see 5 Ns in their names. I wonder if the crew from 5 AN knew that? 

The more I look, the more I think, the more I see and ask questions. 

- - - - - - -


The latest example, how I see it (call me ELthusiastic):












Left: Slogan in car advertisement: Even the prices will raise your pulse rate. This one costs $ 36,990, a second model is priced at $ 44,990. With a little Da Ninci, reading backwards and a liking for 9's your pulse rate may indeed increase too by 19 beats per digit. (Nice word digit). 

Right: One front/two rears. The ForD on the right has plate No... 717. The Mitsubishi in the centre has a combination of the letters VIP and numbers 5 & 3. The Ute on the left shows the letters for - (The) cross (is) it. It's numbers mirror those of the Mitsubishi, 3 & 5. Because it was very close to home, I suspected a set up; just for me to see and take a photograph of. Voila, C'est ci bon!

- - - - - - -



The reason I took this route back to Adelaide was not so much Karoonda, but Murray Bridge. I wanted to talk to a contact about the man, I suspected was in prison innocently. Perhaps he would give me a sympathetic ear for my doubts about Peter Liddy’s guilt. (The person who told me that none of Liddy's relatives for one moment believed the man is guilty, works in Murray Bridge). Speaking to this busy man face to face didn't give me much hope. 

He told me plainly, why he thought Peter was guilty – he had seen photographs. I had heard this argument before. Plus, I have read that Mr. Liddy supposedly had kept pornographic videos, in his office. (But I have also spoken in church with somebody, who had worked with Peter Liddy, who was surprised twice - firstly when he heard of the awful charges against PL and secondly, when years later I told him that I know people, who say they know he is innocent). 

If it had been planned, to make the magistrate look guilty, the planting videos in his office and/or producing faked photographs, would be just the kind of stuff conspiracies are made of. 

This contact was obviously not in a position to enter into a detailed discussion of what I had discovered, nor did he have the time right then. From my observations the mention of the name Liddy usually meets with a look that says: You must be joking, followed by silence.

My contact in Murray Bridge was dressed in shirt and tie, which showed images of sheep. His appointment in Adelaide, about 45 minutes away, was scheduled for 6.30 pm. Why did I have to know that? What point was there to give me this detail?

On the way home it came to me: Aha, an appointment on 1/9 at 6.30pm? What a finish to an incredible week on the road. 

In total my diary covers 31 pages from 26/8/05 to 1/9/05. The final entry for September 1st reads: Was God teasing me all this time with the ‘N? Feeling strange! Back in prison!


- - - - - - -

How fitting:  INMATE is another word we use for prisoner. 

This advertisement, however, is to lure tourists to the Northern Territory for a holiday to - Just slow down and take it all... I say, better still, give it all.

- - - - - - - -


On the day of uploading this chapter, 13/2/06, it was reported that our Federal Parliament will debate a serious issue the next day. The decision, which way to vote, is left to each individual member. They call it a conscience vote. (My wife may have been correct, I would not make a good politician, because I would always only vote with my conscience!). 

The vote is not merely about the abortion pill RU 486, but the power of the Minister of Health, to have the final say on this controversial matter. In an unprecedented decision the previous week, the Senate has already voted in favour of taking the power to block this pill away from the Minister. It is easy to see why. The gentleman is of Catholic faith and his conscience tells him, it is wrong to kill a would-be-baby. 

In other parts of my writing I have expressed my views on this social evil, one that will not go away, while there are woman of childbearing age. On Friday 10/2/06 (love the date), after having emailed all Senators in Canberra two days before, I emailed all female Members of the House of Representatives. 

Many anti-abortion campaigners were hoping that the introduction of the debate about this "human pesticide" would rekindle the whole abortion debate. It inevitably did. As I write, on Valentine's Day 2006, Australia is in the middle of this heated and emotional debate. My email I was hoping would turn up the heat and speak as I wrote with emotion:


Email to all female Members of the House of Representatives, Canberra: 

Date: 10/2/06

Subject: 1.26 million lessons lost


If the RU 486 Mifepristone issue has rekindled the abortion debate, good!

In the Australian Newspaper on 14/12/05 we were reminded that 84 000 babies didn’t get a chance at life in 04. The aptly named Right to Life Association told us that since 1974 two million budding Australians were made redundant.

The basic question is - Is an unborn baby a human life? I believe so; therefore abortion just for convenience reasons, is murder, and wrong, wrong, wrong!

Abortion has become Australia's shame. As with the road toll, we should aim at zero tolerance, the best starting point from where to fight the battle on behalf of those who can’t fight for themselves.

Mistakenly, many females have us believe that this is a female issue. Not so. The tiny life inside a mother’s womb belongs as much to the would-be father. He is soon reminded that he holds equal responsibility, but when it comes to terminate the pregnancy, is he given equal say in what happens to his offspring?

The status quo in that area is a classic example of blatant discrimination against men in the arena of family law.

To simply call abortion the pro-choice option is calling a dirty product a fancy, palatable name. How hypocritical!  Legalizing this pill, to chemically kill a living, healthy embryo, would make the great evil even more widespread. Chemicals that kill should only be applied to kill pests. Have we fallen that low that we now regard a growing human inside a mother’s womb no different to insects, mice or rats? 

There should be cooling off period for women, who fall pregnant and do not want to carry the baby full term. They should receive serious counseling and be presented with all available options. But more so, they should be warned of the consequences, physically and psychologically. (Terminating your pregnancy may lead to serious mental disturbances for the rest of your life!!). 

One of the best outcomes, if the baby is unwanted, is to donate it to a desperate, childless couple. Killing the fetus should not be one an option, unless severe and exceptional circumstances dictate so.   

From an economic point of view abortion does not make sense. We are an ageing population. Those 84 000 babies aborted last year would create a market for 84 000 more prams this year; 84 000 beds in a few years. In 17 years time Australian driving instructors would be conducting an additional 1.26 million driving lessons (based on 15 lessons per student).

So it's not just a matter of morals, propagated by the religious right. Common sense should tell politicians that this madness must be brought under control. The pill RU 486 would be doing the opposite, promote women to terminate using this dangerous drug. (It is banned in Italy and Canada, so I’m told).

As a concerned citizen of Australia I urge you to show strong leadership and vote against legalizing RU 486. Rather than considering this human pesticide, we should be looking for ways to minimize the number of abortions and supporting would-be mothers the best way we can. 

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  We hear people say, we live in the lucky country. Considering the high number of abortions allowed, should we not say:  Those born in the lucky country were the lucky ones?



If you think my views are expressed in the extreme, consider the slogan on a T-shirt of a female Senator, worn on the day of the Senate vote on Thursday 9/2/06: "Get your rosaries of my ovaries", targeting obviously the Catholic Minister of Health and insulting many Catholics along the way. (I personally don't use a rosary when praying, but still regard such an attack on a large sector of the Australian Christian community totally inexcusable by a Member of the Federal Senate). 

Those woman, who say to the Health Minister: "My body is my business, I can do with it what I like", are wrong. Anybody who disagrees, I suggest you walk into your medical clinic and ask to have your left hand cut off. 

Oh yes, it is your hand, nobody else's. But nobody is going to assist you in having your hand cut off, unless for a very good reason. (And don't wait around, there never will be an RU 487, which causes it to just fall off, after a chemical reaction). 

How I wished more male politicians in Canberra, and everywhere for that matter, would show stronger leadership, and not believe the lie that abortion is a female issue. Abortion is neither a male issue, nor merely a moral one. As already expressed, it is also an economic issue, especially in western countries, where declining birthrates are creating an ageing population. 

Friends, God is not mocked. If trendy humans, male or female, think they know better than the Creator, God help us. No man must by-pass HIS law, which clearly says: You shall not kill. Call me fundamental - this is a fundamental principle. What we sow is what we reap. We must sow good seed now, for the sake of the next generation.  

Life itself is at stake.


Chapter 32