3.  Love - flow on

Call it what you may, I see God working a minor miracle, if one could call any miracle minor? Every page in my diary, almost, is filled with some snippet of God at work. I saw HIM in even in the minutest of detail. Time just does not allow me to write everything here, it would be an enourmous task and some could not comprehend it.

Let me fill you in on a recent event, where I went from place to place, physically in the streets of Adelaide, and online, finishing on a website of a company in Milwaukee/USA.

On Thursday 21 July, 05 I attended a protest rally by an association of teachers, who were striking for better pay and conditions. I took interest in this campaign, plus those of other Unions, because I sensed there were deeper issues hidden behind the demand for better pay and conditions. The small protest group (no more than 30) met outside the city office (50 P. Street) of the  Minister responsible for Industrial Relations.

Earlier in the year I had joined a whole group of protesting metal workers outside Parliament House, North Terrace Adelaide. In their campaign to keep a factory open, I also sensed a deeper, unspoken issue was driving their campaign. Afterwards I had walked with them in a short protest march, which terminated right outside the ASO headquarters in Hindley Street. That’s interesting - it just came to me then. 

Allow me to briefly switch to an email I sent, only a day or so before uploading. (Life is full of distractions and surprises). I had created as a lark the three letters AOS, that's why I tell the story now. On the morning of writing (29/7/05) I emailed the BBC in the UK. A sequence of unusual Lotto numbers I had heard in the middle of the night, prompted this email a few days later.


Email to BBC UK, dated 29/7/05:

Subject: Strange numbers in UK Lotto:

Hi all,

Two nights ago I overheard you mention Lotto numbers of the UK. I love numbers, but don't play Lotto. The numbers that came up that night were strange. I was in bed listening, can't remember them all, but thought to myself - they are my numbers!

On your website Lotto link for 27/7/05 (I think that was when I listened) I noticed the following sequence 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 38. Arent't the first five numbers an unusual sequence?

Plus, considering 380 is the number for the new airbus, our new Mitsubishi is going to be called 380 and a silly law in Canada is number C 38. Is there a meaning somewhere? Numbers have the power to tell a better story than letters. But these could send numerologists around the bend! What do you 35159?

Actually, I trust Number one, one who controls everything, not numbers by themselves.

Kind regards from Australia

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  Did you know in the UK, all U needs is a cap - and it becomes OK? AUS becomes AOS. Bit silly, should I stick to numbers?


Above numbers were the results of Lotto Extra on 27/705 (www.lottery.co.uk/res/). The numbers were not those that I had heard that night. I had heard 5, 15, 24 ..., supplementary number 2 and 1. 

This jolted my brain only mildly after I had heard them in my half sleep, straight after the sports news. Two days later, somehow I remembered to check in Google, if my numbers really had come up in the UK Lotto that week and discovered above Lotto Extra result.  

Does anybody know, how rare it is to get a run of 4 consecutive numbers out of 6? Plus the fact that all of them, except 38, start with 1? If you added 3+8 you’d get more 1’s, which would leave only 1,2, and 3s in the whole sequence. Perhaps you understand my mild excitement? Was somebody playing games with me? 

Was it a response (in a roundabout way) to me sending most of the 105 Members of the Canadian Senate an email regarding their controversial gay-rights law called C 38? Plus another number 38(0) pointed in the direction of Adelaide. The soon to be released model Mitsubishi has been named 380. The numbers add up, but the possibility is remote, I must admit. 


Why did an organisation in San Francisco mail to me in Adelaide an invitation for a function dated 21-23, post it in New York (YN) on 1/7 at a place, which I could read as - 'I see you across?'  Who's coming? 


(Back to the protest rally of South Australian teachers).

The protest rally I had joined in Adelaide, 50 P. ... Street was right next door to a Flight Centre. (Interesting, they have those in Melbourne, too). While in the city I decided to not return home immediately. The evening before on the news I had seen a flash of a street sign across the screen. It was hard to read, but I saw and heard enough to justify a little detour.  

I thought I had seen a sign on TV Kingborn Avenue, Seaton, but was not sure. It only took 15 minutes or so before I turned from Grange Rd. into Kingborn Avenue. I knew the area well, driving instructors know their streets, if they have worked in the area. I had for five years covered the Western suburbs while working for the MCA.

There was road works in Lanark Ave (a n Lark). I knew the fun had started. I could have laughed out loud, when I read Winser Street nearby (n-wiser). At the junction with Tapleys Hill Road there were more minor road works. The street was called Ballater St (Be all later). I discovered these street names just by driving around. I only looked them up later in the UBD street directory. I found the mix of names very clever indeed; and funny.  

After touring the Kingborn Ave area I drove North on Tapleys Hill Road, looking for the post office. As soon as I entered the carpark it all made sense - right next door to the Post Office was the suburban office of the politician from whose city office I had just come from.  

It was an interesting chain of localities I had visited that day. It started at the Flight Centre, which was next door to the politician’s city office (No. 50 …St), went to Kingborn Ave, Seaton, the street I saw flashed onto the TV screen, to the same politicians suburban office, which is right next to the post office I was looking for, which happens to be on Tapleys Hill Road, Number 177. (Perhaps I shouldn't have given up my day job?)   

But there was more. What happened next finally brings us to the Milwaukee, USA, website, mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. It all happened so casually, so spontaneously, just as the driving around the streets had done. Except, I got there via a search engine and not a car's engine.

A new expressway to Port Adelaide had opened. I wanted to test drive it for the first time, checking if it was quicker going home this way, or the old, shorter route. On the overpass above Port Wakefield Road a car had stopped with the hood raised. I stopped and asked if I could do anything to help. There wasn’t; the breakdown service had already been called. The lady thanked me and I continued my journey.

The Adelaide suburb of Seaton is next to Findon. Both are located between the city and St. Vincent Gulf. 

Because the overpass is elevated I had a good vision to my right. As I pulled into the traffic I looked towards the slightly elevated suburbs of Ingle Farm and Para Hills, where we live and noticed something rather unusual. Amongst the railway yards, sheds and rolling stock I saw a long freight train. It was approximately two or so kilometers away.  What was surprising was that all carriages were painted plain blue in colour.

One strange fact, however, made me take even more notice – only one carriage of the train had writing on it. The huge letters made the two words easy to read - LONE WOLF.  Very odd, I thought, having one container sign written and the rest plain. Driving along I thought of the word Wolf and saw the last three letters identical to my middle name Rolf.

I promptly forgot all about the train, until three days later, when I remembered the incident and discovered more. I have no idea why, but the two words, Lone Wolf, came back to me out of the blue (if you pardon the pun) the following Sunday afternoon. I just googled with these two words for a few minutes and voila! Call it what you like, I suddenly became aware how the following connections were falling into place. (If any readers think they were just fluke, don’t bother reading on).

Those who think that God can lead a person’s mind, through HIS Holy Spirit, read on. I believe this is what happened, otherwise friends, I can't make sense of all this.

In less than a minute after typing Lone Wolf into Google, I came across a webpage of a company by that name. Just googling I clicked on their distributor’s page and found, listed side by side, two agencies in two different cities. One was in Montgomery, Alabama, the other in Tallahassee, Florida.

I could identify with both places. Less than three months prior I had been in Alabama (and wanted to visit Montgomery). The other city, the capital of Florida, played a role in Chapter 43 of ‘Mind’. I even named the chapter after it - Tall has C, a play on the word Tallahassee. 

Even more incredible were the two names of the Agencies - Jays in Montgomery and Mason in Tallahassee! That name came up during my 153 miles journey between NO and Loxley. (By the way, my report of my US trip in April 05 will continue soon, God willing). 

My Da Ninci brain noticed the address of one of these agencies consisted of 1, 2 and 3’s plus 1; the other read as 2 1 won. One of the places indicated the distance to Montgomery is 153 miles. Does Mr. Google know what trouble he get brains like mine into by offering such a choice of data? 

Only a matter of hours prior to editing and uploading this, I sent an email of a complex 2/1 link between my recent magic in Melbourne and an address and postcode in Scotland. If you are thinking this is over the top – and you may be right. So I won’t mention it for now, God willing more will be told in another chapter. 

This is a ribbon from a cigar box of the Lone Wolf Cigar Company. I had bought the empty box in Long Beach* Ca. as a souvenir. I learned in Google that this company was only founded in 1996 and bought in 2000 by a person named 'Weiss' (the German word for 'knows'). Nice L ogo.   (*correction, it was in Santa Monica)

Please note: This is not the same company with agencies in Montgomery and Tallahassee. 

There must have been an intelligent mind behind setting up all these links. If it was a kind of test, God passed, flying colours (red/blue and yellow). The only reason I can make sense of my strange journey is that people are testing, if my claim, that God led me here and there, is really true. What other reason could there be? 

Just in case it was a test of some kind by whoever, I typed an email to the Lone Wolf Company I had found on the Internet. I simply asked, which of the two agencies in their distributor's list they recommended. I was open and told them how I had literally spotted them out of the blue (train).

It was not ten minutes after I had sent the email to the USA on this Sunday afternoon of our wedding anniversary, our electricity supply was cut. It came on again straight away. Did my discovery really have such an impact? 

Later that evening power again was cut off. This time the outage lasted for a whole hour, from just before 10 PM. I smiled to myself, when I thought about it later. This rather uneventful day had started at 5 am with the ‘Hour of Power’ and ended at 9.50 pm with ‘an hour without power’.

Some alert readers may already have read a meaningful code into Lone Wolf. My eyes only opened on the morning of preparing this chapter, 2 days after sending the email to Lone Wolf. Until then I had only thought the two addresses were part of the code. 

During my prayer time it just came. I saw a further meaning, Lone Wolf backwards. The meaning crystallized – Flow on L, if I drop the e. 

As long as HE gives us the strength, let’s continue to let our lights shine and let the love flow – for eternity.

Chapter 4