29.  In TIME and on time

There were four days left of my trip from our home in Adelaide to Newcastle and Sydney at the end of August 05. After the incredible discoveries and adventures in the provincial towns along the way, plus what had happened in and around Newcastle, why should it continue any different in Sydney? The first few days certainly had been filled with much magic.

I never worried about what a particular day would bring. I committed my days to the Lord every morning. All were HIS. Of course I made my plans as to what I had to do or where I had to go, but at the end of the days, any outcomes were the result of HIS hand at work.

There were fleeting moments of doubt; what if I was meant to do something and didn't do it? Or my feet were going in a direction I was not meant to go? In those moments I reminded myself that I had placed my trust in HIM. This was HIS journey as much as mine. 

I wrote in my diary (in early Jan 06) what I thought ‘it’ was all about. I had long ago called it a theophany – God showing himself to us humans in a way that was unmistakably God. But for what purpose?

Did God answer the prayer of Psalm 94, the one I had read out at the dramatic launch of my Mission (Sand, Chapter 9), when this troublesome, exciting journey began? 

Psalm 94, Verses 1-2: "Oh Lord God, to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth! Rise up, O Judge of the earth; render punishment to the proud." Did God arise?

Did God not demonstrate throughout my story that HE can read people’s thoughts? Did HE not show that HE can control a person's mind and accomplish whatever HE pleases? 

This is the only rational argument I have to explain the extra-ordinary events, which have taken place in my life over the past few years, and are continuing daily. Extra-ordinary events, small and great, in a variety of ways, point constantly to the ONE who stars through it all.

God was controlling my mind. My mind was controlling my thoughts and action followed. The closest walk Christians can have is when HIS will is totally in line with ours. In church, on the morning of writing, Sunday 22/1/06, the speaker drew attention to a small, but powerful verse: 2.Chronicles 17, Verse 6 (speaking about King Jehoshaphat):

"And his heart took delight in the ways of the Lord". 

Oh that our heart's desire would be that of Jehoshaphat's!


- - - - - - -

Fast forward to Melbourne 11/1/06. The latest parking ticket !








From January 7th to 12th, my son Jonathan and I spent a week camping along the Great Ocean Road, finishing at Pt. Lonsdale, near Melbourne. The following is just one of a number of memorable incidents, which followed us all the way. 

I casually picked up above ticket (somebody else's) off the street, around 5 PM or so, on 11/1/06. It was casually, because I had forgotten the locality, where I had found it. Only after arriving home did I look at it more closely. 

I sent it back to the authorities in Melbourne, but scanned it onto my P/C first. In a short note I explained that I had found it on the pavement and that I had in the past paid someone else's parking fine. But at $ 105, despite a willing Spirit, the wallet stayed weak. 

The numbers, I am sure you can see them too, had my attention, plus the location 'Calls in' Street! (Take note of 495). Looking for a car park that same evening in Melbourne's Central Business district, I finally found one and pulled in outside No. 505 Lt. Collins Street (LT calls in). Very interesting. 

I got more excited, as I read the company's name. It was the Victorian HQ of the Company, which manages my (tiny) Super-annuation Fund. I had had some fun with them in other parts of my story. (Their Sydney HQ is in 5 Blue Street). 

But there was more. The next day, we were discussing, which way to travel home. I would have liked to stop another night on the way in the mountains called The Grampians; visit Hamilton on the way, perhpas? My son Jon suggested we return home the fast route, via Ballarat, and plan a separate trip to the mountains another time.

This is what we did. As we pulled into Buninyong, a cute little town, just before Ballarat, we parked the car and had a snack. I noticed that we had, by fluke, parked right outside the Crown Hotel, opposite a Real Estate Office. 

The Crown Hotel made sense, but the Real Estate's office had me intrigued. At home later Mr. Google told me - the RE office is situated at 505 Warren ... Street. Only then I realized the mysterious connection to 505 LT Collins St.

I had just uploaded the 210's of Jesus (see previous chapter). 505 + 505 = 1010. So much magic, so little time! That's why I saw the QID495 as the complimentary number on above parking ticket. 


- - - - - - -

Before returning to Sydney and reporting on another excursion on foot, read about a discovery I made in a famous weekly Newsmagazine. It amazed me, how I had progressed from having fun with headlines in our free, suburban newspaper some years ago, to seeing codes in an international, weekly Newsmagazine with millions of readers. 

While waiting in my doctor’s surgery on 5/12/05, I glanced at the feature article of this magazine, dated (also) 5/12/05. This was unusual. Reading material in doctor’s waiting rooms are normally months, if not years old. The front cover was titled Me dici ne from A-Z (gaps intended - see pic. below).

As I casually leafed through the report, I noticed that the writer had not used all the letters of the alphabet, which were printed very largely at the beginning of each segment. Only 17 out of the 26 letters of the alphabet were used. It didn't take long to see that 9 were missing. (As I write, I can also see the 7 inside 126, plus the date of my email is 12/6, written US style). 

I took it as a challenge to compose a message, using the same 17 letters of the article. Most of what came out was true, e.g. my son having treatment for a bee sting allergy; plus that I finally saw my doctor about an accidental fall onto my elbow.

Please note that I highlighted the 17 letters the writer used in the article. Can you see a message, possibly linked to my story?


Email to Time Magazine – dated Dec. 6th, 05

Subject: The Year in Medicine A-Z

Hi all,

I read parts of your article Dec 5, 05 (Australia), ironically, while waiting 45 minutes in a medical centre's waiting room. It wasn't the one where my son regularly goes, incase he gets stung by a bee. You cee, it was re me, DF, my first visit in over a year; just a small elbow pain after a small accident. But the doctor said it would get better, so I went home to have tea (without pills) in my VW in the end (Z).

Your report only contained 17 out of 26 letters. What happened to the other 9. One can't really call it Medicice from A-Z?

It all makes sense to you, I trust.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


  I can't recall, if above spelling error (Medicice) was on purpose.

Cover Time Magazine 5 Dec 05.


Only a week later, in the December 12 issue of the same high profile magazine, I found another code. It took me until the middle of the following month to uncover it. Please remember, I was not searching magazines or newspapers for material. Rather, I trusted God - if HE wanted me to see something, HE would lead me to it, and cause me to respond. 


(How timely: In between writing this, it happened - by pure fluke I picked up a Lifestyle magazine and spotted on Page 90 the headline Riverside Repose. The next page was a photograph of 3 1/2 silver birch trees. It filled the whole of page 91. It was more than enough to email the Magazine's editor, assuring them my Silver Birch story (Found, Chapter 40) is all true.


On this occasion a family member had brought the magazine home from work, and I casually browsed through it in early January. Again it was the front page article, about a new Spielberg Film, which made me probe. The movie deals with the terror attack on the 1972 Olympics. The title: Munich.

The full article was spread over 8 pages. The subheading on the 7th page read: His “prayer for peace”. His refers to the Hollywood-movie-guru Steven Spielberg. This latest block-buster by Spielberg is labeled his ‘secret masterpiece’ on the front cover of the 12/12/06 Time magazine.

I first noticed the large letter B at the beginning of a paragraph on page 50. I thought to myself: "I bet the next large letter in the article is a G". So it was. I knew then, there was more.

The third and only other large letter in this article was the letter J. The 3 large letters were on pages 50, 52 and 54. For some reason they decreased in size, starting with a very large B, which was 1 inch tall and spanned 7 lines.

If I was onto something, I wanted to let them know. Rather than bluntly pointing out above letter tale, I simply commented on another article in the same publication. It was about Belarus, where, I believe, Christians are denied freedom to worship and are suffering under the repressive regime of President Lukashenko. I included the code I had discovered in the PS. If I was on the right track, they would know.


Email to Time Magazine Jan 7th, 06:

Subject: 12/12/05 Belarus

Hi all,

What happened in the Ukraine just over a year ago can easily happen in Belarus. With some support from freedom loving minds, a miracle can happen again. Liberty is more precious than gold.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


PS  B 50 G 52 J 54 - 2+7+10 = 19

PPS Amazing how names sometimes fit the person - Spiel (play) berg (hill, mountain), the name of German origin.


The numbers in the PS were my thinking pattern. If A is 1, B is 2 etc. BGJ comes to 19. (On the morning of writing this another code came to me - the little word and also adds up to 19, using this system).  

If this little game was a test as to the truthfulness of my 19 story in Santa Monica/Venice Beach in April 05, HE again passed flying colours (or should I say flying numbers).

Friends, I did not invent anything, just as I am not taking credit for anything. Neither have I taken a cent from any reader. On the contrary, my travels to the US, the writing, editing, hosting, the photos etc etc. were all done voluntarily in my time and at my personal expense.   

If anybody at Time Magazine wanted proof that there is ONE, who can read a person’s mind, One who has the power to guide by HIS Spirit, they won’t get it any clearer than this. Even more remarkable is the fact that I am not even a regular reader of their magazine.


A similar moment of testing, as I perceived it to be, came in the early hours of Wednesday 4/1/06. During a moment of waking, which is becoming rarer these days, I glued my ears to the transistor, listening to the latest news on the BBC, London. A female voice presented a segment about interruptions. It was an unusual subject to be included in the business report, which I thought I was listening to.

A moment later, a male voice took over. The subject changed to international politics, with an item about the tension in Israel. (This was just before Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was taken   ill). Speaking very fast, as usual, I heard the journalist pronounce the name of the capital of Israel as Jerus… leaving off the rest of the word. It did not sound like the phone line was cut, but rather the speaker interrupted the word intentionally.

I was puzzled as to what had happened to the rest …alem. Laying in bed I pondered and automatically played my little code-game. Minus the e I see a l m = a L 1. How well this ties in with Jerus – minus r - four very potent letters are left. Was there a further hint to LM, number 950 in Roman Numerals?

As I received the usual automated receipt for my email, I was wondering, did anybody in the UK read my emails? What did they think about the crazy man from Down-under, emailing all the time? Did they have any idea what was happening in reality?


- - - - - - -

From an advertisement for the real Tour Down Under 

One reality, even Londoners would have known, was a certainty - it gets hot in Adelaide in January. On the day of writing,  22/1/06, a bicycle race called the Tour Down Under, finished with a 90 km ride around an Adelaide street circuit. 

The final four days of this cruel contest saw the thermometer rise above 40 degrees Centigrade every day. Those riders are heroes, just to sign on under such conditions. For many would-be spectators it was too hot to just come out and watch. 

(I was very lucky; the final-stage winner, Australian rider Allan Davis, autographed my Look bike top I was wearing. Thanks heaps).   

During the final presentation ceremony, just before the winners were popping the champagne bottles on the stage at Elder Park, my son Jon said to me: "Dad, catch the cork". 

I didn't know what he meant, until a few moments later. A cork came flying over the crowd of more than 1000 or so, rolled underneath a few spectators feet and came to a halt right beside me. Thanks Jacob's Creek! 

The cork came with a number, plainly visible: ASA-11. (It was one of 3 or 4 that went into the crowd).


- - - - - - -


Gravestones at the Salisbury Cemetery

Searching for the grave of my friend John, who passed away on 7/1/02, I spotted this strange name on this yet unoccupied grave. Split into MAN and NO the name takes on a rather US look. 

But there was more: After my brief visit I had  a strange sensation to walk out a different exit to where I had entered. 

Outside the gate, on the grass, I noticed a plastic flower. Because it was lavender in colour, I took note, but walked on. After a few steps I turned back. Something was cooking. What? Why? Where? 

It came in an instant. Exactly 90 degrees to the road, in-line with the flower, was above grave stone. Strange names - again pointing to US. 

How do you think I felt?


- - - - - - -


(Back in Sydney - Monday August 29th 05)

There were only two days left to spend in Sydney. My daughter Mitch and her partner had to work on both days, which left me free to enjoy this beautiful city. I decided to take a walk in the local district, not even thinking it would turn again into one of those code-filled affairs. But that’s what happened.

It started when I, almost accidentally, browsed over an article in the local Newspaper, the Manly Daily. On page 3 (I didn’t record, which edition) I read a report about the poor workmanship of a crash-repair business. I asked myself, how easy would it be for a sour customer, to alert an news-hungry journalist and have a hard-luck story published in revenge?

Plus, did the business have a right of reply, if there were inaccuracies? If there really was an ongoing problem, are there not consumer groups and Government bodies to alert customers and take the business to task?

Reading this must have stirred my mind to browse a little more. My attention was drawn to an advertisement for a Retirement Village, Fisher Road, Number 155. The road, named like our surname minus c, was not far away to the East.

But first I wanted to enjoy the view from further up the hill in a westerly direction. Leaving my daughter's apartment I turned right and climbed the nearby steps, which had just been painted. When I reached the top I saw that the painter’s van was still there, Ph.  ….5555. The steps led me to Victor Road (I found out at the time of writing). Not a bad start, I thought. 

I continued and turned into Lewis Street, saying hi to a little girl, who called out to me from inside her house. (See below). I had hoped Dela Ct. may have steps leading back down, but there were none. Please keep in mind, I did not use a map, had never been in the area and had no firm plan where I was going. From memory, I think I had stumbled onto Fisher Road by accident.




The touch of cherry colour inside the front door is a little girl, who had called out to me, as I passed her house. I saw the D&N@ sign, another reason for the photo. 


Once in Fisher Road one of the first buildings was a Baptist Church. A bronze plaque outside informed that a gentleman named FW. Winn had laid the foundation stone on 30.11.1940. I liked the name and the date, having just been through an enquiry into the death of a cyclist on 30.11, exactly sixty-three years later.

Further north, still on Fisher Road, I passed a Korean Church. Had there been somebody on the premises, I would have knocked on their door and asked what they thought about the following news item: On the same morning, or the night before, I overheard on the radio that a girl had been abducted, taken to the beach by members of a Sydney Korean Church and bashed - for not wanting to attend church. 

I smelled trash journalism at its worst. Churchgoers don’t bash girls for not going to church. And why bother driving to the beach? To teach somebody a lesson with your fist could be done anywhere. Even if it were true, which I doubted, what good was such information to the general public? Who decided that such a piece of information should be broadcast?

Would the media report it, if an employee of a newspaper or radio station had been bashed by a colleague for not working overtime to meet a deadline? An angry, religious zealot behaving in such a weird manner stirs much deeper emotions and makes a colourful story. 

However, any undecided, potential churchgoer, on hearing this nonsense, may decide to rather distance him or herself from the church. If this report really was a fabrication, it was a subtle 'church-people-are-hypocrites' message. 

I hate having a 10 second news-item (and some are even shorter than that) piped into my ears, without any further explanation as to the background thereof. I prefer to not have my emotion stirred at all, especially with unsubstantiated stories, which are broadcast as news, but are in fact lies. God hates lies.



Fisher Road, Dee Why, where life was taking me on Monday 29/8/05. 

This flower-shop is opposite the corner Fisher/Regent St. A  notice in the shop-window told of a missing cat - Bella. 

The owners phone number ... 666 123 sounded all so bella! 

The side road after the CTC shop is called Tor Road. Tor is German, meaning gate, but also goal, as in a score in football. In the 1983/84 Sydney Street Directory this road is the only entry for Tor.

I can't recall if I took the photo first or picked up the L-plate in the junction first. Either way - it made me feel that I was on track. 

The text on the School's notice-board reads: "Hey there, ho there. Carnivale is in town. Come and see the dances, come and hear the sounds". More bella sound! 

After developing the photo, I saw how the post covers a group of letters: HE - TO - DA - SO - M. Anyone for a game of Da Ninci? Just now I see LIC hidden!



Eventually, I found my way to the Retirement Village at 155 Fisher Road. I felt a little embarrassed to just roll up and say - Hi, I found you? I would have preferred walking on, and bathe in the fun I was having. But it would be half a job done. I walked into the reception area and enquired about the place, as if I was a potential future client. (With a daughter living nearby and having gone past 150, I was a potential client). 

The lady at the desk gave me a business card and a brochure. More interesting data emerged: The village’s phone number included the number 155, plus the two names on the card - Annette ..., and a real classic one, which encouraged me to keep walking Bat on! If this were a game of cricket, I'm sure my score would be up to 155 runs. 

As I walked back through the parking lot, I noticed registration plate …26L. The letters that went with it matched Annette's name. I was about to turn back towards Dee Why, but decided to continue to what looked like a public park, just a little further.

I crossed the road and noted the phone number on the large notice board (it ended in 123). The dark brick building looked deserted. I'm glad I didn't turn back, but entered the courtyard. There was life. A Thai Chi exercise class was in full swing, if you pardon the pun. I placed my backpack to the side and joined in the fun.

It felt good, swinging my arms into the air, to the right, to the left and back in a big circle. My body moved in unison with the dozen or so mature-aged ladies. Oh, what fun! 

A moment after I had joined the group the leading lady, who had obviously noticed the clown at the back, continued her instructions: “… now we lift our arms and embrace the moon. Let’s lift our spirits and fly away…” I just smiled. The lady smiled back and I walked on with a big grin on my face. 

I liked the place, the Cromer Community Centre. Hours later it came to me – Cromer: Remove the 2 r, swap o to a  = came. The address of this centre, what co-incidence (again) - 150 Fisher Road. (I only found out, while researching this chapter).   

Gregory's 83/84 - Map 79, (Tor Rd. G 12)


With a little imagination I can see a Y in Fisher Rd/Fisher Rd North and Campbell Avenue. But no D! 


I walked back along Fisher Road, crossed a T-junction with Holborn Av and took above photo of the school’s notice board. The L-plate I picked up, in the middle of the junction with Regent Street, was a bonus. It would make a nice present for someone. I turned left into the Kingsway. 

Names hardly surprised me any more. The Kingsway led to the Civic Centre. I sat on a bench-seat in the garden/carpark area and pondered for a few moments. Where on earth was life taking me? How could all these names be co-incidental – Fisher, Cromer, Regent, Holborn, Kingsway etc? 

I walked on, passing a large 4-WD vehicle parked in a space reserved for the Manager. Perhaps he would like the L-plate I had collected from just around the corner? Since it was magnetic, I attached it to his driver’s side door. His registration plate No…19 TO made me do it.

Back in Dee Why's shopping centre I walked through a short arcade. In a shop window I saw the book “The Heavenly Man”, the story of Brother Yun. I entered the small store, a Christian bookshop, and asked the shopkeeper, if she had read the book. Did she know, that Brother Yun in his book survived for 74 days without food and water?  

I have expressed in detail my doubts about 'The Heavenly Man' and the humanly impossible feat. (Mind, Chapter 52 - The same chapter, how co-incidental, tells of a tale, which also happened in this same suburb of Sydney, Dee Why).

No! This was news to her. To this day, I think, not many have heard of this incredible miracle, if indeed it was all true. Does the Guinness Book of Records have a category for the longest ever fast?


(Fast -as in move - forward to Jan. 06)

A big news item was broadcast in the middle of January 06, reporting the touchdown of a spacecraft, which had collected samples of dust “from the edge of the solar system”. Even my wife, who believes everything except her husband, had a smile on her face, as we looked at each other, watching this news item on TV.

How on earth, sorry in space, can we spend 200 million US dollars to gather some dust, in order to determine the origins of the universe? The launch of this mission, it was reported, had been in ’99. (So was mine, what a co-incident!) It was to take another 10 years of scientific work, according to the TV News, to analyze the space dust. How extra-ordinary and how extra-ordinarily slow! 

The mind gets confused, when one considers that in parts of the world people die, because the only water they have to drink is contaminated because they have to share it with animals. What utter waste of energy, to explore the origins of the universe? 

All that scientists need to do is – read the first verse in the bible and believe that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

If HE had wanted to, HE would have left them a detailed formula, how HE did it. But since HE chose not to, why waste our time and our money? If by some spectacular breakthrough one day we will indeed find the answer, please read above verse again – God created the heavens – so there’s more! How many more millions will scientists need to find the origins of all the heavens that exist?

After hearing this report I felt like emailing someone on the spot. But I had learned that there is a time for everything. Three days later was the time. I sent an email to a US Broadcasting Network, explaining a link I saw between the dust-collecting mission, and the book The Heavenly Man. 

It started with a co-incidental bible reading in the waiting room of a Medical Centre. The email explains it:


Email to PBS – 19/1/06

Subject: Two hundred Million Dollars of dust

Hi all,

Congratulations to NASA for completing a mission, which started in '99. And there was no dilemma in landing. A perfect touchdown and what timing! Let me explain.  

You see, I happened to sit at a medical clinic waiting room yesterday. To my surprise amongst the magazines to read was a Gideon’s Bible, which I preferred reading. By chance I read from 1 Corinthians. In Chapter 15 (Verse 47) I happened to read about the first man was made from dust, the second Man is the Lord from heaven.

As I prayed a moment ago it came to me. Didn't your 200 million dollars parcel of dust land on Jan 15th - just like 1. Corinthians 15? This is what I meant by perfect timing.

All the best to the scientists. They need our prayers, because one report said it will take another 10 years to analyzed the dust.

Kind regards from Australia

Dieter Fischer

PS  Verse 48 in the same chapter speaks of a heavenly man, made of dust. I hope your space-dust-collector didn't catch a dusty man from heaven? That reminds me - The Heavenly Man ( a book about brother Yun of China) says, he survived 74 days without food and water while in a prison. If he had turned to dust after such a mammoth fast, I could understand it.


Apart from the numbers I found it interesting that 1. Corinthians 15, 48 contains the exact phrase - the heavenly man. 

- - - - - - - 


My miracle walk on August 29th continued in the afternoon. After I had had lunch at my daughter's apartment, I took the opportunity to have my hair cut. At the end of the street was a hair dresser. I liked the name - All plus JE - both letter-combinations hold much Da Ninci.

My afternoon outing was partly a walk down memory lane. For some months in 1973/74 I had worked in a factory, only a short distance from Dee Why in the suburb of Brookvale. As I walked for 2 hours or more to Brookvale, towards Curl Curl and back toward Dee Why Beach, I spotted so many codes, data, names, numbers etc. the pages of my diary are filled with it.

I hate to bore readers with it all. One incident, however, which could not possibly come from an ill mind, because of precision timing, stood out that afternoon.

I had just reached the top of a hill, approaching Dee Why Beach, when I was silently thinking and praying about the dominant world event around that time. It was the day the Gulf Coast in the Southern United States was hit by a furious Hurricane called Katrina. The US held its breath as the storm intensified.


From my diary 29/8/06. Do I need to say any more?


Just as I prayed for God to wake the people of New Orleans and America to use this storm, to make people think and to turn back to HIM, to put their trust in HIM during this terrible time, I saw an advertising brochure, littering the roadway. 

It was within a second of praying the words wake the people that I read the words Wake up and.....  What incredible timing! God's precision timing. 

He is never late and never early. How can anybody understand HIS timetable? In Time, HE makes all things beautiful, in HIS time. 

Chapter 30