23.  The forgotten innocent

My diary for Tue 16/8/05 shows two entries of what happened on the world scene. An earthquake in Japan registered 7.2 on the Richter scale. Another mentions an airplane crash in a remote location in Venezuela – 152 dead. The more I was watching world events on the news, the more I started thinking, how easy it would be to report events, which never happened.

How on earth would anybody be able to challenge news items about what happened in a remote location in a far corner of the world? There was also still an number of reported local incidents, which I knew had taken place, but my sensitive mind would detect an abnormality or pick up an outrageous fact, which needed challenging.  

Getting 300 people off an aircraft in less than a minute, as in the plane crash in the previous chapter, is a good example of this. Another incident of this kind is the ‘white powder’ emergency, just down the road from our house, on the corner Dexter Street, which turned out a hoax, just as I had suspected.


How timely - an hour before writing this (23/11/05), another incident involving white powder was reported on the 7.45 am News on radio. An alarm was raised and a person taken from the scene at Wingfield to Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide. Aha, shall we play our game with the letters ‘ing’ and ‘ake’? Another time, perhaps? 


On July 7th, 2005 London experienced a day of terror. A number of bombs exploded in the tube, the short name for London's underground railway system. A further bomb allegedly tore the roof of a double-decker bus in Russell Square.

Watching the news about the incident I had wondered, how the roof of that red bus could have blown off the way it was described, yet pictures showed passengers calmly walking down the stairs at the rear of the bus. Cameras were kept a long distance from the scene if the crashed bus. 

My diary for Friday 8/7/05 expresses how I viewed the initial reports on the London tube blasts. (Please note the name - Power!).


The text reads: "The media is all about the Bombs in London, to me something, somewhere is not right, at one stage a Mr. Angelo Power was interviewed, he sounded like he was making it all up as he went.

I couldn't help seeing 'Angel Power' in the man's name. 


On the same day as the London bombing a fire was reported in suburban Adelaide. When I heard the street address, Marion Road, I took note. After hearing that white powder was involved, my interest level rose another notch.

The fire had started after a motor car got out of control, jumped the footpath and continued it's ill-fated path. It took out a tree (read on) before crashing into the brick wall of the single story apartment. White powder was reported to have been found in the car. 

On Saturday 9/7 one of my sons had a birthday. This fact played no part in this story. However, on that same day Isobel’s mother bought another car from a person in Lockleys. This suburb happens to be very near North Plympton, where the crash and fire occurred on Marion Road.

After inspecting and buying the Mitsubishi Lancer with my mother-in-law, we took a short detour to view the scene of the fiery crash. What my mother-in-law thought, I do not know. I didn't really care. 

How much Isobel told her mother about her strange husband, I do not know either. If she reported that I was doing crazy things, she told the truth. My  83-year-old mother-in-law  witnessed first hand the crazy kind of thing I do, like driving to the scene of a car crash and putting my nose to the ground, smelling for clues. 

I was not disappointed that Saturday morning. Five anomalies stood out at the crash site. I wrote them into my diary:


1. Between the road and the damaged building I noticed a huge tree stump over 1/2 meter in diameter. It had been freshly sawn off, obviously following the crash. However, a motor car would not cause a big tree like that to fall. There was no other path, however, for the crashed vehicle to have taken.

2. The car had ploughed into unit No. 8, which is joined to unit No. 7 in the group of two. The date of the crash matched - 8/7.

3. Looking around I noticed a newspaper in the gutter of the driveway. It was soaking wet, because of overnight rain. In my curious frame of mind I read the headline - A familiar evil.  


Not much was left of the wet paper, which I carefully took home and dried out for the diary. The familiar evil is referring to the tube bombings in London on 7/7/05 (exactly five months after today's final editing). 

I had experienced fires before, which I either linked to my story or I suspected some anomalies, which caused me to visit and look around the sites and/or take a photo.


4. The street right opposite the crash is called Murdoch Street. I have forgotten the reason I took note of this. Perhaps I saw a connection to the newspaper or I may have remembered the name of an accused murderer? The man's name is Bradley John Murdoch.

He and his girlfriend Joanne Lees, tourists from Great Britain, were attacked on the road to Darwin. Mr. Falconio's body has never been found. (Murdoch is on trial as I write). What I don't understand - can they put a man on trial for a murder, when there is no body of the alleged victim?   

5. PLYMPTON – in my code could read – PL, why P on the cross won!


My dairy concludes: “What am I to do now? I am totally reliant on God".

What could I personally do do? Question the authorities, saying – that tree was far too big to be cut down by a car? Plus, if the car first knocked down such a huge tree, how was it possible to still continue further and smash through the brick wall of the unit a few meters away?

Imagine releasing a statement: "I suspect foul play in this crash, because the vehicle ploughed into unit 7, which is joined to unit 8, and the date of the crash was 7/8?" 

Or - "I think that the locality was specially chosen, because it was on Marion Road, in a suburb starting with P&L?" Wouldn't the authorities love me - in a mental institution? 

Much more of this type of (on the surface) craziness has happened since. I can cope with it without getting  overexcited. God is in no hurry to accomplish what HE will. If my crazy life indeed is from God and has a purpose, it will all be revealed in HIS time. It will all make sense then. Bank on it. 


One small item in the Adelaide Advertiser caught my eye. It was printed on page 30 on August 12:



 The Advertiser, Page 30, Friday 12/8/05



A brief visit to the State Library revealed that above alleged abuse victim, Jason Andrew S., was a registered voter in the Electorate of Wide Bay. His address was John Street. I will not print the exact number, but the 3 stood out amongst the digits.

I also traced the lawyer, which was mentioned further on in above newspaper article. His first name, Damon, was as ominous as his middle name Todd. If Damon was meant to read ‘a D man’ and I took this ‘D’ from Todd, I would be left with Tod – death in German.

The suburb where the lawyer was a registered voter is Tanawha. Again, an interesting combination, when you think around that time I had discovered the T and the N together formed 44 – a T, a N who?

But more mystery surrounded my visit to the City that morning – 18/8/05. Two things made me suspect that my visit to the State Library was expected. One, per chance I happened to bump into a man I had not seen in years. His name was Phil (Hi PL). He also was visiting this section of the state library, which I had used numerous times, to research people and their addresses. 

Secondly, I discovered what possibly was a hidden code, just for me to crack. The names of all Australians enrolled to vote are stored in a catalog of plastic pages, called 'Micro fish'. The page where Jason Andrew S... was listed was not in sequential order. Page No. 110 had been switched with Page No. 80. Was somebody playing games with 1 and 8 on the 18th? 

The following little episode, which took place on that morning may also be just co-incidental. But you will see, it fits the bill. Early that morning I had heard a controversial comment on a TV Breakfast Program: A dentist had charged a lady for dental 'consultation'. Did I hear correctly – a dentist charged a fee for giving advise to a lady about the state of her teeth and how to look after them? It didn’t make sense.

As I walked to my car, after the library visit, I passed an old stone building on North Terrace. On the business directory, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the letters A/C. I walked on for a few moments, but became curious; enough to turn back and have a closer look. I can't recall what A/C meant, only that I suddenly noticed another name on the small notice board - Dr Bob S... (N-Star, translated into Da Ninci). He was a dentist.

Why not pop that morning’s question on the TV breakfast to a real dentist? I walked into the historic building and entered the reception on the ground floor. The dentist himself happened to be right there, almost as if ready to answer my query. I told him, what I had heard on the Channel Seven Breakfast program. He said, it was not very likely that a reputable dentist would charge for simply giving advise.

As mentioned, it may have been nothing, but the name N-Star, around the time I had uploaded the N on the cross chapter, seemed good timing. My dairy is full of curious little bits and pieces of this nature. I could easily explain them away as my mind working overtime, being oversensitive, it happens to everybody.

Yet, if indeed God worked magic in this unusual way, perhaps for someone else to see it and believe in HIM, I needed to be obedient and do HIS will. I had so much fun doing it. To walk with God is certainly never boring.  

- - - - - - -

Here is one of these - co-incidents? 

Taking my wife to work on 17/11/05 I saw a truck of a Windows Company (a L was the clue) at a spot where I had previously had some fun with a building firm. 

  Later that morning I made up the following limerick and emailed it to the Windows Company.


There's more, otherwise I would not report it here: Reading my 'Every Day With Jesus' the next day (one day late), I realized the writer had done exactly what I had done in above limerick, Can you spot it? (Clue - the word window).



The writer of EDWJ dropped the n to create ower from owner. (Hey, just now I can see how this fits in with above name, P ower). 

 I had no idea about ower/owner, when I made up the poem about window/widow. I can see God in this incredible timing!

- - - - - - -


From thousands of kilometers away came an interesting email one day. An expert in the field of child abuse, let’s call her Kathy, wrote to me from the UK.. She made some rather flattering remarks, concerning the work I had done (my website). She had followed the South Australian child abuse case and agreed with me - something was not right in the Liddy case. She suspected that the Magistrate may have been framed for money.

(Only two days before this writing I had more information from my reliable source: At least three of Peter Liddy’s accusers were criminals and had spent time together in jail). 

I learned in a frequent exchange of emails with Kathy that in other parts of the world, hundreds of alleged victims claim compensation money by making up abuse stories. A typical scenario went something like this: 

A child reports being abused - perhaps ten, twenty or even forty years earlier. Overzealous detectives embark on a crusade - if there is one victim, there must be others - so the witch hunt begins. Politicians can see a platform for votes - child protection. They invite victims to come forward. Money is made available for compensation. Now it all starts to snowball. 

Reports of abuse cases are flooding in - mainly of the serious type, because the worse the abuse, the more money could be claimed. Detectives however, are instructed to not probe too hard into the abuse, it may cause too much distress for the already traumatized victims. What fertile ground for organized crime to step in and make a kill. This is just what happened in Nova Scotia, Canada.  

I heard about this case on November 18th 05, attending the inaugural meeting of the Careworker's Coalition, a group for carers, foster parents and teachers etc. to combat false allegations of child abuse and to support those who are being falsely accused.

The first speaker at the meeting of about 70 people was well known ex-footballer Andrew J. He told of a fellow player’s nightmare. One youngster had made up a story about being sexually abused. There was absolutely no foundation for the serious allegations. Andrew's team mate was shocked. It took him years of legal proceedings, costing thousands of dollars, to clear his name. 

But the damage was done - humiliation, gossip, loss of employment, damage to marriage and family etc. Whatever prompted the boy to make allegations is unclear. (I suspect somebody wanted to make easy money). 

The main speaker was a visiting lawyer from Canada. He had fought many cases on behalf of men, who had been wrongly accused of child abuse. He proved that well organized criminals were at work. In the end he won many millions of dollars in compensation for the real victims of the scam. 

The story he told I found almost unbelievable. It had taken place in Nova Scotia and not that long ago. (I am writing, as I remember the content of the long speech).

Two isolated cases of children being abused in a state run youth center were reported to police. Somehow somebody started to imagine, if two cases of child abuse exist, there must be more.

The Government then did the worst thing possible - it announced to the public for anyone to come forward, if they had been abused in any of the state run institutions. This started a stampede of those wanting to make big bucks by simply telling a cruel story. Before long overzealous investigators had almost a hundred victims on their books, all claiming to have been abused in various institutions.

A government funded enquiry was set up. A special unit was formed, which the speaker likened to Hitler's Gestapo. Officials went around Nova Scotia, looking for abuse cases in boys homes and questioned the alleged perpetrators.

In some instances the alleged offenders were given little chance to prove their innocence, which in any case would have been difficult to do. Indeed, some had died in the meantime. (Read on for a classic example). In one case a youth worker was accused of child abuse in a particular institution. It was found, he had never ever worked there. 

Many teachers and youth workers were interviewed by the 'abuse police'. Some were dismissed on the spot, without a chance for defense, simply on the accusations by an alleged abuse victim. 

To add insult to injury, the union, which was there to protect it's members from just such injustices, stepped back after talking to the 'Gestapo'. Those wrongly accused were bitterly betrayed by their Union, at a time when they needed help the most. They had nowhere to turn to. 

At least one man  committed suicide, unable to cope with the stress. Later he was posthumously cleared of the allegations.

- - - - - - -



ST as in STAY CALM - The Advertiser Tuesday June 7th. 05. It was around the time Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years jail, which since has been reduced to 15 years. 

I took this photo, because I saw 'crosses' plus schape, which I transposed to 'sees hope'. The paper was dropped in our driveway, folded just like shown here - just now I see another cross, with a ring around it.   

- - - - - - - 

The speaker from Canada went on to tell the good news. After a prolonged fight no convictions at all were upheld against any of the alleged abusers. With the help of polygraphs (lie detectors) all but one passed the test, proving their innocence. (The one that didn't pass was later found to be telling the truth also). 

(Why do we not use polygraphs in Australia? If it sorts out liars from honest people, I don't have a problem).  

Those claiming child abuse, who two years earlier were all keen to take a lie detector test, suddenly were not so eager any longer. The four who volunteered to take the lie-detector test all failed. 

One case after another proved to be a fraudulent. Justice was finally done, when the real victims received compensation and apologies from politicians and the media. Members of both professions had been instrumental in fuelling the fire, which had turned a couple of isolated incidences into a monster of gigantic proportions.  

If I remember correctly, the speaker from Canada mentioned that the union also apologized for not standing by their members, when they most needed help. 

- - - - - - - - 

As I write, in the afternoon of November 24th, the organiser of the Careworkers Coalition, together with the visiting lawyer from Canada, I am told, are meeting with retired Judge Mullighan, the man commissioned to investigate child abuse in South Australia.

Our Government, I read, is spending 10 million Dollars just on the Mullighan enquiry - any compensation for the hundreds of victims, who already came forward, could run into millions more - if indeed all the abuse claims are upheld and money will be paid out. Let's hope and pray it will only be paid to those who have genuine claims. (No amount of money can make up for a spoiled childhood). 

Previously I had believed, from what I saw of her in the media, that a staff member of MP Peter Lewis, named Wendy, was a genuine child protection advocate. She certainly sounded plausible, when she appeared on TV. Today I am not so sure as to the validity of her serious claims. There appears to be another side to the South Australian child abuse story.


On Friday 1/4/05 Wendy U. and another staff member of MP Peter Lewis, Barry S. leaked the name of a senior politician, a State Government Minister, to the media, claiming he was a pedophile. The name was immediately suppressed. Legal proceedings are ongoing. 

Here is a brief extract from an interview with Wendy on Stateline, an ABC TV program, broadcast on the same evening Fri 1/4:  

IAN HENSCHKE: This fact that the people that are involved are so passionate, do you think that clouds some of your judgment?

WENDY: Well, I've been at this for three years as far as intensely listening to well over 1,000 alleged victims. I don't believe that it's clouded my judgment. I believe that it's opened my eyes to the extent of it.  


I am asking, where did she find well over 1000 child abuse victims in three years? Did they come to her or did she search for them? Did these victims never speak to other professionals, church leaders, teachers, parents or even police? Why did they suddenly come forward and confide in a staff member of a politician, a profession at bottom rung of the 'trust' ladder? 

The date of the interview 1/4 also looks suspect! I see 1/3 (1000 in 3 years) plus 1 is 1/4 - April fool's day! I can't help myself looking outside the square. If the subject wasn't so serious, it could almost pass as April fool's joke). 

- - - - - - -

Researching online in the Canadian case I came across a decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which is a classic example of what the lawyer explained, took place in his country. Let's all hope their mistakes will not be repeated here!

(To find the document – type any phrase into Google - use quotation marks “ …  “).



Origin of the case: British Columbia

File No.:  29890

Judgment of the Court of Appeal: May 15, 2003

(Extract only)

....Saxey, the individual who was found to have regularly assaulted the Appellant, was a member of the Cheeleshat Band from the west coast of the island. The religious personnel who were called as witnesses by the Respondent at the trial indicated that there was no evidence that any personnel at the school during the relevant time detected any untoward behaviour of Saxey concerning the Appellant or any of the other pupils. 

The Appellant testified that around 1957, when he was in his second year as a pupil at the school, Saxey began luring him to his room in a building located on the school premises by promising to give him candy. He said that when he went up to the room he was sexually assaulted by Saxey. He testified that up until about 1962 Saxey continued to lure him to his room on the promise of giving him candy and performed numerous sexual assaults upon him.

The Appellant did not bring this conduct of Saxey to the attention of anyone at the school.  The Appellant graduated from Christie in 1965.  The Appellant did not report the behaviour of Saxey in any detailed way prior to his interaction with police officers around 1995.  

Saxey died around 1986 and was thus not available at the time when the allegations of assault first came to be made. The trial judge found that the Appellant was a credible witness and he accepted that a number of sexual assaults had occurred as described by him. He found vicarious liability against the Respondent, holding that it was liable as an employer for the actions of Saxey. Consequent upon this finding of liability, he awarded $233,400 in damages to the Appellant.

Judgment of the Court of Appeal:                        May 15, 2003


On Tuesday 29/11 I tried to get onto a talkback radio program. In a pre-interview (off air), I said that I wanted the public to know about the newly formed Careworkers Coalition. I was going to mention above case and to stress that we don't make the same mistakes here with our Mullighan enquiry. The producer asked me for keywords and found the article online while I was waiting to go on air. 

However, he did not allow me on air, because I could not verify the authenticity of the article, plus I used the word witch hunt, refering to the Mullighan enquiry, which he didn't like. (I would not have mentioned this word on air). I leave it up to you, my friend, what you make of my gagging. 


If I get the story right – 46 years earlier a man (how funny is his name - Mr. Saxey!) lures a young boy into his room in a boarding school. Instead of the promised candy, the perpetrator delivers sexual abuse. The young boy says nothing to anyone until 38 years later.

How unfortunate that Mr. Saxey had died in 1986, nine years before he was accused. He certainly could not defend himself now. The shame of his family, if the story is true or not, remains forever. What if this was just an easy way of getting $ 233,400 in compensation? Please keep in mind - until then there was no other allegation of abuse against Saxey by anyone.

Another question bugs me: If the boy was tricked the first time with candy, later a second time, then again a third time, why did he not wake up to what is going on and resist or enlist help? For continuous abuse, at some point, Mr. Saxey would have had to force the boy into his room. Did the boy have such a short memory to not realize what was happening - again and again and again? Surely, he would want to tell somebody!

Child abuse is a sensitive issue. Detectives are reluctant to probe for embarrassing detail. They do not want the victims to suffer again by having to tell the ugly story over and over. 

How hypocritical is our system - I know of a case of real, serious abuse, (see Chapter 36, Found), where the victim is still fighting to be heard and believed. He was assaulted for speaking out, trying to get justice. When do we read about his case in the newspaper?

(Stop Press! The first item I heard on Newsradio on the morning of writing – the ‘Government’ of (a state of) Canada set aside 2 Billion dollars as future payment for compensation to abuse victims – I did not catch the full details).  

- - - - - - - 

I can only imagine one thing worse than being in prison - being in prison innocently!

Amazing what my wife can grow in the garden. The row of agapanthus plants, starting on the right, produced 3 flowers early last season. Later 2 more followed. As I write, 1 single agapanthus is all that flowered so far this season. 

The plants in the garden believe in it - my wife doesn't; strange, but true.

- - - - - - -


I would not be surprised, if a similarly organised gang had planned, while in prison together, to frame Magistrate Peter Liddy. He told me himself, he was the target for easy money from criminals. If this was so, they succeed in grabbing the man’s house, including an allegedly valuable gun collection, and putting the man behind bars. The guns were far less valuable than one fraudster tried to make out. The man, who is in jail in an unrelated fraud, had hoped they'd be worth millions, and was hoping to sell them.

If the whole Liddy abuse story is a fabrication, a lot of facts would make sense. It would explain, why in his victim impact statement at least one accuser stuffed up. I had found a report - Chapter 20, Mind - where one of the accusers in his victim impact statement made gross errors in the location of the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club. Victim W. claimed he saw Liddy drive away outside the Clubhouse, at the end of the Brighton Jetty. The two locations are a fair distance apart. (A picture is shown in Chapter 17).

Peter Liddy also was charged with offering one of the victims money. Perhaps this was to try and persuade this accusers to tell the truth, that it was all a set up? If this one could be persuaded to defect, others perhaps would follow? The prosecution looked at it as offering a bribe to tell lies, when the opposite may be true - an offer of money to tell the truth. 

If Peter Liddy was innocent and the accusers were after his assets, it would also make sense that the retired magistrate tried to hide his assets. He had bought a house under a false name in Kadina, in the north of the York Peninsula, 

Kathy, the child abuse expert from the UK, in one of her emails sent me an online article in a South Australian Police Magazine of July 2003. The edition featured the team, which had ‘nailed’ Peter Liddy. One statement by the detective handling the case had me worried:


"You’ve got to go that little bit further and treat it (paedophilia) with the seriousness it deserves. We want to be 100 per cent certain that he’ll get convicted". (Detective Wally C.)


The he in this article referred to Peter Liddy. I read between the lines and started thinking. Did the detectives in the case of wrongly accused Lindy Chamberlain also go that little bit further, wanting to be 100 % certain to get a conviction? For some professionals the hardest admission to make is: We were wrong. 

I am not sure, if those who put innocent Mrs. Lindy Chamberlain behind bars for 3 years, have ever admitted they were wrong.   

Lindy had become the subject of a viscous witch hunt, one that tried to imply a ritual killing of a baby. Kathy wrote, if there is a religious connection, an accusation of a ritual killing is very common. Chamberlain was a Seventh Day Adventist Pastor's wife.

Had Peter Liddy also become a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice? Was he nailed in the end, because certain authorities did not want to admit they were wrong, a 100 % certainty of a conviction was needed at all cost? 

In one ugly scene of alleged abuse in the Liddy case the Magistrate supposedly took the boys on an overnight stay in his courthouse in Glenelg. Such location, not quite a church, still adds a touch a class, doesn't it? 

I emailed the unit mentioned in the July 03 article. It was the child protection unit, attached to the South Australian Police. I wanted to remind them that truth is more important than professional success. The time of my email was 23/11/05, 9.09 pm.


Hi all,
Extract from a feature article in the Police Magazine Online July 2003: 
"You’ve got to go that little bit further and treat it (paedophilia) with the seriousness it deserves. We want to be 100 per cent certain that he’ll get convicted".
Isn't a statement like this already prejudice toward the accused - we want to be 100% certain that he'll get convicted? What if evidence were to turn up at the court proceedings, proving the accused was innocent? Would you go a little further and pursue your 100% convicted policy?
A fairer approach would be - we want to be 100% sure that the truth in this case with emerge and if anyone did any wrong, it will come to light! With your 'mission statement' your officers may find it hard to admit it, even if they would realize they were wrong!
Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


My informant, the reliable source close to Peter Liddy, told me during the conversation two days ago, there was evidence presented in the Liddy case, which was not permitted before the courts and the jury. This ties in with what Peter Liddy himself wrote me – there was a document*, which he had hoped would expose his accusers as liars. Instead, it was suppressed! What legal reason did the prosecution came up with to suppress this vital evidence? 

Recently I wrote to our Shadow Attorney-General about the case, saying the case should be looked at again. He wrote back, saying on the evidence available, nothing can be done. 

*The document can now be viewed in Book 7, Chapter 26.  

Hard evidence in rape cases is almost impossible to obtain. This goes for those accused offenders as well as victims. Of one thing I am sure, in the end the truth will win; truth liberates. It remains forever.

God loves nothing more than justice. People rejoice when justice is done, when criminals are put behind bars and not the innocent. This is why I spoke up at the Kapunda Road Royal Commission and I am speaking out now.  

The full truth will emerge in time - with or without the consent of politicians, with or without an independent, truthful media.

God will do it HIS way.

With HIM are strength and wisdom,

The deceived and the deceiver are HIS.

Job 12, 16

Chapter 24