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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                        Dieter R. Fischer                                                         Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL    Index      ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 15    Written/Published 24.5 - 30.5.10


15.     For all and t

As I commence this chapter on 24/5/10 Adelaide is receiving its heaviest rain for weeks. Gardeners and farmers must be rejoicing over the heaven sent blessing.

(Continued May 28th)

The above introduction was all I managed on Monday 24th. I was suffering from severe abdominal pain (Bowel). 

A few hours before continuing with this chapter I was released from Modbury Hospital, the major medical facility of Adelaide's North-Eastern suburbs. 

My abdominal pain was not caused by an unborn baby inside my tummy. I'm a male after all. A blockage in the system, something I had a problem with as a teenager, caused the pain. Thankfully, expert diagnosis and treatment rectified the problem. I acknowledge the excellent care and treatment by doctors and nurses. Thank you all.

Next time I hear a person exclaim in disgust Oh, shit ...! I will remember the orgasmic release, produced at 7.07 AM on the day of writing. The doctor didn't want to examine the evidence. He trusted me and I was discharged!


Laying in a hospital bed was an ideal time to think. Out of the six pages in my diary, on incident which took place on the evening before discharge, I must write about. What happened was typical of what has taken place right through my turbulent live-drama, scattered over my eight books: I see (C) something, a link drops into my brain, I think about it a little further and amazing revelations appear from deep inside.

The Holy Spirit works in many wonderful ways. Apart from this powerful force guiding my thoughts and paths I have no explanation, what is taking place.

The results of these brainwaves can really only be one of  three things:

1. An outworking of a strange mental condition, at worst a serious mental illness. But since the days of my breakdown, well over ten years ago, I am free of medication or symptoms of madness, if you don't regard my writing as madness. 

2. A co-incident. If it's all nothing, why should I occupy my mind with co-incidences, they happen to everybody everyday? Full-stop. End of story!  Had I done this ten years ago I would not have laboured thousands of hours, writing eight books and publishing them online.

3. After I had written that I was a prophet - no more than that - that I was called by God to expose the works of the devil, I had claimed that nothing is too hard for God.  I had invited honest doubters to test God. HE would reveal Himself. On that basis, instead of dismissing co-incidences, I would think it through: Could it be a test by a believer, a doubter or even God testing my obedience? So what was there to lose in noting and reporting what I saw and let readers be the judge. 

It takes a simple mind to play my game. For example, in the English language the word see sounds exactly like the letter C. To many sophisticated, academically trained brains this is just too simple. To think that God would use such a thing to show Himself? My family has long ago distanced themselves from my code, if ever they tried to understand it. We never talk about it.

The incident, which happened less than 24 hours before writing, involves the 100 = C = See, as well as codes a/o and the 'plus e' code. Had I not been well enough to watch television in the foyer of the hospital ward, I would have missed it all. But I saw it and thought about it. 

What finally convinced me that what I saw may a test, a clue: The registration plate ULK ... The three letters ULK, read backwards, sound like clue. The German word ULK translates to joke, hoax or lark. 

Another reason I sat in the foyer watching TV was the unbearable noise in my room. Renovations were taking place on the floor above. I was first watching Channel Seven News (note the word) followed by Home and Away (note the word home). I was looking forward to the show that was to follow - Geraldine, the Vicar of Dibley, and her unholy mob. (I had to make a correction in the previous chapter. I referred to her as his .... read on).

Right at the end of Home and Away a Mercedes Benz driver was shown, as he followed a young man threateningly, as he was walking along a dark road. As soon as I saw the registration plate I thought: "Hey, that's interesting!" The registration plate ULK 752 immediately took me back 20 years or so, when I knew a Pastor, who was driving a Ford, registration plate ULK 703. 

It all went from there. First I deducted one from the other and wondered: Was this the KLU - 4 en in?

I double-checked the facts. The episode of Home and Away 27.5.10 is online on a 21.53 Min. video on Channel Seven's website. The Mercedes appears at the 21.03 Min. mark. - Isn't that weird how on editing I just saw 50?

I thought about it in the night a little more. The registration plate from over 20 years ago belonged to a Pastor I had written about, very early in my supernatural journey, in Book 1, Chapter 23. (More of this chapter in a moment). One of my earliest, weird links came in that chapter. It is associated with the name Newsham. Applying the a/o code (+e) I recreated Newsham into News home

In this chapter I had started to ask the question, when is a co-incident a God-incident? I did what Christians should do with questions about God - pray, give it to God and let HIM guide.

(Is South Australia the only place, where more and more laws are made, which make no sense and just make life harder? When will they make laws that will forbid Christians to think and pray?

Actually, that would not bother many Christians at all. Why think and pray, when the TV thinks for you and all seems well on the leaking cruise ship?


During the night, still thinking about the two registration plates, I suddenly could see (C) a link to that day's date 27.5.10.

The date was the 27th (2 X 7 = 14) >>> May 2010 = 5 (2) = 55 >>>  010 = 100 = C)!

 The final piece fell into place, after I added the two registration plates.

752 plus 703 = 1455!

One of my son's first motor car held registration plate ...455. Amazing how 455 won fits into here. Isaiah 45, 5:

"I am the Lord, and there is no other, there is no God  besides me. I will gird you, though you have not known me". 

God girded Australia by C. How I wished Australians all, young and free, would rejoice would want to know HIM and follow HIS ways! 

- - - - - - -


During my brief hospital stay I had time to read. I found it most unusual to find a spelling error in a Readers Digest Magazine. But then, taking a closer look, I thought about it ...

Readers Digest April 2010, Page 91 

The spelling error above (in the fourth line) =  +e). 

In this article titled 'The fantastic world of Imaginary friends' a few famous people tell their stories. The first one was by radio presenter Jeff Wortman, whose imaginary friend he used to call Mani. Wortman's name was highlighted in pale green, the same colour as that of Justin Hamilton.

The colour linked Wortman with Hamilton, a comedian. He had had an imaginary friend Jeff.rey (Dot added)

An economist, Tim Harcourt, in his story wrote about his grandfather Ken Harkowitz ... 

(Aha, on writing this I just saw the joke: Insert e into Harkowitz = Hear OK witz!  Witz in German means joke. If we deduct wit from Witz we arrive at z. 

If we deduct wit from withe (the above spelling error) we get he. 

(That I had just written above about another German word for joke ULK above is TUM - totally unplanned magic, unless it's just co-incident).

Is there a hidden message in above paragraph? The Orthodox Jew did not get entry into Bondi Surf Life Saving Club, so he changed his name and - straight in!  Message: Change your name and get into the club?


The word Surf Lifesaving Club and Court link well together in my world. My imaginary friend was a volunteer for the Surf Lifesaving Club. He also worked in the courts. Now he is locked up in a jail cell. (I am in the process of taking the case to the new Attorney-General). 

I have a friend. HE is definitely not imaginary. And HE is more than a friend, HE is my Father in Heaven, who knows the innermost thoughts of all. Oh, that we would teach our children about the REAL friend we all can have, if we only accept HIS offer to be HIS friend - now and forever! 

- - - - - - - 


Another Readers Digest excerpt - April 2010


P 103: Another article was about a man of passion from Arizona, who now lives in Australia,. He is a collector of all kinds of board-games. 

Dean met (at his house, it seems) many like-minded players online. He only knew them by their user-name. He introduced them to his wife as John, Richard, Andy and DeathLord 9000. They just call him DL. 

Am I glad it wasn't LD. 

- - - - - - -


Isn't this amazing and totally unplanned? My next magical experience to write about took place on Sat 22/5/2010. To refresh my memory I turned to that page in my diary. (I often do this, otherwise how could I recall all that God is doing?)

The diary for that Saturday starts with this sentence: "Got up real early, 4.50am ... Can you see, why I find it magic? (The two letters above the dotted line).

On that Saturday morning I spent almost an hour watering our front garden with the watering can. I knew that I would be writing again soon. My mind was thinking. Exercise and thinking go well together. Back inside I opened my web pages. Where should I start reading? At random I chose Book 1, Chapter 22. (Yes, because it was the 22nd). While reading my chapters I was listening to the ABC's radio quiz.

Chapter 22 and 23 are the beginning of my unusual supernatural experiences, where the timing of events created certain co-incidences. Chapter 23 especially, the one where Mr. and Mrs. Newsham receive a mention, holds the beginning of the dilemma in my journey: When does a co-incidence turn into a God-incidence? 

After the radio quiz had finished I switched to Radio 1323 to listen to relaxing music. Just at that moment I opened my Chapter 24. What came out of the radio at that same second could not have been timed better: Nana Mouskouri started singing her hit song "Four-and-twenty hours ..."

The lyrics of this song address a question, which has often occupied my mind. How can we measure love*? How can I convey to somebody I deeply love them, how much they really mean to me? 

Love is a word that so easily said
You must have heard it all before
There may be ways that I could prove my love instead
Believe me I couldn't love you more.

In a further little twist I noted that in that chapter (23) I had pointed out that our address is in the street that's 'All-good', Number 24. 

If you're not sure how to show love to God, one thing is for sure - God is waiting to shower us with HIS love four-and-twenty hours of every day. Accept the invitation! 

*Stop Press: Within two hours or so of writing about this song I attended the monthly Gaither sing-a-long at a local church. There would have been many reasons, apart from the cold, rainy night, to stay home in the comfort or the warm lounge. But I wanted to go, since we had missed the previous month.

The DVD screened was of the 'old' songs. I never heard 'There is a River sung with such passion ..." The very last song touched everyone, the lyrics and the tune: 


The Love of God

The love of God is greater far
Than tongue or pen can ever tell;
It goes beyond the highest star,
And reaches to the lowest hell;
The guilty pair, bowed down with care,
God gave His Son to win;
His erring child He reconciled,
And pardoned from his sin.

Refrain: O love of God, how rich and pure!
How measureless and strong!
It shall forevermore endure
The saints’ and angels’ song.

When years of time shall pass away,
And earthly thrones and kingdoms fall,
When men, who here refuse to pray,
On rocks and hills and mountains call,
God’s love so sure, shall still endure,
All measureless and strong;
Redeeming grace to Adam’s race—
The saints’ and angels’ song.


Could we with ink the ocean fill,
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above,
Would drain the ocean dry.
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.


Words: Fred­er­ick M. Leh­man; he wrote this song in 1917 in Pas­a­de­na, Cal­i­fornia, and it was pub­lished in Songs That Are Dif­fer­ent, Vol­ume 2, 1919. The lyr­ics are based on the Jew­ish poem Had­da­mut, writ­ten in Ara­ma­ic in 1050 by Meir Ben Isaac Ne­hor­ai, a can­tor in Worms, Ger­ma­ny; they have been trans­lat­ed in­to at least 18 lang­uages.                  

(Copied/Pasted  - - the dashes just appeared !?) 


- - - - - - -

May 2010 was a very radio-active month. Just after midnight, on the morning of writing, I was laying in my hospital bed listening to the transistor radio. In the ABC's nightly quiz listeners from all over Australia phoned in to answer questions. If you give the right answer you get another question, until you fail to answer correctly. 

Last night I heard what must have been the dumbest answer to any quiz question ever:

Question: "Borrelly is the name of the darkest object in the universe known to man. What is it?

There were a few attempts at an answer, such as Black Hole, Moon etc. But one answer given tops the list for the 'wrongest' answer ever given in a quiz. A contestant from Wheeler's Hill (which is a Melbourne suburb, love the postcode 3150) answered: "The sun!" 

He wasn't the brightest, was he; a 5150 from 3150, perhaps? The answer is - Borrelly is a comet. Later in the quiz there were two questions, where the answers were 9, and then 50!

Not long afterwards, on another station, I heard another beauty. On the talk-back station Five AA I heard a very confident man talking about a subject close to my heart. He questioned the truthfulness of statements we hear in the media, and a how an ordinary person could check, if it came from a truthful source. 

He did speak very fast. I was wondering, if his brain really kept up with his mouth. This is how I heard him explaining certain words: 

"An opinion is when I say - Kevin Rudd is more handsome than Tony Abbott. A fact is when I say - Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia. A claim is when I say Lindy Chamberlain didn't eat the dingo ...." 

The caller said it as if he was serious, not as a joke. Lindy wasn't a cannibal, she was Seventh-Day Adventist. Why would she even consider eating a dingo? Maybe the caller meant to say: The dingo ate Lindy Chamberlain's baby?

- - - - - - -

LEAD or no DEAL?

- - - - - - -


My wife, the onlooker in what I see as an amazing adventure with God, no longer regarded my escapades on the computer as a mental illness. Hallelujah! She now views my writing as her hubby's hobby. Even if all my writing were nothing but my hobby, it opens an interesting question: How much should a married couple share each other's hubby, sorry hobby?

No, a Christian's pilgrimage is not a hobby. It is one of self-discovery. Who am I? What on earth am I here for? This journey takes place at a spiritual level as well as the natural. All of us have to take it on our own. No, not entirely on our own - with God. 

Usually, after uploading a chapter late at night I don't sleep well. Waking on May 5th was no different. The bombshell revelation of the class photo, pointing to the names Dieter and So(h)n, kept my spirit stirred. How can this be? Also the timing factor of my upload had me thinking. I finished Chapter 14 just as the P/C clock displayed 10.45, the digits of the date backwards. 

Just now I also see 1450. Wasn't 50 a prominent number in Chapter 14? During the final three minutes leading up to 10.45, I must admit, I slowed the pace just a little - God is seldom early.

That Wednesday morning I heard on the ABC News that the new Attorney-General, the Hon. John Rau, was to be sworn in during a ceremony in the Supreme Court. I imagined that the event was only open to big wigs, if you pardon the pun. But why then did the news item include the exact time and place where this function was held?

I had not planned anything for that day. Why not cycle into town and do a prayer circuit around Victoria Square? Any Christian who is looking for hobby may consider travelling to places of civic importance and uphold them in prayer. A prayer vigil has been going for years outside the Mareeba Abortion Clinic, Woodville. 

For some reason that morning I cycled a slightly different route, crossing Main North Road at Stillwell Ford, Medindie, to arrive at Prospect Road. To my right an ambulance had stopped near the corner Martin St. Obviously there had been a minor accident. (It was ambulance No. 101, which I had noted a few days earlier at another location).

Another cyclist came out of a side street. We met up again moments later at the traffic lights on the intersection with Fitzroy Tce. I was right behind the young man, waiting for the traffic lights to change. He was wearing jeans. I could clearly see the trademark label. I did not record the brand of jeans, only the serial number - 553. 

Still at the same red light a black Four-Wheel drive vehicle stopped close beside me. Through the window I could read the badge of the passenger, a male with a uniform type jacket. I clearly could read the letters NYC (USA). The lights changed to green. I continued to Adelaide's Victoria Square. One day I shall end up at 553 St. Kilda again. That may come again, God willing. Like yours, my future is in HIS hand. 

At Victoria Square I was cheeky. I did not lock my bicycle to the metal bars provided, but onto a pole right outside the front door of the Supreme Court. Inside the swearing in ceremony of the new Attorney-General was already under way. On leaving the building a few men in blond wigs may see and know there is a GIANT watching from above? 

As I had done before I prayed my way around Victoria Square in an anti-clockwise direction, from the Supreme Court to the Magistrate's Courts, the new Federal / Family Court etc. There was an interesting discovery outside this building. Large signs advertised the brand of coffee used. How fitting - Vittoria on Victoria Square? Can you C the t - Vittoria on Victoria? 

Turning north I paused near the statue of Mary McKillop, who will be made Australia's first saint later in 2010. Inside St. Xavier's Cathedral were red and white flags on all the pillars. I asked a young man, who was busy sweeping, what the flags meant. Cleaner's don't look up and think. They are busy looking down and work.

I think the flags may have been displayed since Easter, representing the blood of Christ and the resurrection. The two angels, who proclaimed that Jesus had risen, were wearing white. No longer were animal sacrifices necessary. Jesus was killed. He gave his blood so that all who avail themselves to this wonderful truth are washed clean, white as snow.

On the way out of the Cathedral I picked up a newsletter and put it into my pocket. I am glad I did. Looking through it later I recognized a name from years ago. His name was listed among those wanting to be prayed for, who were suffering from illness, Gary L. Sharon M. ...etc. Gary had been a licence examiner for years. We even had been taking regular bushwalks in a small group. 

Outside the Premier's Department I picked up a small black O and considered keeping it as a souvenir, but I had reached a higher level than collecting bits of stuff. (Now, 5 cent coins are a different matter, read on).


Epoch Times Newspaper

Three black O in a Puzzle for Peace

It had been years since I looked at an Epoch Times Newspaper. The timing of doing so seemed right - just after I had written, suggesting that O could replace the cross as the Christian symbol.

Looking at the letters above, applying minus R code leaves LD. Interesting! 

- - - - - - -


Outside the town hall I prayed for our city and our Lord Mayor. I had taught his son to drive many years earlier. Since then we also met up a few times during Liberal Party events. He is the recipient of at least one whistle-blowing letter from me. I don't even know, if it was ever passed on to him?  

Looking down onto the smooth slate floor right outside the main entrance, I suddenly saw a small yellow band with a word printed on it. It was very small and read simply VANILLA. How distant are my memories of Vanilla - all in a V? Whatever happened to Vanilla Coke?

I considered taking it as a souvenir, but it was glued fast, I could not remove it without destroying it anyway. I left it. A week later I paid a quick visit. It was still there.

At another level, high up on a sandstone building, right across from the town hall I noticed more words. Readers may wonder, if I got any praying done that morning? Good point! I agree, it would be easier to avoid distraction to be taking a prayer mat and ...  What would security do, finding a man kneeling on a prayer mat outside the Town Hall? Is there a word, which describes fear of religion?

In large letters the company name was cut in stone at the top section, above the pylons of the Greek Style stone building in King William* Street. What was really meant by: CITIZENS LIFE ASSURANCE LIMITED. 

*Mr. Williams may know all about that! (See story Chapter 12).

I crossed the road and turned south again toward the Samuel Way building. To my right were the Anthony Mason Chambers (nice name, name address 201 VIC Square). A flag was hanging out of a window four floors above, maybe five? It was the Italian flag. Italy had featured prominently in the chapter I had uploaded the night before. 

Now isn't that amazing? A discovery on editing. I had chosen green as the only colour in my header for this final Chapter of Book 8. A moment ago I wrote about the red and white flags inside St.Xavier's Cathedral. Now the Italian Flag appears - red, white and green! 

Friends, God is giving us a green light! Go - let God. 


In an outdoor Cafe, right in the north-west corner of Victoria Square, sat a group of lawyers. Even without wigs I could tell they were lawyers. One had played a big role in the Kapunda Road Royal Commission some years back. In moments like this it all comes flooding back to me, the injustice, the frustration of not being listened to, the brutal silence by those in power. All the while a man is lingering innocently in a jail cell. How long do they think God is keeping silent?

Before let my feeling run away I call on HIM for calmness. What a wonderful feeling to be able to unload the weight, to roll it onto HIM, who said HE will carry me through! HE will carry what I can't. HE does that which I can't. 

A comforting verse comes to mind: "He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it."  (1. Thess. 5, 24).

On the way past the Hilton Hotel I could not ignore a T-Shirt a person was wearing - LOS ANGELES. Had I not written about printed messages on T-shirts, while walking past the Hilton Hotel? I know if LA was to happen again, HE would do it.

- - - - - - -


The sad part is that even though many see IT they still don't believe. Many bend the knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. But it's a matter of the heart and not only the tongue. Whilst a death-bed confession, if done sincerely, can become a pathway to eternal life in heaven, would it not be better to live all of life for God, now?

The day before writing I was talking to a neighbour. He said he does not believe. I suggested to think about the word eternity and to look into the sky and ponder, where does it end? How could anybody not come to the conclusion that there must be a power behind it all, an intelligent mind? 

The trouble is humans want to figure it out for themselves, without God - fierce independence at all cost. All God asks is to acknowledge HIM as creator and as ultimate power of the universe. This power is not as we understand it. It's soft power - Love.  

You may be a preacher, a bishop or the Pope - without a deep conviction of the existence of God, even though you don't understand IT all, your works or words are futile. 

The biblical Character of Job was a man, who had a deep relationship with God, a rock-solid assurance which made him exclaim: "I know that my redeemer lives.".  

While reading my bible in hospital I came across an interesting verse in the biblical book of Job. In Chapter 26. Verse 10 it says: "HE (God) drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters, at the boundary of light and darkness."

Does this not clearly speak of a round earth, visible when looking at the horizon of an ocean? Had the church hierarchy in the 17th century read this verse they would not have prosecuted Galileo, nor put him on trial for claiming the earth moves around the sun. At the time believing that the earth was other than flat, and the centre of the universe, was regarded as heresy.

Even the infallible Pope got it wrong. It took until 1992 before the church officially acknowledge their error.


(Outside - a storm and heavy rain!)

An observation I made following Australia's most devastating natural disaster could fall under the classification of heresy by non-believers. I refer to Saturday Feb. 7th, when Victoria experienced its worst bushfires ever.

On Oct. 10th 2008 the Victorian Parliament passed this law:

...virtually allowing abortion for any reason at any stage of pregnancy - right through to term - overruled doctor's freedom of choice and liberty of conscience not to be involved in this process. (Newsletter Christian Democratic Party, Feb 10).

It was four more months (120 days exactly) to Black Saturday. Maybe Emily's List should re-think their creed?

(How amazing - the logo of Emily's List USA* is almost identical to the colours of Australia's Surf Life Saving Association. The colours of traffic lights without the green! (Source: Wikipedia). 

What's this? How strange? The writer in the Feb 10 Newsletter of the Christian Democratic Party (I quoted him above) has the surname Moran. Now, after searching Wikipedia for Emily's List I stumbled across a lady with that very same surname. Here it is - unedited*, copied/pasted from Wikipedia:


Also in 2005, Ellen Moran as executive director for the second time to head the nation's largest political action committee,[1][dead link] before becoming Barack Obama's communications director in November 2008.


Did you notice there is no verb (no V ER B). The words - was elected - appear to be missing. (Please nobody edit it - sometimes mistakes tell a story!) 

This may explain why Mr. Obama has chosen to support the pro-choice feminist camp! 

Sir, if you are reading this, please scroll to the top of the page and look at the photo of the baby for four more months, sorry minutes. Then think again ... ! 

- - - - - - -


Stop Press: On the morning of publishing I woke at 3.05 AM. How odd, the date was 30th May 10. I went to the bathroom and considered the situation. Was God trying to show me something? Should I turn on the TV or radio? Knowing I wanted to finish this book, and having had only 3 hours sleep, I went back to bed. 

Before falling asleep it came: A link in one of my chapters from the words - was elected - to Barack Obama! In Book 7, Chapter 16 the text of the road side pulpit outside the church read: "ELECTED BY GOD FOR US, CHRIST AS KING."

The time was exactly when the polls closed in the 2008 Presidential Elections.

- - - - - - -


A word to Australian voters: Leading up to our forthcoming election my sensitive spirit has noted that our present Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is no longer in favour with the media. Newspapers have printed headlines, making him look bad. At the same time there have been many, possibly baseless, reports, saying that there are calls for replacing the church-going Mr. Rudd with his deputy Ms. Gillard.

Ms. Gillard and many other female Labor politicians are prominent members of Australia's Emily's list. If this is their church, God help Australia. But then - HE may not! 

Emily's List slogan: When women support women, women win! 

Can anybody at Schindler's List, sorry Emily's List please explain, who it is you are fighting against? Who is your enemy? Is it the same face that I suggested Barack Obama should take a look at - and think again?


There is no doubt in my mind that a remote power, the Holy Spirit, is guiding my paths, be it online or otherwise. Before closing the Emily's List web-page I had planned to write next about a weekend, where the number 210 showed up.

Just before closing their website (Emily's list Australia) I took a brief look around. Their address listed is 210 L .... Street.

- - - - - - -


For days I had been thinking about a trip to the York Peninsula. An event was to be held at Moonta Mines, 150 kilometres west, on 16/5/2010, as part of their 150 year-celebrations. The weather forecast for that weekend was favourable, cool to cold, but little wind or rain.

Not since New Zealand had I been for an overnight ride. Let me share how my spirit reasoned, how I came to take this cycling trip to this event.

After rising on Saturday 15/5 my prayer was: "Do you really want me to go to this event, Lord?"

I went online and checked, if a ticket was still available. There was. I went to the kitchen window to check the weather, generally. As I did my eyes fell on the digital gauge, which measures the outside temperature. As I looked I saw 12.8 (+C = 228). That same nanosecond I looked it dropped back to 12.7.

This figure 12.7 immediately took my brain to a registration plate of a friend, who had lived, and died only weeks earlier, in Moonta. (He was my elderly driving instructor friend who, until falling ill, took me to his church and helped me with the roadside pulpit mentioned above. (Photo - Book 7, Chapter 16).

Not only was his registration plate 127, later it came to me that the remaining data also fitted perfectly WAK. I planned to stay the night in Port Wakefield. I went back online to book my ticket. 

Just before pressing the final credit card authorization, about quarter of an hour later, I again had doubts. Was I doing the right thing? I made a deal with ... If the temperature was still 12.7 I will finalize this payment, pack my gear and go. Normally, would not the temperature have risen a few notches, as the sun rose? It had not, it still was 12.7. I was all packed and in the saddle of my Giant around 11 AM, cycling west.  

There is only one road from Adelaide to the York Peninsula. I had taken it many times over the years, but never on the bicycle. In recent times it was mostly with my driving instructor friend, the late Jack, before he moved there permanently.

At Dublin my small adventure nearly came to an end - a flat tyre. An old patch on the tube was leaking again. I replaced it with the spare tube I carried. But no luck. Air escaped around the valve stem and that can't be patched up. I had no choice, but to repair the original tube. But ...

Trying to peel off an old patch from a tube is not a good idea. As I tried it the tube split about an inch (2.5 cm). Doubts started in my mind. Had I made the wrong decision? Was it plain stupid to base a decision to take a long journey on what the weather gauge reads?

I could have given up right then. Isobel would have made the 120 km round trip to pick me up. But I was not that easily beaten. I had remembered to buy a new set of patches that week. I put one over the split, then another, a larger one, on top of that. After an hour delay I was back on the road. 

Many Adelaidians know Port Wakefield merely as a petrol stop. But those who take a longer break and turn down Edward Street will be surprised at the historic precinct and what remains of the port. There is a beautiful small stretch of water with picnic tables and toilets. 

After pitching my tent and showering, I spent a lovely evening, watching the sunset over the water. The reflection of the sunlit caravans in the park made a sensational picture. I regretted not carrying my camera.


 My three-day Adelaide to the York Peninsula excursion.

The blue section is only about 50 kilometres. Had I started out earlier in the day and/or no flat tyre, I would have probably made it to Moonta in one stretch. But then there would have been no story about 210. 


Since there was no church service in town I left the Caravan Park at 8.15 AM. I cycled up Burra Street and turned left into West Street. There would have been alternatives, but I write it as it was. On the intersection to Edward Street, as I turned right I spotted a five cent coin on the road. Why did I bother to turn back and picked it up? In hindsight I was glad I did. 

Only a matter of seconds later, outside the Rising Sun Hotel, I spotted another five cent coin. Maybe it was my previous experience in picking up coins, even 5 cent coins, Australia's smallest in size and value. I may have done it out of respect. 

Two five-cent coins richer I continued up Edward Street. The first vehicle seconds later, which met my eyes coming the other way was registration number ... 275. Silly, but this gave me some encouragement; perhaps I did the right thing - No. 7 in between 2 5?

I turned left on the main highway, past all the petrol stations and struggled against a cold wind heading west. A hill called 'The Hummocks' was the only real hilly section. It's a place I will forever remember. (Details on the return journey).


Three coins in a diary ...

The coin at the corner West/Edward Streets looked like it had been there for a long time, unlike the shiny one, a short distance away outside the Rising Sun Hotel.

The object shown in the top right corner is also a five-cent coin. I had picked it up during a bike ride on May 6th to Semaphore, where Radio ABC 891 was broadcasting from.

I found it odd that somebody would bend a five cent coin in half and then discard it on Ocean Steamer Road, Port Adelaide, just before the Expressway to Adelaide. 

Why not - five-cent coins as a work of art? Just bend it or find two at the right time and place!


I took a break and had a snack on a table outside the Paskeville Hotel. It was very quiet that morning. I could not help thinking about my friend back home in an Adelaide jail cell. When he was a youth, so I have been told, his father owned this very hotel. Peter Liddy has fond memories of roaming the paddocks around the wheat silos opposite his father's business.

I was tired and glad when I arrived at the Cornish Copper Mining Town of Moonta. My watch showed exactly 12 Noonan. The ABC News was just coming on as I passed the Welcome to Moonta sign.

The caravan park was ten dollars more expensive than Port Wakefield. Paying $ 27 I expected at least a place where I could boil water for a coffee, and a refrigerator to store my milk. (Hot water out of a laundry tap is not the same, but thanks anyway for the real helpful hint). Just writing this made me go to the kitchen and boil the kettle just for the sake of it. (I shouldn't compare, but during my travels in Queensland, caravan parks were better equipped and cheaper.)

The big event I came for was held in the Moonta Mines Uniting Church in Milne Street. It was a performance of Haendel's Messiah by distinguished soloists, accompanied by the Adelaide Conservatorium Chamber Orchestra and choristers from various towns in the district and Adelaide. My first surprise was the size of the crowd. The whole town must have turned up. The historic church with its wooden interior and pews was packed to the rafters. A sign read it holds 1250. 

I'm glad I spent 2 Dollars for a program that afternoon. Not having attended church that morning I was able to follow the scriptures of Haendel's masterpiece. I noted that the event started at 3PM on the 16th. On the inside cover of the program was printed a famous 3, 16 scripture. Not John, but 1.Tim. 3,16: 

"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness; He who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the spirit, Seen of angels, Preached among the nations, Believed on in the world, Received up in glory."

Aha, it just came. At the time I had noticed, but just remembered again: During the interval, outside the church, I said hello to the only person I recognized among the big gathering. His name - Tim.


Another strange thing happened during the interval. I walked outside to my bicycle, which was locked against the iron fence. I took a sip of my water bottle and just stretched my legs, taking a few steps here and there. Next, I casually looked on the ground. In the sandy soil I saw something which looked like ... it was; a two dollar coin. Now I was 2.10 richer.

A chapter in my autobiography is titled 'The 2.10's of Jesus (Book 4, Chapter 28). How peculiar that years later, during a performance about the life of the Messiah (Jesus) I should be finding coin to make it 2.10.

How can this be?

But there was more. Codes came across my ears and entered my mind during the performance. One soloist sang the word for, when the program read all. This came in movement 27. (There were a total of 53 movements, but not all were performed). 

Next, I saw the word 'and' printed in error. (My diary also says the word 'in' was missing). 

Lastly, there was one word misprinted, which changed the meaning of the text rather significantly. It came as the soloist sang the scripture I had touched on earlier in the chapter: Job's solid commitment to God:

"I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon this earth. And though worms destroy his (sic) body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." (Job 19: 25-26).

Job did have a sick body. The sic here simply means I repeated the misprint. It was not his (God's body) that was eaten by worms, it was Job's, which should have been expressed as 'this body'. 

I find this fascinating, how minor incidences of magic just happen, totally by surprise! In the previous chapter you will also find the misprinted word - his. Only the day before this writing did I make a correction as not to insult Geraldine, the Vicar.


Later at home I felt I ought to point out this (his or her) rather important missing t in an email to the organisers. Under my signature I wrote the code, which I came up with, thinking about it all later.


 Subject: Haendel's Messiah magic, dated 19th May, 2010. 

Hi all,

Just a brief note on how much I enjoyed your event on Sunday afternoon 16/5/10. Not knowing what to expect it was a thrill to be part of the greatest story ever told.

One minor point, actually no, it's rather major.  In verse 25 Job makes the most profound statement anyone who believes in mighty God could make: "I know that my redeemer lives."

In verse 26 Job your program says: "... thou worms destroy his body..." which could be understood as 'God's body and therefore makes no sense. If should read: "...thou worms destroy this body ..." Even if Job was prophesying about Jesus, the Messiah, his body was never eaten by worms. HE rose (53) from the dead.

The main thrust, of course, is that despite old age, sickness etc. Job looked forward to seeing God, his redeemer. So did George Friedrich Haendel.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer
 FOR ALL and


The f in the fifth to last line should be a t. This was a typing error. But the 53 in the third to last line was intentional. The next day, pedalling the bike away from the town toward Kadina, a vehicle exited a farm on my left. I read the registration plate very clearly -  ROSE 53. 

I remembered, the performance the day before had 53 movements. And which Christian does not know who Chapter 53 in the Book of Isaiah is all about?

- - - - - - -


The intention was to cycle home all the way on the Monday 17/5/10. Before leaving the town I bought my supplies at the local supermarket. It has been a long time since I saw codes in a grocery bill. But that morning I did. It was minutes before spotting ROSE 53. (Hey, even 53 fits the bill).

I only took a few minutes to grab a few items at the only supermarket in town, located at 21 George Street. Take a look at my somewhat weathered receipt: 


George Street was not named after Georg-Friedrich. 

Bananas, high in potassium and good for cyclists, were on special; so was Kabana, and less then half the cost of salami, which I would probably have bought normally. 

It came to me later on the bike. Crossing off letters in the two words (Banana / Kabana) leaves us with N K. 

(Hey, I just saw this - amazing, in my eyes. Take a look at the two store attendants listed - N & K Norm and Kayla). Georg-Friedrich would love the surname too - minus r, very calming. 

The total of my purchases 5.03 makes the date of this upload (backwards). But hey, right at the end, another 2 10.

Please let there be no misunderstanding. Pain de Champagne has nothing to do with a German's pain or French bubbles. It's what they call bread rolls, so the cost of $ 1.35 does not sound so bad. 

 - - - - - - - 


Conditions were perfect for cycling home that Monday. I decided to take the slightly longer route via Kadina. I only spent a short time there. It never entered my mind that in this reasonable sized town, the commercial hub of the York Peninsula, I could buy a spare tube for my Giant. Because I didn't think of it, I didn't do it. 

You guessed right. Trouble was on the way. It again happened as I was having lunch at Kulpara, about 15 km out of Port Wakefield. Pressing my thumb against the rear tyre, I felt I was losing air. I did what an optimist would do. I pumped then jumped into the saddle real quick, hoping to make it to Port Wakefield. 

It only lasted a few minutes. Halfway down the only hill on the whole trip, the Hummocks, the familiar, feared bump of the rear tyre, forced me to stop again, in the middle of nowhere.


Actually, the place was actually somewhere. It was within a stone's throw of the place, where my friend Matthew took his own life. I had taught him to drive years earlier and gotten to know him a bit. He had been suffering from Asperger Syndrome. His death came as a shock. He was only 31.

The question arises - is suicide sin? Will I see Matthew in heaven? Yes I will. He confessed to be a Christian and we had many interesting discussions. How could God condemn anyone for suffering from an illness?

Friend's, let's look at the gay issue from this same perspective. Will gay and lesbian people get to heaven? I say they can, if they truly want to follow God's ways. God is not condemning anyone for who they are, but read on! God judges for what you do! A gay person wilfully practicing this lifestyle is not following God's ways. 

Herein lay the core of the issue - God's way is that two people of the opposite sex enjoy intimacy together and produce children. 

Yes, there is room for friendships between men or amongst women. HE loves it when men enjoy each other's company or women get together and do good things together. But it must not progress into a sexual relationship.   

By the grace of God, if a person really wants to follow God, that person will ask God for the strength to live a clean life. It does not necessarily mean changing sexuality, even though this would be the ideal, and has proven to be possible.

Don't ever let guilt arise because of who you are - be it poor, be it disabled, be it a certain colour or race, or because your father is in prison etc. Guilt comes after wilfully doing wrong, doing what is an abomination in God's eyes. 

Living a life of joy, because you know the Saviour Jesus, is living a life free from guilt and shame. Humans who truly love God will love themselves. Yes, even a (non-practicing) gay person. 

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." (Romans 8, 1)

- - - - - - -


It surely is easier to write about a flat tyre on the push bike. After the rear tyre kept going flat once again I had a feeling that I was not going to cycle all the way home that day. Hoping the next patch may seal the large split in the tube, I used up all my patches. It got me to within 26 kilometres of Dublin.

My hands were filthy from all the grease, removing the chain each time. Without a spare tube and no more patches, I had little choice, but to do what I had not done since my youth - stick the thumb out and try and hitch a ride. Thankfully, it was a sunny, mild afternoon and there was plenty of passing traffic. But I needed one that would not pass by, but give my a ride. 

It was about 2.30 PM as I kept walking along Port Wakefield Road toward Dublin. There was a bright side to this inconvenience. If I got a ride, I would be home much earlier. Also I would avoid riding for about two hours in the dark on this fast road. It was not long when a 4 WD vehicle, pulling an empty trailer, pulled over. 

The driver was a country boy. He said, where he grew up it was unthinkable to just drive past a stranded traveller. Barry, who I salute and thank him here, not only drove me almost all the way home, he let me use his mobile phone to contact my wife to pick me up at Parafield Airport. 

- - - - - - - 


Friends, as I peruse my diary entries there is so much to write. I could complete a chapter every day. A journey with God, led by the Holy Spirit, is a never ending adventure; literally never-ever ending.

On the morning of writing on TV appeared a female psychic. She had made it big in LA and was going to start her own TV Show in LA LA LA ND. I suggested in an email the lady should have good look at her name, Sonita Singh, and consider singing instead. I don't believe in any psychic power, apart from God's Holy Spirit, which came to the 120, who had gathered in an upstairs room when HE came. ALL who ask for it can have an infilling of this Spirit, which gives power to live life as a winner.

The program included a live segment from the Sydney suburb of Mosman. Wasn't this the place, where I had been led to, discovering the number 210 in Superba Lane some years earlier? It was. The story is in Book 4, Chapter 28, titled: The 2.10's of Jesus.

Therefore I added to my email:

James at Awaba Street brought back memories. My girl, now my wife, lived at 147 Spit Road, when we were married. I bought my Wolseley 444 up the road there somewhere, near Superba Lane. 

The last box to fill in the online form was a subject. I wrote ''a superb Mosman girl'. Suddenly my eyes opened to the plus 1 code. One letter on from M is N - Mosman became NOSMAN - the numbers man!

I sense that those who know me and my facial features are tempted to apply the plus e code rather - the noseman! 


I emailed the above message to the TV Station at 8.22 AM. Due to the time difference between Adelaide and Sydney I knew my message would arrive in their inbox at 8.52 AM. What amazing timing it was! Right at that time, as an awesome surprise, the station aired a segment about a new movie - Legion. It's an action-packed block-buster about the end of the world.

Full marks to Hollywood for trying, even including a spiritual element... 

 "... but as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love HIM." (1. Corinthians 2, 9.)  


A timely NOS incident happened on the morning of a number-potent date - May 13, or 135. I had woken that morning with the thought that the word numbers is abbreviated NOS. Backwards it reads: Son.

After my prayer time I went back to bed and listened to Chuck Swindoll's regular talk. I can't recall details, only that he ended his 20 minute sermon with just that word - SON. 

Does it not make sense now, why God should choose numbers, plain boring numbers and use them with magic to break into our world and make HIMSELF known?


This reminds me, way back in 1969, when I first met Isobel, her phone number in Mosman had been 969 1834 (digit sequence slightly changed). 

The Son of God, the Son of Man, was revealed to destroy the works of the evil one! 

1. John 3, 8


Text: "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil."

It was years ago that I scribbled this code into my bible. I had become aware of the similarity between this verse and the reference number given to me after a tip-off to Crime Stoppers. (Book 1, Chapter 5).


With the push of a few buttons millions, yes billions around the world can see IT! The living creatures, all the photos on this website, all the magic wrapped into chapters, show that Revelations is coming to pass.


WOW - I just made a revelation, as I wrote about revelations. I was searching for a scripture, where it says 'every eye shall see HIM'. The first one that appeared suited perfectly - Revelations 1, 7. 

A couple of chapters back I wrote about the cloud, which I photographed during a holiday near Hay, New South Wales. What was the shape of that cloud? It was the number 7.

"Behold, He cometh with the clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen." (Revelation 1:7).


The Return of Christ is the best News item the world will ever hear. Those who have turned to God, and seek HIM with all sincerity and truth, will find HIM. The Coming of Christ is no subject for a frightening horror-movie. If ever there is one, it will be G-rated. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet.

God wants all to be saved, to be HIS forever.

"[God our Saviour] would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth." (1. Tim. 2, 4).

"For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son that whoever believes in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life". (John 3, 16).


You too can be saved. IT costs nothing, except your ALL. Think about IT.


End of Book 8.  >>>Continue to Book 9