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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                        Dieter R. Fischer                                                         Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL      Index     ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 14    Written/Published 29.4 - 4.05.10

This chapter features again numbers 4 1 4 (and 7) and many significant names. 

"HE counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by name." (Psalm 147, 4)


14. Jolly numbers, jolly thieves 

At the end of the previous chapter, shortly after publishing, I had to make a correction. The name of the person I had written about (Chris Warren) was definitely correct. But I possibly thought in error that I had written to him about the Liddy case. It may have been that of photographer Derick Sands and Mrs. Trish Draper.

The lady back then was our local Federal Member for Makin. She was allegedly taking Sands, her then boyfriend, on an overseas trip and made the taxpayer pay expenses. To do so, she claimed he was her spouse. (Story Book 2, Chapter 42).

Unknown (at least to me) at that time was the fact that Sands was a suspect in a murder investigation. When this detail was later reported by two broadcasters, Sands took them both to court, claiming he'd lost his job and reputation, by their reports. He sued the two TV Stations, but lost the case in 2009. 

A news item on the evening before writing, on our public broadcaster ABC radio, made my antenna go up. Here is their online transcript, possibly word for word, of the news item I had heard:


"South Australian police want the Supreme Court to throw out a case brought by a man they named as a murder suspect.

Derick Sands claims police defamed him and breached their duties by identifying him as a suspect for the 1997 murder of model Corrina Marr.

She was shot dead in her unit at Collinswood.

Mr Sands claims he lost his job as a media photographer and his reputation was damaged.

Police applied last month for the case to be thrown out over concern about the confidentiality of police intelligence.

In an affidavit, Deputy Commissioner Gary Burns said police had been asked to disclose information known only to the killer and publicly providing it could allow destruction of evidence.

The court heard Mr Sands wanted the Deputy Commissioner cross-examined.

The case was adjourned until July.

 (End Press release)


Interesting, why a murder suspect would want the Deputy Police Commissioner cross-examined? Normally, it's the other way round. And so it should be.

Thanks to another blogger, who wrote in great detail on her blog in July 2009, I can understand, why Mr. Sands was named as the suspect murderer. Anyone watching cop-shows on TV, or read crime novels, knows the first question detectives ask a suspect: "Where were you, when ...?"

Mr. Sands was a possible suspect. He had admitted to having been naked in bed with Ms. Marr, a married women, the murder victim. A work colleague in court stated that Sands admitted to her that Sands had spoken to the murdered woman on the day of the murder. 

Here is how he answered the big question, his alibi:

(Above information, plus this extract, is from, a lady, who obviously followed the case closer than I have, dated July 27, 2009)


As for Derick Sands, he has given three versions of his whereabouts on the day of Corinna's murder.

He first stated that on the afternoon of the 4th of July 1997 he was in the dark room all afternoon at the Salisbury office. When aasked to explain, therefore, why his boss had not been able to contact him on the afternoon in question, Sands replied that he must have left the office 'to buy a drink'.

Then, in 2004, Sands produced job sheets that proved he was working in areas no where near Collinswood on the afternoon.

However, it was revealed that Sands had lied on these job sheets, as work he claimed to have carried out himself, were carried out by another.

Justice Bleby, presiding over the defamation case, said: 'One of them (the job sheets) related to a job carried out by him (Sands) during the afternoon, which as the plaintiff well knew, was not carried out by him.

'Yet it was presented, along with other job sheets of the day, as evidence which might suggest that he was engaged on that assignment at the time of the murder.'

During cross-examination at the trial, Sands then stated he was actually in Elizabeth during that afternoon, and had visited a bank and took his girlfriend's computer for repair before having lunch and returning to the office. However, Sands' former girlfriend told the court that at the time she did not own a computer, and would use Sands' instead.


(End Extract)


The writer quite rightly asks the same questions, which would be the first thing a detective should ask: Why would Sands come up with three doubtful alibis, when he could have said, he can't remember, where he was at the time of the murder?

Another apparent discrepancy in his story: Sands claims in his defamation case that his career was ruined by the allegations made by Channel Seven and the ABC. However, his bosses revealed that he lost his job after being given repeated warnings about his conduct. 

Now this latest press release raises another vital question: Why has the police not been able to get a conviction? Maybe they should try a bit harder, questioning the suspect further and establishing his true whereabouts on the afternoon of the murder!

Hey, I may have been in the vicinity? In 1997 I was teaching a young man a few doors away from the flat. I even remember his name - Sayers. (He says).


When I wrote Chapter 42 I had not known that this gentleman was not only linked to the female MP's expense account story, but also a suspect in the Marr murder case. My interest in this case centres less on who-did-it', as in the role the police and the media was and is playing.

When I checked  a few days ago what the Adelaide Advertiser had to say about the latest court action, I looked in vain. Their online version, AdelaideNow, did not make a mention of the latest court action, neither did the TV News, unless of course, I missed it.

What do I really think took place way back in 2004? I never believed the female MP, whom I knew personally from the Liberal Party, would be so stupid as to take a much younger man on an overseas holiday. And if she did, would she not be very careful, as to ensure she pays for him out of her own money or indeed, let him pay his own way?


What made me really think the whole story was bulldust? The tabloid TV gossip machine was working overtime at the time. They just loved the script - a morals campaigner had sinned. Trish had been very outspoken about TV's Channel Big Brother uncut, and the French shock film Baise Moi. Now she not only fell morally (an affair with a much younger man) but allegedly cheated in the finance department as well.

(Readers may revisit Chapter 12, the paper clipping, where the Advertiser Newspaper had to apologize for printing a story about Trish, which had no basis whatsoever!)

Maybe I am right also, when I identified another media invention? One TV program tried to tell viewers that Sands' passport had a notation, which supposedly identified him as: Spouse of politician!  Utter garbage!

May I ask the question again - did Mrs. Draper really give her three son such a bad example and have a fling with a ten-years younger photographer, and then make the taxpayer foot the bill? 


I have seen too many stuff-ups here in Adelaide, first hand; nothing surprises me any longer. Just to name two cases - Liddy, Easling, McGee. How many more are there? 

When a legal system replaces justice, it's more important that rules and regulations have been followed to the letter of the law. Common sense, let alone truth, has no place. My common sense argument, searching*

*On editing 4/5/10 on Southern Star Radio NZ, a male voice sang 'search me', the same nanosecond I typed this ... He is (still) singing ... Shine, Jesus, shine ... set our hearts on fire ... Let there be light!" 


 ... for truth is this: Why can somebody say he had never been abused as a child and seven years later come out with horrendous allegation against a senior magistrate. (The damning evidence, the documented statement is shown in Book 7, Chapter 26?

- - - - - - -


As I write these lines (1/5/10) in the background, via the internet, I am listening to Southern Star Radio, playing "It is well with my soul." Six hours earlier, on the morning before starting to write this chapter, I attended a funeral service. A 90-year old faithful had passed away, after a battle with cancer.

The lady was a friend of Agnes, my mother-in-law. If I told you the deceased lady's surname was Datson, you may think, I went to her funeral because I liked the name - or the anagram 'not sad'. No, I simply took my mother-in-law and two of her friends to the funeral, because my wife had a doctor's appointment. 

The surname Datson did strike a cord. However the Christian name Vera did too, considering the era we all live in. During the funeral service I could not help thinking of the Datsun the lady beside me (Isobel's mother) used to own - registration plate VNT. (Book 6, Chapter 22 has a picture of two identical registration plates VNT 963). 

Now you see what ERA I meant we are living in! (The original era story is in Book 5, Chapter 12).


Stop Press: Taking a brief look at this chapter and the 'burned offering' (piece of paper EAR) I came across a remarkable find. The letters EAR had been part of the word ALL CLEAR, which stemmed from a news report about a football player from a Victorian Football team - North Melbourne.

It's the same team, who I wrote about in the previous chapter - they played against our Port Power and lost by 14 points against - North Melbourne.


(At this point in writing I had returned from the TV room to continue this writing. The magic is unbelievable - as if somebody is orchestrating it all. It must be! Read it!)

Here's how it started. On Monday 26/4/10, three days before starting this chapter I had for the first time created a banner (note the word) and posted it onto my driving-school website. Another road safety campaigner asked me to promote his product, which would earn me a commission when sales came through.

So what? That evening after receiving an email from I went onto their website and somehow ended up reading their daily (evening) devotion for that day. The reading was from the Songs of Solomon, Chapter 6, Verse 10. The last word in it is - banner. (Mark the scripture Songs of Solomon 6.10).

What followed was mind-blowing. My day on this day of writing started with an email to Channel Seven. I had not written nearly as much to the media as I did last year for various reasons. But this morning an incident happened, which I had my mind stirred up. I had to tell someone.

This is when I thought of including the little tale about the banner - and the Songs of Solomon scripture:

Here is what I wrote to Sunrise this morning - 29/4/2010, slightly edited:


Hi all,

I must tell you this: The other day for the first time ever I placed a banner (income generating, I hope) onto my driving-school website. That same evening, also for the first time ever, I read the daily devotion on (It was 26/4/10). The scripture was Songs of Solomon 6, 10: "Who is she who looks forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun (rise - Mel or Nat?) awesome as an army with banners!

Kind regards,

Dieter Fischer

PS  As I wrote my diary, watching Sunrise , I wrote the word NOW. At the same nanosecond it was spoken on the Hallmark ad - they relocated. NOW at ...  (I wrote that the agency, where I bought my ticket for the football , now [relocated] at ...)


Yes, it still was happening - I write a word into my diary and - BAM !!! - right at that nanosecond I hear it spoken on TV. In above example, what is dibley, sorry doubly amazing - the word used on TV was in the same context as the one I had scribbled into my diary: A business had relocated and is NOW at ... 

The relocated business on the TV ad was Hallmark* Jewellers, which got a mention in my Book 6, Chapter 14. (I played a joke with Sunrise - in their contact form I included a back-up phone number, which was listed in Bannerman Street ....)

*Is this strange or what? The very next morning, during his daily radio broadcast I listen to mostly, Chuck Swindoll used the word Hallmark (regarding cards for Mothers Day). 

The final clue that something is going on came this evening on television. I interrupted my writing to have dinner, take the dog for a walk and watch the rather entertaining, often over the top, sexed-up British comedy show "The Vicar of Dibley'. I have memories of Geraldine, during a church service in East Brunswick Melbourne. (You will also find the name Geraldine on a road sign, a place in New Zealand - in the previous chapter).

One of the stars in the Vicar of Dibley was a dumb blond named Alice. It was her job to read the scriptures during the very important church service. It was being recorded for the BBC's popular show Songs of Praise. 

Toward the end the amazing moment came, Alice rather nervously read her lines from the scriptures: Our reading is from the Book of Solomon, Chapter 6, starting at Verse 2 ..." 

I had no idea this was to happen. I was floored! Never did I suspect on Monday, the day I had placed the banner and casually surfed, and read the daily devotion from Solomon 6, Verse 10, such magic was to happen.

It only came to me during my prayer the next morning: Her reading Verse 2, and my Verse 10 from the Songs of Solomon in above email, created code 2 10.

But that was not the end of this matter.

On 30. April 10, the day I am writing this - the number 120 had me intrigued. On the TV Show Sunrise, their LA Hollywood gossip reported the following: According to the American Inquirer during his rehabilitation Tiger Woods admitted to having slept with 120 women. No, it was actually 121, but one name was so ... he could not bring himself to naming her. "

Yeah, right! You just have to buy the American Inquirer to find out who that special 121 was? Here is how this piece is printed online on the Daily Mail / UK website:

"An insider told the Enquirer Woods filled out four pages listing all the 120 women he had affairs with."

WOW! You must admit, our golfing Casanova, experienced, with many birdie's under his belt, must have a fantastic memory! 

As often I saw the funny side, of things. I did. Only a few hours before this writing (30.4.10) I emailed Channel Seven for the second time in two days:


Hi all,

As long as you just sleep with someone, so what - according to Adelaide photographer Derick Sands, a possible murder suspect. My latest chapter in my autobio will touch on this gentleman's (?!?) affairs. He claimed, he lay naked in bed with the later murdered 25 year old model, but nothing happened! Cougar, sorry Tiger, far from home, may have just been tired and chose a cosy place to sleep? And why snort, sorry snore, when no one's listening?

Kind regards from Adelaide


PS  Lovely surprise last night on Channel Seven - no Tiger, no Cougars, but who should bounce back - snoring Geraldine, the Vic of Dibley. Loved it, especially Alice, as she read from Songs of Solomon, Chapter 6 - Can you believe it - the email I sent yesterday ...?


Readers who wonder why I called Tiger a Cougar, deserve a prize for observation and thinking. It was for the same reason I called Geraldine a snorer. (Actually it's a misprint, I should have typed snorter, because Geraldine on the show had made a snorting noise ...).

Alert Adelaide Channel Seven viewers may know, why I included the word cougar and mentioned that Geraldine bounced back: Take a look:


TV program 29th April 2010 - nothing about the Vicar of Dibley

TV program 29 April 2010 - Channel Seven:

7.30 The Bounce, 8.30 Cougar Town ... 

I had never heard of any of these shows. But could any be as entertaining as the Vicar and his* flock? No, no, no, no, no, no, no YES.

*Correction May 29th: her  .... 

Comment: removing the h - leaves er is  (he is). What a way to make your presence felt!

- - - - - - -


According to the radio Adelaide's temperature is supposed to reach 22 degrees today, depending if the cloud lifts. The number 22 prompted me to switch subjects and to write about two football matches, both of which took place on April 22 - one in 2007, the other eight days ago.

Before I write about the email hat-trick to SBS, the station that uses the slogan - Six billion stories and counting -  I must mention another. It involved a 'famous' number, one which featured in the previous chapter, which happened to match the date, plus it had played a big role during Easter of 2006.

That Wednesday night Inspector Rex, the Austrian police dog, was in great form, saving lives and catching crooks in a style only an Austrian German Shepherd could do. During the show I caught a glimpse of an emergency vehicle. Painted on the green and white stripes was a huge number - the emergency phone number for Vienna's ambulance. (Read on).

During the program a word in the script, totally unnecessary, annoyed me. Co-detective Stockinger had made a discovery of some kind and expressed his pleasure or otherwise with: "Jesus ...".

Whilst I understand that scriptwriters try to be true to life, there are many expletives that could have been used, other than the name of our Lord.

On April 14th, 2010 I typed the following message (in part) to SBS TV: 


Hi all,

Are scriptwriters so unimaginative that they can't find a better swearword than "Jesus"? I speak German and could supply some, if necessary. If they only knew HIM and what good HE does for the world, they would honour HIM and fall at HIS feet.

Regards from Adelaide, the city of churches  (100 years ago).

Dieter Fischer

PS  Another observation, if I may - about April 14. Austrian's emergency ambulance phone number 144 is today's date. Good timing for today's Inspector Rex - makes up for the swear word.


Was I the only TV viewer that night, who noticed that the number on the ambulance matched that day's date - April 14? 


Exactly a week later, my email hat-trick to the same TV station began. It again surrounded numbers, what else,  4 1 4 ... 

The programs on the other channels that morning, 21 April 10 must have been rather plain; or they all had commercial breaks. Otherwise, why did I, a German living in Australia, watch the Italian News in the Italian language? During the few moments that I did watch I noted the (Italian) Superlotto numbers, displayed on the bottom of the screen.

I am well aware - lotto numbers can't be fabricated. Maybe they were misreported here in Australia? Very unlikely. But then, would anybody here in Australia, thousands of miles away, take any interest in the Italian Superlotto numbers? They mesmerized me, as I stared at them on the TV screen.  

I was not mistaken, my eyesight read them plainly, as they were displayed on the bottom of the screen, as the news above rolled on, reporting on stranded airplane passengers all over Europe.

Not only the Super-lotto main numbers, but the supplementary number made me smile - 50. I found this doubly funny. Firstly, because 50 is L in my books, (Italian numerals) and secondly, they call the supplementary number Numero Jolly. Loved it so much, I emailed the station:


Email to SBS TV -  21/4/10:

Subject: Italian Superlotto

Hi all,

On the bottom of the screen this morning (21/4/10) the numbers of the Italian Superlotto on TGI were my numbers - 4 14 40 41 ... More than that - the jolly supplementary number, how fitting, is the Roman Numeral for 50 - L. 

If I had bought a ticket and ticked my favourite numbers I could be rich by now! My wife is ticked off about that.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS If you wanted to check if my favourite numbers are really 4 1 4 - my last chapter (13) written about three weeks ago, part of my ongoing auto-bio, has a story about those digits. It happened in New Zealand.


Why hadn't I google it before? Here is the official result, as displayed on the Italian gov. website: (Without the .gov in the web address, it could almost be a hoax?)



4     14     40     41     54     79




On editing I just did a little multiplication, starting with 79 times 4 ...? 

Further, if you click on above URL, then on the tab Superstar, the number 55 comes up. 

That night I noticed that the price of gold on the TV finance news was displayed as: $ 1144.50. (Even the jolly number made an appearance !)


The number 50 is a buzzword in our household at the time I am writing this chapter.

My wife arrived home from the Second-Hand-Shop she works at. For the first time she was in charge, including the cash. How embarrassing, at the end of the day the cash in the till did not add up. On April 30th 50 Dollars went missing. 

Jolly thieves !

(Those two words are not in the bible, but this is what Mary Magdalene may have said, after she found the body of her Master missing on (Easter) Sunday morning: "Jolly Thieves. They have taken away my Lord." (John 20, 13).


Friends, numbers don't lie. No speculation, no fabrication - I write is as I saw it with my own eyes, as I had recorded it into my diary - it all adds up, even the jolly number!

But there was more. Don't think I am watching TV all the time, searching out numbers. But the very next day they came again. Roman numerals, which ironically fit in today's date - 5 and 1 on May 1st.

The next morning, it was 22.4.10, I was again watching the Italian News, read by the same Madonna newsreader.

This time she wore an open neck top. I looked down below her neck, as men do. But no further than the jewellery around her neck. The pendant on her necklace captured my eyes. Where normally you'd expect all kinds of artistic expressions, made in silver, gold or diamonds, the pendant was shaped round. 

Being a single-minded observer I saw an Easter-message in that news-reader's adornment. I emailed SBS TV for the second time in two days: (That same morning I was watching a football match - big surprise - read on).


Email to SBS TV 22/4/10 -  Subject O better than T 5150

Hi all,

On the Italian TV News I noticed the reader wearing a O around her neck. What a change from the usual t.

But when you think about it - is the Christian Cross really the best symbol to use? It points to where a man died. The O would suit better, because a stone was rolled away, revealing the place - where a man died and came back to life! Fantastic!

Another observation, if I may - the name SILVIO. The S is rather like a 5. The L in Roman numerals = 50. So anybody, whose name starts with SIL (Silvia too) should never move to America. Over there a 5150 is a person with mental problems.

Kind regards from Adelaide , the Roman numerals capital of Australia.

Dieter Fischer
Loris Elkhann

PS    You may call me a 500501500, fine. - I once thought I was worse, a 5150 with mental problems. But since that stone has been rolled away - I have no nothing.

(Elkhann and Loris were names that popped up on the screen. Mr. Elkhann (first name Samuel, may be not?) works for Fiat. Loris minus r = Lois). 

And SILVIO - every Italian knows him = IS 50 5 1 (+ O). 


As I understand it, Section 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code, which deals with detained mental patients. A 5150 in the USA is a person with problems. This No. 1 has* been there five times.

(*See end of chapter)

How unusual is this? God would use this number, he gave it to me in a vision, to tell me I am not ill? 

Instead of viewing this number as a sign of madness (Book 2, Chapter 40) it turned out the opposite. God showed me in this vision that IT ISS0.


After I had suggested that the O should be considered as the main emblem for Christians, I thought about it. An O instead of a t may not be such a good idea. There would be many old hymn-writers who would turn around in their graves. Just imagine, we would be singing: " I cherish the old rugged circle..." It doesn't have the same ring to it!

- - - - - - -


The next morning, it was now 23.4 in Adelaide, I completed the hat-trick of three emails to SBS TV. It was at the time of the O necklace that I was watching a football match. As the game was being played, I slowly realized one of my German teams (Hamburg SV) was playing at home against English side Fulham. 

Since it was a home match, I figured, the game I was watching was being played in the same stadium, where I had watched Hamburg play against Mainz during my world tour in 07. The result was  2:2. Not only that, but thinking a little more, suddenly the date also matched up. 

On April 22, 07 I had been in Hamburg at the AOL Arena (nice word arena) watching Hamburg SV and Mainz 05 draw 2:2. My seat number had been 22. How could I ever forget?  

Today's news: On May 1st, Mainz 05 happened to play a game against Stuttgart, which ended 2:2 too. A match Stuttgart : Mainz was the only other game I went to in Germany in 07. (Come to think of it - in a few hours on 5/5 it's the third anniversary of that game). 

After the game on 22nd April 2010 ended in O:O I emailed SBS a third time, completing the hat-trick.

(More of O in a moment)

- - - - - - -


During the writing of this chapter a very young man named Justin Bieber was travelling through Australia and New Zealand. He is a very young singer, who allegedly can sing and is sporting a hair-do like Sam Newman used to have when he was young.

(If you don't know Sam Newman, he is no longer young, but acts like a kid on his weekly TV appearance. But viewers love him, he lets his hair - and occasionally his pants - down. I saw the name Liberman in his name.

No, I don't mean Newman, even though it would fit. I mean I saw  the name Liberman (Liebherr) in Bieber.

Sam, if he were to decode the name B i e b e r, would probably immediately see the letters 1, 3, 5 and 6.

A LOT would only see 1, 3 and 5.  


This is how I came to link Bieber with our suburb Para Hills, which (doesn't it fit perfectly, I just discovered this) is celebrating its 50 year-anniversary on May 8th 2010, four days after publishing this chapter!

Everyone come down to The Paddocks! All day markets, fun, food and face-painting (for old folks with wrinkles). 


Here in Para Hills we have a branch of a world-wide firm, called Liebherr (could be translated into dear, nice, kind man (even Lord). The South-German in me saw immediately the similarity from Bieber to Biberach, the World Headquarters of Liebherr. 

In one amazing revelation some years ago I had seen Para Hills as Mount Paran in the bible - (Habakkuk 3, 3).

(On editing and amazing discovery - Not that it's chapter 33 of Book 4, but the title. Considering, how I highlighted the number 109 in a recent chapter - the one where I had seen Para Hills as Mount Paran it tiltle - Strange way - Nine 'n ten.)


I emailed Channel Nine, after I had first seen that Canadian kid, Justin Bieber, on Channel Seven. In true Da Ninci style my brain somehow managed to link Liebherr's telephone number with that day's date with a 7 and 9 left over. 

To understand the thought processes in the following email you would need three, no four pieces of information, otherwise it's all googledegook, or whatever they call gobbledegook which makes no sense.

One - watching Sunrise it was reported that football coach Malthouse had been fined $ 7500 for insulting a player on the football ground. 

Two - on Eddie McGuire's quiz show Millionaire the question came up: What does the letter L stand for in Roman Numerals. 

Three - my comment 'What do you say 0 0, arrived from the subject of my email 7900, minus the numbers 7 9.

Four - the presenters on Sunrise asked viewers to email them, what makes a marriage last. 


Isobel Lois and the writer, a James Last fan, managed 39 years of arguments, sorry marital bliss. (Hey - BLISS - 50155, lets not start again!) 

Sunrise teased my brain that morning so I sent this message. Only while typing the final sentence, did I see the malt / beer connection:


Subject: Bieber - Ach    Date:  13/4/2010

Hi all,

Malthouse should be fined 7900 Dollars. My bedside radio clock woke me this morning. I only heard these words (before turning it off):

"was fined 7500 Dollars ... "

I didn't know until watching Sunrise it was Malthouse. The L is the key - upside down a 7, in Roman Numerals a L (according to Who wants to be a Millionaire - correct Answer C).

So why 7900? Check the Back-up Number, deduct today's date 13042010 - it leaves 79.

What do you say 0 0!

Kind regards


PS  Snatched at 21 by first wife. Still under the thumb, which she always points upwards after an argument! Good for her. How it lasted 39 years, who knows? It wasn't free beer I don't drink it. (Hey this goes with Malthouse ...).



But there was more,  more of O.

The number O came in visible form. It happened the day after I had sent the above email, while walking our dog. But just because I had sent and email with the numbers 0 0 didn't warrant an email to Channel Nine. Another 0 0 oddity had taken place. 

Both Australian A-League teams, who were taking part in the Asian Champions League, played their football matches on 14.4.10. No goals that night not 1. This plus an unusual find, which I attached made me email Channel Nine: 


Dated: 15.4.10   -   Subject: What do you say? 0 0

Hi all,

Yesterday I sent an email ending with the sentence - What do you say? 0 0.
Next that evening my Adelaide United held the Pohang Steelers to a 0:0 draw, advancing the next round in the ACL. (Melbourne Victory didn't do their name proud - but I liked the result of their match against Beijing too - 00.
Taking my dog for a walk last evening, right near my house I saw a large piece of blank DIN4 paper on the ground. It had nothing but a 0 on it. That fits! I thought, but didn't pick it up.
On the way back I noticed that more papers had been strewn all over, right near our house, where I had again made a cross (of grass) as in previous years for Easter. One paper had a bunny rabbit drawn, another only 4 words: To Nanny I hopel (Photo scan attached).
Did a grandchild want to show love to their Nanny, but didn't quite finish the message?
Friendships can be risky - one can get hurt so easily. In the end (not when they end) they are very rewarding.
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
 PS  If you were to send emails for three years to a person and all you get back was: "Thanks, we receive your message, but we get so many and can't possibly answer them all" - would you keep sending them? If you had a close friend and all he ever wanted to talk about is soccer scores or the bits of paper he picks up off the road, would you bother, if he wouldn't want to help you get an innocent man out of jail?



Left: 0

Right: To Nanny, I hopel

Whatever the (child) writer was hoping for never made it to print.

Unless, he or she hoped for an L (that jolly number). It had arrived via the Italian Superlotto, five days later.

O is there a message fOr Australian fOOtball fans, regarding the shape Of ...? (...fOrget it). 



Just like the two A-League teams that day, I also felt unsuccessful in scoring goals for my innocent friend in jail. I could not, still don't, understand why there was so little (O) visible, tangible reaction to clear evidence that a key witness may have lied in a major trial. 

The biggest stuff-up in Australia's legal history, documented in black and white, is being ignored by the media. That's why I added in the PS to the above email to Channel Nine.

If the recipients were to interpret this as a plea for help, perhaps it was? But then, God does not need help in accomplishing what HE has determined to do - even before the world began.


Twelve hours after writing this paragraph I watched Dr. Schuller quote this same thought, the words of Jesus, during his message on the Hour of Power television broadcast:

"...I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". (Matthew. 16,18).

Dr. Schuller also made an interesting comment on the same program, which I only watched moments before this writing. I had heard him say this before, an amazing thought, which involved a link to numbers. Born in 1926 Dr. Schuller was looking through the scriptures to find a verse that he could relate to, personally.

What better one could there be for the man, who is famous for possibility thinking, than Matthew 19, Verse 26. (Again the words of Jesus):

"With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible".

Aha, something just fell into place: In recent weeks I have seen a young lady, sing at least on two separate occasions, during the Hour of Power broadcast, this song " 

"All things are possible ... ." It all makes sense!

- - - - - - -


The news on the radio, on the day of writing, made me think. (What doesn't make me think?) A man allegedly had committed sexual offences over twenty years ago in (quote) "Evanston Gardens, Wynn Vale, Reynella, sorry and Reynella". These three locations stretch from far north of Adelaide to far south.

The alleged offender had been arrested for an unrelated crime. Police allegedly matched his DNA to that found at the crime scenes. 

Two things, no three, had me think about this matter. 

1. Are forensic experts absolutely sure that no mistake has occurred during the DNA identification process? How could anybody defend themselves in court, when their guilt is based solely on a string of data extracted from a computer's database? The power is all on the prosecution side.

2. The only online report on the above crime, as far as I could research, was on our ABC's online website. No report in our newspaper or other media?

(On editing - I just recall watching an item on a current affairs program. Somebody had cast doubts on the absolute certainty of DNA evidence, used in court cases today. Just the point I am making here and have done in previous writing.) 

3. I probed the online story a little further. Starting with the names of the suburbs it only took a few moments to come to this result:  414 L man. 

(Key: Postcodes and the name of an Adelaide business man). 


The challenge of modern man is not in developing new technology to make life better. History has shown that mankind is very good at inventing clever things - then use them to destroy and kill*. 

We need less research into DNA, and redirect our efforts toward TLN (Love Thy Neighbour) technology. The human heart needs to repent for turning away from God, and tune back into the right frequency - 31.6 FM.

*As I type 7.06 AM - 4/5/10 - on the ABC news the item is about Iran's nuclear program, the US calls for ... 

In Matthew Chapter 24, 12 Jesus predicts:

"Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold ..."  

Open your eyes and see lawlessness abound. But not only do men (mankind) disobey laws, lawmakers deliberately create laws, which are in conflict with God's laws, HIS ways. (We'll touch on Matthew 24 again later in the chapter).

- - - - - - - 


Another life ruined? Thompson cleared - Advertiser 15/4/10 P. 70


Text: SWIMMING Australia refused to reveal wether former head coach Alan Thomson would be welcomed back into the sport after a four-month investigation into an anonymous misconduct allegation found no evidence of the claim that has ruined his career. Thompson was yesterday cleared of the inappropriate behaviour allegations from a 2007 coaches' conference on the Gold Coast after Louise Donohoe SC completed her investigation last month.... 

Have I or Mr. Balym gone balmy? After I saw Louise minus eu, I almost laughed out loud. Then I read that the investigation was carried out by Mrs. Don o who?


The phrase 'no evidence was found' had me thinking. What evidence is there to produce in court, which is evidence of (sexual) misconduct, which took place years ago, unless medical test are carried out and documented immediately? 

I'm not making judgement on the guilt or innocence of Mr. Sampson, sorry Thompson, but rather question the intelligence of the statement in above extract of the Advertiser Newspaper article.

The script in the above sounds so familiar: Unnamed people make allegations, extensive investigations are carried out and a man's career is ruined - guilty or not! 

There's Liddy, Easling, Darcy, (possibly Mountford) and now Thompson! How many more are there? And remember the name starting with L. He was not as 'lucky' as Tom Easling and Alan Thompson.

What I find untenable - If men such as Mr.Thompson and Mr. Easling are found not guilty on all charges by the courts, why are those, who made the allegations not thoroughly cross-examined, and made accountable for their false allegations?

The Easling case is not only hanging in the air, because no apology, no restitution, no compensation has been paid, but what about those, who made the allegations? If they lied, invented the abuse, should they not now be brought to justice? Anyone for truth?

Above article by Swimming Australia includes this statement: "The matter is now closed!"

Bulldust - nothing is closed, except the minds of those experts, who don't want to investigate the real truth! Casual observers will still point the finger, probably subconsciously, at the accused man and think - he got away with that one!

Until the full truth is investigated and anyone found lying, especially in court under oath, is brought to justice,  the matter is not closed! 

- - - - - - - 


Coming back to DNA of a different kind, on February 13 I was invited to a function in the Adelaide suburb of Holden Hill. My diary says the address was No. 55., but Mr. Google states it as Nr. 57. Who would I trust more - my diary or Google? 

The event was the first ever conference, as I understood it, of a group of Christians who has chosen the concept of meeting in homes as house-churches.  

It is an age-old question: "How would Jesus today organize and operate HIS church? " What size? What songs? Where meet? How often? What do? Who pays? How much? Who gets paid? How much? 

Without detailing my thoughts, allow me to question: Is there a right and wrong way to convey your love for Jesus? Man looks on the outside, God looks at the heart.

I am reminded of a friend, who lives here in Para Hills, who attends a church which does not allow musical instruments during their church services. They sing hymns, but no organ, guitar or trumpet etc. 

Even though, this concept is only adopted by a very small minority of churches, I have no doubt this man loves God sincerely, and is passionate about living his life according to the scriptures, which he knows very well.

The problem starts when ardent believers feel they must start a campaign, convincing other believers that their way is the right one, instead of focussing on their mission, turning a lost world back to God.

God is less interested how Christians live, as HE is in - how they love.

Those who love HIM and honestly, fair-dinkum desire to do HIS will, will know deep down if their thoughts and lifestyle is pleasing to God. That's why the Holy Spirit came to teach us. And those who don't have the Holy Spirit are none of HIS.


The first thing I noticed at the House-Church conference, after entering the spacious hall, were the bottles of wine in the middle of each table. Then I remembered, the main organiser was a Lutheran Minister. In a hidden, distant cell of my brain I recall once emailing the gentleman, saying that if his name were to include a N it would make the name of another Lutheran Minister.  

The Lutheran connection explained the wine*, real wine, which later was consumed during the 'breaking of the bread' and 'sharing the cup'. (Also known as Holy Communion or Eucharist). 

I'm smiling to myself - just as I edited here, in the background on Southern Star radio, an ad ran - for a magazine called 'The grapewine'. 


After having sat for two hours, inside the hall, my mind looked forward to a brisk walk in the sunshine outside. There was only little time on the agenda, but if nobody on our table felt a need for a brisk walk, I did.

I did this a lot when I was a driving instructor. When I had ten minutes to fill in, why just sit in the vehicle? I locked it up and at a fast pace went five minutes in one direction and five minutes back. (My waist is not 83 cm because my name is Dieter). 


The corner-shop was my five minute turn-around point. On the kerbing I read three letters AND. That was all that was left of the street name - AND. On the post I read the full name SUTHERLAND RD. 

In a flash, almost as if my brain was programmed to do so, it deducted one from the other to arrive at SUTHERL. I remember, physically standing still, thinking, waiting as if I had pressed an imaginary refresh button in my brain. Sutherland came up as LUTHERS DNA.


At this point I wasn't sure, if I ought to include the registration number of the vehicle I saw exiting the car park, after the function had ended. I will (596) because it reminded me of our postcode 5096. Deduct the postcode of Holden Hill 5087 - voila 9. 

I might as well now tell you the two names I started this story with - Steike, Steinke.

Just thinking - Steinke is the name of a friend from my teenage years. He is now a Pastor, not Lutheran. Different DNA - same LTN)

The last 4 digits of the phone number, where the House Church conference was held are 4618.

- - - - - - -


I wrote the above number as introduction for an event, which took place on April 16, 2010, which I could unfortunately not attend. It took place on the other side of the globe. The class of 1966 of the Esslingen Knaben-Mittelschule decided to have a re-union. The first get-together after 44 years, after we all graduated and went our own ways.


Class of 1966 - Knaben-Mittelschule Esslingen / Germany

Apart from the teacher (on the far right) starting from the right - No.1 is Mr. Fischle, No. 5 is Mr. Fischer.

If you think I'm writing this because of the 1 / 5 code you can be forgiven. No, there is another item that No. 1 and No. 5 have in common:

Besides the similarity in names - we were the only two on the list of participants (not identical to above, it totals 40) who now lived outside the 7.....  postcode zone (the greater region around Stuttgart). I live in 5 ... he lives in 3853 ... 

Stop Press - Amazing, can you believe this? - The gentleman right behind me ... Don't tell me God is not real - Almighty! (See No. 5 below)

- - - - - - -

Hey ... an address popped into my mind as I edited here - one of my closest friends in Germany - not from school - lives at 15 Martin-Luther Street. (As far back as 2002, Book 1, Chapter 47, I have seen a peculiarity in this address). 

And how amazing is that? Here it pops up again - in Book 7, Chapter 14. No, friends, I'm not that clever ... or far sighted. 

 (As I edit this - its starting to rain outside - also.)


I had given it no thought, until re-establishing contact with my school friends, if there were names among my school friends, who meant something in my story. As email contact developed, the surprises didn't stop. May I just mention four, no five:


1. (Hans) He Brain: Mr. He Brain, I recall, gave me a whole stack of postcards for my collection. I still have them and looked at them recently. (Read on). 

2. (Traugott) Trust God  HE C EL AI: He and I for a time were 'Nebensitzer'. (Literally translated - sit beside each other). We shared a desk. In an email Traugott reminded me that he and I were born on the same day! 

3. (Harald) All G. He lived over the Neckar River bridge and we often walked home together. I just noticed that Harald now lives in ... 52 R. Street - as I write it's May 2nd.

4. This gentleman's name means 'full of, filled with, rich in, theology. He had a good singing voice. One day recently, he sent me an email. He remembered, and at the time was amused, that my favourite food was fried noodles. It so happened, the day I received his email I did have fried pasta for lunch. 

He also wrote that he remembers me as one of the smallest in the class, built rather 'schmaechtig' (translated - slim). Without sch, schmaechtig becomes maechtig (translated - mighty). That's me - mighty slim! (Remember 83 waist?)

5. Lastly, the person standing right behind me in above photo is also Dieter. Surname: Son.


Another's surname is Rocker (actually *Roecker), a good footballer. He really surprised me, and no doubt everyone. On the group photo taken during the reunion, he looks just like he did 44 years earlier. (The name will pop up again in a moment). 

I also remember him as the captain of the school soccer team. He was not happy, after I scored an own goal and he told me so. (If I didn't score good goals back then, I feel I am making up for it here).

My contribution to the reunion was a few brief memories, which I emailed and they were read out during the get-together. This was the next best thing to being there; plus a brief phone call to the Restaurant while they were celebrating. It all worked out perfectly.

During one particular class I must have been the only one listening carefully. I seemed to be the only one, who could answer all the questions in German Grammar. After the teacher made the comment: Fischer weiss alles (translated: Fischer knows it all) it became a kind of a catchcry, and used to make fun of me, whenever ... 

Ironically, this wasn't so. Here is proof.

I often walked home with, Wolfgang, who in above picture is the only one wearing a tie. We just had had a 'sex education' class, given by a young (single) female teacher. It was not a good idea to give a single, young female teacher the task of telling a class of 14 year old, hormone-charged boys, to explain how babies are made. 

She tried hard. They gave her hell. I remember her screaming at the class, her face redder than a ripe tomato, as if her face was about to explode.

Somehow, 'innocent' slim, little Dieter didn't get it. On the way home, I remember, walking with Wolfgang and and possibly Harald, asking them: "What did she mean by 'Scheide' (female sex organ) ...? 

They just laughed at me. From that day on I knew what was meant, when the talk was about two kinds of people in the world. (Before I had always thought they meant smokers and non-smokers, just joking).



Ancient postcards from my collection, donated by Mr. Hirner. 

Left: September 1928, addressed to Katharinenstr. 5. Interesting that way back in 1928 the post office reminded customers: Benutzt die Luftpost - Use airmail.

Right: Dated 8/11/11 - Addressed to Pfarrhaus Dietersweiler, bei Freudenstadt.

(*How fitting - Out of interest I googled Dietersweiler and suddenly saw the name of a Pastor - W. Roecker) 

Pfarrhaus = manse.

 Freudenstadt:  = Freud  (lit. Joy, fun)  en stadt  = town.

Whoever removed the stamps didn't think 99 years ahead. 

Note the I beside the 5. It reminds me of Habakkuk Chapter I, Verse 5:

"Look among the nations and watch - Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days, which you would not believe, though it were told you."

- - - - - - -


At this point in writing this chapter I gave my GIANT some exercise and cycled into North Adelaide. The impressive Palmer Place Christ Church could almost be called a Cathedral. The Metropolitan Male Voice Choir was giving a concert of favourite hymns. It was glorious in more ways than one.

I arrived just on time to be a little late. From outside, as I locked my bike against a post, I could hear the words "... Amazing love, how can it be, that thou my God shouldst die for me....". Loved it!

The afternoon was truly amazing. My special hymn 'When I survey' the wondrous cross brought tears rolling down my cheeks. I was not ashamed.

The seat I was ushered to was toward the back, on the northern side. I sat at the seat closest to the wall. The place was packed, I was fortunate to get a ticket at all; I should have booked ahead. Around the walls, on both sides, were brass plaques with the names of wardens of the church.

On the plaque near to where I sat I read the name Alexander McCulloch. Readers may think I'm writing this because one of Australia's most successful writers is Colleen McCulloch. Your are half-correct. 

(A lady named Colleen had appeared that very morning on the Wesley Mission's TV show Rise and Shine. I smiled as you must, at her surname - Loo. It means Smith in Chinese, maybe not?)


Only on the way home, flying along Prospect Road, did I wonder - isn't the name Alexander not the Christian name of another famous Russian writer? It is. His surname starts with SOL.

Another name, right next to Alexander's, was Henri. At about the same hour as the concert was taking place, a man named Henry was releasing his report on tax-reform in Australia. It was big news in Australia, already the day before. 

I don't know much about taxes and budgets, only that I don't like either. but why choose Sunday afternoon as the time to release a financial report? Has finances become another sport or religion?


(Photo published: 10/9/10)

In loving memory: Henry Rischbieth and Alexander McCulloch


Surely, there are six days ... six ...? OK... five (we don't want to upset our Seventh Day Adventist brothers and sisters) in which a financial report could made public? Why bother us on a Sunday with 130 recommendation about tax reform, which the opposition already labelled a tax grab.

Don't translate grab into German - it means grave. The news today, the day of publishing this - our Prime Minister's approval rating has fallen for the first time below 50 percent. (Jolly good, says Tony Abbott, the song leader, sorry Opposition Leader of Federal Parliament). 

- - - - - - -


How did we get from a Hymns concert so quickly into politics? I must not fail to make mention of the recent South Australian State Election.

Unfortunately, Isobel, the leader of the Liberal opposition, did not quite manage to turn public opinion around sufficiently. Labor won. But only by a mighty slim margin, and not without controversy. 

Actually, if democracy were applied in a literal sense, because Isobel won over 50 jolly percent of the vote, she would be Premier today. As our system goes, the Labor Party managed to win more seats, even with fewer votes numerically.

There was a way I saw, which could have made the Liberals win this election. Had the Liberal Party been bold enough to exposed the evil done to Mr. Liddy, many more voters would have rewarded them for putting justice on top of the list, not merely promising us an ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). 

But the Leader of the Opposition needs the Press behind her. No doubt, the press has the power to make or break a government! There is a reason, why South Australians call the winner of this, and the previous two elections, Media-Mike. (He once was one of them).  


Obviously, Labor supporters were ecstatic, despite the fact their support dropped by up to 15 percent. One of the worst performer was MP Jane Lomax-Smith, who had been the Minister for Education. She enjoyed a comfortable 15 percent margin in the metropolitan seat of Adelaide. Inexplicably, she was booted out by a Liberal newcomer, a business woman, who runs a beauty agency in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. Her name starts with Sand.


She would have been happy with her win, probably shouting: "You beauty", after her win. 

Unlike the Labor Member for Newland, the electorate, where I once had been Liberal Party Branch President. He lost the plot, after finding out that he retained his seat and Labor won the election. 

On election night he walked up to the podium at the venue, where the party faithful of Newland had gathered. He threw his hands in the air and began his speech with: "We f**d them!"

He regretted it later (and apologized?) But doesn't such behaviour speak volumes, how dirty politics has become and the quality of leadership in important positions? Don't our leaders realize they are a role model for the next generation? 


I was not sad about the Minister of Education loosing her seat. The unpopular Attorney-General would have been even better. But since he resigned his portfolio following the election, should I see a light at the end of the tunnel for Mr. Liddy?

The Minister MP who lost her seat, Ms Lomax-Smith, must have known, endorsed, or perhaps even been a driver of a disastrous decision by the Non-Government Schools Registration Board. This body decided, without consulting schools, to make a directive, which greatly affected non-government schools, mostly of which are faith-based. 

Their policy statement, Section B4, virtually forbade these schools, the teaching of creation / intelligent design as part of their science classes. The first verse in the Bible has become a thorn in the flesh. Have non-believers become so frightened of traditional Christians that laws have to be made to stop millions and millions around the world from believing the first verse in their Holy Scriptures?

View the document in question here:

Powerful enemies of the cross may legislate to stop believers from following their faith. It won't work. Look around the world. In those places, where Christians are forbidden to even own a bible, there are many, who gladly give their lives for their Master. 

We don't hear much in the news of the estimated 160 000 who die every year, simply for standing firm, refusing to denounce their faith.

We need more resolute, committed Christians. They are found on battle ships, not on cruise-ships. (Type the word killed into - and see). 

(How timely: A few hours after writing this I received the 'Voice of the Martyr monthly magazine in the mail. Quoting from the first article on the first page:

"Less than two weeks after a massive attack in Nigeria that killed 500 Christians, Muslim Fulani herdsmen unleashed more violence on two Christian villages near Jos, killing 13 people ..."


Is the South Australian Non-Government School Registration Board (SANGRB) really advocating that Christian teachers, in a science class teach a belief, which goes against the school's ethos, under which the school was established, possibly over a hundred years ago?

If so, these children's religious instruction class will sound like this:

Teacher: "Now listen children: "Yesterday I taught you that we all have a common ancestor - monkeys. But today, because this is the religious instruction class, I am allowed to reveal the truth to you. 

The first verse in the bible is true. God made us, HE created us as we are today. We are not going to evolve any more. You are already made perfect in God's eyes! Most of you anyway, just kidding. (Humour helps, kids listen). "And just like God created perfect monkeys, he created a perfect Adam and a perfect Jennifer!"


If you think I am joking, think again. A Christian School in Adelaide's Southern suburbs, according to a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian friend, had a visit from a female official of the Non-Government Schools Registration Board. Walking down the corridor, the lady noticed a poster on the wall, which depicted the story of creation. 

Can you believe the audacity of this official from the SANGRB? In passing she indicated that this poster (according to Directive B4) would have to be removed?

There must be many hundreds, possibly thousands of such posters hanging on the walls of Christian Schools around the country, and have done so for centuries.

(Hey, will they ban paintings next, which depict the story of creation? And / or forbid school children to visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Michelangelo's artwork, the story of creation, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel may contaminate their minds?)


Unless the high-priest of atheism is right? May I suggest to Mr. Dawkins he could use this photograph on his world-lecture tours!



"C'mon friends! If we are going to be humans soon - we will need clothes!"

It raises another question: Which humans species today will develop into an advanced species and who of us will remain just as we are now? 

Let's be honest, when we look at Jennifer, I would hate her to evolve into a species with four arms and four legs or a hairy chest?

- - - - - - -


An issue concerning the 2010 State Election has been very much in the News. A public outcry, as seldom seen after an election, occupied talk-back radio shows and newspaper columnists. It was labelled a dirty trick by many, and indeed may have cost the Member for Mitchell, Kris Hanna, his seat. He lost by only 213 votes and according to the latest news is taking action in the Supreme Court.

Apart from displaying a banner - Kris Hanna is soft on drugs - those who wanted him defeated, also engaged another dirty trick. It was conceived by a smart Labor Party official and was highly controversial:

On polling day, March 20, 2010 Labor volunteers displayed large banners and handed out 'How to vote' cards in the colours of blue with white lettering. The material looked very much like that of the (minor) Family First Party.

There was little chance that their candidates could win a Lower House seat. However, placing the letter 2 against the name Bignell, as the fake Labor How to vote card suggested, a conservative Family First voter was really giving support to somebody the party certainly did not prefer.


The scheme was a cleverly calculated plot, plain deception. The fact that only a few Labor candidates went along with it, proves it was deceptive. Family First cried foul, but from what I understand, is not going to challenge the matter in court.

I had thought that to emulate a logo, be it text or a colour scheme or a combination, was against the law. It certainly smells of election fraud. 


The Sunday Mail - P. 21 - March 21, 2010  -  (LOT 21) 

The election-fraud story made it into the Sunday paper, way back on page 70.

 Of course, the front page belonged to Media-Mike: VICTORY ON HOLD.

 A picture shows the raised hand of the winner. It happens to cover the two letters ND of the word SUNDAY.

It was right inline with the letter L of the word HOLD. I saw a Big NeL.


We in the educated, civilized West send observes to far away, third-world countries as observers, to ensure they conduct free and fair elections! Hypocrites!

I'm pointing the finger at Mr. Michael Brown, the young man named in the above media article. As Secretary of the South Australian Labor Party he has admitted to being the instigator of this sneaky deception.

The person responsible to handle election disputes in South Australia, a lady, would have to be a brave person, to stand up against the corrupt elements in this state. I have seen too much of it. 

It remains to be seen, if the new Attorney-General is any different. Is it a good omen that he is the Member for Enfield?

- - - - - - -


Please fasten your seatbelt. We are heading for two disasters; one, a minor accident during a driving lesson in Poland, the other an earthquake in Adelaide. It all started with a very brief email.

The day, Friday April 17, 10 started very ordinarily. I was clearing out my Inbox in Outlook Express, when I stumbled across a possible misprint. I almost deleted the newsletter from a US organisation, when I read an odd bit - an event was announced to take place in 2020.

An organisations who plans that far ahead must either be congratulated, or reminded that they may have made a typing error.

I did this by sending this brief email to Washington DC, to the USWCC (slightly edited):


Date: April 17, 210

Hi all,

You do look ahead and plan events early, don't you?

 (From your recent newsletter):     June 8 - 9, 2020 San Antonio , TX)

Kind regards from Australia

Dieter Fischer

LK 83


The code LK 83 was the result of a possible hidden message. (I chose to not disclose it at this point). It's linked to their phone number   .... 41-USWCC (first three digits missing). The missing first three digits came to 83 or 38. 

Having decoded 83 14 that morning I was rather amused, when in the afternoon, quite unexpectedly, these numbers popped up again. For the first time ever, I came across some entertaining videos on You-Tube. Sure enough, I saw a matching number.

I was working on my driving-school website, which I am in the process of improving and extending. How I arrived in You Tube, I can't recall, except I found one driving-lesson clip very amusing. 

(1 Min. 11 seconds into the short clip take note of the registration number of the driving-school car). (In Polish, German subtitles).

( 08341)

- - - - - - -


At 11.27 PM most people of my age in Adelaide would have been in bed. So was I. Suddenly a deep, distant rumble, much like thunder, jolted my wife and myself from our sleep. Our 20 year-old son came running down the corridor saying: "Did you feel the earthquake?"

We got up, looked out the window, but could not see anything out of the ordinary. If there were people 'sent into the streets', as one news-report had us believe, in sleepy Para Hills this was not so. I went back to bed, thinking.

Humans who involve God in all their daily activities find it hard to not think of God. When an earthquake occurs even more so. Of course, earthquakes occur frequently, always have taken place, but more so in recent decades. God knew the big disaster in Haiti measured 7 on the Richter Scale. He knew the Adelaide earthquake measured 3.8.

Not long after I heard what magnitude the quake measured, I remembered my LK 83 email from the same morning of April 17, which I sent to the US to the organisation, whose phone number started with 3 8.

The word Richter in German means judge. In Matthew 24 (how ironic, it's Verse 7) it is written, the words of Jesus: "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places."  

In Verse 38 Jesus compares the time of the last days (the end time) with that of Noah's era. In those days the people went about their daily activities, eating, drinking and getting married.

These days, so it seems, the only people who still believe in marriage are same sex couples! How I wished today's normal young couples would show the same passion the gay lobby has, fighting for the institution of marriage! They stand on the steps of Parliament House, they proudly display banners, they march for the fight to be married ... 

A strange world ...


Leading up to the devastating flood, which wiped out mankind (almost), people were too busy living their life. Nothing wrong with living life, but where does God fit in? The only man who cared about doing God's will, was mocked. Yes, it was rather unusual to build a boat miles from any water. But God had the final say. Noah's obedience saved him and his family.

God's will was done, and will be today and tomorrow. The Good News is that those who are HIS, who delight in doing God's will, don't have to fear the future. 

The biblical writer Matthew wrote about the Son of Man, coming as the judge. He will come and divide everyone on earth into two categories, sheep and goat. Isn't it typical Jesus - all or nothing, black or white? "You are either for me or against me, no middle ground".  

Those who have followed HIM, in a humble, obedient manner like sheep, will receive their eternal reward. Those who thought they knew better, who don't listen to God, proudly following their own way, who buck-up like goats when HE wants to lead them, will be judged to eternal regret, eternal punishment.

I hate to think what punishment awaits some. I can't help but think of those, who would deliberately tell lies, who grow or sell drugs, who make themselves rich, by ruining other people's lives.

To think that anyone engaged in such activities could at the same time be a member of a police force, is unthinkable. 

Two recent encounters with police made me think: I am watched, I am read, even by police. I am not sure, if being watched by police could be a positive sign or a negative sign. It really depends on who is interested in my whereabouts and for what reason.

The first encounter was with two police vehicles the day after uploading the last chapter. I noted two patrol cars, two different ones, as they crossed my paths, more than once during a walk with Becky. I noted their registration plates and added them. No other resident of Para Hills would have made 5096 out of the numbers.

The other encounter was with a policeman on foot. At the time I was also walking our little Fox Terrier. The policeman, however, was in civilian clothes. Our paths crossed at the small shopping centre, just down the road from our house.

I recognized the face of a bald-headed gentleman, as he stood at an ATM (auto-bank). If I weren't trusting God, seeing this man near our house, might have sent shivers down my spine. The gentleman was one, who according to my research, was instrumental, trying that extra bit harder, in putting Peter Liddy behind bars.

If this was just a chance encounter, I do not know. If he was trying to convey the message: "We know where you live !" What big news is that? It would not surprise me, to find our phone-calls are monitored, the house bugged, who knows? So what? I have nothing to hyde.

Before concluding this chapter, a brief on the latest development in the Liddy case: I wrote to Peter again, as I have done a number of times. I find it puzzling, why he does not reply. 

How can I be sure, if he receives my letters? Recently, I tried to make it easy for him to send a reply, by enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a blank sheet of paper. I could not have made it easier for him. 

The letter came back, or should I say, the self-addressed envelope came back with a note: The item you sent to the prisoner is a prohibited item .... 

When I phoned the Office of the Minister for Correctional Services, a staff member gave me the reason: Under the stamp could be hidden drugs. How ludicrous, especially since Peter wrote to me he does not even take a headache tablet.

From information received by one friend close to Peter, and his late mother, many letters to Peter have gone missing! Even if he were to write again, would they post the letter, if they saw that it was addressed to No.1 trouble-maker in South Australia?  The last time a letter from Peter had arrived in my letterbox was about seven years ago!

Is Peter kept in isolation, physically and otherwise, so any outsider can't take up his cause and offer help? How I wished I was wrong. (Watch this space for developments).

The founder of the earlier quoted organisation, (  Richard Wurmbrand, a Lutheran Minister) whose magazine arrived in the post, as I write these paragraphs, would know what Peter is going through. He did no wrong, except to stand up and speak out against Rumanian Communists. He fearlessly proclaimed the Good News of Jesus. For this he suffered hell for a total of 14 years, locked up and tortured in a dark, small prison cell. His brief life story is found here:

His earlier life story, his suffering under communism etc. Wurmbrand wrote in his bestseller 'Tortured for Christ'. This hero of the faith, who died in 2001, knew that when the night is the darkest, the light of God shines the brightest.

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*During final editing, at 5.23 PM 4/5/10 Adelaide time, I was still listening to Southern Star Radio. Pat Boone was singing the gentle soft tune -  In the Garden.

As he sang the final line, the word has, "... none other has ever known"... I was typing the word has into my keyboard. HE is here, trust me.

In The Garden    No. 425

 ((Words and Music: C. Austin Miles - The Hymnal for Warship and Celebration - Word Music, Waco / Texas - Copyright 1912 by Hall-Mack Co.)

I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear, the son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known.



Around 5.30 PM I decided take a break from editing and take the dog for her walk. I disconnected from Southern Star Radio. Just before it did I only heard a few words of the very beginning of Bob Gass' talk: "In Psalm 127 ...

It was too late, my hard drive switched off. Psalm 127, you see, took me straight to Christchurch, New Zealand, to the Carpenter's daughter, Oxford St, January 2010.

Not more than five minutes later I was walking through the carpark, the same where I had crossed paths with the plain-clothes police officer. As I pulled Becky aside, trying to avoid a big German Shepherd dog, whose owner likewise tried to pull it way from us, I noticed a small white sedan enter the carpark. It was registration plate 127.

Numbers don't lie. Especially jolly numbers.

Chapter 15