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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                     Dieter R. Fischer                                                       Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL   Index    ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 12    Written/Published 8.3 - 12.3.10

"Hear, O heavens and give ear O earth! For the Lord has spoken: "I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against Me." (Isaiah, 1,2)

                 (Please note, we conclude our travels in New Zealand in Chapter 13, God willing).

12.  Hi all 911 000 

The psalms in the bible, mostly composed by King David, are among my favourite reading matter. The day before commencing this chapter, the 7th (of March 2010), I came across a church newssheet I had picked up in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was during my morning walk, on the final day of our stay in that pretty little town. The address was Melbourne Street, next door to the Comfort Inn.

Even though no service was in progress when I called in, I still took a leaflet from the table near the entrance. In the past church newsletters were a source of discovery for misprints, mistakes or simple clues about IT. Many newsletter snippets decorate the pages of my diary, after I discover things.

This is exactly what happened on the 7th, I saw something that didn't make sense. As if the number 7 tried to show off, the error I discovered on the St. Joseph's church bulletin was an obvious mixed up - the text printed was from Psalm 104, but incorrectly written as 103! 

However, the detective in me discovered more, a Responsorial Psalm? Take a look:


Responsorial Psalm 103 (Church Bulletin, St. Joseph's Queenstown NZ). 


Lord God, how great you are, clothed in majesty and glory, wrapped in light as in a robe! You stretch our (sic) the heavens like a tent. (Psalm 104, 1-2).

Psalm 103 I know very well: Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me ...  

The typing error, our instead of out happens to be right under the letters ed in = n die?

But why write Ps. 103: 1-2. 3-4? Would it not be logical to write: Ps. 103: 1-4?

Aha, but that way the first 5 digits would not make those of my birthday - 30.1.2o1o.

Now we all know what is a Responsorial Psalm: It's a psalm with a misprint, typed that way on purpose, to gauge the level of alertness of parishioners (or overseas tourists). I did my bit - here.

- - - - - - -


In my world, dominated by numbers, it never seizes to amaze me, how often complex date appears from nowhere, which then fits that day's date. I am aware that readers my be tiring of the repetitiveness of these incidences, but at what point should I stop and ignore it all as co-incidence?

One such incident occurred on March 2, 2010. Just writing this paragraph, I see that this date, written as 3 2 2010, minus the digits of the above Psalm (103 12) takes us to 201. This is exactly the number, the address, where a brief walk in North Adelaide took me that day - 201 Tynte Street. 

It began when my son asked me, if I could take him to work in O'Connell Street, North Adelaide. No problem, an hour's break away from the computer would do me good. Plus a one-on-one in the car with your adult son is rare and a pleasure, if you stay clear of controversial subjects.

I dropped Tim, stopping in a 1/4 hour zone. I almost drove away again, when I thought: Why not? Why waste free 15 minute parking on a lovely, sunny autumn morning? Why not take a 15 minutes walk? I crossed the road and followed Tynte Street. It was almost exactly 11.07 AM (note the time) when I reached Wellington Square, near Channel Nine (No. 202) and crossed over to No. 201.

The location is the same as Radio Cruise 1323 and the now defunct radio station 5DN, where I started my contact with the media, mentioning the Peter Liddy case. (Book 1, Chapter 18). 

That morning I suddenly became aware that Radio Mix 102.3 was located at 201 Tynte Street. At first it was only their frequency (102.3) and the 201 in their address. So what? I hear you think? The real surprise, why I am writing about it here, came hours later, as I wrote my journal: The radio station's FM frequency 102.3 were those of that day's date - 10 the year, 2 the day, 3 the month. 

Discovering such fun called for a letter to the radio station. Totally unpredictable, during typing it, I discovered another link, an incident from years earlier. It all fitted in - amazing timing. Judge for yourself:

Please note: I could not find an email address. After typing the letter I never posted it! It's not important, really! 


(Online) Letter to Radio Mix 102.3 - dated 2.3.10

Hi all,

Just as I was writing my dairy for today I noticed something peculiar. It's been a long time since I took a walk up Tynte Street, a year, maybe more?

I did today. It just came that your call signal 102.3 are the digits for today's date! When I did pass your front door (at around 11.07 AM) I had only seen that it's No. 201, part of your frequency. 

Still, I hope you didn't mind me sharing my brief encounter with Mix 102.3 on 2/3/10. 

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  This reminds me what happened on 1.1.07*. No kidding, I had remembered on that New Years Day that Sydney had an easy-listening radio station. Only as I was plugging into it and started listening, did I realize that their frequency matched that day's date.


(* The story is in Book 5, 24, titled - a cap the key! How ironic, the cap refers to Channel Nine's Today Show. Approx. 3 hours before this writing I emailed the Today Show (US) over a lark! (An important man in US politics).

- - - - - - -

Question: IM 1009 -  How do I become 2010?

Answer A (Roman numerals): MIX + MI = 2010 

Answer B: Change I to M = MMX = 2010.

 - - - - - - -


At the eastern end of Tynte Street on the footpath I spotted a tiny piece of paper. Curiosity made me pick it up, almost automatically. People were watching me, from the outdoor restaurant, just a few meters further west. At first I saw nothing of interest on the small price label, but I still put it into my pocket. 

Later it came - a link. If my brain is very clever, finding these links, if they are inspired by the Spirit inside me, or if they are nothing at all, is the dilemma of my story - magic or madness? But who am I to answer this question?


Price tag for ...? Size M - $ 65.


 The barcode, I saw this on editing, starts with Channel Nine (where I had crossed the road from) and continues with 321 - across the road to MIX 102.3, where I had moments earlier walked from. 

 There also is a 7. Early that same morning I had sent my first email for 2010 to Channel Seven. But more importantly, another unexpected link came, as I stuck this postage stamp size sticker into my diary:

A link from Channel Seven to the number 65!

 Read it all in Book 2, Chapter 10! I had missed a driving lesson with the son of a multi-millionaire. This took me to Adelaide's Channel Seven Headquarters and shortly afterwards to No. 65 Kesters Road! 

Outside No.65 Kesters Road a lady had been killed - her name was M....     


Instead of driving home after Tynte Street I decided to check out Melbourne Street. (Not in Queenstown New Zealand, at the beginning of this chapter, but North Adelaide). My strange observations, leading to strange, often far fetched connections, continued. Was I again led by this Spirit, who dwells inside me, to walk the path, prepared for me? Or was I deluded? 

During the few minutes drive to Melbourne Street there was a job to be done.

 (I just realized as I wrote, it was a Kingston job. At the time I had not realized it. The street name where this occurred was Kingston Tce). 

No, it wasn't anything to do with six registration plates. Rather a vehicle, parked on Kingston Terrace had lost its silver sun reflector. It had blown off and lay on the ground in front of the vehicle. It surely would blow away further, forever lost to its owner and littering the environment. I parked my vehicle and fixed the problem, nothing lost.

Driving away I got a glimpse of the registration plate of the small sedan. As much as I'd like to ignore vehicle rego numbers, they have played a big part of my story. The next few paragraphs include some plates. (I will slightly change them, as to not show up individuals). 

The vehicle whose sunshade had fallen off was ...391. Within seconds, after turning one corner, I spotted a registration plate with only one letter and three digits - C 291.    

In Melbourne Street, opposite The Store (a Cafe/Restaurant) I found a one hour park, right behind vehicle XNA 024. At the western end, as I walked through Melbourne Street, was a similarly interesting vehicle, registration number XNJ 010. Here is the fun:

 NJ - NA = JA (Yes) N.

  1024 = 4x4x4x4x4.

Writing it all into my diary I saw the PLUS 1 code: 1024 = 1023 + 1.

Stop Press: On the day of editing and uploading this, during the course of my voluntary work I had to pass the same spot - XNA 024 again was there. 

Hey, now I get it! No. 24 goes well with where I had just been to - at the University's Elder Hall with a client to a Chopin Piano concert. It all makes sense, even the program change:

The talented young pianist played the last piece first - Opus 55, No. 1 in F. Loved it!


Writing down all my numbers magic, as you know, creates more on its own. As I was writing my diary, on that eventful March 2nd, in the background on TV was Channel Nine's A Current Affair. (Remember, Channel Nine is located in Tynte Street, where I had walked by that day for the first time in many months).

I know the following will sound repetitive, but IT produced a double portion. As I was writing the word started into my diary's page, it was spoken exactly that same second on A Current Affair ( architect started...) Minutes later, still 'A Current Affair', still writing my diary for 2/3, it happened again: This time the word believe was spoken simultaneously.

This second time there was a twist inside the twist. I had just written in my diary: ...he harbours anger (note anger) against religion and God, does not believe ... 

The twist this time was the name of the person, who spoke the word believe on TV - Angry Anderson, a rock-'n-roll star, who regularly appeared on the Channel Nine program.

Anyone suggesting I should stop writing diary, I liken to the person, who stops listening to the weather forecast. Perhaps the weather will turn out better that way? 

To not document the magic I see may make life easier, but what achievement is there in living life on easy street? (At the end of the chapter you will read about the street I live on). 

- - - - - - -


Advertisement in the Advertiser's - SA Weekend 6.3.10, Page 3.

 'our low prices feel right at home'

 The total of above prices add to $ 126. Feeling right at home...

... at No. 1/26  ...  or 24 ... or 102   ... or 201, perhaps?

The page opposite (Page 2 of above magazine) features only one item, by the same company at $ 35. Yep, feeling right at home!

- - - - - - - 


The front page of the Advertiser's SA-Weekend magazine features very prominently a lady named Isobel; same name as my wife, different lady. The headline under her picture reads: The remarkable rise of Isobel Redmond. When I contemplated the sudden prominence the media exposed the Liberal during the current election campaign, I started to think - why?

Isobel Redmond, the unpretentious Adelaide Hills lawyer, cum politician, received a mention as far back as Book 1 (Chapter 51) in my writing. Earlier in this book, in Chapter 2, I had mentioned her, calling for the establishment for an ICAC, an Independent Commission Against Corruption. I had wondered at the time, why the *want-to-be Premier would say: "I am not saying there is corruption in this state, but ... we need an ICAC?

*The latest opinion poll in a Southern suburban electorate, according to this morning's ABC News, put Isobel Redmond ahead of the current Premier Mike Rann. 12 Chapters ago, under a different leader, it was all Ran, sorry Rann!

Nobody, out of the blue, calls for an anti-corruption body without a catalyst, even a minor one. Was it my damning evidence (of corruption in high places) and the investigation the politician instigated?

 In a letter by Mrs. Redmond, she told me this - that an investigation was under way. Why do we never hear about this investigation, what is being investigated and the current state of affairs? Surely, possible corruption in the police force, an innocent ex-magistrate serving a jail term, possible corruption in the legal system, can't be swept under the carpet forever!


The Liberal Party has adopted a policy of establishing an ICAC within 100 days of winning the election! Why the Liberal Party has not taken a far stronger step and exposed the present inaction in the Liddy case etc is beyond my understanding. 

For the Attorney-General to keep silent, in the face of clear evidence of lies by a criminal, is in my opinion nothing but corruption. I go one step further and ask this question: If the person, who has the highest office in this state, in terms of legal power, does not act when fresh evidence is presented to him, is he not guilty of preventing justice to take its course? 

Is there a difference between perverting the course of justice and preventing the course of justice? Isn't one as wrong as the other?

(If I wasn't so passionate about truth, I could become a lawyer!)


I will give Isobel my vote, not because I endorse her present stand, but in the hope that she replaces our current Labor Government. From what I have observed of Mr. Rann, he is a master in spin, making himself and his cronies look good by telling the people what they like to hear.

A good example is this Government's obsession with hoon drivers. Yes, we do have them; yes they occasionally wake us up at night.  But on the scale of importance, is it really top priority? (I am not talking about road safety. That's another can of worms ...). 

I think I know, why the Government loves the subject of hoon drivers: It's something everybody who has ears is aware of. It is annoying, especially for elderly, conservative voters, and it's part of the tough-on-crime policy by the Rann Government.

Tough on young people, who are having fun with wheel-spins in the big, powerful cars they are allowed to drive, but completely ignorant of an innocently jailed man, framed by criminals who told lies, which put him behind bars for the rest of his life!

There is one word for this kind of double-standard - hypocrisy!


Isobel's Hands - SA Weekend Magazine 6.3.10


                                      Photo: (Selection) by Matt Turner

Why is one hand holding back the other, Isobel?  

If Isobel Redmond becomes Premier on March 20, 2010, she will be the first female to hold this high office in South Australia. 

Will her hands expose the truth and bring justice for the innocent, or focus on taking cars away from hoon drivers ? 

Will she also ban motorcycle clubs, because members ride motorcycles and therefore they must all be criminals? Or will she really investigate crime committed by individuals, and order them to be brought to justice?


I ask Mr. Rann and his Attorney-General Mr. Atkinson: If there is illegal activity going on within a motorcycle Club, why did you not use the normal powers, under existing laws, to investigate crime, and bring individuals to justice, instead of simply banning a club? Just making laws to ban a club is not bringing justice. If crime has been committed, and/or is still being committed, it must be dealt with!

Our government is obsessed with hoon drivers and motorcycle clubs, yet a serious issue, literally a matter of life and death is being stonewalled - by both Labor and Liberals. 

Australia's national shame, the killing of the unborn, which happens by the thousands every year, seldom makes it into the headlines. The barbaric practice happens in secret, behind blood-stained hospital walls. It is carried out by sad doctors, who should earn their paycheques for preserving life, not snuffing it out on request. 

One brave candidate will receive my vote in the Upper House - Trevor Grace. He is one, who together with his wife, exposes this shameful, unscrupulous mass killing of helpless human beings. Their website tells it rather graphic, with brutal honesty.

Millions around the world have embraced global warming, the inconvenient truth, spread by Al Gore with religious fervour. Tell the same people the inconvenient truth about Government sanctioned (and funded) killing of unborn life, many turn away or get angry.


Trevor and his wife are taking an uncompromising stand. They are exposing the risks about abortions and are warning of the dangers involved.

One is the fact that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, denied by the abortion industry. Expectant mothers should be given the facts!

The other lie is the denial that, statistically, women who had an abortion suffer a greater risk of life-long mental health problems. Humans are good at finding excuses for the action they feel guilty about, to temporarily dull the pain. But how could a mother, having felt the heart-beat and the kicking of those little feet inside her, simply rename it, and allow it to be sucked out of her womb, to be discarded into a bucket as unwanted tissue?

When I visit old folk's homes and see an old lady cradling a doll, I often wonder, did that lady lose a child and all her life she was fretting over it, never forgetting her own flesh and blood?

(In previous books I have stated my points of view on this subject. Those desiring to know more of the facts - especially the good news of the alternatives - go to


Our society is so occupied how to stamp out the screeching of tyres by hoon drivers - yet they ignore the silent screams of thousands of helpless, healthy babies, killed by the thousands.

To vote for Trevor in the South Australian State Election on March 20:

Vote 1 - Save the Unborn - Trevor Grace - Upper House. 


On the ABC TV 7PM News on 9/3/10 it was reported that Trevor had received death threats. What's new? The only option a morally bankrupt, spiritually lost society has is to shoot the messenger, kill the prophet.

Welcome to a new era - the last days!

- - - - - - -



On Feb 28 (a date I see as 228) I had occasion to sent a rare email to the Readers Digest Magazine. My path had crossed an article in their February 2010 edition. Jerome Burne reported on how modern times are calling for a different kind of brainpower altogether. This subject took my interest in an instant.

My differently wired brain noticed that following the article (on Page 69) the magazine asks: Who do you trust? The editor wants readers to suggest, who should be included in the list of Australia's most trusted. A few previous trustworthy Australians are shown on that page, e.g. Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman. 

With all due respect, I do trust Hugh and Cate, but when would I ever have occasion to test my trust in these two famous, popular Australian actors? If I'd sent them a letter, asking for a few hundred Dollars for ... saving unborn babies, perhaps, or whatever ... would my trust in them transfer a few hundred Dollars from their bank account into mine?  

A most-trusted list could at best gauge what picture we have in our minds of certain individuals. This is largely shaped by the way the media has informed us about these people, unless you are lucky enough to personally know them. (In a moment an interesting example, how an individual was treated by the media, read on).   

When I send an email, I usually start with 'Hi all', unless it's to a personal friend. In an email* on that last day of February 2010 I had some fun with 2 anagrams of Hi all - Hilla and Halli.

Hilla was the place in Iraq, where in 2005 a car bomb had killed 135 people.

*The date of my email I only noticed it on writing this, was the 5th anniversary of the event. It took place on 28.2.05.

Halli was a name I had googled on 27.2. All that week I had been thinking of the strange death of the little girl, murdered in the Queensland town of Bundaberg, Trinity Bates. The name of her school principle was Halli ... A strange name, one I have never come across.


In the email to Readers Digest I wanted to demonstrate (call it show-off, if you must) how my weird-wired brain thinks. But mainly I wanted to tell the editor, in whom I trust:

Subject: The new brain power       Date: 28.2.10

Hi all,

These two little words usually start the emails I write. My brain must be one of those, described in your article on the new brain power (*JAN.10) Years ago I noticed in the news an anagram to Hiall - in Hilla / Iraq a bomb was reported to have killed 135.

(*should read FEB 10)

Last evening (272) checking the week's news online I came across a school principal named Halli. Next, my linking brain read on page 69 of your magazine, who do you trust?

I trust two constants in the world, more constant that anything - numbers and God.

Out of HILLA I created 911 000. (It surprised me too.)

How did my brain take me there?

H is letter 8 in the alphabet.

I added 1.

L + L = 100, in Roman Numerals

A = Letter 1.

This leaves us with only an 0 short. But really, to God that's nothing!

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer



My brain teasers must be driving people crazy. On the ABC TV's First Tuesday Book Club appeared a famous author. The host Jennifer Byrne casually mentioned a book she had picked up in a small town in New Zealand, as I understood the story. Virtually nothing was said about the book, except its title - a boring four-letter word: FADE. 

What did I see, or hear that resulted in a brain-teaser? It was an anagram (note the word) of FADE - DEAF. Minus e Fade becomes fad. Were anagrams the latest fad?

Chewing it over for two days, on 4/3/10 I sent a brief email to the author, using the word fade and deaf. The result was this delightful email exchange:

Hi ...

Great viewing, the ABC's First Tuesday Book Club. I was wondering about the strange title of the book Jennifer had found in New Zealand, which you also seemed to know and showed approval of - FADE.

Surely, it's not about hearing loss, when hearing at old age does fade and you go deaf?

Say hello to and Marg / Ana for me.


I hear you ask: "Who are Marg and Ana?" So did the writer I had sent the email to. She emailed back the same evening:

Dear Dieter

The book is called FADE  by Robert  Cormier.

I’d love to say hello to Marg and Ana but which Margs and which Anas?!



The quick personal response by this celebrity author surprised me. It also embarrassed me a little. I knew neither a Marg nor an Ana. I emailed back immediately:


Forgive me ...!
I'm a bit of a joker.
If you read Marg Ana backward it makes anagram. Fade is an anagram of deaf.

But it did the trick - a quick response from a celebrity author!

God  bless


This answer came, again rather quickly: 

Hah, Dieter, you clever bastard!

The next day I was sipping a cappuccino at Glenelg's McCafe. I had ordered a small one, because it cost $ 3.15 and the digits 315 were those of that day's date - March 5, 10. As I was having my coffee I flicked through the Advertiser Newspaper and to my surprise - the lady, who I had never met, and emailed for the very first time the evening before, had her photo in the paper. That day was her bithday (sic).

That same afternoon, cycling on my Giant as usual, I visited the City. It was writer's week. Sitting in the East Tent (not in tent 2) I listened to three famous Australian authors discussing the theme: Criminal Intent 2. Not only the title drew me there, it was also the starting time: 3.15 PM. That's why!  

- - - - - - - 


Readers Digest (New Zealand) Sept. 09 - Page 30 

Medical Update pages  - Advances in diabetes.

Why did the editor of RD magazine choose such a strange bicycle?

The red letters look like FEU. Add ER = FEUER (German for fire)

Written a novel lately? Take the letters ER away from Elenora Rover to create this anagram - NOVEL ERA.

What's so strange about this (fixed-wheel) bicycle? -  No brakes. But then, neither are there pedals; so who needs brakes? 

The article states three medical breakthroughs for diabetes: 

Pacemaker for the stomach (available: about five years).

Hope for a type 1 cure (available: not for at least five years).

No needles (available five years).

(Watch the shelfs at your Chemist in until about, not before, at least five years. In the meantime - cycle downhill only).

- - - - - - -


As if my numbers awareness were at a peak after uploading a chapter, it came on February 25th. What amazes me is that I don't need to try, to calculate, to search out any numbers magic. It just comes! (Maybe, I am a clever bastard? But why am I not rich then?) 

It was Thursday. The previous day I had uploaded Chapter 11. It was my day, where I am on duty as a volunteer driver with the aged German Community. Usually I park, without any problems, in a 2-hour zone somewhere around Adelaide's East End. That day all 2-hour spots were filled. So I went a little further a field and found a 3 hour park. How well did that match the location - outside No. 196? Don't you love it?

But it got better. While the elderly German ladies enjoyed their coffee and cake I slipped out to pay a quick visit to the courts. I found a 1 hour park right by the recently erected statue of Mary MacKillop. No magic numbers yet, only two things to report:


One, the exact time the statue was unveiled, by co-incidence (or divine guidance more likely) I happened to pass St. Xavier's Cathedral. Monsignor Cappo, and other clergy in flowing robes, carrying crosses on long sticks, were just walking back inside the Cathedral, after having officially opened the statue.

The other point takes us, in rather good timing, to another Mary, Queen Mary 2. As I write, the Cunard Line's 14-storey, 350 m long vessel is docked in Port Adelaide's Outer Harbour. Over 2000 passengers are enjoying Adelaide in bright sunshine, with little wind at the perfect temperature of 25 degrees C.


During that Thursday's brief whistle stop in downtown Adelaide I enquired at the courts across Victoria Square, when the verdict in the McGee trial would be brought down. The trial had concluded the day before. It was reported on the news that Judge Herriman had reserved his decision. The McGee Brothers are now awaiting their fate, jail or no jail. 

A quick look in the Australian Newspaper in the City Library drew me to an article by Tony Fitzgerald. Now retired, he had headed a Royal Commission into corruption in Queensland some 20 years ago. Written on the occasion of the release of his book, The Fitzgerald Legacy: Reforming Public Life in Australia and Beyond, the article states: 

Australia's major political parties are exploiting gaps in the law to produce an amoral "whatever it takes" culture, corruption fighter Tony Fitzgerald QC argues.


So that's the stumbling block, the whatever-it-takes culture! In South Australia did it take the removal of a senior magistrate, who had jailed corrupt police and drug dealers? 

Did it take the mysterious disappearances of a few people, who knew too much? The names Steve Williams comes to mind, the Gypsy Joker, no joke, who was about to blow the lid on corruption in our State. He disappeared before being able to do so.


(One person, also a fighter for justice in South Australia, claimed during a personal talk with me, as I understand it, that Williams had supplied police with vital information. When criminals had him cornered (in a motel car park near Adelaide's Gepps Cross) Williams tried desperately to phone his police contact (for protection). It never came! 

We seldom hear about this man's disappearance any longer in the media! (Instead, all week, every night we heard about a nude photo, taken by a famous cricketer posted online of his girlfriend).

PLEASE NOTE all media: We don't give a damn about such trash story and are sick of this tabloid junk being beamed into our lounge rooms!


As I was driving off in my Suzuki to return to the German Club I distinctly recall a flash of a thought, which made me change plans. I was going to turn left at St.Xavier's Cathedral to return the shortest distance to the Club, but instead drove straight ahead.

I was driving in the opposite direction, west on Grote Street, because I had pictured myself driving down Gouger Steet. I had no reason to do so, but I did it, virtually circling the Adelaide Central Market. Looking up on the southern side of the Adelaide's Central Market  for the first time, I noticed a clock.

The clock was digital. The time was displayed in large, red numbers (Some small, red numbers later in the chapter). I could hardly believe that the first time I was passing this clock it displayed the numbers I associate with an incident at these markets - 158. (Magic story re: 158 - Summary to Oct. 05)

The time was two minutes to two! 

Now, if I were to tell you my awe lasted for 4 minutes, then I was in awe from - two to two to two two. 

(Hey, wouldn't my friend Geoff, who loves the number two, enjoy this! - Strange timing, he phoned me only minutes before writing this paragraph).

Often I wondered, why this amazing tomato story comes up so frequently in my chapters. The reason could be in the word tomato: The two letters AM between TO (on cross).

The great I AM between two crosses!

- - - - - - -


Stop Press: At this point in my writing, after a lengthy meal break, my wife pointed to an article in the newspaper she had bought. What a bombshell !

To understand my excitement, please take a look what I had written about our then Federal Member of Parliament. In Book 2, Chapter 41 I had cast serious doubt about a sensational story in the newspapers and other media. It was splashed across many front-pages of major newspapers in Australia and beyond.

Knowing the lady personally at the time I had wondered, if the newspapers really could just make up stories, print whatever suits their particular spin, and gets away with anything. The average citizen never questions it.

Here is an excerpt of my chapter, where a Liberal party member had told me what allegedly had happened to Trish Draper, the Federal Member for Makin. 

She confided in him that a newspaper reporter had phoned her, to comment on a story to be printed the next day. It was about Mrs. T admitting she’d made a mistake, was sorry and was repaying the money (nearly $ 10 000) she had claimed for her ‘spouse’. Mrs. T was then given an option to comment. If she preferred not to, the story would be printed regardless.

(End excerpt)


Take a look at the bombshell news item, on page 3 of the Advertiser today (11.3.10):


Apology  Trish Draper

Text: On June 28, 2006, The Advertiser published an article in which it was asserted Trish Draper had attended a meeting with Channel Ten executives in Canberra and threatened and pressured Channel Ten to drop Big Brother - Adults Only or their case for media law changes would be damaged by the Government. 

We accept that Ms Draper did not attend any such meeting and at no time in any way pressured or threatened Channel Ten executives in connection with Big Brother - Adults Only and the media law changes. We apologise to Ms Draper for the hurt and embarrassment our assertions about her have caused.

(End Text) 


Can you believe it? How can a newspaper be so specific and allege that a Member of Federal Parliament had threatened and pressured business executives, in a meeting that never happened? Whoever told lies about Trish ought to be made responsible, before a magistrate in court, if possible. The case looks just like an attempt at character assassination. This is what I had called it in my Book 2, Chapter 41. Why this apology transpired after nearly four years is a mystery. There must have been dealings going on, behind the scenes, which we were not told about, unless I missed it. 

Trish Draper has since resigned from Parliament in Canberra. She is now standing for the state seat of Newland, the one I used to be President at, when I was a member of the Liberal Party. In just over a week we shall see, which party is elected to form Government! I don't care any longer who, even if it's the 'left-handed electricians' party, as long as their Members of Parliament stand for the truth and love justice!

One day, this same newspaper will apologize to my friend Peter Liddy, for not reporting the whole truth about him, when they reported the Liddy case in their newspaper. Court Reporter Sam Weir had made the people of Adelaide believe that the court heard the senior magistrate paid an allegedly abused victim the sum of $ 5000 in an envelope. This gave the impression it was a clear cut case of bribe money!

The truth that the money was paid in two instalments supported the magistrate's claims, that his alleged abuse victims are after money - attempted blackmail !

The people of South Australia had never been told that Peter Liddy's main accuser (7 out of 10 guilty charges came from this one man) was a career criminal, a drug dealer with a criminal record as long as his arm (8 pages).

How can a newspaper reporter live with the fact that a possibly innocent man is lingering day-in and day out in a hell-hole, because of his sloppy (or purposely constructed) misreporting? The day of reckoning is coming, with vengeance!

Repent and turn to God, while there is still time!

The great I AM is willing to forgive anyone, who confesses their need of God. Those who do, will first repent of the wrong they did (it's called sin) then turn their whole life around, starting a new adventure with a new attitude toward God. This attitude is: Lord I really need YOU and your son Jesus. I need YOUR Holy Spirit to help me live my life each day, the way YOU want me to live it.

Why Jesus? He's IT. 

Acts 4:12
"Salvation is found in no one else,
for there is no other name under heaven
given to men by which we must be saved."

How I wished that all would C.

- - - - - - -


Street names - Para Hills

  All you need is a C and the two names Goodall / Kimba to create this anagram:


Only after I had scanned this and enlarged it did I notice the red numbers, 109 and 493 on the grid. (They are the house numbers). 493 is 7 short of ...

Playing with 109 I amazed myself, as I arrived at 911 000. (Yes, totally unplanned, I had discovered this same number, almost, earlier in this chapter!)

109 + C [100] = 109 100, rearranged - 911 000!

Channel Seven's Sunrise is running a segment at the present time: Tell us what your suburb or town is famous for.

If the above were nothing, how about this equation: 109 = C + 9 or C + NINE = SEE [e] N in.

Add [e] N to Para = Paran!

Habakkuk Chapter 3, Verse 3: "God came from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran".

Please note: PA (beside 493 in the street map above) does not stand for Pa, as in Father.- It stands for Pedestrian Activated (traffic lights) crossing.   

- - - - - - -


Many anti-God campaigners, no doubt, dismiss my writing as that of a crazy mind. One name comes to mind, that of anti-God guru, author and atheist-general, Richard Dawkins. 

The gentleman is touring Australia at the present time (early March 2010). During two television appearances he asserted his firm belief that there is no God. He also asserts that the world is at least *4.16 billion years old. Mr. Dawkins claims that he wants truth, virtually saying that all who believe in God are deceiving themselves. As I understand from the title of Richard Dawkins' popular book, he believes God is a delusion in the minds of any religious believer.

*Stop Press - The latest bombshell news: A senior research scientist at Rockhampton University examined geological finds in Australia's outback. The researcher claims the ancient rock find points clearly to a much older earth than previously thought - 5.53 billion years! 

The scientist has been invited to America, where the news of his discovery caused a flurry of activity in the NYRE (New York Rock Exchange). The scientist, who wants to remain anonymous, said his new research should silence any critic, who still doubts the big bank (account) theory!


Since I don't have the luxury of airing my views on TV, may I state the case against Mr. Dawkins arguments here:

If a Christian dismisses the very first verse in the bible - in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - how can he trust the rest of the bible? Only the existence of a creator makes sense! The earth is the work of HIS hands. 

The scientific claim, never call it proof, that the earth is 4.16 billion years old is at best a theory. No matter how clever scientists are, how can anyone show proof, what went on 4,160,000,000 years ago and allegedly is still going on today? Was Mr. Dawkins there? 

To say that it all evolved, that there is no intelligent force behind it, who designed and controls it all, just does not make sense! Nothing just evolves! An explosion is destructive, not orderly and creative! Even if all pieces were falling into place, who controls the processes after the magical creation-explosion? 

Maybe, humans are not meant to know exactly how God created the world? Isn't the very pursuit, wanting to know how God did it, a rather arrogant attitude?

Richard Dawkins said on the SBS's Dateline program that Christians are obsessed with sin. He obviously denies the existence of a conscience, which plagues us, after sinning. Hence the atheistic propaganda, displayed so offensively on London's buses: There is probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life. (What a dangerous use of the word - probably!)

Is Mr. Dawkins saying, I can't enjoy life, because I believe in God? He couldn't be further off track! The very fact that mere humans can have a one-on-one, intimate relationship with this awesome, powerful, universal unseen being, is too wonderful to comprehend. 

Talking to this intimate, loving God about my daily activities, all of them, letting HIM have control over all, is what takes the worry out of life. Believing, trusting God not only takes the worry out of life; a true, deep understanding of God is the cure for mental illness. I know, I've been on that path and came out of it!  


Humans can have fun without God, sure. Some live by the paradigm - if it feels good do it. But what about the next morning, when the headache calls for a bottle or pill or drug to dull the pain? Consider the many ruined lives, who rejected God's ways? Regarding sin as an invention by religious fanatics, then doing what feels good without thinking of the consequences, is a sure recipe for disaster. 

Why is the Dawkins theory so popular? As I see it, denying the existence of sin, and subsequently God's judgment of right and wrong, minimizes guilt. If there is no right and wrong and/or no God, who sees all that you do, why worry? But why then do we have any laws?

Can any society exist without a solid foundation of rules? Without strict guideline, set rules, there would be chaos on our roads! So who should decide the rules of society? Why not a law that says - if you fail to lock up your house, I have a right to take your property, if I need it?

Mr. Dawkins, trust me, there is a God. HE made the rules, telling us right from wrong. Parents must teach their children right from wrong! 

How foolish to argue, as you do: a child should not be taught any religion! They should decide for themselves when they are old enough. Even the Communist Party is not that naive. Their slogan (as I recall): Give us a child until the age of five and they always will be communist.

As much as I respect Mr. Dawkins' belief, I can only make sense in what he does, the enthusiasm he can muster to spread his message by looking at it this way: Mr. Dawkins makes a good living, selling his books, travelling the world, promoting them while basking in the media's spotlight wherever he goes.

An intelligent mind, searching their innermost being, who desires in earnest to find out, if God does exist, will find HIM. 

Here is the catch: You have to actually talk to somebody that you don't believe in yet. However, those who are really, really, seriously seeking HIM, HE promised, they will find HIM. It all starts with faith, even when it's as small as a pinhead, or mustard seed.

To fall in love with God does not take an academic mind. Can Mr. Dawkins explain how a man and a women fall in love? It takes emotional intelligence, which cannot be acquired scientifically.  


Of all sins men can commit, Jesus was very specific about this one: Leading young lives astray, stealing their child-like faith. Mr. Dawkins has committed this sin.

Sir, repent! Turn to God and let HIM teach you how to enjoy life to the full. Without Jesus you never really will.

On the SBS TV's Dateline I posted this comment on 11/3/10 - 17.22 PM. 

Truth matters

If Mr. Dawkins is serious about truth, he will find it - in the bible. Seek and you shall find. There are thousands of ex-criminals, who turned from a life of drugs and crime to the truth - Jesus! Does Mr. Dawkins know of one criminal, who turned their life around, after discovering atheism? Only with Jesus you can truly say ... stop worrying and enjoy life. HE came so that we have life, real life! Why are you, Richard, fighting a God, you don't even think exists? Let God be God, let us be us.


On two fronts I do agree with Mr. Dawkins. He was saying, as I understood him, that one day scientists will discover a force that is so much larger and spectacular, than any human mind can ever imagine.

The bible put it that way:

 "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him". (1. Cor. 2, 9).

The other point I agree with Mr. Dawkins - his passion to find the truth. It he were fair dinkum, as we say in Australia, he will find it.

Hey, maybe I should show him the truth of my evidence of an innocent man in jail? Would he believe the document, facts printed in black and white? Would he stand and passionately join me to reveal the truth?

Chapter 13