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The summer weather of 2002/03 was one of the most dangerous on record in Australia, a continent in the grip of the worst drought for 100 years. Bushfires raged in Canberra destroying hundreds of homes, killing four people. The blaze devastated whole suburbs and caused grief and heartache for hundreds. Watching our prime minister visiting the affected areas one could see his distress, walking amongst the graphic scene of destruction.


Our TV Channel Seven broadcast the plight of some Adelaide Hills' residents, fighting bureaucracy to clear undergrowth to prevent fire reaching their homes. I recognized the person interviewed immediately. The name Margaret was the same name as that of the mother-in-law of the bus driver killed at Salisbury. To not embarrass the people involved I won’t repeat the surname, suffice to say that by changing two letters around, it would sound like ‘get moving car’.


The creativity by the program producer to find a person who knew me, who had a good name and lived in a fire prone area was astounding. Of the story line, however, I was suspect. Would it really cost 400 dollars to burn some undergrowth? Can someone really cut down 47 (for 7) large trees without any problems?


My reaction in the following, humourous email was important. It highlighted the aspect of timing. During my years of experiencing this “theophany”, the right time for action was almost as important as the action itself. I emailed Channel Seven immediately after the program was aired:


Thu 23/01/03


Hi all,

Watching a program like the one on today tonight today (tonight), it makes me see green!


Did Leigh not realize she made the pun of the week?

Residents in the hills wanted to burn off but their suggestions were shot up in flames... Good one, Leigh!


My advice to Don and Margaret C. (I know them from years ago) to get the green light is to empower themselves for their own safety!

Four hundred dollars to clear a bit of land?? To save money on the aerial photo they ought to attach a camera to a pigeon, set the self-exposing timer an let it fly over the area. The timing must be perfect. If it doesn’t work I’d just sent the Native Vegetation a postcard with any green in it.


I have experience with government rules and how to obey them without, if you know what I mean. Your whole report had a kind a familiar L‘aura to it, and if I can be of any ‘lp to the residents concerned, I will be pl eased to do so.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


PS. How did Annie Callanda (spelling? no subtitle names given in your report) manage to cut 47 huge trees? She must have read my website on how to write to your government and be up their nose.


A few months earlier I would have been agonizing, doubting if it was really all a set up. By the beginning of 2003, however, I had reached a level of confidence in my calling that sending emails, responding to external stimuli became a frequent pattern, piece of cake, as it were. Because I was busy writing my story on dieterfischer.com I spent a lot of time in the computer room. Isobel would remind me many times to get on with my real job. 


The most frequent question about God is no doubt this: “If God loves us so much, why does he not stop all the bad things from happening?” Why did God not stop the Space Shuttle Columbia from burning up on re-entry? God is sovereign. His love is unchanging in the midst of September 11 or February 1 events. The date of the tragedy was 01/02/03!


Please, before judging or condemning me for bringing this world event into my story, wait until the end of this chapter. All I am doing is informing you what happened two days before this tragic event and let you be the judge. I would be committing high treason toward the Kingdom of God, if I did not let you know of probably the most impacting email I ever sent. It was in response to two newspaper articles, the first one a story in the Thursday 30/1/03 edition of the Advertiser, by a regular contributor, Kerry C.  

 The writer, whom I had emailed previously with fun interpretations of names (remember - Peter’s just in?), was criticizing the overuse of certain phrases; outside the square, have a nice day, outside and beaten, the big picture and the bottom line, just to name a few. I could see a subtle link to my website in the article. My online newsletter is called “Outside the Square”.  


In the post another article arrived from my son Ben in Sydney. It was addressed to Isobel and had appeared in the Weekend Edition of the Australian dated Jan. 25/26th 2002. The writer was Phillip Adams, a well respected journalist often heard on radio. Titled “Hello world, this is me” Phillip Adams speaks on God’s behalf –  His assumption, what God would say to us humans, in part read as follows:


“I don’t have arms or legs or buttocks or knees or elbows”, the text is highlighted in the centre of the page. If I read it correctly (and I’m not an academic), he says that there is no hell and God is really so far away and universal that he can’t be bothered with us humans.


Adams, on behalf of God, continues: “I’ve got endless life forms to create, amuse and entertain all over the ever-expanding universe. Squillions of galaxies in this one and just as many in the parallel universes – and there are squillions of those. And I’ve been juggling this for squillions of light years. Yet humans still think that they’re at the centre of things. That it’s all about them. Despite all the evidence of the contrary, including commonsense.) What were their names? Yes, Galileo and Copernicus.”


Since I never went to University I am no match to argue with academics. But claiming commonsense that God is not interested in us, HIS wonderful creation, is everything but common sense. The very foundation of the Christian faith is that this big God (and I must congratulate Adams for his big picture view of the universe) cares about the little sparrow falling to the ground somewhere on planet earth.


If the Universe is really that big, is it then not futile to channel so much energy and resources to even attempt to explore it? Eliminating poverty on our planet would be a more achievable goal than to cruise amongst the stars, covering 0.0000001percent of all of Gods creation.   


I don’t think there are any other populated planets in the Universe. But if other populated solar systems exist, I believe their number totals 99. Two thousand years ago God left those 99 to pay attention to us humans on planet earth who were rebellious, fighting, bleeding, led astray. God himself had to become man, complete with arms, legs, knees and elbows. His miraculous birth had been foretold hundreds of years before it occurred. We still celebrate it every year. I challenge the followers of Phillip Adams’ theory to open their hearts, to be totally honest with themselves.


Galileo and Copernicus have made great discoveries. When I discovered Jesus Christ, the greatest man who ever lived, and HIS interest in me personally, I came to realize I had discovered more than Copernicus, Galileo and all the most brilliant scientists combined.


On Friday 31/1/03 I emailed my (almost) regular Friday message. This time to Kerry C., who writes for the Advertiser Newspaper. Phillip Adams showed his email address at the bottom of his article, so I sent a copy to him and the group of five. (This means that a minimum of seven recipients can vouch for receiving the following email on that last day of January 2002):


Subject: It’s me a PL (+1)                        C/Five Friends and Phillip Adams      31/1/03

Hi Kerry,

I agree with your concerns about too many new words creeping into the English language (yesterday’s Advertiser, page 18). We should first fully explore the ones we already have and fully appreciate them.

Take the little word ‘all’. Two letters, two LL’s. Of course I’d have to be a driving instructor to C it. (This is why they call it hell - when a he comes with two L’s). I saw on the song sheet during a Christmas Service at Kent Town that almost every Christmas Carol had the word all in it. Bible verses are full of them - all have sinned; Come to me all ye who are heavy laden; I can do all things, just to mention a few. The second word of our National Anthem is all.

The word ‘All’ in German means Space (as in Outer space). This brings me to the core (Kern, in German) of my email. Phillip Adams in the Weekend Australian (Jan 25-26, 2003) writes rather cynically about (all) mighty God. Yet, he is so right when he says we may look no further than the magic of wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef to C the majesty of God. As I understand, he says that human are but a speck of dust when viewed in the big picture of the universe; too right.

Yet, this same God is interested in little old me and you; he feels with us in our worries and cares. Phillip Adam finds it hard to believe, that this awesome God takes notice when a sparrow falls to the ground. I do too, but if you first believe in HIM, then your eyes will be opened (you’ll think outside the square) to C God’s beauty, God’s love - HE is love.

Tuesday morning as I ate breakfast I flicked my bible open (at random, as if flicking through a magazine) and started reading. It was Luke Chapter 13. My brain only switched on at Verse 3: "I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish." If you knew a little about me, you would understand that I wished at that point that this verse was verse 5. (I have this crazy thing about numbers 1, 3 and 5, not only because of my gearlever). As I read on I was almost blown over to find that verses 3 and 5 are identical: "I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish!"

I think the point Jesus was making was that we are all the same, sinners. Phillip Adams would find it hard to grasp that God looks at us all the same; that he loves a Martin Bryant, despite his awful sin. What Jesus said in Verses 2 and 4 is that all humans need to repent. Simply not believing in HIM is sin. The botton line is, there is no sitting on the fence. September 11th 01 was a wake-up call for all to C. If your read on in Luke 13, Jesus says that God gives people a second chance. I wished all would take it while they can. Once the door is shut it is too late, you’re outside and beaten, forever!

God’s will will be done.

Kind regards and have a nice day.

Dieter Fis c her


Kern is the name of my ISP provider, a German, whose family comes approx. 30 kilometres from my hometown Esslingen. The scripture passage in Luke tells of a tower that fell on people and killed 18. The twin-towers had a biblical precedent.


God showed me something remarkable about the code - It’s me a PL +1. It only came to me afterwards. At this point I am not willing to divulge what it is, except that I am astounded at the greatness of my God and HIS awesome plans. If it is all a con, a leftover from my mental illness, I still would not want to change with any professor of theology on a six-figure salary with only head knowledge of the Saviour.


The freestanding c in my name is part of the teasing nature of my email. Kerry hated anyone using the ‘c’ as the word see. I know she has a great sense of humour.


Two days later I got up at 5 am anticipating to watch my regular program “Hour of Power” from the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles. Instead, the channel was tuned to the US live-broadcast of the Space Shuttle Columbia’s crash on re-entry. Over a billion dollars and 7 lives lost.


I remembered almost immediately my reference to “ALL” meaning space in German. What would Phillip Adams say to all that? I prayed for him from then on.

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