34. Celebration mug in waiting

 If I was wrong to think justice has not been done in the Liddy case, then I am the first person to admit I have made a mistake, if I am convinced of it. If this proves to be the case, I will try to tell PL of his folly in telling lies, to repent and to stop calling himself a Christian. He would receive severe punishment from God for blaspheming his name. God’s truth prevails and will be revealed at the appointed time.  


The whole saga of the 2002 South Australian State election will one day be the subject of a book; perhaps when one of the politicians involved retires. Like many onlookers, I was both amused and amazed at the drama and comedy of it all. On Tue 09/04/02 Matt Abraham and David Bevan were interviewing Peter Lewis to unravel the mystery and come to the bottom of allegations. Journalists in all media were revelling in the story. Knowing that Peter Lewis had been a member of the Liberal Party, I couldn’t help thinking of scripture in the Old Testament:

“The stone that the builder’s rejected has become the cornerstone”.

Peter can be translated as ‘stone’.


Peter Liddy ended our correspondence abruptly. Unless authorities intervened and intercepted our letters, if this was legal. At the time of writing (Jan. 03) I have not been able to contact PL again.  In my final letter to him I scribbled a note on the bottom: “Did you know Judge Ann Robinson? There was a report in the paper that she died, aged 59 years. They didn’t tell what she died of.”


A small notice in the Advertiser had reported the passing on of the prominent Family Court Judge. I searched in the press in vain what the cause of her death was. One would expect that a death notice at this young age would accompany a phrase such as, after a short illness, or after a long battle with cancer etc. Not even the funeral notice mentioned anything, except a request to donate to an organisation in Melbourne. An obituary in the Advertiser did not mention the cause of death either.     


I emailed the Advertiser questioning why the cause of death of this high-profile, public figure had not been reported. A political reporter sent me a short email, telling me the Family Court Judge died of cancer. Why nothing about the cancer was mentioned in the paper is still unclear in my mind.


In the news a Federal Liberal Party politician kept asking questions in Parliament about the PL, the politician, affair. Not realizing he was from a South Australian Country electorate, I composed an email, thinking I was passing information to someone in Western Australia who may not know. I had been a member of the Liberal Party since July 2001 and ought to have known who I was emailing to.


The following email letter I sent to the Federal MP probably sums up my sense of urgency for truth to be revealed; not only on the Liddy case:


Dear Mr. S.


You must be congratulated for raising a very interesting subject in Federal Parliament. Why did a convicted bank robber buy the mansion of a Magistrate who was also supposed to be our state’s worst paedophile? The same ex-criminal who looked into the camera of a Channel Seven TV crew recently and said: “If you are listening, Peter Lewis, I will destroy you!” Is the same monster trying to destroy the longest serving Magistrate in our state as well?


In my humble opinion one should ask Mr. Peter Liddy himself. He is quite sane and would give anyone an intelligent answer. I have taken a special interest in Mr. Liddy, even though I have never met him. He maintained his innocence all through his trial and claims to be a Christian. If he is guilty, then I am appalled that he calls himself a Christian and does not own up to his sins. If he is innocent, which I am inclined to believe, he ought to be given a fair go by the media and the courts. I have witnessed the unfair reporting of his sentencing in the SA Supreme Court. 


I am in regular correspondence with Mr. Liddy. He has a sharp mind and wants nothing more than his case to be investigated and the truth be told. (Not a dismissal of his case by pure legal means). Perhaps some criminal element (Terry Stephens & Co.) have concocted a fictitious case against the harsh Magistrate. How can anyone prove what went on 18 years ago inside a tent between two people in the middle of the night? Our society seems to condemn anyone just accused of abusing children, no further questions asked. Mr Liddy believes a drug dealer and other criminals have put him behind bars.


In another matter, possibly related to the corruption that is rampant here in South Australia, my late family doctor was accused of fondling the breasts two young ladies in his surgery. I never believed that he did it, despite him having admitted to it. My gut-feeling (or shall I say, a sensitive spirit inside me) was confirmed (by whom I can not divulge). Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack (?!) age 50 years while playing tennis.


To further arouse your curiosity, and hopefully encourage you to join me in the search for truth, let me tell you of a Jason Plews, who disappeared in November 2001. He was last seen just along the road from my family doctor’s surgery in Para Hills. Doesn’t the name Plews sound a bit like P.Lewis, if pronounced without the fullstop? Yes, very bizarre, but what has been happening here in SA in the last few years is truly hard to believe. In no way am I suggesting Peter Lewis is involved in any wrong doing, on the contrary, he may shed some light on the matter in due course.


It would not be fair for me to withhold my name. You can read about me on my webpage

www.driving-school.com.au. Click on contact/meet the family.

I have no ambition whatsoever, except that the TRUTH will be revealed and corruption stamped out in our beautiful state of South Australia.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


For a few months I had believed that I never emailed this letter. However, the strong response I received in the days following made me think that perhaps the ‘sent button’ did the job without me realizing it:  


My outspokenness (I initially contacted Mr. S by telephone) infuriated at least one local parliamentarian. I was asked to resign my position as Branch President of the Liberal Party. I refused to do so, knowing it could be interpreted as an admission of wrongdoing.    


The disappearance of the mentioned Jason Plews came to my attention only in May 2002 when it was declared a major crime and reported in the media. It truly was bizarre, the location from where he disappeared (a stone’s throw from my doctor’s surgery and Goodall Road) and his name ‘Plews’. Pronounce Plews slowly and it sounds like ‘P. Lewis’. My brain notices these things and then asks why. Why I cannot say.


In my diary the word HOME is written in large letters at the top of Saturday 03/08/02. I was on a slight high. During high phases I usually was very creative. The day before, I had made a short visit to Parliament House and handed my latest curiosity to the receptionist. It was again gift wrapped and addressed to Mr. T, the (Upper House) MLC, who had earlier received the ‘special too hard basket’.   


For my 40th birthday 11 ½ years earlier I had been given a coffee mug by one of my good friends. It depicted a cartoon of a couple of angelic figures and the slogan: “Ain’t no better business for a healthy prophet” (or similar). The joke was the play of words profit – prophet. When I found the mug behind a stack of crockery in the kitchen cupboard, I knew it was to join the ‘heavenly basket’ sitting lonely on a shelf in Mr. T’s office. The following letter accompanied the parcel, which had the mug’s broken handle stick through a hole in the wrapping paper:  



c/Parliament House

Adelaide  SA  5000



Best place to work at


Dear Mr. T.,

It’s Friday, it’s a great day.


I feel that the little basket in your office is looking a little lonely on its own. Enclosed is another symbol of how creative and humourous our God is.


However, this mug (no not God, sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that), is only on loan. It was a present from a mate for my 40th birthday (not 100% sure on the exact one). He is the one that always takes up two lanes on the road.


Because it was a present I would like to receive it back, perhaps during a future celebration of some kind. I think you deserve to be recognized for the hundreds of hours you have put in to defend a very difficult client.


God bless and kind regards



PS.   Don’t try to get a handle on it. I have failed to do so for a number of years.

You may want to take this mug for your next parliamentary show-and-tell. Be sure PL is present.



I can imagine the smiles I put on those serious politicians faces with my larrikin ideas. Why not brighten up their boring Friday afternoons in Parliament House? I also wanted to convey appreciation to Mr. T. for his efforts in helping the cause. There was no direct communication between us, but from media releases in the paper and on the news, I knew he was on my side.


Another lighter side of the sage was my constant awareness of the numbers 15, 35 and 50. I found it rather amusing. The most hilarious place I saw it was in a Christian bookshop in the City. I went there to pick up a video tape I had ordered. It was about the raising of a dead man during an evangelistic meeting in Nigeria. As I browsed the bookshelves I noticed a display of books, right at the front door of the shop: “How to cast out demons”. A large sign above it read- 15 % OFF!!


On my way to the Christian Radio Station Life FM to pick up a book I had won in  a competition I couldn’t stop myself being amused about the funny sign at the bookstore. When I arrived at the reception of the Radio Station I had to tell them about the discounted title at the bookshop and added: “If they would have displayed a book – How to raise the dead – and 35 % OFF, I may have considered buying it”.


Occasionally I would make a comment to Isobel when my numbers came up on radio or TV. A current affairs program on obesity mentioned the three figures in the course of their report and exactly in that order, 50 %, 35 % and 15 %. Of course it would mean nothing to anybody, but to me with my peculiar mind. At times I got so frustrated with Isobel. I asked her after I had noticed an obvious numbers co-incident: “What would it take, Isobel, for you to take notice?” She replied: “Take notice of what?” 


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