75. Eyes to see and ears to hear

On Wednesday May 7th 03 my decision was confirmed that I ought to concentrate on making my wife happy. I ought to finish writing, emailing and interpreting numbers, events and articles etc. I had a brief moment with our pastor as I visited the church between driving lessons. We exchanged thoughts, and he challenged me, if I was willing to give up my way of looking at external stimuli and weaving them into a fantasy.

I had made up my mind to do just that on Easter Monday. Giving up my ways of looking at the world did not mean I was denying the truth of the “theophany”. My pastor indicated he had not read much of my story online. Ironically, the lady who was the mother-in-law of one of the Salisbury bus crash victims was right there in the hall attending a craft morning. (Her surname is almost identical to the question why?) Did the pastor, in whose church the theophany had happened, really not know the significance of what had occurred?

Doubts started to rise in my spirit. Did anybody read what I gave for free online. Was it all my imagination or was I regarded as indulging in a huge ego trip. Was I rejected by the churches in the US, because they saw me in that light? No, I had not understood it as that nor do I believe this was the case. The reason for my rejection in the US and locally, I realized at Easter on the 21st of April, was my character and motive were being tested. One of the licence plates on my crashes reads PS 228. Psalm 22 Verse 8 says about a person that trusted in the Lord ought to be rescued by HIM. The name of the Earth Moving Company on the crashes was “Trust Us”. People wondered, if they could trust me.

Just as well I had made up my mind to ignore any clues, because my eyes still saw and heard things constantly. My psychiatrist had told me years ago to ignore any linking, thinking it was all to do with my story. At the time it really helped me. Isobel saw an instant improvement in my behaviour. I had been bordering on being obsessive, which was not healthy. Yet, would I ever have discovered the wonderful story behind the scenes or embarked on my journey without my curiosity constantly asking, why Lord? No, the story was far from over, but was nearing the half time whistle.

My becoming aware of co-incidental names etc. became even stronger after I had decided to give it up. Todd Road, less than a kilometre from our house, formed a junction with Myall Road. Before moving away years ago, the original member of the media, who started me linking a newspaper article for the first time to my story, lived in Myall Road. My son Ben and his son Paul had been good friends.

During the Wednesday, the day I had spoken with our pastor briefly, a flood of stimuli arrived on the gate of my brain, even while teaching driving. A girl carrying a backpack, a lady with a pram, a woman dressed in black, a Queensland registered number with my numbers and the AO letter combination and a bus sign written HELP. Had I been in the US, where I believed my survival depended on seeing and linking data, I would have been a nervous wreck. Now I was able to prove the opposite; that I have control of my actions, my impulses and could ignore whatever had driven me.

In early May, just after uploading the first part of the US journey, I heard a song on Radio 5 DN’s afternoon program: “They’re only words….” I chuckled to myself, because the photos on my website were inactive, only the words were there. Very early morning on May 5th 03, I happened to wake early (at 5.03 am) and tuned into the radio. The lyrics of the song that was playing on Coast FM caught my attention: “That’s why I love you, why, why, why”. The song was by Guy Mitchell. As I had done many times, I wanted to show appreciation and gave the attendant a quick call. I wondered what she thought about the strange caller at that time of the morning. I listened for the full hour after that.  The songs were a smorgasbord to my ears – On the street where you live, Whispering hope, etc., finishing with “I did it my way.”

Later in the day I was urged again to phone another station, our local Salisbury Station PBA FM. I enjoyed “By the rivers of Babylon” by Bonney M. What triggered my urge to phone was the next song –“Why don’t you give me a call.” My phone calls to the radio stations only cost a few cents. When I felt prompted to make these calls, I never questioned why. I left it up to God to hear and see and prompt my spirit. However, from that point onwards, this practice would cease, because the mission up to half time, was accomplished.

A headline in the Advertiser just after Easter, written by two reporters with the Christian name Daniel, pierced my brain: “We’ve got the message”. Years earlier I had congratulated the Advertiser on a road safety campaign. The road toll had climbed higher than previously, nevertheless. I had added that the motorists of South Australia obviously didn’t get the message. This latest headline on Wed 23/4/03, printed on page 15 praised motorists for the first fatality free Easter in 15 years. Did the two Daniels try to say they got another message?

On April 29th 03 a news item reported a suicide bombing outside a popular bar on the beachfront in Tel Aviv. The name of the bar had been reported in the news very prominently as Mike’s place. My brain immediately recognized the name. On Friday May 2nd I sent my regular Friday email to Rebekah with a copy to the Family Standards organisation:


Dear Rebekah,

On Dec. 2nd I sent you an email about a story I read on Jesus.de (a German Christian website). The letters AP I took as Associated Press and therefore took the story seriously: A sex shop owner in Kentucky after 5 years in business had become a Christian and was burning $ 10 000 worth of his stock to change to selling bibles.


My email to you (or possibly a copy to the Herald Newspaper in Kentucky) I queried, if the story was authentic, because I had uploaded it into my story on dieterfischer.com. I never received any reply. This week (29/4) outside a bar in Tel Aviv, called Mike's place, a suicide bomber killed (I go from memory) himself and 3 others and injured 50.


You and I know that my story is very pro Christian and online for the world to read. I could link the two names or take them as co-incidence. Will I ever know? Why doesn't a person like you or one of your colleagues ever email me.  Question my sanity. I would love an honest, open dialog.   


Yesterday, for the first time, somebody did (call me crazy). My first real hate email from what I thought was a friend. At least he did communicate something and was honest, but at the same time very unreasonable.


Mike Atkinson, I read very briefly in your paper, visited Metro Holden. (I know Mike likes black tea, no sugar, (yuk) - I made him one at one of the Lewis' roadshows). If we take the t as a cross, the word Metro confronts people with the Christian message - Me or the cross! Choose the cross and drink coffee (white with milk and sugar).  


During a driving lesson my student and I practiced right turns at lights in the city. When we did it near The Forest of Dreams intersection, I pointed out to the client that the location was not very well chosen. No forest and an intersection with traffic lights is not the place to dream!


Kind regards, have an ice day.



PS Early this morning I discovered one of my (HIS) great accidental puns - the keyboard is mightier than the canonball. It's true since I noticed the n in Lindy, I see a n on b.all.


The Lewis road show referred to a series of meetings the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr. Peter Lewis (chapter 42) had arranged. It was to inform the public about his political reform agenda with the aim of preparing a group of 300 South Australians to debate on a range of Constitutional changes. I had attended the local meeting at Wynn Vale (great name) and seen Mike Atkinson, our Attorney General, and Peter Lewis for the first time at close range. Mr. Atkinson was busy talking afterwards, so I thought of asking him, if I could get him a coffee. All he said were two words – black tea. I had months earlier taken note of the fact that a tea manufacturer had launched a new brand of tea bag – black tea. (When the white variety comes out, how will they market the milk that comes with it?).

The Forest of Dreams were large, metal letters, approx. one metre high, forming the four words “the forest of dreams”. They were placed at an intersection in Hurtle Square, within the square mile that forms the city of Adelaide.

A Toyota advertisement in the Motoring Supplement of the Advertiser on Saturday May 3rd: It’s huge – it’s back! Well, how huge it is, I don’t know, but I am back. In the same edition was an unusual story by my beloved Rebekah Devlin. It featured the Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide Phillip Wilson, whom I once spoke to during an on air interview on Life FM, Adelaide’s Christian Radio Station. I had made the point that kneeling for prayer helps me, when I speak to God. God sees the heart and as well as the body language.  


In the paper I had read the names of the husband and wife team who ran the “Family Standards Organisation”, part of the group of five friends I email to. Both had been awarded the Centenary Medal for Services to the Community. I emailed my congratulation (with a copy to Rebekah). The rest second part of the email read:


I have been asking Isobel, how many co-incidences does it take before one wakes

up and says - Is someone telling me something? She won't answer my question,

because she believes I am mentally ill. Do you? Is my sense of humour that repulsive?  


Is is always telling me, that God does not work that way. How does he work?

Did you see the huge headline in Saturday's 'tiser. It was about Archbishop Phillip Wilson

by Rebekah Devlin, (I call her a devlin disguise, she's a good pal),

but in the Careers section?? (Must be a great job, except the pay is poor).


Kind regards



PS. I'd like your views on Peter Holli. Should he resign, I'm ready to check out the job descriptions in the vacancies section of the 'tiser, sorry the ATC papers.  


The ATC of course stands for ACT, our Nation’s capitol territory, much like Washington DC. I was not meant to write the PS because our Governor General was expected to resign. It’s the opposite – there was controversy about his past and I had very strong views on it. Before I do, please note the following, weird incident that happened just as I was returning from my walk with the dog (5.37 pm on Thursday, May 8th 03): 


I walked past the TV set, ready to write, but couldn’t afford to stop and watch. I only caught a glimpse of a few letters in the background (I read them as WGGY). When I saw GG, my mind thought of the Governor General. The why asked a question, my brain always associates Y with a question. I let my spirit run free for a moment and came up with this:

 VV stands for 2 victories. GG stands for Governor General, our representative of Queen Elizabeth. He is under enormous pressure to resign because of his admitted mishandling of sex abuse case within the Anglican Church. (The allegations go back from 1993 to the 1960’s when the person, referred to in the email, Peter Hollingworth was Archbishop).


On the fifth of the fifth I was tuned into Channel Seven’s Sunrise. The G-G debate (round two) had started in earnest. During round one I had written to him showing my support. I still treasure the letter on official regal stationary I received in reply. This time I emailed my opinion to a TV breakfast program. I was able to express a thought that had frustrated me a year earlier. It had to do with the first round of the G-G fight, which I suspected had then and now, more sinister motives. Here is the email to Sunrise, Channel 7 at 7.47 am on 5/5/03:   


Hi all,

I agree with the Deputy Prime Minister's recent comment - he who is without fault, cast the first stone (rephrased).

Community attitudes were different 40 years ago. What the man did was an gross error of judgment, which in hindsight he admitted. Is this new allegation by a priest a way to make a quick buck? The modern attitude that we must right every wrong, no matter how far back it goes, has it's limits.


Exactly on the day when the G-G was first under pressure to resign 14 months ago, Adelaide hosted a visiting VIP. That man had been guilty of serious sexual misconduct. He lied blatantly to the whole world about it. When exposed, he still he did not step aside. Our Government paid Bill Clinton 1/2 Million dollars for his South Australian stint, well knowing how he'd sinned.


Who want's justice!!!!


Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide


 Unbelievably, just now, 23 minutes after I noted the VVGGY code on TV, in the 6 pm ABC radio news, a lady is reported to have accused the G-G of raping her at a camp in Bendigo, Victoria. She has died only two weeks ago. God is the judge of all things. His truth prevails. It may not be evident this side of heaven, but ONE day the truth will set us free. (Bendigo – Ben di go? The previous week one of my clients wanted to be dropped at the Bendigo Bank).


The argument by accusers that the office of Governor General is of such importance, we need a perfect man, is unrealistic. His title is nowhere near as high as that of ‘US President’. He didn’t resign. Why should the G-G bow to pressure, rumours and innuendo? I believe the agenda of those pursuing the man is of a different nature. Peter Hollingsworth is a committed Christian, an ex-Archbishop of the Anglican Church. We are seeing persecution against Christian people. It will get worse. History has proven this to be the case. But thanks be to God, who has given us the victory of all victories 2003 years ago on a rugged cross.


If you decide to follow Christ, consider this fact; you are not boarding a cruise ship, you are stepping onto a battleship. (How ironic, that the Kanimbla, Australia’s troop carrier presently in Iraq, carries the number 51).


For those readers who have not done so yet, it is not too late to repent. It has been the theme right through my story. God is willing to forgive, more than willing, if you are. Who cares what your name is!!!


HE sees, HE hears, He is calling you by your name; you are HIS!


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