57. Sunday mornings at five

Sometime in Mid 2002 I agreed to a request by a radio host on 5 AA on his Midnight to dawn shift that I would sing “Silent night” in German for him. He said he really loved the German version. I fulfilled my promise on Sunday morning 15/12/02, telling them how I found it hard to make a promise and not keep it:

“Once I invited a client to church”, I continued, “I made a deal – if you come to my church one Sunday, I will come with you to yours.” He stuck to his side of the agreement and came with me the following Sunday night. I seemed to never get around to keeping my promise. Finally, after 12 years or so, I happen to bump into him at the shopping centre, I made arrangements to attend with him that Sunday night. Whatever it is, if I make a promise, it bugs me until I keep it. As I got older, I have learned to make fewer promises.

As the one-way email traffic dragged on into 2003, I questioned my motives for constantly sending thought provoking ideas to the media. My family accused me of grandstanding, drawing attention to myself. If this was the case, I was not very successful at it. The apparent coded responses in ads, newspaper headlines or phrases in the press and electronic media, regarded as madness in Isobel’s eyes, was the very thing that confirmed my faith and my sanity.

God was working exactly the opposite way what would normally be the case. That’s our God! Unless, of course, it was all baloney and I indeed was suffering from a classic mental condition. Thinking up grand schemes, getting messages from newspapers or TV were typical symptoms of this kind of illness. Would I wake up one day in a Sanatorium with my dream in tatters?

I risked my reputation, my health, my safety only because of one reason.  I was backing a special horse, or would donkey describe it better. Its rider gave me confidence and encouragement. He backed his support with extraordinary actions. No way would I ever deviate from my mission, even if it meant more suffering in hospital or in the family.     

Thinking Rebekah was still away I emailed the Motoring Reporter of the Advertiser on Friday 10/01/03 on the question of ego:           


Dear Stuart,

Recently in an email to you I make a joke - to be the most humble man in the world you need a big ego! I should have explained what I meant by big ego!

You know what e-mail means. And we all understand what it means when someone has a lot of ''go". Someone with a big ego sends out a lot of emails.

That brings me to another point about greatness. When does a person become an icon?

I think it is his or her attitude - if they become YES people. Yes people always say  I can!

Kind regard and enjoy your Friday.

Dieter Rolf Fischer


One Sunday morning in November 2002 I awoke early and decided to see what was on TV. At 5 am the regular program “Hour of Power” featured many nice old songs and interesting personalities from all over the world and all walks of life. The second time I watched the program I noticed something unusual: A 15-year-old girl, singing sweetly before the world wide TV audience, was wearing a red dress – about a month previously the same girl had performed, dressed in green.

Her age and the first three letters of her surname (Gut) were the final trigger that made me email the Australian office of the Hour of Power on 22/12/02: 


Dear Hour of Power,        

Thanks again for a wonderful program. I can't stop the tears because the program seems to speak to me personally. I emailed four weeks ago how I enjoyed Devon Guthrie and others. Since then I enjoyed Mrs. Byrdsong and her amazing courage despite her tragedies.

I have a special problem that would not leave me. The world around me becomes alive through numbers, names and even colours. One of my Christian friends thinks it's demonic. My wife does not understand, so I have learned to keep it to myself.

When 15 year-old Devon sang just now, her age and the colour of her dress all meant something to me. Last time she wore green, today red. But God does not torment people. He has a purpose in it all. Just like Yolanda sang, I will never give up as long I am in his will.

God loves numbers and names too. This week HE gave me Psalm 147, Vers 4. "He counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by name". (Perhaps my passion for numbers is not that silly after all). And the following verse (5) must be one of the most powerful in the scripture: "Great is our God and mighty in POWER." I believe it with all my heart. And yes, his understanding is infinite.

What wonderful talent you have at the Crystal Cathedral. (Linda played the harp so skilfully). I visited once in 1988. It was Saturday afternoon, the church was empty but for the orchestra rehearsing; a concert just for me. It was the highlight of my short stay in L.A.

God bless you. Wishing you a joyous Christmas.


The name Byrdsong held a twofold meaning. Firstly, I related it to my story about the rebel bird that flew in the opposite direction to everyone else. Secondly, my sister in the US was married to a man named “Byrd”. She still lives in the far south of the US near Mobile, Alabama.    

My visit in 1988 to Los Angeles, en route to Alabama and Germany, held one negative memory. I will deal with it in the next chapter.

Every weekend I looked forward to Sunday morning, regularly enjoying the hour-long broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral. The name Byrdsong was only one of many that I linked during many TV programs. Not only names, but numbers emerged everywhere, which I saw and absorbed into my story. By now the word co-incident was non-existent in my vocabulary. I only use it in this book, because I know not every reader will see things as I do.

On February 9th I was compelled to again email the office of the Hour of Power. That morning Dr. Schuller read from Psalm 139. It was one I knew so well from memory. As he read I anticipated Verse 18, the words which I treasured so much – “How precious also are your thoughts toward me, oh God. How great is the sum of them. If I should count them they would be more in number than the sand”.

Dr. Schuller didn’t get that far. He skipped a few verses and finished with Verses 23 and 24: “Search me, oh God…”

Shortly after the program I emailed, being fully aware that there is probably a week or so delay in the actual service broadcast in Australia. I sent a copy to Rebekah at the Advertiser:  


Hi …,

Dr. Schuller (sen.) teased me this morning. He read one of my favourite psalms and was about to come to my special scripture (I titled a book I am writing after it) and switched to the last verse! I suppose the services have to be edited to fit it into the one-hour time frame.

Talking about time, you know I discovered months ago the little word "all" featured by co-incidence on my website. Last Friday week, for the first time I emailed the meaning of the word "All" in German = Space (as in outer space) to a group of friends.

Two days later the Columbia tragedy occurred. (I missed the hour of power last Sunday morning). God is really doing something extra-ordinary. HE has HIS special purposes in everything.

What an inspiration Mr. Wall was today. (You have to love him, simply because of his lovely face and Wow -name) . Our ABC local radio features a "random act of kindness every day".

Yvette, I know I am nothing special, but tell me, who do people say that I am?

Kind regards and God bless

Dieter Rolf Fischer

 PS. As Nita sang so beautifully I pondered about her name. In prayer later God revealed two very obvious facts I had never thought of before. One, the letter 'n' is identical to a 'u' if it does just that, a U-Turn. Secondly, the central part of the cross is a plus sign. I had always looked at it as a crossroads, typical driving instructor mentality.


(Mr Wall refers to the founder of the “Random acts of kindness” movement, who was interviewed on the program that morning).

After the Columbia Spacecraft tragedy I knew people were asking again, who I was, or perhaps who I think I was to link such an event to me personally. Apart from the names, the three previous events (the one policeman’s death, the two teenagers dying at a certain time and four people at a railway crossing) were spooky enough when considering the fact that 1+2+4 = 7. Seven died in the Columbia Spacecraft on 01/02/03. Perhaps this is why I inserted the phrase “…who do people say that I am?”

I knew these were the words Jesus himself used, questioning his disciples; a strange query from someone who knows everything, who can read people’s mind and who is all powerful. Why did he ask it? I think he wanted to know more the reactions of his disciples to the question, rather than what people thought about him. Jesus knew exactly who he was while on earth. I have difficulty when I think who else I could be, apart from me; certainly not Jesus; I simply regard myself as a servant pointing the way to Jesus. The unusual fashion, which HE engages in, is not of my doing.  

That people must be wondering about me I find expressed in the reply to my email. Note the comma after the word Jesus:  


Dear Dieter,

I'm glad that you enjoyed our program. Yes, the show does need to be edited to fit into the TV time slot. Jesus, asked His disciples "Who do you say that I am?" I say, He is the Son of God, Prince of Peace, Counsellor, Healer, Comforter, Deliverer,My King, Best Friend,Awesome,All Powerful,All Knowing One. It isn't true that you are nothing special, because we are all made in the image of God and as Christs followers we are very precious to Him. I pray today that God shows you how much you mean to Him. The cross is a plus sign! Oh an Jesus is so positive He believes in our true potential, we are called to be like HIm.

Bye for now,


My niece (who is 4) said "God knows everything" Children are wonderful.


Who am I really, apart from Dieter Rolf Fischer, an average man, born in 1950, a driving instructor, married with four children? I had virtually called myself a “prophet” after delivering the “prophet-mug” with the broken handle to Parliament House. I certainly had drawn attention to myself linking car crashes, dates, names plus much other data to my story. People had reason to think I am ‘different’, to say it mildly.  

On February 16th after watching the program on TV I replied to the Hour of Power: 


Hi …,

Thanks for your straight forward answer last week. You should not have placed a comma after the first line, the word Jesus. It could be misunderstood.

Thanks again for a blessed hour this morning. Mr. Perez exudes calmness and wisdom, I thought. Am I correct to say I noticed the the word leisure replaced for the word tears? This morning I shed many. Gordon Moyes, after your show, talked about re-incarnation. How the word became flesh. It made me again ask the question, it was so painful.

Who am I? I can do nothing of myself, no healing, no miracles. The amazing circumstances covered in my story are all from God, I have nothing to do in any arrangements. Yet, I know, as Robert (jun.) said this morning, I can to all things through Christ, but HE is the one who does it, never man.

I come across certain scriptures that seem to point at my experience. Habbakuk 1, 5 - is one of the main ones. But even in Revelations I read parts that make me stand back in awe: Rev. 10, 5 - An angel who raised his (right) hand to heaven (see dieterfischer.com) Rev. 9, 17 mentions three colours (red, yellow and blue - South Australia's state colours), the very ones I mentioned in my story saying, they were not common names.

I have never ever given a sermon in my whole life; never studied in bible college. Therefore I am very reluctant to try to interpret Revelations. My main aim is to be obedient to God's calling, whatever that is. I feel by HIS grace HE has helped me achieve that. The rest, including who I am, where HE leads me etc. I have to place before HIS altar in humble adoration, proclaiming how great YOU are.

Thank you for your encouragement. Give your little niece a gentle kiss from me, tell her God loves her and so do I.

Kind regards

Dieter Rolf Fischer


PS. Did you watch "Days of our lives" on Friday - Valentine's Day? I could hardly believe my ears. As I ate lunch in the kitchen the TV's sound barely reached me. A handsome soapy-star PRAYED aloud for his lady. He finished with the words - "in the name of Jesus, Amen". My wife was there too, otherwise I would have made an appointment with my shrink! Joel, 2,28 is coming to pass! Praise to HIS name.


Right back in 1999, when I had hijacked the microphone during a church service, I read Psalm 94. Verse 2 urges God to show himself. He certainly has done so a few times. In the following verses the writer laments the injustice in the world and the godlessness of the wicked; Verses 9, 10 and 11 clearly state that God hears and sees everything.

Verse 16 is the one that made me volunteer, as it were, to speak up and keep silent no longer. I remember during a conversation a reporter of a TV station investigating Peter Liddy’s case, reading the Psalm to me on the telephone. When it came to Verse 16 I said, this is the one that made me do it. Verse 16 asks: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

There is one thing to speak out against evil. It is another to volunteer to play Jesus. There is only one man in existence who can claim to be Jesus. When HE comes everyone will know HE is the one. And the man himself is absolutely sure, who HE is.

When HE, the Messiah, finally returns it will be an event unparalleled in world history. The bible says, HE will “descent from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.” The New Testament book of Thessalonians, which this verse is taken from, says more about this huge world event. 

The fact that I play the trumpet is co-incidence; this time I mean it. In the late 1980’s I attended a large charismatic church in Adelaide. I played the trumpet regularly for two services every Sunday. Teasing me, the producer of the church videos asked, if I had applied for the job of “playing the trumpet” when Christ returns? I was his very first subscriber to his new Christian Video Service called “Top C”. Today I look at the name Top C, and at my enthusiasm for being his first customer, with a smile about God’s sense of humour.

Just like the last three digits of my business phone number, perhaps God played a little trick, my trumpet playing, to put everyone off track. According to Revelations 666 is the number of the anti-Christ. I hope no-one thinks that I fit that description.         

The book of Habakkuk in the Old Testament seemed to parallel, in so many ways, what had happened to me. I just cannot close my eyes to the facts. If I did my family would be happy. They constantly remind me to just let it all go and get on with my life. Was I not doing just that?  

I must be true to myself. I have to trust God to see me through this adventure as he had done many times before. In his time my family and everyone will see, why I had to do what I did. As long as God’s will was being done and I obeyed, everything will work out well.

In Verse 2 of chapter 2 the prophet Habakkuk was instructed to write down the vision God had shown him. “Write it on tablets for all to see”. This story, this website, is “my tablets of stone”. It is visible world wide - to the glory of God.

Please let it not be a stumbling stone for you, but a solid rock to give your life a new meaning, a hope for the future. Let Jesus be the foundation to build your life on. 


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