Please note: The following chapter revert back to late 2002.


55. River full of sand.

The River Murray with a length of 3490 km is Australia’s lifeline. It is the continent’s largest river and starts as the Darling in Queensland. It flows south through Australia’s Alpine region and enters the sea near Goolwa, not quite 100 kilometres from Adelaide.  During the drought of 2002/03 the water dropped to a level so low, it dispersed into the estuary of Lake Alexandrina, completely shutting off the free flow of water into the Southern Ocean.    

The river’s plight had been regular news during the year. The government decided to drench a channel through the sand opening the mouth of the river to again flow into the sea. Right through 2002 I had a hunch that someone, somewhere wanted me to keep speaking my mind, with my mouth, keeping the channel open, so to speak (pardon the pun). I already described myself as “old man” following the Altmann sage; from ‘old man’ to Old Man River is not a big transformation.

On Saturday Nov. 23rd 2002, I had a driving lesson scheduled with the daughter of a family friend. As she was getting ready for her lesson, a friend Mark I knew from way back in Tasmania, and I had a coffee. Glancing at the front page headline in “The Australian”, our national newspaper, the word ‘sand’ caught my attention: “Gap in the sand opens old river’s mouth”.

Without the slightest hesitation I said to Mark; “The sa stands for South Australia. The nd I won’t say; you wouldn’t understand.” Suddenly I realized that I had chosen a text from the Psalms containing the word sand. That very word suddenly took on real meaning in my Liddy/Lindy struggle for truth. The fact that water was again flowing into the Ocean from the Murray River, was in my opinion not important enough to make front page news in The Australian. Was there more to the ongoing story of the closure and re-opening of the Murray Mouth?

My contact with Carol Altmann had ended after a few emails following my chance meeting with her at the Peter Liddy sentencing in September 2001. Now the headline in her newspaper made me write to her again the next morning (24/11/02):


Gap in Sa nd  

Attention Carol Altmann

Dear Carol,

You may remember me as the man (old, if you must) who sat beside you on Sep 7th, 01 in the Adelaide Supreme Court. Peter Lindy (sorry, Liddy) was sentenced to 25 years. My mouth opened to say to you that I think the man is possibly innocenct. My family thinks I am crazy harping on this. Especially now since the man lost his last appeal.

For a few months now contact between me and Mr. Liddy has stopped. I wrote to him twice without receiving a reply. Do they censor prisoner's mail? The magistrate's other charge of offering money to one of his victims would be quite logical to explain, if he was innocent: A man, desperate to get justice, would perhaps give what he has to offer (money) to stop one of his victims from lying.

In his last letter I received Peter was hoping that of one of his accusers would, perhaps when under the influence, slip up and start to speak the truth. I find it hard to believe Peter keeps on lying (to say he is innocent) and at the same breath proclaim to be a Christian. If he is guilty, he needs to repent and avail himself to Christ's forgiveness; not just for the crimes committed but for lying about it. God never gives up on anyone.

There is another man who was accused of fondling two female patients; my ex-family doctor, now deceased. I would bet my life on it, that he was falsely accused. He ran a practice on Bridge Road, Para Hills.

A very strange thing happend in Nov. last year. Jason Andrew Plews, 32, disappeared, presumed murdered from a house in Bridge Road, Para Hills (The Advertiser, 30/5/02). It was declared a major crime, but nothing has been reported since (unless I missed it).

Like one Advertiser Supplement on Tourism in South Australia stated: This city has a thousand secrets! But who is counting, anyway?

Trust you are well and I hope to perhaps hear from you some time.

God bless

Dieter Rolf Fischer


I never expected a reply from Carol and was not disappointed. The recipients of my persistent emails regarding the Liddy case must have perceived me as getting obsessed about the matter. It would have been easy to step over a threshold and lose all sense of reality about it. An entry in my diary on 23/11/02 reads:

“God knows what He is doing in & through me. If it is my illness I am having a ball, anyway. But as time goes on, am I prepared to let it all go, if the Lord asks me to?”

Regularly I kept reminding myself that God’s will will be done. I had become convinced long before that if I was indeed on the wrong track, God would have shut the door on me long ago. He would not let me be misguided for such a long journey and then just dump me.

In the days leading towards the uploading of I received many messages that I regarded as code for urging me to go ahead. A spam email with the subject heading – ‘reveal everything’ arrived as did numerous others. Some I could only guess as to their true meaning. E.g. a “Holly and Joel” enquired about ordering one of my road safety books. They asked, if I accept credit card payment. This reminded me that I flagged my intention to install credit card facilities on my new website, but had not done so yet.

A very visual, coded message may have been a Tradesman’s van I noticed during a driving lesson. It was called: All State …. To my mind there was little doubt what state all means. As far back as November 2002 I had received many coded messages showing support for my cause. These arrived in all kinds of media. The most encouraging were Christian organisations. I welcomed support from that quarter, because I was afraid of being accused of blasphemy by religious experts.

A leaflet arrived in the mail advertising a CD called “You shine” in large letters. It had perhaps nothing to do with me; still I took it as encouragement from God. Another featured my hymn “When I survey the wondrous cross”, which finishes so powerfully with the words “…demands my soul, my life, my all.” The lack of official support, or that of my family, made me cling to any sign of encouragement from other sources. Some may have had nothing to do with my story. Nevertheless, I thankfully claimed them as for me from God.

On December 3rd, 2002 I made a mistake. On the P/C in Word I learned that you can use the shortcut Control 5 (my number) to save your work on the hard drive. I must have felt smart, so I thought I tease my media contact Rebekah and her colleagues with a riddle:


Hi Rebekah,     

Here is a riddle for you: (Perhaps, enlist the help of someone who knows the Word to interpret its meaning?)

"Use control plus five and you shall be saved".

(I email the answer on Friday - God willing)

Kind regards and have a great day!

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS. I had a thought on Sunday morning in church, just as the singing started. It was a bit "scary".


Australia was still experiencing bad drought conditions and fires were burning around the country. As I stood in church that Sunday 1/12/02 singing praises to God, I pondered the scripture in Joel chapter 2. Following Verse 28, the one that spoke of old men having dreams (and the one I found in Chapter 3, Verse 1 in the German Bible) it goes on to say in Verse 30: And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth; blood, fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord.

A major event was to take place on 4/12/02, a total eclipse of the sun. On of the best places to view it was South Australia. The small towns of Ceduna on our West Coast and Lyndhurst in the Flinders Ranges were the best vantage points. Scientists and enthusiasts from around the world descended on the tiny towns, swelling their numbers and creating a carnival-like atmosphere.

For a moment my linking mind was contemplating the bushfires that were raging across our country following the long drought. Pillars of smoke would be a proper description of what was seen across Australia as I stood in church that Sunday morning. Surely this eclipse had nothing to do with Joel 2, 30 and 31?

Was I in order to draw attention to my sometimes crazy ideas in an email to Rebekah? There were times when doubt would plague me about my ‘right’ to pass on my thoughts to her. Since I seldom received a reply, or only a trickle compared to the flood I was sending, feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt were never far away. At times I felt being obtrusive, interrupting the journalist’s busy working day. However, I managed to combine the thoughts in church with the answer to the riddle.

Then I realized my error: I had misread an S for a 5. I emailed on Friday, Dec. 6th 02:


Subject - Am human, feel silly

Hi Rebekah,

Did you ask someone who knows the Word - the program by Microsoft, I meant?

Here is the answer (as it was supposed to be): - If you press "File" and use "control plus S" your publication is saved! -

(I feel very embarrassed, because I wrote "control plus five". I misread the S for a 5. Very sorry. I must have been seeing things).

In church Sunday morning I felt a little uneasy. I remembered it was the week of the eclipse. I opened the word of God and read Joel, Verses 30 and 31. Could an eclipse represent the wonders in the heavens? The sun does turn into darkness for a moment! The moon turning red, to blood? Fire and pillars of smoke? Bushfires, perhaps?

These were my thoughts and the reason for my unease. Whenever we humans think of an apocalyse or armageddon we get scared. But the bible says the opposite - don’t be afraid, be joyful, be happy - your saviour is coming. Real faith in Jesus does not need any signs. If I were to rely on numbers, letters or events, it would be no faith. I would admit my lack of faith, looking for a crutch. No one knows when the Lord returns. I would never use numbers, figures or data to work out a date.

Many people get complacent about Christ’s return, because their great-grand mother may have urged the younger generation one hundred years ago to prepare for his coming. If this was then, today the time of HIS coming is one hundred years closer. If we trust in HIM we have nothing to fear.

What a common sense editorial in yesterday’s ‘tiser! It seems we tolerate all religions except Christianity. I can’t wait to sing for joy about HIS coming.

Have a nice day.

Dieter Fischer

PS Have you tried letter crunching (you know the game we play) with the C for see, the U for U-turn, the I, the D and the N. Ceduna, Lyndhurst and the word Eclipse itself, lend themselves to some wonderful letter-ology, if there is such a thing.


The scripture in Joel, the wonders that will occur one day, are majestic. My little playing with words seemed rather silly. Nevertheless, Ceduna without vowels leaves CDN, something I just could not ignore. Similarly, the letters ND and L are all present in Lyndhurst, plus y - why? Eclipse can be turned into I C LP’s.

However, at this point I was beyond letter-o-logy as my email implies. God knows everything and I left it all up to HIM. My mind was at peace. I would have been ready to meet my Lord on Dec. 4th 02, if this would indeed have been the day of his mighty appearing, the second coming.

Leading up to Christmas an inspirational thought kept reverberating in my mind. It took less than an hour to simply write it into a short article and upload it my driving-school website:


Mistake in my road safety book.

On page 73 in "Low-risk driving, a Skill for Life", I made a mistake. It says: "Right of way is like a present under a Christmas tree. Even with your name on it, it's not yours until someone gives it to you."

We automatically assume that a present we have chosen, paid for and lovingly wrapped up, will be received thankfully by the one we have bought it for. When my kids were still young I remember buying the occasional gift for them on the way home after work. Perhaps I did this as much for myself, because I looked forward to the thrill of seeing their little faces light up as they open the box.  

The statement that a gift is only yours when someone gives it to you, is incorrect. A present only belongs to you after you have reached out your hand and  received it.

At Christmas we give gifts to each other because we want to show someone we care for them. However, the custom of giving gifts at Christmas is a symbolic gesture to remind us of God's gift to mankind; God himself came as a baby and gave his all so we can be saved.  

You may know the story, study it in theological college or even preach it at your bible study group. But like the analogy with 'right-of-way', Jesus is only truly yours, after you have accepted HIM and said thank you to the father.

What's stopping you? Get into gear, release the handbrake and press the go-pedal. Get excited! Prepare for the ride of your LIFE.


The following Sunday, two weeks before Christmas, the children’s story during the church service was appropriately about receiving presents. The lady telling the story brought along a little present and used just my phrase – “let’s open the box and have a look … “ A sign outside a church in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs read: ; Joy to the world. Let the earth receive her king.” This particular roadside pulpit always displayed uplifting messages. Often I could link them to what I had uploaded on the web days earlier. I knew - God was a work.  

The slogan for my driving school – your safety is driving PL us – turned its focus more and more to the spiritual meaning. I had no idea, if people visited my websites or lives were being changed. Somewhere I read that the most blessing often comes from one, who is blissfully unaware of it. If you are reading this, it is not by chance. God has a purpose for everything in your life and mine.    

The bible clearly states that one day Jesus will return, breaking through the clouds to tumultuous jubilation of those who had patiently waited for HIM.

Those who have rejected HIM wake up with a rude shock. Jesus will be a judge. Cries for mercy will be too late; regret an eternal punishment.

Make today your day for liberation. Clear the sand from your eyes and see Jesus as the best friend you will ever have.  


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