51. Let the whole world know


In Psalm 105, Verses 1 and 5 God exhorts us to reflect on his wonderful deeds and to tell it amongst the nations. I would not be true to myself to keep quiet about everything God had shown me and still is to this day. Therefore, soon after my return from Germany I was working actively towards writing the whole story and to upload it online via dieterfischer.com. I had a little prompting of my spirit after listening to a song on Radio 5 AN, the ABC local station: “Come and face the music” (or similar), were part of the lyrics. I had talked about facing the music on my return, in an email just before I left for overseas.


There were numerous emails I used to receive with all kinds of information. Often I knew that the sender was on my side. Example (in part):


         Hello! 24


            1-Send 10 to 50 thousand messages a day WITHOUT using email …



The 24 and 10 to 50 were part of my recognized numbers. I don’t think even the internet was able to reach 2000 million readers as yet. I was suspicious; did somebody recognize the date of 24/10 (the date of Salisbury train crash) and included them as part of the email message? When a combination was really obvious I occasionally would reply. The emails often came back as undeliverable, which told me, they were once off messages, not mass mail. Number combinations had become so common that I was reacting to a number of figures (no pun intended). I had promised myself after the library visit, to not let the numbers game take over and tried hard to keep that promise.


Originally I thought of charging a small amount for visitors to enter my website dieterfischer.com. Isobel had agreed to take care of any data processing that would need to be done. She was involved in a government sponsored course to learn simple computer skills. I was planning on many people logging on to my website.  


I did not only think of finally making some real money for all the work I had done over the years on the computer. I also pictured Isobel’s mind being blown over by the amount of money flowing in. She would finally have to concede that I was not just wasting my time on the keyboard every night and many days working all hours. But this was my human thinking taking over. God had other ideas.  


On November 27th an article in the Advertiser was so unbelievably stacked with names and numbers, that I was sure it was fabricated. Judge yourself, if you would have reacted in the same way. I emailed my thoughts to the Advertiser the following Friday 29th of November:  


Guten Morgen Rebekah,

I could hardly stop laughing reading about Dr. Luis Isabel. As per Wed. 'tiser he is in court because he allegedly forgot his aeroplane's handbrake, causing $ 350 000 damage to five aircraft (incl. his) because his aircraft travelled 150 metres out of control.

You see, not only do we live very close (2 kilometer) where this occured, but I often call my wife "my handbrake".

At a church camp in Nov. 2001, all participants printed their hand-print onto a large cloth. Everyone wrote one word that characterizes them. I wrote the word "trust." Isobel's contribution: Backstop!

She tends to hold me back, as I am engaging my turbo-charged engine into action. At times I'm grateful for her cautious approach. Her name is Isobel Lois.

Did you notice the a and o scenario again? (Plus an o u swap). During my overseas trip I pondered on this phenomena plus all the rest. It struck me suddenly that God calls himself the Alpha and the Omega (Rev. 21,6). I seem to stumble upon new, strange links like these almost daily. This morning I realized that the word "and" also means "plus".

There are so many other brain linkages, I feel almost embarrassed to mention them. What is the benefit to realize that 153 divided by 3 = 51? And 153 divided by 15 = 10.2? Or to notice a lady named Isobel Redmond wearing a yellow dress? Or to find oneself at a meeting with Bob Randall? (You know, I called myself Bob for a while) And right here is the and together with all.

Perhaps everyone makes connection like this? Maybe my mind is playing tricks? Or is there a purpose in all of this? There must be. I believe nothing happens by chance. As my handprint says: Trust - what other options are there than to bring it to God in prayer. Let HIM work in whatever way HE wishes. HE knows best.

Have a nice day. God bless


PS At the Christmas Bazaar of the Adelaide Liedertafel 1858 (on Sunday) I notice a little wall hanging. The words were in German, meaning: "He who trusts God has built his house well".



The greeting at the beginning was in German referring to a headline in the same edition of the paper. The "Liedertafel" is the Male Voice Choir of the German Association, Adelaide, of which I am a member.


I never followed the rest of Mr. Isabel’s court case. Perhaps he received five months jail, with three months non-parole period? Nothing surprised me after incidents like this.


My next task was to tidy up my written work and to publish them online. I had registered my web address. More than 30000 words were ready to be uploaded, except for editing. I placed another project, 100 000 words a half finished novel of the same story, on the backburner. One day this book would be published, really published plus online.


For a few days I kept wondering, if money was going to roll in and make me an instant millionaire. I spent a few hundred dollars and many phone calls plus emails to try to have the website as a “Members only” site. Little did I realize how expensive such a system would be to set up, so I opted for a cheaper version.


December 15th, 2002 was the date of first going online, telling the whole world of God’s incredible love for HIS children.


When I noticed that web surfers could enter any data and still receive the username and password to get into the site, I realized it was wrong to charge. Did I not adopt the slogan - “The winner gives it all”? How could I then charge for reading my story? Isobel would have to find out the truth about her husband another way. As a family joke, passed down from her parents, I always quote the scripture to her: “The poor will always be with us”. Perhaps this was prophetic.


Not that we were poor. I just had returned from five weeks in Europe and we owned two cars and a house, apart from the small portion, which still belonged to the bank. (I often wondered about the large billboards around town advertising a Credit Union – Freedom and a home loan). I felt I had achieved the former and was reminded regularly by my bank about the latter. The handful of people, who filled in the online form giving their credit card details, were people who knew me. I never went to the bank to claim any money. I and money just didn’t seem to gel. I never owned much money to proof any different. Yet, I kept reminding God that I can be a fast learner, if I had to, sort of.


My most unpleasant task ahead was the fact that I had to expose some nasty deeds by well respected people. Leaving these out, however, would have made the story incomplete. For two days my mind wrestled with fear of retribution and doubts about my course of action. One voice inside me accused me of not considering the people who hurt me. How could I be so cruel and expose, for the whole world to read, something I had claimed to have forgiven? I was not sure which caused more agony and heartache, my fears or my guilt feelings.  


Finally I reminded myself of the fact that God’s forgiveness does not cancel any results from the bad seeds we had sown. Another thought occupied my mind. Having called my win a David against Goliath victory, I pictured little David right at the moment after his gigantic opponent fell lifeless to the ground. He had one task ahead of him to perform; walk up to Goliath and cut off his head. It would make an interesting discussion to ask: “Did David enjoy this act?”


Not that I was after anyone’s head. I hoped that certain people would view their actions for what they were, bad and repent of their wrong doing. God is abhorred at our sinful deeds, but still calls us ever so gently to see ourselves as we really are. His love for us is unchanging no matter what we have done. Yet, he never forces us into anything. It is our choice to come to HIM, repent and change direction.


The section on U-Turns in my road safety book is the longest chapter. Why does a simple task like turning and moving into the other direction have to be so complicated? All I can think of is fear of the unknown.


Often I wondered how far my message on the website had reached. I did not spend a cent in advertising, or place banners on my website. This was God’s mission work. I did the writing; he did the marketing and distribution. One little story that came with an e-newsletter from Jesus.de (Germany) made me happy. One man had changed his life around. On Dec. 2nd 02 I forwarded the miracle U-Turn-tale to the “family standards” organization I was supporting:


Hi Rita,

Jesus can turn people around. Here is an article from Jesus.de:

"Michael Braithwaite changed his product range in his Sex Shop. He now sells Bibles. After 5 years in the business, he says, God had lead him to burn his erotic material worth $ 10 000. The shop changed its name from "Love World" to "Mike's place".

His conservative neighbours in the small village of Pudney, Kentucky, welcomed his decision. They have instructed their lawyer to drop a lawsuit, for selling obscene material, against him. Until the new shop returns a profit they agreed to provide Michael with groceries".




The message of Jesus is changing people everywhere. You can’t have an encounter with Jesus without being profoundly touched. That name has worked its magic for 2000 years. I am glad that I do not have to persuade people to believe in me or my stories. By HIS spirit HE is stirring people the world over into letting HIM fill the empty void that is in all of us. No ifs and buts. The deep questions of life HE will answer in HIS time.


Your first step is recognition of HIM and your desperate state of loneliness without HIM. If only I could cry the tears with you! He promised to wipe them away again, personally (Revelations 21, 4). 


HE is only a breath away. 


Chapter 52            



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