50. 50 plus doubts

Secretly I had hoped that Isobel during my absence might have somehow found out the truth about my double life. But nothing had changed on that front. Many times she would say to me, when I am looking for my slippers or lost keys etc. that I must believe they are there and then I would find them! This is just what I’d like to say to her: “If you would just have a spark of faith, believing that your husband may have a valid point in his unusual thinking, your eyes will be opened and the fire will ignite your heart.”

Isobel assured me that she still loves me; me and my numbers. 

Yet, her flat refusal to entertain any of my ideas rekindled my doubts and made me rethink my own position. Perhaps it was all just a rare illness, a mental condition, incurable and unknown to the sufferer. Was I making medical history with a rare illness that had not been discovered and named? I would call it the “Sobczak/Mitchell Syndrome”. Yet, if I had an illness, why was I living in closer harmony with my family, my wife and, more importantly myself and God, than I had in years. If this was an illness, I wished it was contagious and everybody would catch it. If an illness was the cure to mend broken marriages, to reunite parents and run-away children, to bring love and peace into families, then everyone ought to have this illness.

Within days of our return from overseas I saw them again, the 5’s, 50’s 15’s and 35’s. They appeared in advertisements, articles or were in the spotlight on TV, radio and the printed press. Months earlier I had started a file and keep them as reference. Now it became impossible to even write them all in my diary. One TV camera focused on the two letters A and O before zooming out to the full word (which I have forgotten). This would also happen with numbers and other words. The words “all” and “good” or even “all good” as well as "trust" entered my sphere of awareness. At the bi-annual church fair I asked the price of a camera, which looked in good condition. The lady wanted 15 cents. I smiled and gave her 50 cents.

To test if the numbers 5, 15 or 50 was a recent phenomena or if indeed it was just my imagination, I decided to visit the State Library on North Terrace in Adelaide. I made a special trip and selected a newspaper from the year 1999, well before any numbers meant anything to me. Newspapers from years ago were on microfilm. I did notice the number 5 in one of the headlines, but not much other “evidence” came to light. If anything, I was more confused after visiting the State Library than I was before. However, I decided to not make any more fuss of numbers, but to just accept it, full stop.  

Isobel had not renewed the Advertiser Newspaper home delivery. In a way I was glad. The constant linking of articles to my story had been rather exhausting at times. From now on I would only respond to any writing, if God specifically lead me that way. The newspapers from the time I was away were all stacked up and I spent a number of days looking through the headlines to check, if anything would trigger my brain into action. I never felt pressured to search out material or to somehow link it to fit into my real-life drama. I had to trust God 100 % to take control of everything I saw or heard and HIS response to it.

The bombing of the nightclub in Bali, which killed 88 Australians, took up much space in many newspapers. But the train crash in Salisbury on Oct. 24th started to catch my interest. I saw no names in any of the newspapers and did not link it in any way to the “theophany” that was evident in the Sobczak death, as well as the Mitchell/Knott crash in August. One evening I decided to take my bicycle for the five kilometer ride to Salisbury. I wanted to check out what evidence there was left of the horrific crash.

It was clear from far away a major incident had taken place. Flowers, wreaths and other tributes were everywhere. On a pole I noticed a small poster. It told of one of the victims, a student at the nearby Salisbury High school. His name was Ben Goldsmith. My mind was reluctant to spring into action. Just because one of the victim’s names was Ben, did not warrant any linking. Had the crash occurred at 5 pm on 30/10, perhaps, I may have brought my numbers into play.

I looked for the other victim’s names, but could not find any at the crash scene. At home I tried the internet without success. I did not think much more of it. Isobel pointed out to me that the mother-in-law of the bus driver killed at Salisbury attends our church at Enfield. Despite seeing her in church every Sunday, it did not occur to me to ask her what his name was. Looking back now, I realize this was a healthy sign that I was not trying to manufacture a case. God was working in his time.

The time when I found out the man’s name was rather remarkable, indeed. I happened to be at my friend Chris Sampson’s place working on a crash animation for the customer in the UK. On the side I flicked through the Advertiser. I especially asked for the previous Saturday’s editions. (Chris’s family had the paper delivered every day). I came across an interesting article. It spoke of a co-incidence where a couple on two separate occasions, at two different addresses, had cars crash into their house. Both times the cars were Mazda 323’s. The couple’s name was Goldsmith. The name triggered my mind immediately. I emailed the author of the article on Tuesday 21st. Jan 03: 


Dear Matt,


On P. 15 of Saturdays's Advertiser you report a remarkable co-incident by someone named Goldsmith. 


May I tell you another bizarre incident, which I would like to call God-incident, also involving the name Goldsmith. Before I do, let me start on 26/5/02 when just before midday a Bob Joseph Sobczak died. The timing of his death and his name were very significant to me. 


At 5 PM on 22.8 last year two boys died in a car crash. The timing also and their names, even the name of the road and the electroral district, meant something to me. Too many data matched to be co-incident.


One of the boys names was Ben Mitchell, nicknamed Mich. At the Salisbury railway crossing crash on 24/10/02 a Ben Goldsmith died.  I knew his name because I cycled the 5 kilometers late last year to have a look at the scene. Ben's schoolfriends put up a poster about Ben. I never found out any other names of the victims until last Sunday. I sat in church next to a lady whom I knew was the mother-in-law of the bus driver killed at Salisbury.


I had meant to ask her what his name was long ago, but kept forgetting. I also tried the internet last week to find the names without success. I had an increasing feeling, after reading the name Ben Goldsmith, that there again may be a strange connection.


When the lady I sat next to in church told me her late son-in-law's, (the bus driver's) name it blew my mind. His name was David Mitchell. Your colleague Rebekah Devlin knows a lot more about my thinking on all these happenings. I believe God is using circumstances to call people to Himself, to turn around from their sinful ways.  God is sovereign, his love unchanging in the midst of tragedy.


It is such a long, wonderful story I have uploaded it onto my personal website: dieterfischer.com, which is now for free - just fill in any number as credit card and you will be emailed the username/password).


God bless you, have a great day.

Dieter Fischer 



For a moment I was stunned when I had heard the name Mitchell. I kept turning to her asking her at least two more times, as if she could not correctly pronounce the name of her son-in-law. In the end, as the singing was already in progress, she gave me a curious look. I knew I had overstepped the mark with my questioning. For a moment I was going to explain that on August 22nd last year a boy named … It would take hours to explain to this lady or anyone else or make them understand what had happened. Isobel sat beside me on the other side, probably wondering why I was giving another woman so much attention. I tried hard to stop the tears from flowing. 


God’s timing in this case was remarkable:

On Saturday 18/01/03 an article appears about a co-incidence that happened to a couple named Goldsmith.


The very next day, Sunday 19/1/03, I happened to sit next to the mother-in-law of the dead bus driver. Finally I get around to asking her what the name of her late son-in-law was.


Two days later on 21/01/03 I happened to flick through the newspaper at a friend’s place and immediately link the name Goldsmith and of course, Mitchell.


It also dawned on me that the first supernatural incident involved one death, the second one two and at the Salisbury Railway crossing four people had died. The name of the road where the deaths occurred is Park Terrace. It’s the same Park Terrace where years earlier a man named Les needed a lift to, for him and his wife. I had volunteered, breaking a law when contacting a radio station on my mobile phone. (see chapter 23).


Another remarkable fact emerged from the Salisbury train crash. In my road safety book “Low-risk driving, a skill for life” I describe in detail the type of crash that occurred. I even illustrated it with pictures; a bus stopped further ahead, cars stuck on a railway line. The sign reads clearly: “Do not queue over railway”. In mid December 2002 I dropped a copy of my road safety book into Parliament House to the new Minister of Transport. I highlighted in my accompanying letter to check page 36, the chapter on railway crossings, which I had written 5 years earlier and titled: “When your life is on the line.”  


In my mind there was no longer any doubt, God was showing himself again. Psalm 94, Verse 2 once again had come true. This is why I emailed above story to Matt Clemow of the Advertiser Newspaper. People reading my emails as well as any reader of this story will all have to make up their own mind, how to react to such co-incidences. I believed that God opened my eyes to these extra-ordinary circumstances. I was to convey HIS message for people to repent, about his love and willingness to forgive. As reported in a previous chapter, he also led me to demonstrate forgiveness in a practical way.


Our best intentions are nothing without back up action. God is always willing to back up his words. At the time of writing, the Columbia Space Shuttle crash is fresh in my mind.


God’s timing again proved remarkable.



Chapter 51



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