40.  Important message from above


The hard work of animating the crashes was very tiresome. I knew that the next crash would be the final one for a while. Number seven had to count. Chris, one of the twin, took ill, which delayed Crash 7. On Saturday night, August 10th 2002, I pondered as to what scripture I ought to convey in this grand finale of all the crashes. As Christians know, the gospel of Jesus is condensed in one Verse, John 3 and Verse 16: “For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life”. 


This powerful, important message from God to mankind was my choice for inclusion on the website. That night I fell asleep with the thought of how to best convey this ultimate truth amongst animated car crashes. As it happened frequently I awoke in the middle of the night. I looked at the clock radio. It showed 3.16 am! Thank you, Lord for that little “cookie.” (The scripture was Jn. 3.16). It was difficult to get more sleep and I did not get a clear picture of how to get my message across, either. I left that to God. HE knew it would all work out.


I still made it to the 9am service. Normally church starts with music and singing. That particular Sunday, however, the song leader, before doing anything else, read John Chapter 3 and Verse 16. I rang her that evening and told her of the God-incident. During the week I dropped into the church office and left a note. I told them what had taken place and to - perhaps start with Romans, 8 and Verse 28. A man needs his sleep and half an hour is sufficient for me to get to church. –


I marvelled at God’s sense of humour. The notice was printed in the following Sunday’s Church Newsletter. Isobel came to church regularly with me, but was not there that morning. She takes a little longer to get ready for church. (The reference John 3, 16 perhaps is just right for her). I love her truly.  


September had begun. I realized that perhaps God’s timing lead us to upload Crash 7 on Sept. 11th, the first anniversary of the New York wake-up call. Had I not suggested the possibility of God speaking in a dramatic way to people? Did I not link Jeremiah 6 and Verse 6 to September 11? (I kept wondering what happened to the little ‘nothing is too hard for God’ basket). September 11th worked out perfectly as the date for uploading, almost to the hour, since Chris was only available late the evening (morning N.Y. time).


In the days prior I would sit beside the twins while the inspiration flowed fast and furious. The hardest part, I found, was to make a start without having it all mapped out. Planning is certainly important, but in this case to chart the best course of action was not my style. I would pray early in the morning and look up to God and plead for his guidance and to let it happen. After we had started, obstacles became a welcome challenge. I got a thrill when I saw a problem and by brain storming were not only solving them, but were amazed at the creative outcome.


Again, I let this magic happen with names and the car licence plates that turned out to be scriptures. Crash five’s powerful start with the ‘Trust us Earth Mover’s' van is a classic example. I knew God would work something mighty. HE did not disappoint us, because we trusted HIM. Originally the twins had chosen just some rock music as background (noise I would call it), which I felt uneasy about. I looked through my collection of LP records (vinyls) of which I have a sizeable collection at home. I chose a selection of three or four songs from various records and gave it to Chris to select something.


When I first saw the finished product and heard Evie Thonquist sing “I believe” in the background I was flabbergasted. I asked Chris if he had professional advice to come up with the result. No, he assured me he didn’t.


The song itself expresses my belief in Jesus; how HE loves and cares. How HE died to save me. As I listened to the words …when my eyes were tear-drop-blinded YOU took my hand and gently led … this is just what had happened to me, many, many times.


God’s sense of provision blew my mind, when Evie went on singing …Oh, how sweet it is to trust you… There was my word, trust, perfectly described as sweet. Now I knew why God dropped the ‘Trust us’ into my spirit three months earlier and, a month later, why bees escaped from the Pest Control van. Yes, God knows the beginning from the end.


I spent a long time trying to contact Evie for permission to use her song but could not trace her email online. Since I am not charging any money, I am sure she’d be happy for her singing to accompany the message behind crash 7. The timing of the song behind the final scene was likewise perfect. Evie sang about becoming born again … one man came to Jesus, John and chapter 3. I’m so afraid, oh I’m so afraid. At that moment the dog starts barking. Magic!


Young people (and old) read (and listened) the most important message in that little segment on my website. At the very end, however, I confronted them with the name of Jesus. The challenge was unmistakable:  Turn from lies (sin), which leads to panic. Turn toward love, which leads to peace.


There was no grand plan, no blueprint for the finale, just a trust that God would lead and direct us. After all it was HIS mission I was on, not mine. When I started writing emails and starting a website I always understood it as ‘God having a loan of my email and using my website’. When it comes to ownership, all is HIS. 


The name of the Swedish singer, Evie, turned out to be interesting. If I played my little game of using only consonants in a name, all Evie is left with is a V. I looked at it as the Roman numeral No. 5 as well as Winston’s Churchill’s victory sign.  


I was happy to having accomplished what I feel God wanted me to do. In my newsletter ‘Outside the Square’ (Sep. 02) I have explained my motive:


Why crashes with a message?

I can only think of one more important mission in life than working towards road safety. That is working towards our youth’s (and parents’) eternal safety.  We have neglected to give our children the most important message in the world. Why? Perhaps we are unsure ourselves and have little to offer? To tell our children that all religions will lead to safety, as long as you believe hard enough, is a big lie.


One evangelist put it this way: If you want to catch a train to New Town you find out at the railway station which carriage to board for New Town. The degree how hard you believe that you are sitting in the right carriage is irrelevant. Not all trains lead to New Town. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the LIFE. This is the wonderful message I want our young people (and all people) to know. Please, let no one be offended.


I had shown my true colours. There were only a few cancellations to the newsletter after September 02. The gospel is a free message to anyone who wants to believe. I would hate to think I am forcing my beliefs onto others. But I would not be true to myself if I would not share my true motives with my readers and visitors to my website. This is every Christian's only task, to share HIS love and leave the rest to HIM. Fewer Christians would be brushed aside as bible bashers, if the genuine sharing of HIS love, flowing from pure, unselfish motives were paramount.


The day after we uploaded Crash 7 I emailed Rebekah:


Hi Rebekah,

Sep. 11 memories caused some stirring moments in people's lives. God's timing with crash No. 7 (even the music, which was a sheer fluke) worked out exactly. Believe me, for anyone to think of such a wonderful story that unfolded (and still is) would take the genius of an Einstein, the faith of Billy Graham and the will power of Hitler.

But God used a simple driving instructor to bring about what HE had ordained from the foundation of the world. Our lives are all in HIS hands. Why he chose numbers and car numberplates is beyond my understanding.

There is a promise for those that sow with tears - they shall reap with JOY.

Chris Sampson lives exactly 1.5 kilometers from my house in No. 21... Phil. 2,10 and 11 are verses in the bible I can't wait seeing fulfilled. When is this number crunching going to stop? Then again there is a kind of L aura about it all.

God bless and kind regards


PS Perhaps I show Isobel the video about the man raised from the dead in Nigeria. Would she believe then?


Philippians 2 and Verse 10 reads: “…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow… Verse 11… and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father”.


His guidance, the flow of inspiration I received for Chris and Doug to animate the crashes and the finale astounded me most of all. They were created on God’s inspiration through my mind. If God was not behind this, who was?


The word Panic appears on the Crash 7 finale with the large, red letter P. The rest of the word reads a n i c, in my coded language it is not hard to decipher the four letters as a ‘n’ I see.  Didn’t I see the letter ‘n’ in the word Liddy right back in 2001?


To any skeptic I’d like to say, neither I nor God have to proof anything. That one day at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father, is not my idea.


If we do it voluntarily with joy we will not have do it by force under damnation, shame and guilt. It is God’s word telling us humans, if we like it or not is irrelevant.


Chapter 41



  Autobiography - Dieter Fischer  




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  5. Realm of Nature      6. All in his Hand        7. The Wonder of it All     8. To Think God loves