37. Crash code 413    


If at the end of my life I am remembered for anything, I would like it to be the animated car-crashes with its life-changing message. The idea had come many years earlier when I first started my driving-school website. Why do we read about car crashes in the paper and never hear of the details behind the fatalities, I reasoned? If reporters would illustrate what had gone wrong to cause the crash, other motorists would learn and not repeat the mistake. Someone mentioned it was for legal reasons that no explanations about the causes are given.


When I first met the twins Chris and Doug Sampson and realized the co-incidence of the name I knew God was in all of this. They lived only 1.5 kilometres from my place. I saw the possibility of us working together. I could teach them driving and they transform my ideas of car crashes onto my website. We were a perfect team. It gave the twins experience for future employment. If I had to pay somebody to create Crash-of-the-month, which we called it, I could not have afforded even a student rate. The boys spent many hours, too many to remember, on animating the crashes. The first one, they said, took over 100 hours.


Initially we illustrated crashes Crash 1-4 from a ‘birds-eye’ point of view. The concept was well received. Congratulations arrived by email from around the world. I insisted on keeping the site free of charge, despite my internet service provider urging me to make some money.


Apart from driving lessons for free, the boys received animation work from a large UK Driving School website. The internet is truly a modern day miracle, a couple of boys half way around the world working for a project in the UK. Because my finances were always tight, it felt good to know the boys were earning a bit of cash.


In May 2002 before the fifth ‘crash-of-the-month’ I queried Doug and Chris, if it was possible to show crashes from a driver’s point of view. They said yes and the results were spectacular, considering we were amateurs with not just a low budget, but none at all. Crash 5 was the first to let visitors into the car crashes sit in the ‘hot seat’ (Driver’s seat). When I saw a car being drawn up, the idea formulated to use number plates to convey a message to the viewer.


The first coded scripture used in our car crashes was LJ0 228, meaning ‘Jo the Learner’ or it could be read as J0’L. Joel 2, 28 speaks about ‘’old men shall dream dreams’. J. Lopez was often abbreviated to J.Lo. I could see a connection clearly to the article I had read in the newspaper on 30/05/02. The name of the business and the phone number on the back of the truck ‘Trust us’ Earth Movers also proved to be rather noteworthy. The word ‘trust’ had been a paradigm since God dropped it into my spirit years earlier.


The ‘Earth Movers’ took on a new meaning when I realized, months after producing Crash 5, that one of the largest firms in the world producing earth-moving machinery had its South East Asian Service Headquarters in my suburb of Para Hills. Besides that, by co-incidence the firm’s name ‘Liebherr’ in German could be translated as ‘dear man’ or even ‘dear Lord’. The phone number on the van in part is the number of 5 DN Radio (305) and the perfect number (7, God’s number) three times.   


The number plates I used on the animated car crashes were selected at short notice. There was no script written and researched. I would just sit with Chris or Doug and as they created the cars I would pick a suitable number or letters to add as number plate. Later I would be astounded as we viewed the finished product, how the numbers, names and other ideas fitted together perfectly.



This large German Earthmoving Company has its Australasian headquarters in Para Hills, South Australia.



Crash 6 was a fine example of the unseen intelligent mind working behind the scenes. The red car turning right has the number plate PS 228.  I came across Psalm 22, Verse 8 by chance. When I read it, the words astounded me:

“He trusted the Lord, let Him rescue him. Let Him deliver him since He delights in Him.”


There was that word, trust again, the word used in crash 5. The verse tells the sentiment of many who knew me. Because I had spoken out about the log book system, the convicted prisoner and my family doctor, I had gotten myself into a corner position with not much support. If not saying it directly, I could hear people virtually quote this verse about me. And since I had made an outrageous inference that someone named Bob died in my place, they had all right to say that I was ‘his darling’, as some translations put the verse.


At the time of creating crash 6 I helped fight a battle to have a violent pornographic movie banned from Australian cinemas. The French film “Baise-Moi” had already been classified ‘R’ and shown in theatres throughout the country. It was so vile that our local Federal MP together with the organisation upholding family values, of which I was a supporter, launched an attack on the decision. In an unprecedented move the Attorney-General in Canberra stepped in, after we protested vigorously, and had the decision reviewed and banned the movie.


This victory must have given me the idea to name the business on the van Phillips & Co. Pest Control. The name of the directors of the ‘family’ lobby group was Phillips. The way Doug and Chris let the bees escape by having half the door fall off was unplanned. This left the other half showing the letters PS & Co Control. In a very strange co-incidence (you know what I really mean) the day after uploading crash 6 a Radio host chose as a theme ‘Controls’, discussing the many remote controls around our house. I just smiled to myself. 


The van licence plate PHIL 413 looks like a personalized plate of the Phillips’ van. Like most Christians, who know the bible, they would love Verse 13 of Philippians Chapter 4: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The little word all was already famous, except I had not discovered it yet. The message of the escaping bee was Chris’ and Doug’s idea. I was astounded for days thinking about God’s mighty hand in arranging all this. I knew something amazing was taking place. My spirit had truly run free. How I loved to not have to ask anybody what they thought of the idea and get their approval?


I trusted God to just do it, as a famous Sports shoe Company would have us do. Well, God just did it!

Occasionally the excitement of what was happening kept me awake at night. This did not worry me. I just picked up my small transistor, held it close to my ear and listened to anything I could find on the dial. One morning I picked up a faint signal which turned out to be Melbourne Radio Station 3 AW. They were laughing about something religious going on in Adelaide. My email to them explains my irritation and how zealous I was of God’s will to happen in Australia:

Dear Ross and John,

As I listened to your show early this morning from 700 kilometres away (as the crow flies) I sensed a spirit of mockery.

There is no doubt that what is happening in Adelaide is supernatural. God is using the website of a driving instructor, his car number plates, car crashes, football scores, sporting results, names, just to mention a few of his tools, to get HIS message across. Those that open their hearts and minds will believe and be saved!

I don't know what the name of your radio station Southern Cross means, but I can see how the shape of a cross- road resembles a cross. This symbol has given hope to mankind ever since they nailed an innocent man onto it.

How can you people mock that wonderful saviour instead of standing before HIM in AWesome wonder? Please believe and consider all the works HIS hands have made...

Australia is at a cross road. May we turn in the right direction! God bless our nation!

Kind regards

Bob D. Fischer
Your safety is driving P L us

PS. God is not mocked, whatever Australia sows it will also reap.


Towards the end of 2002 talk of a war against Iraq increased to the point of dominating the opinions columns. George W. Bush, the son of the US President who first held war against Iraq eleven years earlier, thought that weapons of mass destruction were again being manufactured in Iraq. He advocated a pre-emptive strike against Sadam Hussein, if the evil dictator did not comply with UN resolutions to disband his dangerous arsenal of murderous tools.

One local radio station switched regularly to the BBC, London and I would listen to the latest world news or current affairs program. In the middle of one night I listened to the UK BBC radio program ‘Analysis’ and felt urged to email my opinion about the Iraq crisis:   


Dear Sir/Madam,

I was listening here in Adelaide to your Analysis Program at 3.15 am this morning. For some time I felt urged to express my humble opinion on the Iraq crisis.


Would I be far wrong to think that President Bush and Tony Blair have one thing in common, an unshakable faith in God?


The protesters against military action must realize that the Western powers are not on a level playing field with an evil dictator like Sadam. He does not need the consensus of anyone, let alone the whole world, to realize his evil dreams. He just does it. No one dares speak up? This places the evil one at an unfair advantage.


As I see it, the protesters in the west are afraid of conflict, worried about their comforts.  It is also a natural human tendency to oppose anyone who stands up and wields any kind of power. In Australia we are renowned for cutting down the tall poppy.


Only God knows George Bush’s and Tony Blair’s (and John Howard’s) true motives. Action against Iraq must stem from a humble spirit, not a desire to grandstand and assert world dominion or fuel the economy. 


Man’s first reaction to defend freedom is to take up arms. I am surprised that all the intelligence services with its modern technology can’t topple Sadam in an undercover operation.


Let’s call for help on the highest power available in the Universe: “You have taught us to pray, forgive us our trespasses and deliver us from evil. We repent of our sin, the filth, the adultery, fornication and the killing of the unborn. We repent for failing to teach our children right from wrong and to follow the teachings of Jesus.”   


If the West is sincere about turning from sin, God will stick to HIS side of the bargain and deliver us from evil. It’s not by might; it’s not by power but by my spirit says the LORD. 


God bless you

Dieter Fischer



The responsibility statesmen like Bush, Blair or Howard had to carry was enormous. It was understandable that Australians did not want to be involved in a war. In 1941 about 88 % of Americans were opposed to getting involved in a war across the Atlantic.


John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister, was accused of blindly following the US. Anti-US sentiment amongst the Western population turned the tables and made George Bush the aggressor.  I found this incomprehensible.  


As I saw it, George W. Bush is a ‘whistleblower’. He exposed the threat that Sadam posed to the west; no doubt he had plenty of advice from his staff and was listening to stories from his dad. The word whistleblower carries a negative connotation, when in fact it is a very noble role. Whistleblowers feel called to speak up and often suffer the consequences later; modern day prophets, as it were. Jesus blew the whistle loud and clear against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. He paid for it with his life. George Bush was whistle blowing on Sadam Hussein and together with the UN is in a position to stand up against the evil one.   


When another evil one, over 60 years earlier, signalled clear intentions to conquer the world, peace was threatened. Mr. Chamberlain went on a mission of appeasement. He returned, under great cheering, from the Continent to Britain with a signed peace treaty with Germany. The world breathed a sigh of relief. It would only last for a few short months. Bullies like Hitler or Sadam Hussein can’t be trusted. They ought to be confronted very early before they can carry out their evil intentions. The resistance to Hitler in 1939 was too late. Not eliminating Sadam in 1991 may prove to have been a huge mistake by the Western allies.   


A war had been going on since man sinned against God. The battle for the hearts and minds of people started that day when Adam and Eve decided they knew better than their creator. The fight, in the heavenly realm, for dominion of the world has continued ever since; good against evil.


As stated in above letter, I am not saying the West is all good, far from it. What I am saying is that so-called Christian nations must realize that a spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons. Sincere repentance for our sins and turning to God for earnest help, how to conquer the evil one, is the only way to victory.


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