Readers please note: Events in this book are not in date order. Where dates become an issue, I endeavor to explain the timeframes, how events refer to each other. Be assured, however, all information is true. My main resource is my diary, where I record events as I understand them, mostly within 24 hours of them taking place.

Where speculation (or blind faith, as I would call it) is involved, readers are encouraged to probe for themselves, what the truth is. Some assumptions I make are impossible to verify. Perhaps only one person, or a small group, may know what really goes on behind the scenes.  

Much of what is taking place in my life will for the moment remain a mystery. When the time comes all will be revealed. Until then, keep on walking close to HIM.


8.  The world's leading digger 

The story of 11/5 is a classic example of the strange twists my long and lonely journey was taking. Without any forward planning on my part, what I saw that day, started a chain of events, involving car registration plates (nothing new) a company name, a remark I heard on the radio, a TV program etc. etc.

Around May 7th or so, I spotted a vehicle turning from McIntyre Road into Wright Road, near Tea Tree Plaza, Modbury. I recognized the four-letter personalized plate CRER (not in that order). For some reason this plate kept coming back to me all that week. Perhaps it was the similarity to CHER and because I knew the company it belonged to. 

(The following picks up the story from Chapter 6). 

For this reason on 9/5, instead of returning straight home, I purposely drove past an address in Blair Athol, where I knew CRER was located. The place was shut. So I just left the Eclipse wrapper near their front door and drove away. I nearly missed it, but looking around, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the name of the business right next door. Aha, something clicked immediately! Was this what I was meant to come to? 

In my outside the box mind, via a distant, yet simple link, the five letter name pierced right into the core of my story - the name Lindy and of course, Liddy. The name of this firm (in Da Ninci code) reads as - Go N di.

Working online, on Wednesday May 10th, I remembered the Go N di company. I typed the five letters of their name into Google, not knowing what to expect. The company produced special machinery, small digging machines, used in the building industry. Their headquarters I learned was in Queensland. Reading the address - No. 9 Owen Street - fitted right into the picture, triggering a genuine AHA moment.


Did you know - the expression Aha! is in the Bible - Ezekiel 36, Verse 2 - "Thus says the Lord God: "Because the enemy has said of you, 'Aha!' the ancient heights have become our possession ...' (Please read on to Verse 7, it is very topical at this time, considering the military action taking place in Northern Israel at the time of writing).

Hey, what magic - I just went to fetch my German Bible, to read this verse. As I picked it up, I opened it and by sheer fluke it opened to exactly that verse. Love it.   


Alert readers will have noticed, why the aha moment. Such co-incident warranted further investigation. It did not take long to google and find Owen St, the location of the Go N Di company, plus more links, which seemed to fit the picture. The online map showed Owen Street as a rather long one. At one end a side street was Wallace St, at the other end a blue line had Myall Creek next to it. 

It was just too much of a co-incident. I sent a brief message to the Queensland firm,  asking at which end they are located, in case I was to visit one day? 

(If it was nothing at all, nothing was lost. I received a brief answer, telling me to drop by, if I was in the area. What they really thought at the other end, I do not know).

If I thought this was the end of the Di N Go matter I was mistaken. The name, which I had never heard of before, came up again the very next morning, May 11th. I crossed paths with one of their machines. 

- - - - - - -

Below: Fort Largs Police Academy, Wall of Remembrance. In chapter 45, (Book 1, Sand) read how I came to this place 3 1/2 years earlier, honouring a police officer I believed had died in my place.

There were at least two reasons to drive to Largs Bay and North Haven on 26th May, 06. It was the fourth anniversary of the death of Bob Sobczak. Plus on the news I had heard about a pedestrian's death at a nearby railway crossing. 

I never found the rail crossing, so I parked at the car and took a brief walk around the North Haven Marina. I noticed and photographed above Ute. It belonged to the Go 'N Di company, the world's leading Mini Digger. 

A digger is one who digs holes. In Australia we also describe a soldier as digger. I'm sure the Go 'N Di company makes machines, which dig holes. 

On exiting the Marina Carpark I saw the bottle pictured on the right. Not only the brand of drink WILD TURKEY Bourbon, but the name Austin Nichols made me think, if there was an intelligent drinker, sorry thinker behind it all.

- - - - - - -

The very next morning, May 11 (note the date), after I had sent the email to the Go 'N Di company, I heard during a TV traffic report that an accident had occurred on Main North Road. Delays were expected for city bound traffic, just south of McIntyre Road. 

This locality had been the scene of numerous crashes earlier. I had jumped on my bike, only a couple of months prior to investigate one of these crashes. Should I go again? At first my rational mind resisted: "I can't just drop everything and take off, checking out car crash scenes", I reasoned.

The possibility thinker inside me whispered: "Why can't you? It's nice weather, you have no urgent appointments, why not?" Far too often, I believe, we approach life from a  negative viewpoint, saying I can't. But if were brutally honest, we ought to admit - if we really, really wanted something, neither our age, the weather, lack of time or money would stop us from doing what we really wanted to do. Dr. Schuller from the Hour of Power TV program says it this way: "If you can dream it, you can do it". He certainly dreamt it and did it.  

There was no real reason, why I should not obey my inner urge to go and explore; and what better way than on my bicycle? It was a lovely, crisp morning, dry and sunny. Approaching the intersection in question, five minutes cycling away right by Parafield Airport, all looked normal. Traffic flowed unimpeded. The crash must have been cleared away. Now what? 

Moving on without a real goal in mind, I continued south to Mawson Lakes, along the shoulder of Main North Road, skirting the eastern boundary of Parafield Airport. On the southern side of the cycle path, along Dry Creek, I spotted on the ground a mint wrapper - Mentos. I ignored it at first, but for an inexplicable reason, turned around after a few seconds to pick it up. (This was not the only item I collected that morning - so much rubbish, so little time).  

My little find caused me to look at my surroundings. Mawson Lakes is a new suburb with much construction work going on. On a building site on my right a few men were working on a block of units. Then I saw it, a piece of machinery, used to build a driveway. It was by none other than the Go N Di Company. I read the Model No. 950 or 95D. (Either way, it was on 9/5 that I first noticed this company's name at their Blair Athol Branch).  

My online exploits to this Queensland company the evening before were fresh on my mind. Rational thinkers will say: Of course, you have been made aware of the name the evening before; so it was natural that you recognized this bit of machinery. This may well be so. But the location, when a moment later I read the street name, produced another surprise - The MEWS. I saw a 1, a V and a 5 and the similarity to the date 11/5.


- - - - - - -

Plus 1 and the numbers would add up perfectly, almost ! 


I picked up this card during a meeting, promoting a well-known Christian Evangelistic Outreach. 

Had I joined up that day, the numbers would come out almost perfectly. There would be a 0 left over. Perhaps it's perfect for that reason? 

- - - - - - -


The Mews led me into The Walk. By now I knew I really was on a walk, one of those unplanned, you have arrived at the right place, places. (On the morning of uploading this, I was again on an incredible w.a.l.k. where I passed the junction to The Walk. 

Where was I to go next? Weeks earlier I had noticed a well known company's sign. Their name had been in the News for many weeks in 2006. It was the AWB, the Australian Wheat Board, the single desk distributor of all of Australia's wheat exports.

Their location is on the corner of Montague Road, where two other long roads meet - Port Wakefield and Cross Keys Road. (Don't you love these names? Just as I write this I am listening to Radio 891 5AN, who happens to be broadcasting from Port Wakefield.) 

 *Hey, something else just came to me - is AWB not associated with Landmark, land Mark? 

AWB had allegedly been making illegal payments to an Iraq transport business. Classed as freight subsidy, as I understand it, a few hundred million dollars went straight into the coffers of the enemy, Saddam Hussein's regime. The storm this created had stirred some heated arguments in Federal Parliament. 

I had followed the AWB Oil for Food (food for thought ?) scandal, as it was called, only from a distance. However, the more I heard about it, in the back of my mind a strange feeling arose, making me ask questions. It was hard to put my finger on it, until now. (Above link to Landmark may explain a few things).

That morning I was only a few minutes cycling away, so I cycled that way, just to have a look. Minutes after leaving The Walk I found myself doing a few circles on my bike in the small car park of the AWB/Landmark company. What on earth was I here for?  By fate, by my own will, by intuition? I had no idea. What would I find here?

After only 30 seconds or so wondering, if somebody was to come and ask me questions, I was about to leave, when I recognized a vehicle, a Ute. It belonged to a Motor Company, which I had had contact with very early in my story (HOL - DEN, Sand Chapter 39). At that time, it must have been in 2003,  I had recognized the last four digits of their phone number. They were the same as that of ours ...7666. (Since closing the driving school we don't have it any more).   

Just on leaving, right outside the AWB's main gate, I noticed a small, brown box in very clean condition. Always curious, I picked it up: Here it is, a scan from my diary 11/5/06:


Old Port Pintos, 10 Cigars, Rum and wine flavoured.


It only came to me, some weeks later, on writing this chapter: The last six digits of the bar code 8 720400 010516,  re-arranged, are the digits for that day's date 11.05.06.

May I emphasize one point here: If I were obsessed with numbers, looking for them to get an adrenalin rush, I would have searched out above barcode immediately and eagerly, not weeks later. 

Unless, I am suffering from a condition called the L.O.C- syndrome. It's a variety of obsessive, compulsive: Lazy-  Obsessive-Compulsive.

Are the words Old Port, a subtle message, O, LD part? Messages were still regular and came in many varieties. Thankfully, not many looked like 'death threats' any longer.

The word rum plus 1 = run. Rum and wine = run and win? Winners don't run, they stand tall, ready to face any approaching storm. (Or they go into EXILE). 


Only meters away, just after I had picked up the PINTO cigar carton, something small, bright green, flashed in the corner of my eyes - a bottle top with the single letter V. Why not? If nobody ever encourages you in what you do, why not pick up an encouraging message off the ground yourself? I did. 

If the AWB carpark had really been the right place to be that morning, only God knows.


Victory in a bottle top

A bottle-top with a large V and a cigar box, where the barcode matches the day? What more does a man need to be happy? 


An early morning encounter, while listening to a Melbourne Radio Station, a few days later, made me discover something about the three letters AWB:

Take the letter B and cut it in half with a vertical line. It creates E 3. Now the company at the end of Cross Keys Road becomes AWE 3. The Melbourne Radio Station is called 3 AW. (I had had a few encounters with this station and various members of staff over the years).

If I continued to play with AWB I would read the letter backwards - BWA. My wife works for the Blind Welfare Association. Cut the B in half again, and one could arrive at EA with  3 W in between. But who has time to play games these days? 

On the way home I stopped for a coffee at the McDonalds Restaurant on Main North Rd. I needed to just sit and absorb what was taking place. Was I going totally crazy? Was there really a group of people following my every move? Were they friend or foe? Could it be really true that they would leave little clues around for me to discover and write about in my autobiography? 

I had no certain answer to these questions. One thing I knew, the items I found and the matching numbers were not invented. Either they had some kind of meaning, or they were co-incidental. Thinking like this only brought me back to the old adage - it's either magic from God, or madness, birthed in a dark corner of my confused mind. There was nothing much in between these two options.  

As I sipped my coffee I flicked the pages of the Newspaper. An ad looked at me and teased me, the way it was written:


An advertisement for a large Pay-TV Network

   ..e plot just got interestin..

As I scanned it, the missing letter at either end were unintentional. I left the scan as it was.

 If the number (59.63 backwards) was written like this on purpose, only the artist knows. What plot were they talking about? 


I noticed a group of men having breakfast at a table toward the centre. I assumed their company's vehicle was the one I noticed outside in the carpark. In large letters on the side, I interpreted the name. I deducted an R and arrived at AM IT T. 

It was as if my brain was wired to one wavelength. My surroundings came to life by tuning into this frequency. My brain was active on that frequency almost 24/7. Never in my wildest dreams could I have visualized years ago, what powerful messages would crystallize. Would I ever have gone this far playing my little game with letters and numbers? Not that I ever wanted to, but it would have been impossible to turn back the clock and laugh it all off as an April fool's joke. 

Ironically, April Fool's Day in 2003 did play a big part in it all. Around that time the numbers and letters association game was just beginning. Three years later, on the morning of 11/5/06, the game was in full swing, only a little more sophisticated.

I arrived home around 10 AM. Sometime later I switched on the radio and happened to catch the last sentence of a news item: My diary reports it short and to the point: "Got home, showered, wrote all this (diary), caught a glimpse with my ear - Union Rally - on steps Parliament House, must go!"

- - - - - - - 

Union rally on Adelaide's North Terrace, demanding safer work places. 

One of the speakers at the Union rally. You got to love her, name - J an & t. Her surname backwards, in German means ' saved, blessed'.

Next to J's head I see AP2DE. Anyone wants to play the EA Game? Go ahead, if it's not too deep.

- - - - - - -

I parked my green machine (Suzuki) in North Adelaide, near where I picked up the bookmarks at the LLL place. After I crossed the Torrens River, walking toward the City near Elder Park, I saw a van on the far side. In large letters I could read the name SEE BROTHERS. It immediately reminded me of a clergyman I had had some email contact with. This put the thought into my mind: Perhaps I will go and see this brother later?

It was as if it was an orchestrated plot, because seconds afterwards a young lady walked toward me, wearing a top. The fashion label was displayed in very large letters - KAPPA. The name of the Brother I had in mind visiting was C.... (I won't print his name - only one more letter in Kappa needed changing). This kind of linking spooked me in a way. On the other hand it encouraged me to continue. 

If this wasn't confirmation that I should see this brother, there was another half hour later. It came after the short protest rally, which drew attention to the high incidence of injury and deaths in the workplace. The crowd was small, waving the usual banners and flags, while cheering on whoever was speaking at the microphone. 

I didn't recognize many faces. One I did take notice of was MP MLC Mr. T. He was the same one, who featured riding a toy car on his election posters, the recipient of my 'Nothing is too hard for God' basket. Mr. T. has a very high profile in Adelaide. He is not afraid to speak his mind and often highlights his viewpoints with outrageous stunts. I also saw MP MLC Mrs. S.K. She was another controversial rebel Upper House MP with a weird opinion on most subjects. I really felt I was in good company that morning. 

At the conclusion, as the crowd dispersed, I noticed a man standing on his own.  Something inside prompted me: Why not have a chat with him? His name was Bob. He did not wear a black collar, but told me after a few moments of trivial conversation, he was a priest. Aha! 

Since I was about to see a Brother, I took the opportunity to ask him the same question I had been contemplating - should the clergy do something, when they know a man is in jail innocently? (A week later I would be distributing 19 letter to various Adelaide Churches asking for a reaction on this point.) 

Bob the Priest listened intently as I gave him a brief of what I knew in the Liddy case, plus the scenario I suspected, that Peter had been framed by drug dealers, many of whom he had put behind bars in his 29 years of being a harsh Magistrate. Bob happened to know the clergyman Brother, whose name was similar to Kappa. He seemed to think that I would receive a listening* ear.

- - - - - - -

Believe it or not: Just as I typed this word*, the same word came out of the radio. It was seconds before the midday News 12/6//06, when the presenter on ABC 891 5AN ended his program saying: "Thanks for listening." (I must have been listening to something amazing).

- - - - - - -

Real Stock, Diet, So Good, Garag SAT 8 

If someone were to ask me: Why are you taking a photo of this garbage, I'd give a short answer: Don't ask.

If a persistent enquirer would press the point, I'd have to give the long answer: "I took this photo, because I saw So Good as I walked by ...Then I saw Real, which really means Re LA. I have been to LA twice and also took photos of other people's rubbish ... Otherwise I am sane."

- - - - - - -


While in the city I decided to do what I had done once before. I took a walking/praying tour of important public buildings. I started in Weymouth Street, at the Advertiser Newspaper, the paper where the Australian/American media mogul Rupert Murdoch started out from. They had built new headquarters, right opposite where the National Crime Authority bombing had taken place. 

(On March 2 1994 Sergeant Bowen was killed, another officer named Wallace, was badly injured after he opened a parcel bomb in the Adelaide office of the NCA).

I looked for the 119 code on the pavement outside, which I had discovered and written about in an earlier chapter. The blue numbers were barely visible any longer. A moment later I recognized the face of a lady exiting the tall, white building. We had known her from the church Home Fellowship over 20 years earlier. I remembered her name - Linda, but I did not get a chance to talk to her. Her occupation at the time, however, was an interesting one, police woman.

- - - - - - -


May 20, Open Day at the Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square, Adelaide. My Mission had taken me twice before along the (Uncle) Sam Way. (Read in the next chapter, how I once again received the call to take the Sam Way on a 747).

Note on the right how the photo (unintentionally) came out  - NO EN. Turn the N upside down to create V. (Who needs bottle tops?)

Looking at a V shows there is very little difference between Da Vinci and Da Ninci.

- - - - - - - 

Next I walked south to Victoria Square and prayed for awhile outside the Court Buildings and the State Administration Offices. At the St. Xavier Cathedral I remembered the visit I wanted to make to Brother C. Actually, his title was Monsignor. 

I walked to the church offices just off Victoria Square and enquired, if they had received my email. The lady at the reception desk did not know anything about it. I asked, if the gentleman would talk to somebody like me, just walking off the street? Since the clergyman was rather prominent in Adelaide, I knew the answer before she gave it. The lady suggested, I ought to resend the email, which I later did.

I have since received another response (not from above person). As happened so often, I was left with mixed feelings afterwards. The person at first showed real interest. He even met me face to face to listen to my concerns. A few days later (I had sensed it before it arrived) the email came: "Sorry I don't think I can do much in this matter".

However, what puzzled me, and this is why I was left with mixed feelings, was the gentleman's mobile phone number. At first I took no notice. Then it came in a moment, when I looked just a little closer. 

The last six digits, if read as two three digit numbers, made up 900 (863 037- not the real numbers). My mission was not about numbers. My mission was about establishing truth. From what I observed many readers agreed that something extra-ordinary has happened and my points about the 9, the EN IN is a valid one. When will anyone muster some courage and stand with me to admit, it can't all be co-incident. 

Otherwise, somebody come and convince me, show me, argue with me, where I have been deceived by numbers or names or letters, or by a confused mind?

Is the silence a message? Have I left everybody speechless? 

There is another possibility what is happening, why the silence? I had quoted Psalm 8, before making this point. Now, years later, the verse makes even more sense, because I am feeling the rejection to a greater degree and on a broader level: 

Psalm 22, Verse 8: "He trusted in the Lord, let Him rescue Him. Let Him deliver Him, since He delights in Him."

I am not at war with any member of the Clergy, Media, business sector or judiciary. God will bring to pass that which HE pleases. HE plays with mankind as if they were HIS toys. HE treasures each one and loves to play with them. But they refused to even come to the party.  

My Suzuki was parked in a two-hour space. I rushed back to avoid (nice ending in avoid) a parking ticket (nice word ticket, but no one likes this kind).

- - - - - - -

I was going to close the chapter at this point, but discovered more oddities during the day of writing. Since this chapter is about 115 I could not stop myself telling that Adelaide's maximum temperatures. (Hey, that's why the magic in the next chapter, which I wrote before writing this - it's really amazing). Adelaide's maximum temperature, for a number of days has been 15 degrees C. From what I hear, it's going to stay that way a while longer. 

Another oddity is about the Football World Cup 06, which concluded in Germany on 9/7. How could I finish chapter 9 without mentioning this huge world event?

The first goal of the World Cup was scored on the 9th of June, after 5 Minutes. Once before in 1974, when the event was also held in Germany, was there a real fast goal in the grand final. After 1 minute Holland scored against the eventual winners Germany. 

On June 9th, 06 the goal scorer was No.16 Lahm. His name only takes one _  under the h to arrive at Labm, which looks so much like ... 

A second, personal spooky moment came before the Final Match in Berlin, on July 9th. (Sorry if this one is a little ordinary and repetitious). I got up early, just before 4 am, as many Australians did, to watch France and Italy battle it out.

At the very moment I tuned into our SBS TV Network, the cameras were on the players standing in line, singing  the French National Anthem (those who knew it anyway).
The moment I started watching, not a second later or earlier, the camera panned over player number 15, then moved to the one beside him, player number 3. (Enough to drive a man to drink, sorry pray).  

Why France didn't win the cup after such a great start was disappointing for them. But Italy had an advantage right from the start - a T and a L in their name, that's Y.

Thursday 11/5 was not over yet. 

Chapter 9