6.  Australia's amazing L's

Have you ever had a dramatic experience, positive or negative, which reverberated around your mind 24/7? It was impossible to not pause during the day and think back, how did all this start, what has all this brought about? I do this constantly, almost daily being amazed at what is happening in my code-filled life. When I do this, however, I discover more codes, as if it had indeed all been planned. 

On the day of writing, June 5th, 06 my mind went back to our time in Hobart, Tasmania. I pondered the places of employment I worked at during those 8 1/2 years. I knew that HIS master-plan was already in full swing in the mid 1970's. 

Here is why. Using the simple graphic on my index-page, the L and P on a cross, plus using W as 'double victory' I came up with this:

IXL - My first job was with an old established company Henry Jones, which manufactured food products under the brand name IXL. (I just noticed the timely mention of this - on 6/6/06 - IXL is 39 in Roman Numerals).  

WPL - These were the initials for Wholesalers Pty Ltd, a distribution firm for groceries, now closed down. Hey, I just saw another magic name here - I left after being bullied by a man named - Nunn. 

ZINC - Just before becoming a driving instructor I spent just under 2 years working at the Electrolytic Zinc Company in Risdon.  A N I C was one of the very early instances, where I played the letters-as words-game. 

VIP - This was the name of the company, which re-trained me as driving instructor, the occupation I stayed with ever since. My first driving school vehicle, which I took over from another instructor, was a Holden Torana LJ. Hey, his surname just came to me - See L & it. 

Likewise the names of our friends, as well as a few names in the church we attend,  in a strange way, point to this same code. Very good friends have a short four-letter surname. Mixing the letters I can make TL Australia. Another couple, also good friends are 'G NT Australia'. Out of 1/2 dozen or more names I could mention, I will only mention one name at our church at Enfield - Christian name:  ID EN, surname: HE EL (on) T. 

Friends, even to me this sounds like the product of a simple mind. Others will go further and call it foolish. But this does not diminish that they are facts. If a master planner is at work, what a way of showing Himself !

- - - - - - -


Two free Boost?

 On the morning of 16/5/05, the day after launching Book 5*, I took our fox terrier, Becky, for a walk. On the road I noticed something green, shaped in a triangle. Examining the item a little closer, it looked man made. I read: Free Boost. 

The two 0 in Boost were different in colour. Then I remembered the football photo, with the two 0 I had shown on my website. Was there a message somewhere, a boost? 

I looked in the direction it was pointing to. About 20 meters across the road on a wall was some graffiti. On closer examination I read: HOLD DL. I don't know, what kind of boost this was.

At the end of the walk, coming down McIntyre Road, by sheer fluke, I again recognized the same colours - this time in what looked like the remains of a foam cup, shown here:

(*Correction: In two places in this chapter I have mistakenly written that I launched book 5 on 15/5. It was launched on 1/5/06)



The way it shows the ST Boo, the two words love life and Juic point to an intelligent mind behind it all. Otherwise it is really remarkable, how I came across two boosts during one walk with Becky.

- - - - - - -


In chapter 4 I promised more details about what took place on 9/5/06, after telling the Kiefer Sutherland/ELLEN-Show story. Before getting into it let me mention, how another code emerged following the ELLEN incident.

Recently I happened to read the name of the TV announcer, who had pronounced the word detail, as if the last letter was n. On the TV station's website her Christian name was given as Amrita. My sister in the USA is called Anita. I straight away saw Mr. N. 

(An hour before writing I heard a news item on radio out of the UK. It could not have been clearer what I heard. The last two words drew my attention - ....top prioricy (sic). Some body had read the story to see - PL & T. (At the end of the chapter is a little more T & L fun - it also only happened on the morning of writing - 6/6/06). 

On Tuesday, 9/5 I woke early at 4.14am. It had happened so often, without setting a clock, I woke at any hour and would be alert in an instant. When this happened and the numbers had some meaning, like the date etc, I knew it was going to be an eventful day. The numbers on the clock (414) and the date (5/9) that morning were the first digits of my mobile phone number. 

The evening before I had watched ABC TV and noticed so much 'bull' reporting, it was not funny. The email I sent was therefore, unlike my normal larrikin writing, rather serious. That morning, possibly for the first time, in a direct way, I tried to convey as honestly and humbly as I could, that it is time to stop fibbing and report only the truth.

Here is what I wrote at 5.38am to our ABC, plus six other recipients in Australia and overseas:



From early childhood I learned from my mother that “ehrlich waehrt am laengsten” (German for  - truth, integrity lasts the longest). In church I learned another truth about truth – it sets people free.

Over the years you have received my emails, where I had observed things, which I found hard to swallow. My sensitive spirit inside doubted and I would make sense of it by making a joke and emailing it to whoever. If I have offended anyone or been a nuisance, believe me there was method in the madness, as the saying goes.


Over these few years a strange phenomena had developed, by accident, as it were – a code crystallized, which I called the Da Ninci code. A turned to O or E, and R dropped off, the C became see etc. But the most impacting one was the D, which turned into N. Later I realized the two radio stations I was mostly listening to were 5DN and 5AN.


This was only one co-incidence in a long line of incredible events, amazing data, miraculous chain reactions, where I emailed, travelled, prayed, observed, prayed and travelled some more. The whole story covers 214 chapters in 5 books of my autobiography, which is free for all to read online.


Last evening I was watching ABC most of the night. As often I noticed the code in various segments. Where previously I had been made to believe that it was all my imagination, I needed help by a medical expert, I knew long ago, it could not all, every day, be co-incidence. A higher power, Almighty God, was and is at work.


Starting with the (Name of reporter deleted) confusion with 13/years, beg your pardon, 10 years, sorry correction again, 13 years, to the Pacific Star murder story, to the Westpoint Superfund Investment fraud, I saw my codes. The names in the Westpoint story especially – Felice, Jenman, Jeff Lucy plus many more – were they real?


Felice was a main witness in a court case in Adelaide, with resulted in a Royal Commission a year ago. The name Kebbel (Bank) is a classic, where I apply code “Plus 1” and decoded arrive at the word Leb, German for live.


When a society moves away from the truth, either in politics, the media or any sphere of life it is on the path to destruction. When people are saying, there is no God and if there is, stuff him, friends, it’s time to turn back to HIM, the creator of the Universe, the most powerful being in heaven and on earth. No one will escape HIS judgment, if they don’t.


The miners will be free in Beaconsfield today, will they? Sophie is kept in an artificial coma in Sydney a while longer? The price of oil will be kept high, by an invented threat to supplies somewhere? How long will these games go on for? If they are not based on truth, they are destructive.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


PS  This morning God woke me at 4.14 am. HE knows the code. My mobile phone number is 0 414 59 44...


In a way I was tired of playing the game of deciphering codes, getting messages in this crazy way. For some months a theory had started to from in the back of my mind, which took on more and more shape. Watching TV that Monday evening seemed to tip the balance from doubt to certainty a little further. 

I had in earlier writing cast doubt on the story of the little girl, Sophie Delezio. She had in Dec 2003 allegedly been hit by an out of control car in Balgowlah, a Sydney suburb. During a trip to Sydney in 05, I visited the accident scene. As expected, things didn't add up.

In early May 06, little Sophie, now 5 years old, hit the headlines again. She once again met with bad luck. Like the first time, it was an elderly driver, who allegedly hit her in his car, while she was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The now five-year-old was in a pram - pr... ? She was hospitalized and received once again national media attention. I again had my doubts, if things really happened the way they were reported. 

- - - - - - -


Below is the front cover a large furniture retailer's catalog

There are at least four clues I saw in above. 

The letters OC, the word Ottoman (the name of the round piece), the price (1 Dollar short of 5000). But there is one other, the logo of the manufacturer (bottom left corner). EN (Z) could mean Enfield (?). This retailer has a large store in Enfield. 

Taking the catalog from the scanner I C more, the name of the lounge - 'Circa'.

Please consider I am reporting these observations not merely for entertainment, but to demonstrate that God can inspire us beyond our own creativity. 

When we step out in faith, HE steps in with magic.

- - - - - - -



My reference in above email regarding the high price of oil is a response to a sentence I had heard at the end of a TV News bulletin: "The threat of supplies from Nigeria is keeping the price of crude oil high". Did I hear correctly? A threat of supplies is making us pay more for oil. But does not that mean - more profit to the producers and everyone involved to supply us with petrol? 

If a report of a threat can push the price up, would you not welcome a report of a threat? And if the price starts falling, why not invent another threat? Threats are good way to improve profit margins. I am not an economist, but hearing the newsreader say it like that, made me think.

I had not followed the Westpoint collapse story closely. That evening the names in the report really teased my brain. There were many, but the name Felice stood out. It was the name of the key witness at the trial, and later Royal Commission, into the hit/run driver Eugene McGee. Mr. Felice was the only person, who saw the cyclist being hit. (Later in this chapter another Kapunda Road name will come up in surprise, read on). 

About a year earlier I had studied the McGee case and asked a few tricky questions. On my website I have given my detailed version of what I noticed. It didn't all add up. Deep inside, let me be very frank about this, I believed the crash was staged for various, sinister reasons. How and why the cyclist died is the hard question.

But what really bothered me that Tuesday morning, May 9th, was the ongoing saga of two trapped miners in Northern Tasmania. The small, unheard of town of Beaconsfield had been suddenly thrown into the world's spotlight. Two miners, who had been trapped a thousand meters underground and presumed dead, were found to be alive after five days. It was another 9 days, before they were finally rescued. One of their colleagues, Larry Knight, had allegedly died in the initial explosion.

As if I had known what was to take place, it was exactly at the same hour I composed above email, that the miners were feed. The final push through to reach them went quicker then expected. But the way the two men, Todd Russell and Brad Webb, walked out confidently and smiling, after fourteen days and nights in total darkness in a cramped cage, was beyond belief.

One report that the two were signing photographs, before they had even been put into the waiting ambulance, was totally false. The media created a frenzy surrounding the two. It has hardly stopped since. Their interview, on Channel Nine's Sixty Minutes on Sunday 21/5, was reportedly one of the most watched programs for a long time. 

To me it all seemed like one big soap opera. At present the two lucky mates are reported to be in the USA, where they appeared on Good Morning America. The real heroes, you never hear of much, are in my estimation the rescue workers. If it really was all true, those men, who risked their lives going one kilometer underground, trying to dig two trapped man from a hole, which could cave in again at any time, deserve the accolades.

Not long after the rescue there was talk of a book deal. Channel Nine was supposedly offering three million Dollars for their story, plus interest from Hollywood. It was hard to grasp, why in addition to all this a fundraising campaign for the victims was necessary.

A lot more would make sense, if the thought, which had begun to formulate in my mind months ago, was true. Not only would this disaster make sense, but many other stories, car crashes, rescues from mountain tops, etc. etc.  

 - - - - - - -



Every author's nightmare! (From a book published in 1975).

No team can score more goals in Germany 06 than here.

Reading a book on Morocco, I discovered a blunder. I had picked it up at market, before visiting the North African country on my way to Europe in 1996. Above photo is titled: Soccer is one of Morocco's most popular sports.  The writer, however - obviously more familiar with a different shape ball, described in great detail the proceedings of a rugby match. Note the number of the soccer players (9 & 3). Strange, that I came across it, by chance on 6/6/06. I like the name Rhima. Hi ! 



On Tuesday 9/5, still on that memorable day, of which there were many, I had heard an early morning report of a car crash on Park Terrace, Brompton. The locality, Park Terrace both in Salisbury and this one near the Clipsal factory, had received numerous mentions in earlier books of mine. As I was driving past Clipsal late in the afternoon, after making a visit at Hindmarsh, I remembered hearing about the accident, so I started looking for markings, where it may have occurred.

Just over the railway line my hawk-eye spotted yellow markings and broken glass, at the intersection with Hawker Street. I turned left further ahead and parked in the service road to have a closer look. One yellow road marking read 535, otherwise there was little to see. Nearby, I saw and picked up a wrapper for chewing gum (or mints), Eclipse brand. Later I wondered about the similarity between Clipsal and Eclipse.

My focus was drawn to two cars, parked meters away from the crash scene, in the service road. Once again what I saw teased me. I doubted, if and what really had happened and why it was happening. 

I took the photo below, because of the identical number on the registration plate - 526. If there was meant to be a hint at 44 (126+400), I do not know. However, after scanning the photos I stumbled across some totally unplanned magic in the names of the model Toyota and Holden - Camira and Camry. (Read it under the picture)



 It is not easily visible, both vehicles carry rego No. 526. Hey, just on writing I figured something else, rather weird. Take the words Camira and Camry, take away the letters that are the same Cam & r, leaves us with  - YAI?

Less than a week later I would be writing and publishing Chapter 4 of this book, which ended with a twist, one I also had stumbled across - A I.



I drove home via Prospect Road. Only 2 or so kilometers later, in passing St. Cuthbert's church, I thought I spotted a car registration plate 414, the time I had woken that morning. Just for fun I parked the car and had a closer look. There was a vehicle with the registration plate ...414, plus another ...404 parked in the church carpark. 

Beside it, I remember a man walking by, watching me. I picked up a large rose from off the ground and placed it onto the wall of the church. What did I do that for?

Walking past the fruit store opposite I remembered, Isobel wanted me to bring home some nuts. They were reasonably priced so I bought some. As I passed in front of the Video Store - called Metro, I saw and took a photo of another registration plate - it only consisted of C and 526. How unreal !  This was a mere 10 minutes after taking above photo of two 526 plates. 

My diary also speaks of seeing a large, plastic C and a sachet of Tomato sauce in the driveway of the BP Service station next door. Believe me, if I were to write about all I see and de-code, few could comprehend it or take the time to read it all. 

Continuing on my way home I purposely stopped to check on a place in Trigg Street. There was a reason - I had seen, what else, a personalized registration plate days earlier and linked it to this Trigg Street address. When I got there the place, a business, had closed. However, in hindsight, I am convinced I was meant to take notice of the place next door. The name of this address started a long chain of events, which I may report in a future chapter.

I just read in my diary that I left the Eclipse paper, the one I had picked up at the Hawker St./Park Tce. traffic lights, at the door of the Trigg Street address. (This explains, why a moment ago I could not locate it, neither glued into my diary, nor filed in my Da Ninci file).

- - - - - - -



  On the morning of 13/5 I dropped my son Jon at work in Salisbury. I took a quick walk, knowing I'd be sitting on the P/C all day, indulging (preparing to launch Book 5*).

(*Correction, I was writing chapter 4)

Right near the spot, where I had photographed ERIN, I saw above numbers on some cardboard on the ground, just as shown. After looking at it more closely at home, I knew they were for me to find and decipher - how about this? 

ISSO - 135 - 7 - 0 - (It was not long after the absolute magic of the number 0 showed on my Suzuki's speedometer.

Below: More ISSO (at Largs Bay)? There is a long story to come (God willing) which involves the address in Trigg Street mentioned above.


- - - - - - -


So what is really going on? Why would anybody be faking car crashes? Even more puzzling, why would those who do use my code, my Da Ninci data, to draw attention to it? 

Likewise, why could an accident in Tasmania, which made national and international headlines, possibly be faked? Why are the names, both in the Beaconsfield accident and those reported about Westpoint financial collapse, pointing in my direction?

The two Beaconsfield miners' Christian names are Todd (Tod = death in German) and Russell (us LL it). The dead miner's Christian name is the same as that of the hurricane, which destroyed much of Innisfail and surrounding coastal areas of North Queensland. 

There are two explanation, which would make sense to me. (The alternative one, which dismisses any weird link as co-incidental and labels me a fool, excluded). Were these reports indeed false and purposely broadcast as truth, to see, if I, who claimed to be a prophet, with insight knowledge from God, would discover the deception?

It is doubtful that anyone would go to such extra-ordinary length to put me to the test to check on my ID. But considering my outlandish statements, who I think I was, what I thought of DNA technology, how I believed God was guiding my actions, it may not be so a far fetched.  

There is a second, equally unreal, but possible scenario. When there is a corrupt element in an organisation, often there is an opposing one, which discovered it and hates it. Most people, even non-Christians, hate lies, deceit and falsehood. However, working or living beside corruption is one thing, fighting against it is another. Not everyone is called to do it. Very few have what it takes to be a whistleblower, nor can anyone be forced into becoming one. 

In a recently released autobiography, I read about a whistleblower. Simon Illingworth tells his firsthand experience of a corrupt police force. His book is called FilthyRat (ABC Books). The author started to work for the Victorian police with the enthusiasm of an innocent youth. He was soon facing the 'real world' of Melbourne's underworld. It changed his life.

He describes how he and his superior were supposed to raid an illegal establishment. He could hardly believe his eyes as his boss, unashamedly, walked over to the cash till and helped himself, stuffing notes of cash into his pocket, while the owner and he looked on. 

This is how he was initiated! The bent cop (the technical term for a corrupt policeman) simply assumed this young police officer would just follow the same footsteps. But Simon had other standards and ideals. He not only possessed the courage to resist going down that path, but also the guts to do something about it.

As a result, he was bullied, ostracized, overlooked for promotion and even bashed. Not by criminals, but by 'other policemen from an entrenched, corrupt brotherhood', as it is phrased in his book. Threats against his life, living with a gun under his pillow, a high security fence around his house etc. destroyed his marriage in the end. 

This was all happening during the time, when in an underworld war dozens of criminals were killed by other criminals. Simon's effort brought a few bent cops to justice. His courage is the stuff needed to stamp out corruption at all levels of society, not only in the police force. 

- - - - - - -



Above yellow road markings do not belong to the crash shown. They were on the road near the scene of a police car chase/crash, followed by a shooting. The eyewitness I saw on TV that night happened to be a fan I knew from the Adelaide United Football Club. His name has a C and L.  

After I took the photos of the 5 & 9 I noticed the name of a business right there - Regal .... On a closer look I noticed a Holden Camira parked right outside - rego ...126. (Another Holden Camira* in a moment). 

*(Correction: This comment was meant to be after the previous Camira incident).

The crash shown happened only 1 week and 1 kilometer away from the one I uploaded on 15/5 (Chapter 3). I had also heard it on radio, while driving my car near home. At first I did not respond, until the inner voice persisted. It was only a few minutes away.

When I got there two men were sitting on the grass. One was smoking tobacco (my diary says Drum tobacco, but I can't recall this). I asked what happened? One of the young men said he was the driver. It looked like a serious head on collision, which made me ask, why he could just sit there, as if nothing had happened. 

Walking back to my car I noticed codes. A No. 7 via car number plates, a business at No. 228, their phone No. ...5511, their business name L & N, all made sense. 

But most of all a packet of tobacco, I picked up. It looked neatly placed, as if just for me to pick up. I did. 

The brand was Champion. In very small print, the next day, I discovered an interesting address No. 7 Hassell Street, the address of the manufacturer in Sydney. Was this a hint at Sergeant Hassell, the name of a key witness in the Kapunda Road Royal Commission? It was held a year ago at 1st floor, 26 Flinders St. Adelaide. 

- - - - - - -



For car crashes to be faked, it requires more than one bent police officer. It would have to be orchestrated to include fire officers and ambulance personnel, lawyers and public servants to go along with the fraud.

If there was a war raging behind the scenes, one scenario would make sense. The corrupt, powerful element is suddenly challenged by a brave, organised opposition. They no longer are willing to be silent partners of lies and deceit. There is a coalition of the willing; willing to stand up and face their Goliath. It only took one man, with the Spirit of God inside him and a rage against an evil one, plus a stone, guided by a mighty hand to bring victory. 

The same victory has been promised to us. Sadly, among most Christian circles I don't even find the basic requirement - a passionate hate for corruption, a holy anger at the decay at all levels of society. Little wonder, few are standing up, even fewer take up the armour God has given us and challenge the giant, who is blatantly insulting God and his people. 

Were the car crashes I witnessed to demonstrate, how easy it is to fake a crash? Were the anti-corruption people imitating what the bad had done, and gotten away with for years? Was this their way of highlighting the rampant corruption, their unique way of protesting against the fraud? 

But why use my codes? It would be for one reason only: so I do what I am doing right now. Reporting what I see in order to wake the sleeping giant into action. A strange line of reasoning, but one which may explain it all.  

In an earlier statement I wrote that a senior politician had claimed, during a political speech, that the Motor Accident Commission's deficit had blown out from 50 million, a few years ago, to over 580 million Dollars (Chapter 21, Found). We don't hear much outcry in the media over this. Faking of car crashes and making insurance claims could explain, why the huge blow out. God knows and will punish evil doers. 


As indicated, the day of writing and uploading this chapter started with two emails to the USA. It took less than 1/2 hour from my initial thought to pressing the send button. I remembered during breakfast that I had seen a magazine in a Cafe. On the cover it said Melbourne, the word Espresso underneath. The three letters ESP were more visible than the rest. This picture came to mind this morning.

I googled Melbourne Espresso. Up came a product range of lighting on the website of the huge hardware chain Home Depot in the US/Canada. I recognized it from my visit to the USA. More recently, less than 2 weeks ago, it was mentioned on a TV show. I had heard that Home Depot has a turnover of 30 billion Dollars and 150 thousand employees - Aha!)

Now what? Without any real idea I googled a little. I clicked on product recalls and read about pails that failed.  There were leaking chemicals, but no injury had as yet occurred. User ought to be careful to not allow the chemical to make contact with the skin or eyes, it may have negative health effects. This sounded strange. It was all suspect.

From experience I knew to get an email through I had to type in a US phone number. What better one than the Blue Plate Restaurant in Santa Monica? It only took another moment of googling, and not only did I have their phone number, but found out the address - 1415 Montana Ave. Very interesting. At the time of my visit 14 months ago, I did not even think that their address could be part of the magic.

 Here is what I typed into their feedback form:


Hi all,

If there ever was an understatement, it's in your recall of Zep Industrial Purple and Zep Heavy Duty Floor Stripper five gallon pails.

Caustic soda in your eyes may not only cause 'negative health effects', let me assure you, it will hurt and most likely make you blind.

Kind regards from Adelaide (near Foley, Ala (sort of).

Dieter Fischer

ISA 486 

PS   How do I know, if the pail I saw with it's sprue leaking, was made on 3/12 or 4/8/06?


I wrote the PS to show I had seen the dates, when the faulty pails had been manufactured. The codes 123 and 486 stood out.

The sprue, according to the website is the spot at the center of the pail base, the small round dot. For a moment I wondered, after I saw the three letters esp, which started my googling in the first place.    

On the Home Depot Recall page were links to the CPSC, the Government agency called Consumer Product Safety Recall. What made me do it, I don't know, but I opened their URL. I had no idea what I was to do, until I saw the word enroll, spelled with two L. At first I thought it was a spelling error. I had in the past, not so much lately, corrected many spelling errors, thinking they were a test. This one wasn't. 

To not make a fool of myself, I checked in spell check, how to spell enrol. Two L were correct. I learned that enrol in the UK English is spelled with one L, in American English with two (greedy, as usual - just kidding).

This discovery formed the basis of a larrikin email, which on closer examination, may hold a powerful message, if you attribute the right word to the letter L.


Hi all,

Isn't it interesting that you in the US (as per yours and other websites) spell the word enroll, with two L's.

Here in Australia and in the UK they spell the word merely with one L. I mean they spell the word enrol with one L. Of course the word merely also has only one L, but I meant to draw your attention to the word enrol only. Only also has one L. I mentioned this also, Hey, also only has one L, too.

Sorry to bother you. I wished all would have more L in their life. Life has one L. It goes well with a t, which is really 4 L, if you look careful enough. Careful has one L. Now I better end this nonsense, which has no L at all, which has two L's ...

 Kind regards from Australia

Dieter Fischer
ISA 486

PS   If you take t as 4 L, then Australia has 5 L. That's perfect.


Talking about 5 L. No kidding, recently I sat writing my diary with the TV in the background. As I wrote about my visit to a place in North Adelaide, called the LLL, an ad on TV promoted the products of L L Linen Company. I found that amazing.

Likewise amazing, even more so, was a very similar incident on 4/5/06. Again I sat writing my diary. In the background on TV it screened Getaway, a travel show. Just as I wrote the word amazing onto the page, not a second later, the presenter K. R. spoke the word amazing. 

How did she know what I was writing right then? 


Chapter 7