5.  Volunteers needed

Anzac Day April 25th is the day Australia remembers those, who gave their lives in war. In 2006 the day marked the seventh anniversary of what I marked the start of my mission - my calling to take a stand against the corrupt elements in our society. Chapter 9 of my first book explains the tumultuous events of Anzac Day 1999, a day I would rather forget, but one which was necessary for it all to come to pass.

My campaign started as a war against corruption. Gradually it turned into a greater war against lies and deceit, with a strong call for truth and justice. My active, vigilant mind increasingly noticed items in the media, which just did not make sense. What was reported as fact often did not add up.

As time passed, as my experience grew, a picture started to crystallize; a theory, which if they were true and made public, they would create quite a stir. But as with many of my theories, I had little solid evidence to prove my thinking. Revelation often came in a dream or a gut feeling, which seemed to be confirmed after I applied one of my special codes, which I called Da Ninci. I had no idea, how many people believed my story and joined in my weird way of thinking. 

My family was resolute that my way of thinking was wrong. God would never work in codes and that was it. Fullstop. What if I were I to approach a newspaper with a press release, stating: “This morning in my prayer time I heard a clear, male voice speak to me: Pass on the following message ... Would they publish it? 

The media believes many sources, including Arab websites, reporting anti-western propaganda. I can never understand, why they would do this. I certainly can't understand, why they don't report all the good news that is happening around the world, especially the work done by Christians in the name of Christ. 

A news item out of Iraq reported the unfortunate accident by an Australian soldier, Pvt. Jacob Kovco. First reports said, he was cleaning his weapon, when it accidentally discharged, killing him. In a later bulletin I heard  that nobody was actually in the room, when the mishap took place. The exact cause of the death became a point of speculation. Suicide was not mentioned; by now my mind started ticking over. Something smelled fishy.

The bizarre incident became even more controversial after reports that the wrong body had been shipped back to Australia.  The family was terribly upset. So much in fact, the dead soldier's wife, Shelley, allegedly phoned the Prime Minister in the middle of the night. More incredible, he was woken and actually spoke to the woman. (Maybe, she had heard of our PM's achievements and wanted him to ... 

(No Shelley, he definitely has not raised anybody from the dead - not all you read in the Liberal Party Newsletter is Gospel).   

Listening to a further news bulletin on this national tragedy, I learned that the soldier had come from the Victorian town of Briagolong. When I read the postcode 3860 I put two and two together, which makes four – 4860 rang a bell. Surely this wasn’t a Plus 1 or Plus M code? Or was there a go LA message hidden inside Briagolong? The following paragraph from Briagolong's website would support a link to gun (deducting ai), plus a place in the West! (But this is a long shot, if you pardon the pun).

The naming of the now historic village occurred in 1871 soon after the opening of the town's original school with the settlers remembering the once powerful Briaikulong Clan of Gippsland Gunai (Aborigines) who were the 'men of the west'.

Anzac Day morning was an appropriate time to send an email about this whole affair. In my brief message to a well known radio station I suggested that Private Kovco had probably become lonely and decided to take the easy path home. 

In the PS, with a well timed brain storm of inspiration, I came up with a strange twist to the name Adelaide. If I played the a/e game, or rather take away the letters a/e from Adelaide, the remainder makes “lad die”. 

- - - - - - -


Montage of letterbox advertising

My Da Ninci brain sees IT in everything. Australia like many countries around the world is experiencing football fever, putting their hope into Germany 06, the World Cup. Let's all remember - only ONE can be the winner. 

- - - - - - - 

The most revealing code here was not 'here'. An expert in Da Ninci must have had a pre-wake moment of inspiration to come up with - Culture (on the T-shirt).

Above gems came from this week's letterbox advertising. No, it's not going to make me wear lipstick or start a collection of roses. But why just throw it away? 

- - - - - - -


On Anzac Day 2006 I did something I had not done for a long time. I met up with a friend Bill to go on an extended bike ride. I took a train from the station at Parafield. We had arranged that he board the same train at the station near his place. We had known each other as members of the church group, who visited Nursing Homes in and around Neutral Bay on Sydney's North Shore in the early 1970's.

It was a lovely autumn day, mild, no rain and little wind. The red, brown and yellow autumn leaves on the vines took me back 40 years when I would take hour-long walks among the steep vineyards around my home town Esslingen in Southern Germany. Compared to the steep, terraced slopes of the “Weinberg” (literally wine hill) the vineyards around McLaren Vale were rather flat. It made for very pleasant cycling.

After lunch on the well kept lawns of a historic winery, we continued, still on the bike track to Willunga, another tourist town, famous for its historic buildings and almond plantations. Halfway along this track I noticed a small, shorthaired dog just standing beside the track. No sign of the owner. The house he may have belonged to was at least 1/2 kilometer in the distance among the vineyards.

I called out to Bill and stopped to investigate. The small, brown dog looked a bit like my Becky, except she is black and white. The well cared for terrier  walked slowly toward me. He or she was very friendly. Out of curiosity I read its nametag – Mac; it must have been a he. 

Only then did I spot Mac’s friend, or relative, nearby. This pet was not so amiable. After the name Mac I became curious what Mac's friend's name was. It may all fit together? It took some determination and coaxing to get her to let me read her name. But I succeeded - Millie. It was a female with a name that could spin my Da Ninci mind out of control. But I won't let this happen. I'm letting sleeping dogs lie. (One name, Lim, plus the letters lie come to mind, but I must admit, the connection is far fetched).

At the township of Willunga the price of petrol was $ 136.9 per litre. I didn't care, we were on bicycles. We passed a hotel on our left. My mind flashed back to May 26th 02. On that day a group of ex-MCA driving instructors went for a luncheon.

A bizarre incident had taken place that day. It was the first experience, which took me down the road into the realm of supernatural thinking. Here is a short extract from my Book 1:

He started the conversation by asking me casually, how I was going? With an opening like that it was up to me where to steer the conversation to. I could just say ‘good’ and Nigel would have to find more bait for conversation. What made me say it, I don’t know, but my answer surprised me as much as him. I said: “If you turn my name around, Dieter turns into ter die; not a nice thought, is it?


As things turned out - a man died around that time on a motorbike far away. In a strange way of linking thinking I imagined this person died in my place. Anzac Day was, in a totally unplanned way, the right time to re-visit this place.  

As Bill and I cycled past this landmark I read the name of the Hotel – ALMA. I can't recall registering that name before. If I had, I had forgotten. The L and AM together in this hotel's name struck me again. How remarkable! I had no idea at the time what special place the letter L would be taking years later. This was 9 days after the unforgettable events of Easter 06.


- - - - - - - 

Headline in a popular, Australia-wide weekly magazine. The article was about it - Mt. Druitt, an outer south-western suburb of Sydney.  

The headline is negative; it is incorrect. If you don't give up, but persist on the road beyond Mt.Druitt on the Heum, sorry Hume, Highway you will reach a turn off. 

 Follow the sign, take a risk and make a right turn toward Wagga Wagga (Wag is German for risk). This will lead you onto the Trust, sorry Sturt, Highway. 

Follow this road without doubting or side-tracking (unless, perhaps, to buy lavender perfume at Narrandera). Your journey will take you to the promised land - Adelaide.  

- - - - - - -

Talking about lavender and street names: Following the recent state election I had another encounter with an election poster. I has seen it lying in the grass, during the election campaign and thought, what a waste! This particular female politician had the colour lavender as part of her poster's (Labor Party) color scheme. It looked odd.

One day, not long after the election, I was walking along Bridge Road, close to Christine Ave. with Becky. The poster was still there. I decided to take it home for my small collection. 

Then it came to me: In a moment of inspiration I thought of a link from the word Lavender to the closest side road north - Laver Street. Deducting one from the other, only three letters are left in the end, end. 

The lady-politician got re-elected in the end. 

- - - - - - 

          (Back to the bike ride)

Bill suggested we have a coffee somewhere. We leaned our bikes against a wall outside the busy Willunga Bakery in High Street. For the modest cost of $ 2.50 I even got a plunger, which gave me 2 cups. We sat at a table near the window. As I sipped my coffee, Bill was never a great talker, I mulled over the display of antique gadgets beside us against the wall. My forever thinking mind saw, linked and wondered.

There was an old typewriter. The brand was Underwood. On top of it was a children’s book. The cover showed two boys in a rowing boat. The title: Our Boys – Best of ALL. Another item looked like a gadget used to mix milkshakes. The brand was Woodson.

After playing a while, it came to me – Underwood/Woodson – if I removed the wood in both words, it leaves 'under' and 'son'. My one-track mind came up with: Our boys – best of all under sun. This generous baker family not only knows what coffee drinkers want, but they know how to make their children feel good.

- - - - - - -

(I just ate lunch and picked up our mail for today 31/5/06. One letter was an invoice for Pest Control treatment done at our place. The bill is exactly for $ 1900. Read on, why this number is so timely today.

- - - - - - -

We cycled back the same way we had come from. Opposite the ALMA Hotel I was tempted to pick up a 'classic chocolate' carton lying on the road. But Bill may not have understood, why I was desperate for a 5 cent returnable carton, unless he knew the classic chocolate story. (Sadly, after all these years of supernatural happenings, I still could not talk openly about it to my friends or family).

Cycling through McLaren Vale again we stopped at a park. Bill needed to adjust his gears. As he did I suddenly felt the urge to cycle back and take a closer look at a building we had passed moments earlier. I had seen something, which had made me curious. (I can’t recall, what is was).

The place was a real-estate office. I glanced at the properties listed in the shop window. There was nothing to make a song about. Before returning to meet up with Bill again, I grabbed a catalog from a basket outside the door. Maybe I would find a clue later.

The track to return to Noarlunga seemed much faster than before. About halfway to the train I started to feel a little squeamish in the stomach. It was as if I may need a toilet; and rather sooner than later. In the distance, above the red roofs of Adelaide suburbia, I spotted a glass dome. A shopping centre is just what I needed. Bill didn’t mind the interruption. This time I had a real excuse.  

We turned off the track and entered the suburb. Ahead near a large roundabout was an interesting looking, white, wooden structure; modern and old at he same time. It was the Seaford Hotel and well named also: See (toilet) for D. We decided to have a drink. While I waited for my shandy, Bill sat down on a table near the bar, Table 19. The barmaid's name was Darlene. I liked it.

After we finished our drinks, as I unlocked my bike and put on my helmet outside, I noticed a motorbike parked near the rear entrance. The rego number jumped into my face YNN 19. There was a lot going through my mind during the cycle and train ride back.

That evening I had a look through the catalog I had picked up, outside the real-estate office in McLaren Vale. Something bugged me; it wouldn’t let go. I had had an encounter, a long time ago, with at a branch of this particular real estate agent. Their phone number, when compared to one I had seen next door, was different by 111111. The memory is now rather distant, which made me realize, how prolonged my unusual journey has become.

One street name in the brochure rang a bell – Albany Av. Port Noarlunga South. I recalled that the head of the Driving Instructor’s Association, whom I had belonged to for many years, had lived in that street. The property ID Number was another factor, which made me take special interest in this property and indeed this catalog – 795597, the same number backwards as forward. As I would, I took it a little further – 795 + 795 = 1590, which could mean: 0, 95 won, or 158 plus 1, depending in what playful mood you are in.

The fact that Albany Av. linked to a well known driving instructor, also tied in with the location of the real estate agent. Their building, where I had picked the brochure up from, was right next door to the driving school I used to work for, after leaving the MCA.

Two more addresses in the real estate catalog spooked me, a house for sale at No. 1 and another in the same street No. 9. (Now you may understand, why I was smiling to myself, opening the mail on the day of writing).


My diary - Anzac Day 2006

The property on the top right cost $ 295 000. The Property Id Number was 795597. 

The D, 500 in Roman numerals, made a natural equation.


But there was more. The name of that street, I feel tempted to just name it, but will only say, it has to do with the name of the person, whose name I read with N in, from the original N-field saga. Was this the clue I was meant to discover? Was this one of those numerous, secretly coded messages from certain doubting believers, to confirm it is all for real? 

If so, God certainly had the timing perfect, even the pest control account arrived on the right day, just as I wrote this 1/9 story. Does the white-ant infestation of our house not make a mockery of the scripture, where it says - he shall ... 

Hey, what magic - I just realized it - that's from Psalm 91! I just looked it up - Psalm 91, Verse 10 - No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plaque come near your dwelling! God loves numbers and perfect timing - and we have to pay for it. 

If you discover termites under your house, pause and think, even in this calamity God may have a purpose in it all. It's just a matter of risking to trust HIM - don't let anybody tell you, you are on a road to nowhere! Never, never ever!  Not if you walk close beside HIM. Let HIM take your hand and gently lead you. You will experience the most precious walk you can ever have. (I am in the house on my own - those tears feel wonderful). 

Those who followed my journey from the beginning will see the connection very easily: 9 = N in, as in Lindy - Liddy. This is the reason I am so excited when attention is drawn to this case in any shape or form.

- - - - - - -


Is history repeating itself?

This photo appeared in an Australian magazine. Reading the article that goes with the photo, quite apart from the very strong Da Ninci name, alerted me to the code 158. 

History repeated itself. I had once before been led to an article after Isobel had bought a magazine. Again it was my wife, who brought home this magazine. It was meant as a present for someone, but afterwards we decided it was no suitable. 

Isobel alerted me to a story, because she had recognized the name of the author. The story was about a lady named Betty King, who was supposedly, but not for certain, the first white settler to set foot in Australia.

A number of things in the 2 page article smelled fishy. Firstly, we knew the author very well from our years in Tasmania. He also knows well the artist RW, the one who had featured twice in my chapters. This made me think, this was another test of some kind. The locality, Back River, not in the postcode book, also pointed in a certain direction. 

A few names appeared in the article, which sounded familiar: Ralph Clark, (we had a controversial politician by that name in South Australia not so long ago), Susana (a n missing) Mitchell and Thomas Stacks. Both were witnesses at Betty's wedding. 

But the hint to the possible code 158 in above picture really teased me. 1 - first woman; 8 the page number where the photo appeared on. Number 5, similar to the letter s, took some faith to believe. Was the 5 the missing S in the word Au tralia? The s in rest, also stands out, it is slightly marked.  

If so, perhaps there's another clue I just discovered: Betty's father's name, Thomas Thackery, minus that of Thomas Stacks, leaves only the letters y he, and ss. Elementary Watson - Watson is the surname of the author.   

- - - - - - -


Long ago I realized that logical thinkers everywhere were showing support for my way of thinking. What at first was regarded as rubbish, fairytales and fantasies were gradually listened to, and taken seriously. It was one thing convincing people to believe what I had written; it was another to rouse them into action. Chapter after chapter it became clearer, no matter how impacting my story became, that merely writing and publishing it on the internet did not bring the results I had hoped and prayed for.

In Mid May 06, after having launched Book 5, the one you are reading, I wrote directly to a number of clergyman in South Australia. I had become more and more convinced that Mr. Liddy had not had a fair go in our court system; neither from the judiciary, nor the media, nor the politicians. Pedophilia is such a horrendous crime, just the word on its own makes people run the other way.

One example of Mr. Liddy's case being twisted was his state of mental health. A TV News producer told me, the prisoner was too drugged to think clearly. Not long afterwards I received a letter from Peter Liddy personally. Here is what he wrote to me:

I am not taking any form of medicine. I would never even have an aspro. Doctors are always discovering side effects of various medicines after people have been taken them for years. I've always felt sorry for people, who cannot cope without resorting to chemical means. 

          (End quote) 

(By the way – in April 06 I went to an Adelaide TV Station and picked up the original letters Mr. Liddy had written to me. The TV station had shown great interest in the case, and my letters. A young reporter arranged to meet me. He took the original letters, leaving me with copies (which I mislaid). I had hoped and assumed the TV station would run a story on the case, my side of the case. There were stories on TV about the Liddy case occasionally, but never one which addressed my questions).


On May 17th I took some action, hoping to stir the Adelaide clergy into looking at the case. I composed and delivered the following letter to a total 19 Ministers, Priests and people, closely connected to the church:

Memo to: Members of the Adelaide Clergy

From: Dieter Fischer, 24 Goodall Road, Para Hills SA 5096,  Ph. 8 ....

Date: 17/5/2006

Subject: Passionate for justice for a possibly innocent man!

I was watching a program on television about a person in WA being freed after 12 years wrongful imprisonment. This spurned me on renew my effort to gain a listening ear as to another prisoner's plight.

It is a rather sad and tragic case right in our own state of South Australia. If I am correct, this approx. 60 year-old man will be in prison until 2026, or if he is lucky, he could be freed on parole in 2019.

The Media has let this person down badly. They have been responsible, to a point, for having him put away. The politicians are not interested. There are no votes in standing up for a sex offender, guilty or not guilty - either way it's unpopular. I dare say that many, even in church circles, are accused of sex offences, when they never did anything wrong. But who listens?

I will not mention the prisoner's name at this point, in case you do not want to get involved. However, I am inviting you to write to or email me, if you would like to know more details, what I have discovered. The prisoner himself (not Keogh) wrote to me. I believe a grave injustice is occurring, right here in Adelaide. At least one family member of the prisoner, plus one other man, one who has regular contact with him, also believes the man is innocent.

Where can he turn to, being let down by the judiciary, lied about by the media, classed as too dirty to get involved with by politicians? From what the person wrote to me he is a man with solid Christian values. If the church turns its back, it is not following the commands of Christ – to speak up for those who can’t defend themselves. 

If the Adelaide clergy would show half as much enthusiasm to free this man, as they did in justice for a young man named Hicks, we may see an innocent prisoner freed.

I plead with you to at least grant me the courtesy to reply to this letter, even if you decide to not receive any further letters or emails from me.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer



ISA 486

PS  I did not introduce myself, because who I am should have nothing to do with it. I am not a personal friend of this prisoner and have no interest, other than seeing justice done.


So far, approx. two weeks after sending this letter, none of the recipients have replied*. If I were paranoid, I would suspect my mail is being intercepted. But my rational mind says – those ministers are too busy, working to bring justice in a far away country. (This is also important and far less threatening than dealing with an accused pedophile on your own doorstep).

*(The latest: One reply came in the mail hours before uploading this. The sender thanked me for my concern. He passed my letter to another group, who may deal with it). 

I once approached a pastor with the question: "Why does the church not stand up for the innocent in prison?" He told me plainly: “We are called to proclaim the gospel”.

My argument is - the full gospel includes setting the prisoners free! An innocent man in jail would be far more receptive to the gospel, if someone were to also help him or her get justice? 

The saying really is true in this case: “Evil prospers when good men chose to do nothing”.

(How interesting: I wrote above sentence on 31/5/06. On the day of editing, a day later, I received an email which concludes with this same statement: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --Edmund Burke 1729-1797).


If none of those I have written to will respond, I would find this very disappointing. A fundamental principal in our civilized world is to at least listen to a person. As absolute minimum reply I was expecting: "We have received your note, but - No, thanks. There is no greater insult than that of total ignorance. 

My optimistic side says that moves are under way, which may bring about justice. I may not be privileged to the information, but something is happening. I have lived in this kind of hope ever since the difficulties at work, before we all lost our jobs. 

Many will say: "God can work justice, he will bring justice. We don't have to do anything". This is plain wrong. We are HIS hand, his feet, his voice, his keyboard. Yet those same Christian workers may be snowed under in their church program, dictated by a church structure, which keeps all very occupied, but achieves little.  

I am reminded of the scripture, where HE says: "Who are you? You have cast out demons and did many works in my name? Sorry, I don't know you". 

One matter, however, has to be considered. If the following theory is true, it is frightening. Does the prisoner, Mr. Liddy, not want to be released? This could be so, if he knows that the underlying corruption, which put him behind bars in the first place, is not dealt with. Prison is a safe place, especially in solitary confinement. If Peter Liddy were to be retried, found not guilty and freed, would he live in fear of his life every day? He may indeed wish to be back in jail?

This really highlights the magnitude of the problem. W ho is in charge of justice, law and order? What kind of society is this, where the authorities are unable to provide a safe place for everyone to live in? 

Where the people do not stand up against corruption and demand truth and justice, such a society is doomed to suffer lawlessness, poverty and misery. One would not expect this to happen in civilized countries, such as the USA, UK or Australia. If the clergy is not willing to stand tall against the deterioration of ancient values, which never change,  who will? Sadly, this has happened in other countries, where evil prospers, because good men did nothing.

In one of his letters Peter Liddy explained to me, how he saw the conspiracy against him. To me it made sense. I could not think of a motive, why the man should lie to me, a total stranger. He mentioned the name Terry Stephens, which Peter describes as an armed robber/conman. It is the same man, who publicly, on Channel Seven TV News (or Today Tonight), said word for word into the TV camera, addressing of our State’s most senior politicians at the time (Peter Lewis): “If you are listening, Peter. I will destroy you”.  

Peter Liddy describes the conspiracy against him

Dear Dieter,

Thanks for your letter. Am currently waiting on an appeal to the High Court in Sydney, but that will take many months.

Yes, I wondered if that Terry Stephens was connected with the creeps who landed me in here – it seemed too much of a coincidence that a burgler/heroin addict and his mates should put me in here and that then an armed robber/conman should turn up and buy my house then sell off the contents.

Again, the creeps who put me in here blocked the sale of my assets for 6 months but then withdrew their objections to the house and contents being sold when Stephens offered to buy it. Fraudulently obtained money was used for the purchase of the place so they didn't have to use any of their own money (none of them, including Stephens, would have a cent) and very quickly the contents were sold under false descriptions so as to rake in a lot of money.

(End extract) 

- - - - - - -

One country, where brave citizens are standing up for truth and democracy is Belarus. It is one of the last countries in Europe ruled by a strong man, who seems to prefer personal power over the well-being of his people. At the end of April 06 the opposition in Belarus, led by Alaksandr Milinkevich, organized a march in Minsk, on the anniversary of the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.

I tried to send an email of support, but could not access Milinkevich's or any other website. (I have since been able to gain access and sent a message of support). I imagined that the Government had on purpose shut down the opposition leader’s website. For organizing the peaceful protest Alaksandr and a few of his supporters were arrested and jailed for up to 15 days. Not much was reported in Western press regarding this.

It is commendable that the President of Belarus is accessible to the people via his website. I had once before posted a message to him, hoping my words would somehow get through and sow a seed. I did this again at the end of April 06. I typed the following message into the feedback form on the website of Viktor Lukashenko, the President of Belarus:


Dear Mr. President,

Truth and freedom are very closely linked. God in his Holy Book says that the truth will set us free. In the end truth will win and give real freedom to the people of Belarus.

I trust that no lives will be lost when those who think as I do stand in the streets and protest.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide

PS Guns cannot dictate what people are allowed to think.


I wished people in the West would not take their freedom for granted. If they were as passionate in standing for truth and justice, as is the opposition in Belarus, not many innocent people would linger in jail unnoticed.  

In an ironic twist I discovered that I had written my letters to the 19 clergyman during Volunteer Week. The theme in 2006 was “Change your World”. In the letters I included a slip of paper with the following scripture:  

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? (Psalm 94, 16).

When we all volunteer and do this, we will indeed change the world. 

Above psalm was the one I had read in front of an embarrassed church gathering on Anzac Day 1999. This psalm had been the daily reading I had followed in 'Every Day with Jesus', by Selwyn Hughes. (This apostle of faith sadly passed away in January this year). 

The more I look at Psalm 94, the more parallels I see to what was happening in these past seven years in my life.

Verse 2 and 3: Rise up, O Judge of the earth, render punishment to the proud. Lord how long will the wicked, how long will the wicked triumph? I had been through severe bullying at work and other places. I called on the Lord many times, under tears, to not let the wicked reign any longer.      

Verse 6: They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless. In my anxious mind, I indeed thought that a German man, I knew from church, had been murdered. He had allegedly died in a workplace accident, when machinery fell on him. 

Verse 15: But judgement will return to righteousness. And all the upright in heart will follow it. My longing is for the day, when this verse will be fulfilled. Justice will return once again and all the upright will follow it.

Verse 16, quoted above, became the catalyst for me to stand up and expose the injustice God had shown me was happening in the Liddy case. I became a volunteer, calling for truth and justice. 

Verse 20 and 21: Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with you? They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood. To me this speaks of a corrupt justice system, a conspiracy against those who want to do what is right (such as eradicate drugs). Mr. Liddy, a long-serving magistrate, had put many drug dealers behind bars. 

As we read in other verses, not only in the psalms, God will have the final say in everything. HIS truth will last forever. Only those, who never surrender to HIM have a bleak future and reason to fear. The rest of us, those who love HIM, have only joy, peace and happiness to look forward to, sharing life with HIM eternally. Don't you want to be in that number?    

Allow me to end this chapter with a song from many years ago, one which I re-discovered recently. It expresses the deep desire of every human heart - a hunger for God, a longing for something which is real, a reason to get out of bed every morning. 

Those who surrender to HIM will see and experience HIS goodness. They will know nothing happens by change - all was planned. HE is here now and always will be. In HIM we are truly free.


For Those Tears I Died
Words and Music by Marsha Stevens

You said You'd come and share all my sorrow,
You said You'd be there in all my tomorrow;
I came so close to sending You away,
But just like You promised You came there to stay;
I just had to pray!

And Jesus said, "Come to the water, stand by My side,
I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied;
I felt ev'ry teardrop when in darkness you cried,
And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died."

Your goodness so great I can't understand,
And, dear Lord, I know that all this was planned;
I know You're here now, and always will be,
Your love loosed my chains and in You I'm free;
But Jesus, why me?

And Jesus said, "Come to the water, stand by My side,
I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied;
I felt ev'ry teardrop when in darkness you cried,
And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died."

Jesus, I give You my heart and my soul,
I know that without God I'd never be whole;
Savior, You opened all the right doors,
And I thank You and praise You from earth's humble shores;
Take me, I'm Yours.

And Jesus said, "Come to the water, stand by My side,
I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied;
I felt ev'ry teardrop when in darkness you cried,
And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died." 


Come to the water and drink, if you are thirsty.

Chapter 6