4.  Enfield Streets - A 1

There is no doubt in my mind that avid readers of my books may be discovering links and codes, which I myself had not seen. This was possibly the case after the eventful walk on Good Friday at a place called Angaston, in the Barossa Valley. 

The postcode 5353 had surprised me a day later, when I googled for information about the Zion Lutheran Church, the one I had come across on my walk. God had shown me some amazing name and numbers co-incidences; I was overwhelmed. 

To make sense of the way God was using numbers, I compared it to a tool. For different jobs a tradesman uses different tools. Why should God not use different numbers or names, at his pleasure, which fit into the picture at a certain time to teach us a lesson? 

Did any reader discover how the postcode of Angaston fits perfectly around the Da Ninci interpretation of Angaston? After Good Friday 06 one such combination emerged. It came to me a few days later, just prior to waking, so it seemed. My subconscious mind transformed the name Angaston, by using two of my codes. One was the a to o swap, the other added an e to the word. Angaston became "a N goes on T". Then I woke. 

In chapter 44 of Book 4 (But now I'm found) God had shown me just that - the letter N on a cross. The result looked very much like two 4's (see picture below). How well do they fit into Angaston's postcode 5353?




Today's uploading date is 15/5. By chance a few weeks ago I saw above (155) on the kerb side of Bridge Road, one street from Christine Ave. (It is not a house number). How well it goes with the recently featured number 0! A moment later a few meters away, I picked up a brochure of a well known, international Evangelistic Organisation. I wondered ...

On the morning of writing 15/5/06 I woke at 3.30 am. There was a time, when I thought numbers were fading out. As much as they were welcome, like a good friend, if you see too much of them, you can get tired and weary. However, HIS will be done, not mine. Reporting what I experience is for the benefit of others, not just for my own.

- - - - - - -


The next morning, Easter Saturday, I was still amazed at the numbers sequences the day before. I had discovered how only the 8 and 5 were left over from the church phone number, which also was the date that day in Angaston. 

The next morning my bible fell open to Psalm 85 after picking it up to read. Verse 10 reads: "Love and Truth will belong to God's people. Goodness and Peace will be theirs." (Psalm 85,10 - NCV International Children's Bible. More on numbers 185 in a moment).  

I continued reading. As I came to Psalm 86 I marked a verse in my bible with a pen. It encouraged me to look at these co-incidences; not as an enemy, but as a friend. Psalm 86 is a cry for help by King David. He prays in verse 17: "Show me a sign of your goodness. When my enemies look they will be ashamed". If all these events that were happening in my life were not signs from God, showing me that HE is real, HE is with me every step of the way, nothing in my (other) life would make sense any longer. 

Of course, God can speak to us by reading HIS Word, by observing a colourful sunset or marveling at the intricate construction and beauty of a butterfly. In my case God was displaying a different, very specific kind of sign, saying in essence - I am real, I am for you and with you and I love you.

If a nice sunset or a spectacular mountain scene were sufficient to wake people into believing in an all-powerful creator, surely everybody on earth would be a believer in this awesome, mighty God. HIS ways are beyond understanding, HIS truths beyond finding out.


- - - - - - - 

On hearing about the 150-year anniversary of South Australia's Railways, I had an inkling I ought to go to the celebrations at the Railway Museum in Port Adelaide. Afterwards I found out, how well the date fitted - 150 years on 23/4/06. I was glad I went. 

Above left: There was no car space in Lipson Street. But I spotted a vacant one not far away. It was right outside 5 ...tler Street, Apartment 1-8. The numbers blew me over. The timing plus the address was just unbelievable - (I took a photo - read the full story below). 

 Right: Right near these numbers L81/L85/L84/-89, in a very public spot in the Museum, I spotted a 'fantale' wrapper'. It would have fitted perfectly (a link to 185), but I felt too embarrassed to pick it up. Did I sense people started to make fun of it all? (Just as I type I wonder, if the 1 4 59 mean it - and what happened to the 4th L? 

 Bottom: Seeing a father enjoy his son climbing onto a locomotive brought back memories. Did anyone have a clue what 409 may mean - "for N in, a zero in the centre". 

(I just had a coffee, while having a heated debate with my wife. "Why would God tell you through numbers, he does not like abortion ?" she asked. I answered: "If I had written to all Members of Parliament in Canberra, telling them that I heard the voice of God: "Proclaim to all politicians in Canberra that I hate babies being killed through abortion. I hate drug No. 486". 

What would they have told me? The way this message came via the number 486 plus a 0 was unmistakably God's way. Those with eyes will see; those with ears will hear and heed. 

- - - - - - - -


The reason I was astounded after parking outside number 5, Apartment 1-8 was an email I had sent only two hours earlier on Sunday 23/4/06. I had just discovered the codes on page 9 and page 12 in the Weekend Australian Newspaper (See chapter 1 - Cherie Blair's $18500 hairdresser bill etc). The timing, plus the exact same 3 digits I parked outside, were beyond the realm of chance. I had to catch the moment in a photograph. 

I had seen something else in the same newspaper, not yet mentioned. The timely email, I sent to the Weekend Australian that Sunday 23/4/06, explains it:


Hi all,

I happen to notice in yesterday's Weekend Australian that the map on page 2 is in red, despite no other colour being used on that page. Was this neccessary?

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer





PS  Is it true driving-instructor and hairdresser is one of the lowest paid professions in Australia?



As you can see in chapter 1, the newspaper in question prints small maps of Australia next to the page numbers. I could understand that a page, which included a colour photo, would show a coloured map. Without any colour on the page, however, a black and white map would be logical. Page two of the same edition paper had just that - no colour in any photo or advertisement, but a red map. This anomaly was my excuse to email the paper. 

The real reason, however, were the codes I thought I had detected on pages 9 and 12. Perhaps now you may understand, why an hour later, having found a car park outside No. 5, Apartments 1-8, surprised me. The cynical remark about wages of hairdressers was even more cynical, because it referred to a hairdresser, Andre Suard, which I doubted existed at all. (I read Suard backwards as - DR a(nd) US). I wished I was wrong, but there is no way to check this without incurring great expense. 

(Back to Easter 06)

On Easter Saturday I did what many men were doing - clean around the house and bring order to the chaos in my tiny shed beside the house. There was a time, when I had first stopped full-time work, where I spent many hours pottering around the shed, fixing a gadget or mending the gate etc. Looking back, it was hard to picture, how my life was prior to 2000 BN, before numbers. 

In the afternoon my 16 year-old agreed to come on a bike ride. I loved those outings, which kept me reasonably fit and feeling young. It nearly didn't come off, after Jon wanted to climb up Norton Summit. I reminded him that I was 3 1/2 times his age. He agreed that we take the less hilly ride along Adelaide's Torrens River Linear Park. 

We cycled a small section of this world class bike way. The track starts where the River Torrens leaves it's spectacular gorge and meanders through the suburbs. The track follows right along the river, through the picturesque city of Adelaide and ends right where the Torrens flows into St.Vincent gulf at Henley Beach South. 

Even during this relaxing 1 1/2 hour ride with Jon my programmed brain couldn't switch off. As we passed a group a young families one mother called out: "Be careful Angas". Jon thought Angas, or Angus, was the name of the dog. I thought it was that of the young child, possibly taking his first bike-riding lesson. I just smiled as my mind recalled Angaston, 24 hours earlier. 

I smiled again, a few minutes later, as we climbed the road, leaving the Torrens River Valley, turning north toward home. My creative brain, interpreting and linking names, found a classic example that afternoon. The street leading away from the river towards Modbury is called Majestic Grove. What name! Being Easter, I could not avoid creating majestic grave. Easter Saturday was the only full day HE spent in a grave.

Unexpectedly, seconds later still in Majestic Grove, a Nissan Pathfinder overtook us. I recognized the registration plate immediately BC  301... It was same vehicle I had photographed in Adelaide on July 15th, 05 (exactly 10 months before writing this). That day one of my surprise walks took me to a sign reading: MasterPlan. The 4 WD Pathfinder had been parked in nearby Nelson Street, a tiny street in Adelaide's CBD. (Wind Chapter 5). 

- - - - - - - -



When I survey the wondrous cross - Written by Isaac Watts, arr. Lowell Mason. 

- - - - - - -





Notice how the first line in verse 5 contains the title for this book. (Verse 4 is not included in many hymn books).  

This hymn had been part of my story from Book 1. Together with the word all, it became a symbol of God's incredible creativity. I just re-read chapter 45, where this hymn had brought tears to my eyes. I surely had my share of "sackcloth and ashes days" around that time. 

Above words came from a song sheet from St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney. I had been on a trip with the supporters of Adelaide United Football team and was going to meet my daughter Michelle at the Town Hall. She was late as usual. For a brief few minutes I slipped next door into St. Andrew's. Cathedral. I was there just long enough to hear the choir sing this, my favourite hymn. 

A week after discovering the missing 0 in 'too' of Verse 5 above (see Chapter 34, Wind) at our church, I attended a different church. We sang the same hymn. Lo and behold, the same 0 was missing from the word too on the overhead. This made me think - was this mistake on the master copy, which all the churches use? That would be remarkable, that God knew this and brought it out in such a dramatic way! 

- - - - - - -



The name Nelson brings to mind more extra-ordinary observations. The reason I am urged to include this particular case is the connection to a world famous TV Show, ELLEN. (I will come back to the Easter 06 bike ride in a moment). 

Fast forward the calendar to May 9th, 06. On that day the two letters L & N made (another) remarkable appearance. In a previous chapter these letters had been included in all the names of people I had met at a church meeting. In the afternoon the name Nelson had played a role. Something similar was happening that Tuesday in May 06. It involved a L & N in a different way.

Either my confused mind played tricks that day and it was nothing; or what I observed made waves across the Pacific in far away Tinseltown. I let you be the judge of my thinking.  

While eating lunch on 9/5/06 I sat and watched a News bulletin on SBS Television. The newsreader was a lady with a strong accent, a characteristic of our Ethnic Broadcaster. Unless I totally misheard her, this is how I remember the last sentence in the news bulletin: "...please watch our late bulletin for more detain". It all went so fast and I was not going any further with it. 

Until a few moments later I switched channels in order to watch Dr. Phil. His show, however, was not on at his usual timeslot and TV channel. I surfed briefly and came across a show called ELLEN, a talk show, which I never really had watched. It was not my style. A few seconds into watching ELLEN a young boy was introduced as a champion in origami. 

How and why I sensed something is unclear to me. But after I heard my code 135 (Hey, what co-incidence, I just realized today's date as I write is 13/5) I became more alert. The 10-year old origami champion had raised funds with his skill in paper folding. From memory it was for a school in Louisiana. The figures Ellen gave were $ 1300 total; the highest priced item was $ 50.  Now I recalled the detain/detail mistake on SBS and saw the L & N in Ellen.   

The young paper-folding champion's name on the screen came up as Kiefer Sutherland. The similarity between Dieter and Kiefer struck me immediately. The letters DT KF soon became DF KT, which made sense. I typed Kiefer Sutherland into Google and found out that, how strange, a man by that name was a famous rock star. 

The final piece of the puzzle seemed to fall into place, when I read online that Kiefer, the rock star, had also appeared on the ELLEN Show. What a co-incident! (I didn't know much about Kiefer's music, but there are rock musicians, who would do everyone a favour by switching to origami). 

The whole event was over faster than my lunch. I emailed the ELLEN show and simply queried, if they had made a mistake - putting up the wrong name - that of the musician, instead of that of the young origami champion. (This is the only rational explanation there is).  

I never found the answer, or why Dr. Phil was not on his regular slot around midday that day on Channel 9. It had been exactly two months prior, March 9, 06, when I had had fun with Dr. Phil, linking something I had read in the Book of Micah, with what I saw on his show a day later. 

The way this L&N story unfolded on 5/9, as they put May 9th in the US, surprised me. Much more happened on 9/5. God's work never stops. (Details in another chapter). 

- - - - - - -




On Saturday 8/4/06 I visited the Adelaide Motor show. My code-filled brain picked up many numbers, names and data. I am not in bondage to numbers, however, I just notice, smile and make fun.

As I admired the Chrysler 300C a salesman shoved a brochure into my hand. (If only he knew my annual income). 

Trust me to discover some magic, imagined or otherwise. The engine block says 5.7 L V8. I applied my Plus 1 code and built a bridge from 5.7 to V8. 

The date, when I pasted the picture into my diary (11/4) happened to match the page number in my dairy. (I number the  pages, in case one goes missing).

HEMI is an interesting name for this engine. The German word for home is HEIM. Isn't Chrysler in partnership with the German giant Daimler? Something to write (home) about!

- - - - - - -

(Back to Easter Saturday's bike ride)

Jon did not want to stop for a break and a snack on the way home. While he made his own way home, I went to McDonalds for an ice cream and to check out the newspapers. As if I had known, the travel section of our main newspaper, the Advertiser, had a number of articles I could clearly relate to. A photograph of a city beach caught my attention. The letters OC stood out in the fat headline. 

It was about Orange County, California. The beach was Laguna Beach, south of LA. I looked for and found the Lifesaver's "Office", which I had photographed almost exactly a year earlier, during my USA Trip. It brought back memories. (Chapter 13, Wind).   

But more dramatic memories sprung up, when I saw the name of the writer, who had travelled to the OC to write the report, Jessica Hurt. In Chapter 63 of my first book I hinted, but did not divulge, what was the final catalyst, which made me decide to leave Adelaide. It was partly the name of this journalist, Jessica Hurt. At the time I seriously thought that I could get hurt staying in Adelaide, because of the whistle blowing I had done. To this day I don't know, if my paranoia was justified. 

There were other articles I could identify with; about ballooning in the Barossa Valley, where I had been the previous day; a day in Paradise, from where I had just cycled, except it was in New Caledonia etc. I was glad now that I stopped for a cone and a glance at the paper.

The name Paradise made me ponder. "Paradise' was one of the last words of Jesus, as HE hung on the cross. He spoke to the thief, who was also dying beside HIM: "Today you shall be with me in Paradise". 

How strange also the name of the next suburb we cycled through, Athelstone. Easter is all about 'a cross & L and that stone or rock, Calvary. 

However, cycling home I could not help wondering the most aptly named suburb (aptly - the perfect word for this occasion), which we cycled through - Highbury - the Easter story in a suburb: A man hanging up high one moment was buried the next.



Just south of this map is the suburb of Newton. Had I planned our bike ride on Easter Saturday 06, with Da Ninci suburbs in mind, we would have started at Newton.



The following day's similar experience flabbergasted me even more. Again, it was not planned in any way. Before I could comprehend the significance of it, I had walked right into it, by accident. 

It was Easter Sunday morning. I had as usual been watching the Hour of Power from the Crystal Cathedral in OC. A lady dressed in a blue top was singing a moving song. Years ago, when the girl was merely 15 years old, I had taken notice. Her colour dress on different occasions, her name starting with the three letters Gut (German for good), had tickled my brain. On Easter Sunday 06 she was shown singing, "I've just seen Jesus". I was moved.  

In the back of my mind I had some doubt, if our church was having the usual two Sunday services. But I had not registered any announcement otherwise, so I arrived at 9 am. The doors were shut. A sign, about the size of DIN A4, proclaimed that only one service was being held on Easter Sunday at 10.45 am. Two days earlier I had walked right past the sign, without reading it.  

From experience I knew this was not going to be a calamity. I knew something was in store, but I didn't have a clue what. "What is it, Lord," I prayed, "that you want me to do in those 1 3/4 hours," To drive home, I felt, would be boring and go against my believe that even our mistakes can result in a blessing. It was beautiful weather. A blessing was waiting. 

I knew that every Sunday morning a large outdoor market was being held at nearby Gepps Cross. My first move was therefore to drive west on Watson Av and turn right into Markham Av. At first I did not see the street name on my left, but spotted a small white sign, pinned to a tree, on my right. It was an address where a Garage Sale was being held. I turned the car around. As soon as I had done so, I read the street name I had not seen before - Cross St. Hello! 

I turned into Cross Street and parked my Suzuki at the kerbside. For a moment I just didn't know how to react. But I knew something was happening. In the driveway across the road were two registration plates - ...217 and ... 207. I did not take long to see a 1 - won! The name of the street, where the Garage Sale was held, was Bowey Street. To me it all made sense: Bow at the cross to the One! But there was more to come.

I looked up Bowey Street in the UBD directory and decided to walk the short distance. As expected I saw books and merchandise, many linking to my code. This happened regularly. In my mind I figured that people, who had read my incredible story, were holding garage sales, because I had experienced and written about some amazing garage sale purchases. 

The most touching one, it was years earlier, was the purchase for 1 Dollar of an almost   brand new bible. Much later I opened it and discovered a scarlet rose, pressed between the pages. It was right on Psalm 22. Verse 8 of this Psalm had given me comfort many times - an encouragement to place my trust in HIM.  

(I just double checked this bible. How ironic, the bible is a Nelson Bible - King James Version, Dusty Rose Leatherflex, DR223 - read on about another Rose!)

I did not buy a thing at the Bowey Street garage sale. At the T-junction at the end I asked God - Where now Lord, right or left? An address came to mind. It was that of a German couple, which some months earlier I had been talking to, while out on a walk. This made me turn right. 

May I stress the point here that I never was led by hearing a voice giving me direction, turn right, turn left etc. It usually came with a picture, such as the faces and house of the people mentioned here. The way people are led by the Holy Spirit is one of the most controversial subjects in the Christian faith. One could write a book on this. I am sure, many have been written. 

Let me just express one point of concern: Many brothers and sisters in the faith, including experts, are far too dismissive and critical of those, who think outside the box and proclaim: I believe God wants me to do such and such. 

- - - - - - -


Above must be either a photo-montage, or it was taken at training. Note: Two heads in a 0 and two balls on the field...

The local derby between Adelaide and Port Adelaide on 6/5/06 ended in a typical Adelaide score - 103 to 53. Australian rules football fans belittle the real football, claiming there is not enough scoring. That is only, because round-ball football does not allow the use of hands, plus you don't get rewarded for missing the goal. 

Round-ball football players use their head a lot.

- - - - - - -  


(Back to my morning walk on Easter Sunday morning). 

Outside one ordinary looking house I saw a white flag with a red cross (not the Red Cross flag). A car in the driveway had rego number 353 (or 553). A sign read that it was a church. "Hey, there is a service going on right now", I said to myself. 

I had forgotten all about the market at Gepps Cross. Is this where I was meant to come to, I started wondering? I walked into the small entrance area. There was indeed some life in the place. The Easter Service was in full progress. A lady spotted me and invited me to come in. There were less than 10 people attending, possibly 9. I sat down next to an elderly lady. I recognized her straight away. Her name was Rose. She had some years earlier attended our church, only two minutes drive away.

The service was very traditional. Not something I was used to. Parishioners followed a set out program. Candles on ornamental stands, sacred pictures and lots of religious regalia were not the Baptist's style. I am sure every item has a special meaning. But I was not sure if everybody knew, what it was all about. 

The short talk, by the priest dressed in white robes, was surprisingly refreshing and interesting. His normal, down to earth, message somehow did not match the artificial, ceremonious procedures and pompous surroundings. I stayed until the end, but had to decline the invite for a cup of coffee afterward. Our church was about to start. The timing could not have been better. 

(During a rare, free driving lesson I gave today, on the day of writing, I passed this little church on purpose. I had forgotten, but rediscovered, the street name Branson Av. - Minus R I see good and son). 

An interesting question arises: To believe that God led me to a street named Cross Street on Good Friday makes sense. But why was I again drawn to a street, also called Cross Street, on Easter Sunday? If I had to choose a suitable street name for the day HE rose again (rose - great spot for this word right here!), I would have chosen Montrose Av, Sunrise Court or Victory Lane.

The answer is again in a street name. The cross of Christ and the life it brings are linked together. One is not complete without the other. After a quick good-bye to Rose at the little church, I rushed back to my Suzuki Wagon R+. That's when I read the name of the road leading off Cross Street - Leron Street. It only took my R minus code to arrive at L on!

A cross and a L - the emblems of death and life, the icon of the ONE, who gave it all. Jesus brought us Life on the cross. All you need to do is accept it and thank HIM.

Check on the map below how Cross Street consists of an L and a J joined together.



Only while scanning my UBD did I notice the grid Ref. Map 106, G2 (not 105). On the day of publishing it is exactly 11 months ago since I made a public appearance at a Royal Commission. Aren't the numbers similar 106 G2 - and K 126? (Wind Ch.15 ff). 

Note at the end of Need St. on Watson Av. is Willis House! (Willis rings a distant bell). All the above took place in the suburb of Enfield, a magic name right from the start.


If I had to give the Master planner a score, it is opposite Prince Av. at the end of Collins Street - A 1.


Chapter 5