25.  Melbourne Antics  

The grand finale of Chapter 13 led us to the word Arden. I added a T and included it as ardent in the index-page of this book. Ardent described the way I felt about living and writing this my auto-biography. The word means passionate, zealous, fervent. The longer I continued my journey, at home or while travelling, the more I felt God's leading and guiding. Life with God became my passion. I love every minute of it.  And that's the way it ought to be.

Just now writing this, I recall my family teasing me this morning, because I am wearing a Coca Cola T-shirt. I said: "Here, look - OC Orange County, CA California!" This kept them quite.

Travelling was on the agenda for 2007. However, this chapter is about a short trip with my wife Isobel to our neighbouring state Victoria. We stayed in Arden Street.

On October 12th 06 my wife Isobel and I were leaving Adelaide in the green Suzuki Wagon R Plus, for a long overdue holiday together. It was the first time away from the children, apart from the unforgettable weekend in the Flinders Ranges in March 05.

Driving east through the Adelaide Hills on the freeway always felt exciting. To leave the busy city and responsibilities behind, physically and mentally, created a feeling of adventure. What challenges will the new big city bring? I had had many adventures, both in the CBD (Central Business District) and various other parts of Melbourne. Despite my wife beside me, I knew a new adventure was my fate.

Listening to the local ABC radio, before losing reception, one of Australia's best-known trumpeters, James Morrison, was interviewed in their studio. I liked the part, where he reminded listeners that at the Second Coming (of Christ) the archangel Gabriel will not be strumming a guitar, but blow a trumpet.

James Morrison, was invited to give a short rendition, displaying his talent. He chose the negro spiritual: Nobody knows, the trouble I've seen ...  The interview once again confirmed that many celebrities don't consider it something to ashamed of, when opening themselves up to let us see the spiritual side of their lives. Politicians are starting this trend and how I wished there was an epidemic!

Our Suzuki cruised nicely at around 100 km/h. We welcomed the strong easterly wind. For those fighting bushfires it was of concern. Victoria experienced its hottest October day since 1914. A large bushfire was reported to be raging near a place called Erica, in Gippsland. Despite only having a 1 litre engine, the air-conditioner in the Suzuki did a cool job.

From past experience, I knew to leave my code-filled brain switched off, giving it also a holiday, was impossible. It would mean literally denying a part of me, which has become as natural as driving or writing. It may sound strange, but I suspected, if I were not allowing myself to operate under my natural instincts, it would lead to stress. Travelling with my wife made little difference to my LLL IT (Low Level of Latent Inhibited Thinking). Fun was on the way.

 - - - - - - -


(Back in Adelaide - Nov 06)

Left: United Dry Cleaning 3 garments for $ 15. (Go United!!) In the background, invisible on the opposite side of the road, are the premises of a business called: Spot on. Nice thought.

Outside the Mini-mart: Real Honest Food. Hey, come to think of it: By co-incidence I had a Balfour's Pie for lunch the day I wrote this. The first one in many months, real honest!

Right: As a volunteer I assisted in the car park of Lehmann's Winery, Tanunda, during the 06 Classic Adelaide car race. Above classic beauty was among the first to arrive for lunch.  The rego No. only just clicked, as I typed - SEH 015. Seh in German means to see).*

(*On final editing - a little "see" magic - see below)


I just discovered another fluke with numbers! I had no idea, when I pasted above two photos here to break the text, it would match the numbers on a CD I had bought on the day I took the (left) photo above (Chapter 14).

Front cover: 50 Golden Greats Vol. 1, showing a trumpet. Back Cover (discovered it some weeks later) Catalog No. TREB-3005/1.



Rear of CD Cover  - a mine field of codes; where do we start? 3005/1? Hughes? Postcode 2103...?

Front of CD Cover  - Vol 1, 50 Golden Greats.



- - - - - - -

As I write it is one day after 5.1.07. A good time to report another fluke. My daughter Michelle and her partner Darin arrived from Sydney on that day - it was her 30th birthday.

How about this for a Jan. Birthday bonanza? Isobel 1, Darin 3, Michelle 5. (DF 1.30.50).

(As if the writer of my Bible study for Friday 5th new it: Col. 3:1-3 - nice touch, see L -  for another L discovery, read on.

- - - - - - -


Whenever I am travelling, the reality how far and wide this code had travelled, hit home. There were two main explanations, how I made sense of this: One, I was still suffering from illusions or two, the internet has spread the liberating message of the cross, together with the magical experiences I keep having. Modern man is more connected around the globe than ever, via the information highway.

The other highways, the Dukes and the Western Highways, brought my wife and I to the town of Melton, on the outskirts of Melbourne. Looking for a place to eat, we searched for a suitable place. There was plenty of choice, the MAC Hotel looked inviting, but we both felt, we were not really hungry, possibly due to the hot weather. We pressed on to find our way to our Arden Street Motel.

When I had written Chapter  12, where the letters e.a.r had crystallized magically, I had no idea that we would be staying in a Motel called ARDEN on Arden Street, North Melbourne. (I added dn to ear to arrive at Arden).

We chose this Motel because it was situated close to the City centre, reasonably priced and close to the Telstra Dome, where Adelaide United was to play that weekend. We were booked for 3 nights, from the 12th October to the 14th, leaving Melbourne on the 15/12/06* to spend another 3 nights in Bendigo, the historic gold-rush town and regional centre to the north-west.

(*Correction - should read 15/10/06)

The first morning in Melbourne I walked down to the Markets nearby. Isobel slept in. Let me quote from my diary:

"In Howard St. I saw (here we go with codes already) SUW 133 >> It's only AU to make SUW into SAW! (You saw!). ... 133 could be Jeremiah 3:3 won. Walked past St. Mary's Cathedral where I had visited Fr. JP on 25/8 ... saw other things, but I can't keep picking up things, saw company sign G I I ...Ph. ...5005, Postcode 3003 ?!

Just as I got to the Markets a wind-up doll sang: "Twinkle, twinkle little star, I love you", real interesting, another did too, a monkey - the shopkeeper called out, "It's only five Dollars!"


Sounds crazy, even as I read it nearly three months later. But my diary does not lie. On the way back to the Motel I saw a sign outside another St. Mary's Church, much smaller than the huge Cathedral just around the corner.

(As a matter of interest, the large Cathedral is called St. Mary's Star of the Sea - I recall walking into a church by the same name in Huntington Beach, California in April 05).

I was going to spend a few moments in quite reflection, but an attendant, who was busy cleaning inside, had her dog with her. He was very friendly. I love dogs, so I spent more time with dog than God, if you excuse my corny back to front twist.

To decorate the pages in my diary, I availed myself to a brochure on a table in the foyer. In the leaflet I picked up, the Vicar was a lady, Reverend Francis. Adding 1000 to the parish's phone number, I arrived at 6193, very similar to a number I had discovered long ago - 1963. It had taken me probably a year or more, to see more significance: This number is 316 plus the number 9.

Later in the afternoon, perhaps 50 kilometres away, the number 1000 again became part of an equation magic, when we visited another church. According to their leaflet, the Reverend at this Anglican Parish, was a male, Mr. J. Simpson. Deducting 1000 from this Vicar's phone number, I arrived at 5353. How well does this number go together, with church, Easter and a cross? 

On the same leaflet I read the name of the church - St. Michaels & All Angels. To my surprise, as if I was meant to - I discovered a misspelling. The scripture reading - Marl 11: 1 - 10). (This church, plus the one in the morning were the only two churches I set foot in that day).

I wondered what it all meant. Here is what I glued into my diary to document the incident: 




St. Michael and All Angels, Kalorama, a gem of a church, situated in the lovely Dandenong Ranges, under an hour's drive from Melbourne.

A pine tree in the gardens had fallen over. I put things straight. Inside this cute little chapel I signed the visitor's book. There was a large bible on a pew in the back. I opened it to Revelations 11 and left.

- - - - - - -


While in the district I made a special point of visiting a famous German Restaurant, the legendary Cookoo Inn at Olinda. The German owner Horst, very similar to Hoerst (German for hears) had performed a random act of kindness on us.

About 12 years earlier two friends and I were on a cycling tour, starting in Geelong. It took us via the Mornington Peninsula (across the ferry from Queenscliff) and up to the Dandenong Ranges. We popped into the Cookoo Inn for a coffee, where we were treated with free sandwiches. Lunch trade that day must have been brisk. The widow of ex-Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, had been one of the guests.

Horst was still running the place, which looked bigger, better and busier than ever. Unfortunately he was too busy to thank him again for his generosity, but I told another staff member to pass it on.

I am not sure, if Horst realized, in a way, he had acted out a scripture in Ecclesiastes. Chapter 11, Verse 1 - "Cast your sandwiches upon the water and it will come back to you after many days".



We visited Olinda at the right time. In autumn, between September and November, the Rhododendron Gardens, Olinda, look their best.

I can't go anywhere, without being conscious of numbers: The date was Friday 13/1/06. In the car park of the Gardens, we happened to park beside a Mitsubishi Pajero Rego ....009.

I had trouble spelling Rhododendron, therefore looked at the letters more closely and played a N-game: I removed all letters r, the remaining letters, used once, became Hendon. From there it went Hendon ... endon ... ndon ... don ... on ... n.

Having just worked all this out my wife rose, not the name of the flower rose, Isobel rose out of bed. I showed her the above picture she took. She said - those flowers are not rhododendrons, but Azaleas.

- - - - - - -


Writing the way I do seems foolish. To be swapping letters, using the t as a cross, adding e or deducting r etc, and then weaving a weird story around names, sounds rather wild. But please don't forget, there is an underlying story right through it all - the biggest story ever told - about a man, who died on a cross, then rose.

We had lunch at Montrose, in the small, shaded park by the big roundabout. On the way home my wife wanted to see the Tulip Farm (nice word Tulip), but we had missed closing time. We returned to Melbourne via Wantin (another nice name). At one turn-off I had followed a sign to the Lavender Gardens. Lavender, another flower with a Da Ninci name, had played a large roll in a Melbourne-Chapter  After I saw the address No. 105 Quayle Rd. I had the feeling - I had come to the right place, but it was shut.

Back in Melbourne, before returning to Arden Street, I wanted to check out Lygon St. Years ago the name had struck me funny, after I had perceived and exposed a big Government stuff up, followed by a subsequent lie to cover it up. A road in the car crash section of my driving-school website is called Lygon Street. Lygon Street was busy that Friday night.

My diary for Friday the 13th October 06 ends with a thought regarding the name Melbourne: M - L born. I had experienced magic with the letter M  - In Roman Numerals it represents 1000. I had used it as 1 (pronounced won) and No.1 (God). The 000 I had largely ignored. In Australia the phone number to call in an emergency is 000.

(The story of the magic M (1000) is at the end of the Summary to October 05 - on the Index Page of Book 4).

That Friday I saw the message that Jesus was born, died and rose, the whole wonderful story of our Saviour, in the name Melbourne. Foolish? So be it.

Two days later the letter M again crossed my path in Melbourne's CBD. The location linked to a cross. (Read on).

  - - - - - - -


Melbourne Markets - choose one .... Our Motel room had a view to the roundabout (to entertain the driving instructor)

- - - - - - -


The next morning's front headline in the newspaper (courtesy of the Motel) was: "MY MATE MOKBEL - Top jocket praises fugitive drug lord". The story, which I won't go into, looked like one of those ..., you know ... questionable ones. My back to front mind saw three letters LEB OK (German for live OK), plus that letter (M) again, YM? (Not the M I alluded to before).

That morning I again rose early to take a walk. I wanted to check out, where to park our car the next afternoon. The plan was to check out of the Motel, and do more sightseeing in Melbourne. Later my football team Adelaide United was to play at the Telstra Dome.

From recent experiences, I can hardly walk anywhere without connecting with something in my environment. A Chrysler C 300 was parked outside a business - Rose Office Furniture. Another business, a real estate firm, in Hawke Street has as website He (on the) cross.com.au. The associated name Thomson fitted right into my story, right from the beginning, when I was still working as a driving instructor.

A stone's throw further up Hawke Street I reached a public square. Amongst a few agapanthus plants was a large piece of plastic littered. There was more debris strewn around. Acting on impluse, after I saw a litter bin about 50 meters further on, I retrieved the plastic and much of the other trash and dropped it in the bin.

However, one piece of paper, an envelope with an address written on it, had me intrigued. The letters EFX ... just as I wrote this, I could see a connection to the real estate firm nearby - F & Cross  >>>  He on cross???

At the time I had not made this connection. Still, I did not discard the envelope, but put it discreetly in my back pocket, feeling like a thief. (The EFX address has since received a letter from me, telling them, where I had picked it up. I included my business card, just in case it was a kind of test). As I have reiterated many times, if it was not, what harm have I done, except cleared Melbourne's Hawke Street of some rubbish?



From my dairy 14/10/06


 Text: Gave beggar $ 2.85 or so, quick talk, what does one say? At stall, where I saw (bought!) Global Star belt I saw exactly that another, identical one - just sitting on top.

(Referring to the large eye shown) Arden St - under big for sale sign - Marston & Cook  - The rest was trash (penis?)

    A big, single eye looking at me from a piece of trash on the footpath, which made me think: Am I to see something here? If so, it was most likely the real estate firm Marston & Cook (Cook more tns?). I soon I realized the eye was part of some dirty photograph. I later threw it into a bin outside No. 135 Howard St. (going from memory), where I saw a Chinaman sweeping the footpath.

- - - - - - -


Normally I don't just hand over nearly $ 3 in coins to a beggar. That time I felt to give him all the change I had in my pocket. Visiting the markets took all morning. We only bought food, plus three fun-silk ties, two of which I was going to give away to friends as presents.

In the afternoon we took a long walk, exploring Melbourne in perfect sunshine and mild weather. Exploring the Shrine of Remembrance, a landmark War Memorial on Saint Kilda Road, I heard an announcement: "Visitors are invited to a short memorial service, commencing in approx. 5 minutes. It will last for approx. 3 minutes".

During the short ceremony the two dozen or so people, stood around the Stone of Remembrance in respect of the fallen. The highlight of the short reflection was a light, moving slowly across the a marble tablet, inscribed with the words - Greater Love Has No Man. Of course, any Christians present would have recognized the text from the bible. It continues ... than this that he lay down his life for his friends.

Originally, the memorial was to be for the fallen in World War 1, but is now a permanent monument to all those, who made the ultimate sacrifice, while serving in the Australian Armed Forces. (60 000 according to Wikipedia).

Again a timely co-incidence: The day I wrote this, on 7/1/07, Channel Ten Adelaide screened an episode of The Hour of Power Church Service, which I watch most Sundays. It was as repeat of their (November) Thanksgiving Service.

One young dynamic lady, Shauna, had years ago started a campaign through her school, to send thank you letters to the US Armed Forces. The campaign did not stop after they had reached the initial one million goal. According to her website the number now reached - 2.6 million, one letter of thanks, symbolically, for every member of the US Armed Forces. (www.amillionthanks.org).

(A sad note: My nephew Ricky, who had served with the US Forces, in Germany, Somalia and in Iraq has been killed in a traffic accident in March 06, after returning to the US).


Next we strolled through the Botanic Gardens and watched the birds and ducks, while eating an ice cream. (Isobel just watched; I counted if there were five ducks and three swans or ... ). We decided to exit at the eastern end and take a walk among the large, old houses. The street is called Anderson Ave.

Suddenly there was a commotion. A small group of people crouched around a small, well kept dog. Somebody was talking on their mobile phone. The dog was fine, just lost. A moment later, a relieved lady came running from the side street.

Further calamities took place, only a minute later. A slim, attractive looking lady had just unloaded a stroller, and placed her granddaughter into it. But it would not move. She asked, if I could help, which I gladly did. It took an Einstein, brought in from interstate, to trace the trouble of the malfunctioning children's stroller. The brakes were still on. 

Walking on, only seconds later, I turned to see, if the mechanics I fixed were still OK. There seemed to be more trouble. (We must have brought bad luck to Anderson Ave. that Saturday afternoon). The young grandmother was now struggling with a plastic container. At the same time as trying to open it, she looked in our direction. How could I refuse. I walked back the few steps and again played the hero. This time my Superman skills opened the lid in a nanosecond. Jokingly I turned to Isobel and said: "You go on. I just walk along with this lady, in case anything else crops up".

Isobel's tired legs were glad to be back at our Suzuki, parked right on St. Kilda Road. If she had noticed a vehicle, parked right near us - FRD 316 - it would have meant nothing to her.

Likewise, why I see* ...

*the same second I typed see (9.28 am - 9/1/07) the word see was spoken by a person (Andy, from the Fire Service) on ABC Radio 891. He is being interviewed regarding a firebug, who had been lighting fires in the district of Harrowgate. I had emailed a newspaper in Townsville last evening. They reported the incident on 4/1: "Why did the firebug choose to light a fire in Cyanide Road but not in Bird-in-Hand Road? 


... that we paid $ 13.05 for four items of groceries we bought minutes later in St. Kilda. The check-out girl was called Hanna*.

*Now how well timed is this? The radio station a few minutes ago is called 5 AN. What shame I was not listening to 2 AN! Would this have convinced my wife that it can't all be co-incidence?

A comment on page 17 of my diary says: It's always the way!

Returning from the brief shopping excursion in Acland St. St. Kilda, I saw a shiny object, a small metal blade, right beside the Suzuki's passenger's door. Here it is:


From my diary - inside cover


Only now, nearly three months later as I had to give this j-peg a name, I see a possible, but remote link: In mid 2005 I stayed in a Motel, very near Acland St. In the bathroom I had found a Gillette razor, either left by the previous occupant, or placed there as a souvenir, just for me.

Bottom - The 153 1 number in a Reader's Digest contest.


Our plan was to see a movie that night in Melbourne. It's a long story, but despite having free tickets we never made it. Now as I write, I wonder, was there something I was meant to see on TV instead? Staying in, we watched a British TV show "The Bill". There must have been nothing else on, because since the show had become trendy (showing two men kissing) I have not watched it. But something positive that evening took my attention.

Right at the beginning of the show, in the opening scene, two police officers drove up and stepped out of a car. In the background, outside a large church was written in large letters: "JESUS SAID I AM" This was all I could read. Only the night before, also on a British TV show, a young lady had been shown, wearing a Jesus T-shirt. (It was not a religious program). Was this name becoming trendy in the UK?

Long ago I had discovered something about the UK - all they needed was a c. If they turned it 90 degrees clockwise and placed it on top of the U, they'd be OK. 

The next day, Sunday 15th, October, I again took an early morning walk. It seemed, since I was on my own, I saw more. Just around the corner I had seen a business name, which matched the street name in a real fun way. The fact that we were booked to be in Bendigo that night was the core of the fun (see the picture at the end).

I was right on the dot at St. Mary's (not the big Cathedral) at 8am to attend Mass. It was the same church, where I had met with the dog the day before. There were exactly 7 parishioners (mostly ladies) present, plus the Priest and his assistant  for this early, traditional mass.

A candlestick with room for 11 candles held only four, which were all lit. Church budget cuts must have made this necessary. Why bother with candles at all, unless candles (7  out of 11 missing) hold a religious significance?

The mobile phone number for the parish office on the news sheet was very similar to my mobile phone number - 0414 5 ... I only needed to change 11 to 44 and rearrange the order slightly, and they'd be identical (see pic. below).

The message that morning was an invitation: "Forsake everything you have and follow me." 15 days and 3 1/2 years earlier I had in a moment of inspiration decided to forsake everything and everyone in Adelaide, and flown to the USA from this very city, Melbourne. 

With very little luggage, money and contacts, without the knowledge of my wife, I had walked the streets of Los Angeles. All flooded through my mind, as I sat and listened to the Priest exposing the story of the rich young ruler.

On the way out I gave a brief greeting, with the prediction that our football team would beat Melbourne Victory. I wrote a note into the visitor's book: "Where two or three are gathered together ... Today there were 9".


Cut out of the church newsletter - St. Mary's North Melbourne - 15/10/06

This is how I scribbled a note to remind myself, 4 candles, 7 missing.

The P 49 above referred to a number (a blue raffle ticket number) I picked up outside the youth hostel on the way from church.


In the back of my mind was one more church I wanted to visit that morning. I had read about a lady in the Salvation Army's Warcry Magazine. Hers was a story of a wonderful turnaround, from a hopeless life to a future with God. Reading how her life changed touched me. But this was not the reason to pay a short visit to this church.

Rather, as I had read her testimony, months earlier, I took note of a date, Feb. 10th, 06. This could be a 126 code or 216 plus 100? At the same time, knowing I was to visit Melbourne some time later, I registered the church (Monee Ponds, Salvation Army). I had not forgotten it.

After checking out of the Motel, we drove approx. 8 kilometres or so,  to visit this citadel. I had not found a starting time online, before leaving Adelaide, nor did I receive a reply to an email, requesting this information.

The service was at least 1/2 hour old, when I sneaked in the back and sat down. During the 20 minutes or so I was there, the congregation sang three verses of a hymn. It was the tune composed by Franz Joseph Haydn, which is also that of the German National anthem! Isobel was happy to wait in the car outside. To just visit a service of a different denomination in a far away town, did not make sense to her.

At times I wonder, if I was really doing the right thing. But then this:

When I got back to the car, parked on the main road outside, my diary does not lie, a car passed by, registration number ...909. At the same time my digital clock on the dashboard showed 9.09 ... Mathematically, multiply two negatives, they make a positive. Fischer's Law: Two well timed acts of madness equals genius.

This digital clock on my dashboard is the one, which often matches the date, the odometer of my vehicle, even car registration plates nearby. Since I had bought this cheap imported clock, about 5 years or so ago, it did all that, but it seldom worked to show the correct time.


Next came a brief visit to the holy turf of the Flemington Racecourse, where the famous Melbourne Cup horse race takes place every second Tuesday in November. A visit to historic Williamstown, a harbour suburb of Melbourne, took up the rest of the morning. We were fortunate, the Williamtown Markets, which only operate every third Sunday in the month, were held that Sunday.

That evening we planned to attend Adelaide United's clash with Melbourne Victory at the Testra Dome and leave for Bendigo immediately afterwards. Therefore, I dropped Isobel near Southbank and drove by myself to park the Suzuki very early, close to the Football Stadium.

Walking back, to meet up with Isobel again, I saw a lady, advanced in years, walking her bicycle on the footpath. We had seen dozens of cyclists that day. The annual 200 kilometre around-the-bay (Port Phillip Bay) cycling race was held that day. Wearing the usual, colourful tight shirt and cycle pants, she told me she had "only" done 60 (or 80?) kilometres that day. To me, at her age, she was a hero. Her number, displayed on her bike shorts was 153 401!

Continuing the walk back to Southbank I wanted to pass 505 Lt. Collins Street.

Hey, on final editing I just saw something - nothing, perhaps, but (153 + 401) - 49 = 505! Another far away fan, who may have read my story and was 4 ENIN? (This may explain, why she pushed her bike on the footpath, where I was walking).


Much magic had taken place surrounding 505 Lt. Collins St. As I walked by, on the steps outside this tall office building I saw a discarded BIG M drink container. I took it and deposited, in passing, on the steps of the next building, just to register my interest.

A few minutes later, just around two corners, I saw another big M; not a drink container, but the letter M, part of a 4-letter graffiti job, on the back of a bus stop: REDM.


Our football team is called the REDS.

When I saw the location, outside the AXA Building, I remembered St. Kilda Rd. RED TERRACE (Chapter 14)).

The blue AXA logo is seen above the E. The name of the Supermarket is 7/11. (Anybody wanting to find an incident with a 7/11 theme, read from the top again).

As often happens, one or two car registration plates come onto the scene: IAO 501 was parked  on the eastern side of AXA Plaza.

Hey, that adds up; something hit me on final editing:

REDM - REDS  = SM = 51.

- - - - - - -


Reunited with Isobel, we walked along Melbourne's Southbank to Federation Square. This relatively new development already held numerous memories, some recorded in my writing. The ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) brought back the moving story (pardon the pun) of Ladies in Lavender.

Continuing past St. Paul's Cathedral up Swanston Street, I only had one lady by my side, as we walked into a Cafe to have a drink. It was called Crown Cafe. The attendant gave us table No. 19. The Director's business card gives his name as SIMON ... (his surname only has 2 letters, very Da Ninci). One of the phone numbers listed includes 963 in the first part and 315 in the second.

(If I translated Psalm 23, Verse 6, it would have to read: Surely, goodness and numbers shall follow me, all the days of my life").


The football match that evening, Adelaide United against Melbourne Victory will always be remembered for the clash between Melbourne Victory striker Muscat and Adelaide's coach John Kosmina, who was sitting on a chair near the side line. Muscat tried to retrieve the ball from under Kosmina's chair, who promptly lost balance and fell backwards off his chair. (Everyone worried about Kosmina, if the man is OK).

The Adelaide coach was not happy. He rose and grabbed Muscat by the throat, while the referee blew his lungs out on his whistle. When finally things had calmed down, for the first time ever, I think, a coach was sent off. Kosmina was subsequently suspended for a few matches.


Telstra Dome, Melbourne - 15/10/06

Adelaide United  1: 0  Melbourne Victory

Muscat  1 : 0  KO sm ina


The media and the crowd loved the interlude. TV reports later seldom showed the winning goal, only a coach grabbing an opposition player by the throat. Isobel (sitting, blue top) was more amused about this and the antics of the "Gate", than the football action on the ground. One mad song the Adelaide supporters sing had her laughing. Somewhere it contains the phrase ... bodies in a barrel ... ?

To end this chapter, here are the fun photos I took around the corner from our Motel. Knowing that same evening we were to drive to Bendigo, it had struck me as funny.


My observant eye saw the funny side: Mango, Corner Bendigo St.

(I highlighted Mango, it was not visible, in the original).

Aha - Now I see the real message! Where does it say - woman has to go to Bendigo too?


But there was more. Only a stone's throw south, on the same side, was this business sign: The Complete Basket Case.

Blessed are those of simple understanding, with a touch of humour and a love for numbers, they shall be called - complete basket cases. 

- - - - - - -


Immediately after the memorable match we drove to Bendigo, via Highway 79, the Calder Highway. We did not get lost once, nor had to ask for directions. I had phoned the Motel Manager to say, we would arrive around 9 PM.

As we drove into the carpark of the McIvor Motor Inn, the time signal for the 9 PM News came out of the radio.


Chapter 26