23.  Proclamation Day 747

On the same Thursday (14/12/06) as the Stormy Summers fiasco, a brothel owner forcibly evicted from her city premises, another storm made news. However, it was for the right reason. This storm was calming down. In my Book 3, Chapter 29 I had reported about our struggle against a totally unworkable, discriminatory law, passed by the Victorian Government in 2001. It was so serious, many worried it would spell the beginning of the end to preaching the Gospel freely.

The good news was the decision by three judges of the Victorian Supreme Court. They upheld the appeal by the two Pastors, Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah. Had their appeal been dismissed, who knows what penalty would have been imposed?

The sad affair had started when a small group of Muslims had booked into the Christian seminar in Melbourne for one obvious reason - to find offending material and putting the new legislation to the test.

What followed were years of headache, heated debates and hundreds of thousands of Dollars in lawyer's fees. While the case was before the courts it took away the livelihood of the two Islam experts. (One of the men had converted from Islam to Christianity in his home country Pakistan. He feared for his life and had fled to Australia.)


The decision on 14/12/06 brought common sense into the debate. The deciding judge (Nettle) held an entirely different view to that of the original sentencing judge (Higgins).

Judge Nettle: "In my view, Judge Higgins was more to blame for allowing such debate and presuming, with no theological training, to decide who was right and wrong."

Was not this exactly the point I had made in my Book 3, Chapter 29. I had seen a sign - Why your church does not tell you the truth - outside a church and asked: What if a Pastor of another church is offended by this sign, because it implies that he was preaching lies? Here is what I wrote:

Can you imagine a judge trying to settle a dispute, if the statement “Why your church does not tell you the truth” is religious vilification or not? It would open a can of worms.

The matter now goes back to the original tribunal, who started proceedings. Whatever happens, God will have HIS way in this situation, as HE does in all of our lives.


Friends, from information I learned at a recent seminar, there are similar laws drawn up, ready to go through Parliament in South Australia, Canberra and elsewhere. If passed, they might rob us Christians of our freedom to preach, to fearlessly proclaim the message of Christ the Saviour.

The proposed South Australian legislation, scheduled to be debated by Parliament on February 6, 2007, does not grant an exemption to churches, even when the truth is expressed. 

As I understand the new legislation, for example, to teach children that those living the gay lifestyle are statistically at greater risk of catching the aids virus, may breach this new law. Anybody who takes offense to this, even if true, can press vilification charges.

If a Christian school has a policy of only heterosexual teachers, this intention must be registered with the Government, who may decide to "reward" such an intolerant school, with whatever action it deems necessary. (Legislation such as this puts God in the mood for breaking the drought, no doubt).

It makes me question, could a smart lawyer find a clause in the complex legislation, which regards my questions in the Liddy case, as vilifying those I claim have put the man behind bars incorrectly?

An interesting concept - creating a law, which shuts up any opposition of those, who are unwilling to jump onto the politically correct bandwagon. In a African republic run by a power-hungry dictator, perhaps, or in Nazi Germany?  But this law, if what I am reading is correct, will be introduced in a State Parliament in the lucky country Australia in 2007?

This is certainly not a time for political apathy by the sleeping masses. It's time to wake up. For some there will be a shock awakening.


- - - - - - -

"For when they shall say, peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh ..."

1. Thess. 5,3

 Front page:

 Every Home for Christ Newsletter September 06.

Israeli Soldiers marching


By pure chance, I happened to see this, as I was sorting papers to be thrown out. It may be nothing, but I noticed three letters, the only ones on the page. On this soldier's cap - C.


 In the background a bystander is wearing YN in red letters on his white shirt. My mind recalls the colour combination red, white and Khaki once featured in a previous chapter.  

- - - - - - -



Just before Christmas 2006 the world's media was dominated by the murder of five prostitutes in Ipswich, UK. The longer this bizarre case made headlines, the more my mind pondered on the story. Through 2006 I heard stories in the media, which made my antenna go up. My ears or eyes would pick up a snippet, noted a detail, which sounded suspicious and made me think: How easy would it be to simply report all this all, true or not true, nobody would know?


On Saturday 23/12/06, a day after uploading chapter 22 of this book, I heard the town of Ipswich, Queensland mentioned on radio. This made me turn again to the Ipswich murder story. I googled and clicked onto the latest article, which happened to be on the website of the UK Times.


It only took a few minutes before my brain started a familiar thinking pattern. It was again, what else, a set of numbers (8, 3, 10), which made me wonder, what was behind it all?

The number originated years ago. After my first ever phone call to our Police information Hotline, Crimestoppers ...


(Hey, I just thought of something else - the Crimestopper phone number also consists of these three numbers - 1800 333 000.


If my game with numbers were all an illness, such a twist with numbers, was feeding the madness. (More to come in a moment). 

... I was given reference number B 1083. (*My email below has the digits in the wrong order).




I emailed the person responsible for feedback. Her name, Sally Baker, sounded nice.



Email to UK Times, 23/12/06


Subject: Numbers tell tales


Hi all,
I just read your report on the Ipswich story. Funny, I see numbers everywhere. Almost 10 years ago I reported to our police a suspicion that I may have stumbled across some old banknotes, possibly from a previous robbery.  The reference number Crimestoppers gave me was B 1038*.
Reading about the Ipswich sage, I happened to read 8, then 3 and thought to myself: All I'd need was a 10 and it would complete my number. And guess what - it came. The very next number was ten. (Here is the excerpt from your online story).   
...eight hours over three days. “Anybody accused of these offences is likely to be distressed by the mere fact of the accusations. Given these circumstances, he’s bearing up well.”

He added that Mr Wright had been treated well by the interviewing officers and had been bought a suit by the police because he wanted to appear in court “smartly dressed, in something legal, sober and appropriate”.

Mr Osler said that his client had been charged at 10pm ....

Another number combination came to mind, almost identical. A powerful scripture in the bible is found in 1. Jhn, 3, 8 - For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Killing prostitutes could be classed as a work of the devil, what's his name ... Steve ...?

Kind regards from a German loving in Australia.

Dieter Fischer

PS  I'd like contribute to the debate - Do Germans have a sense of humour. Just look at my Christian name, it makes people laugh.  


What an absurd story! Was it really printed in the paper edition of the UK Times? Just what was meant by - he wanted to wear something legal? Picture this: A police officer turns up in a men's clothing store, a shabbily dressed man, an alleged mass murderer, at his side and talking to the shop assistant:

"This gentleman would like to buy a nice suit. He is going to appear in court on multiple murder charges and wants to dress up for the occasion. Because it's Christmas my colleagues and I felt sorry for him, and we collected a few quid. Please, make sure you dress him to not only look good, but legal, sober and appropriate for his court appearance this afternoon.

Actually, it is against regulation, but, of course, I can remove the handcuffs, if that makes things easier?"


Readers will recall that for a number of years I have doubted the truthfulness of media reports. The story of the murdered prostitutes, especially the nonsense of the police buying the alleged murderer new clothes, did nothing to increase my level of trust in media reporting.

Since I uncovered how blatantly the newspaper misreported the court proceedings in the Peter Liddy case, I would not be surprised at all, if public deception was happening on a far broader scale, even on the international scene.

Inquisitive, suspicious brains are at work everywhere, more so since the proliferation of the internet, who also mistrust what is dished in print or over the airwaves. A small minority deny the moon landing. Some claim the Nazi holocaust was a fabrication by Zionists. Others have weird theories on the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana. When we come across somebody like that, we feel sorry for them and dismiss them as loony.

Without discussing any of the above, let me make one point in the form of a question: What have the London bombing in July 05, the Beaconsfield (Tasmania) mine disaster early in 06 and the death of Princess Diana all got in common? Answer: They all happened underground.

In both the London bombings and the Tasmanian mine disaster, I had serious doubts if things really took place the way they were reported. But what would be the motive for faking, or at least exaggerating events?  

- - - - - - -


The Weekend Australian Magazine 27/28.5.06

Past and potential Labor leaders - Bob Hawke, Paul Keating (both served as Prime Minister), Simon Crean, Mark Latham, Kim Beazley and ...

...next in line? How Bill Shorten went from little-known union boss to potential Labor leader thanks to a mine collapse, rich friends and razor-sharp political skills.


In the case of the Beaconsfield mine disaster I could not understand one point: Two men were trapped for 14 days, crouched in darkness on the cold steel floor of a tiny steel cage. When finally rescued, they took a shower (all underground), caught the lift to ground level, and walked away as if they had just completed an ordinary shift.

The person next in line, on above Magazine cover, had been in the spotlight of the media for the whole two weeks the Beaconsfield circus was taking place. I could not shake off the following thought, a possible reason behind the story:

Powerful players in the media want a new Labor leader. They set up their media tent and let the circus run its course. A little later they remind us graphically, front page photo included, who they preferred as the next Labor leader. (For whatever reason, Mr. Shorten has moved into the background, it seems).

In the case of the London terror attack, suspicious minds like mine, have worked out a motive for a possible, orchestrated deception: Create fear among the population and you can control them.

Frightened citizens will not only accept, but welcome laws, which they perceive are necessary for their own protection. Few will notice or complain about the loss of privacy or  curtailment of free speech. However, I don't like my children to grow up in a society, where everyone is too frightened to speak their mind, because it could lead to legal action.

I do not think Mr. Shorten would make a bad opposition leader. Nor do I object to laws, which protect us from genuine criminals and terrorists. What I object to is the manufacturing or manipulation of circumstances, to achieve a predetermined goal. What on the surface looks all legal and above board, may in fact have been brought about by lies and deception.

Even when the motive is to do good, the method to achieve it must not include lies, but truth. Any enterprise based on falseness and deception is ultimately doomed to failure.

Thank God a big Father, not only big brother, is watching over us. Our Heavenly Father genuinely wants to protect us and care for our well being. HIS laws, the ten commandments, were given to that end. They have proven successful by millions of god-fearing people over the millennia.

Any other force, who creates bad laws to control our thinking, to manipulate us away from good, is an enemy of God. This big brother has selfish motives. To achieve his goals he will lie, cheat and steal. His ultimate aim is to rob us of our inheritance.

But those who trust in God, the ONE and only genuine God, the God of Israel, will not be deceived.

The scripture I quoted in above email (1. John 3, 8) gives one reason Jesus came down to this earth - to destroy the works of the devil. In the last book of the bible, in Revelations Chapter 20, Satan is described as having deceived the nations. How is it possible to deceive whole nations? Could it be, the mass media is an accessory to the big deception?


- - - - - - -

Strange but true - no deception here

 In Chapter 13 I described, how I had been riding my bicycle and led by divine guidance to above place. Later I went back in the car to take this photo.

The company name I read as "Die on the cross". The actual name is the identical surname of one of Peter Liddy's main accusers.

Right next door is a company *TECH. Using the very same letters it makes the surname of the person who testified for Peter Liddy. He also had trained under Peter Liddy, but never saw misbehaviour by the man they called monster.

*Slightly changed for privacy. ECHT is the German word for real, genuine.

There is more - only a few weeks later I discovered another remarkable parallel. An address, very early in my story, one which clearly points to the N-field, 1-7 Francis Avenue.

The address in above photo is 170 Francis Road. The postcode is 5013.

If there was a kingdom of co-incidental names and numbers, their king would be proclaiming - there is a man in jail - innocently.

- - - - - - -


I am writing this on December 26th, 06 (Boxing Day). Three remarkable events took place on that date in previous years. In 2003 the city of Bam in Iran was destroyed by a huge earthquake.

In 2004 another earthquake in the Indian Ocean, one of the world's biggest ever, caused a devastating tsunami.

One year later I was watching a TV Morning program on Channel Nine. It was most remarkable, how unremarkable the presenters calmly informed listeners that Australia's richest man, the owner of the Nine Network Kerry Packer, had passed away quietly during the night.

What is there about 12.26, as the date is written in the US? In Australia we call the day Boxing Day. In the state of South Australia is also is called Proclamation Day, the day South Australia was proclaimed a British province. (The actual day was December 28th, but for convenience we celebrate it the day after Christmas).

Did God choose this day to proclaim HIS sovereignty?

When I make a statement such as this, I am sure there are readers, who think my creative mind once again went over the top. But what I see is what I see. I can do no other.

Here is some more of what I see, equally over the top, perhaps? There may have been a familiar message, hidden among an email received on 15/12/06. It was a regular update from a world-wide real estate franchise with a Da Ninci name, which had originated in the US.

Maybe they were just having fun, since I had been having heaps of fun with real estate agents? Maybe a concerned reader would like to see me travel back to a safe sanctuary - to the US?

The notice of the real estate firm advertised only the following four addresses for inspection and auction. 

18 Ayredale Avenue.

3 Eyre Court.

129 Sanctuary Drive


12 Torrens Street.


In the first two street names I saw the EA code and the word lead. (EA could mean the EA Games Co, Santa Monica/USA).


The third address is not a street, but Drive. Using the EA code Drive becomes Driva, which has been part of my email address for the past 7 years.


A sanctuary indicates that one is fleeing from something. The message of number 9 (take the 1.2 from 129) and my bold whistle blowing about the case, would be a good reason to seek sanctuary.


Alert readers may recall that in July 05 I had come across a remarkable co-incident to do with the number combination 747. I had hinted that a track to the US, my third one on this mission, was possibly coming up. Yet, in the weeks following, as I visited one or two travel agents, my spirit felt totally cold to the idea of travelling. Was I being disobedient to God?


I was mildly surprised myself that the exit gate seemed to stay shut. Looking back I see two reasons. One, I did not want to be seen as fleeing. In mid 2006 I was preparing a document, which I hoped would convince authorities that indeed an injustice had occurred in the Liddy case. To be leaving to go overseas in the middle of this would be bad timing.


Some time later, I can't recall when, but it was months later, a thought registered: 747 is the model number of a Boeing aircraft. It also could be a date - 7.4.07.


April 7th in 2007 happens to be Easter Saturday. Maybe a trip to the US or another place is in the master plan? It was April 03 and 05 when I had visited the US before. Both times I had missed Easter.


As I type I can't help seeing the address in Francis Avenue ... and the banner flying above the church parking lot in Tustin, California - EA ster.


Didn't IT happen at Easter?



Chapter 24