22.  Born with IT - Maybe?

At the end of October 06 a leading Muslim cleric in Sydney had been in the news for a few days. A comment he supposedly had made a few weeks earlier, suddenly erupted into a whirlwind in the media. Not only in Australia did the Sheik's comments stir up the dust. The BBC, London on 26/10/06 reported the incident on their website. Here are the first 2 paragraphs:

Australia's most senior Muslim cleric has prompted an uproar by saying that some women are attracting sexual assault by the way they dress.

Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali said women who did not wear a hijab (head dress) were like "uncovered meat". 

Reading between the lines, I sensed there was something fishy in the whole affair. A journalist must have fished the story out from somewhere. It was prefect to fill space in the newspapers, placing the clergyman at the centre of attention. The airwaves of radio and television were filled with opinions about the Sheik.

He had made the controversial comments in his native language. I suspected what Mr. ELHilali meant to say exactly, could possibly have been changed in the translation or shaped by an editor to suit.

Such was the public condemnation of the comments, the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Pru Goward, said the comments could be regarded as an incitement to crime. My distrustful mind suspected another reason for the media circus: the more controversy the affair created, the greater the ratings in the electronic media, the greater circulation in the printed press. There's a lot of this going on, friends.


- - - - - - -


Royal Adelaide Show September 2006.

While working in a voluntary capacity in an Aged Care facility, we took a group of residents to the Show.

I admired the full time staff at the old folk's home. They work patiently, with great dedication, to making the lives of those precious aged people comfortable.


In November 06 I had opportunity for more fun. The 10th Adelaide Classic car race stopped for lunch at Lehman's Winery, Tanunda. Directing traffic was just the job for me.

It made me feel important, to be guiding the drivers of millions of dollars worth of motor cars. Among them were some big  names in the sporting world - Sir Jack Brabham, Mick Doohan and Stuart O'Grady, whose home is only a suburb from us.

- - - - - - -


(Back to the Sheikh story)

I basically disagree with Muslims theology, but agree with some of their teaching on  morality. If the gentleman tried to make this point - the way certain females display their female round-shaped body parts, it borders on sexual harassment - I agree with him.

While still employed, I remember attending a compulsory session on sexual harassment. During an education video one young, female office worker was walking around a factory floor, where she was "sexually harassed". The hormones of a male worker must have stirred, it caused his lips to curl and render a melodious whistle. The scene ended with the girl, back in the sanctuary of her office, sobbing her eyes out over her desk (because of the whistle, which obviously was classed as sexual bulldust).

How extreme, I thought. A family friend of ours, I remember clearly, visited one evening, saying with a touch of pride: "I walked along ...Street today and got a whistle".

Remember the game we played a few chapters ago? Attitude scored 100 points!

The same sexually harassed office worker, may not even think, that her low cut blouse, the reason for the male worker's reaction, could be likewise offensive. If an old-fashioned, moral male, like myself, were to even hint at being sexually harassed by a low cut blouse, what response would I get?

Do companies call their female field officers into Headquarters and show them videos, how not to dress offensively? A summer or two ago I felt I had to speak up, when even at church, so much flesh was shown among the singers, it was distracting. Thankfully, somebody listened and/or fashions have changed.

At the above sexual-harassment seminar one of my (male) colleagues spoke up. He said, he attended a call-out, knocked on the door of the address given, and a female answered, wearing nothing but a smile. How would our Sheikh have handled this?

Of course, and I understand the opposite view point, one can't say - the way women dress gives a man an excuse to make advances toward her. But in reality this is often the case. For those, who may not understand how males function, let me explain: It does not take males much at all to become sexually turned on. Some can deal with it better than others, when viewing a scantily dressed female. At the right time and place, a woman like this is placing herself in danger.

Every policeman would advise a person, after withdrawing a large amount of money from a teller machine, to not walk back to the parked car, while displaying hundreds of Dollars in banknotes. It is inviting a thief to act on impulse.

If our Sheikh was simply making this same point, except about woman showing too much flesh, I agree with him. (The subject of covering up, wearing the hijab, is another subject altogether).

Now that I contributed my two boobs, sorry two bobs, worth in this debate, let me print the email I sent to our SBS TV Network. After googling the story and reading the full name of the controversial man - Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali, I saw the Da Ninci in his name (The Taj & el-din looked very interesting). In a moment of inspiration I made some fun out of it.


Email to the SBS Network - 30/10/06:


Hi all,
Are we going to hear any more about ? The longer he is in the news about nothing, really, the more I think about the real reason for it.
I play with the letters of his name. But only his surname, Elhilali. It could be Taj, which would make him an excellent candidate for a job in a Christian Church - T a J (Cross @ Jesus?) 
Here are a few further possibilities to look at ELHILALI.


1.  IT ALL LIE (you will need to see H as IT - move the crossbar up and forward a little, the H becomes IT - Hey, the Weekend Australian had an article "Driving Instructors raising the bar" - I am an driving instructor and did just that.
2. HAIL L LIE. This could be linked to point 1 via the L (Learners plate). What's the lie?
3.  HILLA LIE. A huge car bomb at Hilla, Iraq, supposedly killed 135 people on 28/2 (1/3/05 - funny how the date and deathtoll are similar numbers).
If you asked me, if I play scrabble. No I don't. But I see and interpret things differently. Just prior to emailing this I had a big argument with my bible student son. He thinks me seeing and interpreting my world differenly is all a mental illness. What do you think?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
(I deleted the lengthy PS. It contained much of what I already have written above. The original had Tat in the second paragraph, I corrected it to read Taj. The missing t in the last line was unintentional.


There was indeed an article in an edition of the Weekend Australian. The title "Driving Instructors raising the bar" made me wonder, what it was all about. (It was about driving instructors raising the bar). I rest my case.

Later in the day, only a few hours after I had sent above email, a news item came over the radio: The Imam, the Muslim clergyman, had been taken to hospital. He had collapsed during a meeting with fellow Muslim leaders. The stress of the whole affair had become too much for him - at least this was how the media reported the event.  

- - - - - -


It may have been the Alabama Tide T-shirt, which drew my attention. Flicking casually through a Woman's Magazine, something I rarely do, I suddenly was overcame with the now familiar feeling, something's unusual here!


Two pages of an Australian Woman's Magazine covered the sad tales of two separate families, whose fun day at the beach had turned into tragedy. In the first incident, a 3 year-old girl was, allegedly, buried when the sand hole, she and her family had dug, collapsed on her. She had a 5 year old brother who survived.

The writer gave names, but no locality. The picture below certainly does not look like a beach-side suburb in Australia.


The second near-fatal tragedy happened, allegedly, in the Town of 1770, in North Queensland. The son of a visiting family from Holland narrowly escaped from being buried in a sand pit.


Much of what I read in the Woman's Day did not add up. The three-year-old victim's name was long and somewhat unusual, hyphenated - Abbie Livingstone-Nurse (N ur it? Read about N in a moment).

Even more unusual, not one Australian website showed Abbie's name after googling it, only UK sites. It didn't take Einstein to figure out that the tragic death occurred in the UK, while the near miss, the Dutch family's misfortune, happened in Australia. A good reporter would have mentioned this fact.

Beaches in the UK are very different from those in Australia. Where did the magazine get the idea to use a UK beach tragedy, to warn Australians about digging holes on the beach?

I saw many Da Ninci codes, nothing new, on the two pages, such as 4 lifeguards, 20 beach bystanders tried to dig Abbie out. The hole was 1.5 metres deep. (How did this work in practice? Twenty people digging frantically around a 1.5 m deep hole?)

One of 4 of the lifeguards was 23-year-old Ben May. His age (23) also could be part of a code - he held little Abbie for 10 minutes. (See picture below, one after next) 

Hey, now I see it - of course - the N. Read on!

There was more. Only on the day of scanning above photos (20/12/06) did I look over the pages again. By sheer fluke I saw another code - a missing N. It was on the back of the page with the helicopter, a full page advertisement for Maybelline (lip stick or make-up). A smooth-skinned, dark haired beauty is holding a finger to her lips. The slogan:


Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's M ...

After I had decoded the missing N, (on 20/12/06) I sent a brief message to Mabelline's NY website:

"She is born with it - definitely. I read it in Woman's Day".


Maybe you missed it a moment ago, a few lines back, the name of the lifeguard Ben May? It all makes sense, friends. No gimmicks, no tricks. Either another co-incidence, or simple guidance by the ONE, who has showed me magic time and again. HE is controlling my thoughts. HE is the master-planner of my journey. In the end, if we like it or not, HE holds our destiny in HIS hand.

With my own, human understanding I could not write this script. I'd be scratching my head for hours and hours, searching magazines and newspapers to make up stories. God guided me to see this, then inspired me to write about it. 

 Truth, my friends, is indeed stranger than fiction, sometimes.


Over page from the Mabelline ad was the paragraph, where the name of the lifeguard was mentioned.


The letters ED ALI (Buried alive)  could make many words. My favourite? L-IDEA sounds IDEAL.

I mainly scanned the photo so you can read the name of the lifeguard, Ben May, for yourself.


My wife insists, nobody communicates in codes. It's all my imagination, my illness.

 If this isso, what illness do I have? The ideal fun-illness.

Years ago, yes, I would have agreed. No level-headed person found connections in magazines, linking an advertisement to a name in a real life story. However, I am a possibility thinker. Did not he name Ben, the letter N or the code 123 all play big roles in earlier chapters?

Plus, the still unanswered question keeps reverberating in my mind - when should I let data pass by, dismissing it as co-incidence, and when should I say, wait a minute, is there more behind this?

Further, I have consistently claimed, with an ever increasing certainty, that God is behind it all. HE can lead ordinary people to specified places, to reveal whatever HE wants to reveal. My five books are filled with these mysteries; short trips around the suburbs, long trips across the Pacific; insignificant items, from tiny bits of paper picked up off the road to catchy slogans on huge billboards. Why deny an intelligent mind is behind it all?

Maybe the writer of the Ben May article in the Woman's Day magazine, and Maybelline, the make-up people, are the minds behind it all? Were they ardent readers of my stories and decided to join in the fun and at the same time testing, if my claims were for real? Modern communication methods, especially the absolute magical internet, certainly made this possible.

But there's more. It was printed on the same pages as the sand-collapse story. Again, only on the day of writing this, as I scanned the pictures, did I discover it. It was on the back of the other page, the one with the big drop letter D and a red Alabama T-shirt:


 7 BIG  letters:  ING KIDS

The text sounded familiar, as if it had come out of my first book:

"I picked up the phone and heard those magical words: Hello Dad, he says, giving over again to uncontrollable sobs. I'm sorry, but there's a lot of years of pent-up emotion. You've got to remember the last time I saw my beautiful boy was when he was three years old. Now, look at him, he's a grown man of 24."  

It was another human interest story in the same Woman's Day. An emotional reunion between a father and son. I shall merely scan the seven letters and let you, the reader, judge, if my thinking is deluded or deserves a medal hospital (sic).

In a further twist, around the time of above article (November 06) I received at least three letters from a Financial Institution (a Dutch Company) called ING. Auditors had found discrepancies. The company did the right thing, letting me know they owed me various amounts from an old Superannuation policy.

The cash is on it's way (May be it will arrive with Santa Claus?)

- - - - - - -


The only alternative, according to comments I hear regularly at home: "It is all pure chance, nothing at all. If you're looking hard enough, you will find your codes."

Well, I did. Only 24 hours before writing. An email came, an answer to a brief message I sent to the customer service of a large Financial Institution (not ING). Walking my dog I had found an unopened letter beside the road, and delivered it personally to the recipient's mailbox nearby. I let the administration office know, just in case problems had arisen with the lost letter. (The posting date was about 2 weeks old). 

A thank-you reply came promptly. As expected, I saw something in even this simple email - the customer service person was called Donna Cannon. (If she exists I do not know. All I know, reading it on a website called D3 Sports, that a person by that name had signed up on August 16, 2005, 03:15:15 pm). 

More Da Ninci, however, came as a result, after crossing off all duplicate letters in the name Donna Cannon. All that remained was c d n. As I typed, it came to me to check what's left after crossing off the five n's in that name. Interesting! What am I to surmise? All co-incidence, or do I have another fan, who likes my sport? Does somebody else believe there is a man innocently in jail?

That same evening on the News a gentleman was commenting on our Federal Treasurer's mid-term budget. On the screen his name and company came up. He was Mr. Caton (or similar) from that same Financial Institution.

- - - - - - -


An incident even more recent - only two hours or so ago, was again pure luck, or divine guidance.

I'm not sure, if other people do this, while talking on the phone, I kept clicking away online. (This sin entered the world with the invention of broadband). I only do this with one person I know. This lonely man and I talk for about 1/2 hour every two weeks, mainly about his concerns, of which there are many. (In a moment you will see why).

While surfing through my inbox in Outlook Express a familiar pattern started.  One article in the Moscow Times News summary talked about improving Russia's image for 2008. For a moment I thought they were a year ahead of themselves. Still, it did the trick. I started glancing over the article. This in turn made me see the name of a Magazine - Profile.

Surfing Profile Magazine, still listening to Ron chatting away on the telephone, lead me to another Profile Magazine, one in Austria. There I happened to see an article called Bad Religion. I opened it and came across a very familiar name - Richard Dawkins. You may recall, he and I are good mates, active participants in a world-wide tug-o-war (nice word tug-o-war) championship. (There is a God, there is no God, there must be a God, there can't be a God ...)

As I continued reading the item, titled Bad Religion while still listening to Ron, I experienced an interesting aha-moment.

Here is how I emailed it to the Profile Magazine, Vienna, Austria. (It is possible, as I type in Australia, they may not even be awake, and my email is still sitting in their inbox, unread).


Subject: What a co-incidence  (Translated from German)

Date: 22/12/06

Hi all,

That's how it is with Google, you never know where you will land. Via the Moscow Times I arrived at your Profil Magazine. (There was a Profil Magazine mentioned in the Moscow Times, but another one).

In your Profil I was reading an interesting article about the "anti-Christ" Richard Dawkins and his battle against God. Among the text I read a link to a website - whydoesgodhateamputees.com.

You see, the co-incidental part is this, at exactly that time (while scanning the article) I was on the telephone to my friend Ron. He is German, a double-amputee. He is rather lonely. Not even his daughter writes to him for Christmas.

My friend without legs always tells me, how much stuff is stolen from his house. "They climb through the roof, and take the milk from the refrigerator." (It must stem from the war, where people stole, to simply survive). Recently, I made a joke with Ron about this. "Tell me, honestly Ron, did you really lose your legs in a shunting accident, or did they come and steal them?"

Well, I shall log onto "Whydoesgodhateamputees" and make it clear to the people that God hates nobody, neither gays, nor amputees. Not even Richard Dawkins and his intolerant group, who is very quick to accuse Christians of being intolerant.

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

PS  I would like to ask the scientist, Mr. Dawkins: "At what point does a scientist ask: That's strange, what a co-incidence, the same has happened a hundred times before, there must be something behind it all?"


Immediately afterwards, I visited above Whydoesgodhateamputees website. (Ron and I had finished talking by then). My eyes opened as never before that there really are humans, who work hard, fighting against Almighty God. If only they would leave all to believe what they want to believe, which is what people do anyway, and put their energy, time and money to help the poor!  

Since touching base with them, via TV and radio and writing about it, I have prayed for Mr. Dawkins and Ms. Greer. There is huge potential for good in both. Like the fervent anti-Jesus campaigner Saul, after a real encounter with Almighty God, a zealous, intelligent thinker, can turn into a powerful tool for good, for God. Christians, don't engage in futile arguments. Instead pray for closed minds to have their eyes opened.

- - - - - - -


A topical issue in Adelaide at present is the eviction of a brothel-owner from her premises. She could not afford the rent. On the day before writing, after much resistance, the landlord finally succeeded in having the police remove his tenant.

The middle-aged, colourful, now bankrupt Madame was and still is, regularly in the headlines. She once ran for the position of Lord Mayor (or more fittingly - Madame Mayor). In my Book 1 Chapter 41, she also received a mention. She was on the opposite side (in 2001) in a fierce debate about a law, which was to regulate (legalize) prostitution in South Australia.

At the time the Madame boasted, if the law were to pass through Parliament, she would be worth 5 million Dollars, not only 1 million. Thank God, our lawmakers did not pass the bill. Nobody wants a business to go bankrupt, except when it ruins the lives of workers involved. (Read in early chapters in the Proverbs, where not to go and who not to get involved with). 


The remnants of an election poster after the 2002 State poll.  

Prominent Adelaide Madame Stormy Summers had formed her own Reform Party. She contested the 2002 State election. She had also been a candidate to become Lord Mayor.

How would Her Majesty The Queen, on a visit to Adelaide, have felt, if welcomed to our city by a Prostitute. Still, Stormy made headlines at the time, even in Great Britain.

 After becoming bankrupt, the Madame tried unsuccessfully for some months to remain in her City premises. A few days before writing, she had locked herself in, refusing to move. On Dec. 20th 06 police finally succeeded, evicting her by force.

May be the Madame loved the address, 155 Weymouth Street?

- - - - - - -


In October 06, at a Christian Men's Conference, a representative of the Family Standards Organisation, took a segment, talking about the issues of Christians and Politics. During question time afterwards, I could not believe what I heard. A young man, showing a mildly cynical attitude, said: "What does it achieve, anyway; Christians writing letters to politicians or the newspaper, organizing petitions? They don't listen anyway. We shouldn't be involved in that kind of thing" (or word similar).

I hope this young man reads about our success above, and realizes, if the prostitution lobby had been successful, how many more businessmen would have seized the opportunity to legally make  5 million Dollars? How many healthy, young girls (and men) would have been lured into this live-destroying, denigrating industry. Often these unfortunate, abused workers end up on drugs, looking like 50 when they are barely 30 years old?

Rita and her supporters will never know, how much good the prayers, the letter-writing campaigns, the hours sitting in the public gallery in Parliament, has achieved. We need more Christians, who love their nation, who are not afraid to stand up and speak out when laws before Parliament go blatantly against God's laws. But remember, if God grants us success, we give HIM the glory and pray for our enemy, not mock them.

Christians, start to believe in the power of fervent, fair-dinkum prayer. When we pray, as if everything depended on God, then work, as if everything depended on us, God will change the world. I say it again - we are HIS hands, HIS feet, HIS voice, HIS keyboard.

- - - - - - -


After posting the word touch recently on my index-page, I was reminded of a "touchy" song in my tape library. Allow me to share it with you.

Forgive me, I have been naughty again, changing the lyrics. It get touched thinking how God feels about us, as I listen to this powerful song. Maybe, it will touch you too, sometimes?


Sometimes When We Touch (Lyrics Dan Hill) 

Play this song

You asked me if I love you
You yearned for my reply.
I'd never hurt you, honestly
Or mislead you with a lie.
And who am I to judge you
On what you say or do
You're only just beginning
To see the real you.

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I want to hold you 'til I die
'til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you 'til
This fear in you subsides

Romancing all your strategies
Has you battling with your pride
But through the insecurities
Some tenderness survives.
I'm just another writer
Still wrapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter
Still trapped within my youth.

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I want to hold you 'til I die
'til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you 'til
This fear in you subsides

At times I like to break you
And drag you to your knees
At times I like to break through
And hold you endlessly
At times I understand you
And know how hard you've tried
I watched why love commands you
And I watched love pass you by.
At times I think you're a drifter
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
Then the passion flares again

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I want to hold you 'til I die
'til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you 'til
The fear in you subsides.



And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him ... (Matthew 8:3)


Chapter 23