21.  Numbers, TIME and again 

Summer has only just begun in the southern Hemisphere. On the day of commencing this chapter, December 9th, 06, Adelaide is already experiencing extreme weather condition, which normally occur in January or February. Yesterday the temperature reached 40.7 degrees Centigrade. The forecast today is for 41, before a cooler change later in the afternoon.

Our neighbouring state Victoria is equally hot. Fires are burning in the Alpine regions, north-east of Melbourne. What will the real bush fire season bring, if this is only the beginning? My prayer at times like this is for God to make people realize, how powerless they are against nature, and to surrender their ALL to the ONE, who is in control of the whole realm of nature.

- - - - - - -

Within days of uploading the previous Chapter (20) we received a  business letter inside a printed envelope. The sender was a world-wide Christian Church organisation, big in helping the poor and needy. On the outside was in large letters - Count to...and in even larger print 20. (They receive requests for help every 20 seconds).


Count to 20.

I glued part of this envelope into my diary. Please note above reference to a story, my wife told me around the same time..


My good-hearted wife, Isobel, came home from shopping and told me this story:

In the supermarket she noticed a little girl shopping with her mother. The girl, nine or ten years old, was crying, pleading with her mother. She wanted something really badly, but her mother kept saying no. Isobel figured that they were genuinely poor and felt pity. Just when the little girl's mother was not watching, Isobel slipped the little girl a 20 Dollar note. (I'm glad I hadn't uploaded chapter 50. My generous Daaarling might have ...

But there was more to do with 20. The following Sunday morning, Dec. 06, just as I was writing above incident into my diary, the Hour of Power was on TV from California. During the program, recorded of course a few weeks earlier, the preacher, Robert Schuller jnr. told a story. I can't recall details, only vaguely remember that the milkman was involved, and it was truly amazing timing - his story also was about a person giving (or trying to give) another a twenty Dollar note.

There was a time a few months or years ago, where I got a little tired of the numbers game. Why always numbers? When will they ever stop? No doubt, some reader feel the same way, perhaps not even trying to follow my alleged magic. (Those who do, sharpen your mind, there are more to come in this chapter).

Lately I have noticed an increase in number-sequences and the playful links that come with it. My dairy is full of them, even though, believe me, I do not go out looking for them. Whilst certain patterns could easily be manipulated to make a good story, I have never done this. All I have done is observed my surroundings and asked questions.

When on 15/11, as already reported, I wrote a letter to all Members of Parliament I was well aware that by moving the 5 into a different position it makes 11/1/05, the date of the big bushfire in South Australia. As I sometimes do, I observed a little more and deducted one from the other. To my surprise 1511 minus 1115 makes 396, a number I know very well and which keeps following me.

As if fate tried hard to emphasize the 1 & 5, both came up again in a strange way in December 06. After taking a boot (trunk) load of returnable bottles, cans and cartons to the recycling depot, I was surprised to receive exactly $ 11.50.

But there was more: As I drove away from the depot, having just received $ 11.50 in cash for my bottles, I happened to look at the dashboard. The last four digits of the kilometre-reading jumped into my face. My odometer showed 231510.


Hey I just saw it - something just as crazy stands out: In March 05 I had been to the same recycling depot and received $12.35. The date was 12/3/05!

Just look again at the mileage, when I was at the same depot in Dec. 06 - 231510. The identical digits - plus 1.

- - - - - - -

Observing numbers and linking them was amusing and amazing. They were fun to play with. However, I realize they don't mean anything to anyone, except myself. One reason I keep recording such trivia, I see God in everything. These little cookies are a reminder, HE is there. They encourage me to walk on, until I am told to stop or change direction.

On 9/11/06 I spoke at great length to the person, who knows Peter Liddy best - his mother. I already have reported on the first meeting I had with the lady and the latest developments.

The lady sounded totally convinced of her son's innocence. Anyone talking to her for only a few minutes will realize, this fine lady raised a fine boy, who became a very successful, caring human being. To think he could have lived a double life, and hidden it even from his mother, is ludicrous. Some things just do not add up.

(I recall some Kapunda folk also describing the mother of Eugene McGee as a fine lady. The two ladies knew each other. They may indeed have a lot in common).

Despite being convinced of her son's innocence Mrs. Liddy indicated that she is not willing to go into any kind of public spotlight (TV, Radio etc) to fight for her son. He had instructed her to not take on this burden. I offered to try and take her to the media or an Member of Parliament, hoping to bring the issue into the public arena. If there was a Radio Station (or a Member of Parliament) in Adelaide, brave enough to touch this hot potato is doubtful. 

A further hurtle in the Liddy case: I was told that any action to re-examine the case, must come from the prisoner himself. If the prisoner is unwilling to initiate action, a third party can't do anything. Was I wasting my time and effort? In one of the letters I had received years ago Peter Liddy told me, there was nothing I could do for him.

However, a prisoner resigned to a 'comfortable' retirement behind bars, playing the martyr, as it were, does not address the core issue - justice. If an innocent person goes to jail, because of the lies told by another, how are they going to get their reward on this side of eternity?

Forgiveness is a fine deed. Being in prison innocently, yet remaining mentally strong and content, displays a noble character. But it does not right the wrong. Justice is still crying out in agony.

I am not wasting my time - I have prayed for a miracle - it will happen.


- - - - - - -

Within days of the surprise win by Delta Blue in the 06 Melbourne Cup Horse Race in Chapter 18, I discovered*  ...

(*Spooky again - the same second I typed the word discovered, presenter Carol W. spoke it on Radio 891, 2.56 PM 13/12/06).

... this picture - bigger than Texas. (It was about a new movie being released). The centre sign reads: Delta Air Lines.



Readers may remember a few days before above horserace, I had written and uploaded Ch. 17 titled: Delta 4/3 - left over. The bald-head in the foreground belongs to a famous, obviously very brainy, Australian entertainer/journalist, whom I had fun with and written about.

Within minutes of the Japanese horse Delta Blue winning the Melbourne Cup, I emailed Delta Air Lines to let them know. I suggested a merger with Virgin Blue ... (just kidding). 

- - - - - - -

* The first time, where a word I had typed came out of the radio at the same time, was back in 2001. It's recorded in my first Book Chapter 22. Here is the first paragraph:

My new notebook (diary) started off in November 2001 with another co-incidence: “At 11.50 am on 31/10/01 I was writing on my novel. In the chapter on Pete’s hospitalization (first Glenside) I typed the words “supernatural powers” into the computer. Right then, the very same moment, the two words “supernatural powers” were spoken on EBI FM 103.1 Radio.

Notice, this was about a year before I started this auto-biography, working on a novel. Obviously back then I had not looked at numbers the way I do now. (Did anyone notice the digits of the date are the same as the Radio frequency.?

Plus, nearly overlooked it - 1150, how peculiar, played a role earlier in this chapter - totally unplanned.

- - - - - - -


On Monday December 4th, 06 a new leadership team was elected to lead the Australian Labor Party in Canberra. Labor MP's, tired of being in Opposition for over ten years, no doubt, are hoping to win the 2007 Federal Election.

An embarrassing gaffe, made by outgoing Labor leader, Mr. Kim Beazley, sparked the leadership row. During an interview, he mixed up a US political figure, Karl Rove, with Rove McManus, the Australian broadcaster, who had just lost his young wife to cancer.

Looking back, the media could easily have overlooked the mistake and wiped the tapes - end of story. What followed, however, was a relentless media onslaught, no let up in the reports, which criticized the Opposition Leader, as incompetent etc. This led to his downfall. It was just a genuine mistake, not a major policy blunder. I have little doubt, the leadership change was media driven.

On Friday morning, Dec. 1st, I had picked up a name as it flashed onto the TV screen for a few seconds. It was the winner of a competition for that day (or week) - Julie Wilby of Geelong. My outside the box mind immediately recalled the name of one of the possible contenders for the Labor Leadership. Her name was also Julie. So Julie will be, or will not be?

(Later I noted my mistake, the correct name is Julia. Let's call for an election, this blog needs a new, more competent leader!)

For some fun, and because I woke really early on the day of the Leadership vote (4/12), I wrote a short poem, about my little play on words. I emailed it to the program, where I had heard the name Julie Wilby. It was only about 3 or 4 hours before the leadership change in Canberra.


Email to Sunrise 4/12/06


Who will it be?

Today in Canberra some big wigs meet,

To decide who’ll be boss for Labor to lead.

Will it be Kev or will it be Kim?

Or even Julie, but her chances are slim.


Yet, on the telly on Friday I 've seen,

A name that gave it away on the screen.

A lady, an interesting name, won a prize.

How I wished it were us, that would’ve been nice.


It was a lady from beautiful, bayside Geelong

Her name was Julie, how could we go wrong?

Her surname likewise, the five letters – Wilby,

Is providence telling us, who the winners will be?


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS My wife thinks it could be even a Beazley/Rudd team - So all we need is for Liberals to win the next election and voila - Abbott and Costello at the top, Kev and Kim in Opposition!


The two names hinted at, Abbott/Costello, are those of the present Federal Treasurer Mr. Costello, who has been patiently waiting for his elevation to Liberal Leader, and Mr. Abbott, who at present is Minister for Health. The humorous hint at a Abbott/Costello Liberal Leadership team is not new. And who hasn't heard of Kath and Kim?


- - - - - - -


A revealing distraction:

Front Cover of Time Magazine October 30, 2006

On Monday Morning 11/12/06 I was about to read the InTouch Magazine's bible reading for that day (Gal. 4, 4-7). Out of the corner of my eye I saw the stars and stripes on above magazine on the coffee table. They distracted me for a moment.

The 4 letters TIME, together with the play on words Stats, made me see mit. Mit is German for with.

Then I counted - 5.5 stars and 7 stripes. The seventh word in the InTouch reading (Gal. 4, 4) was - time.

Did I see a father/son connection - 5.5 = LV = Love and Number 7, the number of the Father?

A look at the Magazine's date - 30.10.06 revealed the numbers for that famous father and son scripture - John 3,16.

Galatians 4, Verse 4 contains almost the same message: "But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth his son..."

That same evening, what strange timing, I happened to watch the SBS late News on TV: "The Time Magazine had chosen their selection of photographs of the year ...

(As far I as I can recall this was the first time in years I saw Time Magazine on the TV News).

- - - - - - -


On the same page (11/12/06) in my diary - A Food Recall - only for the product with a use-by date of 7/9/08. (Fasten your  seat belt, in case your brain crashes).

When I read something fishy on page 10 of the newspaper and the date is the 10th, I read more carefully. The product voluntary recall was for 155 g Garlic Powder. 155 x 10 = 1550. (How about I C L - Go D Power?)

Applying a little more LLL IT (funny thinking let loose) I split an 8 (5+3) and reshaped the phone number to * 18005 316 016.


But there was more (shown above on the left). After cutting out the advertisement for the recall I turned it around and noticed on the reverse (P.9 of the Sunday Mail 10/12/06) an ad for Spa baths. Two models were on sale, each reduced $ 1000. One was called Lagoon (LA - go on). The other model was the Pompeii 9.

Pompeii is a town underneath Mount Vesuvius in Italy. In August of 79 AD it was devastated after a huge volcanic eruption. (It is quite possible that the widespread publication of my discovery - the 9, the en in, will cause an eruption in Adelaide).

Did anybody notice the co-incident in numbers 8 7 9? One, the use-by-date of the recalled Garlic is 7/9/08. Pompeii was destroyed in August 79 AD.

And now to our next number...

- - - - - - -


The latest find: 45 minutes ago!

Walking our dog Becky I picked up this. Clues everywhere: 85, urt Road, Funklab read backwards start with balk and leaves fun. 

   However, what amazed me were the last three digits in the phone number - 622.

Approx. an hour before picking up above flyer (advertising a Fashion Wear store) I had sent an email, which featured the the digits 226 in the first line. (Read on).


The December 06 issue of a free Christian magazine arrived in our letterbox on 15/12/06. Considering that another organisation had already mailed to us their January 07 Edition, this one arrived rather late. Now as I type, I can't help thinking, the date is part of the plot!

Casually flicking through the pages, while having a coffee, I noticed a little oddity. On page 26 ( ! ) were six short letters from readers, who had either been healed or received other miracles from God. What struck me was the fact that two letters were printed under two separate headings - Australia. Why not one heading Australia and both letters underneath?

Secondly, the two letters were placed in the 2nd and the 6th position on the page.

I can't recall when exactly, but I realized some days earlier that on December 16, 2006 the digits for that day's date make 126 ... 


Hey, that's amazing again - I just thought of it - The number 126 was made famous in my story when Adelaide United football team won against Newcastle Jets. (Wind Chapter 24 ff). What timing - last evening Adelaide again played Newcastle. We won 3:2. 

The win was the first in five matches. It was also the first match, where world-famous, visiting star player, Romario (No. 11), scored his first goal for Adelaide United - in the 15th minute!!! Numbers again ... !


The Gate making a noise on Manton Street, Hindmarsh

I was pleased in a different way last evening. Because my friend Geoff was not there, I selected a seat in the crowd behind The Gate, the noisy supporters group of Adelaide United.

Without any thought I had taken seat No. 332.

After Adelaide had scored the 3:2, a brilliant shot high into the top corner by No. 12, Greg Owens, I didn't want any more goals.

*Anybody wanting to place the leftover 3 - go back to the phone number of the Garlic recall above!).


... if each digit is used twice. For this reason, I scheduled uploading this chapter for Saturday 16.12.2006.

Here is the brief email I sent to the organisation in the US, who sent their Magazine late, but right on time.


Date: 16/12/06     -    Subject:  Australia doubly blessed

Hi all,
In your 12/06 VOTC Magazine (Australian Edition ?) I noticed that Australia is getting 2 (1+1) headlines under Healing Overflow. Now that's interesting! Because it's on page 26 and Australia is taking position 2 and 6!
More interesting is that today's date holds 126 twice - 12.16.2006.
Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia
Dieter Fischer


PS    Healing testimony (No. 2) is wonderful - the person's health is 100%, she feels great. Likewise, how blessed is the lady whose breast cancer was healed! I'm not sure, however, if I can agree with her motto: "Never again in Jesus' Name".

Isn't this telling God what he can or can't do? Please, never promise your partners healing, if they send money to you.

- - - - - - -

On the day of writing above email I looked over the VOTC magazine once more. The front page shows two people sitting on a sofa. The smiling couple are the husband and wife, who head the TV Ministry. Through a large window in the background I see winter; a pine tree covered in snow.

There are 4 cups on a coffee table, fine China. On the sofa, between the two adults, are two pillows. "Believe in Miracles" is the motto on the smaller pillow. The larger pillow has small, hard to read writing". It says: "Surround yourself with only people, who are going to lift you higher." 


Front cover (segment) Dec. 06 VOTC Magazine.

The gentleman's watch, on the right (not visible) shows 5.55

What did I see?


On page 27 of the glossy publication I had discovered something else peculiar, which made me think. Is there an underlying thought, a link to the last three, hard to read, words -  lift you higher?

None of the praise letters, sent by partners on page 26 and 27, gives the writers' names, except one. A blessed soul from Pennsylvania, who waited for God's perfect timing, got the miracle needed. His surname was Willow.

My LLL IT took over. In my playful manner I placed the name Willow next to Wilby, the one I had written about above. Next I crossed off the first three, identical letters. It left only five letters - Y B L O W. There are a variety of combination here, plus more I could extract from the magazine. But that would be sweating the small stuff.

Coming back to above email on healing and money, the words in the PS were more important than the fun with numbers. I wanted to express two thoughts: God is sovereign. HE does as HE pleases. This principle, ONE God who controls all, does not sound fair. But it isso and all better get used to it.

- - - - - - -

Talking about God as controlling force, in the TV program First-Tuesday Book-Club, screened on Sunday evening 10/12/06 on ABC TV, feminist Germaine Greer expressed horror at the thought. She said: "Even if there was a God (one who controls everyone) I am against him." She then expressed a rather unintelligent, wicked thought: "If there is a hell, I want to go there, because all my friends will be there too," (She must have meant author Richard Dawkins, the writer of the book they were discussing; I covered this in my previous chapter).

For an intelligent woman, which such a nice Da Ninci name, she is certainly a risk taker. Had I located her email address, I may have warned her: "I have inside information: Godless, feminist academics, once past the gate of St. Peter, go straight into solidary confinement. It's for their own protection against the angry mob.

But there is one thing about Germaine I could get jealous for.  She shares her birthday, January 29, with the football player Romario, the one I have written about earlier in the chapter. I bet he does not know his luck. Nor that their birthdays and mine are only apart by 1 Day.

- - - - - - -


(Back to God's sovereignty)

Believers and non-believer can become ill. Both struggle with their fate. Either may die or live. God is sovereign. HE grants mercy to whom HE grants mercy. Sickness lays bare our frail humanity. It can make us bitter or better. Serious illness or calamity bring a strong Christian even closer to God. It certainly is a litmus test of ones faith and trust in God.

To boast that because Jesus healed you, you will never again become sick in the name of Jesus, is telling God what he can or can't do.

The second point I tried to make in my email to the magazine, has also to do with illness. No faith-healer should ever promise, God will heal your cancer, as reward for giving money. Sick and desperate people, even Christians, are vulnerable and may try anything.

I would like all to remember, no matter how much money you will pour into God's Kingdom, sending cheques to TV Evangelists, pouring large sums into your local church or into foreign missions - God is still sovereign. He heals whom he pleases, when he pleases.

My struggle with my mental illness seven years ago brought me closer to HIM. In my youth I constantly prayed, God would heal me of bed-wetting. Illness has a way of keeping us close to him.

God's plan may include total healing. It may not. God's priorities go beyond your physical bodies. He wants to heal your Spirit, your emotion, so you can love HIM for the wonderful being HE is.

Amazingly, physical wellbeing often comes effortlessly, free of charge, as a result of emotional healing.

Please, nobody stop supporting those, who spread the Good News of Jesus, locally and around the globe. But let's be wise in our giving, not expecting anything in return.


Chapter 22