20. ES & N - make sense

Around the time I had made public, via this website, the evil deeds of nasty people, I was taking our Fox-Terrier Becky for a walk. In the middle of the quiet, suburban road I spotted a dead bird. It was right outside house No. 9. This made me take note of the surrounding area. Sure enough, a car with an interesting registration plate was parked nearby.

Sorry folks, I can't get away from reading more than just letters and numbers into registration plates. It was not my idea. Since numbers play such a great role in my stories, the use of licence plates on automobiles to communicate is rather unique - they are extremely mobile and in an urban setting one could be viewing hundreds, if not thousands, every day.

The message that day, which I seemed to be receiving,  was not new: The end result for the free spirited bird, flying solo against the mainstream, could well be - death. My determined action to be lifting the veil of secrecy in an very sad episode in Adelaide's history, made the cat very angry. The dead bird's location, outside No. 9, was no co-incidence. However, there was good news regarding the cat. 

On the morning of starting this chapter, Dec. 2, 06, I was pouring water on the dry ground just over the road. The idea is to have  a green cross up and running (wrong word) for Christmas. In passing I said hello to an elderly man taking a walk. Moments later, I glanced again and saw him remove something, further down the street. A second look revealed, he was pulling it by its tail to the side. It was a dead cat.

Hooray, hooray is all I say! In my first book (Chapter 29) didn't the mighty eagle, who watched it all from above, come and rescue the innocent bird, who was about to be eaten by the cat? The cat is dead, long live the sparrow.

(Animal lovers, please remember, many objects in my stories are symbolic. Please, don't think I hate cats.)

In the same neighbourhood, during another walk with Becky, it happened again. I suddenly, inexplicably, became aware something was nearby, as if a switch had been pulled. It was once again a parked vehicle, outside house No. (the same old story, not number 9 this time).

The street was Landy Avenue, named after John Landy, a famous Olympic runner from the 1950's, who later became Governor of Victoria. The vehicle I had seen was a Suzuki Liana. Whatever made me do it, I do not know, but I saw a vague similarity in Liana/Landy. Both names had 5 letters and started with L. Walking Becky I had plenty of time to think, because she is not very talkative, unlike the other female in my life ... sorry, I didn't mean to ...

I suspected there may be a hidden code. Sitting down  at home, with a piece of paper and pencil, I first came up with Y D AI. (Why d A1). All I did was cross off all common letters in Landy/Liana.

Thinking a little further ... (perhaps I should do some more talking and leave the thinking to Becky) ... I realized some time later that the real code may have been DAYI or  Day 1. This phrase rang a bell from the Kapunda Road Royal Commission (KRRC). Commissioner James had ask me: "You were here right at the beginning on Day 1."


A brief comment, while on this subject: In a question via email (in the middle of 06) I asked a radio station, if I had missed something: Had they heard anything, when or if the short version of Commissioner James' findings are to be released to the public? After the KRRC in 2004 the Commissioner had come up with two reports, a long, detailed version and a short, 14-page document.

One politician at the time commented during a news item, concerning this report: "... it contains dynamite." I ask: What has the public not been allowed to know so far, what Commissioner James had uncovered and a politician described as dynamite?

The radio station replied that after a straw poll around the office, nobody could recall the document ever being made public.


- - - - - - -

Dr. Tim's - five-cent returnable drink container

Only two or three days before writing I picked up this can, during a walk with Becky. It's the amazing timing, why I include it here. My mind went like this:

I had been thinking about my children's middle names: One of my sons' is Ray, another John. My daughter Michelle has none at all. My son Tim has a special one, named after his father DR....

Only 30 seconds after these thoughts, I found above can. I cannot remember ever picking up one of this type beer before.

(Often, when I write about my finds, I dig up more possibilities in the process. I just added an e towards the end - it could make the name of a newspaper).

- - - - - - -  


When my eldest son Ben visits, he often brings the Weekend Australian Newspaper after he had read it. (Ben, how ironic, together with his partner, has bought a house at No. 8 ..., exactly 5.3 kilometres from us).

On the weekend of October 7/8/06 Ben left with us the magazine of the Australian Newspaper, called Good Weekend. Without searching or thinking, if this was possible with my (LLL IT) Low Level Latent Inhibitional Thinking-brain, something started in my mind, as I read a wonderful story. Had anyone asked me, in which magazine such stories are normally published, I would have answered: the Salvation Army's Warcry or The Challenge Good News Newspaper.

The article, about a changed man, was in the Weekend Australian on page 54. In the photo that came with it, he looked more like a truck driver, or security guard, perhaps. The article told he had become a Pastor, after totally turning his life around, having spent much time in and out of prisons. At one point, so the article reads, he ran a brothel in St. Kilda, Melbourne's bay-side suburb.

According to the story, out of the blue, with only sketchy details, came the fact that he had become a committed Christian. For me this would have been one of the most important parts to read. A good yarn, how  thinking honestly about life and God, can  turn a rough rogue from Crime to Christ and make him into a gentleman, makes fabulous reading.

The story of this man gave a very vague reason, why he turned around. But according to the Good Weekend magazine, the man certainly had changed his life around; from brothel operator to running a Christian support ministry for prisoners.

At first I felt excited, reading such good news in a major newspaper. Seldom had I seen this kind of story outside specialized, Christian magazines. On the Sunday, October 8th, I emailed the magazine, expressing my approval: Australia needs to hear, where the real answer to her problems are found: It starts with L, but is neither Liberal nor Labor (Australia's two main political party's).

Re-thinking and slowly chewing over the article, however, my mind went through a series of complex thought processes. Doubts crept in and were getting stronger. It started with the converted criminal's name Terry Walker. Some research online revealed, this man headed a group called Tribe of Juda. Much of what I read on their website sounded a little weird.

I noticed the word directly was spelled IRECTTLY. The letters TOJ, for Tribe of Judah, the address of their Headquarters, Queens Street, Kingston, plus the last digits of their phone number 3610 were just too much for my mind to overlook.

Another link on the TOJ website advertised an upcoming event, an invitation to a party for former, present and future ex-inmates to the Inauguration of the Transformed. I write that again: a party for former, present and future ex-inmates to the Inauguration of the Transformed. It didn't make sense. I read the Terry Walker good news story again, but with a little more suspicion than at first.

On Monday I sent my observations online to the Good Weekend Magazine, telling them how I saw it:


Subject: Colourful Tribe of Juda

Date: 9/10/06

Hi all,
Yesterday I commented on the incredible story of Pastor Terry Walker. After some more research he seems an incredible character and so do some of his converts.
Eva heard the voice of Jesus tell her: "Get up - do your piano practice!"  I hear a voice too often: "Get off that computer - do some real work", but it's just a nagging wife* calling, Jesus wouldn't talk like that to anybody.
I wonder, if the journalist Anne Lim read the website of the Tribe of Judah. They may have given it all away by spelling directly - IRECTTLY.
Terry Walker: "Soon after that, I was alone one day in my home and got on my knees beside my bed, and, just like I saw in the movies, I put my hands under my chin..."
Wow again, Terry must have watched the right kind of movies. I wonder, where he got that trick from - on your knees, hands under your chin -  maybe Anne should have included this in the Weekend Magazine article. Perhaps somebody in Australia made a discovery they should share with the world?
On the events page - how interesting - they invite former, present and future ex-inmates to the Inauguration of the Transformed??? The bit about future ex-imate had me baffled - but I worked it out: If I get the guy out of jail, who is serving time innocently, he could be called a future ex-inmate. When he does come out - there will be a High and Mighty Big Tall Man Party, somewhere in Little Collins Street, Melborn.
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
PS  I hope your readers don't get cynical as I did, after reading about Terry Walker on the TOJ website. But it doesn't take much to make me doubt what I hear. (I'm off soon to check up on our 19th motorcyclist killed in SA this year. Today just happens to be 9/10 and the location in Vista is no doubt near Perseverance Road. He was 40 ears old.  


*(Please note: My wife does not nag that much any longer, I exaggerated a little for some fun. Since I stopped running up and down the street in my underwear, shouting the end in near, she behaves rather normally).

The PS reference to the Tall Man Party referred to an advertisement in the same Weekend Australian newspaper. I saw the add and thought I could see a code. The store's address was in Little Collins St., where I had experienced a little magic before.

 - - - - - - -


The final paragraphs of the Terry Walker story: The Good Weekend Magazine 7-8 Oct. 06



Food by the truck loads - 20-40 tonnes per week is a lot of food to distribute. But where does that fit in with having bought a building on top of hill in Brisbane? And what has that to do with his son Jamie working as a senior detective in Melbourne?

But it was the name of the reporter who did the interview, Anne Lim, what caused my LLL IT to move up a notch. Read on, how it would link with something unexpected.

- - - - - - -


As mentioned in the PS above, I had written the email just before checking out a motorcyclist's death, the 19th cyclist to be killed that year. I recognized immediately the co-incidental numbers - the 19th motorcyclist was killed on 9/10!

I had been correct, when I guessed (in above PS) that the scene of the crash was within a stone's throw of Perseverance Road, Vista. Having alluded to the fact that I was going to check out the scene of a motorbike crash, I felt I had to send another message afterwards, the result what happened when I did.

Here is my third email in 3 days, to the Weekend Australian Magazine: 


Dated 10/10/2006

Subject:  U.C918 between gate 8&9

Hi all,
I think it's only fair to let you know, how I went yesterday, checking out the motorcycle crash. Yes, it was just above Perseverance Road. A bunch of flowers, a photo of Pete and his blue Ninja ZX12R motorbike was right near the 50 km/h sign.
I noticed gate 8 on my right, as I cycled slowly up Lower NE Road. Then gate 9 and just above that was the crash site. I couldn't decipher the yellow letters on the roadway W 1105 (L or 2?) and WI 8 -2  or similar (WW =  World War perhaps??)  
But something clicked - the registration plate U.C 918. I spotted it between gates 8 & 9 (someone lost it or placed it there). That makes sense.
But how about the fact that only hours earlier I had sent an email to the USA, where I said something ought to be turned 90 degrees and 160 degress (which made yesterdays date), but not 180 degrees (which I recognized as the numbers on the registration plate I had found. There was more on the way home ( Ford 1115, but let's not overload our brain).  
But there is more this morning - sorry if this bores you - My reading in today's InTouch Magazine (whom I had sent above email to) is from John 4. I happened to see a scripture on the opposite page - John 3, 23. John the Baptist was baptising in Aenon, near Salim. 
I could not help seeing in those letters the name - Anne Lim, the author of the Terry Walker article, which started our email exchange
So what do we do with the remaining letters soa? Aha, use my Suzuki's model  Wagon R+ and we soar off into the sunset. Any takers?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer

I was perplexed the way numbers, seemingly, just emerged out of nowhere and matched another hours later: Early in the morning I sent my message to the US, about turning a picture 90/180 degrees. Barely 1 1/2 hours later I find registration plate U.C 918! (Remember, I did not merely spot this licence plate on a vehicle, I actually found it beside the road to take home; real evidence).

The link between the name Anne Lim, the author of the Weekend Australian article, and the connection to the biblical place name Aenon, near Salim, sounded really weird, even to me. But, no two ways about it, by simply taking away the author's name, Anne Lim from Aenon Salim we are left with sao - soar minus r.

The name Lim was the name of a doctor I had written to long ago. Her husband had been accused of sexual misconduct by two female clients. At the time, I had received an inexplicable, almost supernatural sensation, as I walked past the doctor's office, that he is innocent of the charges. (Later I would receive similar revelation in the Liddy case).


Here is an extract from my first book: 

One morning, after some shopping, a thought dropped out of the blue just as I walked past the surgery of my family doctor. He had confessed and been sentenced for fondling two young women about two years earlier. Ever since seeing his photo and the article in the newspaper I had wondered about the incident, more so after the 50-year-old doctor had died of a heart attack while playing tennis. If two of my clients wanted to frame me, all they needed to do was to say I fondled during a driving lesson. It would be their word against mine.


Later I wrote this letter to the doctor's wife, her name was Dr. Lim.


You must wonder, why I have such an interest in your husband’s fate.

Please let me firstly express my sadness about his passing away exactly six months ago. You may not know why things happened as they did, but there is a God who holds everything in his hand. He has a purpose in everything.

When I saw your husband’s photo and the article in the Advertiser a voice inside me said immediately: “This is not correct. Dr. Lang is innocent”.

The voice was not audible, just a very strong, clear message. I believe there is not only a God, but that he is alive today and works in people through his Holy Spirit. This powerful force was and is still working today and, so I believe, told me that your husband is innocent.


(Reading it now, I must have had two experiences, sensing the doctor's innocence. One, as I saw his photo in the paper, the other as I walked past his surgery, near our place).

Is there another circle closing, more injustices to come out into the open and to be dealt with by the authorities? Dr. Lim's ...

(Hey, now I remember above can, a few days ago - how weird - Dr. Tim's - now Dr. Lim's! Amazing how I uncover connections as I write).

... husband died young, aged 50. He had been accused of sexual-abuse by two of his female patients. I had doubted the story right from the beginning, just like I had doubted the guilt of Peter Liddy.

It's all hard to swallow - like a dry SAO biscuit.

- - - - - - -


As I searched for material for this chapter, I looked through the numerous folders, I store it all in. Amazing how many bits and pieces I have collected over the years. It indicates how long my journey has been. (Please don't ask how long there is to go. Only HE knows).

Here are two items which are of significance, but had not been published as yet. They are rather different, but both will touch the soft heart of those, who see the beauty of God in it. 


1. Around Christmas 2004 I was cycling at Golden Grove, a nearby suburb. On the road I noticed and picked up a few DIN A4, white pieces of paper, stapled together. It was a young child's book, possibly a budding author's first published work.


 One Christmas Night

Page 2

One Christmas Night there was two Children were sleeping. They heard a noise and they looked outside and they said it's Santa

Page 3.

And when it was Christmas Eve they got sos? presents.

4. And they went to their friend's house.

5. The End


- - - - - - -

2. Baby resurrected in Lira, Uganda

I know the missionary (pictured on left) personally. He sent this amazing story via email, which I had come across while searching my files.

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare -
August 2006

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon a village mother discovered her two year old daughter had suddenly died. Although comforted by others, it was clear that nothing could be done. Then her friend remembered that there was a Celebration Crusade taking place that evening, so they quickly brought the toddler for prayer. Susan Kasii (a GFI worker) felt the cold and lifeless body and prayed for a miracle.

Then around 7pm when the Evangelist was making an altar call, this woman and her friend came forward for prayer. What extraordinary and simple child-like faith this mother and her friend displayed as they believed that the God that the Evangelist spoke of, was indeed a God of miracles. As they prayed together the little girl stirred back to life.

Within an hour, the message was all around town that a child had been raised from the dead. Many were there to witness the truth of the event as the people thanked God and praised Him for His great compassion.

(Please note: This is reprinted from Gospel Fire International Website).

- - - - - - -


When I wake real early in the morning and feel as fresh, as if I'd slept six hours straight, I turn my thoughts to God and ask him: Is there anything that you want me to do? On Wednesday Nov. 29th was such a moment.

On ABC Radio National I heard a lively, male give a talk to a live audience. In the first sentence I could hear it was about religion, and not very pleasant to listen to. The speaker made fun of biblical stories, such as that of Abraham, who almost killed his son on God's orders.

The speaker also questioned the wisdom of another god-fearing father. The biblical tale, of Jephthah, which had me fascinated too, but for a different reason. It was about a father, who made a vow to God: "If you give us victory over our enemy, I will sacrifice the first ..., which comes out to meet me, when I return home. As the tragedy unfolded, his only daughter came out to meet him.

There is much debate, what Jephthah had expected, his dog or a sheep maybe? It certainly gave the entertaining speaker I was listening to, ammunition to make a laughing stock of those who still believe in, and want to learn from the Bible. 

The male lecturer talked very eloquently and entertaining. What was upsetting was his mocking manner. Making fun of one of God's strict rules from the Old Testament, extracted more laughter from his audience: If a man was found to have sex with an animal, according to the bible, that man and the animal had to die. The joke's punch-line: What has the poor animal done to deserve this?

A few minutes into the talk the announcer gave the name of the speaker. It was Richard Dawkins. His name immediately rang a bell. Only 7 days earlier I had emailed the man, regarding his book 'The God Delusion'. I had found out Richard Dawkins was a Professor at both Oxford and Berkeley Universities.

(The God Delusion is to be discussed on ABC TV, during a new Book Show, the First Tuesday Book Club. The last show for 06, is on Tuesunday (sic) December 10th).  


Now that's interesting: On the gentleman's website, a short video plays. I just saw it while researching just now. The date on the video says, what co-incidence, 10-23-06. Today in the USA it is still yesterday, with its similar date numbers 12-03-06).

In the video, during question time, a young student, Ryan from Liberty University, questions the difference between reasonable faith and blind faith. The talk, so the video shows, was at Lynchburgh in the Randolph-Macon Women's College.

Oh, the magic of the Internet and the power of God's timing!

Did anyone notice, that in a further co-incidence, this is the 231st chapter in my auto-biography?


Since this gentleman would possibly place me into the 'God-deluded' basket, I felt I ought to let him know, a little stronger and longer than my previous email, how others may regard his theories.

I have shortened the text, since it is a rather lengthy email. Here I also told him, how I viewed the story of Jephthah and his brave daughter: 


Date: 29/11/06

Dear Mr. Dawkins,


You seen to love the controversy, the limelight, the status of the arch rebel, travelling the world, telling everyone, how naive they are to still believe in God.  
In a way I have not come across many minds, who know the scriptures as well as you seem to, yet still make fun of everything about God. You got some great laughs, making fun of the complex story of Abraham and others, like the great victory at Jericho. The story in Judges 11 the daughter who died willingly  I regard it as a shining example of a generation, who still respected God (her father) and a totally submissive child (the daughter), who only wanted to have a little fun, before she was to die.
Do I read you correctly, you want people to think for themselves, use their scientific, academic, intelligence to come to the conclusion - there is no god, religion is a myth, IT is all a fairytale, don't fall for it?
Wouldn't this be a bit unfair to those, simple minds like me, who were not educated at University? I totally agree with you - education is the key to a civilized society. Education is also about - you would agree with that too - think for yourself, reason with yourself. However, a totally honest mind would go in the opposite direction you are taking them.
At one point the search for God has to come to this point: "God I don't understand you - if you are for real, show me that you really exist".
If then my simple mind opens to see ... whatever God reveals to me, I can say - Thank you, God, now I have tasted you and I will forever trust you." There a hundreds of millions in the world who have done this - even the most primitive of tribesmen can make this connection, from the human level to the divine. You may call me God deluded. I call myself blessed.

If you think you can fight Almighty God - let me encourage you - get your supporters organized, as you just mentioned on the radio talk, fight with all your might and strength - to defeat this enemy.

My God has won the tophy by dying on a wooden cross, having nails driven through his body. Try to beat that.

If you are fighting fundamentalism, I am probably one of your worst adversaries. I couldn't be more fundamental and intolerant when it comes to abortion, homosexuality, marriage and yes - if a man had sex with an animal, they both had to die. (You got a good laugh out of your audience for that one). God saw this evil. The horrible evidence had to be removed from out of his sight.  
If any of your talk touched on the New Testament, I missed it. You see, Jesus came because the original contract did not work out. Not because it was wrong. It was because there were humans, rebels, who thought they knew better than Almighty God. They did not obey the rules - rules about what to eat, not to tell lies, not to kill, who to sleep with at night, and to not get extra sex in the barn with an animal. (Remember, they had no condoms).
I sound very simplistic, I know. But I also know, if I don't sleep with another man, ever, I will far less likely acquire the aids virus. If I keep my body pure and don't do stupid things, like inhaling the smoke from burning leaves, I am far less likely to contract lung cancer. Even your scientific friends would agree with that.
Allow me to concluded with a similar thought to my last email. One day, we shall know what IT was all about. I am not sure where you think you will stand, when confronted with God, which you probably don't believe will ever happen. But my God promised me, HE and I will be together forever, happy, thankful and glad the struggle is over.
Those who reject HIM now will have missed their chance - they will party forever with all those, who claimed the rest of us was deluded. We just have to wait and see.
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
ISA 486
PS If you like, I'd love to explain, how the code ISA 486 came about. It was either from God, or on 20/3/06 I was deluded big time. 


I would like nothing better than to sit down with a scientist like Professor Dawkins, look him in the eye and say: "Do you really believe it was co-incident that on 20/3/06, only a few weeks after ...in Innisfail, Postcode .... storm ....bananas ... gone?"

Of course ALL could have been co-incidence. But my experiences had long ago passed the threshold of the co-incidental. Any scientist would have to agree - there comes a point, when there is enough evidence, that it's no longer blind faith. It's called an Act of God.

If you don't believe in God, how about common sense?

- - - - - - -


Stop Press: As I am writing this chapter on 4/12/06 (in Australia) there is breaking News on the Radio: A new Federal Opposition Leader and Deputy Leader have been elected in Canberra (the Rudd/Gillard team).

In the hour prior I had occasion to send three emails (Code 095D03) to Yukon Canada. Triggered initially by code Windid Lake, fuelled by the name Gilliland and completed after discovering map No. 1115.4g. The timing here is amazing; so are the names etc. etc.(Full story, God willing, in a later chapter).

IT is HE.

- - - - - - -

Over the weekend I had doubts, if I should include the sequel to the red card story from the previous chapter (code 110105) on it. Now I am certain, I was meant to:

In the previous chapter I showed a red card,  which once held a car air freshener (product number ). You may also recall, moments after I had found this card, I had come across a phone number ....1115, which was attached to a fence on a large banner of the Modbury Jets Soccer Club.

This morning while reading the chapter again, I sensed there were more links. Red cards is not what football players ever want to see, unless for Birthdays or Christmas'.  I know, how strange it sounds, but I can see a link between the U1P 10105 red card, and what is happening in our Adelaide United Soccer Team at this time. If I'm up the creek, please allow me to have some fun (up Hester or Independence Creek). 

The evening before writing our Team lost the first of three special home matches; special, because a world-class, Brazilian player Romario is making a 4 match appearance for Adelaide United.

The strange connection, will it ever stop, was in the dates of  the 3 home-games, which were scheduled for the season 0607: December 1, 10 and 15th December, those numbers, which has me spooked again -  1 10 15.


(Believe it or not - Driving  home after church the day before this final editing, on 3/12, I happened to glance at the odometer of our Suzuki.  During the short 3 kilometre journey, the odometer passed - 231115.

Can you see that all I need was a 1* and I'd arrive at the date, plus the special number I had written about the day before, which is popping out everywhere at the moment? (Bit spooky, but nothing to be fearful of).

*Within ten seconds of writing this, Isobel handed me a dollar. She had just paid a bill for $ 249 and returned the change from the 5x$50 I had given her. I was thinking to myself: This is about all she would think my writing is worth!

- - - - - - -


It's got to be red.

 This take-away food container lid must have been in the sun a long time. It was folded so that the red had turned grey, leaving the letters red roo / ster..

Why did I pick this up, during a recent dog walk with Becky? A distant memory goes back to my 2003 trip to the USA. My first night was in a Red Roof Inn.

 Hey, this is amazing - I just remembered. Read the first few lines of Chapter 74 of my first book:

On May 8th 2003 I awoke with the script of this chapter reverberating in my mind. Should I get up and write it straight away or can it wait till the morning? I looked at the clock radio; because it said 1.23 am I got up and fired up the computer immediately. God and I often worked like that. I remember the first night in the US turning out the light at 10.23 am in Anaheim. The next night I turned it out just after midnight, the clock said 12.03 am.

This took place in the Red Roof Inn, Anaheim.

- - - - - - -


In above clash, against Melbourne Victory at Hindmarsh Stadium, the first of two red cards came as a shock, after only 7 minutes. Our goal keeper Bajic allegedly committed a bad foul in the box. He was sent off - after being shown a red card. (Everyone questioned, why the referee did not give a yellow card as a warning first, which is normal practice).

Later another player, from the opposition receive a red card and was sent off. Melbourne Victory is doing its name proud this season. They are well ahead in Number 1 spot in the table, set to become Premiers.

In the match above, the first of the 3 home matches, the score line at the end was 3:1. The only goal for Adelaide United was a header by another Brazilian player, Fernando, who is a regular in the United squad.

But there were more connections to football. The same weekend as above match, I happened to read the Salvation Army's Warcry magazine. The article titled Glitz, Glamour and a Heart of Gold, describes the vision of one woman and her impossible dream to put a small town in Queensland on the map of international cinema. Her visionary project was, so I read, the first film festival held in Gympie, which the article called it the Sunshine Coast's Golden City*.

It must surely happen to other writers - just as I had typed the word city, Leon Byner on Radio Five AA, spoke the same word city, within a second - 4/12/06 - 11.28 am).

Below I scanned two extracts of the Warcry article. See if you would have seen the connections, or if I am up the creek (but not somewhere on the Sunshine Coast):




South-American born film maker Fernando, lives in NY. Solidarity won the Mayor's Award.

United - Solidarity sounds similar, doesn't it?

I love the last line, which scanned like this, totally unplanned Da Ninci:

 ...on the need for hope c he-

(the completed sentence ...tainly rings true for him).



More similarities to Da Ninci and football:

... gives people a chance to turn off their brain and get involved in a story that rekindles kindness, forgiveness, love, says D. David Morin.

I can't agree here - don't turn off your brain, turn it on! It may just leave you speechless, after reading the last moral twit, sorry twist.

Damian Mori, among the top strikers in Australia, is famous for scoring the fastest goal ever in a football match. It was from kick-off on 19/9/95 at Adelaide's Hindmarsh Stadium. The shot straight after kick-off caught the opposition goal keeper unprepared. 1:0 in four seconds.

- - - - - - -



During my quiet time on the morning of writing (the first draft) I had a thought regarding this ability to a myriad of data and deciphering it intelligently. Please nobody think I am calling myself intelligent. I don't have academic certificates of any kind to boast, not even religious qualifications.

But let me say this: I still prefer those, who question my sanity, after having read my weird tales. The one who rejects what is written, without trying to understand, is a greater challenge. How can you open their eyes, that they may see and start an honest debate with themselves, or with the ONE it is all about? 

My closest family members fall into this category - so close to the action, the signs are so clear, but their minds are closed; their eyes blinded. I see a time coming, when I may need to choose between ... too painful to comprehend ...

I also see a parallel to God's chosen people, the nation of Israel. They have long ago experienced their God Jehovah's mighty miracles. They were promised a Saviour. HE came. But not as king, bathed in glitz and glamour, the star of the film festival. He slipped in humbly and ordinarily, almost unnoticed.

They lived so close to HIM, yet so far away. They saw HIS magic healings, but most of Israel today, I am told it is 97 precent, still have a closed mind and blinded eyes to their Messiah Jesus.

When will they see that not all of Isaiah 53 can be co-incidental? When will they recognize the man Jesus as their promised Messiah?

When will they see the maN on the cross, who rose and lives among us?

 IT all makes sense. N is IT. Think about it in English or German.

Get 2 IT and N - it makes sense?


Chapter 21