(Please note - parts of this chapter were first written before the previous upload, prior to 7Nov 06, and completed between 27-30 Nov) .


19.  Bright Light - Pearl

Most Christians have no problem with the concept that the scriptures they live by are the Word of God, a collection of books called the Bible. Ardent believers even go one step further and claim that only the traditional King James version ought to be regarded as the word of God. They reject any modern translation.

Without deeply exploring this theological theory let me say this: I can see nothing wrong with changing the phrase love thy neighbour to read love those you work and live with.

Isn't it true that in our times we spend far more time with people at work, than we do with next door. As long as they don't play loud music etc. we don't have reason to not love them.

The most vital aspect about the Word of God is to live it, not just to study and dissect it. Many enjoy the academic approach only because they love engaging others in their argument, which they need to win at all cost. (How can we lose an argument with God on our side?)

If the words God inspired are so important to a Christian, why is there such reluctance to accept that God may also inspire numbers, which HE may choose to use as a tool? At least my family is strongly opposed to my claim, that God showed me such and such a number. Are not numbers merely letters which make words, which are then expressed with a symbol from 1-9?

Just look at 10 (T e n). In chapters 3 and 4 I told the story of Easter 2006, where I discovered the letter combination T & N in a very strange way. The N on the T made the letters 44. (In a moment read how TN makes 44 minus 10).

On the day of writing (28/11/06) I woke at 4.41 am. Shortly afterwards  I made a 15 second contribution to the Australia-wide talk-back show, Overnight, on ABC Radio.

I'd had an inkling I was meant to, because I dialled and dialled for a few minutes unsuccessfully. I finally got through, l was ready to give up, but said to God: "If you want me to tell my little story you have to help me get through to the switchboard operator. HE did a second later. I was live on air 20 seconds before the news.

My 15 second fame on national radio went something like this: A client of mine, who lived in a North Adelaide flat, told me this story. She put something on the stove one morning. While it was cooking she went outside to check the letterbox. The wind slammed the door shut; she was locked out, wearing her pyjamas. Smoke soon started coming from under the door and the gaps in the window.

Then she remembered there was a fire station (at the time there used to be one in North Adelaide) in the next street. She ran down and directed the firemen to her smoking place. (The joke by the firemen - we don't get much walk-in-business, especially ladies in pyjamas). 

- - - - - - -


A find in St. Agnes, with a NY connection.



This red piece of cardboard in the gutter triggered something, as I was cycling past in St. Agnes. It was discarded packaging for a car air-freshener.

 The manufacturer was a US company in Watertown, NY. In the first 5 of the 9 digit postcode I saw a well-known scripture: (John) 3.16 + 10. (Read on about plus 10).

Hey, now as I ponder on the other 4 digits 0719 I see that a 1/5 swap would produce the suburb's postcode, St. Agnes 5097 (I had written about it in Chapter 7).

The product No. U1P-10105 also sounded very familiar - 1115. Cycling on, moments later, on the corner Milne and Golden Grove Roads I notice the remains of a recent car crash - the ForD badge clearly showed attached to the bumper bar. (For another Ford badge, read on).

In the background, on the fence of the soccer ground, was an advertisement for an event - phone ...1115! Too much LLL IT?

- - - - - - -


Recently I wondered, if the art, for a better word, of making letters into numbers (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc) has a name?  I never forget - by applying this simple code the word ATTITUDE scores 100.

The letter G (for God) is Number 7, Christ adds to 77. J (for Jesus) is letter No. 10. Letter No. 9 is I.

But I realize that this playful form of numbers-art, which could occupy an otherwise idle mind for hours, would become numerology, if taken literally, without any morals behind it. Before anyone believes God speaks in this fashion (and I don't claim he can't) must pray earnestly, if this is really God speaking to them.

As I have warned many times: Simply seeing and matching random numbers, without an intimate, daily walk with God, then claiming it must be God, is wrong. Don't be led astray by a counterfeit ideology.

Still, I discovered something, using this system, which to me highlights what I knew long ago - Love and Jesus are closely linked. Using our numbers for letters system, LOVE scores 54. (53 plus 1).

Love (54), plus 2 X 10 = 74 (Jesus). Did I not title one of my chapters - the two tens of Jesus?

I couldn't resist a little playing around with my wife, if you pardon the expression - I worked out she has one up on me. (Dieter 61 plus 1 = Isobel). That might explain a lot.

But there was more, a little twist in the word LOVE, using Roman Numerals. Years ago I discerned the letters LV as the word LOVE without the two vowels. In Roman numerals LV represents number 55.

Again it only takes our PLUS 1 code to arrive at 56, which is written in Roman Numerals as L V I - Love plus 1 again.

Jesus' love really makes you think. Her name is...

- - - - - - -


Front page cartoon from The Weekend Australian 6-7/10/06:

Gold, gold, gold, etc etc


Does somebody else like counting? Is there another fan, who loves number 15 and that three-letter word, plus L?

For readers who have forgotten, where my number 15 originated - Years ago I had discovered and closely identified with the first five verses of Habakkuk. Today I believe even more that these verses tell my story.

In verses 1-4 the prophet cries as he sees the injustice, corruption and violence all around him. He questions God, why are you showing me this, the iniquity that is going on? Wicked people seem to be in charge, therefore the judges don't pass down the right verdict.

 Verse 5: "Look on the internet and surf for yourself. You'll be amazed. For I will create and show you links and connections you will not believe, even if someone told you it's all for real." (Habakkuk)

- - - - - - -


Is it a weakness or a virtue that I see messages in the world around me? Since I regard myself as one of the most notorious whistle blowers in Adelaide, I am constantly interpreting signs and things around me, which could hold a sinister message. It's a kind of serious fun. Humour and fun help me deal with it, without losing my sanity:

Here are two good examples of this: During a walk with Becky, our dog, two young, athletic looking men appeared, overtook us and walked just ahead of us. Both wore black T-shirts with large, white letters on the back. One carried the letters DRLA, the other showed the familiar letters FBI. If this was a message that I (DR) ought to go away (LA) and see the FBI, all I can say is - been there done that. 

This was around the time I disclosed, and published online, my bombshell findings in the Liddy trial. Another message, if indeed it was meant for me, came the day after uploading my Liddy court-case findings. That morning a vehicle overtook me in the lane beside. The registration plate SARG, translated into German, means coffin. The numbers that went with it were those of our address.

One irate lady, obviously another enemy I had made with my writing, phoned us one evening. Isobel had answered the phone call around 7.30 pm and passed the phone over to me. A lady's voice asked, if I was Dieter Fischer. I answered: "I am, and who am I speaking to?"

Without identifying herself she started into a tirade of abuse, using disgusting, vile language. I asked again, who I was speaking to. In a way I would have loved to reason with the caller, even if she was on the opposite side. Conflicts are best resolved by calm reasoning.

The female voice, however, continued with the same filthy mouth. I just hung up. My guess is, she was possibly the mother of one of those, who claimed sexual abuse against the magistrate and had come across my website.

The question arises:  Was the irate caller upset, because she had also been deceived, or because she was part of the deception? If I was the opposition, I would also be irate, knowing the game is over, judgement is coming.

The latest information I received from a close contact with Peter Liddy is this: There is an investigation under way. If this isso, it's only a matter of time, before the truth comes out into the open. And so it should. I have personally, face to face, informed the highest law enforcement authority in Australia, about this matter. Call me obsessed; when it comes to justice, perhaps I am, passionately obsessed?

Below is an email to a stranger overseas. I have expressed how angry I felt, especially with the print media.

A copy went to seven Christian organisations, six in the USA, one in Australia. Note the little twist in the end, as usual the day's date appeared from somewhere.


Date: 24/11/06

Subject: Discernment needed

Dear Mr. Reed,
I know of an honest, upright man, who has been jailed for 25 years imprisonment. I have also found out that a newspaper was instrumental for an injustice of this magnitude to occur. Nobody in this town, Adelaide, South Australia, wants to become actively involved for whatever reason.
What triggered this email to you was an article by Gordon M. in Leadership Magazine (I assume it's your publication), where he tries to explain, why Christian leaders like Ted Haggard fall from grace. As I understand it, around the time this happened, a number of US States voted on gay marriage legislation. Was this co-incidental with Haggard's downfall, or was there more to it? 
I know of a further case, where I asked questions, after a prominent Christian Leader was exposed to have had an affair with a lady. The man was an Australian MP, Mr. Ross Cameron, a married man , the founder of the Christian Fellowship of the Members of Parliament in Canberra, our Federal Government. He supposedly was meeting a lady, while he was married, and spent some nights with her. How unfortunate, the lady happened to move to the USA, and nobody knows, who she is or where she is.
What if these infidelities never took place? What if the woman does not even exist? An interview with her would be worth a fair bit in a gossip magazine. We never heard any more of the incident. As a result, however, the gentleman lost his seat at the election following. What is so disturbing is that the gentlemen apparently owned up to having done the evil deeds. What if he was coaxed into the confession? What if the newspaper had printed the story anyway? But more damaging is the general notion - Look these Christians, they're no different to ...!  
Our whole society, here in Australia, and I don't think the US, Canada or Britain are much different, is based on information that comes out of the mass media. Here in Adelaide, the professionals, investigative journalists, have been transferred to the sports departments, or so it seems.

One Christian journalist, I know him personally, exposed corruption, which pushed through legislation to legalize poker machines in hotels and clubs. Now every suburb has dozens of them. But the corrupt system turned the tables - they made what was good into bad - they jailed the brave man, a father of 3, for 3 months.  

I would not put it past the realm of possibility that a prominent church leader is accused of sex charges or other bad things, which are fabricated and printed by the mass media as if it was true. Once a lie has been created from one source, all newspapers, radio and TV feed off the same source. The general population all believe it must be true, because they can't all be wrong. Bulldust - they can and often are!
As you can see, I feel rather angry about this - especially since even my closest friends, besides politicians, church leaders and otherwise honest lawyers, have been deceived. Detectives dealing in drugs, journalists reporting half-truths, and a number of female judges and lawyers (I have been told many are lesbian), think they got away with all this. But God will have the final say - trust me.
The day of reckoning is coming and is already here. 
Australia is experiencing the worst drought ever. Church Leaders across the nation are wasting their time praying for rain. They ought to know their bible better than that - little justice, little rain (Jeremiah 3,3).  
I urge Christians to pray for discernment and to stand and expose the lies of the evil one.  If we don't, who is going to be the light on the hill, the salt of the earth?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
ISA 486
PS  Ironically, today is Nov. 24th (in the US) - Proverbs 24, 11 tells us to stand up for one who is innocently accused (sentenced to death).


The verse I referred to in the PS reads:

 "Save those who are led to their deaths. Rescue those who are about to be killed. (Proverbs 24,11).

Here is the scripture regarding rain:

"So the rain has not come. There has not been any spring rains. But your face still looks like the face of a prostitute. You refuse even to be ashamed of what you did".  (Jeremiah 3:3).


Normally I don't send long emails. People hate reading long texts. But I felt so strongly on this point, how the media uses, and sadly misuses, their power to set any agenda they wish. When that agenda is to do damages to honest, good people by telling lies, I see red. Nobody ever believe the nursery rhyme, sticks and stones ... Words can hurt and do enormous damage.

So what, if the media uses lies or only reports half-truths? Why be ashamed telling lies? If you don't believe in the ONE who commanded - Thou shalt not lie - why not put on a little spin, if it fits into the picture and achieves it's objective?

The answer is simple - God knows when lies are told - and HE hates it. Liars may think they get away with it - but they will not.

God is Love, many argue. He would not punish us for telling a little lie?

Sorry folks, HE is also a God, who loves justice. HE hates it when wrong is twisted to make it sound right and vice versa. God is not a God of tolerance. HE is very much a fundamentalist. The only way out is to submit to HIM, repent and turn from wicked ways.

The answer to the drought is found in 2 Chronicles 7, 14. (I just discovered 1 Day in those numbers, so it will happen one day).

The concept here is not only the way to end the drought, but the pathway to prosper a nation, any nation on earth, who wants to make a deal with God.

Your side of the deal requires this: Humble yourself, pray, seek God's face and turn from walking in wicked ways.

God's promise, and HE will surely do it: I will hear you from my all-powerful position, I will forgive you, I will heal your land.


- - - - - - -

(Vinyl Record cover - Polydor 2310 101)

At a garage sale in Salisbury I bought a stack of vinyl records at rock bottom price - 3 for $ 1.00.

 Heintje, a young Dutch singer then, topped the charts in the late 1960's and 70's. He had a captivating, clear voice, which delighted millions of my generation. 

I also picked up some original Elvis Presley records, plus The Best of ABBA.

It's amazing how our code fits into the album cover: You Are He in t je  the Best of ALL..

- - - - - - -

As I write the sky is blue outside, the temperature is hovering around 30 degrees Centigrade. Tomorrow's forecast is for 38 degrees heat. (Officially summer has not even started yet in Australia). The drought is very severe, impacting large parts of Australia. On the radio, just as I type, the discussion is again about water or the lack thereof.

Those who don't believe in a God blame our water-dilemma on global warming, a man-made problem. The term global warming has become a global buzzword. Now we have something to blame the drought for. The notion that an all-powerful God may be withholding the rain for a reason is not a scientific explanation. Many, if not most, believe there is no God, so how could HE withhold the rains? 

If climate change were to blame for our present drought, the weather has indeed changed fast. Exactly one year ago, Adelaide experienced very heavy rains, flooding valuable produce in the Northern market gardens around Virginia.

- - - - - - -

On 15/11/06 in a letter (hard copy) to every Member of Parliament in South Australia, I again pointed out the humungous miscarriage of justice. I delivered almost 70 letters personally to Parliament House. How many, I wondered, would have noticed the date 15.11. If anybody rearranged the digit 5 to the end, they arrived at 1115. This number resembles a date, January 11, 05. On that day our state experienced tragic bushfires, resulting in nine lives lost.

Three of the 70 envelops were different from the rest. Firstly, I wrote on them the postcode for Innisfail, Queensland, 4860. It would remind anyone that God's realm is the whole of nature. (A huge storm in March 06 wiped out almost the entire Banana crop in Australia).

The same three envelopes also included my business card (God has indeed worked miracles for us). Which three envelopes were they and why?

I wanted to have a little fun. Those three were addressed to the Members of the Electoral Districts of Bright, Light and Fisher. Since Fisher does not have a c, I doubt anyone did see it!

(The recently elected Member for Light ought to take notice of my letter. Peter Liddy's grieving mother, lives in his electorate).

While on the imprisoned man's case, let me tell you an insignificant, yet amazing incident of karma, which explains a lot to me, how God works.

Mrs. Liddy, the mother of the unfortunate, imprisoned man, told me something, which fitted perfectly into the puzzle. She knew her boy well enough to not go along with the evil, which was done to him. During his nightmare ordeal, to encourage him, she told her son: "No matter what happens, Peter, always walk with your head held high."

How interesting! This very gesture, seeing the accused on TV walking away from court with his head held high, struck me as peculiar. At that same moment, something deep inside me registered the conviction -  that man is innocent. 

God's ways are beyond our understanding, but so beautiful. I am overwhelmed just writing this.

- - - - - - -


Greeting card - Why God made Love

The text (Verse 1) reads:

 "God created love to give us spring the whole year through, so days would be forever bright and the skies forever blue".

I could not resist buying this card at a church* fair on 11/11/06. Why try to explain, why God made Love? He invented it, and therefore loves it.

The poem to go with the silly headline, could not be more inappropriate - spring and blue skies the whole year through. Anyone looking outside in Adelaide would agree, blue skies is the last thing we need at the moment, let alone forever.

 Ah, yes, but the politicians have somebody else to blame now  for the drought - the manufacturer of this card: Paramount, Order No. WG 1305 - Love IT.

* Another little  timing magic - The fair on 11/11 mentioned here was at a Salvation Army church. As I typed this at 2.28 pm on 29.11 on  ABC Newsradio, a speaker during a broadcast from the Senate in Canberra, mentioned the Salvation Army.

- - - - - - -


Something else took place on 11/11. Just after lunch I emailed a newly elected State Member of Parliament for the first time. On the ABC's TV program Stateline the gentleman had commented on a mysterious, religious sect, called the Exclusive Brethren.  They were becoming a political force, allegedly wielding power of influence, via a close-knit network of business men. According to reports I have heard, members were not allowed television, magazines or newspapers, radio, email or any other outside contact.

I asked the politician in my email: What if these Exclusive Brethren, who are so ultra-exclusive and mysteriously top-secret, don't even exist? What if they are just an invention and used for sinister purposes, by whoever and whenever needed?

Just as I finished typing this sentence I heard on radio (I switched to ABC 891, 2.51 pm) a male voice saying: "Tough question!" I say no more.

Of course I took the opportunity of this email to also whistle blow on the innocent man in jail.

Within minutes, after sending the strong message to the Parliamentarian, we had a rare clap of thunder. There had been a tiny bit of rain earlier that morning, but nothing to speak of.


- - - - - - -

Cheap, yet  priceless

"All things are possible with God".

At the same garage sale, where records were 3 for a dollar, they also sold religious regalia, 3 for a dollar. I chose this small, framed picture. It was made in Palmerston North, New Zealand, PO Box 74 - Love it.

As I walked away, I could not help commenting to the lady attending: "God is selling cheap today".

- - - - - - -


It was the first time I ever sent letters in hard copy to all Members of both Houses of the South Australian Parliament. To date, two weeks later, there were approximately ten replies. Not one respondent engaged directly in a meaningful dialog. Rather, I just received an acknowledgement of the correspondence received. No doubt, they are all busy looking into my letter.

As always my message to the politicians was blunt, telling it as it is, asking the hard questions. It is quite possible some of them heard the sad story, the big miscarriage of justice, for the first time. My blatant style may have come as a shock to some. Truth often hurts. But until the evil is dealt with, eradicated and the guilty punished, there will be no peace.

The rewards for facing our demons, and putting them under our feet, is the joy of freedom, making us forget the pain it all took. Future generations will thank us.

What prompted me to send such a strong message to our Parliamentarians on 15/11 was a comment by our Attorney General on TV. The evening before he was being interviewed regarding an outstanding Bill (and I mean neither outstanding good nor outstanding unpaid). It was about the so-called Relationships Bill. A small, but vocal group of gay and lesbian activists, wanted this legislation passed long before the March 06 Election.

Thank God it didn't happen. But they never give up. If only Christians were as persistent in standing for what is right! 

The average South Australian voter would not bother one iota, as to who receives the estate of a gay lover, after his death. Why is is necessary to make another law? Can't property matters be settled in a person's will or Power of Attorney?

Those citizens who can think, all three of us, recognize the real motive behind the gay lobby's persistence - the full recognition of gay marriages as equal to that of a man and woman.

 - - - - - - -

On the day of writing there was good news and bad news on the airwaves regarding same-sex legislation. The good news was that one brave Liberal politician (on the 9 am ABC Radio 891 News) spoke frankly against giving gays equal rights.

He said straight out, he was not for it, nor would the voters in his electorate, a large rural section in the north of our state, want it. He feels such matters should not even be considered by parliament. (I wished church leaders would be this forthright).

There was also bad news broadcast on radio. South Africa apparently jumped the final hurtle toward recognizing gay marriages. Legislation passed both Houses of Parliament today, to make it into law.

I felt sad, thinking they fought long and hard for freedom. Now that they have it, they use this freedom to again become enslaved - only by a different master.

- - - - - - -


Two finds at Salisbury East during a walk with Becky:

The slogan of the home builder, whose first name ends in NY, surname in lder: We'll get you there. Where to? NY? Or is the concept to get us home?

In tiny writing on the back of this business card the printer's phone number ... 2400. That's getting closer to home.

Moments later, I pick up what turned out to be a brochure of Weight Watchers. It was lying in the middle of Laver Street, the one, which in another chapter I had turned into Lavender, adding end.

The paper was folded so it just showed the word Pudding. This made me pick it up - the proof is in the pudding.

Not that I had anything to proof - I just play the ND game.

- - - - - - -


Allow me a few words regarding Christians and the gay issue. Christians are called foremost to love God. Secondly, they are called to love God some more. Thirdly, they are to love those who live and work with them. This does not mean they have to agree with the lifestyle that others choose to live, nor should every Christian play God's policeman, telling others their faults.

When this is done in an insensitive, unloving, judgemental way, it does more harm than good. It would have been better they would have kept their mouth shut.

There are two kinds of gay people and the difference between the two is vast. Firstly, there are those, who are aware they are different. They keep it to themselves, battle with it as part of their life's journey. Many truly love God. Their weakness, if I may call it that, actually draws them to God, because they love HIM and He definitely loves them, as they are.

The second category flaunts their gay lifestyle and mocks those, who still believe in*

 *believe it or not, just after I had typed believe in - 12.15pm, 30.11 - on ABC Radio, the leader of the Opposition Mr. Beazley spoke the words 'believe in' (during a rally in Melbourne?).

marriage as being exclusive between a male and female. They don't believe in God or follow His rules. Every year in Sydney millions are swept along with their madness, when hundreds of thousands, even straight people, line the streets to see the morally bankrupt walk by in a march.

The New South Wales Police enters  a contingent every year. Those officers taking part in the gay parade, so I am told, are on full pay, while marching along in full uniform. Hard to believe, but true. 

What also upsets fundamental Christians (and Muslims and other religions and organisations) is when gay lobbyists demand that their way of life is to be taught in schools, and their laws forced onto the rest  of us. After all, we are still a huge majority, thank God.

Those who passionately advocate non-discrimination of the gay lifestyle are fighting Almighty God himself. Let me assure you, after the final chapter is written, all will see, who chose the better path. No man-made law can change my admiration for God's wonderful design of male and female.

Friends, when a young man kisses a pretty, young lady at a bus stop, I smile and in my mind I hum Louis Armstrong's - "What a wonderful world". Anyone telling me, they feel the same way, when they watch a man kiss another man, I don't believe them. They are not being brutally honest, unless perhaps they are gay themselves.

It's the second category, which Christians have difficulty with. But nowhere do I read in the Bible Christians are to attack anybody. Rather we ought to show compassion and love to the weak.

If only society were on the side of those, who regard homosexuality as a weakness, which can be corrected with early intervention programs. (Why not? There are all kinds of early-intervention programs, for all kinds of conditions.)

We certainly should speak out, when we see man-made laws put forward, which go against God's laws. But nowhere do I read in the scriptures, we should attack a person, or hate them, because of a weakness they are struggling with.

- - - - - - -


A new kiosk and shop had opened in the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. My wife and I last Sunday took her elderly mother for a walk there, when we saw it, something odd. In the courtyard, just in front of the Botanic shop, was a fountain, which is nothing but a black, cube-shaped stone.

How many other visitors noticed that this new fountain looks exactly, as if it were a miniature Kaaba, a replica of Islam's holy stone in Mecca? Is there anywhere in Australia, outside a church property, where they erected a fountain in the shape of a cross?

- - - - - - -

This reminds me of my cross-project. As I have done in the past 3 years, normally leading up to Easter, I have already started pouring water onto the dry ground across the park, at the corner St. Clair Avenue. I am convinced this is what God told me to do. It came about like this:

On October 23rd 06, during my prayer time, I pondered at the drought. The thought came to me that because the ground was so very dry, I could start my cross early this year. Had I not written in chapter 3 that Christmas and Easter are closely linked?

Moments later, after my prayer, I opened the InTouch Magazine to read that day's scriptures. The headline for that Monday was - The Cross.

Friends, this is God speaking in HIS special way. I obeyed, the rest is up to HIM. This year, God willing, there will be a green cross during Christmas and over Easter.

- - - - - - -


In a democracy Governments make laws. However, if it ever came to the point of choosing between a law, made within the democratic process, but it goes against God's laws, I would follow God's law. The way society is going, we are close to the point, where the two will clash head-on. When that time comes it will separate the sheep from the goats.

Democracy is a good form of Government. But Governments can become corrupt, the majority can be wrong. Remember, even Mr. Hitler came to power legally. The dream of the Thousand Year Third Empire all sounded so promising. All were deceived. The madness in the end cost 55 million lives.

The biggest enemy of truth and justice is apathy. The more I probe into the truth of my friend in jail, the more I experience this apathy. Nobody seems to care; or they are busy re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

- - - - - - -

Found - Ford badge and Molly


On Friday 17/11 I cycled into the city a different way, one I had never cycled before. The morning's magic guidance could easily fill a whole chapter.

On the road I cycled past an oval shape piece of steel. It lay upside down. Still, I knew what it was, before I picked it up - a blue Ford badge.

From experience such items are not there by chance. I looked around and, sure enough, as I read the street name opposite, I recognized it as that of a prominent lawyer, who had taken part in the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. (Weeks earlier I had spoken to that person, who gave me little chance of having the Liddy case re-opened).

 Molly - Later that morning I happened to sit outside the old State Administration building in Victoria Square, Adelaide, just resting and eating an apple. As I walked back the few steps to my bicycle, I spotted the Molly label on the footpath.

Lavender coloured Molly - Why all won - was for D.


- - - - - - -

Let me finish this chapter with a rather outside the box interpretation of something I had written about in the previous chapter. I may have sounded a little irreverent, when I questioned the way a parishioner at our small Hobart congregation, spoke in tongues during many services.

Those who were part of this flock, would remember the phrase she repeated, Sunday by Sunday, over and over - Loco Coco Lococolo.

One Sunday I prayed, after she did her spiel, that God would show us, what this message was all about. As far as I can remember, nobody ever could find an interpretation for the strange utterance. Since it was the same phrase week after week, the message was obviously rather specific.

Recently, in the early morning hours, I think a possible answer came.

Part of my code, which came to me during the trip to Germany in 2002, changes the letter a to o. God is the alpha and omega. The word word became ward, law turned into low, icon reads as I can, after applying this simple twist.

During my early waking hours, a thought came to me: If I were to change a few o's to a in the utterance Loco Coco Lococolo, it suddenly took on meaning. The lady may have prophesied - OC, LA, CA.

Twice I had travelled to the US and experienced much fun and magic in a place called Orange County, Los Angeles, Ca.

The name of the lady, who had uttered these tongues, was Moate, first name Pearl.

How can all this be co-incident? Can you see God and the cross? Can you 'ear? 

My prayer, around 1977, for God to reveal to us the meaning of the prophetic tongue, took almost 30 years to come to pass. Some prayers just take a little longer to be answered.

Chapter 20