18.  Count your blessings 247

I wonder if this has ever happened before? A man wakes up in the morning and says to his wife: "Why don't you believe I am a prophet?"  Somewhere in the world this probably has happened - and she is still visiting him faithfully in the Centre for the Mentally Disturbed.

Well, I felt like popping this question to my wife many times. But I know from experience to not steer any conversation in that direction. Why certain subjects, even between a husband and wife of 35 years should still be taboo, is a question I'd like somebody to answer.

Perhaps early morning is not a good time to ask intimate questions. And late at night they usually make any attempt afterwards at ...play, you know, pretty futile and you wished you would have kept your mouth shut.

I trust I didn't offend anybody talking openly, telling it as it is. Sex between a married couple is a beautiful thing. It's only regarded as dirty, because that's what this perverse generation made of it.

Approximately 3/4 of all young people in Australia live together before marriage, I read recently. Some never ever marry. One business partner I used to deal with, I found out after giving his teenage son driving lessons, lived as man and wife permanently for 22 years, but was never officially married.

This is why we had to invent the term partner. I hate it when somebody refers to my wife as my partner, when booking into a Motel room. Isn't there any distinction between a  married couple, who faithfully stuck together for 35 years, and two people, barely in their twenties, who hardly knowing each other, rolling up for a one-night stand? (Why do they call it one-night stand - when most likely they lie horizontally all night?)

On the morning of writing, Nov. 3, 06 I sent an email of complaint to an Adelaide Radio Station. I was mildly angry about what I had heard on their radio station the day before. I was driving my youngest son Jon to his workplace, using our other son's Ford Futura. I didn't want to fiddle with an unfamiliar radio, so I left it tuned to the FM station.

After dropping Jon, the disc jockey asked listeners to phone in and tell everyone, what was special in their relationship with their partner. One young female came on air. Without any reservation she came out with a startling comment. Her tell-it-as-it-is style was as liberal as mine, but somehow, I felt there was a spirit behind the call, which disturbed me.

Here is what I emailed on 3/11/06, using their online feedback form. (Hey, I wasn't going to mention the Futura's rego No, but seeing this date, I will ... 061 - looks like that old No. 3 keeps hanging around):


(Please also read a correction after this email).

Hi all,
Normally I don't listen to your station, but driving my son's car yesterday I did briefly. In the past I had thought that ...FM was a reputable station. One of your employees, while she had driving lessons many years ago, was totally sold to ...FM. The standard must have slipped considerably.
On 2/11/06 - at approx. 5.20 pm you were asking listeners to phone in about something that is special in their relationship (man/woman relationship, I assumed).

One young listener rang, saying exactly those words: "When my boyfriend and I f...ed for the first time ..."
I found this very offensive. Not only the vulgar words, but the content of the call - that it's fun to jump to bed with any boy etc. Such broadcasting is setting a very bad standard for your young audience to be exposed to. Sadly, many will follow that path, not knowing any different.
The joke was - this boy lover kept getting the girl's name mixed up while doing it . He obviously was sleeping around with girls like her regularly. She thought it was a joke.
May I urge you to wake up to the fact that an organisation like yours has enormous power to influence young people - for good or for bad. Our children deserve better than unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted deceases and broken hearts and lives.

Who would know, if your vulgar caller making fun of illicit sex, which is sacred and God-given fun, will not steer a young person towards a ruined life? Unwanted children, or even worse - aborted children - are the silent victims.  There are between 50000 and 100 000 every year in Australia.

Dieter Fischer
PS  I am surprised my bible-student son would have his car radio tuned to a station like yours, unless I happened to catch you at your worst moment!

- - - - - - -

(My son told me, he seldom listens to above station).


A copy of this email went to two other contacts. To one I added the remark: What's the point praying for rain - repent first!

How timely: As I was typing this I received a call from the radio station concerned. They went into the trouble of replaying the segment. The first time I still heard it as the offensive word. The second time I accepted that I may have misheard the word f...ed, when the caller had said ...slept with my boyfriend. (Please note, I had my hearing check out by a professional service on 22/9/06 - it was normal).

The only difference was the offensive f... word. The bigger picture is still disturbing. During the discussion the gentleman who phoned me said, the radio stations only reflects what is happening in the community, implying lots of young people are sleeping around. I told him this is just not so. There are still young people, who have standards. The world would be a better place, if there were more of them.

What's more, if a radio station, or any other mass media, merely reflects what is happening out there, who it taking the leadership? The media ought to not reflect low moral standards, but respect those who still adhere to a higher moral code.

I am sure, I told the radio station, our young people would follow the right path, if we taught them and gave a good example.

- - - - - - -


ABBA Singles album - Money, money, money - Reverse side - Crazy World

Originally, I was going to upload this chapter on 5/11. Things didn't flow. Something made me look a little closer at this ABBA album cover, which I had bought at a garage sale the day before.

 Seeing the letters and number (A1176N) on the bottom corner, I took the liberty to wait 2 more days and upload on Nov. 7th 06. It figured. 

There was another spin-off. I could spare the time to watch the football at Manton Street. Adelaide United won 3:2 in a thriller against Perth Glory - (It felt good. Two years earlier supporters had travelled 2700 kilometres each way, on a bus to Perth, only to be beaten 5:0).

- - - - - - -


In the previous chapter you read about the name of the condition - Low Level of Latent Inhibited Thinking (LLL IT). According to expert findings, this illness makes the sufferer process large amounts of stimuli, plucked from their surroundings.  Where normal brains shut off, LLL IT minds are trying to digest it all. Many are classed as mentally ill, when they are misunderstood geniuses.

It must have been this condition, which made me take notice of something rather peculiar at the end of Australia's and South Australia's 2006 Football Season. I am referring to the odd-shaped ball football, which draws far greater support than the round-ball football, also known as soccer.

Just a thought, before coming to the 2006 peculiar football result. Whoever invented football must have suffered from an attack of LLL IT. He looked at a round football and his brain took off: "What if we made a ball that was not round, but egg shaped? Wouldn't it make the game more fun?. So they did.

This is how Rugby and Australian Rules Football was born. Surprisingly, no other sport has come up with the different shaped ball idea. In cricket it would save Shane Warne putting a spin on it, when text-messaging, sorry when bowling. The ball would do it automatically! The possibilities are endless. Just think of golf, tennis, billiards. Thankfully, like us at soccer, they resisted the pressure and stood their round, sorry ground.

The winners in the Australia-wide football competition were the West Coast Eagles. The winners of the South Australian State competition were also called The Eagles, plus they also have a West connection, their location West Torrens.

(More on this later in the Chapter)

- - - - - - -

The number 31 came up in a strange way at the November Edition of In Touch Magazine, which I had been reading daily. It  may sound crazy, but see for yourself, how the numbers came out:



The  main Bible reading for Nov. 1 was  Phil, 4, 10-20. The Bible-in-a-year was Luke 23-24.

How did I see code 31 on the day, when the date was 111?

 The pumpkin is most likely a symbol for Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in November in the US.

The first time I noticed this was on 5/11. I explained it carefully to my wife, just before we went to church together.

 As we fastened the seatbelt, ready to leave, I looked at the Suzuki's digital clock (which runs approx. 1/2 hour fast these days). It showed 10.13. I tried to make my passenger see, but...

The crazy run with numbers, the numbers 1 & 3, had started in Chapter 17, with the story surrounding Delta Airlines in Atlanta (1030 Delta Blvd). It had only been online 1 1/2 days.

- - - - - - -


On the day of writing (4/11/06) I attended a rally, which had been organised by the Green movement. Thousands around the world marched to highlight the problem of Climate Change. The Adelaide march ended at West Beach, in Adelaide's Western beachside suburb.

I may have been the only person, who did not agree with the speakers, who demanded our PM sign the Kyoto Protocol, limiting the amount of carbon entering the atmosphere. To sign any international contract like this, a country places itself under the control of a world body. Losing one's sovereignty is a vulnerable position to be in. I rather support a voluntary effort, each nation, each individual being educated and rewarded for doing their part to alleviate the problem.

What surprised me was the viciousness of personal attack on our Prime Minister, rather than concentrating on the problem. Chatting to a young man and his friend (Tom and Amanda, students from Hong Kong) I questioned: "What if a Labor Government were elected? What would these protesters protest about?

When one of the speakers praised the late Don Dunston as a great man, I thought: What does that man have to do with this it? Likewise, I asked myself - what on earth am I here for? But I was to find out shortly - I was indeed meant to be there that day.

At the conclusion the crowd was told to wait 10 or 15 minute for the TV News helicopter to fly over. Being somewhat camera-shy, I left before it arrived. For some fun I took my bike for a short ride in the direction of Glenelg.

I should have expected something, but friends, honestly, I never do. Events just come toward me, every time I leave our house. I saw a sign - Garage Sale No. 13 C ...... Street. 

The number 13 registered almost immediately. It had been a mere 36 hours or so, since uploading Chapter 17 (1030 Delta Blvd). The meaning of the street name "Cat-the cross is it-LA") took a day to recognize. I suspected another 'escape' message - the hated bird, who flew in the other direction than all the other birds, was in danger of being swallowed up by hungry, angry cats.

But I have eagles watching over me.

- - - - - - -


How about this very latest hint at escaping? I picked it up approx. 3 hours before typing on 6/11/06. I had hoped to meet a contact person to discuss the Liddy case. Right where I chained up my bicycle, I saw a white business card on the ground.

To cut the story short and to not disclose private details, I merely mention that the card was from a nearby business. The gentleman's name (in code, of course) could not have been clearer: N-good-off! - Just what off means is unclear - take-off maybe?

I did not make contact with anyone. Instead, I took a walk to the business premises in the nearby Mall. It was located right opposite another place, with a name that could not be much plainer - Escape Travel. Got the point.

- - - - - - -


Amazing what I see at garage sales. Usually I look for vinyl records and books. I didn't buy any books at the sale in 13 C..... Street. Reading the title on one, however, I was tempted to buy it just for one thing,  the short title - IT - and the name of the author, Stephen King.

When I spotted a double-album, the soundtrack for The Man from La Mancha, I couldn't resist. As was the case in the ABBA album, pictured earlier, I saw much Da Ninci. This time it was names - Hal James, Keith Mitchell, Joan Diener (German for servant).

As much as this teased me, in a way it pleased me. I made sense of it by imagining, this sale was a funraiser (sic) for an Adelaide male voice.

But there was more fun, waiting just around the corner. It started with a parked car, a red hatchback, registration plate UTAH ... My LLL IT kicked in immediately. (You will see in a moment why). A second later the large letters FROGMORE on the side of a building hit my brain. The third clue to absorb in as many seconds was car registration plate TID (or similar). 

My head went into a spin briefly, until it had digested the information it was fed with. I cycled on, but only for 20 seconds or so. I had to turn back to that spot, because there was something else - young people were playing baseball or softball on a large sportsground.

My mind wandered back to April 03. A children's baseball team had travelled on the same plane as I did to Melbourne. Later in the US I hooked up with a baseball team for half a day.

I got off my bike and wheeled it slowly on the grass, past the group of spectators. Nobody took notice. I stopped for a few moments to watch them play. I took a photo, trying to include the red hatchback with the UTAH plate (it's still in the camera).

If I was mildly excited about the number 15 on the back of a girl's jersey, reading the name of the team on the front, got me more excited - Eagles. I enquired with a lady onlooker. "Yes", she confirmed, the team was called the Eagles, the other team Tigers. It all made sense.

Remember, this was a day after I had written above paragraphs about The Eagles teams winning in football - but nothing had yet been uploaded! How was this possible?

The next day (5/11/06) on the Hour of Power, how unusual, Robert Schuller Jnr gave an object lesson. He was speaking about the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish. To demonstrate how few people this small amount would feed, he threw 5 small loves into the auditorium, using a baseball throwing motion. I found the timing unreal.


Turing the calendar back one month, the October issue of In Touch magazine featured the picture, shown below, on the front cover. I had looked at it for some days, as I did my daily readings. Suddenly my eyes opened to the possibility that there could be some meaning in this photograph:


Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Either U or C, depending how far we turn it.


In an email to the magazine I let them know, about two Eagles teams winning the football; plus a co-incident, where the word eagle came up in the bible reading the very next day after the State Eagles had won their trophy.

In a little twist, what's new, at the end of my email message, numbers fell into place, as if they had been carefully calculated, to create that day's date.


Email to In Touch Magazine - 9/10/06 

Hi all,
Allow me to share with you a small incidence, which happened here in Australia.
On 30/9 we had the national grand final in AFL (Australian Football League) in Melbourne. The 'Eagles' a team from the West Coast (Perth) won this year.
Yesterday, 8/10/06, we had our State's SANFL (South Australian Football League - I don't know what that N stands for) grand final. A team called the Eagles won (only for the second time ever).
I just had a chuckle at the co-incidence when I read Dr. Stanley's reading in "Early Light' today, still 8/10 in the US, was on Isaiah 40 - they soar like the Eagle (those who wait on God).
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS   I am still amazed at the quality of photography on In-Touch. If The Delicate Arch were to be moved 90 degrees anti-clockwise, it could be called the C-Arch! If it were turned it 160 degrees, it could be called the U-Arch.
Who said I was meant to write 180 degrees? Not so -because 90 and 160 make 9/10/06.


- - - - - - -


Creative reminder by a dentist that a check-up is due.

 Aha! So there you are! (Big eyes looking down a rabbit hole).

Talking of rabbits - Has anyone cracked the code of the Broadband TV ad? The one, where a father is driving along in a van, when his son asks: "Why did they built the Great Wall of China, Dad?"

 Dad thinks he knows it all, answers: "To keep the rabbits out", he says. "It was built during the time of Emperor Nazi Goering." (That's how my bi-lingual LLL IT brain heard it). 

For those not familiar with modern German History - Hermann Goering was deputy to Adolf Hitler and commander of the Luftwaffe. 

- - - - - - -


On the evening of Sunday 5/11 I re-visited the Pentecostal Church, where years earlier we had been active members. The timing clashed with the football at Hindmarsh, so I arrived an hour late at the well known Paradise Assemblies of God Church. (I got my priorities right, aye?)

An insignificant, yet possibly profound event on the Friday, made me decide to go that night. It happened like this: I needed a sheet or two of newspaper to clean a spot on the kitchen window. As I reached on top of a cupboard, where we store our old papers, I tried to pull just one page out. But the whole paper came down. It landed on the ground in front of me.

Was it fluke that the page just happened to open on page 27, the opinion page, which featured a 1/2 page article of the church, including a photo of the senior pastor? On the Sunday morning as I recalled the incident, I felt to go that night. (The reason at this point only God knows, but I have seen something else since, which I will not disclose at this point, which may be of great significance later - code 2828 23 25.

Reading the article on the Opinion-page,  I sensed the male journalist had very liberal views on moral issues, which sadly is very common in the media.  His writing, without going into great detail, was very cynical. Just the way he wrote: ...now Paradise runs a Cafe, an online store, TV Studios and a Primary School... makes the reader think, this is out of place in a church.

The writer further asks: "Isn't there some cardinal rule about religion and politics never mixing?" May I answer him - No there isn't, unless you mean giving to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God that which is Gods?

I don't agree that religion should be kept separate from politics; not from sport, family, education, business, science or any aspect of life. How could anyone pray on Sunday - Your kingdom come, your will be done - and on Monday go to work and do everything, as if God's will and his coming kingdom had nothing to do with life, other than 1 hour on Sunday morning?

A churchgoer, who doesn't put God number one from Monday to Sunday, might as well not bother. To be a Christian means to seek HIS will and do what's best for HIS kingdom, to constantly walk in HIS ways in every situation 24/7.

- - - - - - -

That's magic - I knew I'd put Count your blessings into this spot, but only now does the number of the hymn look magic. (His ways in every situation).

... heavy you are called to bear ...                                                                

But there is another reason I put this in here. I was alphabetically sorting my file of approx. 50 hymns. I grabbed a stack of clear A 4 plastic inserts. I had taken exactly the right number.

Above hymn was the first (out of three) I realized I had copied twice by mistake. (I'm glad now I made it). How much more Da Ninci can leap from one page? JN, all, 123, XL, Oatman, even ben fits.

 God can work magic, with or without numbers. What's more, we should not desire HIS magic. Our passion should be to love HIM.

- - - - - - -


At age 14 I became a convert from a mainstream Wesleyan Church to a strict, more exclusive Pentecostal denomination. This small denomination believed, according to the biblical Book of Acts, that a believer receives a measure of the Holy Spirit at conversion. But he or she was encouraged to ask for more, for an infilling or baptism, in the Holy Spirit.

The sign that the person has receive this experience was the uttering of words in another language, speaking in tongues. At age 15 or 16 I went to a youth camp, where I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. There is no question that I had this experience on that camp in the Black Forrest at Vesperweiler, near Calw, Germany, one January all those years ago.

 As a group of teenagers from the wider district we came together and prayed, studied the bible, talked, sang, made music and prayed some more. At the time I was filled with the Holy Spirit a friend was praying beside me as we knelt. His name was Siegfried (lit. Victory Peace).

Siegfried told me afterwards that he noticed at a certain point in my prayer the language changed. I had noticed it myself. No question, what happened that day was real. It was a strange scene, the mouth was speaking words I didn't understand, nor could I hold it back. But there was nothing fearful about it. The opposite was the case. I was overcome with a feeling of joy, freedom and liberation, which is hard to describe. Genuine prayer gives you this joy deep inside.

Many argue that when a sinner first repents of their sin, they receive the Holy Spirit. This is true. However, what took place at Pentecost, forty days after Easter, is regarded by the Pentecostal churches as an extra empowering, a special infilling.

This particular religious practice first took place, read it in Acts Chapter 2, when 120 followers gathered in an upstairs room, waiting for IT to happen. So why has it caused so much controversy, confusion, even hatred among Christians?

I was thinking again on this issue after uploading Chapter 17. Could it be that people like myself, gifted with an LLL IT brain are more likely to accept the added infilling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Does such a person need the extra tool, if this is the right word, to cope with his or her condition?

All would agree, God has * made everybody the same. Thank God not all  behave like the one writing to you, jumping with excitement, when they see the number of their birthday in a car registration plate ahead in their lane.   (*Correction, insert the word - not)

The problem starts when believers become dogmatic about this issue. Some churches go as far as saying, you are not a Christian, if you don't speak in tongues. This is most presumptuous.

Certain, passionate Christians must also examine themselves regularly, if speaking in tongues has become an obsession, a ritual with the wrong motive - the more I do it, the more I please God and/or my Pastor, and the better it feels. The feeling of wellbeing in prayer comes from the knowledge that there is an open door, 24/7, to the ONE who loves us, cares for us and meets all our needs. Talking to HIM with an honest, clean heart, is one of the most refreshing activities a man or woman could engage in.

If this spills over into an indelible sound or a strange language, just let it happen. Do it in private and don't feel proud or special because of it. But don't let anyone rob you of the joy, either. It's between you and God. Honest heart-to-heart prayer cured my stress, not speaking in tongues.

Another warning - don't let an issue, which needs resolving be prayed away, especially speaking in tongues. If a relationship needs restoring, pray. But prayer does not replace intelligent analysis and possibly unpleasant confrontation to put things right. Praying in tongues can become an escape valve, much like non-believers have another cigarette to calm their unsettled minds.

(I can't think why anybody in this day and age still smokes. If you are the parent of a 17 year old girl, would you rather her be a chain-smoker or a spend much of her time speaking in tongues?)  

Our home fellowship leader, when we first attended Paradise Assemblies of God church utilized speaking in tongues, as if it was a spiritual tool. After one meeting, he explained to us, he had real difficulty in choosing a suitable song to close the meeting with. He tried and tried to find just the right one. In the end, so he told us,  it came after he had prayed in tongues for 45 minutes.

I am not denigrating his ardent faith in what he believed. But let's be real, friends, not everyone would approach the issue in this way. I'd look out the window, take down the registration plate of the first car that comes along and - voila, Number 153 is it. You could ask the group for a favourite, but wouldn't you sound more spiritual, if you said - the Lord chose this song, especially for us tonight.


- - - - - - -

Stop Press: As I typed the Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation, was run in Flemington. It's the biggest event in Australia's horse racing calendar. Horse Number 2, Delta Blues, a Japanese horse with a white strip on his face, won in a very tight finish. I can't help thinking back to Chapter 17, today on 7/11.

- - - - - - -


One faithful parishioner, while we attended a Pentecostal Church in Tasmania, used to speak in tongues publicly almost every Sunday. She would usually utter what sounded like a few sounds strung together: "Locolo, coco locolo, cololo colocolo ..." (Friends, I am telling it as it was. I don't mean to rubbish the person or their doctrine).

One morning I was serving communion and had to utter a prayer. Just after the long silence, which often followed after the message in tongues, I prayed something like this: "Thank you Lord for your love, that we can gather here together and remember your death on the cross.... and please show us what it is, you are trying to tell us through Mrs. M ....!" And I meant it. (I can't recall if this left her speechless the following Sunday).

Speaking in tongues in public is to edify the church and as a sign to the unbelievers, who are among believers in the service. Those who speak in tongues, the Apostle Paul, writes should move on and seek the gift of prophesy. With this gift they could build-up the whole church, not only themselves.

Friends, if the following happened in a church today, it would send a wave of revival through our churches:

Somebody during a service gets up and speaks publicly in tongues. (One lady at Paradise Church used to be known as the lady who speaks in tongues with a strong accent). According to the bible, when you speak publicly in another language, another person should be present to interpret, what's being said. If this were so, and an non-believer, who understands this language, were to witness this miracle, he or she would believe that this really is from the Holy Spirit.

That's just what happened at the first Pentecost. Visitors from all over, speaking many languages, were in Jerusalem and heard the apostles speak in their own language. Little wonder that day, after a simple message by the apostle Peter, thousands joined the new movement with enthusiasm. But even back then, there were cynics, who said, they just had a few too many.

Those who insist, every believer should speak in tongues, because the apostle Paul told us so, I ask: When did you wash one of your brother's feet? Jesus himself told his disciples to do this. When did you last invite a poor person into your house for a meal, or gave a bed to a stranger who needed it?

To those who reject the Full-Gospel, saying it was a one-off event 2000 years ago,  which has no place any longer in today's church, I ask: On what authority are you saying this? Who are you to judge your brother, who communicates with God, perhaps on an LLL IT level, which you don't understand? Is this why you reject it, instead of confronting it?

- - - - - - -


Reward: Bring this letter and a business card to enter the draw ...

I had received a letter in the mail. It was an invite, just for me. I figured it out. The idea of having to come with a business card, after I had just uploaded a picture of my special business card "The Lord has indeed worked miracles for us", made me think deeper.

Then I cracked the code - God and 3,16. The event was held from 3-6 pm on the 17th at No. 17 Elizabeth Way. The month was AUG. Of course, I left my business card to enter the draw.

On the day before writing I had occasion to sent two of my business cards in the mail, just to let people know, it's all for real. One was to PO Box 337, Maitland NSW. The other to PO BOX 119, Tynte Street, North Adelaide. Tynte Street brought No. 202 to my mind.

- - - - - - -


God opened my eyes just recently to a scripture, where the prophet Isaiah foretold the events of the first Pentecost. I was flabbergasted when I saw it. It fitted better than ben- fits. (Read on). Leading to this, let me tell you what took place in the early hours of today, November 7th, 06,  the day of uploading this chapter.

I woke real, real early. After only 2 1/2 hours sleep I felt ready to go. The the clock radio showed 1.32 am; nothing new. In moments like these, I had heard one Christian say, he prays in tongues.

I simply let my spirit thank God for HIS wonderful friendship. In those late night waking hours I receive my most profound revelations and thoughts. Sometimes I rise to write them down. As my mind flies with awe over recent or not so recent, magical or non-magical events, my eyes opened to see connections, and how it all fits together so wonderfully.  God indeed has created the beautiful beach, full of fine sand, created with grains of his loving thoughts toward us.

After a while this morning, still wondering what was in store I tuned into the radio. The local talkback was a bit slow, so I surfed channels a little. After a short time I was listening to a lady being interviewed. I had no idea what channel it was.

The lady was the correspondent for Belgium, most likely for the BBC, London. I picked up bits of her report. Here is how I remember it:

The Belgians are a inconspicuous people, the female correspondent explained. The average  Britain has trouble remembering five famous Belgians. Celebrities are giving their offspring unique, often strange names. It used to be mandatory for babies to have biblical names, like Maria. One famous couple, in the league of Posh and David, called their baby Nono.

At the end the male, British  voice thanked the reporter and gave her name. I made an effort to catch it. The surname sounded like Demand.

Alert readers may have recognized the name Nono. This baby name features in Chapter 6 of Candle and the Wind. I had taken it in a shop window in Long Beach, California. I immediately caught on, which made me get up to make a suggestion. The clock radio had moved to 2.31 am.

It didn't take long to find the organisation, where the lady worked. It was for a London- based organisation in Antwerp. Here is what I composed:


Sent 3.43 am - 7/11/06

Hi Nina,
I don't know where I heard you on radio (at 3 am in Adelaide). You were talking about celebrities calling their babies strange names. One called their's Nono. Well, honestly, if Lleyton Hewitt, our tennis ace from Adelaide, were not once boyfriend with Clysters, I too would be struggling naming one famous Belgian.   
Well, if there was a law about giving babies biblical names, Nono would possibly qualify as a man's name - Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were told - To eat of this tree is a No no. 
Well, if the celebrity were to name a girl next, they'd only have to call it Jaja.
After all, these two, our ancestor's, were tempted in the garden of Eden. Jaja said to Nono - Did God really mean it ...?
Problem solved, or should I say - that's when ALL problems started.
Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia
Dieter Fischer
PS  Normally I sleep at 3.35 am. But tonight for some reason, after a few hours, I felt wide awake. Nothing happens for no reason. Ja, ja, so, so.  



After I had pressed the sent button I again glanced at the webpage of this organisation I contacted, hoping the lady interviewed would receive my message. Suddenly, the address of this media outlet, or whatever I had in front of me,  became big in my LLL IT mind.

This was because what had taken place, right there in my little office,  only moments earlier. For the few moments it took to fired up the P/C, I had a scripture verse on my mind. I knew later today I would be uploading this verse at the end of this chapter.

As I looked at my P/C screen, at the UK website, their address matched it perfectly. I got excited. This was not co-incident. A second message to the UK took only 7 minutes to compose and send at 3.50 am. 


Hi friends.
I just looked at your details again. You may think this is bulldust I made up - but it is not.
As I was waiting for my P/C to start up, I was re-reading the scripture, which will conclude the chapter in the book I am writing at this present time. I opened my bible to this text. It still is there looking at me.
It's from Isaiah 28, Verse 11. (I was writing about the gift the Holy Spirit gives, speaking in tongues).
As I look at your address I can see Studio 2, 181 ... the very same numbers. Now I look again, E1 2 LX also registers in my brain.
I feel outnumbered right now.


Here is the scripture in the  International Children's Bible. It is a prophecy about Pentecost, how the Lord will use strange words and foreign languages.




So the Lord will use strange words and foreign languages to speak to these people. (Isaiah 28, 11)

Verse 12: Here is a place of rest, a place of peace ... It all sounds so familiar.


Isaiah 28, 11 not only matched the UK address, I had long seen, and written in the margin in my bible (see above) the number 282.

The circle is closing. Readers will recognize it as the registration number on my Suzuki Wagon R+, which I saw as Joel, 2,28 many years ago.

Surely, this is not co-incidence - not only the numbers match, but the content of the scripture - a foreign language. I had referred to my native German many, many times in my books.

The verse in Joel speaks of a world-wide pouring out of God's Holy Spirit. Biblical prophecy is taking place. God is at work in many and varied way. Even via the Internet.

God is showing Himself and HIS incredible power to us. Friends, this is exciting News.


Chapter 19