17.  Delta 3/4 left - over

My son walked into the room and said: "Dad read this." Tim handed me an article, printed from a webpage, where a group of scientists explained, how certain brains are picking up information. I immediately identified with what I was reading. It described scientifically the way I saw and processed my surroundings.

Normally, I get much criticism from my family regarding my observations, of which I only mention about 13 %. (If you wonder, where I got 13 % from, remember that 76 % of all statistics are made up on the spot).

The article appeared in a journal for Psychologists in September 2003, co-authored by Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto (U o T). Here are parts of what the article said:


The study in the September issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says the brains of creative people appear to be more open to incoming stimuli from the surrounding environment. Other people's brains might shut out this same information through a process called "latent* inhibition" - defined as an animal's unconscious capacity to ignore stimuli that experience has shown are irrelevant to its needs.

Through psychological testing, the researchers showed that creative individuals are much more likely to have low levels of latent inhibition.

(* latent will pop up again in a moment)

So that's what I was suffering from; low levels of - latent inhibition. Just look at the words. Would any reader without this mental condition read latent as LTNT or inhibition as Hi, I bin on T? Ten years ago I also would not have seen anything else, except the words latent and inhibition. Hours before editing, my latent, uninhibited brain, marvelled at another co-incidence, which I got mildly exited about, by which my wife just explained away.

I had just finished the first draft of this chapter, which as you can read in the headline, features number 3 rather prominently. My wife, whose workplace had just relocated, popped her head into my office and said: "Our new office is exactly 3 kilometres from the corner".

Her brain notices the only important No. 3 (the distance to her new office). The fact that I had just finished a chapter, where the number 3 plays a major role, was not required by her brain. It had no place for it. Perhaps I had less toys than her as a child, and had to make my own fun?

The article Tim gave me continues, describing exactly what I have experienced and written about over the last few years:


"This means that creative individuals remain in contact with the extra information constantly streaming in from the environment," says co-author and U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson. "The normal person classifies an object, and then forgets about it, even though that object is much more complex and interesting than he or she thinks. The creative person, by contrast, is always open to new possibilities."

Previously, scientists have associated failure to screen out stimuli with psychosis. However, Peterson and his co-researchers - lead author and psychology lecturer Shelley Carson of Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard PhD candidate Daniel Higgins - hypothesized that it might also contribute to original thinking, especially when combined with high IQ.


Thank God for PhD candidates like Daniel and professors like Jordan and Shelley. It makes me feel I am not mad after all, just an original thinker. Only yesterday afternoon, after I had discovered an interesting find online and emailed it to the media, I came a cross a vehicle on the road. The black registration plates read MADMAN. Who wouldn't doubt their sanity seeing that?

As I read on I really wondered, if the professors had read my books, and used my reasoning and unusual thinking as object lessons in their studies:


Peterson states: "If you are open to new information, new ideas, you better be able to intelligently and carefully edit and choose. If you have 50 ideas, only two or three are likely to be good. You have to be able to discriminate or you'll get swamped."

"Scientists have wondered for a long time why madness and creativity seem linked," says Carson. "It appears likely that low levels of latent inhibition and exceptional flexibility in thought might predispose to mental illness under some conditions and to creative accomplishment under others."


Had I not experienced exactly that - exceptional flexibility in thought as I interpreted what I saw, bits of trash I picked off the road, snippets of information on TV or a phrase my ear caught on radio? Had I not struggled, and am still doing so to a point, in sifting through multi-levels of information flooding my free-thinking brain, trying to file it in a spot, where it fits in?

More and more, however, I find myself asking and praying - What am I noticing? What will I do with this information? God do I need to act in any way?

Thank God I have ONE who helps me cope with it all. He directs me what my brain can swallow and what to ignore. HE knows me better than my psychologist ever did. HE never places limits on what I am allowed to think. The opposite is the case. HE says that a human brain is not able to even image the good things HE has prepared for those who love HIM. He operates in the realm of the impossible.

From my youth I had learned that we were not created and then left alone to struggle through life. A loving God, like any caring father, is always available to talk to us, to pour our heart and soul out to HIM. HE carried me through the difficult years, when I struggled with my mental nightmare. Looking back I can but marvel at HIS power.

Above article by the Canadian professors points out that low level of latent inhibition,  when combined with high intelligence and a good memory, may result in creative accomplishment under the right conditions. May I add - a brain inside a person, who is totally surrendered to God, with a child-like trust in God, can change the world by tapping into HIS power.

How cruel, how simple of 'normal' people to label us creative brains as mentally ill ! With God's help, and that of enlightened professors, such as the authors of this brilliant finding, mentally challenged people can transform from confusion to confidence. As the University professors have found, there is a fine line, between genius and madness. God is a creative God. He loves working miracles for those who see.

But how many are told of a loving God, who watches from a distance? Nobody, not a psychiatrist, not a Christian friend (as far as I can recall), not one Minister of Religion told me during my darkest hours, that God can use even a mental breakdown for HIS glory. That's just what HE did. Without the experience I would not be where I am today. 


- - - - - - -


As a child we sang above hymn, Nun danket alle Gott - Now thank we all our God. It is Number 486 in this hymnbook.

Actually, it is not a traditional hymnbook, but a British songbook, called 'Mission Praise'. (Interesting ISBN 0 551 01986 7).

On 28/10/06 I happened to be passing a church, which was holding a Sale. Why not? Just looking does not cost anything. But once you start browsing, it's amazing how quickly you find out, how much there is you don't need. 

I saw the word Mission peep from under another book, so I picked it up. For $ 2 this songbook was a bargain - nearly 800 songs, including the music, in as new condition.

Inside the front cover was the clue (that I was led to buy this book): The name and address of the owner was stamped at the top: Rev. FOR SON (of) L IN. The town was Warren NSW. (En war). 

But there was more - the postcode, the clue who it was for - 2824 - For 228, the rego of my Suzuki.

I just remember as I write - That morning 28th Oct. before I left to drive to the ABC (Radio 891) Carpark Caper plant sale, my speedometer read 228800 exactly. (Totally unplanned, this happens to be the 228th chapter in my autobiography).

Had the odometer read 228891, it would have been sensational. So where do I get a 9 and a 1 from?

Believe it or not - a second later I noticed on the digital clock on my dashboard the digits 119. The clock is not working at all - you need an IT degree (or a 12 year old wizard) to reset it).

- - - - - - -


In a Christian Magazine I read an article by Kim Meeder. She and her husband Troy were in the process of converting an abandoned cinder pit to a working Ranch. (I am a little confused too, but this is what the Page 12-16 article says). Eventually they created a haven for depressed and troubled children, who found love and comfort by interacting with horses brought to the ranch.

But my latent uninhibited mind saw more. I mention this story here, because the headquarters of the Christian organisation, whose magazine I was reading, has their headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia. Later in the chapter there is an incredible link to Atlanta (read on). 

(Writing this I discovered a clue for the first time - TA. Take the word Atlanta and Delta, remove both TA and AT. It leaves us with LAND EL).


We limit Him by what we think He can and cannot do with what we have. 

The article is titled: Where Love Reins. The g is missing on purpose, I assume. The letters (partly visible) on the back of the girl's pullover  advertise Crystal Peak Youth Ranch. My brain was first alerted seeing Cryst. The missing AL pointed to a place I visited 3 times. It's in Orange Grove, Ca.

Examining closer - the brain behind Crystal Peak is Kim Meeder. Reading her name backwards I arrived at Redeem.

My low level of latent inhibition (I can blame something now, which has a name) made me check other authors' names in the same magazine. l noticed Mabry - Why BAM?

Likewise: Marchiano -  3 ia No? You see, what follows below is a story of Number 3, which takes us to another organisation in Atlanta, Georgia (Fasten your seatbelt, ready for take off!).

The day before writing, the bible reading in the same Magazine was Phil 4: 10-20. 210 is interesting, but if you read on, you will more likely see 1030 (1020+10).

The difference Ten = Net = N & T. The 4, as mentioned already, is waiting at the end of this chapter.

 - - - - - - -


May I remind readers that these pages are not for entertainment. A good fiction writer could do much better. I feel called to write what I see, to show that God sees everything. HE controls everything, even to the most minute detail in our lives. Much of this writing is for those, who have honest doubts that HE sees it all, and is behind it all. Did I not give a Chapter the title - That the world may know? (And of a sound mind - Ch. 34). 

The things I do write, however, could be the very reason some don't take my outrageous whistle blowing seriously. At least, this is how I explain the total lack of feedback from the authorities I have written to. I told many politicians and the clergy, that I suspected a serious crime against a decent man has been committed, and needs rectifying. Am I expected to do more than blow the whistle?

Are there other whistleblowers out there, who do what I do - blow the whistle and then trust that relevant authority will act and do what needs doing? Months later you realize nothing was done. So what next? Blow the whistle again, blow a bit louder? (Hey, now I know my mistake - why blow the whistle, when I should have blown the trumpet?)

Years ago I took a course, and obtained a certificate, as referee for football, the round ball variety, also called soccer. A referee's job is to make sure the game is played according to the rules. If he sees that rules are broken, he blows the whistle. His job is now done. The free-kick or penalty is taken by somebody else.

Do the people of Adelaide expect me, not just to blow the whistle, which I have done on the Liddy case, but also carry out the free-kick? There are players being paid big money to score the goal. I am thinking of an Anti-corruption Branch officer, a Drug-Squad detective,  the Attorney-General or a Member of Parliament, willing to act and initiate steps to get justice for the man I know should not be in jail?

You may wonder, have I contacted the Australian Whistleblowers Association? Yes, I have. In Adelaide and Melbourne. Even this path, after an initial, mildly enthusiastic response, came to nothing.

On two occasions I had arranged to meet with interested people; one who knows, and is much closer, to Peter Liddy. They showed interest in the case, I assumed with the view of giving support. Twice I travelled to the arranged meeting places, but nobody arrived.

(Instead I noticed a familiar face. It was one of my ex-client's father. He carried a shopping bag by a company with the same surname as that of the person I was to meet).

For the church to stand up and defend an alleged abuser, could create a hysterical media frenzy. The notion of an innocent man in jail, who is released because the church stood up for him, would not fit into the grim picture. The church is regarded as the big perpetrator. The newspapers remind us regularly.  

But this is exactly what we need today. People of the clergy, with common sense and courage, to speak out and demand the truth to be brought forward, and the media to report it accurately.

One of the people I was to meet had warned me on the telephone - I ought to be careful in what I am doing. During the same conversation this person disclosed to me that their house had been broken into. He suspects the perpetrators to have been the police.

As I had mentioned after another break-in, in the house of an outspoken Christian morals campaigner, what appears on the surface to be just another burglary, could in fact be the way nasty criminals get their message across - leave us alone or else.

But to use the police, who should be defending against crime, to commit crime, is very disturbing. God hates nothing more than a policeman, whose job is to protect society - but he or she works for the enemy. God is not going to stay silent forever!


- - - - - - -



My friend Chris had just helped me with a problem on my P/C. He lives in the street, where a person allegedly was caught drunk, driving with a BAC of 0.316. As I drove Chris home, turning into his street, we were talking about our road safety game, which is still waiting to be born.

I distinctly remember telling Chris that we ought to approach companies to sponsor us; companies such as Bridgestone ... At that same moment I turned the corner and saw in the distance some activity, which raised my curiosity level. Minutes later, on purpose, I drove home that way and not via the usual main road - Bridge (!) Road.

I was spooked when I got closer. I saw the word BRIDGESTONE on a roll of carpet, or whatever it was. A tradesman was just loading a trailer. I stopped and took above photo.

ESP you may call it. I believe the Holy Spirit is the ONE, who comes up with such magic.

- - - - - - -


As indicated at the beginning of this chapter, on 30/10/06 a rather incredibly well timed series of events took place. In a way it reflected my state of affairs - either madness or miracle. I have no doubt an intelligent mind was behind it all. Neither do I doubt that many are watching my movements and are testing, if IT, if HE, is for real. As you follow the link from Moscow to Atlanta, Georgia, you judge if I have reason to be amazed.

The date in Australia, when this chain reaction started, was actually 31/10 already, but still 10.30 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the trail was leading to. Browsing the headlines of a major Russian newspaper online, I noticed an article, which I opened. I stumbled across a name - Clay ... Son of C a N&L. What I found strange was that the article said, Mr. Clay Mc ... declined to comment. Why give a name of somebody, who had nothing to say?

I googled the gentleman's name and chose a link, which looked promising - the website of Delta Airlines, Atlanta, Georgia. In my inquisitive fashion I googled their contact details and registered their postcode - 30320-6001. Without trying I saw the date in that number - 30.10.2006; only a 3 was left over.

This aha-moment was enough to compose an email to Delta Airlines. Only much later did the connection to my splash page - D L T crystallize. Further in that direction, the Mississippi delta was the location where much tragedy took place at the end of August 05.

Here is the first of two emails I sent to Delta Airlines. (I used their online form - pardon the spelling errors, they are not codes, I simply forgot to check it afterwards)


Hi all,

Just wondered about two things, no three. What's the point or re-entering the email address, when the other is visible? Does Mr. Clay Mc ... still work for Delta, or is he now with Airbus?

The last point is trivial -but today's date, as we touch base, happens to be the numbers in your postcode, with a 3 left over. The question is what to do with 3? One could use the digists of you PO Box 2=7=9 and arrive at 963, which means nothing to anyone, unless ...

Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia

Dieter Fischer

PS  The number 3 was on the news today - in Nigeria 3 crashes in 12 months? The don't invent crashes as a new form of Nigerian scam???


(Delta's post office box contained 2 7 6. Adding 2+7=9. Together with the 6 and the leftover 3, I arrived at my familiar 963, a number that has followed me since the earthquake in BAM, Iran at Christmas 2003.)

The PS came as an afterthought. I had heard the news item about the third Nigerian air crash in 12 months. I vaguely remembered having had doubts about one of the earlier crashes in Nigeria. When I saw the 123 code, and now the No. 3, it all fitted in very well.

Stop Press: As if on cue, in the News today 1/11/06, one day after sending above email, 3 people are reported dead in a light-plane, which crashed in Queensland.

On the day of writing light rain is falling in Adelaide for the first time in many weeks. Australia is in the grip of a severed drought. Some say the worst they had ever seen. There is very, very little rain at the present time, unfortunately.

In the hours after sending above email I felt a tiredness, an utter exhaustion I had not felt in many months. My knee ached, not from rubbing against the prayer pillow, but I may have twisted it, as I loaded the lawnmower into the back of my Suzuki to mow my son's lawns.

On top of this I had had a big discussion (read - heated argument) with my bible college student son Tim. He holds very liberal views on biblical principles and thinks rather independently. He had challenged me, once again,  if I had seriously considered that I was indeed suffering from a mental illness.

"It's no shame Dad, to have a mental illness. There are plenty of Christians who do."

The way he said it he seriously regarded my adventure into the paranormal, my codes, my observations, my linking etc. to be a result of mentally ill thinking. I hear a similar opinion from my wife regularly. I had to be careful that their doubt about my sanity, didn't drive me round the bend.

As I lay exhausted on my bed that afternoon, my spirit cried out to God - What are you doing, Lord? You show me all these strange links on websites ...people in jail innocently ... lies in the media ...crime and corruption! Now look where it's leading me to? My family thinks I am crazy, not one politicians or journalist stands up with me, not one preacher is willing to even sit down with me, to talk about what I think you showed me! Nobody gives me any support!

My prayer after months and years of whistle blowing, with no apparent result, is well expressed in the following verse:

Be not far from me, for trouble is near; for there is none to help. (Psalm 22:11)

I don't think I could have felt lower that afternoon. But God seems to come through best, when we are at our lowest, when we feel our weakest. Doesn't HIS word say: My power is made perfect in weakness (2. Cor, 12.9). While I was feeling low, too weak to do any writing, which I had planned to do, God indeed was at work.

I can't recall why, but I returned to the Delta Airlines website and noticed something else. Their street address was 1030. It was plain to see again that day's date. Can this really be just a fluke, a co-incidence? If I still had doubts, there was more.

A short time later I did what I seldom do, I read some of my earlier chapters of this, my long adventure. Often I discovered things I had forgotten or established new links, gaining greater insight into what God was doing. That afternoon, I believe, God led me to a specific passage, after I picked a chapter at random. It was Chapter 12 in my book Candle and the Wind.

I read my movements in the last few days of my USA Trip in 05 - from San Clemente, via Seal Beach, Santa Monica, Orange County back to Santa Monica via UCLA.

The surprise came in chapter 14. (Remember I had just sent an email, telling about a matching number with a 3 left over). Out of all my 227 chapter I happened to be reading this passage:

(Chapter 14, Candle and the wind): The scripture on the rear - You will seek Me and find Me ... Jer. 29.13. Thinking again: Take away the 9 and all that remains is 1,2,3! I'm naughty again.

Can you believe it - I had an appointment after writing this. I parked near vehicle J 219 - Ah, yes, now I see some more - what's left over - my God ... er 3 ... somebody is watching. (End Chapter 14).


Just now, as I write, I see another parallel - the email to Delta included not only a 3 left over, but also a 123 code. In the PS I wrote - Nigeria's 3rd plane crash in 12 months.

This called for another email to Delta Air Lines:


Hi all,

Earlier today (10/30/06) I sent an email to Delta, where I noticed that taking today's date and your postcode, only leaves a 3 left over.

Two things I discovered since. Your street address is also today's date 1030. Then I did something I only do very seldom. I read my travel story when I was in LA, visiting the UCLA on 23/4/05. (Hey, this takes a 1 to make it 12345!) Anyway, out of the 227 chapters I wrote I picked Chapter 14 of Candle and the wind. By fluke, or divine guidance more likely, I came across the number, where I noticed a 3 was left over. Just like in my earlier email. That's magic, friends. That's God!

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  My earlier email ref. No. KMM14121294I41LOKM


The reference number in above PS was included in the auto response by Delta Airlines. I quoted it back to remove any doubt, who sent the email.

Alert readers may already have recognized the date October 30th 06 as the digits 301006 as in John 3, 16. It surprised me that my eyes only opened two days later to this little twist.

How cruel of God would it be, if all this, the numbers and the perfect timing, were nothing, but a madman's mental brain working overtime! God always seems to go that bit further to show that HE is really behind it all.


The next morning, as I was watching a TV breakfast program, something happened, which happens so often to me. I feel frustrated, because I have no way of gauging, how rare this is and/or if it happens to other people. I am talking about writing or reading a word (or even thinking it) and at the very same second, the word comes out of the radio or TV.

On the morning of 1/11/06 on this breakfast show, a bald-headed man demonstrated cooking with baby vegetables. His name was Matt Moran. I had been so excited, because I sensed that what I saw and heard on TV that morning was rather 'Da Ninci'. I wrote into my diary the words "It's all about me"

At the very same second, as I was writing It's all about ... Matt spoke them on TV. Not a second earlier, not a second later. How rare is this I wonder? Or do I see magic where there is none?

What about this - Could this be classed as paranormal - a premonition, a hint to the word Delta, two days before above email exchange? I was taking my dog Becky for a walk beside McIntyre Road, Para Hills. Becky stopped to sniff and lifted one of her back legs. During those 3 seconds I spotted a tag, the kind you stick into the ground, after planting something in the garden.

(I thought I had grown out of picking up bits of rubbish, but must have had a relapse - nice word relapse).

I was not intending to show the tag here, but after looking at it again, and since the word Delta now came into play, I think it's relevant:


Late Red - can you see what it is Re? (The colour red received a prominent mention in my last chapter - in Melbourne - more of Melbourne in the next chapter).

I nearly discarded the tag again, but April was the month where, on two occasions, I had travelled to the US, in 03 and 05.

Just now, playing with the word ripen, I see RIP EN. Plus, the letters RIP are also the central three letters in April. I would like to ask the professors mentioned earlier in the chapter, is this is what is meant by low level latent inhibition thinking - LLL IT?

 Replace the nt in latent with d, shuffle the letters and we're back at the 4th letter of the Greek Alphabet. NT goes well with 4, but there is a limit to latent thinking. Let's move on ...


In the evening, after the email exchange where the number 3 was left over, I again took Becky for a walk. My spirit had really lifted, after discovering the bit of magic, that the house number of Delta Airlines was also that day's date.

Different people get excited and have fun about different things. At least my amusement didn't cost anything, didn't add to global warming - (not sure about global warning) - and didn't upset any of my friends of family, if I kept it all to myself.

Another garden tag was waiting to be picked from off the ground. As Becky and I walked down Yulinda Terrace I saw it in the grass beside the road. Out of curiosity, remembering Late Red ... two days earlier, I picked it up:


Colour your Life - with Carrington's April Pansy.


This is how the tag looked like, after I had cleaned it. The price tag from Plants Plus is barely visible. All that is left, that I could decipher, was the number 3. This was two days after I had found the Late Red Italian Peach tag, and only hours after sending the Delta 3 left over emails to Atlanta.

- - - - - - -


On Sunday last, October 29th 06, I thought I had made a mistake. For some time I had contemplated to visit a new Baptist Church, which had opened not far from us. That Sunday I decided to finally check it out. The timing seemed right, because Isobel indicated she was not attending church at all that morning.

That day, however, according to a notice at the door, only one service was to be held. It was to start at 2.30 pm, the one-year anniversary service. Now what? I considered going for a walk, but I was not wearing suitable shoes; plus I had a sightly injured knee.

Going home was not my style. Perhaps God wanted me elsewhere? I had experienced this at Easter, six months earlier. (As I write - I just made a connection, between my Easter discovery  - NT - and this visit, read on).

Right next door to the Baptist Church on the hill was a Salvation Army Church (Hey, don't they call them citadel? IC  Delta) - Too much LLL IT again?

Why not sit in with their service at the Salvation Army, I thought? It had started approx. 20 minutes earlier. The speaker that day had come from Melbourne. His message was from Psalm 51. King David was praying a prayer of forgiveness.

He had stuffed up badly. Firstly, in a weak moment, lusting after another man's wife, he committed adultery. To cover his tracks he arranged the death of the woman's husband. He certainly had reason to ask for God's forgiveness.

King David, described in the Scriptures as a man after God's own heart, thought that nobody knew about his sin. He was surprised, when God sent his messenger, the prophet, to confront the King with the wicked deeds he had done.

There are times when I feel just like that prophet. It is not a popular job to be the messenger, telling our Government leaders that there is a man in jail innocently. Criminals with the help of detectives put him there, lying about him. The newspaper didn't report the whole truth, the people of Adelaide were misled. This is what I had to do and I did it.

God is a forgiving God. If those who did wrong sincerely repent of what they did, God forgives them. If he forgave an adulterer and murderer, he forgives a liar, a robber or drug dealer.

As is evident in the story of King David, it's not committing sin that leads to certain death, rather the refusal to admit to it. Many criminals feel so bad about what they had done, they can not imagine anyone forgiving them. They can't forgive themselves. They think they are not worthy of God's love. Nobody should think like that - nobody is gone beyond the reach of God's love and forgiveness.

God is willing and waiting patiently. Sometimes He has to take drastic measures to wake people up, who fail to take him seriously. The withholding of rain, which large parts of Australia is experiencing at the present time (Nov. 96)*, is nothing new. Read Jeremiah 3:3 - God withheld the rains, because the evildoers did not even feel shame, let alone repent of what they had done.    (* Correction - should be Nov. 06)

I wonder, if the prophet in the story of King David, was aware of the danger of his mission? There was every chance he would be executed, so the message of the King's adultery and murder would not spread. (The bible is full of dead prophets' stories). But he still did what God wanted him to do.

The name of the prophet was Nathan. Can't get away from those letters N & T. (Readers, who are not familiar, how a N and T come to create a 4, see the picture in Chapter 4).

I think God arranged it that way to show us graphically - HE is 4 mankind, not against us.

Chapter 18