16.  The great omission - MC


Believe it or not - This is my 227th Chapter in this, my autobiography. On the morning of final editing and publishing I woke and looked at the beside clock-radio at 2.27 am. (Who needs more than 3 1/2 hours sleep?)


Reader may have noticed that my writing does not include many emails in the later chapters. This does not mean that I do not sent emails. Quite the contrary; I see things, which don't add up and I feel a need to speak out.


Those who know me will realize, I am not speaking out to show off or to release a compulsion, as one who can't bear to see a misspelling, without having it corrected. (I am aware there are a few spelling errors among  my pages, so be it).


Many emails I send are in reaction to seeing a code, to touch base with somebody, who was perhaps testing me, testing HIM, if indeed HE could lead a person under remote control. There may still be doubters, who think I am making it all up (my family being one of them).  


Only yesterday this happened. I was having lunch at home, when my eyes fell onto the September 06 issue of the Reader's Digest Magazine. On the very top right hand corner of the front cover I read the heading: AT GROUND ZERO WITH NICOLAS CAGE. The article inside was about this Hollywood actor, who plays the role of a surviving fireman, in the soon to be released movie World Trade Centre.


What exactly started my analytical brain cells to switch on, I cannot tell. All I know is that I suddenly saw LA CA in the headline, which does not take a geography professor to work out. However, to unscramble the German word for victory, would require knowledge of the German language and a funny brain like mine.


On October 3rd 06 I emailed the editors of the Reader's Digest Magazine. As I checked the contact address I could not help seeing how interesting one of their telephone numbers was - 1300 003 300 (Position of digits changed. A further headline inside the magazine fitted perfectly into what I was about to do: Smart animals have us figured out:


Here is the email I sent:


Date: 3/10/06  -  Subject: Rattling the cage with zeros.


Hi all,
Let me re-phrase your slogan on page 96 of your September 06 Issue: Smart Readers have us figured out.
I refer to your article on page 24, sorry 42.
If Nicolas Cage lived in LA, CA we'd be left with Nicos ge. Now take away the German word for victory (sieg) -  all that is left is C No.
Does this call for a holiday in NO or to see what Nos we can figure out?
If C stood for corruption - the NO would be a nice bit of wishful thinking. 
If C No stood for 'see number' - then I'd figure out that by putting 3 and 3 together your subscription phone number becomes that of today's date. 
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
PS  The biggest headache would be - what to do with the leftover zeros. Aha, Nic could make it into a movie. Isn't he an expert in magic from nothing?



The following email is as up to date as this page. I only sent it hours before writing this. I had typed the keyword flame into a search engine, searching for bible references. There were many. As I perused the list, I came to No. 14, which actually was the one I wanted.


There was a spelling error, which stood out. It caused me to sent the following message via their feedback form:



Date: 4/10/06


Hi all,

I typed in the word flame - item 14  Isaiah 30:30 contained an error -  fireln - sorry, don't * think I am critical. The letters ln (LN) happen to be part of the word Nelson and that is a bible, isn't it?


Thanks for your fantastic web-resource on the bible. God willing I will make another contribution one day - and not only find mistakes, but back it up with cash.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

Adelaide, Australia


PS * Just as I typed - don't - the word came out of the radio at the same second - it happens a lot to me.


How often does this happen to other people? To me it happens lots. I would type something, speak a word or read it in my diary, and at the very same second the same word would come out on radio or TV. It happened two days before writing, while driving with my son Jon in the car. I spoke the word 'place' as it came out on the radio, exactly as I spoke it.


Did anyone notice that I had done exactly what I had done in the Readers Digest email - by adding 3 and 3 together, created that day's date, the day of writing 4/10/06. I am fascinated by this, because I know that I am not the clever one. All I do is - see what I see and type the words into this keyboard. The rest is up to HIM.



- - - - - - -


Burra, South Australia - 17/9/06



Sunday 17/9/06 would have been the first Sunday in years that I missed going to church. Together with my wife and her cousin, we visited the town of Burra in South Australia's Mid North.


The hotel on the left was in Kingston Street. BBQ lunch was available on the patio. It was rather relaxing, sitting in the shade in the central square in Burra (The name means 'great').


As we three strolled casually though the town, I wanted to take the tree-lined street to the left. I liked the old, historic houses. The others preferred the craft shops and antique stores. I went on my own and arrived at a sign Expression of Interest, beside a bridge. I am always interested, but could not work out, which house was for sale.


Walking on over the creek I glanced into the dry creek bed. I spotted what looked like a handkerchief, a clean, neatly folded handkerchief. I walked on, but my brain expressed a real interest. How does a neatly folded handkerchief get into a creek bed? And why did the loser, if anyone simply dropped it, not pick it up again.


Now I was glad I was on my own. Bending down and picking things off the pavement was bad, but to climb down into a dry creek bed and retrieve somebody's rubbish, would had started World War 3. But that's just what I did on my way back. Here it is:





There are two possible clues hidden in the handkerchief, no three. The straight forward Da Ninci  - Hand won Chief - and the letter L. Unless it was a subtle hint, someone had been shedding tears?


The street name, I saw only afterwards, was Queen Street. It runs off Commercial Road. Two chapters ago, how ironic, two streets named Commercial Road, had featured very prominently, one in Salisbury, one in Port Adelaide. .


As I write I remember taking a photo of the Commercial Hotel, in Commercial Road, Burra. In the foreground was a 4 WD vehicle, registration No. PC... 315, registered in Victoria, pulling a caravan.


One more observation in Burra - On the inside of a shop a poster of Steve Irwin had become partly detached and was flapping. The storekeeper must have forgotten to turn off the air-conditioner, before shutting shop for the weekend.

- - - - - - -




Going back to 5/1/06 I had occasion to write an email to our ABC News Radio. (How timely that exactly ten months later on 5/10/06 I am uploading this email - it was not planned that way).  The Israeli Prime Minister had been taken down with an illness, which he still has not recovered from. 


A very similar fate, an unexplained illness, happened at the very same time to the Health Minister for South Australia. She had to step down from her position. I saw a peculiarity in their names. Here is the email I sent on 5/1/06:


Hi all,


Q: What peculiarity do Arial Sharon and Leigh Stevens (South Australia's ex-Health Minister)  have in common?


A: Ariel, a male, has as surname a female name. Leigh is female and has as surname a male name.


I trust both will recover to good health and live the fullness of their years.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide


PS In the 5/1/06 ABC TV Midday News - it was wrong of the Middle East correspondent to ask the question: "What would happen to the Kadima Party, if Mr. Sharon dies? Let's pray he will survive and help establish peace in the region!



The reason I wrote above email was the underlying thought: How easy would it be for authorities, such as Security Police, to sideline a politician and quietly fade him or her out of office, under the pretences of an illness or otherwise? A bloodless coup, which all are made to believe is a mystery illness.


(Hey, how ironic, I just remembered a glance at today's newspaper: The front page of our Advertiser shows a picture and headline of the newly appointed Governor for South Australia, who is waiting in London to take up his appointment. He has been struck down with a mystery illness).


In chapter 42 of my second book I had suspected a similar scenario. Instead of inventing an illness, however, to get rid of this politician I suspect somebody created an affair, which the married, Christian man may never have had. But if it is reported anyway, it's no use calling a press conference to set the record straight. Am I getting cynical again?



- - - - - - -


Tools of the trade - Computer, Clock radio, transistor, books and magazines



The bird on my INTEL P/C is Playford Pete, the emblem of the City of Playford, which covers Elizabeth and surrounding suburbs. Their slogan: Your future is our history.


WHY ME, the life story of Jacob Damkani, a Messianic Jew, explains really simply, that Jews can be Jews and still follow Jesus, the Messiah.


The resistance to the Gospel of the Messiah Jesus in Israel is well known. However, after reading Jacob's book I was surprised at the extent of the hate against those Jews, who proclaim Jesus as the Messiah. Jacob writes how he and a group with him was physically attacked in the street, while speaking out about Jesus.


How can religious men claim to love God, then attack others physically, simply because they believe something different?

- - - - - - -


One interesting observation in WHY ME: Chapter 11 is titled - What is hidden in this book? - What I noticed is not hidden, but very obvious.


Chapter 11 starts at Page 111. The scripture quoted on that page is Matthew 1:1. On the page opposite, No. 110, are two photos, each with a scripture, Romans 11:1 and Romans 10:1.


In his book Jacob had just found HIM (No. 1) in Chapter 10. Is that why he (in Why Me) used Numbers 1 in chapter 11 on pages 110 and 111?

 1 day I'll ask him personally.

- - - - - - -




If you take the letters mc from commission, it changes the word  to omission. Allow me to make the point about a great omission once more: Had the News Media in 2001 carried out their commission, to report fully and accurately, in an unbiased way, what went on in the trial of Peter Liddy, the people of Adelaide would have had a chance to hear the other side. They would have had a choice as to which story to believe.


I hardly find anybody, who does not hate that monster, because this was how the media portrait the man, especially after the jury had found him guilty. Now I fully understood, why Peter Liddy wrote to me, he wanted to take the media to court.


Friends, this goes beyond inaccurate reporting. This was misusing a monopoly of power to mislead an unsuspected public. The people of Adelaide have very good reason to be outraged. If I was them, I'd write a letter of complaint to the newspaper.


- - - - - - -


The letters MC have various meanings in the English language. When preceding a name  the abbreviation MC stands for son of. A person leading through the program during a social function is called MC, Master of Ceremonies.


In my writing I have come across the letters MC a number of times. In Chapter 34 in my second book, I was looking for an event in a school in the suburb of Hawthorndene. The MC was to be a popular radio announcer. I never got to the advertised event, but had fun that night anyway.


Another defining moment in my travels, and subsequent writing, were the two letters MC written on a roadway, while cycling in Santa Monica, California (Chapter 6, Book 4). The locality was outside the Seaspray Building, which I turned into 'sees - pray'.


The great commission Christians have been entrusted with is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Any religion without this MC, the ultimate Master of all, is committing the sin of omission. 


In the early morning hours of September 26th 06, I came across an interview, while listening to the radio in bed. A lady (Y.K.) was interviewed on our ABC network. She was a Muslim, selected by our Prime Minister to be part of an Islamic group, which meets regularly with the Government to discuss religious issues.


The lady was very eloquent in her speech, no accent at all. She was obviously of Islamic parents and born and raised in Australia. What she said made sense: "There is only one God. Christians and Muslim basically have the same morals. Why should there be such a great divide in the Community?" (This is how I understood her point of view, which most would agree with).


Of course, Islam like many non-Christian faiths, has high morals, good teaching on family and relationships. Christianity and Islam stem from the same ancient family, so why the big argument, the hate, the fighting?


The pivotal point is Jesus, the cornerstone. Any faith which does not honour Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the eternal ONE, God in the flesh, commits the great omission.


Followers of Jesus, who know the scriptures, acknowledge HIM as the only way to bridge the gap between God and man. They understand that HE came to earth for one purpose, to give himself as the ultimate sacrifice, once and for all.


All mankind has to do, is to accept HIM, the lamb slain for sin, once and for all, and enjoy the life HE brings. This new life brings freedom from rules, regulations and repetitious rituals, which on their own mean nothing.


Any act of worship, no matter what it is, if not done with a deep love for God and a thankful heart for what HE has done for us, is just noise and activity.

Let me illustrate it with a story:

A young man is madly in love with a girl. They spend much time together, enjoying every minute of each others company. One day the young man is transferred to a city far away. He won't be seeing his sweetheart for 3 months.


On leaving he promises to phone her and talk to her at least 1 hour every day. So he does; the first week, the second and the third. In the meantime he makes friends in the new city and enjoys spending time with them too. His love for his sweetheart grows a little colder.


One day he phones and explains to her the following: "Sweetheart, I now have a hands-free mobile telephone. I can speak to you every morning for 1/2 hour as I drive to work, and every evening when I drive back for another 1/2 hour. We can still talk an hour every day, but this gives me more time to spend with my friends here."


This is how those, who think by keeping the old laws, they are pleasing God, are in fact mistreating HIM. They are still worshipping God, but their heart has grown cold and they are totally blind to IT.


- - - - - - -




The sign behind the sign was just as interesting as the sign. The letters  - NG  fident e at  - show from under the front sign. I like the idea - 155 For Kids - LoVe No. 1, plus the numbers 158 in the phone number.


By sheer fluke I had heard about a sale at the Unley High School to be held on 23/9/06. I sensed I should go there. I bought myself a jumper for $ 1. The logo was USA Russell Athletics.


That night, via a complex series of links I was visiting the suburb of Brompton. For a short time I joined a large gathering of the Pilipino Community at 15 Wood Ave.


Was it a fluke that it was right next door, where the MCA (my ex-employer in my first book) used to have their Service Centre?

They have since moved to Mile End.

 (Hey - how Da Ninci is that!) 

- - - - - - -


Ultimate love is to sacrifice one's life for God, for HIS cause. Nowhere in the bible did Jesus tell his disciples to hate those who don't believe in Him. Christians are called to love, especially your enemies. Love is the fulfilment of the law.


In many countries, if you didn't know, people are being killed and tortured, simply for believing in Jesus. Many work on fearlessly, often under great opposition from other religions or Governments. Genuine Christians work out of love for HIM.


In mid September I had opportunity to tell the whole world, literally (almost), what Christ did for the world and why HIS way is the better way.


It was on Friday 15/9. I woke at 5.19 am, as usual without alarm clock. God was at work early. It was already 16/9 in Australia, but the date was still 15/9 in the UK, where it all happened. I was wide awake at around 3 am and was listening on the transistor to Radio 5 RPH 1197. The station switches to the BBC, London overnight, where I tuned in to a program called  World have your say.


The topic discussed was: Should  Pope Benedict XVI apologize for remarks he had made during a speech, upsetting some Muslims. The Pope had quoted an ancient text, which condemns the Prophet Mohammed for advocating violence, if need be, to force the spread his teaching. (This is how I understood the issue).


As I listened to the various callers from around the world, some with extreme viewpoints,  my hair stood on end, if this is possible lying in bed. The discussion went from condemnation to support for the Pope's action. After a while I contemplated: Here is your chance to have your say, the listening ear of possibly millions. Why not try and phone in?


Getting through to the BBC, London from Adelaide at 3 am in the morning was a rather fanciful idea. But as I had reasoned before (before sending an email to the British PM Tony Blair), one thing is for certain -  to not even try is as good as failure.


I made a deal with the force, which was motivating me, the Holy Spirit: If they give the phone number again in the next few seconds, I will try and phone in.


A moment later the lady compare said: "If you would like to join the discussion, our number here at the BBC is 44 2070 83 ..." Lucky I was not afraid of long numbers. I tried to remember it, got out of bed and dialled the number. To my great surprise, a lady at the other end answered after the first try: "BBC London, World Have Your Say".


I couldn't believe my luck or was I really meant to be doing this? She asked my name, where I was calling from and what I wanted to say. She said, they would contact me shortly.


In the past I had trouble getting through to our local talk-back station. One early morning, I remember, I held the phone and waited for 1 1/4 hours to make my point, only to be told: Sorry, we have run out of time (at 5.30 am).


Waiting for the BBC to call back I committed a great omission. Why on earth did I not think of putting a tape into the tape recorder to capture my 30 seconds of world-fame? It just did not occur to me until later. Then again, who would really be interested?


Within ten minutes the phone rang. I was indeed connected life to a huge world-wide audience via this talkback program. But the nature of talk back radio is such, talking into the phone does not feel any different than talking to a friend in the next suburb.


Once on live broadcast, I tried to make my point, which I can't recall word for word:

Our leader, Jesus, gave the ultimate sacrifice. He died on a cross.  And while doing so he forgave his enemies. In his last hours, while bleeding to death, he said: Father forgive them, they don't know what they are doing. This attitude of non-violence and forgiveness is what the world needs. 


I continued: The other way, religious extremists, who think they are doing God a favour, by killing themselves and take many infidels with them, don't do anything for world peace. Which way would be better for the world?


- - - - - - -


In his book WHY ME Jacob Damkani stresses, it's a misconception that Jews must convert to Christianity, to embrace Jesus. This is not so. They need to embrace the New Covenant, the notion that Love for their Messiah Jesus will set them free, not ancient, repetitive rituals.


A time is coming, when the Jewish Nation will have their eyes opened. They will recognize HIM, the one they have rejected and crucified. Then they will embrace their Messiah. The Good News will spread from Jerusalem throughout the earth.


It is spreading around the world at this moment and will do so until the end.



Chapter 17