"He awakens me morning by morning.

He awakens my ear to hear as the learned".

 Isaiah 50: 4




14.  Roads of fun and danger


The more I ponder on what I was inspired to write, the more I come to appreciate the awesome power behind the intricate web of extra-ordinary events, which brought me to this point in my journey.


I stand amazed in the presence of the inspired words, the long story, which at this point, I trust, convinces readers, that indeed a good man is lingering innocently in jail. What started with a whisper of a thought is now literally being shouted from the rooftops.


No, I not making headlines in the media. Nobody is knocking down my door in rage, in jubilation or to request an interview. This is not what I meant, nor what I want. The word rooftops came to me on the morning of writing, during my prayer time.


I saw the bigger picture - morning by morning God wakes me and fills my mind with a host of thoughts about the wonderful things HE has done and is doing every day. Later I empty my thoughts onto my website, the one your are reading.


In Matthew 10 and Verse 27 Jesus speaks the word housetop: "Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops".


This is just how I view what I am doing - I receive a word from God, while it is still dark, usually. As I am inspired, I write the word openly, fearlessly, in the light so to speak. The path my words then take is into the phone line, where they travel from house to house, from rooftop to rooftop. God has HIS ways of spreading HIS message. Nothing will stop HIS plan from succeeding until the end.


During writing this I received an email, subject 'dangerous roads'. The attachment showed pictures of narrow, twisted mountain roads, possibly in Pokistan or Afgonistan (sic). I got the message: My course of action, exposing possible corruption, is a dangerous road  to be travelling on. I agree. I would much prefer to cruise down Hollywood Boulevard or shop for leather ware in Via Veneto or take a walk under Berlin's promenade Unter den Linden.


But where do we turn for security? In the same chapter (Matthew 10, 28) Jesus tell us to not worry about those who can kill our bodies. Rather we should fear the one, the evil one, who can cast both the body and the soul into hell.


What do citizen in the West (o, and Israel) today fear the most? Is it not the suicide bombers? Was Jesus in this verse speaking about extremists, those who feel the urge to kill themselves with a bomb, and believe, as a special reward, their soul gains a special place in heaven?


When reality strikes they may well find that they were deceived by the evil one. Not only have their bodies been destroyed, but their soul is abandoned to the eternal torment of separation from God, united with the one who loves to steal, kill and destroy.


- - - - - - -


The very first time I took note in the Liddy case, a message came like a whisper in my ear. Later, I scribbled on the back of my business card a few words and dropped them into a radio station. It was the now defunct station 5 DN in North Adelaide. I had no idea how the story was to unfold in the years to follow, how the number 5 and the letters dn would be playing such an important role. Those who are not convinced by the magic ought to listen to logic. Consider this:


There are two similarities between the Lindy (Chamberlain) case and that of Magistrate Peter Liddy. Firstly, both have been attacked and imprisoned guiltless; sucked into a powerful system and persecuted without mercy, despite pleading innocent right until the end. 


Secondly, both victims have been accused of crimes involving the kind of material, which the media thrives on - sex, murder, child-rape etc. If a story includes a religious or other outlandish element, such as a preacher's wife or a powerful magistrate, the media love it even more.


Had those blind experts, who accused Lindy Chamberlain of murder, put their brain into gear, before embarking on their illogical accusations trial, they would have seen the madness of their imagination: A pastor's wife kills her 10-week-old baby during a family holiday in the front seat of the family car, while nearby everyone is eating their evening meal. (Surprises me that nobody accused her of having eating the infant - cannibalism would have been the crowning finale to this hair raising tale).


Likewise the Liddy case: A respected man, whose job is to put criminals behind bars and to ensure police is doing their job properly, is committing crimes of the most horrific nature. He drives around the streets of Adelaide with a car load of boys, commits the sex act, while steering the vehicle at the same time. He rapes a boy inside the Glenelg Court House, while hundreds of rioters  do battle with  police right outside. (So bizarre, I couldn't write a more bizarre script that would top this tale).


Bizarre things do happen; at least we read them in the newspapers. But there is a time for examination, for logic and  - most of all - for truth. 


- - - - - - -


Melbourne, August 25th 06. Two bus loads of supporters of the Adelaide United Football Club cheered their team for the first match of the A-League

season 06/07.


Enjoying the beautiful city on the Yarra, I walked approx. 19 kilometres to St. Kilda, via Lake Albert and all around the city. While there I took the opportunity to do what lots do, gather support for my mission. It worked.



 FREE BEER!  What? Is Beer still in jail?

Perhaps I should have made it to the Happy Hour at the Red Ter-ace. The other Reds didn't make us happy that night. Melbourne Victory scored their first goals against us (in 7 A-League matches). They won 2:0


The theme  at the Arts Centre on St. Kilda Road was Love (What? Love for Picasso and Beer?) The exhibition's duration from 30/6 - 8/10.

Another day and the numbers would have  been...   Still  306 and 810 make 1115+1. Plus 1 still won. Love it.


Photos were allowed inside the Victorian Parliament. I am sitting in the Premier's chair.  I asked, was there an open Bible displayed anywhere? No!  Lawmakers should seek guidance from God's Word before passing laws. Don't some religions use their religious rules as their Law?  















 - - - - - - -



On September 21/06 I knocked on the door of Peter Liddy's elderly mother. Her address was printed in the transcript of her son's court case. It took a while before I had the opportunity to call on her. I had not made an appointment and no idea what to expect. 


A well-dressed lady, in her early 80's, opened the door. She soon realized I was on her side and started talking very openly. She told me how generous her son was. On one occasion they had parked the car outside a church in Kadina, on the York Peninsula, where they had friends. She asked her son: "Why are we parked here for?"


He replied: "I just want to make sure ... gets the envelope I put on the front windscreen.

He did this many times, helping out people, who were in need of financial help".


How it makes me sick, to think, this most noble attribute, generosity, would years later be used against her son, by criminals who twisted the true intention of receiving money, and using it to trap him. Is there a more classical case of betrayal?


Mrs. Liddy told me, she remembered the date 29th May 99. While it was still dark, car loads of detectives turned up and searched their premises. "They went through everything. They even took the pictures off the walls", the old lady told me.  Through the screen door I sensed her pain, as she relived the event.


I had read about the early morning raid in the court transcript. They had found nothing of interest. Not one pornographic magazine, video or whatever they were looking for. Why then did they not close the case right then, realizing the anonymous letter must have been a hoax, a classic piece of defamation? (It makes me think - did an anonymous letter ever exist?)


But no, they tried that little bit harder to get a conviction.


Mrs. Liddy, a widow, told me she has only one other son. He lives thousands of miles away in Queensland. Friends, if what I write really isso, those accusers have not only wrecked one life.


Our brief 10 minute talk at her front door confirmed everything I had suspected all along. All citizens of Adelaide, who want truth, must now unite and find out the truth. Let's all use our rain (sic) to put things right. But rain is scarce in Adelaide at present.


- - - - - - -


During two phone calls to separate talk-back radio programs I expressed an idea that may have avoided this miscarriage of justice. It would have minimized the possibility of an uninformed, untrained jury passing down a guilty verdict.


Who is to say that a person, selected at random from the electoral role, is intelligent enough to follow, let alone pass judgement on what can become a rather complex matter?

Reading proceedings of the Liddy trial I came across a number of places, where the jury was asked to leave the room. Why was this necessary?


Why is it practice that a jury is shielded from information, such as the criminal record of the accused? Any logical thinker would agree that if a juror had to choose between two offenders, one with a lengthy record of car stealing, and another alleged offender, who never ever stole a motor car, they would pick the repeat offender as guilty.


The Sheree Turner case (Chapter 33, Book 4) is a classic example. Except, her sad case was not about a repeat offender, stealing a motor car, it was a killer, striking in one state, while under investigation for murder in another. The brutal murderer escaped punishment because of an uninformed jury. (And one day before writing this a politician tried to tell me, we have one of the best criminal justice systems in the world!)


A further argument for reform is the fact that science has advanced to a level beyond that of a layperson's understanding. More and more complex techniques, such as DNA (and you know what I think of that) are introduced into the courtroom. How can the average IQ brain, let alone a below-average IQ citizen, decide on the guilt or not guilt of a murderer or paedophile?


Reform is needed. What argument is there against the following? Instead of paying expenses for 12 amateur jurors, reduce the number to seven. Replace the 12 laymen with 7 professionals, who studied the profession, just like a lawyer had to study his subject.


To take part in a trial these professionals are still chosen at random, to ensure impartiality. Except perhaps, an ex-accountant is chosen to sit on the jury of a fraud case, whereas person with a medical background, would be more useful in a rape trial.


Because this juror will have had thorough training (and not on the job training, as is the case at present) they will never be asked to leave the courtroom, while the main players decide on legal matters, or if a document is admissible in the trial, which is what happens at present.


Peter Liddy wrote to me, saying that he was in possession of a document, which would have certainly found him not guilty. It was not admissible at his trial or in his *Supreme Court appeal.

*(Correction 12/6/09 - this should read High Court).


Note: The document can be viewed in Chapter 26 of Book 7.  

There would be no need for anyone to brief the jury, because they are experts in what they do. The process of briefing a jury leaves itself wide open to corruption. How easy would it be to influence a juror, how to cast their vote? At least two ladies I have spoken to have reiterated this point (not in the Liddy case). One said to me, plainly: "We were virtually told how we had to vote."


I took the opportunity to present above suggestion on a talk-back program. On Radio 5AN 891 I tried to explain this idea, while Chief Justice Doyle was present in their studio, taking calls. In his reply, he indicated that the British justice system had operated with trial by jury for over a hundred years. He could not recall that a move had ever been made, to introduce professional jurors. He expressed that there were also advantages in having anybody on a jury, but gave not details.


(Does it sound a bit like - we've always done it like that? From the limited knowledge I have about the German justice system, a jury is only appointed in murder cases. Those on the jury work together with the presiding judge to decide a guilty or not guilty verdict. The traditional jury, as it still exists in Australia, is a thing of the past).


- - - - - - -


In early September 06 Australians were shocked at the reports of two tragic deaths.  The first was that of crocodile hunter and wild-life adventurer Steve Irwin, on Sept 04. It made headlines all over the world. Only four days later, on the Friday following, racing legend Peter Brock's crashed his vehicle against a tree in Western Australia, during a car rally. Australians had to confront the sad, but unavoidable subject of death once again.


Peter Brock had a long relationship with the car company Holden. On Monday 11/9 (note the date) a memorial was set up outside the Holden Plant at Elizabeth. I took my bicycle for a ride and took this photo:



 I HELD HIS HAND is the writing on the newspaper headline, attached to the small cross. Other headlines gave the racing legend the title 'King of the Mountain' or 'Peter Perfect'.


What surprised me was a can of alcoholic drink - Cola Bourbon BULLEIT - among the floral tributes.


Researching this chapter I surfed for Bulleit Bourbon. I reached the website of a Washington DC anti-drink-driving organisation in minutes. How Da Ninci was their address!


1310 G Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005.


Not only the 316 / 21 makes sense, even the 0005 at the end.

Peter Brock was an ardent campaigner against drink driving. Brock Holdens are often seen around Adelaide with the two huge numbers 05 on the side.








- - - - - - - 



As expected, but totally unexpected, which may not make sense to anyone else, I made some strange observations on my way home.


As I cycled through the backstreets of Salisbury I saw a For Sale sign outside a block of units. Something, I think it was - what else - a car registration plate, had triggered my attention. It was in Perez Street, the only Perez Street in the 2003 Adelaide Street Directory (This is why I took notice of a song on radio a bit later - it was either called Perez or sung by an artist named Perez).


I dropped into the real estate agent's home in the main shopping precinct in Salisbury. However, the real link between my earlier visit to Holden's and the name of the agent clicked much later: Brock. The salesperson's name was Wayne (note!). Their office was located right where I had experience some real magic, 158 magic.


It figures that their address in No. 58 .... (Remember 5108 is the postcode of Salisbury).


Stop Press: As if by remote controlled timing, a moment ago I opened an email from NY. The Times Newspaper offers a new service - articles dating back to 1851 can now be read for free on their website.

Hey, now I get it ... Another clue, of course! The date was 11/9. Didn't the magic at the Salisbury Towers happen on 19/11?

My diary confirms it did, The Salisbury pageant was indeed on 19/11/05. I had an incredible experience. There also was a direct link to the US - the birthday of movie star Meg Ryan. She will turn 45 this year. (But I better leave it at that or I'll be accused of cyber-stalking).  


Normally I cycle home via Ann Street, which hold less traffic than Commercial Road. But that morning, I am convinced, I was meant to take Commercial Road. (I may have chosen this route, because a large fire on another Commercial Road (Port Adelaide) had occurred days earlier. The Conti Bar and Vinnies second-hand, next to Choice Home Loans, were burned burned and damaged badly).


Outside a church in Commercial Road, Salisbury a hearse was parked in the driveway. A funeral was being prepared. Out of curiosity I enquired what the name of the deceased was. I will give the name here - dead people can't be stalked - Aurelio Rech. For those familiar with advanced Da Ninci, they will decipher the surname He see it.


The funeral directors were L-Berg (Berg is German for mountain - Aha, I just got it - King of the mountain).


I considered staying for the funeral, but the starting time was at least 1/2 hour away, so I cycled on. Minutes later, still on my way home, again I read a clue - ECLIPSE, written in large letters on the side of a motor car. Seconds earlier I had picked up a peppermint box - Eclipse - powerful fresh breath - plus a registration number 111 followed by 555. As I did a motor car pulled away from the kerbside nearby, doing a U-Turn. (Who was being stalked, I wonder?) 


Not far from the Eclipse motorcar I got talking to a man. Then it came. The stranger I started a conversation with, for no reason, was an employee standing outside a business called Wayne's. It all links together, planned by who?



- - - - - - -



Powerful fresh breath e lips?


Each item above (tablets, toy-gun bullets, Eclipse mints, KOMI keyring) have meant something as I spotted it. They found a place in my collection of free travel - souvenirs and got a mention in my diary.


The tablets are Gliciazide. I spotted them on John Street, not Salisbury, but Flinders Park, during a bike ride home from the airport. How fitting - I had taken a little detour to check an address, I had reported to Crimestoppers years earlier. I suspected a possible drug operation. Nothing ever came of it.



- - - - - - -


Stop press: The grand final 2006 in Australian rules football, just ended, as I write. For the first time since 1966 the winning margin was only 1 point - Sydney 84:85 West Coast. Plus 1 magic.


- - - - - - -



Looking back over the years I ask: How did I become not only an advocate for an innocent man in jail, but a campaigner against drugs at the same time? Do I not understand the risk I am taking, fighting on two large fronts?


All I can say - I do what I can do in fulfilling what God has led me to see and do. The outcome and my own personal comfort I leave in HIS hand.


Years before I became a real whistleblower,  I expressed a biblical truth publicly on Radio 5AN 891, during a talk-back call: God cares so much about us, HE knows how many hairs are on our heads and how many are missing on that of the Bald Brothers, the hosts of their breakfast program. If HE is interested in such minor detail, why should He not care about the bigger things, like .... (fill in the blank space with your own worry and care).


Let me quote from the Psalms,  just for the radio station, whose numbers 5 891make their postcode with a 9 left over.


"I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." God certainly has been faithful in showing us that HE is real. (Psalm 89 Verse 1).


On the morning of writing (End September 06) my eyes opened to more God-incidental names, which had popped up at the right time at the right place. It is the names of two witnesses in the Liddy case. The way I had stumbled across their nameson (sic) 12/8 in Wingfield was magic on its own. I cannot repeat the two names here, because of suppression orders (so I have been told). But I can tell you how I view them in my code.


One of the two, the one who claimed much abuse took place, reads as: Di-on-cross.


The other, who testified he had seen no misbehaviour whatsoever, read as:Victory-genuine.

(I am using the German word for genuine, see photo chapter 13).


The ONE who is writing this reads his name as: He-die (on) cross.


Foolish it may be my friends, but what you are witnessing is scripture coming true:


"But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise" (1. Corinthians 1, 27).


Chapter 15