The Lord has glory and majesty

 He has power and joy is in His temple. 

1. Chronicles 16, 27

12.  All clear - all ear 

There are (!) times when I feel my detailed, often repetitive writing seems to not be leading anywhere. This chapter, as indicated in a recent one, brings me to a higher level, God willing, in convincing people of my argument. 

What is my argument? My argument has been my struggle to make everyone see that God Himself is behind what I think, what I do, what I write about. The magic that happens daily must spring from somewhere. And it's not me. It is God.

On the day of writing it is Father's Day in Australia. I woke at 2.16 am from the noise of a rain shower on the carport roof. The forecast was for little rain only.

If this chapter does not persuade any clear ( ! ) thinking person that it can't all ( ! ) be co-incidence, but a higher power is at work, what more could HE do?

No one, except HE Himself could have arranged what took place on Sunday evening 23/7/06. Central to this event, which I will come back to at the end of the chapter, are not numbers, but letters.

As if a cycle was closing, the letters D&N rose once again to the surface. The same letters had years ago directed me down a path I never dreamed of. I certainly had never planned to go there. God had moved in strange ways and continues to do so.


On Sunday 23/7/06 Le Tour de France finished in Paris. It was won by American Floyd Landis.

(Hey, they didn't accuse him of taking a prohibited substance, because his name makes the letters lad sin? When I heard the bad news, I thought to myself, how easy it would be to frame a champion? Truth will win in the end).  

No, it was not the D&N in the name Landis, which spooked me that Sunday night 23/7). Nor was it another unusual combination of names, also sports stars, who brought the letters den to the surface. 

Two German sportsmen were competing on the world stage during July 06. One was champion cyclist Kloden, the other footballer, Klose, the top scorer for Germany in the World Cup. 

I played my little game with their names. I took away the identical first three to arrive at den & it. (se = es = it). But as I said that wasn't it. 

One of the main sponsors of Le Tour must have been CLC. These letters kept leaping into the TV pictures. Only this morning God showed me, it was so clear, in my pre-waking hours, how incredibly the two letters CL were to fit into this chapter. Read on. 

The unreal discovery of 23/7, at the end of this chapter, triggered my fresh initiative and enthusiasm  to probe more seriously into the court proceedings in the Liddy matter, as described in the previous chapter. If indeed God opened my eyes to see all this, and it is for one reason - to set the prisoners free - how could I keep silent?

In a cruel twist Peter Liddy, so I am told, does the laundry in the prison he is locked up in. It may well be he washes the dirty linen for some of those criminal men, he had put behind bars years ago. To now be cleaning their dirty laundry, in a way, may symbolize what we Christians are called to do - do good to your enemies. 

As I understand from Peter's letters, he holds no grudge against anybody. The staff in the prison respect him. He is willing to bear the injustices (I C Jesus in t he cross). 

Friends, if justice is not done on this side of eternity, we can study for the next 20 years the case of this man, who did nothing wrong, who willingly accepted his fate and forgave his enemies. 

Those who see the parallel to what Christ did for them, and accept HIM with gladness, will see that a shameful defeat turned into a mighty triumph. 

As a child I could never understand why the preacher said that a man, bleeding to death on a cross, could be a winner. But it isso. 

It looks cruel on the surface. But the Christian way of love and forgiveness, with no stings (sic) attached, is the only way for mankind to survive. Hate, revenge, mind control etc. lead to ultimate destruction - death.

This is the big difference friends - extreme, fundamental Christians love their enemies, die for them, if called to do so. Other extreme religious groups around the world are showing their passion by killing themselves and innocent others as suicide bombers. Which way is the best way to express love for others?


- - - - - - -

My first big purchase after arriving in Australia in 1969 was this Selmer Trumpet. It was second-hand, but still cost me approx. two week's wages at the time.

Above photo was taken on the first day I started playing again, after many years. I give praise to God that the days of stress, worry, illness and anxiety are over. 

Any football team looking for a centre-forward?

- - - - - - - 


On Sunday July 23rd I woke at 4.24 am. The clock had moved to 4.44 when I finally rose. The Hour of Power featured the entrepneur who started His name was Neil Clark Warren. He said that about 90 weddings are held each week* around the world of people, who met on his Christian dating website.

*Correction: The figure is meant to be approx. 90 weddings per day!

The guest singer was Joel Engle. His song title (it fits Father's Day perfectly): "Be a father to her". It was strange, the way his sports coat had all three buttons done up at the front. It was enough to make me remember and record it into my diary. 

After the Hour of Power I watched a video (No. 26) in the series by Rev. Dwight Nelson. In the past while watching these I had a number of little incidences happen (nano-second!)  That morning I noticed an error on the screen. In the title LIVING OR TODAY the F was obviously missing. 

Were they making a point - live or go OT? Or was there a hint at a missing letter U? Then again, it could have been a genuine mistake and my mind is working four (sic) nothing. 

After arriving home from church I watched the BBC's Songs of Praise. A man named ....Ball was talking about the host of the show, Aled Jones. My ever vigilant mind picked up a mistake. Mr. Ball called Aled by the name Tom. 

I would not have bothered emailing Songs of Praise, but did so, because of a distinct incident, which happened exactly one week earlier. On 16/7 I had met and spoken to a man named Peter, also a singer. On the way home in the car my wife pointed out to me that I had called Peter by the name Tom. My brain obviously had his name stored wrongly.


- - - - - - -

Cycling along Dutton Terrace, Medindi I saw this large piece of cardboard on the ground. There were two sections. The one above I kept. The other I dropped into Eugene McGee's letterbox, as I cycled past his place.

The more I looked at the letters, the more I saw - Mann, manna, man, a n man etc. 

But clues only came just now, on editing. Two chapters back the word echt featured in a Reader's Digest Magazine. If that is a long shot, there is more, one which also sounds far fetched:

Motorists travelling North on Main North Road, just before Robe Terrace, will see a green directional road sign. For weeks I had seen graffiti on it - in white letters  - etch.

But there's more. Across from the sign is the suburb of Medindi. One of the boys, who witnessed in the Liddy case, was from that suburb. His name consisted of nothing but ETCH, plus a V. This is echt - believe it or not. His first name is Ben. (He was one who said he saw no abuse whatsoever).

Hey, that's incredible - as I typed this I decoded more - on the same sign on Main North Road is another word in white graffiti - fist. Apply my plus R code and it makes first, which may be referring to Ben, the boys first name. I am sure it does. 

Why would God lead my thinking down this path, if it were not so? 

- - - - - - -


(Back to 23/7)

In the afternoon, I am convinced, I was led to write another email. On the surface it was nothing. Only much later could I see God's supernatural hand in it all. During a radio news item, I think it was the day before, I had overheard the word Arden Street, Melbourne. A fire had done some damage in the dressing shed? of N M Football Club. 

The name Arden rang a bell (just as I type this word, outside the ice cream van is sounding his bell). Some years ago I used to see an advertisement in our local newspaper. It was by a business from Arden Street, Melbourne and the numbers 105 and 85 (?) played a part.

I enquired online, asking the Football Club,  if there was going to be something about the fire on their website. In the PS I questioned: "It wasn't arson? Arson on Arden would really be upsetting". My memory fails, if I had written this before I had discovered the Kloden/Klose DEN IT incident. As I write I find it fascinating - DEN SON. 

There was much Da Ninci that afternoon at the coffee afternoon in the German Club. It was held in the rebuilt main hall, which had been damaged by an arson attack in November 2002. The place was filled  to the very last seat. Luckily, someone had a seat reserved for us. I sat next to Mr. HE X LIVE. I am not joking.

I had met the gentleman some months earlier. His name and address (minus E) leaves RE Y (or if you translated ER into English Y HE). He lives in Number 71 in the suburb of Valley View. It all made sense.  

But this still wasn't it.

In the evening that Sunday a meeting was scheduled in our church. It had been rescheduled from the 16th to the 23rd of July. This fact, plus the reason for the gathering made me curious: Those struggling with issues and wanted to move on, were encouraged to come to this special meeting. (We don't have regular Sunday night meetings).

Just before leaving, saying goodbye to Isobel, I saw on the TV Sportnews an item about football. In the background picture it showed in large letters ALL CLEAR. I only vaguely took note. My brain took notice and remembered immediately my email from the afternoon. 

There was only a few at the 6 PM meeting; seven to be exact; two were pastors. I didn't know what to expect. My diary records very little, only that I went home a little disappointed. The quiet service, which was held in the Life-Well Centre, next door to the main church, was rather unusual. No singing, a few scriptures readings, prayers. No open discussion, which would have been ideal for a group that size.  

Each person was given a piece of paper and pen, a candle and a small bowl filled with sand. We were encouraged to think about the obstacle we wanted to bring before God, the thing which holds us back. 

Like some others, I took my piece of paper into a small room down the hall to reflect and contemplate the issue.  What should I write down? Without question, it was my struggle with the multitude of co-incidences, names, numbers, letters and seeing the connections. My madness - No, it was not madness. Yes it was, if I were to write it on this piece of paper. 

Sure, I wanted to move on, but was I willing to let go of my codes, my discoveries, my identity, my destiny, my fight to get justice for a man in prison? I can't remember what I wrote, only the last two words at the bottom - ALL CLEAR - the same words I had read on the TV screen just before leaving. This simple phrase expressed my desire - get the all clear, the green light, move on.

After five minutes or so, I went back into the main room. Everybody lit their candle and symbolically placed the piece of paper into the bowl of sand and lit it. 

Whatever your obstacle, the thing you wrote down was now burning in front of you. Now you can move forward. Take it home in the envelope provided and dispose of it, with dignity and thoughtfully, in a special place to fit the solemn occasion. 

Sorry folks, if I sound cynical. I understand the thought behind it, what it was trying to achieve. But it did nothing for me. 

It reminded me of the time, when I had been abused at work, forced into doing something I did not agree with; something I could not do, which had led to extreme stress. All I wanted was someone to talk to, one who understood and cared enough to put his arm around me and say - Let's have a cup of tea and talk about it.

Instead, I was told to lay on a couch, breath deeply in and out, and repeat the same thing at home three times a day. Take this tape and play it in the background. Bulldust! This did nothing for me. As a matter of fact, after a few weeks I was betrayed by the man, who was paid big money to help me. When I had told him, I was honest about it, I did not play the tape or lay on the couch at home, doing my breathing exercises, he virtually threw me out. 


During the burning ceremony at the Wellness Centre meeting my piece of paper at first did not burn really well. I had folded it too tightly. It burned very slowly, which held up the meeting just a little. (I could read everybody's mind: They were thinking my name ought to be Cain, just kidding). 

The Pastor suggested I unfold the paper to make it able (pardon the pun) to burn easier. So I did. In the meantime the smoke alarm went off. I was sure it was my smoke that had triggered it.

Back home I emptied the envelope full of ashes into the bin. (I made sure the time on the digital clock would match that day's date, just kidding). Lucky I saw it, otherwise there would be nothing to write about. 

A tiny piece of the white paper had not burned fully. Only three letters showed. They spooked me. I glued it into my diary:




'Mine almost turned to ash, but there was a tiny bit left unburned. Two of my codes EA + R. I had written the latest reference I had heard on Sports report "ALL CLEAR", I had thought it may have been a response to my email to North Melbourne Football Club earlier that day, may be this confirms - it was !"



All that is left - ALL C L.

With this master stroke HE also brought us right back to where it all started:

Arden minus ear equals dn.

Friends, if whatever force is behind this does so to work against me, deceive me, would be cruel to the highest degree. No, no and no again. God has come into our world to show himself to us - a modern day theophany.

Does anyone hear? 

Your WOW will turn to woe, if the wrong is not put right.

Two verses from this morning's Bible reading in church: (John 3: 20, 21)

Everyone who does evil hates the light. He will not come to the light, because it will show all the evil things he has done. 

But he who follows the true way comes to the light. Then the light will show that the things he has done were done through God .

Those who do what is right, who love truth and justice, shall see God. Your mourning will turn into dancing. Your sorrow will turn into joy.

The following prayer from the Bible applies to the people of Israel, but also to all who with an open heart accept Jesus Christ as Lord

- - - - - - -


A prayer of David

(1. Chronicles 16, 8-36)

Give thanks to the Lord and pray to Him. Tell the nations what He has done.

Sing to Him, sing praises to Him. Tell about all the wonderful things He has done.

Be glad that you are His. Let those who ask the Lord for help be happy.

Depend on the Lord and His strength. Always go to him for help.

Remember the wonderful things he had done.

Remember his miracles and his decisions.

You are the descendants of Israel, the Lord's servant.

You are the children of Jacob, his chosen people.

He is the Lord our God. His laws are for all the world. 

He will keep His agreement forever.

He will keep His promises always.

He will keep the agreement He made with Abraham.

He will keep the promise He made to Isaac.

The Lord made it a law for the people of Jacob.

He made it an agreement with Israel to last forever.

The Lord said, I will give you the land of Canaan. The promised land will belong to you.

Then God's people were few in number. They were strangers in the land.

They went from one nation to another. They went from one kingdom to another.

But the Lord did not let anyone hurt them. He warned kings not to harm them.

He said: "Don't hurt my chosen people. Don't harm my prophets."

Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Everyday tell how he saves us.

Tell the nations about the Lords glory. Tell all people about his wonderful works.

The Lord is great. He should be praised.

He should be honoured more than all the Gods.

All the gods of the nations are only idols. But the Lord made the skies.

The Lord has glory and majesty. He has power and joy in His temple.

Praise the Lord, all nations on earth. Praise the Lord's glory and power.

Praise the Lord for the glory of his name.

Bring your offering to him. Worship the Lord because He is holy.

The whole earth should tremble before the Lord. 

The earth is set and it cannot be moved.

Let the skies rejoice and the earth be glad. 

Let people everywhere say, The Lord is king.

Let the sea and everything in it shout. 

Let the fields and everything in them show their joy.

Then the trees of the forest will sing. They will sing with joy before the Lord.

 They will sing because the Lord is coming to judge the world.

Thank the Lord because He is good. His love continues for ever.

Say to Him: "Save us, God our Saviour". Bring us back and save us from the nations.

Then we will thank you, we will gladly praise you.

 Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, for ever and ever.



Chapter 13