The whole realm of nature  (Autobiography -  Dieter Fischer, Book 5) 

It has not been easy to start this, my fifth book. Only days before commencement a theologian pointed out to me that he is almost sure, I have been deceived. If this is so, who has been deceiving me? Where has my thinking gone wrong and what is the truth?

My aim is to explore and explain, in a brutally honest way, what is happening in my turbulent, adventurous life.  Where did I depart from the ultimate guidebook the Bible, if indeed I had done so? To the best of my knowledge all events, names and data are true and correct, as I understand it.

The reader will find that I view my world in a different light. Everyone will have to make up their own mind, to believe or not to believe. Those who read with an open mind, who trust God to show them what 'it' is all about, will be inspired to follow HIM more closely, with renewed passion. They will be glad they took the path of love and peace. 

Those who choose not to believe will possibly become irritated by my writing. My writing, however demands a choice. Either Jesus is who HE says HE is, or he is a fraud.

To not agree that HE is the son of God is saying, he was a fraud.     

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide, May 1st, 2006. 


1.  Love - Power without weapon 

Words were few to describe what had transpired in my life since it turned into a weird, strange, supernatural tale. Amazing, bizarre, magic are words, which you have read in the first four books of this my auto- biography. Judging by the events of the past three weeks, since the conclusion of Book 4 on 31 March 06, this new book will need to use the same adjectives to describe it all.    

I am equally curious, as I have been with my previous four books, where it will take us all. What is God going to do in the exciting days ahead? If my past experiences are anything to go by, HE will astound us all in the end with a twist, so we all know - it must be HIM

In recent days I have been yearning to reach another level of awareness of what is taking place. In my Spirit I know God is at work and will complete that, which HE has begun. Nothing will stop HIM in carrying out HIS plans for this HIS world. 

- - - - - - -

Nothing had changed from my family's down-to-earth perspective. The supernatural things I saw in my higher sphere of awareness, they regarded as abnormal. The way I interpreted my observations and linked them to something I had written, made no sense to them. The way I saw things brought judgement, because I saw God in even the minutest details of my life.

My accusers think I am purposely looking for links, only to weave them into this strange tale, which they say is of no interest to anyone. "Why would people be bothered reading your diary? There are millions online doing what you are doing," they told me. 

To a degree I had to agree with this argument. Much is written online, by many colourful, creative minds. This alone, however, did not diminish the impact it made, when I almost daily, discovered magic* beyond what is regarded as normal.

* At precisely the same second as I typed the word magic into the keyboard, a singer (it was Michael Buble) sang the word magic on Radio Cruise 1323. (May 1st, 06 - 7.17 pm).  

In the innermost parts of my conscience I knew that what was happening was supernatural, wrought by Almighty God. I was taking no credit for any of it, but merely wrote it all down, as my mind tried to make sense of it all. 

Since my case was largely built on faith and assumptions, it would have been easy to admit defeat, agreeing it was all co-incident and give up. This was never an option. It would also have meant that I was admitting to a mental illness, which I knew I didn't have.

Trying to prove that I was correct in my outlandish thinking would have been difficult. I had no intention of doing so. Faith is based on things not seen. It's not faith otherwise. I had placed my faith, or trust, in HIM and I was not letting go. I experienced HIS guidance and love every day. 

A well-known Pastor recently spoke with me. I had been very open and honest with HIM, probably too much for him to deal with. In the end he felt, not quite one hundred percent however, that I was deceived. At least I was not accused of being a deceiver

In the deepest corner of my heart I knew I was fair dinkum in my motive, seeking and doing God's will for my life. I felt God wanted me to search out and expose the truth. Truth will lead to freedom. 

- - - - - - - 

My tools:

Top: Clock Radio (Sony, what else) beside my bed, transistor handy, for any hour, day and night to monitor the airwaves for creative bull dust stories. (Read on).  

Bottom: Computer, Calculator, Diary open at 14/4/06 with fantale wrapper, New Standard Version Bible, Children's Bible, Redemption Hymnbook, To do basket, showing information sheet for Lifeline. 

- - - - - - - 

On 2/4/06, a date I liked because 135 fits nicely inside it, I overheard a snippet of a story as I was turning the dial on my transistor during a sleepless hour. On a religious program by the BBC, London I overheard what I thought may be a remote reference to what I had written: "One in five people over the age of 80 ..." My strange mind remembered immediately the unbelievable 5/8 1000 g Tomato story of 18/10/05.

Three weeks later, on April 22-23, I was amused when two 1/5/8 articles appeared in the Weekend Australian Newspaper. At the time I was not reading newspapers, except perusing those my son Ben bought occasionally. One article was on page 9, the other on page 12:


The Weekend Australian 22/23/4/06.

  Which headline is true: P. 9 - Property soars in the 8 -15 million Dollars bracket or

 P. 12 - Cherie's $ 18 500 fringe benefits? For one month during her husband's 05 election campaign Mrs. Blair, the wife of the British Prime Minister, had her hair (allegedly) pampered daily at a cost of $ 18 500. 

No doubt the elegant hairdo of Tony Blair's wife, plus the great advice from the Adelaide Weather Bureau helped Tony Blair win the election. 

In another TUM* twist - To prepare this chapter I scanned above newspaper clippings. As I did I looked at the time on the P/C. In true to life TUM* fashion, it showed 8.51 am. *(TUM = Totally unplanned magic). 

- - - - - - -

(Fast forward to late April 2006. It is rare that I upload something, which is not even in my diary yet. However, since this morning's email to the BBC, London refers to above, I shall tag it on here).  

In a familiar pattern, waking early, listening to the BBC on my transistor radio, I detected what I called a bull dust story. The Russian Sausage was celebrating it's 70th birthday. Concluding the brief report on the birthday of this wonderful delicacy, the reporter ended with a beauty. One Russian sausages Romeo was so passionate about his love of the food, he created a shrine, two meters high, consisting entirely of Russian Sausages. (The words 'Sag es' in German mean 'say it'.) 

Call me obsessed, if you wish, I had to get up and email the Station. Please note how the numbers at the end fell perfectly into place. My late father's 104th birthday would have been on that day.

Email to the BBC, London (about 4.15 am - Hey it could have been at 4.17!!) on 29/4/06. (I edited a few spelling mistakes).

Hi all,

If there was a Noble Price for 'Dedication' the man building the 2m high shrine dedicated to the Russian Sausage ought to be nominated. Most of your listeners would possibly be under the impression that the cold Russian temperature was the only preservative stopping the shrine from being on the nose.

But this is only partly so. What happened, and this is why I feel disappointed that your reporter didn't know this, the artist who showed such Nobel Prize inspiration had had advice from Tony Blair during one of his Russian visits. When confronted with the dilemma, Tony made a quick call to the Adelaide Weather Bureau. They have answers to many questions, weather-wise or otherwise.

Tony was told of the magic preservative powers of a chemical, used in a spray can, called DN 53-228. Why DN 53-228 I don no exactly, except it was discovered by accident on March 5 (which one I don no) by a crazy scientist whose bicycle registration number is DOOG 228.

Tony had found that this preservative compound did magic for his wife's hair. She had used it first during last year's UK elections, as she stood side by side with her husband. Not only did it make her thin strands stay in place, the smell of it inspired Tony, who achieved a superb victory.

Cherie soon discovered that her liberal application of DN 53 helped her Tony get back a third term. This explains the 275 quid per day cost of Cherie's hair dresser. Nothing to do with Andre Draus. 

I am surprised your Russian Sausage reporter didn't go into this part of the story. If he ever does another story like that I suggest he phone our contact at the Adelaide Weather Bureau. He happens to be the inventor of DN 53-228. He loves sharing his discoveries free of charge, but only if the maximum temperature matches that day's date.  

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

ISA 486

PS This reminds me - the birthday of the Russian Sausage happens to be the same as that of my father. He would have turned 104 today, the Russian Sausage 70. That's interesting - 53+228 = 281.  4 times 70 plus 1. What a fluke.

- - - - - - - - 

Completing Candle and the Wind coincided with the third anniversary of my 03 trip to the USA. The circumstances, the way it all had come to pass, still makes me pause, scratch my head and think - did I really do all that? In a way, if I had declared the whole trip, from Melbourne's Sandown Racetrack to Orange County and Riverside, California an April fool's joke, my life would certainly be different at this point.

Often I wondered, what my life would be like, had it not turned into this spiritual marathon. Would I be having as much fun as I do? Who ever said that the Christian journey is boring has never lived or even understood it.  

The accomplishment of Book 4, plus the date April 1st, called for some fun. No, I wasn't packing my pull-along suitcase to cross the Pacific again. Isobel's cousin had visited us and brought a cake for afternoon tea. It was packed in a clear, round plastic container, in two halves. When I looked at them, before throwing them in the bin, I saw a similarity to a lampshade.

Early in the morning, when everyone was still asleep, I exchanged the two real lamp shades in our lounge room with the plastic cake containers. As expected, nobody noticed the peculiarity, a bit of clear, round plastic hanging from the ceiling, even when walking right underneath it. 

As the morning progressed I felt increasingly amused, how one could be so close to a light and not see it? A few times I teased everyone, walking through the house, asking: "Have you seen the light? Have you seen the light yet?" Everyone thought I was just being me, going crazy. 

Finally, as Ben was standing right underneath the light, ready to go out, I asked again, looking at the light and laughing: "Did you see the light?"


I am not sure, if any of my ' victims' appreciated the spiritual lesson: If you don't look up, you won't see the light.

- - - - - - -


It was not hard to tell, numbers and names seldom escape me, that fans everywhere were trying to tell me they are on my side. I felt constantly bombarded with data, which I saw as Da Ninci codes. Some I interpreted as 'go to the USA' or simply took as an escape message. The latest I saw on the day of writing - a logo on a friend's shirt - CUSA. I ignored it as much as possible. 

A special edition newsletter arrived in my inbox on the P/C. The familiar sender, a US based organisation from whom I received regular updates, was featuring their work at an institution called Caleb House. This name sounded familiar. Almost exactly a year earlier, I had interpreted the name Caleb as live (leb in German) and Ca (California). If these were meant to be hints that I should be crossing the Pacific again, would not an airplane ticket be more useful? (I am not asking for either).  

Looking back at the two USA trips, I am astounded, how God had guided me at that time. There was no doubt in my mind that HE would guide and lead me, if I were to travel again. If and when I would again find adventure in Santa Monica, go bike riding around the Marina in Venice Beach, eat baby carrots at Long Beach or pick up two 1 cent coins in Riverside, only God knows. 

How fitting to report this here - I stood in line at a supermarket this afternoon 22/4/06. The person ahead of me wore a jumper with 'Long Beach' on the back. The name of the girl at the checkout (it was checkout No.3) was Renae. Who was playing the EA game? 

In Santa Monica I had taken a photo in Montana Ave and discovered some impacting data. Exactly a year later, as I was writing this chapter, Australia's biggest ever cyclone is moving East to West across Northern Australia. Wind-gusts of up to 350 km/hour are reported to have been recorded. They called the storm Cyclone Monica.  

At one stage it looked as if Darwin, the Capital of the Northern Territory, would find itself facing the same destructive winds, which devastated the city in 1974 in cyclone Tracy. Thankfully Monica lost much of its strength, and changed direction (I know another woman who should do that).  

On Anzac Day 06, the seventh anniversary of the day I considered as the launch of my mission (Chapter 9), I found myself praying for Darwin. 


- - - - - - -

Taking my dog for a walk I found this parking ticket on the ground. (Thank God it was a few months old and already paid for). 

I am a little confused as to which code is meant to be addressed - 1115 (read all about it in the next chapter) Or was it 518? (See above).

- - - - - - -

Number-wise Sunday 2/4/06 was an interesting date. A Catholic-all-girls-School in the suburb of Holden Hill was holding an Open Day. As had happened before, I knew I was meant to go there, without any logical reason.

On the way there, riding my bicycle, I noticed a BMW for sale. Something inside made me turn back and have a closer look. The imported BMW was for sale for $ 10 000. I didn't know there was a BMW 316i model. But I liked the number. Nice to think they name cars after popular bible verses. 

Just around the corner lived a German man we had known from the previous church. Like the car he was German. His name in German means literally "my L". His wife's full name would be Christ my L, if I added a t after Chris. 

The Catholic College was just a few minutes riding further. I only read and recorded the names of two students and one  teacher, during the few minutes I was there. Just as had happened at the Eastern Suburbs College, their names made me once again think, I had come to the right place: Ewer, Pedler, Lester.

All three names end in ER. (he in German). This makes the name Lester into 'L it He cross'. Easter was approaching fast. It was to be memorable in more ways than one. (Details next two chapters). 


Left: ERIN in concrete in downtown Salisbury. ER IN in German literally means 'He in". 

Right: Erin Ct. is the closest side street on the western side, after crossing north over McIntyre Road. My little dog Becky knows these streets very well. 

Easter 06 was the third year I had created a cross on our small reserve opposite, on the corner to St. Clair Ave. This time it grew to i, plus the t. I wanted passers by to know that it is Easter and Easter is it. Many still don't know what it is.

- - - - - - - -


Anyone who writes, as I did, that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ, is automatically placing himself or herself in the firing line of other faiths. Yet, any Christian teaching without this unpopular truth, is watering down the Gospel. To teach otherwise is compromising the very foundation of our faith. Those who are afraid of this controversial stance, may avoid conflict in the short term, to appease, to show tolerance. In the end, however, God's truth will prevail - no other than Jesus Christ. 

Yes, Jesus sounds very arrogant, claiming to be the son of God, the only way, the key, to reaching God the Father. But those, who examine HIS character and believe, like a small child, that HE really performed miracles, died and came back to life, stand amazed at the display of LOVE, not arrogance.

The earth-shattering act of allowing Himself to be dragged off, to be butchered like a lamb, was the greatest act of love the world has ever seen. Every day, somewhere on earth thousands are turning to HIM, finding reality in HIM, after a restless search in the wrong places.

 Each time a human begins to really understand what Jesus' death meant, they will be changed at the core of their thinking. Understanding HIS death with heart and mind will change a drunkard, a do-gooder or a drug dealer. Taking in Jesus with ones mind and soul gives a complete new perspective on life. It has to be experienced to fully appreciate it. 

Jesus allowing Himself to be killed, when HE had more power at his disposal than all armies on earth put together, was the ultimate example of disarmament, ultimate power without earthly weapons. 

If you literally owed your life to a fireman, who pulled you out of a burning building, you would be very thankful, no doubt. Jesus did more than that. He knew beforehand it would cost HIM HIS life, to save yours. He still went ahead and did it.

How can any human not thank HIM every day for this supreme act of bravery and sacrifice? What more can HE do to show HIS love toward you and gain your affection? 

Chapter 2