Update 04/07/03

Who’s got the power?

The first song in church on Sunday Morning was - Our God is an awesome God, HE reigns from heaven above, with wisdom power and love. Our God is an awesome God.

Our public transport system is in chaos today as buses in the southern and northern suburbs are not operating. Bus drivers are on strike. I sense that there is a struggle for power being played out. Who has more power? I am not taking sides, just observing.

On the political front our most senior attorney stepped aside, while the anti-corruption police investigate allegations he offered a politician a position for dropping a court case. Strangely, the person who was offered the job, as incentive to shut up, was never interviewed in the initial enquiry. Our opposition leader is calling for all information to be made public to the people of South Australia. (Perhaps, some more of my stories will make sense after all?) Our premier is arriving back from overseas tomorrow. Who has the power?

On Tuesday 1/7/03 I emailed the group of five (2 politicians, 2 journalists and 1 campaigner for the family) and quoted from Jeremiah 33. Verse 6 reads: “Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.” This is God’s promise to restore the nation.  

In my email I called on politicians and journalists to speak the truth. I have experienced first hand, more than once, how stories had been fabricated. At the end of chapter 51 of More in number… I am quoting a short article about a shop owner in the US State of Kentucky, who had turned to Christianity. He destroyed his stock of sexual material worth $ 10 000 and now sells bibles, calling his store Mike’s Place.

I have tried to authenticate the story by emailing a newspaper in Kentucky, without success. Now I have serious doubts about the origin of this article. If it has been fabricated, this bad piece of  journalism may have had wide ramifications. Is it possible that someone hating Christians believed it? That the article planted the seed for the suicide bomber to blow himself up and kill 3 others and injuring 50? The carnage happened on 29/4/03 outside a bar called Mike’s Place by the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Traditionally, media moguls are amongst the richest people in the world. Control the newspapers, the television stations etc. and you can influence the minds of people who read stories without questioning. Until NOW! - the internet is slowly changing all that. Ordinary people have the power to influence millions around the world via the world wide web. (My name being Fischer, I ought to call it the net.)

Who has the power? The word, the truth, love. HE has ultimate power.


Why, why more deaths?

A driving instructor colleague from New Zealand emailed that one of the two injured in the June 6th 03 plane disaster is still in hospital. As reported in the previous update, the chartered plane, which killed eight scientists, crashed in fog on the approach to landing at Christchurch.

Three weeks after the carnage reported in last newsletter, South Australia experienced another “horror” weekend with six dead, one more than on May 31st. I did not attend any funerals, since all victims died on country roads. (All five fatalities on the last day in May were in the Metropolitan area of Adelaide!)

The name of one victim was Ben, who died together with his girlfriend. The first three letters of Ben’s surname mean peace in Latin. Another victim, Ann 52, crashed trying to avoiding a walker on the side of the road. In a later chapter in More in number than the sand, God willing, I will write in detail about this most unusual phenomena, co-incidental names, data, events, emerging once again. Is anyone still in doubt that God is speaking to his creation to woo us back to HIM?

This morning before my prayer I opened the book of psalms. At random I started reading: Here is what I read:

Psalm 52

Why do you boast in evil, Oh mighty man?

The goodness of God endures continually,

Your tongue devises destruction,

Like a sharp razor working deceitfully,

You love evil more than good,

And lying rather than speaking righteousness.

You love all devouring words,

You deceitful tongue.


God shall likewise destroy you forever,

He shall take you away and pluck you

out of your dwelling place,

And uproot you from the land of the living.

The righteous also shall see and fear,

And shall laugh at him saying,

Here is the man who did not make

God his strength,

But trusted in the abundance of his riches,

and strengthened himself in his wickedness.


But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God;

I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever,

I will praise you for you have done it;

And in the presence of your saints

I will wait on your name,

for it is good. <<<

God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that he shall also reap. Whom do you trust?


Sex Education in Schools

Adelaide is seeing a heated, public debate about a controversial trial of a new sex education program in selected Highschools. I attended a meeting of concerned parents (or should I say irate parents) on June 23rd 03. The program is very confronting - 11-15 year-olds discussing issues that even my wife and I would be embarrassed to share. The program, called Share, was condemned in Canberra by the Federal Member for our electorate. She said: "It's over the top" (The Advertiser 18/6/03).

In a shock disclosure the principle of a Christian School has informed the public about the explicit nature of the material our children have to digest. Intimacy cards for role play include: touching genitals with clothes off, licking parts of the body, masturbating each other. All scenarios include both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. (Are these educators thinking of a name change for Adelaide - Sodom, with Sadam as Lord Mayor?)

I sense through various observations that the program has been purposely blackened to stir up the Christian Community. I heard reports of parents being furious to the point of wanting "assertive" action, whatever this may entail. This is a time when we must show maturity. By all means, let's protest and make our feelings known, but an "over the top" response to an "over the top" program does more harm than good.

Why not offer the Education Department an alternative program? Teach sex education, but include the Christian aspect, the joy, the purity, the precious gift that a loving husband and wife cherish. We must teach our children discipline, not only in the area of relationships, but to handle a motor car, money or responsibility.

If student's attention (a 12 year old is still a child) is drawn to a subject far beyond their age, they are distracted from their school work, drawn into an arena they don't normally think about. At least, if we kept them away from M-rated movies, they'd be less likely to become sexually active. The guilt feeling of sinful, early sex may stay with them for the rest of their lives. The pure joy of sex may never be appreciated or indeed experienced. 

A mother told me after the meeting in June that her daughter during an established, long running sex education class learned to put a condom onto a plastic penis. To only teach the mechanics of avoiding a pregnancy (or how not to catch a disease) without the morals that go with it, is like teaching to handle a gun, without informing  who to shoot at. 

In my July Driving-School Newsletter (Outside the Square, email driva@kern.com.au if you want to receive it every month) I queried the point, if given a choice, would parents prefer their daughter to attend road safety classes or learn to put on a condom? Wake up Minister for Education; stand up for our children. Scrap lessons on how to put on a condom for a one night stand; let parents do their job in the appointed time.

Teach what our young people really need - a meaningful, long lasting (very, very long) relationship with Jesus, the lover of all lovers. Let Christians pray, deliver us from evil.  HE will.


More sand on the way

Chapter 78 of the book More in number than the sand is completed (not uploaded for some time). I am astounded how fast things happen and what exiting, funny and weird turns life takes. Over the next few weeks I will pick up the story from my visit with Isobel to the psychiatrist (my case is so unusual, he is considering tablets for himself) to some more wacky letters I sent. Here is an example. My wife Isobel had been in for a minor clean out of her private parts. In a standard letter to take home, the writer of the document (whoever) advised her not to bath, go swimming or have sex for 3-4 weeks, due to the dangers of infection.

I smelled a rat. How can water, i.e. a bath (note the name) risk an infection? I asked Isobel this question, but at 3 am I get the standard answer. She did not enter in any discussion, just believed the letter from the hospital. I must confess, I was less concerned about Isobel having a bath than waiting for almost a month ... (Water restrictions have just been imposed in our state due to the drought). I checked the sex education curriculum, no mention of the useful information I was searching for.

Anyhow, I saw the funny side of things and re-wrote their instructions into following letter, which I hand delivered on June 26th. 

M Bathie CN

Day Stay Unit

Modbury Public Hospital

Smart Road


Dilation and Curettage Post-Operative Instructions

Dear M Bathie CN,

This letter is meant as a compliment in disguise and not as a substitute for a spew from a real grump.

You may find that this letter makes you smile (or even laugh) for a few days. If it doesn’t it is still advisable to take things easy for the next 2-3 days.

Due to the risk of potential joke overload it is advisable that for 3-4 weeks you:

Do not watch any comedy on TV.

Do not laugh while performing a curettage or dilation.

Do not have intercourse or bath or go swimming.

You may expect small amounts of tear drops, similar to normal sadness for 5-6 days. This should not contain clots or have an offensive smell.

Excessive laughing may cause a small amount of abdominal pain, cramping or lower back ache after reading this letter, which should be relieved only by P&nadol. (As long as you are not allergic or sensitive to them - otherwise we recommend Pro 35 plus instead).

If you do not find this letter funny or have any concern about the writer’s mental state of health, please attend a show by Dame Edna Average or enquire at Woodleigh House for a vacancy (for yourself, not me - I had the pleasure already).

If your fits of laughter don’t subside within 15 minutes or persist over a prolonged period, please ring Lifeline or attend the Accident and Emergency Department of any public hospital. (Not Modbury, they started it all).

D. Fischer

Night Wake Unit

Reviewed April 1st 2000

PS What do the letters CN stand for? And thanks for giving the old man a decent break from...

instr-ds-5 DPM 7/03


(Woodleigh House is the Mental Institution attached to the Hospital).

It does not take me long to decipher codes to see who is on our side. As early as this morning (4/7) I noticed a racing car parked at a place I was visiting. The number (not only licence plate) was 47. I am open to suggestions how to explain all this to my family. Then again, a German proverb says: "They that love each other, tease each other." And I don't want to stop loving Isobel.

The name Moore keeps popping up everywhere lately. Isobel's case manager at the course she is doing, has changed. From 14/7/03 the new man is a Mr. C. Moore. Yesterday I bumped into another Mr. Moore, an ex-client who lives in Para Hills, whom I had taught to drive almost 20 years ago. I can c it 'n do some more writing.

In the post I have been receiving mail from Tustin, California for medical expenses. I'm a little confused which ones to take seriously and which bills are just part of the fun. The invoice for $ 50 and the reminder for $ 240 look a bit suspect. When the amount, or the phone number, or street address includes certain numbers or letters, I know what the score is.

If this whole serious saga had not such a light-hearted, optimistic side to it, life would be rather scary. But the Lord kept saying to his disciples while HE was here on earth - Do not fear! To those that know and trust HIM - all is joy; there is nothing to fear.