Update 17/07/03

God knows what's going on

Yesterday morning driving to church I noticed a sign. The price of petrol was 89.9 but the letter nine was in a different colour. For the first time I read the number 9 backwards as “en in”. At another place a large sign has three words containing only one letter n. The n was out of alignment as if trying to draw attention to itself.

Politically, the last week has been remarkably quiet. The expected furor over allegations of misconduct by senior members of the Government has not taken place. The media reported that the Chief Prosecutor in our State (surname Rolfe) is considering, if there are grounds for criminal prosecution. No doubt he will speak to the person who was supposedly offered a 'good position' in return for dropping a lawsuit. His Christian name is Ralph. I am sure Mr. Rolfe will also speak to a man whose Christian name ends with and all, who for the moment is stood down from his job as Advisor to the Premier.

Please let no one think I am passing judgment or that I am privy to secret information. As I have always done, I am standing on the sideline observing, reporting.  Whatever will happen, let it be known to all those in power - the truth will surface in the end. Truth always wins over lies; righteousness triumphs over deceit. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life - the truth shall set you free". Jesus came to set us free.

In chapter nine (I love that number now – are there any left that have not become special?) I have written about an incident where I publicly stated that there is corruption in high places in Adelaide. The Opposition calls for an independent enquiry. Nothing short of a Royal Commission will unravel the web of mystery to expose possible unlawful activities. Only yesterday the call for a Royal Commission (into child sex abuse) was again made by the State Opposition.

Was my uncharacteristic outburst during a church service on Anzac Day 1999 justified after all? Was there corruption in high places in Adelaide? At the time a prominent person told me: "Of course, there is corruption everywhere". She said it in a manner as you say: "Of course, you can buy fish and chips in the mall."

God is a God who loves justice.


God's hat trick

If you have read the two previous  News Updates (4/7 and 13/6) you will have read about a spate of horror deaths on our State's Roads. In total we register approx.150 deaths per year, just under one every second day on average. I could not help noticing the following unusual statistic:

On the weekend of May 31 there were five road fatalities.                                            

3 weeks later on June 22nd six died in crashes in country areas.                               

3 weeks later on July 12/13 another six deaths occurred on our State's roads.

One road accident victim on 13/7 was a 94 year old man. The total of 17 killed brought the road toll to 82, three higher than the previous year to date.   

I believe God is showing HIS ultimate power, absolute control over all aspects of his creation, HIS sovereignty over us nobodies. We are like a grain of sand or a crawling ant before HIM. HE can do with us as HE wishes. Yet, in all HIS power and greatness, HE is interested in our little world, our sorrow, our pain. HIS wish for us is to turn to HIM so that HE can bless us, heal us, give us L & P's - Love and Peace.

Are these dramatic events, facts that have occurred just as I describe them, necessary in order for people to turn to HIM? To repent of their sin and be saved for eternity? What does it take for you to yield to HIM, if you have resisted his gentle call so far?


The numbers game - play backwards

I went into the city yesterday to pay a visit to Parliament House and the State Library, which celebrated its re-opening after a $ 41 Million facelift. When I got back home I was teased by one of my sons: “Did you see any numbers today?”

The reason I am on the P/C at 3 am typing this news update is indeed a number. The clock radio showed 2.10 am when I woke this morning. I belief God can use numbers (and names and events) to speak to people. I felt he spoke to me to get up and write this update.

Days before I had woken early and was thinking about the numbers 315 (see above date) and 316. John Chapter 3 and Verse 16 is dramatically illustrated on my driving-school.com.au website. (Press the PLAY on the splash page - and click on Crash 7). As I looked at the clock radio that night it showed 317. The next day I woke early again. As I looked at the clock radio it again showed 317.

No, I can't prove that it happened this way. This is something special between me and God. In isolation such phenomena is rather useless. But there were times when numbers plus other data had been my guide and called me to action. Please don't misunderstand, I am not saying this is for everyone or indeed should be used as a substitute for prayer, faith and intimacy with God.

Recently I asked Isobel, my wife, why she thinks it's crazy to think that God speaks in this manner? How would you expect HIM to show himself, if HE chose to do so? Her answer was a standard theological one – we have his word, nature, the universe etc. to see that there is a God in action. Yes, I agree with that, but I am asking at the same time, how would God communicate with man, if HE wanted to show himself specifically? Or does HE no longer show himself? If HE wants to use numbers, so be it. I find HIM fascinating.

If anybody regards my thinking as foolish, I respect your view. Please respect mine and allow me to have fun playing our game. Play backwards reads YALP.


Psalm 94

Those that have read Chapter nine of More in number ... have read that Psalm 94 was the catalyst for my mission against corruption. In Verse 16 the writer calls for a volunteer: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? 

Verse 8-12: Understand, you senseless among the people; And you fools when will you be wise? He who planted the ear, shall He not hear? He who formed the eye, shall He not see? He who instructs the nations, shall He not correct, He who teaches man knowledge? The Lord knows the thoughts of man that they are futile. Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law.

Verse 21-23: They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood. But the Lord has been my defense, and my God the rock of my refuge. He has brought on them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; The Lord our God shall cut them off.

Many Christians believe that the Old Testament, from which this Psalm is taken, does not apply any longer. I disagree. The godly principle - reward for doing what is right and punishment for doing evil - never changes.

However, let me add that Verse 23 (the Lord shall cut them off) does not necessarily apply to the evildoers of today. All sinners still have a chance to repent, no matter how bad they have acted. Jesus' death on the cross gives everyone a second chance. But the offer is limited, time is running out.


Famous or infamous

Yesterday I phoned a number given to me by a contact in Melbourne. I expected to be speaking to the Victorian Innovation Centre about my latest invention. A female voice answered: "Isobel speaking." After I had gone through my reason for the call, the Isobel on the other end told me that I was speaking to a clothing store in Hawthorn. I repeated the phone number, which was correct - except it was not the Innovation Centre.

My Isobel believes that perhaps a handful of people read my website, which if true, should not be of great concern to her. If my observations and vibes, however, are an indicator of how many people follow our little adventure, Isobel is famous without knowing it.

I will think of a creative revenge for this person in Melbourne (her name is Ruth - I am tempted to expose all her details here, but I shall not, except to say, she is the friend of Isobel who works in the clothing store).

Here is a preview of Chapter 78 which will be uploaded in due time. Amongst the serious themes of this true to life drama, I am still seeing the humour. It provides the balance, which I believe is important for a healthy life:

Preview Ch. 78 >>> One fun incident was triggered by a promotion by a national Video-Hire firm. A card picturing a man in tears had the following text to advertise their stores:


“Missing you …

Dear Isabel,

A while ago you walked out the door of our store and we haven’t seen you since. Was it something we said? Something we did? Maybe you’re seeing someone else?

Perhaps the spark has faded and you’ve forgotten what attracted you to us in the first placed. Have you forgotten the solemn vow we made to you? With the B-Store’s promise, the title you want is in store or you’ll rent it free. And we still mean it from the bottom of our hearts.

We miss the way you lit up our store and quite frankly, we’d like to woo you back. So here are three special offers we hope will boost the chemistry between us. Simply bring this card with you on three separate occasions and you’ll be able to rent a new release for only $ 2.95. You can be sure that you will leave satisfied.

So let’s try again. Please come back – we miss you.

The Team at B-Store. 


The picture of the man in tears initially triggered my reaction. When I read it I saw the clues amongst the text and was in stitches about the creative, witty advertisement. The misspelling of Isobel’s name topped it all off.

I sent the following letter to the Head office of B-Store (not the real name) in Melbourne:


Re:  Missing you ...                                                                (dated 21/05/03)

Dear B-Team,

Your emotional pea to loo (sorry, plea to woo) my wife back to your store put a strain on my tear ducts. (Just like on the advertisement). I thought they’d (block) bust for a minute.

You must be careful what you promise, even if it’s from the bottom (of your heart). How can you guarantee that the title my darling wife wants is in store? And if not she can rent it for free? It’s like me saying to my learner, if you don’t see the red traffic light, don’t bother stopping!

How romantic, the way you describe her lighting up your store - she is magic, isn’t she. How lucky am I to have her light up my days for 32 years, almost. No wonder, her ancestor Mr. Newton invented the light bulb. Or was it Tommy Ediso? Who cares, nobody reads the fine print anyway.

Your comment that she may be seeing someone else got me thinking. As soon I saw your postcode  my suspicion was confirmed -  3051. I knew it - all along.

It’s him, the rotten sod, my psychiatrist. They have conspired to pretend that she is so upset about my little excursions (I only went for 10 days to LA, come on) so she can see him legitimately. That’s why they want to keep me on tablets. How clever - but my beloved numbers never fail me!

Now it’s OK to woo customers into your store, but don’t get any ideas about my Isobel. She is mine - I have vowed to defend her till Des us do part (Des is the name of our financial adviser). He’s been seeing us every night since my trip to the US. Hey, that makes me think - the way he looked at her the other night???

Please tell your advertising guru’s they are very clever. The Marketing Dept. however ought to know that to misspell someone’s name is a na na.

Kind regards, from her gellous husbond.

Dieter Fischer

Our Financial Advisor really is called Des. Of course, he had not been at our house at all. I just hinted humorously at the financial doldrums we were in. Isobel kept reminding me about the damage I had caused flying off to the US on wing and a prayer, so to speak.

>>> End Ch. 78 preview.