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5.  ESP Sep Sunday

On the morning of writing this chapter my keyboard took an excursion to the USA. I had woken about 4.15 am. I felt alert when I should have been sleepy. I question my Spirit for a reason. 

For a few brief moments I tuned into Good Morning America, the US TV show aired in Australia in those early hours of the morning. A young boy was interviewed, accompanied by his mother Kristy. Young Tyler Wilson told his story of having been bullied after joining a team of cheerleaders, which was an unusual thing to do for a boy. But that's what he wanted.

Obscured in the background of the studio I noticed two words LION KING. It didn't take long to see the word lion in Tyler's surname Wilson. Playing my letters game, eliminating the same letters in TYLER / KRISTY left the letters that make LIKES, plus many other combinations. (If you know the code and German you can see - il K it.) 

This short segment made me fire up the computer to sent a brief message in the shout-out-window of GMA's website. While browsing my eyes fell onto a story I had heard about. A well-known preacher, one who had been speaking out against homosexuality, was himself accused of engaging boys in sexual activities.

One phrase, as I read the report, hit me light a light bulb. One alleged victim, the only one so far to speak out publicly against the preacher, a man named Jamal Parris (23), was quoted on GMA's website saying these words:

"That man cannot look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain, how you can sit in front of the church you are not a man, you are a monster," Parris told WAGA-TV. 

Parris alleges in the documents, obtained by ABC News, that the bishop would request he be nude while in his presence and would request "sexual massages" and "oral sodomy" when they travelled.

In my Book 5, Chapter 13 you will find two parallels. Firstly, the exact same word the accuser of Peter Liddy used - monster. Secondly, Parris said the same thing about his alleged abuser, as did that of Peter Liddy: 'You can not look me in the eye..."

In the second paragraph above, another parallel. The alleged victim travelled with the alleged perpetrator. He requested sexual favours ...? Well, what happened after that? Did anything happen? Did the sexual massages and the oral sodomy take place or were they merely requested? Where is the big punch?

Parris said at the time he was 17 years old. Isn't that old enough to be saying no, and mature enough to be speaking to a third person right then, not wait another seven years, after somebody else had thrown mud?

My knowledge of this case is far less than that of my friend in Adelaide. Therefore, I will not and can not speak up and defend allegations, only comment on what I read as reported. Generally however, in my opinion, even if the preacher lived a life of luxury and had power over people, as the media reports he does, this does not mean he was a sexual pervert.

After reading an article on GMA's website about Eddie Long, the accused preacher, I posted this comment as feedback:


The easiest way to kill a person is to kill his reputation. Allegations of sexual abuse, which usually happened very long ago and can't be proven or defended, are a favourite, modern tool for doing so. Could this have happened to Eddie Long? What this alleged victim, Partis, said sounds very familiar - "He can't look me in the eye - he's a monster". The exact same words were used in court here in Adelaide, Australia by an alleged victim. But I know that man is innocent and is now serving a long jail term (pardon the pun). Sadly, the prove of the man's innocence, which he has in black and white, has not been allowed in court. Anybody in America know of Father Gordon McCrae*? How many are in jail, as a result of stories, invented by confused boys?

(*Correct spelling Gordon MacRae)

(I wrote in detail about Father Gordon MacRae's case in Book 7, Chapter 27). 


Has society found a new scapegoat to vent their life's frustrations. Do we bully young boys who want to join a cheerleader's team, or sent church leaders to prison, on flimsy allegations by confused boys, who hold a grudge against he church, against society or authority in general?  

No doubt, sexual abuse happens, and has happened. All have sinned. But what we have witnessed via the media in recent years, I suspect, has been blown totally out of proportion. From personal experience, I know only too well, much has been misreported or invented from nothing, whilst vital arguments, even evidence in black and white is being kept quiet. 

Shame on you, liars and deceivers! Return to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! 

- - - - - - -


Part of my collection of election posters. At election time 2010 I displayed them and took this photo. 

On far left the letters Tor AP belong to Tony Zappia (pic. below) our Federal MP for Makin, where we live. Next to him, the Senator who drives home his messages (pardon the pun) on a toy car. The gentleman is the recipient of my three gift / messages in my earlier books.


Mr. Kerin, a farmer from South Australia's Mid-North used to be Premier. His Christian name is Rob. I recall standing near him during a crowded funeral service. 


Above him, Pauline Hanson, founder of One Nation, who was both loved and hated for her outspokenness. As did Nick, she drove pollies mad. Her enemies found a fault in her and managed to put her in prison. She came through it all amazingly - dancing with the stars! No surprise, her leaving Australia to move to the UK. 


Jennifer Rankine (how timely, she was on the news less than an hour ago) was the lady I called on for help, when driving instructors were under severe stress, because of bad government policy. (In Book 3, Chapter 35 you can read a letter, I wrote to her concerning an amazing numbers co-incident). 


 How peculiar, totally unplanned:


The other three faces are all about LL: Leon Bignell, Di Bell, Kate Ellis. One of Kate's

posters mysteriously appeared (not anytime near an election) near where I worked, outside No. 1 South ...It clicked immediately. I saw a link to an address in the Liddy case -  No. 1 North ...

- - - - - - -

On page 9 of the Adelaide Advertiser on 30/9/10, the day of writing, I noticed the facial expressions of the Members of Parliament in a photo. It looked as if some catastrophe must have just taken place, and they didn't know what hit them. 


The photo showed five politician on the first sitting day of the newly elected parliament in Canberra.

(Aha, there is the problem, they call it sitting day. Maybe we should introduce standing up days in Canberra? Don't they promise us before elections they will stand for this and stand for that? Read more about the theme of standing at the end of the chapter). 

What had taken place was not really a catastrophe, but it was making history. For the first time since the Second World War a Government vote had been defeated on the floor of the House of Representatives. It was only a minor administrative matter, but still not a nice birthday present for our first female Prime Minister. (I bet those invited to her party were watching very closely that she didn't use the knife for anything, but to cut her birthday cake!)

Looking at the men below makes me think: Perhaps I wouldn't make a good politician? All are wearing a white shirt and tie. I couldn't stand it; a white shirt and tie every day; every 130 years perhaps?


Adelaide Advertiser 30/9/10 - Page 9. 

Tony Zappia

Adam Bandt

Julia Gillard

Greg Combet

Nicola Roxon

Photo: Kym Smith Advertiser Newspaper

- - - - - - -


The following sequence of events could not be more up-to-date. It happened less than 1/2 hour before writing on 1/10/10. Above photos and writing, my call for truth by politicians, came yesterday. This morning, totally unplanned, I sent an email to Channel Seven, which ended in a call for truth in the media.

To make sense of what I wrote, readers must know what happened the day before. Sarah Murdoch (I wrote P in error) made an embarrassing error, announcing live on television the wrong name of the winner of Australia's Supermodel contest. She quickly corrected herself, apologizing: "Sorry, I made a mistake, it's Amanda."

I only ever watch parts of Channel Seven's breakfast show? Who has 3 hours to sit and watch it all? Plus, there are so many channels now to choose from. 

That same morning, on the same program, I happened to read the name of a winner of their Cash Cow Competition. It flashed across the screen for only about three seconds. The South Australian winner's name, the first on the short list, for some reason lodged itself among the brain cells in my head. I looked it up in our phonebook. Playing games with letters made me email the program:    


Here is what I wrote, exchanging a letter to protect this* person's privacy:

Sunrise Email on 1/10/10:

Subject:  SAs angelic winner

Hi all,

Did anybody notice the melodious, angelic name, of SA's winner of yesterday's cash cow? (It came the same morning Sarah P. nearly robbed Amanda of her title.) Eliminate duplicating letters of Angela Malanda* only GE MD are left.

Playing again a letters game, I insert LIES into GE and arrived at the name given to the new Super-Star-galaxy, 200 years away, floating in esp.ace somewhere. Simon announced it this morning - Gliese 581.

So we found a spot for GE, now what do we make of MD? GEM D? Na.

I'd rather point to MD, a Seven Reporter allegedly trying to smuggle a suitcase past security into the Commonwealth game venue in Dehli. (Reported on the ABC's Media Watch Monday 27/9). What does the Sunrise team, who comes across as honest and trustworthy, think of colleagues, who bend the truth to make themselves look good?

As sure as MD is 1500 in Roman Numerals - I wished I could trust the media to be telling the full truth about all.

Kind regards from a Geman born, living in Adelaide .


PS Tell me, did they name Willis Island really after the chief of Seven's News Depart.


(*I changed letter around to protect her privacy)


I just amazed myself, having ended above email with the number 1500. Last evening I had planned to continue this chapter with the events of September 12: (SEP) ESP Sunday. The grand finale, two numbers, add to 1500 -  MD in Roman numerals. (Read on).


September 12 started with my regular viewing of the Hour of Power from the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles. A footballer from New Orleans was interviewed. His name was Brees. The singer that morning was Beth Groombridge, accompanied by her husband Sean. I had met them briefly during my 2007 trip to LA.

My wife and I went to church early. I love to sit and listen to the majestic sound of the brass band. There's nothing like an Army band announcing - it's time for war.. .sorry wor.ship.

We were home in time to watch another religious program, the BBC's Song of Praise. It's a mystery, how my brain registered it. Let me tell it, as it was. What reason would I have to do otherwise?

Listening to a choir (may have been a soloist) sing a song I read the subtitles. At one point I heard a crackling sound, an unusual noise, which made me take notice. It had come right at the same second as the word 'sound' was sung.

Only a few moments later, another song was sung, but the same crackling sound came. The word on the screen this time was 'hark'. 

It took over lunch, as every Sunday with mother-in-law as guest, to ponder the earlier incident. Gradually it came; how the two words have a meaning - hark the sound! That's exactly what I had done! Paid attention to the words hark and sound. (On editing I'm reminded that my second book includes the word sound). 

I considered emailing Songs of Praise after lunch, but something held me back. I'm glad I waited. The two words were to appear again before the day had ended. (Fasten your seatbelts. If you're standing, sit down and hold tightly onto your songbook). 

While my wife and her mother took time after lunch to enjoy each other, I was leaning toward a bonding session with my GIANT. So I did. Normally I would cycle toward Salisbury or the Adelaide Plains, but my path, guided by my unseen friend, took me south toward the cycle track beside the Torrens River. 

Taking a short-cut through the K-Mart car park I recognized a face, one I had not seen in at least 15 years. Even back then I did not know the person very well, but his name came in an instant - Milton. He did not see me; nor would he have recognized me. I would enjoyed a brief chat, since some of his family members were one of my early students as driving instructor in Adelaide.

My ride continued up Beovich Road, across the bridge of Dry Creek and up the gentle slope of Pauls Drive. It was already three weeks after the election and an election poster was still attached to a pole. It was right outside No. 24!

Later riding through Highbury a streetlight was left on in the middle of the day. In the past after returning home I would phone the Electricity Company and report it. Had I become lazy or reached another level of citizenship? This time I didn't do it, even though it was outside No. 24.

At the end of Pauls Drive I turned left onto Grand Junction Road. I should have turned right, because Blacks Road would have been the best way to go. It didn't matter. Lurline Av runs parallel to Blacks Road, so it would get me to the intersection I was aiming for to cross Northeast Road.

 In Lurline Av I passed this interesting registration plate:



Registration plate: PARAM 9

My thinking brain, cycling does that to you, went on this excursion: Applying the PLUS 1 code I used the next letter after M = N.

Replace M with N (enin = nine) as the last letter, it becomes PARAN. This is the biblical name for the place where God lives. (Habakkuk 3:3).

I just noticed, in the same verse, the name Teman! nameteman is a kind of palindrome, if you start at the t.

The t is a good place to start anything ...

Amazing name - that name ... and the cross !

- - - - - - -


I found my way without any trouble to the intersection of Sudholz Road and North-East Road. It's a major Adelaide intersection; the Holden Hill police Station on one corner, the Gilles Plains Shopping Centre on the other.

As I was waiting at the traffic lights my mind was still pondering the combination of  9 and the name PARAN. Friends, I cannot prove it to anyone, and I don't intend to do so, but what I was thinking next, as I waited for the traffic lights to change is just as I write it here. I believe it was the *Holy Spirit controlling my thoughts.

*On final editing, I had tuned to a new station to listen to - King Country Radio. The 'Sunrise Show' was just ending. The radio announcer spoke the words 'Holy Spirit' the very second I edited these very words here. 


The time was approx. 3.25 PM. Thinking of the similarity between this and the suburb where we live, Para Hills, I thought to myself: "All I would need with the 9 is 506 to arrive at the postcode for Para Hills (5096)".

Just then, before the lights turned to green, a bus turned the corner right in front of me from Sudholz into Northeast Road. The bus showed it was Route No. 506. I was astounded. But should I be. The amazing way God showed up, simply in numbers and other data, has been happening for years.  

To prove to myself that I was not dreaming, later back home, I checked the Adelaide Metro bus time tables. Here is a cut/paste of Route 506 operating on Sundays. In green I marked the bus service, which must have turned the corner right in front of me that afternoon:


Route Number 506 506 506


506 506 506 506 506 506 506 506
Paradise Interchange F 12.20 12.50 1.20 1.50 2.20 2.50 3.20 3.50 4.20 4.50 5.20 5.35

The bus had left the Paradise Interchange at 3.20 and travelled up Darley Road/Sudholz Road to the corner Northeast Road.

I had not been dreaming. Call it ESP, call it what you will - God can control our thinking.  


There was a lot to ponder as I continued my ride, crossing the Torrens River, passing the Paradise Community Church, the former Assemblies of God mega-church. I have many memories from my early years in Adelaide, between 1983 until 1997, when at that church I was a musician, Royal Ranger leader and home group leader; some of the above all at the same time.

As I was riding by I knew that a traditional worship service for older folk was just starting at 3.30 PM. But I was not well dressed for church. And I had already been to church, plus another traditional service was on the agenda for that night at Ingle Farm. 

Riding along the Torrens River it was clear that there had been a flood. Some bridges were damaged, trees and debris washed up high onto the embankments. Around the time of the launch of Book 9 Australia experienced a very wet few days, with floods in many places. Benalla in Victoria was one of the places affected badly. 

There wasn't much time between my ride and the evening event at the Salvation Army. My wife was not into traditional hymns and a little tired. (Bonding with her mother exhausted her reserves of energy). 

Just as well, if going by the theme of the event, it wasn't meant to be a time to relax: "Stand Up for Jesus". But then, she shouldn't have worried. No real guns or swords came out - only a weapon of a different kind - two words and two numbers. (Read on).

I had given little thought to the two words, which earlier in the day had floated in my head. (As you known much floatilla [nice word, floatilla] fights for attention inside the cavities of my brain).

A few minutes into the service we sang a hymn, which started with the word ... HARK. As all hymns in the Salvation Army songbook, this word was printed in capital letters. 

Strange but true, I did not take much notice at first. Only when a second hymn started with the word SOUND, yes also printed in capital letters, did my brain click into gear. How can this be?

Being a numbers man, of course I checked up on the numbers. They were hymns 802 and 698. This makes 1500 which in Roman numerals equals MD. (Insert an A if you must - it won't change facts). 


From the diary 12/9/10

What amazing timing: Not until the scan came onto the screen did I notice 11 10 11 10. Very similar to today's date: [Oct] 10 1, 10.

(Strange, how in above scan, directly under holy word, the number 553 appeared?)

- - - - - - -

Note on editing Sun 3.10.10: Watching Michael Youssef's Leading the Way a link came with the theme 'stand'. Chapter 13 of Book 8 shows a photo of me, taken on Jan 30 10 at Christchurch's AMI stadium. I am holding a flag - STAND!

But wait on, there's more: Less than two dozen church goers came to the above event. I got talking to the lady sitting right beside me. We discovered her name is Lois. This name in the same chapter leads us right back to Christchurch, New Zealand 31.1.10. More amazing, her middle name is Isobel. My wife's name is Isobel Lois. 

Still early on the morning of editing and uploading (3/10) during the program following, a repeat program of the Hour of Power, Beth Groombridge led a song. I didn't know it, but it started with this same theme - stand. The lyrics went something like: "We stand and give you glory.... Holy is the Lord."

(The above three paragraphs were written before church. During church I notice three connections from our service to those of the Hour of Power: A child playing the violin, the hymn 'Joyful, joyful' and a chorus Beth Groombridge was leading ('All things are possible'.) 

(This section is part of the floatilla ....) 

- - - - - - - 


A little googling, playing with the words hark and sound, that evening September 12th took me to the US. An exhibition organized by the Japan society, New York is taking place as I write this chapter. The theme is: 'The sound of one hand'. 

Suddenly I became aware, the time I googled and had sent some feedback, (11.35 PM) in the US it was exactly the 9th anniversary, the date and time, when the planes hit the towers on 9/11/01.

Friends, God called many back then to return to HIM. HE is still calling today. Stand up for Jesus! HARK the SOUND of the trumpet! It's time for battle; not with guns and bombs, but with the Spirit of Love, with Power from above and the Word of Truth. 

God's message to mankind: Repent of your wrong doing. Stop telling lies! Turn back to ME, all is forgiven!

I love You.

Signed: GOD.


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