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THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL    Given your ALL? Now what?  Home    ISBN 0 9577426 9 X    Book 9 / Ch 3   Written/Published 27.8 - 3.9.10

I did not plan this timing: This is Chapter 3, Bk. 9, the 309th Chapter in all, published on 3.09.


3.  Holy Pen ola   

When can an experience be regarded as supernatural or paranormal? Is it para-normal to see a similarity in the name Mount Paran and Para Hills?

To find answers let's take one step back and ask: "What is natural, what is normal?" Here opinions greatly differ. Every human mind has a different understanding, when his or her mind crosses the boundary from normal into subnormal, from natural into the supernatural.

Truly liberated minds go as far as promoting nudist colonies with this argument: Isn't a person without clothes on in a natural state? (So all of you, who sat in a concert hall last evening, wearing your best attire, did so in an unnatural state). There is difference in the terms natural and original. 

Let's go back to the origins of mankind. Only one naked man lived on earth. His creator, his best friend was God, who we call our Heavenly Father. Adam and Eve enjoyed a close, loving father-son friendship. That's original and normal.

How tragic, how far the human race has moved away from this wonderful, intimate relationship with God? For those who enjoy it, it's more precious than that between a man and a woman.

What went wrong? How can we fix it? Answer: We can't. Only God can, if we only let HIM.

What was your judgment on my M O L L discovery on page 610 on June 10? Could it be there is a God and HE (iL) is speaking to us all? HE (ER in German) exits and made Himself known. 

I am the first to admit HE chose to do so in a most unusual way. But who is authorized to ask God to first read and agree to our terms and conditions, before allowing HIM to communicate with us?

- - - - - - -


The regional South Australian town of Penola was making headlines. Australia is to have its first Saint. In October 2010 Sister of St. Joseph, Mary McKillop, will be canonized. Among other places she spent some time in the South Australian town of Penola. On July 31, 10 her story and that of this town was featured on the front page of the Advertiser's Weekend Magazine. 

Some unusual things took place that day; unusual, possibly supernatural. Was it an Epiphany, God showing Himself in great power, at the right time and place? Was Penola a wake-up call? 


Front page, Advertiser Magazine Saturday 31.7.10

HOLY PENOLA!  Why a town in counting its blessings

In a most amazingly timed event, on the very day the Advertiser Newspaper featured Penola so prominently, at 5.30 PM  a mini-tornado ripped through the town. In a few moments of fury the severe storm caused millions of Dollars in damage.

More amazing timing: Australia's ambassador to the Holy Sea, Mr. Tim Fischer* had months ago planned a visit to Penola. The storm hit on the Saturday, three days before his visit on Tuesday 3.8.10. Many called it a miracle that there was not one death or injury. (An ironic, prophetic reference to the blessings the town was going to count).  

*I once shook hands with Mr. Fischer  during a Liberal Party dinner in Tanunda. At the time he was Deputy Prime Minister. I told him I have a son with the same name as he, Tim Fischer. 

On another occasion I shook hands with a bigger celebrity - almost. During a function, where the Prime Minister Howard was present, I shook the hand of a gentlemen, who had just shaken the hand of Mr. Howard.

- - - - - - - 


On the day of the Penola storm I had an extra-ordinary experience, one which I can't proof to anyone. In my mind I know it is real. I tell it as it unfolded, while I was working at home on my P/C. 

On each page of the workbook on my driving-school website I was creating a test for students to check their knowledge. The questions are all multiple choice. Beside each option is a letter. The correct letters make words, which form into road safety slogans. The incorrect answers also have meaning. The letters on the incorrect answers create  biblical truths.

Whilst this was fully intentional, two oddities surprised me, one with amazing timing. Working on the angle parking page (Chapter 38) the correct answer on that page was the word TOO. The three letters of the incorrect answers came out as FOR. I was mildly bemused at the TOO / FOR. It's not rocket science to see 2 4 or 4 2. 

This took place about three minutes before 11 AM. I was listening to ABC Radio 891. News was next. The first item reported an earthquake in South Australia, near the town of Quorn. It measured 4.2 on the Richter Scale.

But there was more, more 2 4. Earlier I had on the same station been listening to the Saturday Morning Quiz. One question had come up, which nobody could answer. It was so hard, the presenter decided to skip it. How unfortunate I was not a contestant, because I knew the correct answer!

The question was about the 2004 (there is our 24) Federal Election: "Which electorate was abolished before the 2004 Federal Election to create the seat of Wakefield.?" It knew it was Bonython. I had been a candidate for pre-selection for the Liberal Party.

But there was more. In the chapter on observation (Ch.12 of the same road safety test on my website) two words also crystallized. Take a look at The two words, both planned and unplanned, if you follow my magic, are DEAD SANT. Insert i and we are back to .... you guessed it! (It's not Mary McKillop.)

The slogan on that page reads - SEEING IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE. This follows, if IT is a HE, to see Jesus as Lord and Saviour will literally save your life.

Friends, believe me, a Master-mind is behind all this.

- - - - - -


Warning: Cookies on your P/C ...

Following my FIELD discovery in Chapter 1, how timely to find this little card among my DaNinci - code memorabilia! 

If anybody likes decoding - this little card holds a few, besides Field ... 

(Find 2 digits, the date of publishing, which also indicate this Book / Chapter Nos.  

- - - - - - - 


Before making some observations about football in South Africa, the first round in Australia's A-League season 2010/11, produced a very peculiar set of results. To dismiss it all as nothing would be a betrayal of my numbers, which were showing off in the goals scored. Look at these results of matches played on the weekend, starting 5/8/10! 


Four of five matches ended in a tie. (So did I - read on):

Melbourne Heart FC 0 : 1 Central Coast Mariners FC
Adelaide United FC 0 : 0 Newcastle Jets FC
Perth Glory FC 3 : 3 North Queensland Fury
Sydney FC  3 : 3 Melbourne Victory FC
Gold Coast United 0 : 0 Brisbane Roar FC

Apart from the 301* I just noticed, the total number goals scored was 13. God loves numbers and football. Did I not write that years ago?

(A football story is in my Book 8, Chapter 13. which took place on 30.1) 

There was a little magic associated with the goal scored by the Central Coast Mariners: On August 5th, 10 for the first time ever, I answered an email on behalf of my wife on the social network Stay Friends. An old school friend L. Wilkinson had sent my wife a message.


At around that same time, how timely, a player named Alex Wilkinson, after 15 minutes of play, scored the only goal in the A-League's opening match for Central Coast Mariners.


That same night, I had a phone call, where I was asked to hand out "How to vote cards" (see last chapter) at the polling booth on - Wilkinson Road. I did.


(In the news today, 3/9/10, it was reported the the candidate for Family First Bob Day, has a chance of winning this Senate seat on preferences. A miracle, if he does). 


- - - - - - -


At this point, while I am on numbers 1 and 3 and 0, an unusual event comes to mind. It happened on August 7th, the same night above match Sydney against Melbourne ended in 3:3. I was getting dressed to drive into Adelaide to attend a concert. A Salvation Army Choir from Melbourne had traveled over and was giving a concert at the Salvation Army Congress Hall. 

I had already put on a shirt, when I felt (heard, was prompted, thought ...) I ought to put on a white shirt. I seldom wear white shirts, mostly to funerals. I almost dismissed the silly idea, but had enough experience to listen to that inner prompting. 

With a white shirt I  really had to wear a tie, I thought. So I did. Why I don't know, but I grabbed the one I had bought years ago at a Vinnie's (second hand) store, after watching an item on TV about Vinnie's. (A Vinnie's store had burned down in Commercial Road Port Adelaide).

When I put on the tie I noticed that the numbers 1 and 3 were prominently at the top. Even my wife commented on this when she saw it. (She did not come with me, otherwise she may have made me change ties - and insisted I wear fresh underpants ... ?)   

Take a look at my tie:


A few minutes into the concert I had to smile to myself. I should have known when I got dressed, what the occasion of this concert was about. The notice in the church newsletter, I looked at it later, stated it clearly

But it came as a surprise, when I heard that the concert was part of the 130 years celebration of the Hyundai A-League, sorry the Salvation Army in South Australia.

(Actually, the two have a common link - Adelaide United Football Club has a fan club called, the Red Army. Next time you're at Hindmarsh Stadium look for the ... tambourines!) 

- - - - - - -


Sunday June 13th 2010 was a big day in Australia's football calendar. Australia's national football team, the Socceroos, had qualified for the World Cup in Durban, South Africa. It was the day they played their first game was against football giants Germany.

Whilst the three times champions took the gamble and chose a young, inexperienced team, Australia's coach decided to build on the success on the 2006 tournament. Australia had almost reached the quarter-finals, but was narrowly defeated by Italy, who went on to become World Champion.

In Durban on 6.13 Australia were outclassed by the young German team, losing 4:0. I could not help myself marveling at the name of the German goalkeeper - *Manuel Neuer. Do I need to explain the peculiar code - man u L New HE?

(Another German name comes to mind, Neuson (Book 7, Chapter 25, in the introduction I wrote: "Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples Ps. 96, 03).  


*Stop Press: How strange, or whatever word I could use ...I see C = 100!

At this point in this chapter, Monday 30.8.10 I was having lunch. Flicking through the TV Channels at random, I saw a football match. An English voice was commentating, but two German team were playing: Schalke 04 and Hannover 96. 

Not only the numbers are amazing, the TV Channel ONE and the goal keeper of Schalke 04 - Manuel Neuer. I can hardly believe it, the timing of it all ! Only I know it is all true. I had not watched the Bundesliga on TV in many months and had never seen Manuel Neuer, apart from the World Cup. 


There were many occasions during the 2010 Football World Cup, which made me think and write a few paragraphs into my diary. One 5 / 10 incident stands out. During the match between Uruguay and Holland I noticed, to the best of my knowledge for the first time, the digits NO5 and their uncanny, alternative upside-down meaning - 5ON or SON.

How amazing that it started with the  No. 5, how I entered this world of codes and symbols. No. 5 was instrumental in turning my world upside down.  

Holland had reached the grand final of the World Cup a number of times. They again would do so, if they were to win the semi-final match  on Tuesday July 7 against Uruguay. Right at the beginning of the match, it was 4am in Adelaide, I noticed the two team captains shaking hands. Holland's captain wore No. 5 jersey; Uruguay's captain No. 10. I was thinking that this was to be an interesting match coming up. So it was. 

I wanted Holland to win, because my good friend Geoff, who is also a football fan was born in Holland. Had it not been 4 am we'd be watching the game together. I would see him happy in the 18th minute. Holland's captain, No. 5 opened the score. Of course, how could I not see my 185 code?

In the 41st minute the equalizer came with a goal, also scored by the team captain, No. 10. Holland went on to win the game 3:1. In the grand final, as they did in Germany, the soccer stars from Spain became Holland's pain. For the first time Spain, playing in red/orange, won the coveted trophy.


3:1 seems to be a popular football result. After above chance encounter with the Bundesliga I googled the results for this weekend.

The two teams I watched in Germany during my 2007 trip, both played a 3:1 result. Hamburg* won and Stuttgart lost. Both teams had played Mainz 05.

More amazing timing while writing this chapter: At this point, late in the afternoon Mon 30.8 I took a break to mow our lawns. Before doing so, a postcard came in the mail from ... Hamburg. Take a look:


<<< Hamburg, Germany

St. Michel Church Tower.

Had I not just been writing about Hamburg? And the name Michael?

Finding the air mail sticker glued to the front of the postcard seemed unusual.

The name of the ship moored in the foreground is called 'Cap San Diego'. On the back of the card it describes the ship as a Museeums-schiff, a floating museum.


The sender loves me. What else does the stamp on the back mean? It is depicting a red rose and is for 55 cents. 


(Don't start counting windows - that comes in a moment.)


Not for one moment would I consider the ability to recognize connections as something to worry about. Why the negative reaction in my family, whenever I try to off-load such incidents, is a puzzle to me. I enjoy my journey in a child-like fashion. I see God's hand in it all. What crime am I committing?

If God is interested in the minutest detail of our appearance, how many strands of hair are on our head, why should HE not smile, when HIS child is writing about Hamburg, and minutes later finds a postcard from Hamburg in his letterbox? God is the master of picture-postcards and hair-styles and everything. This thought keeps me seeing, praying and writing. about HIM.

Taking my little dog for a walk on the day before this writing, I passed a spot, a major intersection just around the corner from our house. The location is only about 200 meters away from the house, with the number 109, which features in my Book 8, Chapter 12. As I crossed the road at the traffic lights I was actually thinking about just that - the number 109 and the name of that street. Seconds later, out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted the registration plate number 109.

Will those weird connections never end?

One afternoon in August 2010 I was driving south on Bridge Road, approaching this same corner. The east-west main road is called McIntyre Road (note the name!). On the car radio I was listening to Sonia Feldhoff on ABC Radio 891. The German translation of her surname - Field of Hope - fits well, into this chapter. (The next side street is called Ayfield Road). 

Sonia was introducing her guest, Professor McIntyre, on her afternoon program. I knew I would be crossing over this road immediately (sorry - two seconds later) after the lights change to green. I wondered, would Professor McIntyre be coming on air, just as I'd be crossing McIntyre Road? (My first book hold just such a scenario - Marion / Marian Rd.) 

So it was. Just as I was crossing McIntyre Road Professor McIntyre started his greeting to listeners. It was right outside the Vet. (Don't you like the word VET, a vowel and two consonants?) I do, especially since I had another magical experience, which took me right to that corner.

It again started, while I was watching TV. In an advertisement a professional actress was promoting a brand of groceries. Her name for a second or two appeared on the screen: Bridget McIntyre. At first it didn't register on my brain. But after I heard, almost subconsciously, the product was ... recommended by Vets, it came, the location of our Para Hills Vet. It's on the corner of Bridge & McIntyre Roads. Just add a t . . .

But there is more, unplanned, unscripted, but fact. Hours before this writing I was looking through the Advertiser newspaper. Their jobs section is called CareerOne.


Advertiser Job-section 28.8.2010


Just at the time, when I was writing two stories, which took place outside our local Vet, they are in demand. (Nobody please, change the a to o).

- - - - - - -


It had been a few months since I woke as early as 4.20am and decided to watch TV. Knowing at that hour our Channels would be screening US TV I found myself watching Good Morning America. (Note the date, Aug 30th, 2010). 

A guest on the program, dressed in black, was commenting on the fashions, paraded by good-looking models and displayed on large screen in the studio. In the few minutes I watched (why I didn't change channels I don't know) it occurred to me that the fashion critic was speaking favorably of those, who wore black, and less so of the others. Then I noticed that she was also wearing black. 

One model was a 24 year-old by the name LIAM (It may have been Lee-Anne). This small observation made me fire up the computer, and log onto the show's web page. For the first time I noticed a window, called 'Shout out', an easily accessed platform for people like myself, to get something off their chest. I left a brief comment. It must have been at 4.43 am, considering the time difference. My comment was posted at 3.13 pm.

This is what the shout-out window looked like:

Does anyone think if the father of the gre...
bdliberty 2:43 PM

I did not hear any reporting on the Glenn ...
jettola 2:03 PM

As far as James Carville calling people st...
denholly 1:55 PM

More Shout Outs (71830)


Strange message I just arrived at on final editing (apart from 601):

*D. Be. Liberty. Jet to LA. DL & N Holy

In the US the date was 8.30.10. I saw the date, plus a 7 leading the way, just as Gideon did in Judges 6. [for Michael].


On a message board of the same US TV Station I had posted a comment after hearing the number 24 on their program 'The View'. Somebody had worked out that watching all episodes of a particular TV show would waste 24 000 minutes. 

When I checked back a reply had been posted to my comment by davila 869.

I swapped the second letter a to e, which made alive d*, read backwards.    869 = [C7] + [169]

- - - - - - - 


In the comments on the postcard from Hamburg earlier I promised to be counting windows later. What a foolish activity, really, counting windows in a building, or panes within a window. But I had done this before, and thought I discovered a pattern. 

On the evening of July 25th 10 I was relaxing in the lounge, reading a Warcry Magazine, the weekly publication of the Salvation Army. On the variety page called stuff I noticed the reader's photo of the week. It showed a church and blue sky, nothing else - not a tree, a living thing or object. Where is the creativity in that? I thought. 


Warcry 3rd July, 10 / Inset, Church NewsPact July 25th, 10.

For no real reason, I started I counting windows: 

The round window below the cross has 8 window panes. I saw August. One tiny round center and 4 above the front door - 14? Total number of large church windows were 7.

My mind processed these numbers and suddenly linked them to a notice in that morning's church newssheet.

A distant memory of doing a similar thing at Tabor College made me link the number of windows to the data on the newssheet:

The open day at Tabor College, Adelaide was to be held on August 14th, from 10.30 - 3 PM. (10.30 - 3 added to 7).

There was one more clue in the picture, which I identified with. Six steps lead to the church door. In Book 8, Chapter 27 I had observed six steps, inside 3 churches, leading to the platforms.

Church in Penguin, Northern Tasmania, Postcode 7316

Aha? The 6 steps, I just noticed, completed the Warcry's date 7,3 10 to make the Postcode!   

- - - - - - -


It often puzzles me, why it took until I was almost 50 years old, to delve into a world of numbers and links? On the surface I easily would fit the category of 'religious nut', except there is a method in the madness. What God caused me to write, the revelations I received, were not all in vain. HE is speaking to many readers, those who can look beyond the wacky parts, and unearth priceless truths.

Many seekers start their Christian walk full of enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm actually means 'full of God'. Having committed their lives to God, convicted during a fiery sermon that they are sinners, they commence a walk with God. They passionately start following the teachings of Jesus.

Others shy away from a commitment, fearful of the unknown, unwilling to take the perceived risk. Like the radio announcer at the beginning of the last chapter, they perceive Christianity to be a life of deprivation and boredom. How wrong can you be?

Certainly, after a person becomes a Christian they may need to change a few habits. But this change is for the ultimate good, even when initially some hurdles need to be jumped. Seriously committed Christians have hope for a bright future. One phrase Christians should not use in their vocabulary: You only live once. Firstly, its not true, if you believe in eternal life. Secondly, it may just be an excuse to engage in doubtful activity, or spend more money that you can afford: 

Life after death is a reality, even though we can't imagine it with our limited understanding. But all bible scholars agree - it's going to be ... heavenly, allgood.

A few weeks ago I saw a word in my bible I had not seen before. The bold heading above had overshadowed it. The word was Michtam. It describes a poem, a type of psalm different to the rest. Long time readers of my site in *Adelaide (and Melbourne) would recognize that ...


*On EBI FM the announcer and her travel agent guest just spoke the words Adelaide and Melbourne, as I typed. (31.8.10 - 11.41 AM)

How weird - in Chapter 9 of my Book 7 it says that I had written the word: supernatural powers* into the P/C while hearing it on that very same radio station. The date was also the 31st, the time 11.50 AM. (Most weird ...)  9 minutes difference.


... the name Michtam is not unlike the suburb's name Mitcham.

Hey, that's even more spooky, but as true as everything my ears hear and my name is Dieter and I am telling it as it is!

Take a look at my bible:


Psalm 16


The Hope of the Faithful, and the Messiah's Victory.

A Michtam of David 


Preserve me, O God,

for in You I put my trust.

O my soul, you have said to the Lord,

"You are my Lord..." (Psalm 16, Verses 1,2)

The postcodes of two suburbs, Mitcham 5062 (South Australia) and Mitcham 3132 (Victoria - the state of Victory...) add to 8194.


Believe me or not, the evening after discovering this number, I took my dog for a walk, across McIntyre Road heading north. Pondering on the word Michtam I was thinking of the big fire in Mitcham on 22.8.04, which burned down a shopping center in a 20 Million Dollar fire.

I had above number *8194 in my mind as I was walking my dog north on Bridge Road. Suddenly in a driveway I saw a registration plate ... 8 4 1. Walking on for a nano second my mind thought: Wouldn't it be strange, if it were at house number 9? 

So I took a few steps toward the letterbox to read the house number. It was Number 9.

(*These are digits in reference to the previous chapter, add the digit 7 to arrive at  84917).

Friends, as I write this 9th book I can only marvel at what God is doing. Only I fully know that all is true, because I am experiencing it. That's why I am spending the time to write it all down so you can read the words. I trust they will turn your world upside down.

Don't be fearful of the future. You too put your trust in God! HE is your Lord also. 

The long term future is bright. King David's son Solomon learned his lesson well. He writes:

"Whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe."  (Proverbs 29, 25b).


Chapter 4