54.   Magic till the end


On October 15th 04 my reading in the NK Kalender was Psalm 82. The psalmist, Asaph, calls on God to bring justice for the needy, the poor and freedom to the oppressed. In the last Verse, he challenges God to Arise oh God, and judge the earth, for you shall inherit all nations. Two days later, the bible reading on “the Hour of Power” was also Psalm 82. Very soon God will come and judge the earth and to finally claim what is rightfully HIS - all nations. 


Increasingly these types of parallels (finally found another word for co-incident) were becoming my daily diet. The longer my journey continued, the more I would see the big, beautiful picture, with a new degree of focus. Doubts had disappeared, long ago. Now there were only a few blurred areas, such as the role of my own family. This would not hold me back.


My 21-year-old son Tim started to pick up the unresolved issue between me and Isobel. Sadly, he joined my wife and Jon, and pressured me to see my folly, my flawed thinking and to admit to it. I refused to listen to this negative talk. You can’t pass judgment on authors, without trying to understand what they are saying, was my argument.


When you live under the same roof as the author, there is absolutely no reason to not take him or her seriously. But then, this very fact, living under the same roof, may be the reason, why his own received HIM not. 


But I kept believing God and praying for clarity that, indeed, HE was behind my thinking. On Saturday October 30th the following incident happened, which in my mind confirmed that God was showing me great favour. On that day, Tim challenged me once again. He picked up a little booklet from the kitchen table and said: “What if I took this catalogue and put AL into AVON and say –“Oh look, there is a code – AVALON?”


I didn’t know how to answer this question. I had never taken words at random without any thought, something always made sense, even if it took a little twisting, reading it backwards or translating it into German. Where Tim got the word Avalon from, I do not know. But a day later I watched the Hour of Power on TV, as usual. The name of the visiting singing artists was - AVALON. Sadly, Tim’s belief that I have a mental problem is as cemented, as that of the rest of the family. As yet, he has not sat down and listened to me, tell him this incident fully.


I had absolutely no input in the appearance of the word Avalon. Being skeptic by nature, I entertained the thought that perhaps a hearing device picked up our conversation, relayed it to the US and arranged the group to sing? Time wise this would have been impossible and who believes in conspiracies anyway? No, this was God’s doing. More surprises were in store.


Right at the beginning of the same program, the Hour of Power on Oct. 31st 04, I noticed a segment by the choir, which I took as a direct response to the email I had sent to this TV Program the week before. Thank you, God, how great thou art!


A second moment of magic came right at the end. This little gem, which I took note of in an instant, hit me at a fresh angle this morning, linking it to my visit at the Crystal Cathedral 18 months earlier. It is too precious to share with others, too painful to be dwelling on it.

Hi all,

Just a brief comment, apart from a heartful thanks for another wonderful hour.

Dr. Schuller will have to keep his 7 & 8 only for 9 years, not 10, as he mentioned.

If his maths is not up to scratch, he may want to ask his choir's conductor, Don.

Why? Don't always ask questions. Just do it.

Kind regards from Adelaide,

Dieter R. Fischer

PS   Co-incidences again. We sang Roger Williams' friend's favourite No. 10 hit in church this morning (It is well, with my soul, except the back the problem - Love it).

The joke in the PS referred to a list of the top ten hymns for the over 80 year olds, sent from a fan of famous pianist Roger Williams, who has played for the Hour of Power over many years, and still does.

Why ask the conductor about mathematics? Dr. Schuller sen. showed a great sense of humour, joking that he celebrated his 78th birthday, and will keep the numbers on the cake, 7 & 8, because he will need them in 10 years. Any primary school child will know, he will only have to keep them nine years. The German word for nine is Neun, which happens to be the surname of the choir’s conductor. (I wonder what his registration plate is? In the final chapter I will look at the registration plate of a different choirmaster).

The other Christian program I like to view on television is the BBC’s Songs of Praise. Because it is screened Sunday mornings in Australia, I can’t watch it, if we attend the later church service. On Sunday 31/10/04 was Reformation Day. It was 485 years since Martin Luther stood up and spoke out in front of the church hierarchy (and didn’t they go quick).

The popular BBC program was broadcast for the very first time from the Royal Albert Hall in London. I’d have given anything to be there. (Even my own wife. Didn’t Jesus give his wife as a ransom for many? – just joking).

I was real blessed that morning, noticing three items to link to Australia. Firstly, a communal hymn early in the program, that made me feel I ought to stand up. It was to the tune of the German National Anthem.

Secondly, Aled Jones, the singer/song leader, announced a song by dynamic Australian Artist Darlene Zschech of the Hillsong Church in Sydney. Steadily over the years, her choruses have become the most widely sung in Australia. It must have been electrifying to join a thousand voices praising God with her best known song, Shout to the Lord, which is a love song to Jesus: “My Jesus, my Saviour – Lord there is none like you”.

Lastly, a visiting singer, named Issy, took to the microphone. She is from the UK, but worked in the US at the time of her appearance on Songs of Praise.  I called out to my wife in the kitchen to come and have a look. Issy is one of her nicknames. As Issy sang, I saw it – my wives nickname tell a story:

ISSY = 155 Y? Why love won!

Her birthday says – Amen – It’s on 1.1 = God won!

Because October 31st was Reformation Day, I had a sensation that people expected a continuation of my story. Even at church, the planned drama I saw announced on the program sheet, did not happen. I turned to my friend, sitting next to me, and said: “Come to my place, we have drama every night.”

Our situation at home certainly could not stay at that level forever. I kept reminding Isobel about writing the letters to friends and family, asking, if they had read any of my material and what their opinion was. She had not written any letter. How much can one believe in something that is false? We were complete opposites in this matter and – married happily to each other. 

At the day of writing, God willing my final day writing Part 2, I reminded her of the risk she was taking. If I was correct, millions of people the world over knew about her refusal to try and understand her ‘outside the box’ (still) thinking husband.

“Prepare for a shock”, I said, as if warning her of a disaster.

“If you are correct, and only ˝ dozen readers follow my story, then I have only lost faith in the eyes of a few people, so what?”

I once asked my ISP how many hits my website was getting. For whatever reason, he didn’t give a clear answer. I really didn’t really want to know. I kept asking Isobel to check, if indeed thousands or more people would read my material. She threw the ball back into my court, saying that it’s not her job to find that out.

Deep inside I knew that people started to take note. The polite way they treated me, what they were saying etc. A whole language had evolved, with certain key phrases, which I understood very clearly. Those that had never read, or only read a little, of my material, including my wife, did not understand this language.

On Sunday Oct. 10th 04 I noticed a whole lot of clues in my language; at those times it was tempting to just leave the shekels of the family behind and jump on a plane and leave again. It was not a serious issue, however, I could not afford it and had promised my wife that I would only go away again in an organised manner, not just run away. 

In the Hour of Power on Sunday Oct. 10th the girl sang, whose surname starts with Gut, (good in German). On the way to church I saw, as I always do, car registration plates “Victory (for) God 153”, plus more. Try and tell your wife on the way to church – see that car? Have a look at those roadworks over there? See the traffic cones? There are seven of them.

The best I would score out of such talk, is probably the offer of another TIC TAC. (Aha, now I can see it – the gesture is symbolic, wishful thinking on my wife’s part – Tic Tacs look exactly like capsules).

On Prospect Rd. about a week ago, I noticed five cones on the opposite side of the road. They were arranged in a circle around a very small bit of concrete that had been laid. The location, plus the number of cones (5), got the alarm bells ringing. It was close to where I had previously seen road works and counted the number of cones (Chapter 28). I did a U-Turn, parked the car and took a photo.

Just as I drove away, after my 1 minute of unpaid work, a vehicle exited out of a nearby driveway, car registration V…G 777. If this was not arranged, all I could say, I have a strange condition, affecting my mind and eyesight, which tablets would never cure. Perhaps, I suggest to Isobel to increase the dosage of TIC TACS? 

On that Sunday 10/10/04 we drove to the airport, picking up Jon, who was returning from Sydney. As usual, we were running late on the 20 km trip to the airport, hoping to arrive just on time. But that morning Jon was already waiting for us outside the terminal. His plane, scheduled to arrive at 8.40 am, had arrived 15 minutes early. The pilot had offered some weak excuse for change in schedule. I took notice and started wondering once again. To press the point, seeking a logical explanation, would be looking for trouble. 

Two weeks earlier I also noticed a peculiarity at the airport. My oldest son Ben, who had arrived for a visit, had been allocated seat No. 9 C. I bet, someone knew him, booked him into seat number 9 C, and ensured his boarding pass was SEQ NBR 71. And all just to tease his old man in Adelaide to give him something to write into his autobiography. 

One of the key scriptures in my autobiography has been Roman 8, Verse 28. Looking at my surroundings I saw God and HIS wonderful doings in everything and in every circumstance. I had come far too far in my journey to suddenly change and call it all co-incidences. I would be betraying God and myself. On a sign, driving past a church, I read just how I feel at this time, writing my final few thoughts about it:


“He who brought you to it, he will see you through it”.


In my mission to see people turn their lives around, I was not turning back. I was single-minded driving down a one-way street. No U-Turns allowed in a one-way street. 


I thank God everyday that HE brought me so far, through valleys and mountain tops, through thick and thin. Without HIM I would linger in an institution, as frustrated, as John Nash would have been, after being locked up by force.


It was plain to see what those who followed me, were hoping I would do: Tell them who I think I was – plainly and not in codes. The next (and final) chapter of Part 2 leaves little doubt, who I was called to be and the mission I was given.



My diary, dated Thursday June 10th, 2004 - Chapter 39



At the time of commencing “And of a sound mind” I had no idea what was in store. As an introduction I had written: At this point of my journey the reader and I have one thing in common - the destination is shrouded in mystery. If the launch is anything to go by, all of us are in for an interesting adventure. Let's be surprised, where we will land at. Fasten your seatbelts!


Reading the index page, I noted the phrase, where we will land at. Less than 24 hours ago I was searching for a title for chapter 53. It was a real struggle to come up with something. At the last minute it flowed out – Dilemma in landing. At the time, I had forgotten the question, where we will land at.


Just now as I try to continue to write, with tears streaming down my face, I see the two words Lamm (German for lamb) & die in dilemma. God is also reminding me that Chapter 53 of Isaiah is generally regarded as a description of Jesus Christ, who was to be slaughtered hundreds of years later, like a lamb, on a cross.


"He was wounded for our transgression, He was bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement for our peace was on HIM, and by His stripes we are healed."

                               Isaiah 53, Verse 5

Chapter 55