53.   Dilemma in landing


That eventful October Sunday (17th) was meant to be the day for final editing and uploading the final chapters in this, part 2 of my biography. But I had learned to relax with deadlines, to not get anxious, when it didn’t work out just when I wanted to. All my activities were in God’s hands. So much was taking place, it took a lot of my time to live it all, think about it all and then record it. At the same time I was trying to live like a normal father and husband. My activities in the computer room were regarded as my hobby, as if I was indulging in my writing and enjoying a big ego trip.  


Weeks before the event, I had seen a large newspaper advertisement for the ‘Open Day’ of Kings Baptist, a large Christian School, just a few minutes drive away. I had planned to attend briefly. My family asked me, why I was going there, since I had no real reason. This was quite true, except I had heard that quite voice inside tell me - take note. I had learned to act, to obey, despite not having a logical reason.


As soon as I arrived on that sunny, warm afternoon I bumped into a couple I recognized from Clovercrest Baptist Church, their names was too loaded, to be co-incidental (Why L on the cross).  I knew God had something planned. In a way I felt guilty to not having stayed home and focussed on my writing.


For 20 minutes of so I wandered around the classrooms, examining the student’s wonderful creations, here and there. A public speaking session was under way in another room. Elsewhere there were performances by various choirs. In the Technical Studies section I watched a video of students taking part in a Go-kart race.


In one classroom I spotted an unusual display. Stuck on a wall was a section featuring “Christian Martyrs”. Not a very uplifting subject, I thought. At random I started to read about the Scottish martyr Walter Milne, burned at the stakes in 1951. Very interesting, I thought, but not very likely! This must be a mistake. I even pointed this out to a teacher in attendance, feeling a bit silly, for finding fault again and spouting it off. I didn’t take it any further at this point. 


On the way home, down Wynn Vale Drive, I spotted something on the road. It was at the same spot, where I had picked up a shirt belonging to Kings Baptist, some months earlier (Chapter 39). Without hesitation I stopped the car and checked what I had seen. It was a tool to clamp things together, such as used in woodwork. As I drove away I remembered the shirt, the location and put two and two together. I drove straight back to the school and delivered the clamp to the workshop, where I had been only minutes earlier.


Walking out after this second visit I noticed a little girl walking down some stairs. I made a bit of a fuss of her, as I do for some fun, when I recognized her mother’s face. We briefly talked after a safe conversation starter: “Don’t I know you face from somewhere?” Indeed, we had attended Paradise Community Church in the 80’s. She remembered me playing the trumpet. Only now, as I write this account, reading it again in my diary, I played with the names of her child, plus one that stood with her, (but was not hers) – Ariel and Holly I real holy, you may want to add – I real crazy!


Unimaginable to think, I would have missed out on such fun, had I taken the tool home instead or indeed not bothered coming. My diary reads: “I just don’t know how much is arranged to be, God knows.


The question was valid. Did my imagination run amok to that degree that I would meet two little girls and their names give me a message? Considering the vast coverage of the Internet, I knew that people everywhere were able to read my story. If gradually the rumour was to go around, I could be “the man” it would take little effort to arrange a mother with an Ariel and a Holly to go to a School Open Day. But more was to come.


The next morning I looked up in Google, if there was a Scottish martyr named Walter Milne. It didn’t take long to locate him, plus the error in the date of his burning at the stake; it was 1551, not 1951. Yes, I could clearly see it - the 5/9 combination, which if deducted from each other leaves 4. Plus of course, 155 won!


I was a little unsure, if I was happy or scared, having unearthed this hidden code in this huge school. Why couldn’t they put in a code on a wall of heroes and legends? Martyrs are heroes and then become legends.


I sent a brief email to the school on Monday 18/10/04:


Hi Chris,

It was a great afternoon yesterday, seeing what Christian Education is doing in 2004.

In one of the classrooms I read briefly about Walter Milne, the Scottisch martyr, supposedly burned at the stakes in 1951. Obviously, the student was 400 years ahead of time. Still, I learned something about Walter Milne, what a hero! The website said that he was the last to be burned and many came to the faith by watching his last confession for Jesus.

Hard to imagine such cruelty in the name of religion.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer



In another slight twist, the school’s contact name read like “D & n on the cross”. A few weeks prior I had emailed the same person at a Baptist Church in the Southern Suburbs, regarding a man who had died – I had doubted the truth of his death at a young age. But that’s another untold story.


After October 17th 2004 my daily observations seemed to be coming toward a climax. Since my question was answered, who it was, the time had come to examine the relationship between my cross and I. When I had declared that I believed to be a prophet (Chapter 15) nobody came and challenged this assumption. But the bible is full of prophets and historical figures, which were to appear. Where did I fit into the picture?


In Chapter 38 I reported talking to a girl outside a Hospital Café, reading the bible. I could clearly see the book of Isaiah Chapter 45. The same chapter, titled – Cyrus, God’s instrument – had previously made me think; perhaps I fit into there somewhere? Verse 5, plus numerous others, in this chapter state clearly that the God of Israel is the only true God. (This verse, Is. 45,5 I had linked to my son’s Volvo registration plate, Chapter 7).


Right at the beginning, in Verse 1 in the 45th Chapter of Isaiah, I read how God held the right hand of Cyrus. I knew HE was holding mine too. The gates will not stay shut, the verse goes on to say. This reminds me of my very first day in the USA in April 04. Doors had opened for me in a remarkable way. (Chapter 64, More in number).


Verse 9 and 10 warns people to not question God’s leading. “Shall the clay say to him who formed it, what are you making? How much had I done without knowing what it was all about? God always knew, what HE was doing. I knew HE knew best and trusted HIM.


Verse 13: This instrumentality of God, Cyrus, will be raised up by God in righteousness “and I will direct all his ways”. Sounds a bit like – “he will come to the right place”. “He shall build my city and let my exiles go free, not for price or reward, says the Lord of hosts.” If Cyrus would have had a website, I am sure it would have been a free one, like mine. A real servant wants to serve, with or without the prospect of reward.


Verse 17 tells of God’s wonderful salvation: “But Israel shall be saved by the Lord with an everlasting salvation. You shall not be ashamed or disgraced forever and ever.”  ‘You’ does no longer refer to the nation of Israel only. Verse 22 confirms it: “Look to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other. The God of Israel is the God of all nations. How sad that his own chosen people, to a large extent, still reject his son, his gift who will bring peace on earth.


Try and walk into the office of your psychiatrist and tell him that you wrote a story online. Try to persuade him to believe you, when you say that much of what you wrote sounds very much like a story you read in the bible. All you need then is your wife beside you to answer his question: “How long have these delusions been plaguing your husband?”


How much worse would it be, to claim you have seen many signs from God, and linked so much data back to you, that you are almost certain that God has placed his finger on you, to do the job of bringing peace into the world?


Now the shrink will ask your wife: “Has there been a history of mental illness in your husband’s life?” The answer will be yes.


Next question: “When did he go off his medication?”

Wife: “About 3 years ago.”


Now you can fathom the dilemma I had in landing. I could imagine that psychiatrists work by a set procedure, when a person walks off the street and claims I am the Messiah. We even have a term for it, Messiah Complex.


As I watched the movie “A beautiful mind” for the second time on October 31, 04 on TV, I noticed various clues that had escaped me watching it in the movie theatre 17 months earlier. The very first scribble John Nash did on the large window at University was a dotted line. Years ago I uploaded an idea about colour coding speed limits, utilizing the dotted, white lines in the centre of the road. This is a documented fact, how can this be an illness?


It was awful to see this genius of a man forcefully injected with drugs, and strapped onto a bed, jolted by electrical shocks. I am sure medicine has progressed somewhat since then, but I can well imagine what could happen to me, if ever I was confronted by the medical profession again.


Alert readers must be wondering, why I am no longer ruling out a call to be HE, the one to come; the returned Christ. I had previously stated that my being a trumpet player is a co-incidence (Chapter 57). I remember driving home a visiting Evangelist and his wife from Kenya/Africa, two years ago. Just before our destination I could read their minds asking the question, who was I. They must have heard about my case from somewhere, what incredible things I was doing. I said emphatically: “I am not Jesus, but I know HE is behind it all.” Today I would have answered differently.


On September 24th 04 I received a request from this couple on the frontline in Africa. It didn’t sound like the man and woman of faith I knew. Was this a test of some kind, from a completely different source? Read it for yourself.



Please do continue to pray for us here in E.!  WE REALLY NEED

This has been our second night of Evangelising in Huruma and the going has
not been easy.  Both Evangelist Werner Nachtigal and I have been giving all we
have got and have been preaching our hearts out. Our team have given all they
can and have covered the city with small open air meetings and film shows. 
We sense alot of resistance in the spiritual and need a breakthrough.  Please
pray with us, that the weekend will see that breakthrough.  The people are
coming, but not in the large numbers as we had expected.  We have seen some
miracles, but not as many as we would like to see and are used to seeing. Our
publicity has been exceptionally good, but the unity among the churches still
leaves much to be desired. There still is so much division.

We are glad that you are standing with us in prayer.  Sorry, we need some
encouragement at the moment. Should you be praying for us and have one second
to spare, could you just send us a note so that we know who is praying right
now.  That would give us a boost.

Especially pray for our Co-ordinators S. F. and Pastor K. tomorrow  morning. 

Some Lawyers approached them this afternoon and are trying to take us to court

for unknowingly building our sound system and plateform too close into someones

land.  We need some great miracles!

In HIS love and service




I purposely printed the full name of the Evangelist Werner Nachtigal. The surname means ‘nightingale’, a bird famous for singing. (If you do really exist, forgive me for including your full name. I love singing too). Had my ‘N’ story reached that far? I could read the Christian name Werner as Who – he – n? (Wer is German for who). 


Why did the Evangelist apologize for needing some encouragement? We all feel flat at times, this is where trusting under any circumstance comes in – in success, in difficult times, under threats from lawyers etc. God help those on the battlefront of Christian missionary work, whose only boost comes from the numbers of emails of encouragement they received. I would have stopped years ago, had I tried to draw water of encouragement from such a dry well. 



Often I wondered, if church leaders with a worldwide ministry really think that their work will prosper more, if they can increase the number of subscribers to their prayer newsletter. When it comes to prayer, the old adage, quality before quantity, applies more than anywhere. And a quality prayer is almost impossible to discern by anyone, except the person praying and God.


I did take up Peter’s challenge and sent a reply to his email (the very fact, they asked for a reply, and in such a desperate manner, made me think).




Hi Peter,

Good to hear from you again. I am a little concerned that you are concerned.
The battle belongs to the Lord. If you are taken to court, if not enough people

turn up to hear you preach, is not your business. You sow the seed and leave
the rest to God.

Division is nothing new. Because we are living in a corrupt world there will
always be an enemy. This is why the bible says that families will be divided.

If the main thing that gives you a boost are emails from people around the
world, then it's time to look at your relationship with Jesus. Don't try to get
water from a dry well, or one that looks like satisfying your need, but the water

is not good for you.

Why are you sorry that you need prayer? Do you want sympathy or strength in
the Lord to do battle! Stay close to HIM and build on HIS word.

Kind regards from a friend in Australia
Dieter R. Fischer
PS.  Instead of preaching your hearts out, you and Werner Nachtigal ought to
try singing to bring the people?? I love singing.

Only 10 days or so later I had a reply:


Subject: Great victory!

Hi everybody,
Thanks so much for praying for us! 
Our Crusade turned out to be a great Victory.  On Sunday night we had a
powerful move of God ….


Friend, if you are constantly battling with the same problem, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your approach? A saying I picked up recently:


Work as if everything depended on you.

Pray as if everything depended on God.



Chapter 54