52.  Rose lives at 24


To whom much is given, much is required. Many people have talents, but don’t use them or don’t even recognize them. God has promised his children HIS spirit. With HIS spirit come gifts. With a gift comes responsibility.


In 1980 I remember my first big pay packet as driving instructor. I felt rich and bought my wife a full-length genuine leather coat. It cost $ 300 24 years ago. Over the years I noticed that Isobel very seldom wore it, especially since we moved to a milder climate. But every time we would go out and I questioned, why she was not wearing her leather coat, she made an excuse. I felt unappreciated.


This is how God must feel, when we don’t use our talent, he has given each of us.  The picture that slowly crystallized in my mind, showed me that I had been given a real gift for seeing circumstances in a larger context, the big picture, as it were. This follows that I ought to use this gift, by speaking out, if this is what was required. It could mean to draw attention to injustices, false newspaper reports or sloppy investigations etc. I had done plenty of all the above. Of course, my main mission was to tell the world of God’s love, and also of the coming judgement. 


In October 04 I blew the whistle in a field I had not done before – a book, 351 pages, long called ‘The Heavenly Man’. I took a while to get into the story, only reading short segments daily. The book was about a young pastor, Brother Yun, being persecuted for his faith in China. I had no reason to suspect anything about the book, because a good friend gave it to me, and I had seen it promoted on the shelves of a Christian Bookshop in Adelaide in Mid 2004.


When I came to the part, where the central figure (Brother Yun) lived without food and water for 74 days, the alarm bells started ringing. Even God’s son Jesus, after having fasted was taking nourishment again after 40 days. Who does Brother Yun think he is, to outdo the Son of God?


In the centre of the book is a photo of the prison from which Brother Yun supposedly escaped, Zhengzhou Maximum Security Prison in Henan. Brother Yun describes the picture - the windows where his cell was, the heavy iron gates, which stood open for him to simply walk through and the place where he jumped into a Yellow Taxi Van to be driven to safety. He also claims that a number of his supporters were watching him escape.


Lots of facts didn’t make sense. When I looked at the title on the front cover – The remarkable true story… I was almost 100 % sure, I had stumbled onto a hoax. I wrote a letter of my concerns to the Publishers in the UK and also to an organisation I had never heard of, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which had their address listed inside the front cover and obviously promoted the book.


I took no further action until I saw an article in a well-known Magazine. It was about another book “Forbidden Love”, the story of a strict Muslim father killing his daughter, after finding out, she secretly met with a Catholic boyfriend. The book, also claiming to be a true story, was a huge success at first. Earlier this year (2004) it was exposed as a hoax by a sharp journalist, and taken off the shelves, amidst great controversy.


Three things made me write to the well known magazine:

One, I had had contact with one of the editing staff years earlier (about my road safety book) and wrote to him a few times since.


Secondly, I saw the parallel of Forbidden Love to The Heavenly man (both most likely fabricated, but portrayed as truth) and lastly, a photo printed with the article about Forbidden Love. In the photo the partner of the author looks into his letterbox, as if searching (with a telescope) for mail. It just clicked with me that, perhaps my contact at the staff, was looking for some mail form me. I wrote the following letter about the books.


Subject: 4bidden Love = The Heavenly Ma n

Dear G.

How could I not send you a letter, when I saw a picture of John T. checking his mailbox with a telescope?

The score is One all. What do I mean? Well, I read Forbidden Love and was as furious and mad as Islam, as normal people would’ve been. (1:0 for Christians). Now, after finding out that Norma was making herself and her Roman ce rich by lying to us, Islam scored the equalizer, one all. But the game isn’t over yet.

If you visit a Christian Bookshop, get hold of a book called “The Heavenly Man”. A mysterious Chinese brother Yun, a Christian pastor describes his suffering and torture. (His supposedly lived for 74 days without food and water). His wife also tells her part of the story. (She supposedly gave birth to a child without any pain  - it didn’t say it, but may I add, probably in her lunch hour?).

A clue right on the front cover made me think: “The remarkable true story…” Can a story that is not true be remarkable? I did blow the whistle (I do have a Soccer Referee Ticket) writing to the organization promoting the book and the publishers, Monarch Books). 2:1 for Christians.

Brother Yun is supposedly traveling widely from a base in Germany. This reminds me of another case. An Evangelist, A. H. based in Germany kept sending me info about his huge crusades (90 000 attended in Pakistan, 50 000 became Christians etc.). Wouldn’t you send him money if you wanted Christianity to spread via this anointed man? I didn’t.

He advertised a big crusade for Kenia, Africa in December. I know a Missionary personally in Kenia, whose family we visited there, when he was 12 years old. One would think that he would know about the man and the crusade? Not at all. We shall see when December comes. Unless it will be cancelled, because supporters didn’t donate enough money. Happened before. 

I trust you won’t need a telescope to retrieve your mail.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide     

PS.  The pic. on Page 59 was a publicity stunt. The man had been on the roof for 2 hours. He would have survived up there all day. Good advice from the Fischeries to fishers at Dee Why. Never turn your back on the sea! (I hope my two Fischers (Ben and Michelle, living in Dee Why, read it).  


My PS refers to a series of pictures in the same magazine, which I decoded quite easily. The pictorial, titled In the nick of time was about narrow escapes. One of these was a man, trapped on top of a car. My eyes popped when I saw it. In chapter 43 you will find the same car, stuck in the flooded river. I didn’t really agree with the magazine that it was a narrow escape - the 23-year-old man may have been uncomfortable, but would have been OK much longer.


Another photo showed a rescue helicopter near cliffs in Dee Why, one of Sydney’s northern beaches. My two eldest children Ben and Michelle live there. Specific colours and a further rescue picture from LA, California made it almost impossible for me to not see a link. I may sound haughty, but friends, I am humbled by it all, not trying to elevate myself.   


In above letter you also read about a German Evangelist, who allegedly travels the world preaching the Gospel to thousands. I started to receive his emails, telling us of all the wonderful crusades he was conducting; one week he reports huge meetings in South America, next he got converts in Asia or needed more funds for his airfare to Africa. One report claimed fifty thousand people came to the Lord in Pakistan in one crusade.


I first got suspicious, when the mighty man of God had to cancel a crusade, because his followers didn’t donate enough cash. After I saw the 9/5 combination in his online report (90 000 attended, 50 000 responded to become Christians) I emailed my doubts to friends and contacts in Germany. (The number 95 will play a role in the final chapter of this, part 2 of my autobiography). If the man had indeed created a phantom Evangelistic Organisation online to make himself rich, it needed to be exposed. At the time of writing I have not heard of any outcome as yet.


Before the day had dawned I sensed that Sunday October 17th 04 would be very special. Almost everyday I still kept waking to special numbers on the clock radio.


(On the day of writing - 2/11/04 - it showed 551. Only yesterday a car registration plate, with just that number exited a driveway, at a time, when I had ‘arrived at the right place’ once again - a big story for later). 


Early in the morning a simple, but profound revelation raised my awareness to a higher level. I am sure many readers, as I do myself, wonder why I had taken so long to see such simplicity, when I had deciphered dozens of complex codes and links.


The clock’s numbers on rising on that eventful October day showed 4.02. I knew God was ready for action. So was I. The small word I discovered was so obvious. Any of you, who speak German, would have seen it long ago. I almost feel dumb, not having seen it myself, when I concluded my first book ‘More in number than the sand’. At the time I had for the first time read my name as - re:die t. Only in October 04, over a year later, I became aware that the two letters ‘re’ backwards in German mean ‘he’.


‘Re: die T’ suddenly took on a much stronger meaning – ‘He die T’; Likewise my surname Fischer. Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen. He called them, saying: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. They immediately left their nets and followed Him. (Matt. 4, Verse 19, 20). On one occasion in the bible it is reported, they caught 153 fish (Chapter 28, More in number).


Very early in my numbers game I had re-discovered the number 153, in various ways, and linked it with my story. The most striking link was to my date of birth, 30.1.50.


My wife informed me, at the time of writing, that my daughter Michelle’s boyfriend was born on the Jan. 3rd. This is interesting, because 3 family members already have birthdays in January – Isobel (1) Michelle (5) and myself (30). That of Darin, my daughter’s boyfriend, fits in nicely - Jan 3rd. Wouldn’t I be daring to add a g at the end of his name?


Likewise, it came to me, only this morning (2/11/04) that if I took the J as Jesus, and added a g to Jonathan, my son’s name, an interesting phrase would emerge. (Very unusual, but facts are facts, if I see them or not).


On Friday 15th October we received a newsletter from a Christian youth organisation. I marveled at the last six digits of their phone number, 771 777. How could I ever forget how God had led me to a particular street just as my odometer read that exact number, except changing the 1 to the front? (To confuse those, who find my fascinations with numbers abnormal, mathematics was one of my worst subjects in high school).   



I picked this plastic container up off the road, only hours before uploading this chapter, while taking my dog for a walk. 

Am I supposed to read any messages?

Remember cats – birds can fly!

Only moments earlier I walked past house No. 17. Beside the letterbox I noticed a pallet with 5 large pieces of cement kerbing, 4 on the bottom layer and 1 on top. Those things keep me entertained and my dog confused, or was it the other way round?



Before taking the dog for a walk on that spring morning (the 17th) I did a massive wash-up, left from the night before. (I’m giving away family secrets again). I noticed the large number of glasses to be washed. My playful mind would not evade the challenge – I counted the number of glasses. There were 17. 


Around the corner, on the walk with little Becky, somebody had knocked over the pole marking the location of a fire hydrant. It was outside house No.17. A street name, one I had walked many times, suddenly came alive: ‘Erin Ct’. What powerful message in such a short name and only a stone’s throw away from home! It amazed me increasingly, how versatile the English language was. To be able to reshape simple names, interpret letters as words and come up with pure magic.


On the way back my dog and I had to cross a wide main road, called McIntyre Rd. (I let the reader play the little letters as words game, if they wish). How ironic - the name McIntyre changes to Kings Road, west of Main North Road! It was still early Sunday morning; there was little traffic. One car, however, flew by as we crossed MyIntyre Road: A Ford Escort, Rego. … 105. Were people really watching me this closely? My magic code deciphered – Escort for D! Thanks for the offer, but my time has not yet come.


There were no Tic-tacs on the way to church that morning. Isobel wasn’t feeling well and concentrated on preparing our regular family lunch. About halfway into the 10 minute trip, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed road works on the far side of the road. A huge piece of machinery had written on the side: ‘Pavement Testing Unit’. The moment I saw the letters I played with them. They could mean lots of things, but P & V and testing & ‘ment’ stood out. The location was further reason for taking special note, Royal Avenue.


Someone in a Government Department must be enjoying these little mind games. I recalled very vividly, how earlier in the year I had gone for a walk in the same area, while a client was out on a driving test. I had noticed something blue in the middle of the T-junction, but not realized it was Royal Avenue. I took note and on the way back my conscience signaled to cross the road and to pick it up. At first I thought they were plastic bags, but on closer examination I saw it was a box, with it’s contents of blue, plastic surgical gloves, spilled onto the roadway. I kept one and tossed the rest in a bin, behind the nearby hotel.


Sitting quietly amongst the small congregation at church, I praised my heavenly father for his wonderful ways. My spirit knew, without a doubt, that those around me, plus many outside, except my family, believed in me. A subtle, but powerful clue emerged right at the beginning of the church service. Scriptures backed by photos were shown on the overhead projector for meditation. Just as Nehemiah Chapter 9 and Verse 6 popped onto the screen, the leader started reading another scripture. I was still meditating on Nehemiah, so I missed the reference, except I heard 9 and 5 mentioned, unless I am mistaken.


On my way home, just a short distance from the church, another test was waiting for me. An elderly lady, sitting at a bus stop, looked familiar. “Offer her a lift home” my heart seemed to say. My logical brain said. “She’s OK, you better get home, you will just make it for ‘Songs of Praise’ at 11 am (the BBC’s popular Christian program). Then I remembered what I had written in Chapter 38 - God had prompted me to U-Turn and offer someone a lift home from a bus stop. It had happened only one stop away. 


I turned around and offered the lady a ride. She gladly accepted, probably recognizing me from church. She lived in my direction. It would only be a short detour. I dropped her at her house. The name of her short street spooked me just a little. I felt I was going overboard to read “God is in Love”, all I needed to do was read a ‘G’ as God, and a ‘L’ as love. Somebody was playing magic with my madness. 


Just before she closed the car door to leave, I asked what her name is. She said, Rose. She lived at house No. 24. Then I remembered I had woken at 4.02 am that morning. The date was October 17th 2004.


I had only missed a few minutes of ‘Songs of Praise’. More magic was waiting to be created that afternoon.



Chapter 53