51.   The God of politics 


Adelaide experienced the hottest October day for 17 years, maximum temperature 37.4 degrees Centigrade. The date was Tuesday the 12th.  Instead of returning straight home after a morning haircut, I took a small detour to drive past a church. I always liked reading what gem of wisdom was displayed outside on their roadside pulpit. Why I can’t explain, but as I approached a picture flashed thorough my mind. For a fleeting moment I saw myself walking into the church’s administration area.  I questioned the thought, because I had no reason to just interrupt the church office staff. Perhaps the sign was to give me an excuse? It did.  


‘Self-trust is the first key to success’ - the sign was readable from far away. At first I drove by, but didn’t take long to register the flaw in the theology. I did a U-Turn, parked the car and walked into the reception. “Do you ever have people walk in and query the sign outside?” I asked. The young lady was slightly embarrassed, so was I.


I explained that the motto on the sign outside goes against Proverbs 3, Verse 5: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…” For a moment our eyes met. I asked, if many people walked in to comment on the sign? She didn’t know what to say. I felt a bit cheeky. “Not really”, she finally said. “I will pass on your message”. Why was I always playing the troublemaker, finding fault and making a fuss about nothing? 


Then I took note - beside me stood the real reason, why I had been led to this place. Just ahead of me I had seen a man walk into the small reception area. A staff member of the church was with him. I heard him say: I’ll take you to the nursing home.” My eyes, ears and brain must have been functioning as lie detector. Together these sensed it was all staged, a little play-acting to make a point. What point? 


As I walked back to my car I think I found my answer. The man didn’t really look like it, but he must have been (or pretended to be) the tradesman belonging to the commercial vehicle parked in the carpark. There were not many cars there, I couldn’t miss the business name, written on the side of the vehicle: C.J…. My lie detector had worked. The sign about ‘self-trust’ looking right at me, took on a new meaning.


With every coded message, such as this one, plus earlier experiences reported in the previous chapter, it became clearer what people were thinking. My claims on the Internet must have born fruit, ‘bon’ fruit.


Since God had shown me in May 2004 that I was doing HIS will (IS SO) there was little option that HE was doing something through circumstances surrounding us. I remember silencing one skeptic, a close friend, who believed to have heard from God, that I really ought to seek help and take medications. Most Christians believe that God does speak to people and answers prayer.


But the theology, asking God – Lord show me, if my friend needs tablets – and then proceeding to tell that friend your findings, I can’t find in the bible.  To hear exactly that, from a friend who lives on the other side of the world, and had only read small parts of my material, in a foreign language, made me feel as if I was crucified.


The following is an email I sent to a friend, a lay preacher:

(Translated from German).


Subject: No, not mentally ill.


Dear … ,


What nonsense to say I am constantly restless. Or I have a neurosis, which will not

let me rest.


How many hours have you spent on your knees to pray for me? My family talk a

bit like you, I should be taking tablets. Did God really tell you in prayer that I ought

to be on tablets. None of my friends agrees with my family.


I love my wife and children very much, but God’s will is more important than

a comfortable, safe, let’s-not-get-fanatical-about-Jesus Christianity, which in the

end will land many well-meaning Christians in hell. 


Jesus said, the day will come like a thief in the night. That’s a time when everyone is

sleeping. It is time to wake up from the easy-going, materialistic and lukewarm

Christendom in Germany.


Please no more emails, which accuse me of having a mental illness. Please write to

me and explain exactly, how you have heard from God, how He said I needed

medical help? Did He say what tablets? I think you are having more problems

with numbers than I do.


Many regards,





Ever since returning from the USA in April 2003 I have resisted taking impulsive action after interpreting codes. I was well aware that, as the bible says, enemies of the cross appear as angels of light and deceive even the very elect. Constant prayer, seeking God’s face gave me confidence that HE would not allow anything (good or bad) to happen to us, without HIS approval.


Often during my ordinary day, e.g. conducting driving lessons, I felt God directed me to very specific locations or made me see very specific information, as happened in the suburb of Tranmere recently.


A learner driver and I turned off a main road and into a side road to practice 3 point-turns. The street sign at the other end alerted me: (Decoded) I read: He & son won.  A whole cluster of data all of a sudden hit: House number 15 on the letterbox, a 4x4 Landrover in the driveway with ’winning rego number, a cone outside, plus a roped off section, where lawn had been planted. The mini explosion in my brain was somewhat of a distraction from my real job, driving tuition.


I was astounded that people were not merely reading the chapters of my fight for truth; they were showing active support in this most unusual way. Numerous times I showed these secret admirers that I had taken note of their gesture, by leaving a business card at the scene. I did this at the letterbox Nr. 15 in Tranmere. The trouble was that I kept running out of business cards, when I needed one for a client.


On the way to church on Sept. 19th 04 I noted the price of petrol at a particular fuel outlet near home  - 99.1 cents (per litre). Nothing unusual, except the date matched the price, if read backwards. If I was not mistaken, a little game started. The price did not alter all week until Thursday. (Normally in Adelaide the price fluctuates every 1 or 2 days, almost). More than that, only a few kilometres away, the cost per litre at an outlet by the same company was 99.2 cents.


This gave me three codes to play with:

2 / 1 (two won),

Plus 1

99.1 - Ninety-nine won! 


Very smart, Maxwell – winners all round.  


Readers, having read Chapter 53 in ‘More in number’, will remember an email I sent to seven recipients at a very crucial date at the end of Jan. 2003. The Columbia Spacecraft crash occurred only days later on 01/02/03. The event surrounding it ‘all’ played a major part of my story. A high-profile radio and print journalist Phillip Adams was one of the 7 recipients. He was well known for his cynical attitude towards, sorry against, God and for his anti-establishment views. I had prayed for Phillip Adams in the months following.


On October 24th I was about to throw away some old newspapers, when I stumbled across the 9/10/04 edition of the Weekend Magazine, the supplement that comes with ‘The Australian’ newspaper. On page 42 Phillip Adams, in his regular weekly column, wrote a letter to God. It was Election Day 2004 in Australia. In his article the senior journalist wrote that he ‘prayed’ for the first time since 1944, when he was 5 years old, that the present Government of John Howard would lose the election.


His article mixes accusations of political bias by God (supports the Bush/Blair/Howard coalition of the willing) and blames the Almighty for a serious lapse of judgment, to let our Prime Minister come to power in the first place. The senior journalist’s rantings, sorry carring ons (he's from NSW I think), goes on to bring up the controversial issue of refugees, the war in Iraq and a plea for God to send a commandment down on clay tablets: “Thou shalt not vote for the coalition" (the present Liberal/National Government).


If anybody still had doubts that Phillip Adams was biased against the ruling Government, his final sentence of his P. 42 article removed all doubt: “But if Howard wins, God forgive you. I am one of millions, who won’t.” In this last sentence Phillip must have forgotten, whom he was addressing, God or the people of Australia. How can God forgive God? (Be assured Phillip, God does not have to answer to you or anyone, anywhere for HIS actions).


In a shock result the Prime Minister John Howard’s Liberal/National coalition won a huge victory. Not only with an increased majority in the Lower House (House of Representatives), but also taking control of the Senate (the Upper House). This had not been the case since the Fraser Government over 20 years ago. Political experts have acknowledged that the Christian vote made a big difference in the result.


One young man, in his acceptance speech as new Member of Parliament, openly confessed on National Television, after being questioned by a reporter: “Yes, I am a Christian, I love the Lord Jesus.”  I could not believe my ears. How times had changed.


Even more stunning was a repeat of the miracle in South Australia’s 2002 State Election. The new (family [Christian?] values) party, called ‘Family First’, had landed a seat in South Australia’s Upper House. On the historic day in October 04, the party’s Victorian division won a seat in the Senate in Canberra. Their strong performance surprised the analysts. The Prime Minister was beaming to achieve his fourth term in office, during which he is expected to become the second longest serving Prime Minister of Australia (the longest was Sir Robert Menzies).


A Christian family man, whom I knew from Clovercrest Baptist Church, won the seat of Wakefield, the one I had pre-selected for (and lost, Chapter 25). It was a very close contest. He joined the ranks of other Christian Members of Parliament, from many parties. It was a joy to see how many of them, previously silent about their beliefs, spoke out matter-of-factly without embarrassment. I trust more will fly the flag and will show faith and courage to speak out for truth and justice. Laws built on this rock solid foundation, on which our Nation was built on, will prosper our beautiful country. 


The current Member of Parliament, CR the one who openly admitted to having had an affair, lost his seat to the Labor opponent in close contest. There is no doubt in my mind, if he had not admitted to an alleged affair, some Christian voters would have not voted against him. If indeed my thoughts (Chapter 44) about him being pressured into admitting an affair, which had not happened, we will hear more on CR’s case. 


The second sitting member Mrs. T, who I felt was branded an adulterer and fraudster by lies being told, did retain her seat with a very slim margin. In both cases the truth will eventually come out. It will set all of us free, no questions about it. May those who spread false rumours, or told lies in this matter, repent very quickly and come forth and set the record straight, or God’s punishment will be merciless, whoever they are.


After reading the journalist's ‘letter to God’ two weeks after the election, I composed the following answer as reply to Phillip Adams questioning God:


MEMO:                         24.10.2004                             

From:                              God

To:                                  Phillip Adams

Via:                                  The Messenger, Dieter Fischer.

Dear Phillip,

In 1944 I heard that prayer of this five-year-old, who was so mature in his thinking. Oh, the potential! Then I never heard from him again until he was so desperate to have his party win the election in 2004. Sorry, Phillip, but I had made up my mind, when little Johnny was five years old, that he was in for a fourth term. Four is such a flexible number. Halve it and what do you get? I Victor, I five, I u, L & cross, and  (nearly forgot) 2 or two. I didn’t do this because it is 24.10.24 But this is not about my numbers or how smart I am. It is about you.

Your thinking was so brilliant as a child. Now you think like the rest of them (not all). If every young man would walk away forever (or for 60 years) after a pretty girl gave him the cold shoulder first time, no Romeo would ever capture his Mona Lisa. (There is your average thinking again, you expected to read Juliet, I can read your mind). 

I do play the game a bit like a bridegroom and a bride. When someone wants something and only asks once, how badly does he or she really want it? A boy is not worthy of a pretty girl (like a Jennifer Hawkins - didn’t I make her  - WOW?) if he can’t be bothered to re-think his approach and try once again. The trouble is, people always want things from me. Some are so foolish, they keep asking and asking for the same thing, and I already have given it to them. But they can’t see it. What they wanted is there, waiting to be unwrapped, like a present under a Christmas tree. How sad, many don’t even know it’s my son’s birthday gift! He is my gift to them. He is waiting there, yearning for their affection. When are you giving me yours, Phillip, my friend?

I love you Phillip, no matter how long you keep fighting me. Get over this idea that I am politically biased, that I cause poverty, that I support the big end of town.  I gave my boy, who had a choice to quit, but he didn’t, so you down there in the world would learn how to live, but most are stubborn and rebellious. They killed my son. When they have to swallow the fruit of the bad seed they’ve sown, they growl at me, as if it is all my fault. 

Yesterday I visited the Flinders Street Baptist Church in Adelaide. In a regular Friday Forum, held monthly, a politician and a few social experts talked on “Poverty”. One lady inferred that Christianity is to blame for it. That’s when I left. What an insult. She was one of your fans. Don’t you realize how it hurts me to see my world suffer? I gave them freedom to chose right from wrong. Somebody started teaching my little children that right and wrong don’t even exist. What fools!  Some have more letters after their names than hairs on their head or brain cells that produce anything positive. 

Well Phillip, if you’d had a choice to live in Iraq under Saddam or Boston, under George’s rule, where would you have chosen to be? I am not for political power and control, I am for truth and justice. Neither of the two, or any other living, except my son, can deliver entirely on that score, but if you’re honest, one comes closer then the other. But you only see it, if you believe in it first. What a paradox for an academic! My son’s teaching is full of paradoxes, like losing your life to gain it, or loving an enemy, or becoming poor to be rich. 

About justice? I’ll be doing something about it very soon. 

With lots of love, God.

PS. See the photo of the legend Don Bradman and two other cricketers in the Weekend Magazine 9-10 October 04? I inspired Debra Taylor to write that article and made them print just the right photo to go with it. Do you like the result? Three men, ONE a winner, THREE pieces of timber. You should be flattered that it’s right on the same page as your prayer to me, page 42, what co-incidence.


As a regular feature, called ‘GOODBYE’, the Magazine showed legends, who had passed on. On Election Day 9/10/2004 this photo appeared, featuring the greatest cricketer of all time. I can see a subtle hint in the whole Goodbye segment: Wishful thinking of the departure of our Prime Minister from his position. Phillip Adams, like many left-wing journalists, would rather forget Election Day 2004.


In Chapter 32 (More in number) I mixed up the name Bradman and Bradbury and corrected the mistake on Good Friday 2002. The title of chapter 32  is: 'A mental, beautiful mind'. 


The reason I am a little late uploading this, was cramps in the stomach, during which I watched the movie “A beautiful mind”, the true story of John Nash (Sh . . . an!) on TV Channel Nine last night. (I am fine now, thank you, waiting for the Isobel Prize.)




Dear God,

Please remind me to pray for Phillip Adams more often. Answer all his prayers, except those on politics.

Chapter 52