49.   DNA backwards means plus 


In this chapter I am exercising my right to free speech to blow the whistle on a serious matter, which I became aware of in 2003. It lead to one of the most daring letters I ever wrote. In Chapter 15 I stated that if I were proven correct in my thinking, it would have worldwide ramifications.  


For some time now, since the human DNA had been mapped, I marveled at the magic of this groundbreaking technology. At a recent meeting I attended, a high profile Minister in the State Government praised this latest scientific tool as the greatest breakthrough for fighting crime, since fingerprinting. He showed the audience a DNA swab-kit the police use, and passed it around the room.


He demonstrated, how to use it, wiping the swab on the inside of the mouth and transferring the sample fluid onto a piece of cloth. Even 20 years later, he claimed, the sample saliva can still be used to identify this person from anyone else. To my simple mind this sounded unbelievable. My knowledge on the technical aspects was very limited, no different to that of the average reader. Subsequently, most of us trust what is reported about DNA testing, and marvel at the magic.


“Because I don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so”. This is the argument I use, persuading people to examine the bible, and to try God out for themselves. He has promised that a serious seeker will find HIM.


The problem with DNA is that you and I can’t search it out and test it for ourselves. My attempt to receive a simple explanation of the basics, which I can understand, has not yielded much fruit. People I asked about DNA technology gave different answers. The politician at the meeting I referred to, talked of little squiggles on a chartered graph. One of my clients, a biology student, said it was expressed in letters. Others mentioned bar codes and strands.


Offenders of crimes were being convicted daily, using DNA evidence, we have been told. The technology is one hundred percent correct as proof of identity. A jury convicting on the basis of DNA is totally relying on this scientific evidence rendered. Would a sharp juror override the matching data on a screen, and argue that the person may be innocent, going by plain gut feeling? Is DNA really 100 % safe? The more I read about it, the more I think about it, the more doubts about DNA emerge.


Only days before writing this, a news reporter used the term ‘female DNA’. Surely, the DNA swab-kit could not differentiate between male and female saliva? In a recent episode of the Austrian Crime series Inspector Rex, one case was solved, because the detective found female hair at the crime scene. I had no idea that there was a difference between male and female hair. Somehow my mind would not grasp this concept, just as it can’t grasp the science of DNA.   


If I were to be accused of a murder, because my DNA clearly is identical to that found on a crime victim, what chance of acquittal would I have? If I didn’t do it, but he computer supposedly declares me guilty, what chance of justice would I have? God forbid that this can happen in our enlightened, modern society!


One DNA question had puzzled me for some time. If every human is supposedly identifiable by his or her unique DNA fingerprint, why is it possible to use this technique to proof fatherhood of a child? It must work like phone numbers; every number is different, but part of the “DNA code” is the father’s or mother’s prefix. This follows that girls would show male DNA, the pre-fix of her father, and female DNA of her mother. Does anybody know how to explain DNA, male, female in a strand, number, barcode or chartered graph to a simple mind like me?


In the meantime I pray that I won’t have to go to court to face DNA evidence in a crime I didn’t commit.


In the terrorist attack of a Russian School in September 2004 hundreds of children allegedly died after being held hostage. A few days after it was all over I heard on the news a very unusual remark. “Ninety three victims are waiting to be identified after DNA samples have been taken”. I doubted this whole news story almost from the beginning. The remark about DNA sampling made me doubt it even more. In that region of Russia, I was told recently by someone from Russia, even basic medical services were scarce. Why did they possess and use this ultra-modern technology, yet didn’t own enough breathing equipment for Asthma sufferers?   


I sincerely hope the millions of dollars, collected from around the world, will reach the Breslan victim’s families and not end up in the pockets of the Russian Mafia.


What if DNA is all a hoax, an elaborate scientific scam, deliberately invented by a clever few for a specific outcome? What reason could there be for deception on such a grand scale? I can think of two possibilities, one quite logical, the other more sinister.


Let me explain a possible logical rationale, by comparing it to car theft. It has been proven that car thieves will not touch a car that has a small red light flashing inside, on the dashboard. Thinking it has an elaborate alarm system, thieves will move on, and find another car to steal. If criminals came to realize that a tiny drop of saliva or a hair left at a crime scene, could convict them, may be fewer would risk committing the crime? Was DNA invented and publicized to be a deterrent? 


The second reason for inventing a fake DNA scheme could be to control people. As I have alluded to before, a corrupt system, wanting to remove enemies in a clean, legal way, could use just such a method. In theory a case could be fabricated against a trouble maker, by producing false evidence and/or witnesses. If backed by an on-screen DNA match, nobody would stand a chance to getting justice. It would all look so neat, above board. This scenario worries me, because my parents lived in an era, where many innocent, good people were imprisoned or killed by a ruthless dictator .  


Tools are tools. They don’t have a mind and can be used or misused. Tools will only do what a human mind directs them to do. If indeed my radical thinking has gone over the top, if my doubts about DNA are unfounded, I am still raising the point that this powerful tool, DNA fingerprinting, must be safeguarded to avoid the potential of misuse.


I am well aware that I could be causing heated arguments within the scientific community. But truth is all that matters. It will survive the test of time.


Around the time when I first took notice of my doubts on DNA I came across a scripture in the bible. It was uncanny, how I saw the verse in the Book of Isaiah as I pondered on it. Chapter 50 and verse 10 in my New King James Version reads as follows:


Who among you fears the Lord?

Who obeys the voice of His servant?

Who walks in darkness

And has no light?

Let Him trust in the name of the Lord

And rely upon His God. 


What took my attention at first were the first words in each line. They all had 3 letters: 3 Who, 2 And, 1 Let.


The 1, 2, 3 magic of the Columbia Spacecraft crash was still fresh in my mind. This is why I took notice. The numbers 5 and 1 also had played a roll to draw my attention to the verse. In my world of codes the word ‘Who’ meant ‘Victory VHO’ (our Magna’s registration plate is VHO). The word AND struck me as DNA backwards and also as meaning Plus. To top it off – the letters n & d were the very ones that differentiated Liddy from Lindy, my earliest spooky discovery, which launched my search for truth. Very weird, very scary, but perfectly true!


The word ‘Let’ had no real great meaning in the verse. At the time the simple image, my trademark, one may say - the L inside the cross - had not yet been created. My brain saw the three letters backwards as - ‘Tel’. It hit me like a command, a challenge, which I am fulfilling right here.


There were too many data linking my thoughts on DNA and this scripture; too many to ignore. How could I keep silent on such impacting revelation, if indeed this is what it was?


It took days of doubting and agonizing what to do with information. I was not ready at the time to publicize it online. During a prayer session it came to me, to write a letter to one of the richest men in Australia. I wrote him a letter and explained my findings, my thoughts and my doubts about DNA. I even mentioned the bible verse and the code as I saw it, knowing very well this might immediately place me in the ‘religious nut box’ and my letter in the waste paper basket. I wrote it on my P/C, but didn’t store it on my hard drive. At the time I was more fearful than I am now, a year later.

So far my DNA doubts are still unresolved in my mind. Just as there are other matters of truth and justice, which I had spoken about. Yet I never wavered from trusting in the ONE, who knows my innermost thoughts, who gave me my biggest dreams and who is powerful enough to see me through to the end.

Chapter 50