47.   Eureka  - the writing’s on the wall


The date was September 25th 2004, the day Adelaide’s football team Port Power, was in the fight to become National Champion for the first time. The grand final was played in front of a sell-out crowd in Australia’s biggest stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The day had promised to become significant, because early that morning I had a flash of a revelation about  - it. (Details at the end of the chapter).


I have stated before, God loves football, even though he prefers the more popular, round ball variety. Many may not have noticed that day, but to me it seemed God was having a bit of fun with the numbers on Grand Final day.  


The opposition team, Brisbane Lions, had won the three previous championships. They obviously were looking for record 4th win, only achieved by Collingwood more than 70 years before. One TV channel showed a strange looking 4 on the screen. The reporter announced that this was the magic number to dominate this match, or words similar. The number four illustrate looked much wider than usual. Later as I drew it on paper I could see it, by tilting it 90 degrees: a V attached to a T!





In a flurry of excitement, our Port Power, the team based in Port Adelaide, won with a 40 point margin. Not only that, but the highest goal scorer was No. 4, he scored 4 goals. My diary says that at the final whistle player No. 35 had the ball and I had tears in my eyes. And it wasn’t even a round ball.


Earlier that morning I was walking my dog in the modern suburb of Gulfview Heights. I varied my route regularly, but went this way at least once a week. When I noticed just ahead beside the road a large, plastic container, it looked right out of place.  OK in an industrial suburb perhaps, but not here.


I picked it up and as soon as I saw the writing, I knew it was kick-off time to a little game of “spot-the-fun”. The company’s name on the label read “Whiteley”. The product, an industrial detergent, was called “Tempo HD 123 5L”. I removed part of the label for the collection; the container was too big to keep. I still picked it up, dropped it in a bin further ahead. Back home, it was easy to trace the company via Google and very early on Sunday Morning 26/9/04 I emailed them: 



Subject: HD123 Plastic 5L min

Hi all,

Yesterday (25/9/04), how could anyone in Adelaide forget it - our Power won the trophy with a 40 point margin. VVanganeen, No. 4, scored 4 goals and contributed 24 points.

The PM would've prefered the Lions to make it 4 in a row - I wonder why? But don't they say -  Never mix sport with politics?

But that's not why I email! One of your clients dumped a big container (5 L min) on the road- side right in Adelaide's Bible belt. Actually, it was more in the 'New Testament belt', I walk my dog up there, to Gulfview Heights, because I live more in the 'Old Testament belt'. Our suburb is ancient, compared to where I found the plastic container.

I did the right thing and dumped it into the nearest bin. Picking up rubbish, especially plastic, which does not disintegrate is a compulsion. I went as far as Dyer Ave. Santa Ana, in California to do it last year. This is true. I suppose one could call it "an obsession to die for", if you're heading in that direction.

Actually, it was a day or two after I visited the Crystal Cathedral in Orange Grove, near LA. Must finish now, because their program starts in 5 minutes on Channel 10.

God bless                                                                                                                 Dieter R. Fischer

PS  The product container I collected was labelled Tempo HD. It had a hole cut in the side. Is this meant to mean anything?


Only now, as I write, do I realize that the company’s name (white lie) may have been a reference to the name ‘White’, the name of a road, which I once cleared of rubbish. Did someone doubt the truth of my account?

My comments, about the PM (Prime Minister) preferring the Lions to win, referred to the elections to be held two weeks later. If his party would win, it would be his fourth win in a row also.    


A very similar, even more obvious turn of events, all based on observations of codes, which subsequently tied into the plot, had started two days earlier, on Thursday evening. I had taken little Becky for the walk to nearby Gulfview Heights. At the northern end of the picturesque lake a small car was parked. As I briskly walked past I didn’t take much notice, until I looked inside the hatchback. An unusually large dice was hanging from the rear-view mirror. Two sides of the dice faced in my direction, one had 1 dot and the other side had 5 dots. Some young men stood around the car talking.


Now, two days later, just after dropping the Tempo plastic container into a bin, I walked past the same spot by the lake. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something small and blue, about half the size of a matchbox. Remembering the car with the dice dangling in the front window, I had an urge to pick it up. It was a small, plastic membership card for a Video store. (I had some fun with this company in Chapter 1). At first the membership number 03694 didn’t mean anything. It certainly didn’t tie in with the 1 and 5 of the dice two days earlier.


But a further piece of data, the suburb’s name, where the video store is located, took my fancy – all that was readable was “Vista”. As I continued my walk, it came to me, only moments later - reading it backwards it’s 4 963. Car registration 963, my mother in law’s Datsun, produced one of the most stunning twists of my story at Christmas 2003. I was sure the boys two days earlier must have dropped the card at that spot. (The location is only about 50 meters from where I had picked up a white shirt and dropped it later back to the “Kings Baptist “ school, after cleaning it). 


Depending how one looks at it, the following Monday evening, 27/9/04 my hunch about the tiny blue card was either confirmed or, I am sure some will think so, my madness took on a higher level. I linked this seemingly insignificant bit of plastic to a very popular TV show. I had virtually forgotten about it, until the TV show host said the word, the name of the chain of Video Stores concerned.


It clicked. I phoned the video store immediately. A young voice answered and gave his name, Ben. I told him that I had found one of their client’s membership cards. He queried, if I had given the correct number, because, I went from memory and had given an extra digit at first. When he asked, if I could bring it in, I felt a little embarrassed, because I had already glued it into my diary. I was glad he did not press the point.


But wait, there’s more. Immediately after phoning the video store I returned to watch the TV show. In previous weeks I had had the inkling that some names of guests tied in with my code in strange ways, but I had never gone further than entering them in my diary.  The guest on the show, right at that time, had the surname - Noyes. (Number, yes). This made sense to me.


The second part of the program was a segment by a famous US personality. This second guest also fitted perfectly into the scene. His first name was Jim. He was famous in the USA. He was an expert in ‘dice games’; even letting the dice guide his decisions in life. When I heard the TV host introduce this guest as ‘the dice man, it again made sense. 


Only a few days ago (Mid October 04) I picked up a bookmark, just up the road at the corner Liberman Rd/Maru Ct. (Dear man, I am, you are etc.). It was advertising a second-hand bookshop in one of our beachside suburbs. I phoned the store and asked (left a message on the answer machine) if they knew of a book on road safety. I left my name and phone number, not to expect a phone call in return, but to identify me. 


Was it co-incidence that the next evening a radio host, one I had mentioned in a previous chapter, spoke of his love of second-hand books stores? A whole segment of his program was about second-hand books. I believed, I was taken seriously enough to be playing little mind games with. WOW! It was satisfying to think that not everyone labelled me lunatic any longer.


Often these mind games carried the distinctive message – part, move away. A business vehicle, with a website printed prominently on the side, was parked around the corner from our house. I walked past the vehicle a number of times number, reading the signage as “Leave & Australia”. When I finally remembered to check out their website, the message was repeated in the following, very subtle way. Out of the management staff of five, only four photos showed online. The missing person’s name was Danielle (Daniel in the lion’s den?). Her surname in German meant, part.


I can understand that others can’t follow my thinking. I didn’t expect them to. But I was hoping for a certain amount of trust, to follow my ways, even if they didn’t understand it all. If God was allowing these complex thought processes, which to me really came naturally, and they were all wrong, I would feel very disappointed. He would be very cruel to me and I would be cruel to my doubting family.





Jon on his 15th birthday, with Mum and Dad - 04/09/04


Recently, for a fleeting moment, it must have been after I shared a glass of water with her, my wife showed some positive signs, after I asked her for the hundredth time, why she keeps rejecting my numbers. “OK”, she said, “I go along with your numbers, under one condition!”


“Eureka”! I thought. (This is an Aussie expression they use after striking gold). “Here is my breakthrough, the answer to my prayers”. A second later I was jolted back into reality. Her number 1 condition was: “If there is a dollar sign in front of it".


I should have known better than to think that ‘Eureka’ was the writing on the wall. 


On the morning of the Football Grand Final the two insignificant letters IT hit. I had been questioning, what it meant for two years or more. Much like the dream ‘IS SO’ had four months earlier, I woke with the simple explanation early one morning. Many readers, I am sure, would already have guessed, what I finally saw - that it simply meant I & the cross.


Why I took so long to see this, I don’t know. Right through this, my life story you are reading, God opened my eyes to specific, fantastic revelations. All of them in HIS own time.


What did HE mean by I & the cross?


Chapter 48