44.  Confessing Christian confesses

As I alluded to in Chapter 41, following the Mrs. T saga, I was bugged by a story, which had the potential to influence the outcome of another marginal, Federal Seat in the coming elections. I feel compelled to speak out.

The story appeared in the Advertiser Newspaper on Wednesday 18/8/04. The whole of Page 19, apart from an advertisement at the bottom, was devoted to the affair. Again a Liberal Federal Member of Parliament confessed to having behaved grossly improper. In this case the MP said, he’d been unfaithful to his wife, while she was pregnant with twins. (As not to flood his email, I shall not name the person involved, but call him CR). The journalists reporting, no doubt, relished the fact that CR was a confessing Christian, if you pardon the pun. 

Similarities to Mrs. T’s case were blatantly obvious. Apart from both being Federal Liberal MP’s, the mud churned up, was over three years old, from before the previous Federal Election. Unlike Mrs. T, I didn’t know CR at all and based my judgment purely on the Advertiser’s article and the information on CR’s website.

The lengthy piece of writing in the advertiser article mentions Mrs. T’s case in the third paragraph. I was obviously not the only one seeing a link. The writers pointed out the bad timing of this scandal - just when a federal election is likely within weeks. CR was labeled a ‘so-called morals-campaigner’. He was 39 years old, married 8 years with four children. He was quoted as being “a man with deep religious and moral convictions, a founding member of the Christian Parliamentary Fellowship, and one whose name seems to surface, whenever talk of religion crosses paths with politics”.

The previous week the Federal Government, of which CR (and Mrs. T) are Members, had passed legislation confirming the primacy of heterosexual marriages. “This angered the gay-community”, the article stated.

In mid 2004 the debate on gay marriages was raging in Australia. A Committee had been set up in Canberra to explore the issue. The public was invited to make comments. I sent the following email to Canberra on July, 19th 04:


Subject: Sane Sex Marriage

Dear Committee Members,

The only marriage that makes sense is the 'sane sex' marriage.

Yes, just inserting the next letter tells it all.

A sexual union between two people is something very precious.

It is a God-given pleasure to be enjoyed by a man and a woman.

To bow to pressure from groups, who struggle to be regarded as

 normal, and amend legislation, is going in the wrong direction. 

Even the President of the United States has expressed this view

in recent days.


Many civilizations have been wiped out, not by the sword of the enemy,

but was destroyed by their own moral decay. God is not leaving those

 unpunished that willfully go against HIS laws and institutions. Sexual

 relations between a man and a woman is a holy institution.

 Please do not pretend that we humans know better.


God is not mocked; whatever seed we sow, we will also reap. Children need

a mother and father to be nurtured to their full potential. Please do not play

God by acknowledging same 'sex relationships' as marriage and bringing

children into them. 


Your Committee has a big responsibility to steer our nation away from a

dangerous path. Please recognize this important duty and do the right thing

for the betterment of our nation.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

I watched a US Current Affair program one evening . The US debate was even more heated than that in Australia it seemed. Some States had already acknowledged same sex marriages. I emailed the program on July 21st 04:

Subject: Gay marriages

Hi all,

One principal I learned in my walk of life is that you always love a person, even when you don't agree with their action.

This is called unconditional love. However, lately many seem to confuse love with tolerance. To tolerate any lifestyle or religious beliefs, which are totally against basic human health principles and contrary to God's Law, is not showing true love. 

Many gay men and woman have proven that there is a way to change to a happier, accepted lifestyle, by placing the problem into God's hands. HIS perfect, unconditional love can work miracles for anyone really wanting to change.

"...but man loved darkness more than the light".

Civilizations have been wiped out by the sword of the enemy. Those who hate America are trying to destroy it by terrorism. But if our governments call right, what is clearly wrong in God's eyes, they are choosing a path for us that leads to ultimate destruction! Who needs terrorism?

Today’s battleground is not at the security check at the airports. The war rages in the minds of the people. God is calling for people to repent of their sin and to turn to HIM.

If we do, HE will give us HIS victory - won on that cross 2004 years ago.   

Dieter R. Fischer
Driving Plus, Adelaide

PS.  Tolerance is good,

       Acceptance is better,

       Love is best! 

       Let's LOVE!!! 


By chance I was listening to “Newsradio” on our ABC Network, when the final debate and vote was taken on the ‘Gay-marriage’ legislation. One Senator from Western Australia, who obviously had the interests of the gay community at heart, moved an amendment. If I understood correctly, she wanted gay marriages acknowledged, under Australian law, if a legally married, gay couple moved from overseas to Australia. My view, and that of most Australians, no doubt, is that a resident of Australia must abide by the laws of Australia.

I went onto the website of the Senator concerned and filled in her feedback form. The best way to make my point was with a simple question:   


Dear Senator N.

Would you agree to let a man, who is married to 2 wives in an overseas country, move to Australia and recognize both relationships his legal wives?

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer


Common sense prevailed in Parliament that day. The bill to preserve the union between a man and a woman, as the only legal basis of a marriage, passed with a great majority.




One of the funerals I attended for no reason.





My eyes had spotted a funeral notice in the newspaper.

Certain data had caught my attention and I thought about it.

(E.g. the deceased's date of birth, 11.4.22). The previous night

 I had parked for the first time at the spot, where I had seen car

registration numbers 011, 022 before. At the time, the

Minister for Education had opened a new school building. (Ch. 28).


I drove nearly an hour in the rush hour to the funeral,

held at the same cemetery as that of Ben Mitchell.

In the last row sat a man, who looked just like

a famous politician, with the surname Fischer.

The dead man's son read a lengthy speech. I heard

certain things that pricked my ears, e.g. driving lessons.

On the same day the lady died, who I had tried

 to visit a number of times unsuccessfully.




The timing of the August 18th article was rather significant. Previously I had learned to be cautious of media reports, which contains only vague details that cannot be double-checked. Unlike the ‘Mrs.T/Sands affair’, the CR case held little that I could investigate, since it involved a person I didn’t know, who lived 1500 kilometres away in Sydney.

The newspaper journalists claimed: “Political observers speculated that CR feared his secret was about to come out. So he decided to act before the election was called”. There was no backing for this assumption. Something would need to have happened, to make a 3-year-old affair come to light at this crucial point.

For example, the woman in question was returning to Australia and wanted to tell her side of the story. Or the MP’s marriage was struggling, because his wife found out and threatened to leave him? Or the MP had an extra-ordinary bout of religious guilt at this particular time, which prompted him to come clean?

Nothing to suggest a reason for suddenly confessing a 3-year-old sin was mentioned. The fact that the alleged adulterer sinned at the time his wife was “expecting twins and stayed at home, caring for their other children” adds to my speculation of gutter politics backed by corrupt media. The woman in question is described as a “vibrant, exotic party girl in her early 30’s. The report said, she invited CR to stay the night on at least five occasions.

No name of the woman was given; no detail that could identify her or her flat mate. What bad luck that she had moved to Washington! In today’s age of information flow, it should not have been too hard to try and contact her for comment. Another sentence does not make sense at all: “When the affair ended, CR returned to his wife and four children…” He only confessed to staying over in the woman’s apartment five times, while on business in Canberra. As I understood it, he had never left his wife, so how could he have returned?


Under the sub heading: ‘How the scandal unfolded’ it reads as follows:


Mid 2001 – begins an affair with Canberra solicitor.

My comment: If she invited him to stay, she began the affair.


August 2001 – Wife G. gives birth to twins … A… and F....

My comment: This information really pumps the adrenalin level to new heights!


Nov 2001 – Wins federal election. Poses the next day for photos with wife and twins for local newspapers.

My comment: This earth-shattering revelation catapults the story towards a nail-biting climax.


August 2004 – Comes clean and confesses, “I have been an unfaithful husband”.

My comment: Did CR really do it and confess willingly? 



About 10 days after the article appeared, virtually the day after the Athens Olympics ended, the Federal Election was called for October 9th 04.

Many Christian people, especially those close to the Federal MP, would have been shocked at the admission. And since there was no denial, as was the case with Mrs. T, everybody believed the story. The damage such a moral fall, by such a prominent Christian, causes, is incalculable. The sad part is that the damage done is as devastating, even if the story is not true. The deadly poison is called:  “Character assassination”.    

God forbid that in 2004, in a civilized country like Australia, we have allowed journalism and politics to reach such a low level. Can we leave lies unchallenged? Do we want liars in power, ruling over us?   

The biggest winner, apart from a jealous enemy, if one really existed, was the Member of the Opposition Labor Party. Their candidate only needs 1.2 percent swing to unseat CR. Yet, in another parallel to the “Mrs. T/Sands case, the lady is reported to have “backed away from the issue, because enough hurt has been done to CR’s family.

Another reason for not making political mileage out of it could be, she was herself not totally convinced, the Christian leader lived a lie for so long. 

The nasty fallout of such affair is that people justify their own wrong doings. “If he does it, God can’t blame me for doing it”, is the logic.

Imagine driving through a traffic light. It turns amber and you probably could have stopped. But you slipped through and looked into the review mirror. The car behind you also slips through. You don’t feel so bad any more. If that vehicle is a police car, you feel even less guilt.

When godly people fall, it has a devastating effect on those, who looked up to that man or woman. Let every clergyman take particular note!  

If the whole sage was invented to do personal damage to the MP’s concerned, who was behind it all? At first glance it could be a backlash from the gay community. Perhaps powerful connections came into play to blacken the names of the two MP’s as repercussion for the Gay-marriage bill being passed? It is common knowledge that spiteful elements, pull strings behind weak politicians, often exploiting minority groups, such as Aboriginals, Environmentalists or, as mentioned, the gay lobby to manipulate political processes for their own selfish ambitions. Much can be arranged when money changes hands. 

Knowing that I was to make my thoughts public (you are reading it) about the confessing Christian MP, I looked up his website on Father’s Day, September 5th 04. I must have been in a Father’s Day mood early that Sunday morning, so I emailed the other father of four:


Subject: The reason I stood for pre-selection

Dear CR,

Between you and me - earlier this year I stood for pre-selection for

the South Australian Federal Seat of Wakefield. People thought it

was the name Wakefield, or the one that was merged - Bonython,

which turned me on. No, it was not even to earn more money. Oh no.

Who needs money? 


I stood because I would have loved to join those 1000 km bike rides. If

I ever get elected to Canberra my first private members bill (and I'd keep

it all private, no worry) would have been to make it law that every

Pollie has to do such a trip 3 times a year.


Knowing about the cycling would deter more from running (for Canberra).

It would turn no hopers away, more than the reduction in the superannuation

allowance did.

Riding a bike is only surpassed by riding on the back of a mule. Just ask all

the pollies who warm the saddle, sorry seat, in Parliament purely on the

'donkey vote'. 

Kind regards from a follow Liberal

Dieter R. Fischer

PS. Before the papers printed your story, did they contact you at all?

 Someone told me that in June T. was given an "option" to comment.

Her 'sad' story was going to be published the next day - regardless!


The MP showed on his website that he and fellow Parliamentarians had undertaken a 1000 kilometers bike ride for charity. This was my kind of MP. 

A law had been passed earlier in 2004, which dramatically reduces retirement benefits for newly elected Members of Parliament and Senators. A public outcry had prompted the move. While Members of Parliament had given themselves huge payouts on leaving parliament, they had made a law that everyone else had to be 55 years old, before drawing on their superannuation.


Two options remained to explain why the 18/8/04 article on page 19 of the Advertiser Newspaper appeared. One, it is all true, just as reported by the media and I am the donkey. In this case, there are still unanswered questions in Mrs. T’s case. Why is Mr. Sands not listed in South Australia’s Electoral roll? What is Federal Police investigating? Have they come up with results?


The second option came to me during my prayer time on the morning of writing this chapter. I had started to accept as true that people believed in my words. A number of times extra-ordinary events took place; people started to wonder, who I was. Were these two stories invented as bait, so that I would grab hold and run with them? As you can see, I have done just that. But what price had been paid by those accused innocently, who never defended themselves?


If people believed I was somebody, this would explain the distance people kept from me. Communication took place on a different level, shrouded in codes or mystery. The film “Fahrenheit 911’ perhaps is one of those codes. When it was first released in Australia in mid 2004, it created quite a stir in Adelaide. There were some heated debates, after family members came home from seeing it.


From what I heard, the film does not show the US President in a good light. This film could sway voters in the US Elections. I suggested in an email to a US current affairs program to produce a documentary about all the atrocities and crimes committed by Saddam Hussein. Show the worst side of the dictator, then give George Bush credit for persisting in removing the evil man from power. At least there would be something to balance the negative influence of Fahrenheit 911.


The fact that Michael Moore was able to produce and show the movie speaks volumes about freedom of speech.


But I noticed something different about the movie, without having seen it. I looked not so much at the contents, but at rather at the title, Fahrenheit 911. A weekly Christian magazine showed on its cover a swimmer immediately after the race. The athlete is pictured with his arm stretched out, his index finger pointing right at the word Fahrenheit, part of a separate headline.


On still closer examination the finger points at the letters ‘he’. When I divided the word Fahrenheit into three sections, Fahren he it, a totally unexpected interpretation emerged. The German word ‘fahren’ means ‘driving’. The first part of my business name was ‘Driving’. Now this word joined all those that were ambiguous, but could be directly linked to my long, strange story.


The word PLUS had done so long ago, both as PL & US and as Plus. And there were many more, some of which I have never yet disclosed.     


Was Michael Moore, the stirring mind behind Fahrenheit 911 trying to say - driving he it? Was he pointing a finger in my direction or was my equally stirring mind playing games?


The question remains, if I was it or not – who or what is it?              

Chapter 45