28.  Life – only one

At the time of writing (17/5/04) Adelaide’s roads are more quiet than usual. Everyone gets a holiday for the Adelaide Cup, the most important horserace of the year in our city. If I was to tell my son, who regarded my life as boring, how much stimulation and fun I had before 9.30 am this morning, he would either call me crazy or be astounded; most likely the former.

After my usual routine of prayer, breakfast etc, I was sweeping leaves off the front lawn. A car went by with a special registration plate – PURR … My recognition of car numbers and letters had not diminished, if anything there seemed to be more of them. But the intensity with which I viewed them had changed dramatically. It was impossible to even remember all of them to write down later for the diary. 

If I was regarded as a hi-flying sparrow and jealous cats were after my scalp (or would feathers be a better word?) so be it. Well meaning people, from time to time, had been trying to warn me that cats might be a threat (May I assure all cat lovers here that I have no dislike for those cuddly animals – my references to cats is a metaphor of the natural cats/birds relationship). In addition to the car registration numbers, I noticed that the man in the car this morning had the driver’s window wide open. Just as I looked at him he was taking a puff on his cigarette – a symbol of smoke and fire, which I had noticed many times before and since.

A little later Jon and I walked our Fox Terrier to the local football oval. I love nothing better than green grass, a black and white soccer ball and having fun with my son, keeping fit at the same time. Jon was wearing a blue top with a yellow hood and red shorts. Had he been anyone, but my “uninitiated son” I would have thought, he was one of “my outside the square” believers, flying our colours. In moments like these, thoughts of doubt could very easily take over and accuse me of being obsessive about those colours. But I refused to entertain any thought of being crazy. 

As if God had read my mind, a moment later I noticed a man, possibly in his late fifties, walking around the perimeter of the oval. Apart from us he was the only person around. He wore a blue cap and a red top with yellow stripes. A few minutes later, just before we left, he took off his top (or should I call it jacket = Jack & cross) and hung it on the perimeter fence, as if drawing attention to it.

A few weeks prior I had noticed a famous politician, during a public meeting, drawing attention to his jacket. During his speech, wearing a white shirt and tie, he had admitted that he forgot his Jacket back in Sydney. I had become ‘alert that things were to happen’ at that function, a school’s opening of a multi-million-dollar expansion. It also made sense, why parents were requested to park in a certain car park. (I was the only parent obeying it, I think). Therefore, I possibly was the only parent noticing car rego … 011 and …022 parked next to each other in the car park.  

Soccer had been a hot topic on the news. It was a week after I had uploaded the chapter about my strange excursions during our Soccer team’s interstate matches. The British team Arsenal achieved a remarkable first in their league’s 117 year history. For a whole season it remained undefeated in all matches. The winning score in their final match was 2:1.

The second headline to do with soccer appeared at the very same day. The 2010 World Cup Soccer was awarded to SA. There are a few wishful thinking soccer fans, who would like SA to stand for “South Australia”. (We would do a good job – we specialize in miracles). SA of course stands for South Africa.  (In my 1995 Neukirchener Kalender on the same weekend -17/5- by sheer fluke a reference was made to “Fussball”). The TV news item finished with:”Soccer is the most popular sport in the world”.

My earliest childhood memories were of soccer and Sunday School. This may be the reason why I had a passion for the black and white round ball and the Christian symbol that looked like a plus sign – the cross. In the previous chapter I wrote how I had chosen a controversial course of action and was prepared to bear the consequences, my cross.

Approaching Easter 04 I literally created my own cross. In a moment of inspiration I visualized a large green cross in the middle of the small reserve across the road. This public park does not get watered during the summer months and looks yellow and dry right until May usually.



For a few weeks before Easter I poured a few cans of water onto the ground every day, hoping it would eventually form into the large cross I had visualized. At first I doubted that the barren, dry ground could become green. When I could see little change after 10 days or so, Isobel suggested, to scatter a packet of grass seed. It did not take long for a large, green cross to emerge slowly and clearly.

On Easter Saturday, April 10th 04, I happened to listen to BBC’s Radio program Talkingpoint in London. The name Ben and what sounded like “flies” had caught my attention. So I emailed the program in middle of the night:  


Hi all, 

I woke and listened to your station at 3.15 am (our time). This Easter I felt so strong to spread the news about the cross of Jesus that I started watering a section in the park across the road back in February. Amazing what water can do when poured onto the dry; barren soil in South Australia’s 'summer suddenly transforming into a large green cross. Every year now I shall collect, as usual, for the Red Cross in March and (God willing and I shall live) create my own green cross, across at the park, for passers-by to see and think. Everyone needs their own cross.

Regard from Adelaide,

Dieter Fischer

PS. The loser of the Algerian election - Ali Benflis used to be Minister of Justice. With a name and title like that, we need him here in Australia. He'd get more than just 7 % of the vote.


The day before, again in the middle of the night, I very faintly overheard a phrase on my transistor, as I lay in bed turning the dial. I was listening to a Melbourne Radio station, a station I had emailed before. Just before the news came on, I caught a phrase by the presenter – “Darren is not getting his fair share of trips overseas. Jane does all the travelling”. It must have been the name Darren (en dare?) ringing a bell inside me. 

During the news that followed I heard the newsreader stumble over the word “step”, saying “sep” instead, before correcting herself. I saw the T, the cross immediately. It made sense right on the morning of Good Friday. I could not let such confronting incident go by and emailed the program early that morning:


Hi all,

Why is Darren not getting his fair share of trip overseas? (Jane doesn't like travelling that much anyway). Seps should be taken to remedy the situation. I think this is vital for the continuing success of your Awsome radio station.

Kind regards from a remote listener in Adelaide

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS A hello to Neil. He does such a good job of interviewing the PM. (Your transcript on the website does need fixing, however - (...doesn't tell is as it is - blind Freddy can see is needs a t there).


Months before I had drawn attention to a misprint in a transcript of an Interview between a reporter of the station, Neil Mitchell, and our Prime Minister. The misprint was – “… doesn’t tell is as it is” - the T again drawing attention to itself. In a high profile website, interviewing the Prime Minister, one does not expect such obvious misprint.

This episode had a sequel on Wednesday 14/4/04, unless it was one of my far-fetched links I am infamous for. I conducted a driving lesson with “Moses”, which was not his real name, but sounds similar. As we entered a car park to practice angle parking, I noticed it straight away – a Victorian registered vehicle, …051. The letters to go with the plate were a T and two vowels. I saw only the number and the T (cross). Here were ‘my numbers’ and a cross screaming at me – I had to do something. After we had practiced our parking nearby I slipped one of my business cards under the windscreen wiper. (Moses was very forgiving, but I still added 10 seconds at the end of his driving lesson).

Later as I pondered the incident my brain made the connection – the suburb where it all happened was Stepney – Why n & Step. Was it true? Had I once again passed one of those tests? As mentioned before, I did not plan any of this. I had no special mind-reading skills. But I knew ONE who did, I knew HIM very closely. Was HE at work that day?

On April 15th Isobel and I awoke at 3 am. We heard a car roaring down our street, shattering the silence of our quiet neighbourhood. Isobel said: ”It sounded like a gun shot?” I immediately saw the 153 connection, but kept my mouth shut; I didn’t want another – “not now darling!” Who enjoys an argument at 3am? Nothing of significance had occurred, just a car roaring down our street. We went back to sleep

On the TV News that day a story came out of Riverside, California. A little girl had survived a car crash for 10 days beside her dead mother. My diary mentions the name “Beau Monte” (beautiful man & cross?). An now very familiar feeling of suspicion arouse inside.

A year earlier, around that time, I had “survived” a 10 day ordeal in that very city near LA. I further read a code in the name of the drink the little girl was supposed to have survived on – Gatorade. (In the 10th line below I made a reference to it, can you see it?) I sent an email on 16/4/04 to the Advertiser:


Hi Stuart,  

I still have not lost my skill of proof reading and/or decoding. Should I apply for a job with ASIO, the Advertiser or, still better, the FBI to cash in on my talent?

(Dated 14/4/04): I bought an Advertiser Newspaper today. On page 12 I noticed a Mitchell Hathaway, aged 5, in front of his burned school. His mother’s name Megan (me=gone) is spelled Hathway. My family thinks I am a nut, even to notice it.

My diary is full of observations, both in the media and in real life. Sometimes I see so much, I hardly have time to write about it all.

Yesterday I took notice of a story coming out of Riverside, California. A five-year old girl is reported to have survived for 10 days in (or near) a car that had crashed and killed her mother. A year ago I took a dare to go to Riverside for 10 days. I was not well prepared and survived, only just, but not because of a crash. (Long story).

Only yesterday I said to my wife: "Wouldn't it be nice to adopt a child". I love kids, our youngest is 14 years old. Who is Ruby going to live with now? The report didn't mention anything. Amazing that she could still smile at reporters and eat ice-cream on leaving hospital. Perhaps I need to visit CAL again and enquire about her? She seems my kind of girl.

Kind regards                                                                                                             Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS Why did (as per report) Rose Lopez complain that authorities did not take the missing person's report seriously, when the Highway Patrol was out searching the same day? Anything is possible in California. I know I have been there.


The subject in the same TV News was loud music and how it affects a driver’s performance? It showed a girl, driving a large US style car, singing: “Come away with me in the night.”  Had I walked along a street in LA and heard this song coming from an open top limousine, with a young lady driver waving at me – I would have considered the proposal. I certainly would have regarded it as God’s guidance and the answer to my desperate prayers in those Motel rooms.

An entry in my diary asks: “What am I expected to do?  Why can’t anybody communicate in words?” I certainly had no problem communicating my mind to the media and politicians. On 17/04/04 I sent the following email to a Member of Parliament, who wanted to see a website shut down. Lesbian couples had set up the site to search for sperm donors to enable them to conceive children by insemination. Politicians who speak out on such issues, despite being looked upon as old-fashioned, or worse, need the support of the Christian community.

I sent this email to this Member of Parliament. (In the PS I was pointing out some curious figures and the co-incidental timing):

Dear Mr. B.

Let me congratulate you on speaking out on a sensitive moral issue, many of which are brushed aside, because of embarrassment etc.

I would like legislation to go even further and make it illegal for children to be produced artificially, unless a father and a mother are "at hand" to nurture it.

One women or two, (or one/two men) and a child do not make a family! People who choose to live a lifestyle outside the "traditional family" must accept a life without children of their own. You can't have the cake and eat it.

It is not fair on those unfortunate little ones, to wake up one day and realize that they have no father, or that he was just picked up via the internet (willy nilly) and agreed to donate sperm, because he needed a few bucks in a hurry. 

In years to come we will shake our heads and say, how did we get into such a mess? (Perhaps after a group of these children lodge a class action - seeking compensation?) Why did no one speak up earlier and do something, everyone will say.  (At least, you will not have a guilty conscience then).

If the West wants to win the war against evil - we must first clean up our act, before we can pray: Deliver us from evil! God is not mocked, whatever we allow to be sown now, we will reap as a harvest one day. Evil prospers when good men do nothing.

Kind regards

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS  Allow me to share a strange co-incident: A few years ago I discovered that my birthday 300150 divided by 3 makes 100050, divided by 5 makes 200010 ! (35 is a favourite number of mine). This morning I became aware that Martin Luther stood before the "Reichstag" in Worms - saying: "Here I stand - I can do no other". The date was that of today (17/4) in 1521. (Worms is the name of a city in Germany - hence, opening a can of worms? Maybe not.)

(My apologies to Mr. B. – 200010 has one zero too many).

What I meant by “I became aware” simply meant, that I had read about Martin Luther’s stand in Worms on that day in the 1995 Neukirchener Kalender, which many times proved to be a treasure of information, and always at the right moment.

On the same day I sent an email to a Federal Member of Parliament in Canberra, one I should have sent weeks earlier, but didn’t. This Minister, a senior member of the Federal Government, questioned the wisdom of killing 100 000 unborn babies every year, when Australia is struggling with an aging population (or words to that effect). Had the seed of common sense finally taken root in the mind of the right people in Canberra? My email is dated 17/04/04:

Dear Mr. A.

It is a little late to congratulate you, but a few weeks ago, when you had the courage to speak out on abortion, it felt like a breath of fresh air. (I am sure you had much support from the general community). Why are we so shy in standing up for what is right - but bold when it comes to defending the "right's" of a few with a twisted view?

You will agree with me, Australia must turn back to Christian values. How can we pray - deliver us from evil, and at the same time allow legislation that opens the gates for evil to flood our people?

Christian teaching could save us billions in health cost in the long term. Matter of fact it can save all of us in the long term - fullstop.

Kind regards

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS  Today in 1521 Martin Luther stood up at Worms and declared - "Here I stand, I can do not other". Australia needs a few more Martin Luthers (and … name of recipient).


Not all of us are called to seek a career in the political arena. But all of us are affected, in some ways, by decisions and laws, passed by our elected leaders. Is it not in every individual’s interest to speak out, and shape those laws, to get the very best outcome? This is the core of democracy! Why does the ‘silent majority’ not speak out louder, either in criticism or in praise of lawmakers?

Does our society place any value at all on being faithful to one woman for 35 years? Does one, who can’t recall the number of partners they had in the last 10 years, really contribute as much to the stability of our society than a man or woman who lives the Christian lifestyle? What kind of family would a child choose to live in, if they had an informed choice?

Why are those who stand up for the old-fashioned, traditional family - one man, one woman - ridiculed and those that flaunt gay & lesbian lifestyles invited into our schools to push their lifestyle onto our young people? Why are the doors of our schools open to all kinds of weird teachings, but hard to open when Christians want to tell our little ones about the reality of the Christian faith and hope and love in Jesus Christ?

Religious Instruction was compulsory at the school I attended. I got the top mark of ‘One’ (A) mostly. At age twelve or so, one of our teachers (a strict and sometimes angry man) taught us about “Fuerbitte”. It translates literally as “begging for”. I learned at a public school that a prayer for someone else is very powerful, because it is not selfish. For the fact that I remember it to this day, you can see it made an impact on me and I still practice it to this day. (And I am sure people also pray for me, without me knowing about it).

On earth all of us have only one life. We have been given clear guidelines how to live it. Our creator only wants the best for us. Why cross the boundaries and rebel against set guidelines? This applies to all area of life, including our sex life. Who do you think you are to assume you know better than the one who wrote the instruction manual?

I am a risk taker by nature, as you may have guessed. When it comes to life matters I am playing it safe – I go by the book.

You and I have one life to live here on earth – let’s make it count.

Chapter 29