16. The One and only option


On Tuesday December 16th I had opportunity to attend a most unusual meeting. Some weeks earlier I had seen a small advertisement in the local free newspaper. The words ‘the public is welcome to attend’ caught my attention. Something inside me told me I would be there at that meeting. It was the intuitive prompting, which I had lived under for a number of years. Had I not written the details into my appointment book, I probably would have forgotten about it.


No sooner had I entered the Government building that Tuesday morning and was shown a lonely seat in the corner of the small meeting room, did I know for certain that I was meant to be there. I had walked into the board meeting of the NA & BV CW Management Board. A group of a dozen or so men and women sat in comfortable chairs around a group of tables formed into a square. I noticed that all names of participants were facing in one direction. I could read them all and took note of the interesting variety. Many fitted nicely into my little ’fit the name into the game’ make-believe world.    


The meeting of these prominent citizens, two of whom I knew from political meetings, dealt with the water supply of our local region. I expected a highly bureaucratic, factual gathering and was not disappointed. A copy of the agenda had been left in the empty chair beside me. I perused the mumbo jumbo, made notes and wondered, if this half hour would be subject for some fun later. It sure was going to be some days later. The chairman in his opening remarks reminded everyone that the public is not allowed to comment, unless submissions had been presented prior; none had been.


Why the ‘public was invited to attend’ was unclear to me. One other visitor plus a stenographer (or journalist) and I were the only non-board members present. There would have been little room for anyone else, had more citizens taken up the offer to show up. I was only able to stay ½ hour, because I had a driving lesson booked. Just as well, because what was discussed made little sense to me, an outsider. A quarter through the agenda, after I had taken brief notes for my journal, and possible fun letter later, I slipped out quietly.


For a few days I didn’t know how I ought to respond to this meeting. Was it staged or at least re-arranged for a purpose? One member of the group was the lady that had sat beside me at Bob Sobczak’s funeral on 30/05/02 (Ch. 36, ‘More in number’). She never acknowledged my presence or had made eye-contact. This raised my suspicion level (of something unusual going on) even higher. I decided to write her a fun-letter I knew where her office was, so I delivered the letter directly to her office on Thursday 18/12/03. It would put a smile on her face during hectic preparations for Christmas.



Mrs. L. P.

Tea Tree Gully SA 5091


H(2)O, H(2)O, H(2)O


Dear L,

Despite being renowned as a whistleblower, I don’t normally dob in ordinary people. But on the way to a driving lesson on Tuesday 16/12 I noticed a man staring into a big pool of water. (I was worried at one stage what his intentions were, but all turned out well). A pipe had blocked a drain and water was spilling everywhere - thousands of litres wasted, mama mia!!


I asked him, who he was. He was the Local Government Stormwater Pollution Prevention Audit Program’s Chief Field Officer. I think his name was Peter W. or Kym G. (He could have told me that in the first place; took me ten minutes to learn his title, but I never forgot it). All that needed doing was to remove a bit of plastic that was blocking the pipe and the problem would’ve been fixed.


But no, he said, I shouldn’t interfere, he would bring it up at his next Committee Meeting. He was the Minute Secretary and sounded mighty proud of it. Then he said, his meeting was to start in half an hour; it was not his job to fix it anyway, Union Regulation 15, Section 3, Paragraph 51. He was gone in a flash, coward, and all that precious water went to waste. 


As soon as he was gone, I removed the plastic and put it into my car’s boot (as a memento for my collection). Nothing heroic about that. I followed the Locall Government SPPAPCFO (LPC for short) secretly and ended up at their meeting. What an inspiring 1/2 hour, observing our concerned Elders of the Northern Regional & B. Water Catchmen Managers Bored, working tirelessly to conserve our water supply, so all of us can enjoy clean, fresh, safe, fair drinkum water.


I would have thought that Peter (or was it Kym?) would have put the water wastage urgently at the top of the agenda? But no, during the half hour I was there, they went through one disgusting paper, sorry discussion paper, after another. (You know, where they throw around more jargon like - do I have a seconder, all in favour say high, who moved the motion  [and no one ever owns up to it]). I nearly went home, no sorry, to attend my driving lesson, but in the excitement of the moment I totally forgot. Then I saw it - Your logo on one of the papers - 3 people raising their hand as if to welcome ...rain, I suppose. It made my day.


Ever since the meeting I wondered, had I stayed until item 8 - Common Seal - what was that all about? Seals are the jurisdiction of the Animal Welfare, not the Northern Adelaide Regional  ....


Kind regards and Merry Christmas,

Dieter Fischer


PS  The free half hour sitting in on your meeting was so inspiring, who needs to spend big dollars on watching boring productions like, Mama Mia??




The names of board members I abbreviated fitted extremely well into my little play. They were the original trigger to suspect that a practical joke (or test of some kind) was being played out. For example: the lady recipient’s Christian name reads: “Less lie”. At the time of writing the upcoming, popular Musical “Mama Mia” was heavily advertised. (My reference to it is a consolation that I can’t afford a ticket. I make my own ‘song-and-dance-fun’ instead).  


The logo of this organisation showed the outline of three people standing with hands raised, much like the logo I had noticed of the Manchester Commonwealth Games July 2002 (See Chapter 41, ‘More in number’). The artist tried to portrait people welcoming rain, I assume. If so, he or she succeeded well in doing so.


A letter of this kind, I knew would be doing no harm, even if I was ‘all up the creek’ in my thinking. Around the time leading up to Christmas 03 I had noticed headlines in the paper and written to politicians with explosive comments, too sensitive to print here. Again I started asking God, why HE was showing me things and where was it all leading to? Almost five years ago this kind of questioning came from a desperate mind in a mental hospital. My mind had recovered. I sensed that a difficult path lay ahead of me. Where was it leading to? What will I have to endure to bring forth the fruit promised?


Of one thing I was certain; I would not be walking this path alone.      


Within days of making public my outlandish thinking of chapter 15, I was flabbergasted at an item in the news that had been broadcast. Before bringing into play this major event on the news, let me tell you about the day I uploaded “Love is bi-lingual” (Chapter 15). Fridays was traditionally the day when ‘big things’ came across my path. It may have been my heightened sense of perception that made my own expectation for supernatural matters come true. It was no exception on the Friday following Christmas Day 2003, Dec. 26th.


Very early in the morning I stepped into my front garden to pick up the newspaper we had delivered daily. The air was still crisp and I filled my lungs with deep gulps of air and my thoughts with thankfulness for a creative mind and healthy body. As I enjoyed the beauty of the trees in the small park across the road and the blue sky above, the oxygen flooding my brain must have activated a thinking process.


Regular readers by now know how ‘dangerous’ this is. My thinking had gone beyond the normal, breaking the sound barrier a few times, if you pardon the pun and/or agree with my wife.


In our driveway were four cars parked over Christmas 2003. The registration plates of three of the cars had all played a remarkable role in my story. It took months, even years to recognize it, but from experience all fitted perfectly into God’s timetable and delivered a suitable message. (See ‘More in number’ Ch. 19 & Ch. 7 of this book). What I became conscious of that morning in my driveway again proved to be of incredible, super-human timing and it all made sense.


As I was reminiscing about the miracle of the three registration plates, I said to myself: “Could it be that there is a meaning in the registered number of the fourth car parked in our driveway?” The vehicle belonged to Isobel’s mother, who left it with us, while she visited her other children in Sydney. The first part of the registration plate I could read as ‘victory of the cross & n’ by playing my light-hearted ‘letters-as-words’ game. The second part was the number 963.     


Searching the bible for a chapter 96 and Verse 3 proved fruitless, because no book in the bible has that many chapters. So I searched out all chapters 9, if any of them contained 63 Verses; none did. One verse came close – Luke Chapter 9, Verse 62. “No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God”. This verse gives the reason, why I cannot suddenly deny what had happened to me; what I had seen and reported. I had started to plough a field ready for God to plant; no turning back now! If I was to look back and survey the trail behind me, it would only be to survey the milestones in God’s miraculous pathways. How could I not keep going?


At first it appeared that even for God it was too hard to fit 963 in anywhere, until I remembered the Psalms. The fruit of my persistence came as I walked inside the house with the day’s newspaper in my hand. Before quoting the amazing co-incident, please note this fact - Several hours later that Friday I would be uploading chapters 13 to 15 of the book you are reading.


The only scripture reference in the bible, which can be the number 963, without rearranging, is Psalm 96 and Verse 3:


“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”


WOW!! How better to describe just what I had planned for that day on the internet - declare the wonderful works of almighty God. Note the expression – ‘among the nations’. The world-wide-web is truly a revolutionary communications tool among the nations. I smiled at the word ‘all’ in this verse; a little cookie, just for us.


As I pondered on the only option to a biblical reference, I was thankful that no one could accuse me of fitting numbers purposely into my story. That morning I was hugely encouraged to persist in declaring God wonderful ways in the unfolding of this theophany.


One small item I almost forgot to mention – my mother-in-law’s Datsun is an early model – 120 Y. Isn’t God incredible? Just smile and accept HIS wonderful humour; don’t ask why.  


But wait, there is more. Please fasten your seatbelt before reading the incredible twist to this sage. I feel almost overwhelmed, the same way I did after 01/02/03, when I had linked the crash of the space-craft Columbia to an email I had sent two days earlier.


As I became aware of the timing of a major world event later that day, I was overawed at the powerful hand of our GOD. At 5.30 am, local time, on December 26th the largest earthquake for many years destroyed much of the town of Bam in Iran. There is seven hours time difference between Iran and Adelaide. The disaster, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, struck within an hour of my uploading the 3 chapters onto the net.  


Originally I had planned to finish the task of uploading on Christmas Day, December 25th. After 11 pm that night I was too tired to continue and would have made mistakes. Reluctantly I went to bed to complete the task the following day. God’s timing again was perfect. I believe God was speaking again to many people. Why through such a tragedy I don’t know? Why an earthquake in a place most vulnerable? Only God knows, HE is sovereign. Had I spoken too soon, when I claimed, God was in the ‘spirit of Christmas’.


An earlier earthquake shortly before Christmas 03 in California measured even higher at 6.5 on the Richter scale. In the bible in Matthew 24 Jesus describes to his followers some of the signs of the time of his second coming. Amongst the 51 verses earthquakes are mentioned (Verse 7) amongst a list of afflictions that are not very pleasant to even think about.   


Previously I had linked my uploading chapters with the timing of car crashes. All through December I kept thinking, would God use the road toll figures again to make a point. During December, I thought, if I was to play God, I would have aimed for 155, an increase of one, which would continue the plus one from the previous year sequence. I love the number 155 almost as much as 153, because it holds a wonderful message, the meaning of life as a number.


We all need to trust our God more than ever. Please let no one be frightened of what is happening. God is in control. HE is not only sovereign, HE is supreme.


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. (1. John 4, 18)


Chapter 17