15. Love is bi-lingual.


Had I discovered a new phenomenon or was there really an increase of tall stories in  media? A lady from the watchdog in advertising standards told of a TV ad that received a complaint from a viewer. A little duckling was shown jumping into a box of paper tissues. A three year old toddler was supposed to get so upset over this, misinterpreting what he had seen. I could not help sending this response:


Hi all,

How can this be? A toddler watching a TV ad, sees a duck jump into a Kleenex box and associates it with the duck trying to commit suicide? This kid is a genius; I hope the mother knows it.


Kind regards


PS  Our eldest when he was young always thought that people were committing silverside! Sounds the same, really.



Never before had I been so aware and questioned the content of TV, Radio or Newspapers. One day I read a small article about a fire in a chicken factory. It must have been the figure 5 together with 4 (or the date) that made me take notice. I digested it for a few hours then sent the following email to ‘The Australian’ Newspaper, which I only read a few times a year.  


Hi all,

P 3 today's (15/9/03) Australian reports 504 chicken killed; another twenty with broken legs and wings. I must congratulate the authorities for such accurate counting (and spending hours sorting the deceased birds from the ones just injured - How are the survivors?)

The accuracy of the reporter, David Nason is commendable. I would have just made it a round figure 500. But no, 504 it was - the insurance company must pay out for the extra 4 dead chickens.

What a co-incidence that fines for cruelty to animals are being doubled just this week? It's good to know other people are also plagued with co-incidents. I thought I was the only one who notices such trivialities.

Kind regards

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS My life once touched that of C. A. (In a Supreme Court Gallery, thank you.!! I can read people's minds). Hello to her from one she may not remember.


The reporter C.A. mentioned in the PS worked for the Australian. I just wanted to keep the memories alive of people that initially were part at the birth of my tale. She was the one I happened to sit next to at the sentencing of Peter Liddy on Sept. 7th, 2001 in Adelaide’s Supreme Court. (Ironically, I since have discovered that the Supreme Court is located in the Samuel Way Building. (What would Uncle Sam think of that?).  


Were there people finally turning towards my way of thinking? Did some journalists believe in what I had written? That it had at least some merit? Were these little stories, spiced with my numbers (an article written on the 15th on page 3), a subtle form of positive feedback to what I had written?


I knew all my writing was true. (Actually no, in error I had written in chapter 11 of ‘More in number’’ that we had hired a car for a week in Cairns. In fact we only hired it for a day).


I had poured out my heart and mind, not holding back on anything in keeping with my motto – “The winner gives it all.”


Speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is required in court when you give evidence under oath. I must say that on this platform, my website and self appointed soapbox, I have not had the courage to give the whole truth. Certain thoughts that God had shown me are for a later point in time, which may even only be in another era. Eternity is such a long time span, for lack of a better description, all dark secrets will be brought into the open. Before God’s light everyone will stand - naked, silent.


In Chapter 36 of “More in number” I have described how I crossed into the realm of the supernatural. Events which I called “theophanies” were taking place. Incredible circumstances evolved, sadly resulting in traffic deaths. The tragic disintegration on re-entry of the space shuttle Columbia on 01/02/03 I also classed as a theophany. I was interpreting the man-made catastrophe of September 11th 2001 as God’s wake-up call to us humans on earth.


Today, (at the time of writing is it Christmas Morning 2003) I am once again progressing to a different level of disclosure in my awareness. I had these thoughts for many months, but never before felt led to reveal them to anyone. It sounds paradoxical, but it is easier to tell everyone, all six of you who regularly follow my online story, than to my wife, family or Christian friends individually.


I am fully aware that the fanciful insinuations I am making are usually done from within a Mental Institution, facing a medical expert. The professional assures you, he has heard it all before. The difference is I am not in an institution or on medication and very few of you readers are medical experts. Perhaps you have heard it before.


To understand the decision to disclose the latest thinking, please allow me firstly to explain the incredible, co-incidental recent events leading up to this point. I wish for nothing more than a scientist or statistician to tell me, how many data have to match in a case, before a jury can safely say - this can’t be co-incident and announce a unanimous verdict!  


I have asked this question for a number of years, without receiving an intelligent answer. Another reason for taking this position is the fact that these latest developments point to a network of support that exists overseas. God and the internet are multi-national and multi-lingual.


Driving past a church in the Eastern suburbs I always make a point of reading their ‘wayside pulpit’. That day, instead of an uplifting or challenging message, I read about the church fair. It was to be held on 22/11/03. The vibes I had been getting pointed to someone following my story and believing it. My brain would often connect what I had just uploaded on my website-story to a message displayed on the large notice board outside that church.  


Due to a driving lesson in a far northern suburb I only arrived just before closing time, around 12.30 pm. I bought a dozen LP records; at 20 cent each an absolute bargain. It included one by Frank Sinatra. The first song title on side one is – You turned my world around. I had to buy that one.


My eyes fell on a box of books, some of which were in German. I bought 3 magazines issued by the Mercedes Benz Company, which is situated right near my home town in southern Germany. The title “In aller Welt” caught my attention. It would take two months before I discovered a clever twist in its meaning.


But the real catch of the day was a book, about the size of a postcard and as thick as my thumb. It was an old edition of the ‘Neukirchener Kalender’ from 1995, a calendar with a daily reading and commentary. Reading material was never in short supply around our house. The problem was the time when to read it. I felt I still had to buy this book; something attracted me to it. Astounding co-incidences took place after I started using this book for my daily readings in early December.


On December 7th the reading in the 8 year old calendar was from Isaiah 43, Verse 1-7. A few weeks earlier I had uploaded Chapter 6-9 of …and of a sound mind, the story you are reading. I had finished chapter nine with just that scripture:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43, Verse 1).


A bookmark had been left in the calendar with another scripture from Isaiah. Chapter 45, 22 – Turn to me and be saved. All you ends of the earth! For I am God and there is no other.” I had used the same chapter and verse 5 to point out how my son’s car registration plate 455 ties in with this (Chapter 7).


I also realized now that I was meant to buy the Mercedes Magazine, ‘In aller Welt’; it translates to ‘in all the world’, almost identical words to those on the bookmark (all you ends of the earth). That the calendar was placed there, waiting for me to buy it, proved to me that my writing was taken seriously by someone. So seriously, in fact, that I traced the following connection to a major Christian website in Europe.


I received weekly newsletters, and still do, from a huge online network of Christians. On Sunday December 7th I opened their weekly message, which included a bible passage. It was exactly that very same, encouraging opening from Isaiah 43.  


What a co-incident that the following week, the reading from my 8-year old calendar matched again. It was for the second time identical to the email newsletter from Germany, Isaiah 45 Verses 1-8. Not only that, but Verse 5, the one I had linked to my son’s car registration plate, proclaims the same message: “I am the Lord and there is no other, there is no God besides me.” What encouragement this was to me. Not only did the scriptures line up, but somebody must be taking my strange thinking seriously.


Sunday December 21st featured again Isaiah in both my Neukirchener Kalender 1995 and the weekly email from Germany. This time it was chapter 50, Verses 4 -11. (Each time even the length of the reading, the number of verses, matched). Verse 10 was the very verse I had stumbled across months ago, by pure chance, to reveal a possible scientific hoax. If this proves correct it will have a huge world-wide impact.


“Isaiah 50, 10 – “Who among you fears the Lord? Who obeys the voice of his servant? Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God.”   


After this third magic in as many weeks, I was so excited that I asked Isobel to come and have a look. Unfortunately, the subject of my little co-incidences had become an embarrassment to her. It was as if I had a real bad habit or had done something so terribly wrong, she just could not even listen to it for one moment, let alone try to believe it. To me it had become so precious that I kept telling the family what wonderful blessing they are missing out on. (Jon suggested buying me tablets for Christmas. I considered searching the shops for ‘eye-openers’ in a family-size pack). 


I’m reminded of an old man I had been trying to talk to about God. After the slightest hint of the direction my words were heading, he would pull down a shutter and terminate my gentle approach to the subject. How often this scenario is repeated the world over, the most exciting news the world has ever known – rejected, placed in the recipient’s ‘blocked sender box’. How sad, how tragic!!  


The amazing facts did not end there. I took a closer look at the little book I had bought for 20 cents. Neukirchen, the town on the Lower Rhein River, translates literally to “New Church”. The 1995 edition is the 150th anniversary edition. The Neukirchen suburb, where the organization is located is VLUYN, (what letters to play with!). The post office box number is 101 153. Page 3 features the text of Isaiah 45, 22, the same as printed on the bookmark, but spread over the whole page.


The organization Neukirchener Erziehungsverein (educational Organization), which printed the calendar, started 150 years earlier as a rescue mission for poor, neglected and needy children. Conditions had been appalling for children, who were often regarded as nothing more than cheap labour.


May I quote a paragraph from the Introduction to the calendar?


The pelican (their logo), a symbol of the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, reminds us of the fundamental aim of our work – VIVMUS EX UNO - ‘we live off the ONE. (The Murray River and Coorong regions of South Australia are classic breeding grounds for the pelican).


Why am I so excited about all of this? Since my unusual journey started years ago, I have had zero tangible, open support from any human instrumentality. My exploits were a solo act in obedience to God. I acted in blind faith, knowing HE would not put me to shame in the end. Until now my struggle was against an unseen enemy, the odds stacked against me at an incredible ratio.


Now for the first time I had real proof that my message had been received. How wonderful that it must have reached parts of the earth I had never dreamed of. How typical that it had to come from the other side of the world!


I had no doubt that the calendar/book was placed on purpose, ready for me to turn up and buy it. This did not guarantee that I would actually arrive and obtain it. I am so glad I had followed my inner prompting. If it is just my imagination that the eight year old calendar’s data, as mentioned above, plus all the other circumstantial factors matched details of my story, then it is even more remarkable.


If the scriptures featured on the overseas newsletter matched exactly those of a second hand calendar, not once, but three weeks in a row, then it would be an even greater co-incidence. Had I stumbled across all of this, without any divine help, how out of this world would this be?


I believe that this time God chose to show Himself in a peaceful manner; not road deaths or other tragedies. Even God got into the Spirit of Christmas!!


If I was to explain all the other magic, which to others is just trivia, this book would become huge. My problem is sifting the miraculous from the impossible and deciding which to report. God has many ways of speaking to us humans, if we choose to open up and listen for HIS gentle spirit.


Friends, my aim is not to make anyone believe my stories. My mission is and has always been to point to the ONE, the only true God, who loves you. HIS greatest joy is to see you well in mind, body, soul and spirit.


Above encouraging turn of events made me decide to share with you one of my most scaring thoughts yet. I have agonized much over this. I wished sometimes God had never showed it to me. Life would be so much simpler. But I have to be true to myself.


The book of Revelations (the last book in the Bible) has to a large extent been a mystery. The apostle John was on an island and received a vision and the instruction to write down what he was shown. Very few sermons are preached on Revelation, a confusing word, because it raises more questions than it reveals. The pictures John tries to paint are so far removed from our 21st century environment. Many students of the bible, me included, find it easier to read about the life and miracles of Jesus or about the heroic exploits by ancient characters of the Old Testament.


But as I pondered on Revelations Chapter 10 some time ago, a seed of a thought entered my mind that has not left me. It has grown ever since. The more I try to dismiss it, the more it seems to make sense, when considering the incredible events over recent years. I had previously called myself a modern day prophet, following strange happenings in my life.


As I kept going back to Revelations 10 I perceived a number of parallels to the Mighty Angel written about and my case. Please read on with an open mind, without prejudice, as I lay bare my ‘outside the square’ thoughts:


Revelations 10, Verse 1: “And I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud.” Clothed with a cloud could mean – shrouded in mystery, not plain or clear. Much of what I had written, despite being all true and open is a mystery even to me.


“And a rainbow was on his head.” In Chapter 17 of ‘More in number’ I saw balloons the colour of traffic lights fly into the sky. This triggered an ongoing fascination with colours, which bordered on the obsessive. The latest colours I take notice of everywhere are red, blue and yellow, South Australia’s State colours. They are mentioned in Revelations Chapter 9, Verse 17.


“His face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire.” What the Apostle John saw as a face like the sun I can’t visualize, except a very bright light, perhaps. On my family page in my driving-school website I talk about having cycled 1100 kilometres from Melbourne to Sydney. This takes strong legs and feet. What do biblical scholars compare “pillars of fire” with?


Verse 2: “And he had a little book open in his hand.” Since 1991, when I raised concerns about the Governments new “log book” for teaching learner drivers, the issue of this book has been on my mind. I wrote my own learning-to-drive book and submitted it to the government a number of times for evaluation and support. The issue is still an ‘open case’.


In Verse 9 further on it says that the book tasted as sweet as honey in the mouth, but turned sour in the stomach. The governments log book was embraced by the authorities enthusiastically. It was supposed to produce better drivers. The results have shown differently. The plan has gone sour. Another thought: The printing firm of my previous edition road safety book was called “Open Book Publishers.”


“And he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land.” The natural mind says - this person would sink and drown. Migrants to Australia often keep a foot in the door of their home country. I am a migrant to Australia and have returned for home visits five times. Could this be what John saw in his prophecy, a person having a strong link overseas? Australia is the only country that is also an island/continent. Any contact Australians have in another country is overseas.


Verse 3: “And cried out with a loud voice, as when a lion roars. And when he cried out, seven thunders uttered their voices.” Speaking out on sensitive issues is something I had done and still do. I don’t use a loud voice physically, but John knew nothing of microphones, electronics etc. The internet certainly has power beyond anything John could ever visualize. The most impacting email I ever sent was two days before the Columbia Space Shuttle crashed (Chapter 53). It went to seven recipients.


Verse 5: “And the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land lifted up his hand to heaven.” I have already mentioned about the hands, featured on my index page, in Chapter 63 of ‘More in number.’ When I chose the hand as a symbol for the number five, I was unaware of this verse. The hand with its outstretched fingers symbolizes goodwill toward others. Try and fight an enemy with an open hand! Those who willingly turn from lies and panic will enjoy love and peace; the essence of my mission - in one hand.


In Revelations chapter 9, Verse 16 we read about an army of horseman 200 million in number. Are there this many horses in the whole world? If the task today was to establish such a force, it could only mean an Indian or Chinese army and every fifth citizen on a horse; very hard to imagine. But if this vast army was a group of people, all with their own email address, I could understand its possible meaning. An email travels further and faster than even the fastest missile or rocket.


In chapter 28 of ‘More in number’ I told readers that I had prayed for 200 million people world wide to come to Christ. How amazed was I when much later I stumbled across this figure of 200 million in the book of Revelations!


Many passages in Revelation use my numbers, if you pardon this expression. In Chapter 9, Verse 5 people who do not carry the seal of God on their foreheads were tormented for 5 months. In verse 10 it repeats this statement.


In Chapter 11, Verse 2 it mentions forty-two months (3 ½ years) as the time span the Holy City is in the hands of gentiles (non Israelis).


In the following verse two prophets will have power to speak out for 1260 days, which is also 3 ½ years. The two will be killed (Verse 7) and raised from the dead after 3 ½ days (Verse 11).


Chapter 12, Verse 6 again speaks of 1260 days or 3.5 years as the time a woman fleeing into the wilderness to survive persecution. Verse 14 calls the same time span “a time times and half a time”.


In Chapter 13 Verse 5, 42 months or 3 ½ years are given to a beast to make war against the saints (Christians). 


It is not surprising, if you feel overpowered by these figures. I am not trying to conduct an in depth study into Revelations. I simply try to reveal my kind of thinking about what I saw and make some sense of it from my unorthodox perception.


There are experts in religion who have studied the scriptures in Revelation much more than I did. Some may argue that the timing for events in chapter 10 is not yet. Timing is the crucial factor in Revelation. It is best if we steer clear using numbers to predict dates when events will unfold. Many well-meaning people have fallen on their faces with ‘holy numerology’. We can only believe and trust in Almighty God to prepare us for what lay ahead.


Others may accuse me of picking verses at random and fitting it into my auto-biography. If this is the case I certainly had no intention of doing so. Seeing the scriptures came always after I had experienced and written my story. If I am on the wrong track and a person with spiritual insight and authority would like to talk with me, I am more than willing to exchange thoughts. But please no mild-altering drugs!


Believe me, friends, if I would realize that all of it is pure co-incidence, it would take a big load of my shoulder. If my wife and family knew what my thoughts are, how would they treat me? What I had revealed previously has been painful enough for all of us. What will happen now?  We need the Lord; we all must trust HIM more than ever


Did something unnatural start the day I attended a funeral of a policeman killed on a motor cycle? Was my mind impregnated at that time with spiritual dynamite? Had I become ‘pregnant’ and commenced a journey that was not leading to a locality, but to an event. Could this journey lead to a birth? The birth of …?


Friends, everything predicted in the bible concerning the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, has come to pass, just as it was written hundreds of years ago. Everything concerning HIS return, predicted thousands of years ago, will come to pass. It pays to take these matters seriously. I have reported events, facts and figures just as it was given to me. Some came out in a light-hearted manner to make you realize the kind, friendly nature of God; it was not to diminish its deep spiritual meaning.


As I have advocated before, everyone please start your own journey. Become impregnated by the spirit of repentance. Get fired up by the joy of knowing God’s unconditional forgiveness. Grow in grace and run the race and tackle the challenge before you. Pray for an attitude of humility, not expecting any reward for the good you are doing.


It is best not to know, lest you become proud.


When I survey the wondrous cross

on which the prince of glory died,

my richest gain I count but loss

and pour contempt on all my pride.


Forbid it Lord that I should boast,

Save in the death of Christ my God;

All the vain things that charm me most,

I sacrifice them to his blood.


See, from His head, His hands, His feet,

sorrow and love flow mingled down;

Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,

or thorns compose so rich a crown.


Were the whole realm of nature mine,

that were an offering far too small;

Love so amazing, so divine,

demands my soul, my life, my all.       (Isaac Watts).


Find love and peace in Jesus. Yield to HIM, give HIM your all.


Chapter 16