The journey continues - Nov. 04 to Oct. 05

(Summary Books 3 and 4)


Big bombshell – little change.

It took much courage to write, God is visiting the world for a second time in bodily form. The date was Nov 3rd 2004, the exact time President George Bush was re-elected for a second term.

Surprisingly, there was little change in my everyday life, which did not mean the extra-ordinary stopped happening, far from it. I kept experiencing strange, supernatural events, which could not be regarded as pure co-incidences. That there is a limit to co-incidental links is a principle, which is at the core of my unusual, true story.

Let me cite two examples, a minor and a major one – on Christmas Day 04 I was talking to one of my sons, while doing dishes. I wanted the family to just let me be the person I felt I was called to be. At that moment, by sheer fluke I found a dried spaghetti (from the night before), shaped like the letter J in the colander before washing it. It blew my mind for a moment, whilst my son, as usual, thought I had lost my clear thinking again.

Three weeks after my bombshell disclosure, one that my family never grasped, I sent another small ‘gift’ parcel to a Member of South Australia’s Upper Houses of Parliament; it included a packet of band-aids.  

In my larrikin style I sent emails or letters to politicians and the media and commented on anything and everything that I saw was violating Christian principles; from the gay-marriage issue to pointing out anomalies in the Peter Liddy (an alleged pedophile) case.

I received many revelations (in my spirit from God) and was becoming bolder in telling the world what I saw was happening and the biblical remedy for it – repentance and turning to the only true God. Often I included humour in my writing style. It may sound contradictory, but for that reason, I think people enjoyed my writings and started to take more seriously what I had to say. But there were other, much more weighty reasons for this.    

A day or two before Christmas 04 I sent an email to a television station complaining about the use of the words Jesus Christ as swearword in a script. I regarded it as blasphemy, which would not be tolerated by another religion. I was told it was OK, when used as a form of art. I was furious, not the least because it was the time when Christians celebrated the birth of the one, who was being insulted.

Exactly one month after dropping the parcel with the packet of band-aids to the MP, three days after demanding more reverence for the name Jesus on TV and two days after finding the J while doing dishes, the second biggest earth-quake ever recorded, struck. The epicenter was in the Indian Ocean near the Andaman/Nicobar Island group. The Indonesian province of Banda Aceh was one of the most affected areas and devastated by the horrendous tsunami, which followed the earthquake.  


The doubting Thomas

My outside the square mind kept seeing connections everywhere. At times I wished I could just switch off. Even when traveling with my wife on a weekend, the relentless train of thought kept rolling and needed to be processed. Minor miracles crossed my path on a daily basis. (the latest example can be read at the end of this summary). Surprisingly, I kept a very level head in it all. 

One outstanding example was a strange link between the short word ‘and’ and a pattern I discovered by sheer fluke in the book of Isaiah.  After much wrestling with the spirit inside me I questioned, if the latest mapping and application of the human DNA may all be a hoax, a scientific conspiracy to control people. 

My doubting mind challenged the notion (and would have loved to organize an experiment to prove it) that it was possible to positively identify one person from another, even after 20 years, purely with a swab of their saliva. I read that people were identified by DNA testing a hair. This contradicted what a expert told me - to extract DNA from a hair the root of the hair has to be attached.

I also doubted media reports, many of which I commented on. Some I even visited the alleged crime scenes, including car crashes, which looked faked. In one particular report, an alleged kidnapping of a young girl, my suspicion proved correct. The girl was charged with making false claims. I took my suspicion even a degree further  – what if the whole story was invented and the girl never existed? If this was so, somebody was probably fabricating stories. It made me ask, what else is written in the press or shown on TV, just to entertain and/or to make money? 


Playing games to test the claims.

On many occasions I had claimed that a gentle, guiding force was directing me and bringing me to certain places, which I was meant to arrive at. To make sense of this phenomena I imagined that people were testing my claims that God indirectly led me to a certain place, a street address, a website, an event or prompted me to take action of some kind. This is just what happened in Mid March 05, when I attended a $ 90 per ticket concert by a world famous singer, which under normal circumstances I would never have attended. 

In chapter 23 of my second book I had challenged readers to do just this - to test God, by faith, if all this (HE) was for real, or it was a troubled mind just playing tricks. I felt people were engaging with me in this way, playing de-coding games to see for themselves, how authentic I was. My family regarded what went on as outworking of my mental illness. I believed God was using my foolish antics to show doubters how wise HE is. 

The game that was being played used a special code, which had evolved in my story unintentionally over 4 or 5 years. After Dan Browns famous book came out, I named it the Da Ninci code. I had not read the Da Vinci code carefully (I'm not fond of fiction), but discovered 2 codes, which I linked to the first page in Brown's book.

Unless it was my imagination I noticed  this code everywhere, in advertisements, on bus stops, in the newspaper headlines etc. It was almost like a separate language. Picking up visitors or family at the airport, airline staff, I noticed,  used the code in the seat numbers allocated - 9 C meant En in, (we) see! (They saw and believed that Liddy was treated just like Lindy). Somebody had read my story, knew my code and was giving positive feedback. 

This secret support encouraged me. How could I otherwise make sense of my world of numbers and codes, and continue this story, which I believed was read by many readers the world over.


The message spreads

Leading up to Christmas 04 it was reported that the newly elected President of the Ukraine had cheated in the ballot box. Thousands of protesters stood for days demanding fresh elections. I felt to email the wrongfully elected President and appeal to his conscience. If my email made any difference, I would never know. 

What I did I know is that on the very next day, after standing in freezing temperatures for 9 days, the protesters succeeded. Fresh elections were announced for Dec. 26. On that day the person who had played fair and truthfully won the presidency. It was also the day of the second biggest earthquake ever to shake our world.

Despite my family never coming to terms with my reason for traveling to the United States in 2003, I felt God called me to go a second time two years later. It took months of praying, waiting on God’s timing and finances. Finally in April 05 I travelled firstly to Alabama, via New Orleans. Little did I, or anyone else, even remotely imagine that the city was going to be totally flooded and devastated less than five months later.

After Alabama I spent two weeks in Los Angeles. In a similar pattern as two years previously, I went from place to place as I felt led by His Spirit inside me. I experienced one magic moment after another, knowing that HE was always there with me. I suspected that much went on behind the scenes, of which I had little knowledge or control. 

One of the most dramatic clues I stumbled across were the letters MC1, written on the pavement at a special intersection in Longbeach, the port city of Los Angeles. (The letters MC had played a big role in Chapter 34 of my second book).  

From Riverside in LA’s East to the beachside cities of Santa Monica, Longbeach or Huntington Beach, I lived each moment under God's guidance, knowing if He wanted me at a certain place or event, I would be there. As were my readers, I was and still am puzzled, how this big, powerful being, called God, leads a person.

On the very last day of my US visit I called into a Book Fair at the University of California. I noticed my Da Ninci code so strongly, I was sure my story had indeed spread this far across the Pacific. I suspected two main reasons for this – one, the power of word of mouth and two, the Internet with a possible target audience of hundreds of millions of readers. 


Number nine fell over.

My spirit had learned to listen to the still small voice inside. These whispers in my spirit  led me not only across the Pacific, but to other places, nearer home. One Sunday afternoon my wife and I visited an Open Garden, where I casually commented about a group of trees looking like the ‘Twelve Apostles’. As I pointed to a dead tree I called out to the owner - this one must be ‘Judas’.

A day after uploading this story, together with a photo of me in front of the trees, I travelled to Melbourne, Victoria. That same weekend it was reported that the ninth rock, in a group called the Twelve Apostles, had collapsed into the sea. I only noticed the fluky connection after I had arrived home. I believed God was once again showing Himself through this, plus many various other circumstances. Otherwise, it all was just another meaningless co-incidence, one in a long, long list, which had started years earlier.

One time, back in Adelaide, I happened to drive through the suburbs and spotted a long train. All carriages were plain, only one was sign-written Lone Wolf. My curiosity led me to a trail of URL's on the internet, ending with uncanny connections to addresses in Montgomery, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida. I believed that just as God can lead a person through a maze of street, he can also control anyone's navigation online. 

Another remote link reached from Melbourne, the number of a parking meter, to an address in Scotland, which consisted of the same letters and numbers JE1, which I regarded as a rather interesting message, Jesus is number 1. These coded, co-incidental far flung links had only one practical purpose - they confirmed to any doubter that God indeed sees, hears and is in control of all of us. 


Confused Erika

At 9.11 PM on 13/10/05 (I liked those numbers, plus in 911 I see today's date) I received an email from a lady called Erika, possibly one of those doubting my story. She had stumbled across my website, after searching the net for sites with her name. She was confused about my numbers theory.

I am taking Erika’s uncertainty as opportunity to recap here, how some of my numbers, letters and codes had developed. Anyone who has not followed my story from the beginning, may find this short explanation helpful. 

Please remember, the way God chose to speak to me does not mean HE speaks like this to others. This code is not an end in itself, finding an intimate, personal relationship with God is what counts. I will, however, reiterate that if God chooses to speak to me in this unique way, who am I to say – this is not how you normally speak, God. Why don’t you show yourself in another way?


Car registration plates

It is rather ironic, that God arranged to use car registration numbers in this, a driving instructor's life story. I used specially chosen letters and numbers on the registration plates of my illustrated online car crashes. They pointed to scriptures in the bible and ended with a clear message what the Christian message is all about (John 3,16). 

Over a period of months before this I discovered the car registration plates of our two cars in the driveway. (At the time of writing, October 05, they are still there). Our Mitsubishi displayed registration number VHO 301; my driving-school vehicle, the Suzuki Wagon R+ was rego number WEW 228. I had no control over these numbers, they were already attached on purchasing the vehicles. (In Australia car owners can request and choose special plates at a cost; I did not do this!). 

During an aha moment one day, I found out that Joel Chapter 2, 28 in the English bible is the same verse as Chapter 3, Verse 1 in the German bible. There is no rational explanation, it just happened that way. It really bugged me. The scripture verse speaks of God’s Spirit being distributed (poured out) throughout the whole earth in the ‘last’ days, meaning before this present evil world changes to a new one. The verse in part speaks of ‘old men’ dreaming dreams.  


Radio Stations

The letters D & N are a further code I happened to stumble across. If I changed the letter D into N in the name Liddy, I arrived at Lindy. Liddy is the name of a person I suspected was innocently in prison in Adelaide. Lindy is a pastor’s wife, who in the 1980's was convicted wrongfully of murdering her baby. She spent 3 years in prison.

Again I saw a strange link. The letters DN were the call signal for my favourite radio station, which I contacted about the case. In another co-incident, at the sentencing of Mr. Liddy, I happened to sit next to a reporter from the Australian Newspaper. Her surname name was Altmann, which in German literally means old man. Another radio station, whose call signal fitted equally well into my picture, was the ABC's 5 AN.


Number 1 2 3 is on

My playful mind would not stop seeing links with all kinds of data. Number 123 was the date (1/2/03) when the Space Shuttle Challenger crashed on re-entry, returning from space. I had sent an email just prior to that day to seven recipients, highlighting the word all, which featured prominently on my driving-school website. I pointed out that All in German means space, as in outer space.

The word all, as well as the numbers 1 2 3, which are the first three of all numbers, if you like, became part of this code, which I now call the Da Ninci code. Number 153 are the numbers of my birthday. They are also the date (31/5/00) when a plane crashed on the way to Whyalla, a name which consisted of the words all and why. The cause of the plane crash until this day is a real mystery, because two engines failed at the same time.  

The more I thought about it all, the more spooky it all became. I became increasingly aware that a higher power was at work. The abbreviation for number is No. Backwards this reads on, a little word only, but it had been central in an industrial dispute. Fellow workers and I was forced to work on six days, after an unscrupulous boss discovered this little word and took it literally, forcing us to work over a six day period. 


God - the a and o is it

Another code developed – simply by exchanging the letters a to o or vise versa. God is called the Alpha (a) and Omega (o). Words such as Moon, I would simply turn into O man, using this simple code. To me an icon was somebody who says I can. Any name starting with Mont I immediately saw as Man (on the) cross. 

Being bi-lingual opened another huge spectrum of possibilities, much magic emerged from this fact. The little word ‘es’, German for ‘it’ is a good example. On a visit to Germany in 2002 I happened to see a car registration plate E – AU 560. E stands for Essen, the town I was visiting at the time. In my youth 35 years earlier the choir master at church drove a Renault 4, car registration plate ES – AU 560. 

ES stands for Esslingen, the historic city near Stuttgart, where I was born and grew up in. Many times I asked the questions, what was it and where was it all leading to?  


Dieter in Da Ninci

One day my eyes opened to a new way of interpreting my Christian name Dieter. To see a t as a cross did not take much imagination. Originally I only saw my name as Re:die (on) t. Months later God opened up an important, very obvious fact - er in German means He. This put a whole new dimension into my simple German name: He die (on) cross?

Some people reading my story may see my writing as the result of a Messiah Complex. On the surface it may appear that way. However, scientifically I keep asking the same question: How many co-incidental names, dates, etc would it take, before one asks the most obvious – is there an intelligent designer with a clear purpose behind it all? This is what I believed all along and still do to this day.  

Very early in my autobiography I noticed some verses in Revelations, Chapter 10. I speculated that there could be a connection to what was happening in my life. It mentions a little book, which John the writer ate. It tasted sweet in his mouth, but turned sour in his stomach. I saw a faint parallel between the Government logbook, the new driver education system, which caused me to stand up against the Government and fearlessly speak out on the issue.

Still in the same chapter of Revelation, I questioned, if the vision of the angel standing with one foot on the land and the other on the sea, could refer to a migrant, someone who kept connections both in Australia and overseas. If the picture in this vision were to be taken literally, how could anyone stand on land and on an ocean at the same time,  without falling into the water? I am a migrant to Australia.  

There are many other codes, apart from above samples, which make up my Da Ninci code. One code, reported at the end of book 3 of my autobiography, includes the letters ES and US. Together with the letter J it spells our Saviour Jesus' name. This is the bombshell I referred to at the beginning of this summary.

After finishing the second book almost a year ago (Nov. 04) it surprised me that nobody stood up and queried: What have you written? None of my friends or any member of the clergy declared me insane. The only open criticism is by (who else) my immediate family and understandably so, they know me from everyday life.

As I am typing this one of my sons calls out from the hallway: “What are you doing on that computer Dad, do some work!” How funny, tragic and strange is this? One day he will know what work I did. 


To be continued

My reading this morning (19/10) in Every Day with Jesus carries the headline - To be continued. 

On Anzac Day 1999, during a moment of utter darkness, I asked a Pastor to pray a prayer for me (Book 1, Chapter 9). He prayed that God’s will be done in my life. I had asked him to pray, it what was happening to me were not from God, it would all go away. 

Nothing had gone away in those six years. My story continues with God showing His power and magic every day in ways that never seize to amaze me: To see God at work and be right at centre stage is awesome and humbling.

The latest episode, which is not even in my diary yet, I emailed to the BBC in the UK on the day of writing, after getting out of bed at 3.30 am or so. A minor, yet awe-inspiring incident, which had happened less than 12 hours earlier, blew me over:


Here is the email to the BBC, London, sent 4.09 am 19/10/05:

Subject: N = M Plus 1

Hi all,

Listening to your program at 3.30 am Adelaide time I overheard the words nimble fingers, learner driver in a report. My sleepy ears can't recall much else. Since it's the 19th today, the 10th months of the year 05 I had to drag myself out of bed and email you.

Shopping for a big German man without legs at the Adelaide Market yesterday afternoon a strange thing occurred, which this story is all about. I bought a kilogram of tomatoes. The attendant said, as I picked them myself, a kilo will be about five. After putting five in the bag I knew I needed more to make 1000 g (I was brought up on metric) and put in three more.

I placed them on the scale, which showed exactly 1000 G. We both looked at it for a moment and I paid for them. As I received my change I just wanted to make sure: "The scale did really show 1000?" The pretty girl, I recalled her face vaguely, had possibly given her driving lessons years earlier, nodded her head.

Minutes later I was in the car driving to my next stop - The Big Man - a shop specializing in large size clothes. My friend without legs had ordered underwear and a pair of pyjamas for me to pick up. (I made sure they understood that he needed short pants pyjamas).

In Wakefield Street I saw something really strange. A sports car right in front of me with the registration plate M, the Roman Numeral for 1000.

But there is more - I am only reporting my observations, believe me. To think this up takes a far more clever brain than mine. The sports car was an MG - 1000 G, the exact amount of tomatoes I had purchased minutes earlier. I think that's beautiful, whoever thought this up. It's impossible for any human to create. No one knew I was buying tomatoes or where. It was a big man at work, in a small way.

Kind regards from (nimble Jack) in Australia

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  I hope you don't think my stories are dated, like the decor in my house. But this story is dated in a way - 8 tomatoes weighing 1 kg exactly on the 18th of the month.


The subject line meant to hint at the letter M + 1 = N. I was intending to include the following little snippet about letters in my email, but forgot. If we give each letter of the alphabet a number, starting with A as 1 etc, the total score for the word attitude comes to 100. It shows - attitude is everything.

The theme of a recent newsletter I received from Sydney was - God’s presence is always present. The closing words encouraged me to keep going, to keep on believing, to keep on trusting HIM:


When Moses was about to undertake a big job, God said, “I am with you.” When Joshua was afraid to lead the people into the Promised Land, the word came, “I am with you.”

When Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel, He said, “I am with you always.”

You will grow in faith and strength when you realize His always present presence. In times of loneliness, His always presence will give you company. In times of weakness, His always presence will give you strength. In times of suffering, His always presence will give you courage.

‘Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.’”    


Those words encouraged David Livingstone, a missionary to Africa, when faced with the most difficult conditions imaginable. He conquered Africa. His strength was knowing that his Lord was with HIM. 

God will also be with you and me, as we step out to conquer our mountain standing before us. 

Adelaide, 19/10/05.